CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s05e06 Episode Script

What's Eating Gilbert Grissom

Say it loud and say it proud ! Omega Zeta Pi ! - Say it loud and say it proud ! - Omega Zeta Pi ! Dude what's crawling on my face ? It's Fraternity Hell Week.
A pledge slipped and fell in this pile of maggots.
But he's fine.
School of Agriculture is in charge of campus landscaping, so Security called me.
You were the first person I thought of.
Well, thank you, Eva.
I'm honored.
You make your own mulch ? The university is self-sustaining.
A city within a city.
State institutions are encouraged to practice xeriscaping.
"Xeri" meaning dry ? Landscaping using drought-tolerant plant life.
Conserves water.
There's no reason for these maggots to be here.
Grissom, your tea.
Hold the tea bag ? Thank you, Brian.
Do Do you use scraps from the dining halls for your compost ? No.
Why ? Well, if the devil requires a pound of flesh, these many maggots would require over a hundred.
Pounds of flesh ? Were you aware that the average college student weighs 135 pounds ? How long is this going to take ? If something happened to one of our students, don't you want to know ? Sure.
But on a campus of this size, there's a thin line between satisfying curiosity and creating panic.
This stopped being about my curiosity the minute we found a human tooth.
We're now investigating a possible homicide.
Hey, Grissom, why is it hot ? Maggot digestion can generate heat up to 125 degrees.
Heat increases the rate of putrefaction, which speeds up the digestive process.
I don't see any tissue.
How long would it take for them to pick a body clean ? Assuming it's just one body ? A few days.
Yeah, and that's another thing.
I have a hard time believing that if a corpse was here, no one saw it.
And these bones ? They're uniform.
Same shape and size.
Same size as these wood chips.
This thing's always this loud ? Yeah, but we're, we're kind of off the beaten path.
- You use it every day ? - Pretty much.
You think a human body could fit through there ? You planning something ? Gil Grissom, Las Vegas Crime Lab.
Walter Beerly, Master of the Universe.
Six cylinders.
Thing's got an engine that would give most SUVs a run for their money.
And it's got one job.
- Chopping crap up.
- So the answer's yes.
- Would take about 15 seconds.
- May I ? You want to stick your head in there, be my guest.
- What are you looking for ? - Blood.
Oh, you're pretty much out of luck, 'cause I've been chipping all morning, and if there was any in there, it's probably gone.
See, wood absorbs moisture.
One of the reasons they use it for mulch.
Pregnant ? It's human.
Remember, you're on the clock, man.
About 24 hours all of these maggots turn into flies.
I know.
What are you doing ? Day shift told me you didn't get any results off the tooth.
Yeah, it was a porcelain crown.
Root canal.
No viable pulp.
I still need a DNA profile on our victim.
And since bone marrow extraction can be difficult I figured I'd go straight to the source.
Well, maggots are eating machines.
They'll have DNA from the flesh.
- It's genius.
- Thank you.
Veinte cinco (Spanish for 25) Veinte seises (26) Veinte siete (27) What's with the tape ? The evidence wasn't cooperating, so I stuck it to them.
Anything of interest ? Well, I haven't had much time for analysis.
So far the only inorganics are these black plastic shreds, from a garbage bag, I think, and this.
Well, the blue trace is tacky in touch.
It's a fingernail.
Sorry, Sara.
I need the microscope.
I got three more samples to run.
When I'm finished, it'll be your turn.
- This can't wait.
- It can't ? - Or you can't ? - Both.
Go have a cup of coffee on me.
- The coffee's free.
- Thank you.
Oil-based blue paint mixed with motor oil He's back.
Starting in 1987, a series of murders occurred on the WLVU campus.
Three women: Janet Kent Marcia Reese and Charlene Roth.
Now, Charlene Roth's murder provided us with enough evidence to investigate a suspect John Mathers, WLVU security guard.
He was arrested, tried and convicted.
Two years ago, this week, he was executed.
The night of his execution, Debby Reston was murdered.
- Copycat, right ? - No.
We believe that Mathers was the copycat, responsible only for Charlene Roth's death.
Which means the serial killer is still at large.
And we have reason to believe that he has killed again.
Our suspect's M.
is to apply blue paint to a campus railing that he has infused with motor oil to retard the drying process.
He then lays in wait for a female victim to touch the railing.
It's always near a water fountain.
He then grabs them from behind as they're washing the paint from their hands.
Our suspect's prior victims were all sexually assaulted.
No semen was found.
Cause of death: strangulation.
He stuffed them in black plastic trash bags and dumps the bodies in plain sight.
Given that he has been killing for around 20 years, we approximate his age to be at least 35.
He may wear glasses.
He may drive a Chevy with black interior.
The latest victim was put in a wood chipper.
Why the change in M.
? Serials have been known to change their signatures because they have to.
Fear of being caught interruption or it could just be an act of escalation.
So we're looking for a sadistic, ritualistic, organized sociopath.
We'll be on 12 and 12s.
No holidays, no vacations until this is solved.
Willows, can you confirm that the Blue Paint Killer has claimed another victim ? I haven't been cleared for comment.
Willows, was John Mathers wrongfully convicted ? Did the State execute an innocent man ? John Mathers killed Charlene Roth and was punished for it.
Well, how can you be so sure of that ? I double-checked the results.
The DNA from the maggots is male.
- Any possible cross-contamination ? - No, the samples were pure.
Griss, this place is crawling with press.
- They want a statement.
- Not now.
Well, if you don't say anything, they're just going to fill in the blanks Screw the press, 'cause for all I know, the dead body is an auto mechanic who just painted his house blue.
- What's this key used for ? - Um, pledging.
Plebes are asked to swallow it on the first night of Hell Week.
- Then "retrieve" it and return it.
- You got it.
You know that hazing is illegal.
- You could lose your charter.
- Well, it's not hazing.
It's a voluntary loyalty ritual.
- Political science major ? - Prelaw.
Maybe you can explain why the pledge who swallowed this key ended up dead.
Wha-What're you talking about ? Has anyone from Omega Zeta Pi dropped out or gone missing ? Yeah, Jo-Jonathan Avery Haywood III.
Oh, kid was a shoe-in.
Dad was a member.
Granddad was a member.
But we haven't seen Johnny since Pledge Week.
So, he's been missing for days, yet you didn't bother to call anyone ? For all I knew he was getting laid.
Look, I'm the fraternity president, not his mother.
We're gonna need his toothbrush and his hairbrush.
- Get off of me ! - Button ! I'm a loser.
I'm a loser.
I'm a loser.
Why didn't Nick find this before ? 'Cause he was working from a schematic the campus security gave him.
The railing's not on it.
This cement is fresh.
So, now he's not just painting railings; he's installing them.
We're going to need to dig this up, cement and all.
I call Brass.
So, he knew we would find this.
And now he's taunting us.
Two years ago, DNA confirmed a hair found on Debby Reston belonged to the serial's first victim, Janet Kent.
Planted hairs.
It's part of his signature.
Well, DNA confirmed that the hair found in the doll's mouth belonged to Debby Reston.
I tested the note with ESDA, because I saw some indentations in the paper.
He must've written "I have her" on the underlying page.
Prior evidence indicated that the suspect was an artist or had some connection to the university's Art Department.
Serials typically photograph their crime scenes.
If we're dealing with an artist here maybe he drew his victims instead.
Looks like she's in a small room.
- What is that in the foreground ? - Chair ? Sofa ? - What about behind her ? - Windows, maybe.
Can we blow that up ? Some kind of signage ? - And the lettering's backwards.
- Cramped space.
Chairs in the foreground, but no other furniture.
No shutters or curtains on the windows.
Maybe it's not a room.
Maybe it's a vehicle.
He was in the front seat, and he was looking at her through the rearview mirror.
So, he can attack her, abduct her, rape her and strangle her, but he can't look directly at her ? Guys, those black trilobal fibers that we found on Debby Reston's body were from a Chevy.
And the size and shape of those windows are consistent with a Chevy van.
I recognize the signage.
The Erotica Boutique on Tropicana.
It's distinctive Okay, break it open.
So, this is where he brought them.
The pump was probably for the doll.
Beer bottles Tell Mia to check them for saliva, as well as other bodily fluids.
You're thinking she was raped with a foreign object Maybe why we never found semen.
The police presence on the campus probably interrupted his plans for her disposal.
- I'll take the girl.
- I'll take the van.
I would've picked you for a leather guy.
Has anyone bought one of these Coed Cheerleader Dolls in the last few days ? Most popular models are the latex love-'em-or-leave-'em cheapies for bachelor parties.
But in the midrange, Chrissy's not a bad choice.
Well, I'm more interested in the clientele than the merchandise.
I'd like to take a look at your credit card receipts.
- Surveillance ? - Bad for business.
- You know this artist ? - Yeah, that is "Zippy Tee.
" You have an address for him ? Dude, I don't know where he lives.
- How do you pay him ? - It's not the Louvre.
It's the Love Boutique.
Local guys get store credit.
Has he ever traded for a doll ? - Yeah.
- Can you describe him for me ? White guy.
Brown hair.
Little shorter than you.
Average looking.
This all looks eerily familiar.
Blue paint on the hand.
Physical signs of sexual assault.
Ligature marks around the neck.
- Prints turn up anything ? - She's still a Jane Doe.
- Height and weight ? - Five-eight.
131 pounds.
Can you take down her hair ? Sure.
Pretty boy.
Definite similarity.
None of the other victims looked alike.
- So, why these two ? - Maybe he was a mistake.
Mistaken for a girl ? But not just any girl.
This girl.
We thought he selected his victims at random.
He didn't.
He chose her.
He hunted her.
And trapped her.
The TV said you were looking for information on Kaitlin Rackish.
When was the last time you saw Kaitlin ? Monday, but I've been pledging, so I haven't slept in the dorm the last couple nights.
I just thought I kept missing her.
Can you tell me what the two of you did on Monday ? All the details.
We went to the gym.
Went to the dining hall.
Monday's mac-n-cheese day.
It's Katy's favorite.
We picked up our orders at the Campus Copy Union- term papers.
We bought sodas at the bookstore.
We went to the library to study.
A couple guys from Zeta Beta Theta were at the same table, so we didn't get that much done.
Then she left for her 7:00 class.
What class is that ? Monday's, um "Introduction to the Female Form" with Professor Lewis.
Cody Lewis ? He got me interested in art.
"Introduction to the Female Form" ? Well, that's deep.
That's really deep.
I bet that brings in all the 17-year-old pre-feminists.
This isn't mine.
Technique isn't bad, but it's raw.
This person hasn't had any formal training at all.
Well, maybe it's your alter ego.
You know, your bad-boy side, the Mr.
Hyde thing.
You know, I came in voluntarily.
You see, I want to help you.
But this is borderlining on harassment.
Look, I'm trying to tie together some loose ends, so help me out, all right ? I appreciate your help.
I do.
You got rid of your Chevy van.
You got yourself a wife.
Does she know you dated the first victim ? Your return to the campus coincided with the murder of the fourth victim, And Kaitlin Rackish was in your evening classes.
- You see what I got ? - No, I don't.
Your buddy Mathers didn't talk much, either, and look what happened to him.
He's at the wrong end of a cold needle.
You know what it's like to be told you lead the life and fit the profile of a serial killer ? No.
I wouldn't have a clue.
You see, you make all these assumptions, and you're not asking questions here.
You're attacking me to see how I react to what you say.
Nothing I say is going to make a difference with you.
So what's the point ? Why don't you just confess ? That's my point.
I didn't do it.
WLVU parking pass.
Connection to the campus.
This guy's been doing this a long time.
Two years ago, Debby Reston broke her killer's glasses.
They were 20/80.
I'll run 'em.
See if they're the same.
VIN's been obliterated.
You better go ahead and run that parking pass.
Plate's expired.
Registration sticker's a phoney.
How do you know ? Check out the serial number.
"0-0-0-0" Yeah, got it.
Hey, did you spill print powder in the back of the van ? No.
No, I superglued.
Why ? May have found something.
Anything from the prints off the van ? Prints from the dash and the rearview mirror were a match to the partial that we got off the trash bag Debby Reston was found two years ago.
Same guy, but still no hits from AFIS.
Are the X-rated comic books ready ? Nothing comical about them.
Look at this.
Double-D cups, tiny waists, bondage.
I'm all for visual stimulation, but these images are about domination, not sex.
This artist gets off on dominating women.
This is his sex.
Janet and Marcia both lived in Dakin Hall.
Charlene and Debby took Econ 101.
Marcia and Charlene took English Lit.
Janet, Debby and Kaitlin all ate at Macgraw Dining Hall.
Janet dated Cody Lewis.
Kaitlin took his art class.
All right, so There's not one single thing that all five women have in common.
Please, help.
Dead plates.
Tampered VIN.
Registration stickers are counterfeit.
Killer did a good job, though.
He used the right color, changed them every year, but no serial numbers.
So, we still don't know who owns the van.
Well, Greg did find this in the glove box.
It's from 1986.
So I called School Administration.
It's parking spot 324.
Not a student, but an employee executed two years ago.
- John Mathers ? - Yep.
Ran Mathers through the DMV.
The partial VIN number on our van's a match.
So, our killer was driving around in Mathers' old van.
I don't think these two guys are an original and a copycat.
They were partners.
I don't deserve to die.
You think killing me will solve anything ? I've prepared myself, but I'm not ready.
This the John Mathers interview ? Week before he was executed.
Charlene Roth's mother testified at the Allocution that your death would mean her closure.
Not if you kill the wrong man.
Forensic evidence testified to at your trial says that you're guilty.
Forensic evidence changes all the time.
One day I'm innocent, the next day I'm not.
Is there anything in his prison file ? All those years on death row he only had one visitor, his lawyer.
Although he did receive a far amount of letters from random women if he was in communication with his partner, nothing in the file shows it.
You've been in prison for 15 years.
During that time the murders stopped.
What does that prove ? The real killer's smart.
Watches the news, he reads the papers just like you.
I'm Man, I'm the perfect patsy.
So you maintain your innocence ? Absolutely.
I worked Campus Security.
I'm not the smartest or the richest guy, but do I look like I had problems with women ? I'm not the killer.
Remember that when I'm gone.
Well, the prints on the comb bindings from the comic books are a match to the prints recovered from the van and the garbage bag that Debby Reston was in.
Did you analyze the comics ? Yeah, and the drawings indicate a dominant, disassociative sexual sadist.
Prison shrink diagnosed Mathers as a psychopath with a dependent personality disorder.
Which means he was pre-disposed to violent crimes but he might have needed some encouragement.
Well, to invite someone to join you for torture and murder would require a great deal of trust.
You would only do it if you knew you could completely control your partner.
Mathers was the submissive.
His partner is the alpha male.
Sexual sadism can go hand in hand with sexual dysfunction.
Mathers said that he wasn't the killer, but we confirmed that he had sex with Charlene Roth, based on the fact that we found his pubic hairs on her body.
Mia was looking for saliva on the beer bottles from the van and found a vaginal contribution on the neck of them.
Maybe Mathers was this guy's surrogate penis.
Question: the partner kills on the eve of Mathers' execution, and again this week, on the second anniversary.
- Why the no-show last year ? - Maybe life got in the way.
Nick, that black powder from the back of the van is ink.
A toner made exclusively for commercial copy machines.
- OCE 3600.
- Okay.
Thanks, Hodges.
The most recent victim went to the Campus Copy Union with her roommate on the day she disappeared.
Janet Kent's pocket contents: a receipt from WLVU Copy Union.
On Debby Reston's backseat catalogs with comb bindings.
Who'd you find ? Kevin Greer.
Works at the Copy Union.
Only employee who's been there over ten years, since 1983.
Fits our profile.
Where's Kevin Greer ? He just left.
He works till 8:00.
Time for evening classes to let out.
What's going on ? Look, we'd like to talk to Kevin Greer.
You have any idea where he is ? - No.
We don't hang out.
- How many people work here ? - Just me.
- Okay, we need to look around.
Black plastic trash bags with toner powder.
Excuse me.
Does Kevin Greer use this machine for any of his personal projects ? Yeah.
He binds his comic books.
Kevin Greer, Las Vegas Police.
Hit it.
It's clear.
- Check that noise.
- Clear.
- A paint mixer.
- WLVU Blue.
So he mixed his own paint so we couldn't trace the origin of his purchase.
Las Vegas's finest.
Nice job.
Impressive turnout.
Have a look around.
I'll be here at the station waiting for you.
Gil, Jim.
Yeah, my rule was: If you made it to my house, you deserved to meet me.
I mean, how much time did you guys spend picturing the size of my hands ? Not very big.
You don't need big hands, though, not the way I do it.
Just just a little at a time.
Take life, give it back.
God-like ? No.
But there must be something angelic in the way I look, because even on their last breath, they didn't think I'd actually do it.
Am I disappointing you guys ? I mean, are you looking at me, wishing I was - scarier ? - No.
I was wondering what happened to your glasses.
Stupid Lasik.
It's what got me caught.
Is it ? When that Debby bitch busted my glasses I decided they were a liability.
But the procedure didn't take.
Is that why you missed last year's anniversary ? And my night vision still sucks.
Johnny ? I don't want to talk about him.
Well, you kept him for several days before you chopped him up.
Were you having a good time ? I'm not into boys.
Kid was in my freezer.
Wait a minute.
There are six here.
We only know of five.
Tell us about Charlene Roth.
You had to bring her up.
You know, I tried to talk him out of it, - but J.
M wouldn't - John Mathers.
He had something to prove.
See, he didn't understand that we were better together than we would ever be apart.
- He needed me.
- Soul mates.
Contrary to popular belief, even people like us have souls.
I spent 15 years looking for a solid replacement, but you only get that lucky once in a lifetime.
- You miss him.
- I created him.
- But you let him take the fall.
- He got caught.
That's the price you pay for incompetence.
That's what you deserve when you make a mistake.
There's a sixth victim.
A Brit or Brittany Mosscoe.
Her name was on a Ziploc bag in Greer's freezer.
It contained a lock of hair.
Sara's looking into Missing Persons.
And Mia's running it through DNA.
Where is Brit Mosscoe ? There's a lot of fight in her.
Is she old or new ? I'll take you to her.
Oh, we'll need a full tank of gas.
Yeah, I'm trying to confirm that you have no record of a Brit Mosscoe attending WLVU in the last 18 years.
What about a night student ? Okay, thanks.
Hey ! Can I go to the bathroom before we go ? Yeah, okay.
Bobbie, pat him down.
Slow down.
I got it.
The sixth victim is a ruse.
He drew her off a calendar.
Brit Mosscoe is an anagram for Miss October.
So where's he taking us ? Mr.
Greer, let's go.
Come on.
Greer ? Where is he, in there ? Come on, Mr.
Greer, let's go ! Damn it ! Get a paramedic ! Get an EMT in here !