CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e07 Episode Script

A Bullet Runs Through It (1)

(tires screeching,police sirens wailing ) (automatic guns firing ) These guys are hard core.
Who are they? (gunfire continues ) Tell Control these guys have automatic weapons! Probably A-Ks! With me! Three-David-34,be advised subjects are firing automatic weapons, possibly AK-47s.
All right,we're coming up on a T-intersection.
Get ready.
Three-Boy-Seven,pursuit approaching a T-intersection on Jefferson and Third.
(gunshots ) We're going to get killed! Not if you do what you're supposed to do.
Three-David-34,suspect Caprice has T/C'd.
Intersection Jefferson and Third.
When you get out,keep your head down.
They're out of rifle ammo! They're running.
I'm going left.
You go right.
Going to take these guys.
You guys,move on up.
Three-Boy-Seven in foot pursuit of two male Latinos.
One east,one west on Third Street.
Requesting backup.
Three-David-34 officer down Requesting immediate backup and paramedics.
I'll stay with him.
I'll take care (sirens blaring ) Que paso? Nada.
Cuff him.
Dame una ambulancia,puey.
I don't speak Spanish.
Back inside, back inside.
You okay? Yeah.
You? What are you doing? Put it down.
I was just trying to secure his gun.
He's not going to use it anymore.
Stop! Police! Stop! Police! Don't move! Don't move! (metal clanging ) Brass,suspect's in custody.
Control,this is Brass.
Situation here is Code 4.
We have three suspects in custody.
One is on the run.
You know it's going to be a long shift when you get the call to respond to a command post.
Warrick we need everyone from Grave.
But park on Wall Street.
Jefferson's taped off all the way back to Lincoln.
The suspect was last seen running south.
These buildings have been searched and cleared.
Okay,move south one block.
Check each apartment.
This guy's armed and dangerous.
You got a lot of witnesses claiming to have seen what happened.
Let's get some vans down here, bring them all to the station.
What happened out here? I was one of the shooters.
So was Sofia,so you know the deal.
That's really all I'm allowed to say.
handling the case just our luck.
Caprice full of shooters opened up on two of our guys.
One's down.
Is Bell going to make it? He's DOA.
Three suspects are dead.
Fourth outstanding.
Excuse me guys,hang tight.
I'm going to get some rides.
Take you down to the station,okay? I want to get your statements.
I'll stay with them.
I'll collect their firearms and ammo.
All right.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Hell of a day,man.
It's just beginning.
Who are you? Who,who,who,who? Who are you? Who,who,who,who? I really want to know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who The Bible tell me who are you,you,you Oh,you! GSW victim matches the suspect.
You shoot him? No,sir.
Found him this way.
Bike strap This isn't our suspect.
This is a kid on his way to school.
Where's his bike? There was no bike.
Put out a broadcast.
Suspect may be on a bicycle.
We need medical transport.
Code Three Okay,everybody around here has got a video camera or a cell phone camera.
They'll all be taking pictures.
I think we all know how to operate in front of a camera.
Don't be caught picking your nose.
Catherine's back at the station,collecting the officers' guns.
This is the main crime scene.
So Nick,you and Sara,take this.
There's two additional crime scenes down the alleys behind Third.
Warrick,you take the west alley,I'll take the east.
And what do I get to do? Go back to the lab and wait for a phone call? This is a running gun battle that started 20 blocks back.
You get that.
That's got to be,like,a mile? Who's with me? A bunch of pissed-off locals with shot up cars.
You'll be all right.
Grissom,heard anything about Bell? He died,David.
Is this gun in its original position? The arresting officers kicked it clear of the suspect.
Nobody's touched it since I've been here.
Well,there's no bullet holes in the back.
That's always good.
How many times was he hit? I don't know.
Officer,can you remove these handcuffs? Sure.
You have anything I can wipe these off with? Yeah.
Looks like three went in.
All right,leave him here,David.
Warrick's D.
's in the other alley just over there.
You did a hell of good job out there.
Yeah,not good enough.
Has Bell's wife been notified? The Sheriff's on his way to the house now.
You know,she's pregnant with their third kid.
We all know the risks.
Hey I remember my first shooting I appreciate the sentiment.
We're not supposed to talk to each other till we give our statements.
You're right,you're right You're up.
Curtis,make yourself comfortable.
This is Detective Nestor Ortega.
I am in PD Interrogation taking a statement from Captain James Brass regarding the officer-involved shooting that occurred around 0543 hours this morning.
CSI Catherine Willows is present to document and collect Captain Brass's firearms as evidence.
Ready? Yeah.
You're not a patrol unit.
Why did you get involved in the pursuit? Detective Curtis and I were just closing a robbery case and,uh,we stopped for a bite to eat.
all units in the vicinity.
Three-David-34 is in pursuit of a white Chevy Caprice southbound on Paradise toward Desert Springs.
That's right near here.
We joined the pursuit on Desert Springs.
So you elected to back up the officers.
Were the suspects shooting at the time? Yes.
Could you tell the types of firearms they were using? Well,the two guys in the back had rifles, maybe AK's.
The other two had handguns.
I'm not sure what type.
We're flying over Third Street where just this morning, police were involved in a deadly shootout.
Looks like a porcupine.
There's not enough room between rods for a human being to fit.
No,Bell and Adams must have really been swerving and weaving.
And Bell wasn't hit until he was outside the car.
I heard Bell was a rookie,barely off training.
It was just his time,I guess,huh? Suspect will be getting a ride with the coroner.
A little street justice.
Civilians okay? Some old lady's going to need stitches.
The kid on the bike's critical in surgery.
You guys okay here? I'll call and have the suspect's vehicle towed to CSI.
I'm going to start digging bullets out of people's houses.
I was just reloading and continuing firing.
I don't know what hit him.
(gunshots ) Bullets were flying.
There were multiple rounds.
It was chaos.
At what point did Carolyn Davis go in foot pursuit after the two suspects? After the driver went down,the other suspect, I guess he felt it was getting too hot back there.
And they were shooting the entire time? Oh,yeah.
I mean,it was like, you know,those movie guns; they never run out of bullets.
I don't go to the movies.
What happened next? The next thing I remember the next thing I remember is Bell.
Bell went down.
(gunshot ) He was he was just a kid.
Todo lo que vi fue la policia disparando! Yo ohi que uno de ellos ya se habia calmado cuando le metieron un balazo! Are they saying what I think they're saying? "Policia hirieron esos muchachos en la espalda"? Yeah.
They claim they saw the cops shoot the suspects in the back.
Hey,not to mention there's an innocent kid in the hospital.
See? Another one they killed! Where's his gun! Hey,let us do our job here,okay? Mi hija vio a sus policias disparle a un nino en la espalda.
Senora,donde esta su hija,huh? Queremos hablar con ella.
La policia se la llevo.
Usted vio algo de lo que paso? No? Nobody saw anything.
I don't think this is police issue.
Look,these folks were suspicious of the cops long before this happened.
Now this is now your circle stories get started.
The story keeps changing till you don't know what the truth is or whose story it was to begin with.
So,uh,so the suspects saw that we were kind of distracted helping Bell, and they took the opportunity.
I went on foot pursuit,you know.
They,uh I can't run as fast as I used to, I mean,so I lost them.
But that's when I heard the two shots.
No,I heard shots coming from the east.
How many? Three.
Get down! Four.
And they sound a lot louder than a nine-millimeter.
The suspect had a gun in his hand.
I kicked it away when I cuffed him.
Did you fire any shots in the alley? I didn't have to.
Captain,hand over your firearm to CSI Willows.
Any magazines? Uh I must have used them.
Captain Brass's service pistol was received with an empty magazine and one live round in the chamber.
Well It'd be smart to have ammo before you go running into a gunfight.
I didn't find any cartridge casings in this alley from the dead guy's gun.
Just these three nine-millimeters from our cop.
So he must have been out of ammo.
Yeah,but he had to know that he'd get shot holding a gun whether it was loaded or not.
Why didn't he just toss it? Maybe he didn't know he was out.
Heat of the battle.
I mean,we're not talking rocket scientists.
That doesn't make him suicidal,though,does it? Officer Adams,I'm sorry for your loss.
If you'd like a few minutes to say good-bye Okay,partner I guess I was pretty rough on you.
Maybe not rough enough.
You're the best rookie I ever trained.
I have to leave you now.
I'll,uh,I'll talk to Tracy.
Try to make her understand.
Drop in on the kids.
You were a good cop.
eraldo Zamesca.
High school football star.
Full scholarship to USC.
Got a bullet lodged in his spine Condition's critical.
Can we get the bullet? Not unless his condition improves or he dies.
SWAT guys going house-to-house breaking down doors.
They're the ones who found him.
They were going to blame us for this,too.
CSI's processed the scene? Not much to process.
Some blood stains off the ground Nine-millimeter cartridge case.
Cops are shooting nines.
Guilty until proven innocent.
This is my wife,Geraldo's mother.
We want nothing but the best for our son.
That means we will decide if you go in and get the bullet,not the police.
You got that? Kid's family? Yeah.
Danilo Zamesca,a local business man that lives in the 'hood,but dines uptown.
(camera shutter clicking ) Perro porque la policia le disparo aqui nuestra casa? Nosotros no hicimos nada.
Porque la policia nos disparo? I-I'm sorry.
I don't speak Spanish.
Que no entiende,que Nos hubiera matado.
Die algo para que ella entienda.
She wants to know why our house got shot at.
I don't have the answer to that.
I'm sorry.
Es que usted no me puede decir nada? No vio lo que hicieron? Que si fueran mis hijos? Que voy hacer sin mis hijos? (sobbing ) So,what do you think that is? Well,it's not blood,it's not rust.
Where did Grissom find that? In an alley off Third.
'Cause see,those scrapes and gauges look like road rash.
Like when you toss a gun out of a moving car.
You'd be the one to know about rashes.
That's my brother,man! What'd he do?! My baby! My baby! You killed my son! My baby! You cops murdered my son! Miss, You murdered my son! calm down,okay? I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm with the crime lab.
Talk to one of the detectives.
Miss I don't need to! Look,police brutality! He's hitting me! Can I get some backup here,please? Now you want my other son,huh? Is that what you want? I just want to do my job here.
What,lie for the police department? Can we lock this place up and move that crime tape down another block? Officer Mitchell,come into the west alley.
Bring two uniforms with you.
These people think if they catch us doing something wrong, they sue and win the lottery.
We don't do anything wrong, we got nothing to worry about.
My son should be in school today.
He should be playing football.
Instead,he's lying in a hospital bed.
Why? Because the cops decided to shoot first and ask questions later.
Anybody remember the last time the police had a running gun battle down the Strip? No? That's 'cause it's never happened.
Summerlin? Never.
Seven Hills? No way.
But down here,hey.
(sobbing ) My son,Geraldo,was a good boy.
He was a great football player.
Fearless out there.
He had a chance to do something with his life.
To be better than his father.
And now I may outlive my son.
Because the police shot him before he could tell them who he was.
Before he could tell them he was an honor student.
I want to invite everybody here who cares about what happens in the community to come to Queen of Angels tonight,6:00 p.
, to pray for Geraldo's life.
And I want to say out loud,right now, to Sheriff Burdick,this will not stand.
You,sir,will be held to answer.
I mean it.
I'm not going away.
A police spokesman confirms that department officials are looking into all allegations of brutality and misconduct.
Sheriff Burdick could not be reached for comment.
Here is what we know so far Nobody gives a crap about a dead officer.
I don't see them lighting candles for Bell.
this morning with a car chase.
The pursuit ended in a shootout at Jefferson and 3rd Street between a heavily armed suspects and police.
Detective Curtis'service pistol was received with one magazine containing three live rounds and one live round in the chamber.
During the gun battle, were you aware of the other officers positions relative to you? They were in front of me and and to my right.
No,my left.
Did you continue to be aware of their positions after the suspect took off running? (gunfire ) Uh Bell was in front of me but he was down behind his car.
Do you remember Officer Bell being shot? Um S-Sorry,what was the question? I asked if you remember Officer Bell being shot.
Do you need a moment here? No,no,that's all right.
She's going to do just fine.
Uh Make sure you check Bell's vest.
I think he took one in the chest.
Detective Ortega,Catherine, can you step out for a moment? We're not done.
So how are we doing on the suspect that got away? Jose Fausto.
Identified through prints in the car.
He's got a long rap sheet.
Dogs lost his scent.
SWAT guys checked the building-- nothing.
Gang unit's beating the bushes.
Word on the street is we shot two unarmed men and a high school kid.
We got I.
's of all three dead suspects.
Multiple felonies,drugs,immigration violations.
They're all members of the 18th Street Chucos.
Also driving a stolen car shooting automatic weapons at a police car.
These guys aren't exactly altar boys.
West alley,I got eye-witnesses saw po-po plant the gun.
East alley,I got an old lady who swears she saw Ricardo Estevez with his hands raised before he was killed.
These witnesses credible? I don't know.
Listen, if the suspects don't have guns in their hands, we can't shoot them.
Well,let's not get ahead of the evidence.
Okay,one more thing.
The family of Leandro Chavez is suing the department for wrongful death.
Claims we delayed treatment.
Medium caliber bullet--transected the femoral artery.
Major artery.
Fatal wound.
(gunshot ) Take a look.
What's missing? All of the organs seem to be in the right place.
Look closer.
Kidneys are a bit pale.
Liver is light tan.
Not a lot of blood.
Dead at the scene.
He bled out.
The wound was not immediately fatal.
It took a while.
This is going to look bad.
David,it is what it is.
Why did you leave a downed officer? Sergeant Adams told me he had the situation under control.
So I went to back up Officer Davis, who ran off inthis direction.
I caught up with him here.
(click ) Davis' slide was locked back.
He was out of ammo.
So the suspect had a gun pointed at Officer Davis.
Of course.
That was why I fired.
What did you do next? What are you doing? Put it down.
I was just trying to secure his gun.
Okay,he's not going to be using it anymore.
Officer Davis was acting on survival instinct,not training.
It was understandable under the circumstances.
I don't think so.
Want a ride? No,I'm just going to go home.
You sure? Yeah.
(sliding click ) Okay,the first communication I received from Three-David-34 was at 05:43:37.
This is Three-David-34 requesting immediate backup.
New suspect vehicle Adam-Robert-Charlie-208,Nevada, white Chevy Caprice,four suspects.
Suspects are armed.
What did Bell mean by "new suspect vehicle"? Can you take it back to the last communication before that call? Control,this is Three-David-34.
We'll be 487,12000 block of Roosevelt on David-Nora-Charlie-130, Buick Regal.
A 487 is a traffic stop.
You were pulling over a Buick? That's correct.
Why'd you leave the Buick and start following the Caprice? Didn't leave the Buick.
The Caprice cut in.
(siren wailing ) Why'd he do that? Don't know.
The next thing I know,we were taking fire.
Forgot all about the Buick.
Did you see where it went? I was kind of busy.
Hey,you done yet? Grissom,am I on overtime? Of course.
Did everyone else go home? No.
Good to know.
Well,I finished about ten blocks so far.
That's 98 cartridge cases.
Let's see-- double L,A to Z's 26, That's 38 bullet impacts.
Pursuit started ten blocks farther down.
You're halfway done.
I've got like three or four hours more work left.
Can I have some help? Everybody's busy.
I think you missed one.
(phone ringing ) Grissom.
I just interviewed Sergeant Adams.
He and Bell were making a routine traffic stop when the Caprice cut in.
The initial vehicle was a A Buick? I hate it when you do that.
Lucky guess.
I'll call you back.
How'd you know that hubcap was connected to the case? I'm a trained observer,Greg.
How long do you think a perfectly good hubcap like this would sit around out here? There's a freeway on-ramp about two blocks away.
Check and see if there's any traffic cams between here and there.
You know,you scare me sometimes.
It's kind of freaky.
You ever bet on the ponies? I prefer poker.
Horses are hard to control.
Make sure you document these skid marks.
He said "skid marks.
" (gunshot ) Oh-ho-ho! Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.
I got over firing AK's a long time ago.
Hey Mustache Boy,come over here and check this out.
Get a load of that.
What are the chances of that happening? Like one in a million.
The bullet jammed this cylinder.
You know,I couldn't clear this gun at the scene.
I should've noticed these bullet fragments.
I guess I got distracted.
Well,the bullet had to come from Officer Davis's pistol but if you're the suspect, don't you know your gun's getting hit? I think it would have felt like a normal recoil.
Besides,it was like the Wild West out there.
You don't have to tellme; I know it was crazy out there.
You know,I pulled 78 bullets out of one car.
Davis just got lucky.
This suspect had one live round left.
It saved Davis's life.
Well,there you go.
Proves he was pointing the gun at the officer.
See you in court; stroke one up for the good guys.
We still have to place it in Rosario's hand.
(woman sniffles ) This is,uh,Gil Grissom from the Crime Lab.
This is Officer Bell's wife.
Bell,I'm so sorry about the loss of your husband-- he was a fine man.
(sobs ) Why are they crying? Um,why don't I drive you home.
They're crying for the man that killed my husband.
What did you say? You heard me.
If you did a better job of raising your son, I wouldn't be here.
Don't you tell me how to raise my children! You should be ashamed! (man shouting in Spanish ) How dare you! (gunshot ) You run the gauntlet? Yeah.
Ferro-tracing his hands? Yeah.
I'm trying to prove Rosario here held the gun.
Good old pyridyldiphenyl triazine.
I'm hoping this stuff reacts to the traces of iron that may have been left on his skin.
It'll further refute any argument that the gun was a plant.
That could be the back strap of a gun.
That would do it.
Detective,do you have a moment? Uh,yeah,I'm kind of busy-- what is it? I picked up a junkie for possession, outside a fleabag motel off Fremont.
And what? And last night,he spotted your shooter.
Let's talk to him.
You know this guy? What if I do? What'll it get me? He's a cop killer.
Gets you nothing.
Hey,no need to get hostile.
Hey,man,you don't know what hostile is.
Will it at least get me a ride home? Come on Okay,okay.
I-I do a lot of business at the Lucky Seven Motel.
And that guy checked in last night.
He scored a little something to help get him some sleep.
But he didn't pay.
He just flashed his piece.
Nine-millimeter? Yeah.
He wanted a a girl,and I gave him a number.
That dude's bad news.
I want to give him to you.
Glad you're here.
I'd like to get this one off my table.
Found a rather large contusion on the left chest just below the nipple.
Well,that location is consistent with the bullet Catherine found embedded in his vest.
It's like getting kicked by a mule.
You'll want to see this.
Entrance wound just below his left ear, exited below and to the front of his right ear, severing the right common carotid.
(gunshot ) (gasps,grunts ) That's your C.
Fortunately,he never felt a thing.
Left to right,back to front.
Only cops were shooting in that direction.
Are you saying Bell was hit by friendly fire? Maybe not so friendly.
Who's in the room? Some john,I don't know.
Shh! Is that him? Mm-hmm.
I couldn't wait to get out of there.
He was acting real nervous.
Now I know why.
I took care of him; he's asleep.
So you're not gonna bustme,right? Take her out of here.
(officers shouting ) Police! Let me see your hands! Do it now! Get on the floor! Down! That's our guy.
He's carrying a nine.
We'll run this gun against the cartridge case from the poor kid on the bike.
I'm guessing you didn't save up for that one,huh? (two gunshots ) (yells ) You shoot an innocent kid in the back just to take his bike? You piece of crap! Get up! Hey,you're gonna wish you kept running.
They hate cop killers in Vegas, you hear me? Huh? Come on,let me get dressed up first,huh? We got a jumpsuit just your size,don't worry.
(indistinct conversations ) (gunshot ) (Fausto yells ) Down! Everybody down! Down!