CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e04 Episode Script

Shooting Stars

CSI:LV Season 06 Episode 04 ¡ Shooting Stars ¡· Tucker's barking.
Probably another coyote.
What are you doing? Call the police.
- Do it! - ok Freeze! I said freeze! I'm not afraid to use this.
Nobody move.
Oh,my God.
No wallet,no I.
He's been dead around 12 hours.
Broken nose,broken cheekbone.
Somebody worked him over pretty good.
There's a piece of his shirt that's missing.
That doesn't look like a tear from a struggle.
It looks like it got snagged on something.
There's heavy foot traffic but no blood.
It's got to be a body dump.
Could be.
But why here? Dispatch didn't say anything about another body.
It's Tucker,their dog.
He was found dead with his tongue hanging out.
I don't know, I guess they must've slipped it something.
We'll get its blood to Tox.
The homeowner said that nothing was missing in the house but food.
They get a look at the intruders? Yeah,the husband says they were dirty, you know,like filthy, like they hadn't showered in months.
Didn't know if there were five or 50 of them.
Where is he? The Orionid meteor shower.
You never get a view like this in town.
So,uh, is this part of the investigation? No.
But we're here, and it's beautiful.
Footprints going in both directions.
They came and they went.
So dump the body, raid the refrigerator.
Maybe they had an appetite for murder.
Well,it's no secret how they got in.
Looks like somebody had a Super Bowl party in here.
They had some kind of party.
Suspect made a mess.
Seems like they were looking for junk food.
Somebody had sticky fingers.
It's a big desert.
About 25,000 square miles.
And the nearest town is Pahrump.
That's about 30 miles from here.
But I got water.
We can share.
Who are you today,Moses? Yeah,Jim,uh Grissom and I are going to take a little walk.
- Hey,Doc.
- Hi,there,Nick.
I've lost count as to how many broken bones this guy has.
Multiple fractures to the spine, ribs,pelvis,skull.
Multiple lacerations and contusions.
No vital response to the injuries.
- Perimortem.
- Yep.
He was dumped in a backyard by a whole bunch of other people.
Do you think they could've beat him to death? Nick,it took a lot of people to do this.
Dirty dozen.
I count five distinct treads: boots, shoes,sneakers.
Drag marks are always right in the middle-- thin,parallel lines.
The vic's shoes were scuffed at the toes so he must've been dragged.
Well,whoever they are, they like junk food.
Who doesn't? You ever seen the pyramids? Does the Luxor count? Eh,what do you think? I haven't even been to New York.
I'd like to see the pyramids one day.
Keep walking, we could come upon them today.
So you like archeology,huh? Oh,yeah.
Whenever I want to feel small.
Smoke? I found the point of ignition.
You hear that? Sounds like a motor.
Think someone's in there? This looks like some sort of observation post.
Maybe used to monitor nuclear tests.
Half of Nevada was a weapon site.
You're not going any further without backup.
Catherine, where the hell are you guys? That's a good question,Jim.
I think we're about three miles northeast of the Copeland house.
In front of some kind of military installation.
Jim,can you hear me? You're breaking up.
Jim? Lost him.
Well,we got two choices: Go back or go forward.
I don't hear anything but the generator.
After you.
Las Vegas Crime Lab! Anyone here? I count 11.
They're so young.
And number 12 is missing.
Maybe that was the guy we found in the yard.
Who's there?! Las Vegas Crime Lab! Identify yourself! Don't shoot,don't shoot.
Captain Brass radio'd us.
Said you might be in here and need assistance.
Well,unfortunately,we're not the ones who need the help.
Hey! Hey,Nick.
How many we looking at,Doc? And it's hot.
You got to move.
Yeah,80 feet underground,no A/C.
Thought I was going to suffocate.
I can't even get down there.
Just keep on going.
What is this place, a mini Jonestown? I don't know if they drank spiked Kool-Aid, but they drank something.
- Smells like alcohol.
- I'll process the bottles.
Well,I've matched the shoes from all the bodies in the bunker to the impressions that we found at the scene.
You got one extra.
It's a size eight athletic shoe.
I can't account for it.
It doesn't belong to the guy who was dumped there, and I've already ruled out Mr.
and Mrs.
So one of the people that dragged that body through the desert did not die in the bunker.
The mythology here appears to be similar to the Heaven's Gate cult in California several years ago.
They committed mass suicide to shed their earthly bodies and hitch a ride on a spaceship hidden in the tail of the Hale-Bopp Comet.
Well,these earthly bodies got a good workout first.
Big room,big bed,light show.
This cult was about getting laid.
Jim Jones and Charles Manson used sex to manipulate their followers.
I'm guessing they were timing their ascension to the Orionid meteor shower last night? So while you were watching shooting stars,they were dying.
There's 12 bunks in there, one bed in here.
There should be 13 bodies.
One prophet,12 apostles.
And two people are missing.
Maybe they caught the spaceship.
Well would you settle for a flying saucer? VIN plate on the burned-out car came back to a Vivian Bentley.
She died two years ago at the ripe old age of 90.
Car was never re-registered.
- Dead end.
- Not exactly.
I also found a melted name tag with a sunburst logo.
Figured I'd let my fingers do the walking.
- You scanned the Yellow Pages.
- I knew the first three letters.
By the way,do you know how many companies in Las Vegas start with S-U-N? I so don't care.
Well,only one has the sunburst logo: Sunview Travel Agency.
Vivian's grandson, Ty Bentley,works there.
I pulled his DMV photo.
That's the guy that was dumped at the house.
Brass is going to check it out.
How are we doing on the other I.
s? Including the one that you just made, we got one.
Ty hasn't been here for the last two days.
Didn't even call in.
This is his desk.
It's really not like him.
Is he okay? Ty work here full time? Yeah.
Puts in more hours than anybody.
Was he a member of any religious organizations that you know of? I don't know.
It never really came up.
Something happened to him,didn't it? Yeah.
So the last time you saw him was two days ago? He's worked here over a year, never raised his voice.
Then this strange looking customer came in.
Ty must've known him I want to talk to Emma,you freak! She's moving on,boy.
Would that customer's information still be in the computer? Nobody's touched it since.
Should be the last entry.
Do you know the person in this photo? That's Emma,Ty's girlfriend.
They broke up last year.
Here we go.
Last customer was a Joseph Diamond.
Booking a trip to Australia.
One way.
One way.
Any good news,Mandy? A little bit.
A male d.
at the bunker matched your partial from the kitchen door.
So far,he's the only one with a record.
Matthew Dickens,19.
Busts for petty theft.
- College student.
- Yeah,very impressionable.
When I start my religion, that's where I'm going to recruit.
I remember him.
Matt Dickens.
We used to call him Hollywood.
He was in our,uh,our freshman dorm.
He was a - Religious studies major.
- Right.
Hard core Trekkie,too.
- Mars bars.
- Right.
That dude loved junk food.
- He smoked a ton of weed.
- Guy was a loser.
What do you mean? His parents sent him loads of cash.
He spent it all on dope, and then he stole stuff to get more dope.
According to the registrar, he was taking classes till the end of term last fall.
Why did he leave? He started hanging out with some other losers, and they convinced him to drop out.
Yeah,there was a redhead.
She was hot, but in a in a weird kind of way.
Hollywood was a moron.
One week,the guy's saving the whales, and the next week,he's American Taliban.
He was totally into that girl.
- She have a name? - Emma.
Was this her? Is she dead? They're all dead.
Emma was working Hollywood with some old guy named Diamond.
Working him? Yeah,they were running some kind of religious scam.
Emma tried to recruit me with her hands down my pants.
She did that to me,too.
- No kidding? - Yeah.
Anyway,uh, the second she started talking about outer space and transcendence, I blew her off,'cause I do not waste time on crazy chicks.
She was really hot, though.
That was almost a year ago.
Then the last time I saw Hollywood, he was with some other freak.
A notch down,though.
Abbey I think her name was.
They said they were going to some better place.
I thought they meant UCLA.
There they got real low signal, you're cutting in and out.
Say that again.
I said all the prints on the bottles belong to the victims.
The prints on the funnel came back unknown though.
And what about the blood in the elevator shaft? It matched to Ty Bentley, but we can't confirm he was murdered.
For all we know,he fell down that shaft.
No,that's unlikely, after all they torched his car, dragged his body three miles and dumped it in the Copelands' backyard.
Anything on the liquid in the bottles? Yeah,Tox results just came back: Now,that's about 80 proof.
Kind of smelled like vodka,the cheap stuff.
- Nobody dies from a martini.
- No, but you add ten grams percent of Ketamine and they do.
Well,that's enough to kill a horse.
Yeah,or the Copelands' dog for that matter.
Ketamine's a disassociative anesthetic which means they were hallucinating, having out-of-body experiences So I was wrong, they did take a trip.
Well,there are a lot of different ways they could have killed themselves, so I'm guessing that was the point.
Ten percent grams of Ketamine times 12 bottles, that's 300 milliliters of Ketamine? Can't score that on the street.
Well,we didn't find any ephedrine, which is generally used to cut Ketamine.
Veterinarians use liquid injectable Ketamine as an animal sedative, so Sophia's checking with the local vets now.
What did autopsy say time of death was? - 3:15 a.
? - Between 3:00 and 3:30.
How did you know that? That's when the Orionid meteor shower passed over Vegas.
Ask him if they all died about the same time.
Nick,was TOD same for everyone? Approximately.
It varied with body weight.
Took between 12 and 20 minutes for them to die.
Ketamine's really hard on the stomach, it induces vomiting.
I think a combination of alcohol and the drug just slowed their lungs.
Ultimately,they died of respiratory arrest.
Got to go.
Did you notice those buzzards earlier? No.
But something sure smells good to them.
- Say "ah.
" - Ah.
Sore throat,you say? Okay,I don't see any inflammation.
Take off your shirt,please.
Can't we just make out? I'm working,Mr.
I don't care,Mrs.
There's nothing wrong with you.
You're just working too hard.
What time you get off shift? Midnight.
You? Who knows.
I got to get back to work.
- Don't even say it,Warrick.
- I didn't say anything.
You got to admit though, working around the ex is a little strange.
It was a long time ago.
It was a year ago.
You have to trust me.
I do trust you.
Look,there's still so much that we don't know about each other yet.
Okay? But we've got the rest of our lives to figure it out.
Are you having the same mirage I'm having? A silver Beemer in the middle of the damn desert? Yeah.
Nice wheels.
Somebody sure went out of their way to hide this car.
Well,you can sure smell what the buzzards are after.
Fits the description of the leader,Joseph Diamond.
Guess he never made it to Australia.
Something tells me this wasn't a suicide.
Like this tire iron.
Convenient weapon of choice.
Well,assuming this is Diamond and Ty Bentley was a spurned lover and not a member of the cult we're still short one body.
Which I believe makes that body our number one suspect.
"Thank you for writing, your father and I miss you so much.
" "Money's kind of tight, I hope this helps.
Send more when I can.
" "Mom and Dad went to the police to report you missing.
"I don't understand what you're doing with your life.
Your roommate says you left your things behind.
" "I wish you could tell me why you need this money.
" "Mom says you joined a commune.
"She's mad.
"Hey,Dad sent the money.
When you talk to Mom" "No more money until I hear from you.
I love you.
" The FBI keeps tabs on high-risk groups,cults, religious fanatics.
They were good enough to fax this over.
Makes good reading.
"Joseph Diamond, a.
Sirus Bent, a.
Kelvin Adams" Yeah,he founded a group called "Soul Survivors" in Tulsa in the mid-90s.
A few years later, same thing in Guadalajara,Mexico.
"Recruited susceptible youths, keeping them isolated for nine months to a year.
" Yeah,prior to the arrival of the mother ship, which they can only enter in spirit form, leaving their temporal vehicles, their bodies,behind.
Mass suicide.
Attempted mass suicide.
They woke up-- probably with a hangover-- and both Diamond and their money were gone.
And in both cases, his disappearance coincided with a meteor shower just like the one last night.
Only last night everybody died.
Depressed fracture.
Well,we found a tire iron at the scene.
That would do it.
What about TOD? Well,it's hard to say.
Desert heat, locked in a trunk Both can make liver temp actually rise.
What about relative to the other bodies? Did he die before or after the others? Given the degree of decomp, it appears that he died before the others.
I can run some chemical tests, but that's going to take some time.
What's this? Hmm,looks like a money belt.
Gives new meaning to "strapped for cash.
" Diamond was running a cash business.
He had all those kids write home and ask for money.
His return address was a P.
box that I found.
I didn't find any undigested pills in the victims' stomachs.
We assumed that they were ingesting a liquid Ketamine.
So what are these? Zolpidem.
Popped one when I went to Europe.
Six hours sleep,no hangover.
Are there enough pills in that bag to kill 11 people? Well,if only one person downed all these, yes,it'd be lethal.
But divvied up,no way.
Zolpidem's a pretty safe sedative.
And from what we know, Diamond was a con man,not a murderer.
Hey,I lifted a partial off that tire iron.
Matched it to a print that Nick lifted off the funnel from the bunker.
Whoever whacked Diamond mixed the Ketamine cocktail.
So who brought the Ketamine to the party? They had a break-in the day before yesterday.
- Has it been forensicated? - Not yet.
Not much stolen,so It's a low priority for CSI.
Expensive equipment,pharmaceuticals-- doctor even had his laptop open on the desk.
They obviously knew what they wanted Hmm,and where to look for it.
Drugs have been alphabetized.
Missing drug was between Ivermectin Otic Suspension and Methocarbamol.
- "K" for Ketamine.
- Yeah.
They took it all.
Okay,well,it's probably an inside job.
Just get me a list of current and former employees,and we'll go from there.
Wow,it's alphabetized.
Now what are you doing? You'll be dusting for prints.
I'll help.
That's Emma.
That's our daughter.
Excuse me,sir.
Spencer isn't here.
Her daughter went to college with Emma.
They disappeared at the same time.
Uh,we both received letters from them last month.
Spencer,you said? Her daughter's name was Abigail.
Well,ma'am,you see,the letters that we recovered were damaged.
Not all of them yielded a name.
Well,perhaps she was luckier than me.
Ma'am would you be able to identify Abigail? Absolutely.
Nick,you have that employee list from the vet's office? The prints found at the clinic break-in are a perfect match to the ones lifted off the tire iron and the funnel.
Abigail Spencer.
She was a cult member.
She used to work for your vet until last year,and she's missing.
Her W-2's in the file.
I'll call Brass.
- Mrs.
Spencer? - Yeah? I'm Detective Jim Brass, Las Vegas Police.
Do you have a daughter named Abigail? Yes.
Why? We have a warrant to search these premises.
A warrant? What for? Your daughter is wanted for questioning in the murder of Joseph Diamond.
I haven't seen Abigail in almost a year.
I have no idea where she is.
The bed's still warm.
Where is she? Take me with you.
Freeze! Remain where you are.
Abigail? You pumped my stomach? Yeah.
Just in time.
Are you disappointed? They're all up there right now.
In rapture.
A higher plane of existence.
No wars,poverty, politics.
Our bodies are just shells.
They're worthless.
Well,how come you didn't die with your friends? And why exactly did you kill Mr.
Diamond? He was the most beautiful person I ever met.
We found your fingerprint on a tire iron that was used to split his head open.
He always said we'd be tested.
I was taking a walk when I spotted a car parking about a mile away from the compound.
Whose car is this? Where have you been? I received a message last night from the Orionid.
I have to move on, spread the word.
- What about us? - Come with me,Abbey.
We'll do it together somewhere near a beach.
We're ascending tomorrow night to the mother ship.
You're a smart girl.
Just two or three of these, and everyone will get a real good night's sleep.
Time to get out of town.
Everyone's parents have been really good to me.
I got 40 grand.
I knew the others would be looking to me now.
But you didn't tell them,did you? We were on a schedule.
And fortunately,you knew where to find something a little stronger than Zolpidem? It was important that no one suffered.
Ty Bentley suffered.
That was unfortunate.
Ty must've followed Diamond back to our compound.
I'm sure he was looking for his ex-girlfriend,Emma.
These people are freaks,Emma! You're coming with me! This is my family now.
I'm coming back,and I'm bringing the cops with me.
Emma lost it, said we couldn't leave his body there.
The others started to get restless.
And as you said, you were on a schedule.
The peak of the meteor shower was 3:00 a.
We agreed to dump the body where it would be found given a decent burial.
And then you went back to the compound and you used the funnel to distribute the Ketamine and vodka.
I had to be the last to drink.
Did you watch them all die? What was it like? They just died.
And you went home to your mother.
I know they're all up there happy healthy perfect.
You don't believe we're alone in the universe? Abigail I'm sure if there is something out there looking down on us from somewhere else in the universe, they're wise enough to stay away from us.
" CSI:LV Season 06 Episode 04 " -=END=-