CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s05e02 Episode Script

Down the Drain

Who found him ? The police were sweeping the area looking for vagrants, trying to keep 'em above water.
Take a look at his nose.
Same thing with his chin His elbows And his toes.
- He lost all his points.
- Like a rock in a tumbler.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Stopped to get my waders.
No wallet.
Hold on What's that ? What do you think ? I'll get it to Narco.
Take a look.
Cause of death ? Water pressure could have done it.
Or a person.
Whoo ! It's a mess.
I've talked to every resident in the area.
No one knows this guy.
No unaccounted-for vehicles.
I don't know what to tell you.
Well, at least we know where he came from.
Aren't we at least gonna draw straws ? No.
We must be under the freeway by now.
Did I ever tell you that the city paid me a dollar a square foot to rip out my lawn and replace it with rocks because we're in a drought ? - Are you kidding me ? - No.
This city was not made for rain.
We got another body.
I was taking a nap.
Episode 5x02 Down the Drain I'm real tired, okay ? I just want to get some sleep.
I understand.
Listen, I need to ask you a question.
Have you ever seen this guy right here ? - No.
- You don't know him ? No, someone comes down here that don't belong, I mean, bad stuff can happen, okay ? I-I-I just want to go home, okay ? A-a-and you can't make me leave my house.
Nobody's making you do anything, okay ? Now, you like coffee ? Well, yeah, as long as it's a decaf, one sugar, two cream, no skim, and hot your lawsuit hot.
Okay, you go with that officer over there.
He'll get you a nice cup of coffee, all right ? Is that you, Warrick ? There you are.
Is that a sneaker ? Looks like an Aquasock.
Here's its mate.
Kind of upscale for a tunnel rat.
So the vic was barefoot.
The tunnel's full of murder weapons.
Bum kills him, or finds the body and takes the socks ? What was the guy doing here in the first place ? Well, maybe the vic was some punk, uh with an attitude.
Decided to take it out on some homeless guy.
You never know.
The way the body was ground down means that the water took him for a pretty long ride.
Well, we're already wet, so Excuse me ! Down here ! Oh.
What's your problem, sweetie ? Uh, no problem, sir.
I'm just wanting to know what street I'm on.
Oh, it's, uh, Industrial.
You're just south of Tropicana.
- Thank you.
- And I'm not holding the bus.
Don't bother.
All right, so we're about a mile south of where we started.
Well, there's 300 miles of storm drains in Clark County, so we only have 299 to go.
What do we do now ? Eenie-meenie-minie-mo it ? Split up ? No, that's a dead end.
- Sunscreen on a lanyard.
- Fits with the Aquasocks.
I say we keep going upstream.
I knew you were gonna say that.
Watch your head.
I'm gonna need the drain pan.
This town isn't built for rain, hmm ? Come on, don't be shy.
Take a good look.
In the end it's all we really are.
If you're gonna be sick, Greg, do it in the sink.
Not in the drain pan.
I don't feel sick.
Take a look at the trachea.
What do you see ? Foam.
Like the head of a beer.
- Sorry.
- No.
It's a good analogy.
Pulmonary edema, fluids in the air passages.
- So he drowned ? - Well, doesn't prove it.
Same thing happens with, uh, heart failure or drug overdose.
But the fact that the heart of the victim was a normal size, and assuming tox doesn't show drug overdose, C.
is most likely drowning, but I'm not gonna rule out blunt-force trauma.
We gotta be into some golden time by now, right ? Oh, yeah.
For real.
Ka-ching, Ka-ching.
What do we have here? Brain bucket.
There's something wove.
Hang on to that.
- Hey, it's our dead guy.
- No way.
Calvin Berkowitz.
Worked at the Tangiers.
So what's Calvin doing down here ? - It's an inner tube.
- Yeah ? Guy gets the day off and decides to go surfing Vegas style.
Oh, I heard about that.
He grabs an inner tube, a helmet, jumps into the channel.
- Hits his head on something, drowns.
- So it takes him down.
That would account for all that body trauma.
This isn't about drugs or beating up homeless dudes.
It's just plain stupidity.
Well, that's what happens when you don't have a decent beach in Vegas.
Hey, you know something ? This is, uh, right around where I found Lindsay.
- Really ? - Yeah, when Eddie's car went off the road.
Ugh Let's just get out of here.
Can you take that ? Watch your step.
- You all right ? - Yeah, I think.
Hey ! You guys CSI ? Yeah.
Well, the city's been rehabbing manholes with fiberglass liners.
All the hydrogen sulfide down there really eats up the concrete.
Anyways, we, uh, pulled these out of the main.
We find a lot of small animal bones down there, squirrels, cats, rats, you know.
But that's really tiny stuff.
This looks more like people.
Fingers or toes, or fingers and toes.
Well, animal bones can fool you.
Pig's feet or sheep ribs are not much different from yours or mine.
Flaky texture.
Probably a couple years old.
We're gonna have to flush the line.
You guys get a lot of jokes about this thing ? What do you think ? Vactor's in place.
Ready when you are.
- Rip it.
- Let's go.
- Warrick.
- Yo.
- I got some bones here.
- Anything distinctive ? Yeah.
I got part of a rib.
I can see the costal groove.
And it's too deep to be an animal's.
These bones are human.
This is the sewage vault.
How do we know the bones just didn't wash off the street ? Well, wastewater sewage is a closed system.
It's completely separate from the storm drains.
Someone must have flushed it down a toilet, a sink, a tub, or tossed them directly into a manhole.
And the bones look pretty old, so it could just be from a grave robber getting rid of his leftovers.
Or a serial killer with a lot of patience.
serving half a million residences.
If we're gonna find where the bones came from, we gotta work our way up.
Recovered more bones.
Pelvis fragment and two humerus.
Well, large bones wouldn't travel down the line as far as the small ones, so at least we're getting closer to the source.
These plumbers must be working overtime.
Lots of backed up toilets.
I don't think the bones could have come from any one of these houses.
Residential sewer lines are only four-inch pipes.
And they make a 90-degree turn before they connect to the main.
Look at the size of these bones.
They're too big to make a turn like that.
So the blockage has gotta be from the main line.
One more vault down the street.
I'll go check it out.
It's like a waterline stain.
Hand me my florazene and my glasses, please.
Florazene reacts to feces as well as blood, so I know that you're not looking for blood.
These vaults are built big for access.
They're not reservoirs.
Water's supposed to stay down in the pipes.
And the only way the water would rise is if there's something blocking the pipe.
And loose bones wouldn't do that.
But a whole body would.
Water rises, submerges the body.
Tissue decomposes until there's not enough body left to withstand the pressure.
I don't think we're looking for a grave robber.
We're looking for a murderer.
Femur measurements make your victim around five foot six.
Pubic arch, mm, sharply angled, less than 90-degrees, indicates male.
I'll send it to Greg.
He might be able to pull DNA.
Look at this.
Incise defect on the left fifth rib.
Incise defect on the left third rib.
Well, the tool marks appear consistent with each other.
Probably made before decomposition, and not from hitting any obstruction in the sewer line.
Stab wounds.
Two separate strikes back to front would have punctured the lung.
- What about age ? - I'll let you know.
Okay, let's start with the houses within eyeshot of the manhole, and then we'll work our way out from there.
Hmm ? Okay.
You really, really ought to have the one with chocolate icing.
- Hello, Officer.
- Oh, dear.
- Detective.
- Detective.
Sorry, I Uh, just a little something for you and your boys, uh, a token of appreciation for local law enforcement.
You mind standing behind the tape ? It's for your own safety.
- There you go.
- Go ahead.
Coffee's fresh.
Didn't even spit in it.
- Not that I ever would.
I, I love cops.
- What's your name ? Marty, uh, Martin Kessler.
I live here there, right over there, number 2305.
So, uh, does this have anything to do with the missing cats ? People have lost a lot of pets in this neighborhood.
Too many, if you get my drift.
Well, you know, Marty, I'm really not at liberty to say.
But did you see anybody throw any stuff down that sewer ? Not personally, but, uh, I know kids around here throw fireworks illegal, down there.
Kaboom ! Kaboom ! Kids have no respect for the law.
I heard you finally lost your virginity.
- First autopsy.
How was it ? - It was fine.
How was your first time ? How did you react ? - I puked.
- I didn't puke.
Way to go, tough guy.
It was weird, seeing a body laying on a table like that.
Doc Robbins just pulling out his insides until it was all empty.
Were you expecting a ball of light ? Doc Robbins said, "That's all we really are.
" It's what you do with it that counts.
Victim had incomplete formation of the second molar root tips, and his wisdom teeth hadn't erupted.
- Teenager.
- Yeah, approximately 13 to 15.
Eye orbits rounded, almost oval.
Nasal aperture narrow and tall, jawline flat.
Likely Caucasian.
Uh, dental records are out to NCIC.
That's all I've got.
- How'd Greg do ? - Bones are too degraded.
- No viable DNA, not even in the teeth.
- Well, it's a bit of a long shot.
Sewer's a chemical stew.
Maybe Catherine will get lucky with Missing Persons.
Okay, I opened the age range to give us a better margin for error.
Currently 47 male Caucasians between the age of 12 and 16 missing from the Greater Las Vegas Metro district.
- Okay.
Geography first ? - Mm-hmm.
Body was found here.
These are the last-known residences of the missing persons.
There's no one particularly close.
I'll narrow it down.
Two-mile radius.
Missing six weeks, eleven weeks, eleven months.
That's not long enough.
The condition of the bones suggested the body's been decomposing for at least two years.
Okay, I'll go wider.
Five miles.
- What are you doing ? - Good.
You're here.
Fill this up for me, will ya ? With what ? It's a urine specimen cup, Greg.
What do you think ? That took a long time.
You may need a prostate exam.
My prostate is just fine.
I'm not a soda fountain.
Hopefully you are, 'cause I need a number two as quickly as possible.
- What is this all about ? - The victim's body was found in a sewer.
Ambient temperature 80 degrees.
The corrosive chemicals caused the body to decompose faster than normal.
I want to find out how much faster.
This is some kind of CSI hazing.
Make me appreciate blood and semen more.
I mean, since we don't have a solid time frame, it's kind of tough to jog memories.
But nobody saw anybody throw anything like a body down that manhole.
But several people suggested we talk to this high school kid, Owen Durbin.
Now, he's a neighborhood bully.
He likes to throw cherry bombs in there and hear 'em go boom.
Uh, guys, how are we supposed to get through the door ? There's no evidence linking this kid to the bones.
We're not looking for bones.
Illegal use of fireworks ? This is crap.
We've had several complaints from your neighbors, sir.
- No one's complained to me.
- Well, this is gonna happen, so please step outside.
Ask your family to come with you.
Thank you.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
Anything happens in here, it's your fault.
Lot of ammo here, different caliber.
Means multiple weapons are present somewhere.
I got a shotgun under the couch.
Oh, yeah.
Sounds like we've got some nasty dogs out back.
I think I got blood.
I'm gonna get the warrant amended for blood evidence collection.
- Until then - We stop searching.
Won't take long, so hang loose.
And I'll get the Animal Control to get these mutts out of here.
- So, uh, no searching.
- Yeah, right.
That closet's well stocked, huh ? - Sara ? - I'm not touching anything.
Put your stuff down and step away from the closet.
What ? Put down your stuff and step away from the closet.
Those are pipe bombs.
Dispatch this is CSI Brown.
We're at the Durbin residence.
We have explosives on the scene.
Roll out Bomb Squad immediately.
Roll out Bomb Squad.
What are you doing ? There's blood evidence on the door.
If the bomb squad detonates the place, it's gone.
- Sara.
- It'll only take a second.
Here, try this.
- It's stuck.
- I think we're gonna need a little push.
All right.
On three.
One two three.
Can we get the hell out of dodge now ? Let's go over again what you found on the scene.
Six pipe bombs.
Anything else ? Not that we know of.
Give me another 50 yards, okay ! - That includes you.
- Got it.
So tell me something What's a guy who sells life insurance doing with a half a dozen pipe bombs ? I mean, you got a grudge against the government ? Is this a Timothy McVeigh thing ? Or you just have a weird fascination with watching things go boom ? I've never been arrested for anything.
I've never hurt anybody.
You got a wife and a kid.
Aren't you afraid they might get hurt ? Well, I don't know about you, but in my house, there are rules.
Terry and Owen know what to do and what not to do.
Well, clearly you don't.
The bombs are a Class-B felony.
The penalty is one to six years in prison for each device.
And murder is 25 to life.
Somebody gets blown up, it's nothing to do with me.
I told you not to go in my house.
- We found blood in your house.
- Then you must have put it there.
Oh, yeah ? How about this? We found a body in the sewer in front of your house.
Did we put that there ? I don't know anything about it.
So what were you trying to prove with this door ? I was just collecting evidence.
Well, Greg couldn't pull any DNA from the bones, so there's nothing to connect the victim to this anyway.
Not yet.
I don't have a death wish, and I'm not a drunk, in case you were worried.
I'm not worried.
I'm concerned.
Isn't that kind of the same thing ? How are you doing with victim ID ? So far we've followed up on 11 missing persons who fit the profile, - ruled out every one by case history.
- What's the most recent case ? Well, we're only looking at people who've been missing more than a year.
- The condition of the bones - Was misleading.
Tissue in a sewer decomposes The victim could be missing as little as five weeks.
- Are we clear to get back in there ? - We're not through.
We swept the house for booby traps.
It was clean, but we still haven't done a full search yet.
Well, why don't you clear an area and we'll process behind you.
Scene will still be under my authority.
- I don't have a problem with authority.
- Fire in the hole ! This is Travis's ninth grade picture.
His father My son, was a punk.
He skipped out just after Travis was born.
His mother's in Salt Lake.
She's a junkie.
The only time she ever called Travis was to use him to get money out of me.
She can barely take care of herself, let alone a kid.
You know how many times I told him that.
Well, most of the time kids believe what they want to believe, you know.
- Did he run off to see his mom ? - Yeah, it wasn't the first time.
He's About six weeks ago, I come home to a note.
So I called his mom, and He just never, he never showed up.
Giles, do you Do you recognize this boy ? - No.
- No ? Do you have anything of Travis's he might have used on his body ? Like a toothbrush, hairbrush, anything like that ? No, he took all that kind of thing with him when he left.
Why ? Well, it would help if I could get a sample of Travis's DNA.
Look Ma'am, I don't really know how to say this Don't bother.
I know he's dead.
Is this a classmate of yours, Owen ? No.
Okay, let's try that again.
You two went to the same middle school, right ? - Maybe.
I guess.
- You guess.
Were you friends ? I know my son's friends.
That's not one of them.
Durbin, may I speak with you for a minute in private ? Excuse us, Owen.
You know, sometimes kids get self-conscious around their parents.
Maybe it would be better if I spoke to Owen by myself.
He'll have an advocate present to make sure his rights are respected.
Okay ? I'm not leaving my son alone with you.
My husband wouldn't like that.
Medium-velocity spatter.
This looks like the point of origin.
Yeah, this is Catherine Willows for Captain Brass.
Tell me about the blood in your house.
Blood ? Where ? Well, the top of the stairs for starters.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- You do.
- I don't.
Maybe it's the dogs'.
When they go upstairs sometimes, sometimes they fight.
They fight a lot.
Animal Control said the Durbins' pit bulls showed no signs of recent injury.
Dogs heal fast.
I guess I'll go back to the lab and get a hematrace.
Don't bother.
The lowest point of spatter is 46 inches above the ground with a downward angle.
Even if those dogs could walk upright, they couldn't have done this.
Kid's a liar.
- I'm not done yet.
- Take your time.
- Got some detcord here.
- Isn't that high explosive ? Stuff designed to be humped around by grunts.
You gotta want it go off.
Only one thing you need to worry about.
Ever see me running, make sure you keep up.
Got it.
Hey, Rick, watch your step.
This could be blood evidence on the floor.
Okay, Grissom, I located some burnt clothes in a barrel out in the back.
I'm thinking he was killed in the house, dragged out back and then dumped.
- He might have been dragged in here.
- Make sure you bag that stuff.
Yeah, I'm all over it.
Don't touch a thing.
Get out now.
Uh, I think I have some evidence back here.
Clear out now.
Hey ! The garage is packed with liquid explosives.
They're gonna detonate in place.
So grab what's important and get out now.
That means you, too, Sara.
Right now.
Fire in the hole ! Fire in the hole ! Sons of bitches ! I'm gonna sue your ass into the ground.
I hope you know that.
I'm gonna own you.
I'm gonna own this whole place.
In fact, maybe that's where I'll live.
I'm just gonna move in here.
Let me guess.
He lawyered up.
Yeah, he stopped talking after I told him we blew up his house.
- And what about the wife and son ? - They're still in play.
How much longer is anybody's guess.
But, uh, we need something more to go back at them with.
Well, I think at this point we can agree that the murder weapon was a knife.
These are pictures of a box of knives that I was unable to recover from the Durbin garage.
So how about the tool marks ? I cast the stab marks in the victim's ribs.
Bone deterioration removed all the individual characteristics.
The best we can do is rule out the serrated blade.
Hey, what about the kid's videos ? Uh, no tape of the murder or body he dumped so far.
I'm not holding my breath.
Videos cover several years.
Kid running around the house.
Backyard barbecue kind of stuff.
You know, home movies.
A teenage boy with a shoe box full of home movies under his bed ? It's weird, I know.
I'm still looking.
Well, we know Owen went to school with Travis Giles, right ? Well, that was a few years back, and we still can't place Travis at the house.
With all the fire damage, the clothes are the right size, but I couldn't get any blood evidence off of it.
Even if we had that, we still don't have a blood standard for Travis.
I mean, we can't even positively ID the victim.
Miss Giles ? Hi.
What can I do for you ? I wasn't able to find a hairbrush or a toothbrush, but the only thing I have left of Travis's is this.
When he was little, I used to be his tooth fairy.
DNA from Travis Giles' tooth matched the blood that we found in your house.
And now you're gonna tell us how it got there.
I don't know.
Kids get hurt all the time.
They fall down, cut themselves - get nosebleeds.
- Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What are you telling me, that a kid that you've never seen, a kid who's not even friend with your son, got a nosebleed in your house ? Huh ? You're lying.
You know, we can make this quick, 'cause I got enough to arrest you right now.
Look, it was an accident.
All right, Travis came over one night, said he wanted to buy a knife.
So I gave him a knife.
He said he couldn't pay.
He tried to run.
Wasn't moving, he was just lying there, knife stuck in him.
Now you're lying.
- Don't you call my son a liar.
- Travis was stabbed twice.
That's not possible if he just fell on the knife.
So what happened ? He piss you off ? Get in a fight ? Maybe called you a mama's boy ? Or did you just want to see what it felt like to stab somebody ? Like I told you, it was an accident.
Then why did you dump the body down a sewer in the middle of the night ? - He didn't.
- He didn't do it alone.
We found the victim's charred clothing folded.
Kids don't fold anything, mothers do.
You helped him clean up the mess.
Yeah, that's kind of funny, because, you're not much of a housekeeper.
If you talk to my mother like that again, I'll kill you.
- Don't you say another word, baby.
- I'll kill both of you.
I want a lawyer.
Well, we really don't need a confession.
Well, the kid gets murder, mom's an accessory, and Dad gets felony explosives.
- It's a family-value pack.
- Well, it's appropriate.
One way or another, they each had a hand in it.
Come on, Roger.
Do we have to ? Just keep the camera on it, will ya ? Watch.
Violent environment, oblivious mother, disturbed child.
- Here, stir this.
- What's it for ? Blowing stuff up.
But you know, no matter how bad your kid turns out, it never changes how you feel about him.
Unconditional love between parents and offspring is biological, perpetuates the species.
Go ahead.
That's good.
Get it good.