CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s05e20 Episode Script

Hollywood Brass

- You get anything ? - No.
My knight in shining German armor has arrived.
See if he has room for two.
You wanna party ? It's only been a few hours.
Dakota always calls me.
We have a system.
Something is wrong.
Why don't you go home, Jersey ? Eat something for once, get some sleep.
Hello, Dad.
Are you okay ? CSI: ├ępisode 5x20 Hollywood Brass Hey, Sheriff.
I'm glad I caught you.
I got to take some emergency leave.
It's a It's a family matter.
I didn't know you had a family.
Well, you're new.
We haven't had a chance to talk.
I briefed my lieutenant on my cases.
He'll cover for me for a couple of days.
This is not a good time for family problems.
All the Narco guys are at a HIDTA conference.
I got no backup.
I'm still learning the ropes here.
Well, it's never a good time to have a family problem, Sheriff.
Look, I don't ask for time off normally.
I'd appreciate the courtesy.
Do I have a choice here, Jim ? Get back here as soon as you can.
- You look good, Jimmy.
- You do, too, Annie.
seems to agree with you.
Yeah, well, I couldn't take another Jersey winter.
Or another Jersey cop.
You stay in touch with the old crew ? You know, dirty cops don't like to hang with clean ones.
So that's why they called me squeaky ? I thought what you did took a lot of guts.
Integrity is hard to come by in vice.
Yeah, it's the only detail where you're told to drink, gamble and pick up hookers, all the while carrying a gun.
Garden of Eden.
Temptation kills you, or it compromises you.
So, you got my message ? My daughter Ellie and her friend Dakota were out partying and Dakota got in some guy's car.
Ellie was able to pull a partial.
Something about a whale tail.
California Coastal Commission specialty plates.
I'll run it through DMV.
Cross reference with BMWs.
In the meantime, I pulled Dakota's rap sheet.
- She has a sheet ? - They both do.
She works a stretch on Hollywood Boulevard between Highland and Vine.
When was the last time you saw Ellie, Jimmy ? About three years ago.
She got into some trouble in Vegas.
Hanging around with a bad bunch.
Looks like her taste in people hasn't changed much.
Last known address.
In case you don't have it.
- Ellie, it's your dad.
- How'd you get this number ? Relax, take it easy.
I got it off caller I.
So did you make the call ? - Yeah.
LAPD's looking into it.
- Thanks.
Hey, how are you doing ? Great, actually.
Livin' at the beach, temping, waiting tables.
Got some really good friends.
It's a big bowl of cherries.
I'll call you when I hear something, all right ? We found the beemer.
Found these two kids trying to hot wire it.
Whale Tail license plate starting with 1-T-A.
- Let's talk to them.
- I'll talk, you listen.
All right, what the hell's the matter with you ? You looking to die young ? 'Cause you can do it inside in lock-up or outside with this wanna-be gang ban er stealing cars crap.
We weren't stealing nothing.
Window was already busted.
Car wouldn't even start.
We were just playing around.
You like playing with cars ? LAPD's having a car wash fund-raiser on Saturday.
You just signed yourselves up.
You're welcome.
Come on.
So, no Rudy Giuliani broken windows theory here ? Jimmy, windows are already broken.
Someone's got to fix 'em.
Hey, check this out.
B-H-G-C ? Looks like a country club or something.
Doesn't read like Koreatown.
I'll have my guys run the plates.
- Anybody checked the trunk ? - Not yet.
Doesn't look good for Ellie's friend.
Yeah, we're just finishing up.
No traffic, I'll be there in about 20 minutes.
Vegas ? You know a Jim Brass ? Rick.
Rick, what are you doing here ? I'm here for the HIDTA conference.
Buddy of mine from L.
told me there was a new captain in town, stirring things up.
What are you doing here ? Ah, it's a long sad story, man.
Have anything to do with a feisty little blonde named Ellie ? She's not a blonde anymore.
Let's check out the car.
Captain Annie Kramer, this is Warrick Brown from Las Vegas.
- Good to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
Matt Glazer, L.
Crime Lab.
Hey, Jim Brass.
I thought L.
was all about car culture.
This reminds me of home.
Trunk's been stripped clean.
Too clean.
They missed a spot.
Looks like two large caliber bullet holes.
But a bullet hole wouldn't make those markings.
- What is that ? - I don't know.
Looks like a tool marking.
Let's haul it back to impound and find out.
- I'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
Hey, you know, Jim, I'm here all weekend.
If you need anything, don't hesitate to call.
- Pleasure meeting you.
- Same here.
Remember, what happen in L.
, stays in L.
You still a Scotch man ? I'll take a rain check.
Hey, baby, you want to party ? Ellie I can't ever trust you.
All I did was ask you to make a call.
- How's the beach house ? - Go to hell.
I have information about your friend, Dakota.
Get in.
But I'm not playing 20 questions with you.
So, did you find her body ? No.
But we found the car.
So she could still be alive ? We found blood in the trunk.
No, no, no, she's alive.
I can feel it.
Look, do you have anything with her DNA on it, like a hair brush or toothbrush or ? No.
We keep all that stuff in our purse.
How about clothes or sheets or pillowcases, like that ? We share everything else.
Even the bed ? I told you I'm not playing that game.
If the lab doesn't have anything to match the blood to, then we'll never know.
That's it.
Come on, let's get some dinner, You look hungry.
We went and got tested last week at the Free Clinic on Ivar.
Maybe they keep it.
Tested for what ? What do you think ? Don't you use protection ? Guys pay extra for bareback.
You're a lot smarter than that, Ellie.
Come on.
Yeah, well, just because you want me to be smarter and sweeter and safer doesn't mean I am.
And I got to go.
- Guess you know how to find me if you hear anything.
- Don't-Don't leave, don't leave.
You're one to talk.
All my life, that's all you did, walk out.
Now we're gonna Norman Rockwell it ? Look around, Dad.
It's too late.
- Don't leave.
- Leave me alone.
Here at the clinic, we pride ourselves a confidential relationship with our patients.
This is a highly unusual request.
I understand, but we're investigating a possible homicide here.
We found blood in the trunk of a car.
We have reason to believe it could be Sasha Reynolds', street name Dakota.
We're not interested in whether it's positive or negative.
We need it for the DNA.
How many do you need ? Ten.
Is that all the help they get ? These kids come from all over the place with stars in their eyes.
While they're waiting to be discovered, they still got to pay their rent.
They do a bump to turn their first trick.
Next they're turning tricks to get their next bump.
We do what we can.
You do what you do.
Excuse me.
Good luck.
- Good luck to you, too, Doctor.
- You're kidding me.
We're on it.
We got an R.
on the car.
- Captain Kramer.
- Hey, Todd.
What's up ? I stumbled across something.
Thought I'd pay you a house call.
You missing a car ? Yeah, it was stolen.
You didn't report it.
No, I didn't.
What's that about ? Who are you ? I'm sorry, this is an old friend of mine, Captain Jim Brass, Vegas P.
Off the record ? I went down the hill.
I was lonely.
Partook of the services of a certain kind of young lady.
And while we were getting acquainted, I was carjacked.
I was set up.
It was probably her pimp or drug dealer.
How'd you get up the hill ? Took a cab.
They didn't take your wallet ? The car was worth more than the cash.
They knew what they were doing.
It's a pretty sweet ride.
I'm still hung up on why you didn't report it.
Captain, maybe I should introduce myself.
Todd Piccone, Assistant City Attorney.
Let's just say that my reputation is worth more than my car.
Then maybe you should stop having dates in your front seat.
You're right.
Lesson learned.
Thank you, Officer.
So the car was stripped, I'm sure South Central ? Koreatown ? East L.
? Koreatown.
How would you know that ? 'Cause, Captain, that's where good cars go to die in Los Angeles.
Hey, Todd, I don't suppose we could take a look around ? You know, I'm expecting company.
Now's not a good time.
We need to get a warrant to get into that house.
Well, we don't have enough.
Enough for a city attorney ? You know, give me a break.
You know how many cars get jacked in L.
every day ? He admitted to being with a prostitute.
What makes you think he's not telling the truth about the rest ? He's hinky.
I can feel it.
Your gut can talk to my judge.
Or better yet, talk to Ellie.
You should.
You should get the 4-1-1 on Dakota from her.
There's an unreliable witness.
So what do we do now ? We eat steak.
Tony, how are you doing ? Table for two, please, in the back, if you could.
What are we doing here again ? I'm doing you a big favor.
Annie, hello.
Hey, Judge Peters.
What a nice surprise.
- Nice to see you.
- Good to see you.
How's that porterhouse ? Eh, I haven't started yet.
Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine, Captain Jim Brass, LVPD.
This is Judge Silvio Peters, Councilman Joe Cohen.
- Judge, Councilman.
- Comptroller Daniel Reichmann, and Vic Patterson.
Hey, Vic, how are you doing ? Soon to be Mayor.
Hey, you know what ? We shot a couple episodes of my show in Vegas.
- You remember that ? - Right.
The Eagle.
Yeah, you guys were great.
You always treated us really well.
Well, we try.
Remember how great he was as that cop ? Like he was playing you.
Well, that's not easy.
Listen, since I happened to run into you We found Todd Piccone's car just off of Vermont.
Had bullet holes and blood in the trunk.
He claims it was stolen, but I'm hoping that I could get a look around his house a bit You know what ? Let me get you an autograph or something.
Little something for me.
And a little something for you.
If you had enough for a warrant, you wouldn't be here.
You'd be on your cell phone, calling me from Tommy Burger.
Finish your steak before it gets cold.
There you are.
I'm touched.
Thank you, man.
Thank you.
- Gentlemen.
- Enjoy your lunch, gentlemen.
- Nice to see you.
- You as well.
Strike one, your turn.
Well, if it isn't Dick Tracy and his little sidekick, Nancy Drew.
We're here on official business.
Just let us in.
Vote Vic Patterson.
Put some action back in government.
Vic Patterson has a plan for Los Angeles.
He wants to restore trust in City Hall.
Vic Patterson has the energy it takes to get Los Angeles back on track ! You and Dakota have the same pimp ? No.
We don't have a pimp.
We're independent.
I can see that.
Look, if she were gonna pull a con with some guy, who would it be ? She's not like that.
So other than her customers, there's, what ? No men in her life ? You and she are Roommates.
Look, you can be cute, or you can help us find your friend.
What's it gonna be ? Well, there's this guy named Ronnie, all right ? He was kind of like her boyfriend.
Sometimes he would get jealous when she turned tricks.
Where do we find this Casanova ? Look, you know I can't go in there without probable cause or a warrant.
You're not gonna arrest me for breaking and entering, are you ? Jimmy, what are you hoping to find in there ? I'll know it when I see it.
Smelled something in the hallway.
That's why we broke in, right ? L.
has over 200 criminalists.
You got to bring your own guy ? Well, Rick is like a vampire.
He needs to be invited in.
If this goes to court, Warrick's going to have to come back and testify.
Well, you got beaches, bikinis.
Free trip to L.
? I'm down.
So we got coffee filters, cough medicine, matches, camping fuel hot plates.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking ? If this is a meth lab, then there would be free iodine coated all over these walls.
And if Matt packed this kit right, I would have some spray starch that would react with the iodine.
Turning it a nice Dodger blue.
Yes, it's a meth lab.
So meth dealer and his hooker girlfriend looking for a quick score.
Carjacking's not such a stretch.
Neighbors are lucky he didn't blow the whole building up.
No guns, no blood.
Nothing in plain sight linking him to Dakota's disappearance.
Well, we'll haul him in on manufacturing.
We'll get what we can out of him.
Jail would be an improvement over this hole.
Drop the gun! Now! - Put the gun down.
- Bad guys go away.
- Put the gun down.
- You're trying to rob me ? - Drop the gun! - I'm being robbed by cops ? You're trying to rob me ! Don't make me shoot you.
Put the gun down.
Come on.
How long has the body been here ? About three and a half hours now.
Jogger found her, called it in.
Description matched your broadcast.
Looks like body gas has brought her to the top.
God, somebody beat the pulp out of her.
Any leads ? Yeah, he's detoxing in the tank.
This is why I don't believe in easy money.
You have to identify the body.
- I'm going to be sick.
- No, come here.
Look, I just need an answer.
Is this your friend ? Family business ? That is a wedding or a funeral, or a bar mitzvah.
That is not permission to become a vice cop in another jurisdiction.
Get back here now.
- Who you been talking to ? - Not that it matters.
The police chief called me after Judge Peters called him.
I hear they do a niceT-bone at Musso's.
Look, my kid's in trouble, Ben.
Well, if she's not dead, you get your ass back here.
Look, write me up for insubordination.
I can't come back now.
You have a prior.
Mandatory minimum for manufacturing ten to 15.
You start to talk about Dakota, we'll see what we can do.
Now, what that crazy bitch got to do with this ? What ? She snitched on me ? - Not before you killed her.
- I didn't kill nobody.
You have a relationship with her ? Yeah, we kicked it, all right ? We kicked it.
Look, I would never kill no girl with all that good All right, look, let's just say I enjoyed having her live downstairs from me, man.
She knew when to open her mouth and when to keep it closed.
Now, her girl, Jersey God, the best mouth I ever had.
That mouth gave me a lot of pleasure.
It just never stopped.
Where were you two nights ago ? - Out.
- Be more specific! I-I-I was seeing customers, all right ? - Dakota ? - No.
You like BMWs ? Bitch, what the f ? what are you talking about ?! Watch your mouth! I'll lay it out for you.
Come on, man.
All right.
So, how was he ? What do you mean ? You wasn't supposed to do him.
You want me to admit to a murder I didn't commit so you can reduce a drug charge ? What ? You're high, right ? Y-Y-You must be high.
I'm sorry you had to hear that.
What did he say ? Dad ? You were right; I shouldn't have come.
I told you he didn't do it.
It was that guy in the car.
We just pulled your best friend out of a lake.
I mean, it was just luck it wasn't you.
- Yeah, well, it wasn't me.
- Yeah, not today.
But look at you.
You've turned yourself into a disposable human being.
Don't you get it ? You're nothing but plumbing.
What ? You're going to send me to my room and ground me ? Have a patrol car pick me up at prom ? Or spank me ? You're right.
You're right.
I messed up.
But I'm just trying to do the best that I can.
I wish you could say the same thing.
Clothes test positive for lead wipe.
Confirmed bullet hole.
Did her DNA match the blood that you swabbed from the trunk ? Yeah, but the autopsy report said she wasn't shot.
So, what's with the bullet holes ? Clean-up.
One bullet exited.
Is the other hole to the left or to the right ? About seven and a half, eight inches up.
That's the gas tank.
Looks like a .
Big, fat and slow.
Lucky for us, it didn't have enough power to go through-and-through the gas tank.
Look at that.
No wonder those hood rats couldn't get the car started.
It won't run on blood.
Well, that tweaker you busted just got bumped off the top of the list.
He had a nine millimeter.
You think you could run this through IBIS ? We do have that here.
Hey, Doc, did you get my fax ? Yeah, I did.
Yeah, well, it's all Greek to me.
Can you help me out ? Mmm, sure, of course.
But I thought you were asked to come home.
I'll be home tomorrow.
I hope she was worth it.
What do you mean ? I don't know ; I mean, you put your career on the line.
I assume there's a woman involved.
What are you, a detective now ? All right ; let's take a look at this.
FX, OC That's a fractured osseocartilaginous.
That's a broken nose.
FX, ST, CL Sternal clavicle, and LAC, SDH on her head.
Lacerations and subdural hematomas.
Cause of death ? It looks like exsanguination.
So, she was beaten and left to die ? Beaten with something specific.
The L.
coroner noted repetitive patterned contusions.
Anything else ? Yeah, the coroner's assistant who prepped her body collected a green, waxy substance under her fingernails.
Also, looks like he found concrete chunks in a bag tied to her waist.
Probably what they used to weigh her down in the lake.
You want to say I told you so ? No.
I just want it to be over with and have a happy ending.
What the hell's going on ? What's up ? Sorry, Todd.
We got the warrant ; we have to search.
You got to be kidding me.
Wha ? I just had the floors polished.
Will you at least take your shoes off, please ? I sleep in my shoes, Todd.
- This guy married ? - No.
Anybody else's gaydar going off ? Well, he did have a female hooker in his ride.
Well, maybe he swings both ways.
Why, because he has this nice shag carpet ? This carpet's wet.
That's a lot of blood.
How much, you figure ? I don't know-- two, three pints ? Nobody loses that much blood and lives.
She died in this room.
I don't think we'll be able to get any DNA off this.
The carpet solvents probably compromised the sample.
She was beaten multiple times.
There must be some spatter or cast-off.
I can't get a clean read.
You know what ? It's this metal surface.
It's giving us a false positive.
Does anyone see a remote ? Yeah, got one right here.
Could you hit the input button until we find a blue screen ? Look at that.
I'll get a sample for DNA.
Nice place.
Who needs three trash bins ? Someone with a lot of dirt.
Big party.
The coroner found green wax under Dakota's fingernails.
Yes, I solicited her.
So, you admit to having sexual relations with Sasha Reynolds, a.
Dakota ? But money changed hands ? I paid her $60.
For what ? I drove her back to my house and introduced her to a friend.
And then ? I have no knowledge of what happened after that.
Does this friend have a name ? Mmm.
A big one.
You know, Todd, I think you're smart enough to recognize consciousness of guilt.
Blood in your house, in your car.
All of which was cleaned up.
This friend worth going to prison for ? Turn off that mic.
He invoked.
I wanted to catch you before you left.
I got a look at the print results from the bottles that we collected just before I was escorted out and asked to leave the lab.
They say why ? No, but I think I know why.
It's like Chinatown, Jim.
So visiting hours are over, Doctor.
It's time to go.
- What about Ellie ? - What about her ? Well, she's the only one who can I.
Todd Piccone as the driver.
Well, I couldn't get much out of Annie, but I don't think Piccone killed Dakota it wasn't his scene.
I don't know.
He's involved.
It's his house.
It's his car.
It's his party.
Who's going to believe a tweaker hooker ? You better hope nobody, or she'll be taking a dirt nap.
Hey, it's Ellie.
Leave a message and I'll get back at you when I can.
Yeah, Ellie, it's, it's your dad.
Listen, you were right about the guy He's a pretty important person with pretty important friends.
So, do me a favor.
Don't go out tonight.
If Dakota had wax under her fingernails, I think she must have been doing more than just pouring.
Self defense ? Who was she defending against ? From the prints that we got off the bottle, I have a list of six suspects.
Silvio Peters, Joe Cohen Wait a minute.
Silvio Peters ? He's a judge.
He's on the list ? Daniel Reichmann, Vic Patterson, Todd Piccone, Parker Smythe.
They're all in AFIS ? Yeah.
I mean, you can be in AFIS for a lot of reasons.
After 9-11, anyone who works in a government building.
I mean, doctors, lawyers, right.
Or anyone who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.
You know what ? Hey, Nicky.
Where are you ? Are you near a computer ? Can you do me a favor ? Yeah, sure.
How's the conference going ? It's intense.
I have a list of suspects, all in AFIS.
I want to know if any of them have a permit to carry concealed.
Okay, shoot.
Silvio Peters, Parker Smythe, Daniel Reichmann, Todd Piccone, et Vic Patterson.
Vic Patterson does.
Are we talking about "The Eagle" ? From that TV show ? Yeah.
What kind of gun ? A .
45, same kind he uses in all his cheeseball shoot-outs.
Can you give me anything else ? Yeah, I can run the serial number through Automated Firearms Service, give you the history.
Colt sold it to the Beverly Hills Gun Club, who, in turn, sold it to "The Eagle" on September 28, 1983.
If he shops there, maybe he shoots there.
You know, I'm just in town for a couple of days.
It's always been a dream of mine to shoot at the famous Beverly Hills Gun Club.
I wonder if I could get a day pass ? For Las Vegas's finest ? - Sure thing.
- Look Tell me something.
You know, is it, is it true that, you know, the actor, Vic Patterson, shoots here ? Not really supposed to give out member info.
But between you and me ? The man is a damn fine shot.
No kidding.
Matter of fact, he won several of our competitions.
You want to rent or shoot your own ? I'll shoot what Vic shoots.
You shooting, too ? Nah, I'm just going to hang back.
Let him blow off some steam.
Ain't that something ? Yeah, it's something.
Right this way.
Hey, Jim.
I just got your bullet.
I'm running it through IBIS right now.
Not gonna ask how you got it.
So, did you meet him ? Did you get his autograph for me ? You know, actually I did, and if you get me a match.
You would make his autograph worth more ? Or less ? We got a match.
Entered by Matt Glazer, LAPD.
Recovered from a BMW gas tank.
Open investigation, homicide-related.
Great, great.
Thanks for all your help.
Thank you.
Was that Nick ? Yeah.
IBIS confirmed the match.
We're good to go.
- So, where you been ? - In Hollywood, thinking.
You know, even if Vic Patterson did shoot up the car with his gun, that doesn't mean he killed Dakota.
Just means he helped clean up.
She wasn't shot.
She was beaten.
We need a murder weapon to nail his ass.
I got these photos at a Hollywood memorabilia shop for ten bucks.
Who do you see ? A jackass.
Look closer.
Look at the pistol grip and The Eagle.
You know, these autopsy photos I saw all got me thinking.
This one.
Look at the pattern contusions.
The gun is the murder weapon.
Stop it! Stop it! About six months ago, this strung-out hooker comes into the PD, beat to crap, screaming that Vic Patterson had done it, and her wounds looked a lot like this.
I figured it was her pimp, she was sniffing around for a settlement.
Sent her home with an ice pack.
I'm sorry.
I knew you thought this guy was a winner.
I worked my whole life to sit at the table with the big boys only to find out that the food is poisoned.
You know, the only record of this investigation is in that envelope, and half the evidence collection won't stand up in court, so it's your call.
How many years you got on ? Eight back in Jersey, 15 here.
Well, that's 23 combined.
That's a lot of innings.
I mean, the worse they can do is make you retire.
What am I gonna do then ? Knit ? This is it, Jimmy.
This is all I got.
Well, if it's all you got, then you got to do it right.
Remember Mike O'Toole ? From Vice ? Of course I do.
Broke my heart when I found out he was dirty.
Yeah, he was a heartbreaker.
Broke up my marriage.
I thought I did that.
Well, Nancy used our affair because she was looking for a way out, but for me I mean, I guess I'm old-fashioned.
You know, a bad marriage is better than no marriage I thought.
And you thought a kid would help ? You see, that's the thing.
I didn't have a kid.
Yeah, you did.
I don't see Mike O'Toole out here helping her.
I spent a good chunk of my life looking the other way.
I mean, so much so that my neck got tired.
So I, you know, I got a divorce.
I turned Mike and his crew in.
Started over in Vegas.
She's like the unfinished business of all that.
So it's my neck now.