CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s05e15 Episode Script

King Baby

This is the scene in Seven Hills, where casino mogul Bruce Eiger has been found dead on the grounds of his palatial estate.
Eiger turned 60 earlier this year, throwing himself a half-a- million-dollar birthday party at his newly renovated Queen Regent Casino.
Cause of death remains unknown, but as Eiger himself famously joked: "In Vegas, if nobody wants you dead, you're not working hard enough".
Reporting live from Seven Hills, I'm Laurel Tessler.
What's the 411 ? Wife comes home from canasta at the club, finds hubby dead in the driveway, calls 911.
No sign of forced entry.
The alarm was off.
Nothing seems to be missing.
Welcome to the party.
What's going on ? This is my scene.
High profile case.
Woke up the supervisors.
All hands on deck, Cath.
Grissom's lead on this.
He's the senior supervisor.
If it's all hands on deck, what are you doing behind the tape ? You know if I cross the tape, my name goes on the crime scene log that gets subpoenaed by the defense, and I have to testify.
And when was the last time you testified ? That's not my primary job anymore.
I'm an administrator.
I run interference for you guys starting with the press.
It's nothing personal, Catherine.
Cases like these rain down hard.
- You need all the help you can get.
- I need help, not supervision.
So, Warrick ? Initial observations when we got to the scene.
Obvious impact to the face.
Severe facial contusions.
Broken nose, cracked teeth.
No shoe prints.
No tracks.
No cast off.
No sign of a weapon.
We're standing on the weapon.
CSI: episode 5x15 King Baby Mr.
Eiger had a lot of enemies.
Any idea who might have done this ? I'm not ready to confirm the circumstances under which Mr.
Eiger died.
I will say that this is the number one priority for the mayor and for all of us in law enforcement.
So, he either jumped, fell or was pushed.
Well, the facial impact is consistent with the blood pool but not with the current position.
Well, he landed on his face, but it looks like his head got moved.
And not by the paramedics.
And according to them, he had a broken neck.
Well, then he didn't roll himself over.
Let's talk to the wife.
House his big-- where's all the help ? The staff always gets Thursday nights off.
I-I-I don't get what the mystery is here.
He was murdered.
Some guys collect art.
Bruce collected enemies.
I'm more interested in what happened after he died.
And what is that supposed to mean ? Mrs.
Eiger, I don't know how to put this All right, please, you're making me feel old.
- Call me Donna.
- Okay, Donna, sure.
Your husband's boxer shorts.
He wasn't wearing them when he died, was he ? That's what this is all about.
No, no, I-I pulled in.
I saw Bruce lying there naked.
I knew that the news was on its way over here.
I didn't want the whole world to see him like that.
So you moved the body ? Yes, yes.
I turned him over.
I put his shorts on.
What, is-is dignity a crime ? Question.
You come home, see your husband lying in the driveway.
What do you do ? Is that a trick question ? Stop, jump out, run over to him.
Or take the time to pull into the garage and park and lock your car.
Catherine look, it's not that we don't have confidence in you - I smell crap.
- What ? Don't take another step.
- Joe ? - Yeah ? - The Eigers have any pets ? - No kids, no pets.
I saved you from putting your foot in it.
I appreciate that.
I think I found the launch point.
I'll be right there.
People who live in houses like these don't get oil leaks.
But their visitors might.
Hasn't absorbed into the stone yet.
It's fresh.
Well, swab it and then check all their cars just in case.
Whatever happened, it happened right here.
Planter could've been broken during the struggle - or been used as leverage.
- Well, if he was pushed, they'd have to be strong enough to get that big boy over the railing.
Well, I didn't see any trace on Bruce's hands.
I don't think those are his prints.
Well, maybe the killer hung out enjoying the fruits of his labor.
Well, I don't see any signs of struggle in this hallway.
- No.
- The only clue is no clue.
The inner sanctum.
If these walls could talk ? - I wish they would.
- Yeah, no doubt.
Scotch and milk.
Maybe the guy had stomach trouble, you know, ulcers.
Well, you get as good as you give.
Who smokes half a Cuban ? Well, whoever was outside might've been in here, too.
I've got some greasy handprints, look very similar to the ones on the railing.
What are they doing on the floor ? I'll take a sample.
From everything I've heard, this guy was a considerable ass.
Speaking of which, from the damage to his sphincter, I'd say he suffered repetitive insertions.
- Rectal insertions ? - Sizable.
Matching perimortem bruises to the hips.
The deceased had a peculiar rash around his genitals slathered in ointment.
Doesn't read as an STD I'm familiar with.
I swabbed the ointment.
I also found a gallon of milky fluid in his stomach.
Trace has that, too, along with fecal matter I scraped off his feet.
For what it's worth, nicely manicured nails on all but one thumb, which has a groove worn in it.
- Drugs ? - Yeah, it could be.
His pupils were dilated to the size of pie plates.
Tox has the blood.
There's a lot behind the curtain of this guy's life.
- Cause of death ? - Asphyxia.
- Choked on his own blood.
- So he survived the fall.
Well, it broke his neck, but he continued to breathe a while.
Might've lived if he hadn't been rolled.
I'm glad you decided to stay, Sofia.
So am I for now.
Thanks for waiting.
- Got here as fast as I could.
- We just finished.
Grissom, what the hell ? Am I going to have any part of this case, or should I just go back to my office and start shuffling some papers ? Catherine, it wasn't personal.
The body was posted.
We didn't think you'd be back for a few hours.
- There's the report.
- Stay out of this.
So, is this an Ecklie mandate, or is this just your thoughtlessness ? Well, look, I apologize, but this is a group effort.
I feel much better.
Okay, just got back from the crime scene.
Dropped the samples off at Trace.
What's wrong ? You didn't touch my camera, did you ? No.
I have a 256 memory card.
This is a 32.
Somebody switched it out and took my crime scene photos.
What ? Am I being strong-armed by private counsel ? Because, contrary to what you may think, not everybody in Vegas is under the thumb of Bruce Eiger.
Captain Brass, I am simply here representing the interests of Mr.
Eiger's estate.
And those interests would be what ? Well, finding out what happened, certainly.
But doing everything within our power to protect Mr.
Eiger's private life.
- Protect what ? - The guy's dead.
Eiger was a very private person.
And although he's no longer with us, his intimates are.
Look, if this is about him being a sodomite, - we already know that.
- Excuse me ? After the case is adjudicated, you can have access to the autopsy reports.
In the meantime, let me do my job, okay ? When Eiger was looking into buying the Queen Regent Casino out from under Sy Magli, the gaming commission turned him down.
So he invited some of the commissioners over to his mansion for a party.
A week later, he had his gaming and his liquor licenses.
Must've been a hell of a party.
Well, if the Wizard of Oz had nude photos of the Wicked Witch, Dorothy would have never lost her slippers.
Well, if those files exist, it gives us a list of suspects, but nobody actually knows if he has dirt on everyone, or just wants them to think he does.
Brass subpoenaed Eiger's home phone records in the last year.
Yeah, anything interesting ? Numerous calls from Eiger's house to Sy Magli's office.
Well, they were known business rivals.
Between midnight and 4:00 a.
m what I like to call "love hours.
" Wouldn't be the first time that hate mutated into passion.
Public enemies, private lovers.
So Jackie Collins.
Tanya, get your sweet little ass back over to the piano, and we'll talk about it later.
Magli, Detective Jim Brass, Las Vegas Police.
- Greg Sanders from the crime lab.
- Let me guess.
You want to talk to me about Bruce.
I hear they're using all the backhoes in hell to dig him a new pit.
We're focusing on his life here on Earth.
Well, you know, I thought that bastard would outlive us all.
When was the last time you saw him ? At his birthday party.
She's going to be a big star.
Bruce didn't have any friends, so he had to invite his enemies, a real "who's who" of Las Vegas.
See, Bruce was a shark who circled around for information.
And when he found your weakness, he filed it away to be used later.
His phone records indicate that you spoke more recently than that.
So now you found my weakness.
What's that ? I was banging his wife.
- We have a problem.
- No, not again.
The memory card from my digital camera was stolen and switched with a blank.
The only time the camera was out of my possession was at the crime scene.
Well, how can that be ? It was a secure scene.
I don't know.
I dusted the camera and the card.
There weren't any prints.
All of the crime scene photos of the body and the blood evidence were on that card.
- We do have a problem.
- Yes, we do.
Get back to the crime scene, Catherine.
Get what you can.
Well, I know that the scene's been released.
Well, go quickly.
Ready ? The baddest ass in Vegas had diaper rash.
The sample that Doc Robbins collected from between his legs at autopsy : Brenner's Ointment, used expressly for that purpose.
What about the handprints from the railing and the floor in study ? - Same deal.
- I compared the hand size, and the prints aren't Eiger's, man.
Which means that You couldn't pay me enough to rub ointment on some old guy's butt rash.
Well, maybe some people aren't as discerning as you are.
How does a grown man get diaper rash ? I'll take incontinence for $200, Alex.
Maybe he had gastrointestinal issues.
And the stomach contents.
All milk.
You get any tox back ? Yeah.
No drugs in his bloodstream.
Really ? He had dilated pupils, and he was a sick guy, but no medications.
Eiger! Mrs.
Eiger, please stop.
Please stop ? What ? Am I supposed to look at his blood ? Do I need this ? I need to take additional photos of the crime scene.
If you could just put the hose aside and Sy.
You know what ? Don't bother.
You don't have to lie to me.
I get it.
I really, I really do.
No, he's dead and you're leaving.
Yeah, well, maybe I just thought that I was more than just a hate lay.
Men just don't appreciate us.
It's never enough.
When you put up with things that nobody else would and he stills wants more.
I mean, just how low are we supposed to sink ? You know, I think you're better off without him, anyway.
- What's your name ? - Catherine.
You know, Catherine, this whole sisterhood thing that you're trying to get going here, it's just really not working for me.
You can't con a con, sweetie.
Sara and Greg went through these cans last night.
They were empty.
Well, it looks like Mrs.
Eiger's been a little busy.
- Warrick ? - Yeah.
Is that a diaper ? Those safety pins, they could match the bruises that we found on Mr.
Eiger's hips.
That accounts for that blood.
Well, we can probably get DNA from the blood.
But to confirm that Eiger actually wore this thing, Mia's going to have to test the urine inside.
- Lucky girl.
- Lucky her.
Do you think Donna always takes her laundry to the city dump ? I've got handprints and feces on a carpet.
He wasn't just incontinent, he's was a A freak.
That's disgusting.
Look at these indentations.
I think they could have been a desk or something.
Were gonna have to take this back to the house and look at it in its original context.
Is that even legal ? - Why are they - Take it straight up.
Why are you guys doing this ? Hasn't she been through enough ? You know, you should sue the city.
She's gonna sue you people! How about that ? How do you explain a handprint half covered by a wall ? I mean, we're not even certain this rug came from this room.
Well, I was gonna say the same thing, but the rug has eight divots that line up perfectly with that desk.
Think outside the rug.
A man with secrets needs a place to hide them.
Get the hell out of here.
N ice.
Just when you thought you'd seen it all.
People lived in fear of this guy ? Imagine the fear he lived with.
A very powerful and paranoid man with a secret this big ? It'd probably kill him if anyone found out.
I think it did kill him.
So we're back to suicide ? Well, let's collect for now.
We'll theorize later.
Who's your mommy ? The true inner sanctum.
Hey, maybe we're looking for the hand that rocks the cradle.
I think that Bruce just wanted the same thing as every other guy.
- Nurturing ? - Easy access.
Well This could explain the repeated insertions.
I think this was originally used as a panic room.
Eiger's got a massive security system here, motion and site sensitive.
No video, though.
Well, I guess we won't get to see who swaddled him.
Well there is a hard drive.
I'll get it back to the lab.
I just don't get it, man.
What, you never had a transitional object when you were a kid ? A stuffed animal or a blanket ? No.
I mean, I had a wooby, but who didn't ? Is that that blue thing that's in your locker ? Don't even.
Helps them with separation anxiety.
Maybe Bruce Eiger never got over his.
I got a question.
Where would you buy something like this ? I mean, this crib and this rocking horse isn't exactly regulation size.
Forever Baby.
For the child in all of us.
Do you think they do takeout ? You asked me to check the blood and urine from the diaper.
Yeah, the blood is a match for Eiger, and the urine had high levels of testosterone, which is indicative of an adult.
It's a safe assumption that it's his.
You know, one other thing.
When I was running the urine, I found another spike that I couldn't identify.
So I sent it on to Tox.
Well, I know that his blood work came back clean.
Some drugs metabolize quickly, so what doesn't show up in the blood, shows up in the urine.
You gotta see the TV.
The photos you're about to see are the latest evidence in the strange death of casino mogul Bruce Eiger.
We want to warn you these are graphic images of a bloody crime scene.
In them, Mr.
Eiger can been seen lying in a pool - of his own blood in the driveway - Those are mine.
I'll have our Public Information Officer contact his counterpart at the station.
We'll also call Judge Anderson and get a warrant for the memory card, any copies, and the name of their source.
top Las Vegas gaming mogul left him with more - than his share of adversaries.
- Thank you, Conrad.
It's my job.
however, there are still no apparent leads.
- Howdy.
- Well, howdy.
I was wondering, do you carry adult diapers ? We sure do.
What are you, about a 34, 36 ? Well, they're not for me.
Well, aren't you lucky to have such a nice daddy ? I'm going to have a look around.
- Mommy-shopping ? - Sort of.
I was wondering, in your line of work, do you ever wear a uniform or a dress ? No, but I could.
- Are you a drinker or a stinker ? - Excuse me ? Well, a drinkers likes to - And stinker - I get it.
We're actually with the Crime Lab.
We're investigating the death of Bruce Eiger.
Bruce Eiger.
Are you with Vice ? Because nothing here is illegal.
It's simply nurturing.
Mommy and Adult Baby play, it's not erotic.
Well, Freud had a somewhat different theory, but Well, I could take you to my playpen.
You know, I don't think the department would let me expense it.
Okay, then, I'll just cut to the short version.
Some guys can never love any woman but their mother.
And some never had a mother who loved them.
- Is Foxy short for anything ? - No, no, it's just Foxy Harris.
That's what's on my birth certificate.
I signed an exclusive nondisclosure agreement with KRAC.
Whoever gave you my name is the one who broke the law.
It's funny what people will say when there's a warrant in their face.
Yeah, your friends at KRAC take obstruction of justice seriously.
You stole police department evidence in a homicide investigation.
You're guilty of theft and possession of stolen property.
And we're looking at you for murder.
I shoot pictures, not people.
You're a journalist.
What were you doing at the Eiger house that night ? Okay, so KRAC isn't my only employer.
I do discreet work for Sy Magli.
All right, let me get this straight.
Sy Magli hired you to take pictures of him sleeping with Donna Eiger ? - That's right.
- Why would he do that ? Eiger had dirt on everyone.
Nobody obsessed with secrets doesn't have some of his own.
Magli asked me to find Eiger's, but, well, I couldn't find any.
So in the absence of scandal, Magli created some.
By sleeping with Bruce Eiger's wife.
You know, there were cops everywhere.
Whose palm did you grease ? I didn't need to.
Donna showed Magli who showed me all the secret ways onto the property.
You really should train your people better.
All it took was a dark jacket, a baseball cap, and a camera.
- No questions asked.
- So here's the thing.
The milk in the bottles was not bovine.
- It was human breast milk.
- Human ? - All of it ? - Yeah.
Well, it definitely wasn't the wife's.
No, the widow Eiger's DNA was not a match.
However, whoever pumped all that milk also wore this.
The epithelials were a match.
So we're looking for one very tired milkmaid.
This is the same toy box they sell at Forever Baby, except the one in the store, twice as big on the inside.
Well, he did like his secret spaces.
All right.
"Sy Magli" "Sam Braun" "Rory Atwater" ? Sheriff Rory Atwater ? Looks like it.
Along with some gaming commissioners, judges, pro athletes.
No name.
Just a date: 12-20-01.
Well, apparently, Sy liked the spectrum I downloaded the log from the Eigers' security system hard drive.
All of the perimeter doors and windows in the Eiger mansion are protected.
If one of them is opened, it's logged into the security system.
According to Mrs.
Eiger's verified alibi, she left for the club around 7:15.
Garage door opens, Dispatch received her 911 call at 11:42.
So we're concerned with the four hours in between.
It was probably the milkmaid.
doors were opened.
Bye bye, Bruce.
Now four minutes later, the front door opens again.
Milkmaid exits ? the garage door opens.
I guess that was Mrs.
But then a minute later, at 10:31, the front door opens again.
She didn't make her call to 911 until 11:42.
What was she doing for over an hour ? Count Basie said that it's the notes you don't hear that matter.
Two voids one pointing towards 11:00, one towards 1:00.
- Something blocked the spray.
- Something in a size eight.
Could that be explained by her rendering aid ? I don't think so.
It's a fine mist.
I think he was still alive, expirating blood.
I wonder what was going through her mind when she stood there and watched him die.
I wonder what was going through his.
I was playing canasta at the club, like I do every Thursday night.
I came home.
I pull into the driveway, and and there he was.
You administer any help ? More like encouragement.
What happened to Mummy's widdle baby ? Did Brucey fall down and go boom ? So you're admitting responsibility in the death of your husband ? Mrs.
Eiger is not a health care professional.
She merely delayed in calling for help.
- She watched him die.
- His had a broken neck.
If he'd lived, he would've been a quadriplegic.
- So it was a mercy killing ? - It wasn't a killing at all.
You would've had to take care of him.
Bathe him, feed him, change his diapers.
Freakin' gift from God to him.
See the thing was, I-I just didn't want Bruce to have the satisfaction of being helpless for the rest of his life.
Do you know what the last words I said to him were ? You lose.
So I take it that you weren't his his mommy ? Look Love, honor, cherish.
Diapering was never on the list.
- How'd you deal with it ? - I didn't.
Look, I'm sorry, but you can't have sex with a man after you've seen him after you've seen him behave like that.
So in order to save our marriage, we had an arrangement.
On Thursday nights, I go to the club with my friends.
He hires a baby-sitter.
We have reason to believe it was the same baby-sitter every week.
Any idea who that is ? No, women in my position have been looking the other way for years.
I just had something a little stranger to look away from.
Why didn't you leave him ? Nobody leaves Bruce.
Well, maybe you had to get Bruce to leave you.
- You push him off the balcony ? - No.
He'd already fallen when I found him.
I turned him over.
I watched him die.
I got rid of the diaper.
I rolled up the carpet.
I changed my clothes.
Then I called 911.
And I should've left him in the damn diaper.
I don't know what I was protecting.
Your reputation.
Donna may be an opportunist, but she is not a murderer.
And since neither of us believe that Bruce was suicidal You're both psychiatrists ? Look, my husband did not commit suicide.
So why don't you just find the guy who did, and I will write him a big, fat check.
That drug spike that Mia detected in Bruce's diaper-- "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" LSD.
But I don't get it, because acid trips last for hours.
Why wouldn't it have shown up in his bloodstream ? LSD is in and out of your system in 20 minutes.
But it acts as a trigger, which sets off cascading reactions in the brain.
The brain keeps cascading long after the drug is gone.
Well, there are good trips, and bad trips, and trips right off the balcony.
Strange drug of choice for a control freak.
Maybe not his choice.
So we're looking for a lactating female with a center whorl print.
We recovered two sets of prints from the baby paraphernalia.
- His and presumably hers.
- We've excluded Mrs.
How long can a woman lactate after giving birth ? I had a professor in college, her six-year-old used to come in for lunch.
I guess they'll go as long as you let them.
What, the boobs or the kids ? That's a two-legged topless buffet.
I'm thinking, you know, if you commit to something every Thursday night, you got to be getting something good out of it.
We found oil drops on the driveway.
None of the Eiger cars had leaks.
I ran it through Trace.
It was an Agip Sint 2000.
It's a synthetic motor oil.
A synthetic would make it high end.
That particular oil is only used for Lamborghinis.
How many lactating women are driving one of those ? So he either paid well or was a good gift giver.
- Maybe we're looking for a cash cow.
- With liquid assets.
I had the distinct pleasure of testing all the modes of ingestion from the nursery.
Most people take acid on their tongue.
- Bruce - An enema.
And people call me anal.
Well, the whole point of having a "mommy" is to have her do these things for you.
So the acid was no doubt supplied by the same sweet thing who gave him breast milk from that boobs-ahoy dress.
So, that new Lamborghini is a pretty smooth ride.
Grant from the dealership told me you bought one recently.
- It was a gift.
- For who ? - Tanya Rollins.
- You got to woo the talent.
Yeah, she's cute.
How old is she ? Twenty-four.
So, you been together nine years that'll make her about 15 when you consummated the relationship.
Don't you know that 15 will get you 20 ? What do you want ? Why was Tanya's Lamborghini parked in Bruce Eiger's driveway ? - They were involved.
- I thought she was your girl.
Tanya always goes where the best deal is.
I "rolled" her, Bruce bankrolled her.
Her career smart move.
Turned out she actually had other talents.
She was making him a ton of money, so I gave her a call.
You poached her.
Come on, look, she jumped at it, all right ? Tanya said he was a freak and she wanted out.
Then what ? 'Cause I got felony sex, infidelities and a picture of a baby I don't know anything about.
Come on, we both know what I was after.
So, all's well that ends well, Sy ? I didn't want him dead.
There's no sport in humiliating a dead man.
Now, if you'll excuse me, Captain.
Your fingerprints are all over the nursery.
The DNA that we took from your breast pump matches the milk from Bruce's fridge.
And the arresting officer confiscated LSD from your purse.
And your cell phone is full of pictures of "Baby Bruce.
" Sy said all that Bruce had was fear.
Yeah, there's really not much to fear about a crying man in a diaper.
All right, Baby Bruce.
Playtime's over.
I smell a smelly.
You made a big messy in your diaper.
You ready ? There you go.
That feels so good.
Mommy's got a special treat for you.
It's extra special today.
And then, he just started acting crazy.
As opposed to soiling himself and gumming your nipples ? What is it with you, Brucy ? What are you doing ? What is wrong ? Wait, that's a bad boy.
The light.
I see the light I see What is it with you, Bruce ? What's wrong ? And then, he just jumped off the balcony.
That's it ? You knew this man's most intimate secret.
- You could've left him.
- Nobody leaves Bruce.
What were you afraid of ? That I'd never see my baby again.
Bruce said that he wanted a baby.
That he'd take care of both of us.
And you believed him ? Only after the delivery, he said he had to take the baby away.
That he was going to take him to be with his mom.
You know, wait until my career took off.
Until I was ready to be a mother myself.
And then he took me to his nursery.
He explained to me, you know, about infantilism.
Said that it was in the Bible.
And then he made me clean him.
- How long ago was that ? - Five years.
Five years and every week, I would ask him if I could see my baby and he kept saying next week.
"Sure, Tanya, next week.
" "No, maybe next week.
" You know, "maybe the next week after that.
" I guess in my heart I knew that it was never going to happen.
It's just that that was the only connection I had to my baby, you know ? That and nursing Bruce.
Tanya, this man exploited you for five years.
He didn't allow you to see your only child and there he was, high as a kite and you're the only one there.
Are you saying that you didn't offer him any encouragement off that balcony ? If I asked you to jump off a bridge would you do it ? Fly, Brucy, fly.
Show Mommy how you can fly like a birdie ! - Come on, you can fly ! - I can fly.
- You can fly.
- I can fly, Mommy.
- You can fly ! - I can fly.
- You can fly, you can fly.
- I can fly, Mommy.
I can fly ! I can fly ! - Do you recognize this infant ? - No.
I've never seen that baby before in my life.
Well, Bruce said he gave you his lover's baby to raise.
The mother's name was Tanya.
Do I look like I could raise a baby ? When was the last time you saw your son, Mrs.
Eiger ? - Seven years ago.
- You didn't know he had kids ? Do you know what my mother told me when I had Bruce ? What's that ? Suckle the baby, cuckold the man.
I don't follow.
You were breast-fed.
My mother was a firm believer that the way you raised a boy was to make him hard.
To let him know what the world was like right out of the womb.
And what's the world like ? No free lunch.
All these mothers coddling their toddlers.
- Look where we are.
- Yeah, look where we are.
I've enjoyed working with you.
Which part ? The part where I got in your face or the part where I lost evidence, or maybe you just miss me.
I did miss you.
I missed your passion and your tenacity.
I even missed your tush.
Thank you.
Sorry to interrupt.
I miss the punch line ? So Bruce lied about the kid.
There was an out-of-state adoption that placed the day the kid was born.
And Bruce's mother A light beer, please.
His mother was a piece of work.
So, is Tanya going to take the fall ? Can't convict her for cheerleading.
You can if there's LSD in her pom-poms.
Acid makes her culpable.
Class A felony.
Any more culpable than his wife, who just let him lie there ? You know, what I can't get my mind wrapped around is you got a guy who's tough enough to get to the top of the heap in Vegas, all this power, and he ends up crawling around a playpen.
That's the point, isn't it ? It's only the truly powerful that have the luxury to relinquish power.
But diapers ? Why not ? Where would you go if you had the connections and the cash to go anywhere you wanted ? - I hear Fiji's nice.
- Eiger went further.
He went all the way back to his childhood.
I think I'd take Fiji.