CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e11 Episode Script


------------------------- S-VideoÊäÈë Thu Jan 05 20:53:20 2006 ------------------------- Lvpd.
Officer mularz.
Can I help you? Is there somebody there? I'd like to report a murder.
Your name? Hello? Is there somebody there? The body can be found at 1812 white oak road.
I'd like to help you.
Please identify yourself.
Send someone to pick up the body.
So an anonymous call came into metro about an hour ago.
Investigating officer found the dead body.
The coroner's inside.
The,uh the door was open.
So the house is owned by the decedent, hayden bradford.
Neighbor says he lives alone.
The floor is covered in hair.
Has he got a cat or a dog? Nope.
But as you can see our dead guy is I guess you could say he's hirsute.
"Hirsute" is an understatement.
It's like he's wearing a pelt.
Gresom hey,david, would you grab that? thanks.
A missed call from a michelle.
She called six times since 3:53 P.
Liver temp's 80 degrees.
Been dead around 12 hours.
Which makes T.
Around 3:00 P.
Explains why he didn't take her calls.
-- Bullet to the chest.
These strands are smooth,not coarse .
They're human.
Are the roots intact? Yeah.
Evidently, this guy was shedding.
come on Hey,dave,you've got to pick it up.
-Lift with the knees,super dave, -Yeah.
Thanks,Ihave done this before.
So,brass gave us a quick briefing.
How can we help? Warrick and I are processing the interior,room to room.
So that leaves the perimeter.
Well,this victim definitely had a lady in his life.
That's odd.
There is not a single feminine touch in this house.
Proberbly it's got to be the same michelle that tried to reach him six times on his cell phone.
Broken window.
It slides.
The front door was locked.
The killer probably broke the window and exited out the front.
I'll need to print the window, but,uh why don't we get to this first.
Doesn't look big enough to have done the job.
We have a print.
"Hey,jackass-- this is your last chance.
Pay your debt or I'll hunt you down.
" Makes our job easier when the suspect prints out his motive.
He has an e-mail printout from casinodan@gmail.
Com to misterbradford@gmail.
Well, that ain't no anthill.
That dirt's fresh.
Looks like something's buried there.
No,wait .
32 beretta.
Victim was shot,right? It's going to be hard to get a print, but I'll get it to ballistics.
Well,we knew he was hairy.
I didn't realize the full extent.
I've only read about it.
Excessive hair growth.
Extremely rare.
His case was relatively mild.
In some individuals,hair grows everywhere except the eyes and the mouth.
The human werewolf syndrome.
In mexico,there's a family Two of the teen boys were recently adopted by the national circus.
The bearded lady,the dog-faced boy-- physical deformities as family entertainment.
I cleared a path for the bullet.
I figured you'd want to get this to ballistics asap.
You know,gil, we're all intrigued by our nightmares, and when we watch freak shows, basically we're all thinking the same thing.
Yeah,I'm glad they're not looking at me.
Please tell me you've I.
'D casino dan.
The isp provider sent over the subscriber information for a casinodan@gmail.
It's registered to a dan nobler, who runs a gambling web site.
If I wanted to visit dan in person,where would I go? Well,the server for casinodan.
Com is in argentina, which allows him to skirt U.
Gaming laws.
However,he's got a nevada business license.
And I have the address.
Anything else I should know? Uh,well,I don't know if it's relevant, but he recently opened an account with peopledectors.
Who was he looking for? I don't know.
I'll triage the computer's hard drive.
Reconstruct the deleted e-mails.
I'll get back to you on that.
Can I help you? You dan nobler? Yeah.
We're from the crime lab.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Look,if you're here about my business you can save it for my attorney No,actually we're inquiring about a mr.
Hayden bradford.
You sent him some threatening e-mails.
Bradford is a lying son of a bitch.
Care to elaborate on that? I run an online gambling business.
Bradford had an account, ran up $10,000 in debt and refused to pay.
Isn't it true in online gambling you have to submit your credit card, prior to gambling,to insure your losses? That's true.
And when bradford was winning, it wasn't a problem.
But when his luck changed, he called his credit card holder and said the charges were fraudulent.
The credit card company issued a charge back and I got screwed.
Is that when you decided to hunt him down? Look,I wrote him an e-mail hoping to scare him.
I was angry.
If I write an apology, can we drop this? No,mr.
Nobler,I'm sorry, we can't do that.
Bradford's dead.
Any other questions,contact my lawyer.
We're done here.
-You see that? -Yeah,the guy's a jerk.
No,he wiped his feet on the mat.
I'm hoping to get a little trace evidence here.
Yeah,you see these pebbles? They look like the same ones that were found at the crime scene.
Fire in the hole! -Bobby.
So,that,uh,buried gun y'all recovered, wasn't used to kill bradford.
Grcs aren't even close.
Most bullets are copper, but take a look at the fatal bullet.
It's silver.
How do you kill a werewolf? no one's home.
We want to see the wolfman.
Yeah,well,he's not available right now.
I am trying to prep him for autopsy.
And I thought robin williams had hairy arms.
Can I touch him? You mean "pet" him.
No!You may not touch or pet the decedent.
Is it soft like fur or? I was supposed to have him prepped hours ago.
Okay, you guys gotta go.
It's not every day that chaka ends up on a slab.
Yeah,I need you to leave.
Fine,but if I get a sleestak in my lab, and you want to see it, I'm gonna get cranky.
Moyer,you're here about hayden bradford.
-Do you know him? -Of course.
He's one of my closest friends.
Yeah yeah,I'm sorry.
We found his body this morning.
You didn't recently try to break in his homedid you? Excuse me.
What? We found a rock by a broken window, with your fingerprint on it.
is that funny? No.
It's just.
Uh last week we were playing toss with a ball.
That still doesn't explain to me how your fingerprint got there There was glass everywhere, so I knocked out the loose pieces.
You guys being good friends you were aware of his medical condition,right? That he was a hairy S.
? Yeah.
Of course.
Why? Do you know why anybody'd want to hurt him? He's a friendly,quiet guy.
I've known him since high school.
He's been dating my sister.
She doesn't know yet, does she? Who,michelle? Yeah.
I tried to call her cell phone and she's at my parents,in pahrump.
Her cell's probably out of range But you can get me their home number,address,all that? Sure.
But if it's okay,I'D I should break the news to her in person.
I've been waiting for you.
I headed out as soon as I got your page.
Really? 'Cause,uh I left a voicemail several hours ago.
What's up? The anonymous call was traced to this phone booth, so I figured you'd want to process.
There is fingerprint powder on the phone.
Yeah,I got bored waiting.
I thought you might need some help.
No usable prints, but check out the floor.
There's a lot of hair.
Similar to the crime scene.
The victim was killed 12 hours before this call was made.
If that's his hair, what's it doing here? The hair isn't hayden'S.
The chromosomes are xx.
So I took the liberty of comparing the sample's dna to the victim's dna.
There are seven alleles in common.
-Brother and sister.
She's likely our anonymous caller.
Yeah,given the amount of hair that you collected she's also probably a very hairy woman.
-Wendy,can you do me a favor? -Hmm? Can you see if any of the follicles from the crime scene are a match to the hairs from the phone booth? You want to see if the sister was in the victim's house.
If she was, she's not just the caller, she's a suspect.
I hear the vic has a sister.
A twin sister, in fact.
I tracked down the victim's birth certificate.
He was born to a rita bradford in fresno,california.
Bradford apparently had twins, hayden and allison.
There's no record of any other children.
I'm assuming you contacted allison.
Well,that's where it gets odd.
Allison bradford has never filed with the irs, has never had a driver's license, has never filled out a w-2.
How do you go through life without a paper trail? She's dead.
There's no record of a death certificate.
We found her hair in the phone booth.
And dna just confirmed that some of the hair follicles that we collected at the crime scene are hers.
when you and warrick processed the house did you find any other than hair No,but we were not looking for one.
We are now.
Catherine, I've covered the kitchen.
I've found no evidence of a sister living here.
Ditto for the bedroom.
I think I'm gonna take a look outside.
I'll do the same.
Please go away.
Allison? This is my home.
I would like you to leave.
Allison I need to talk with you.
Can you please come out? I'd rather not.
Allison,my name is catherine willows.
I'm with the las vegas crime lab.
I know that you suffer from hypertrichosis.
I understand why you would rather not talk with me.
But we need to discuss your brother's murder.
Would you please come out? May I? Would you step out? Please? You want to see what I look like? No,I no.
I don't want you to have to hide from me.
Allison I'm a scientist.
Excess body hair does not evoke fear or morbid fascination.
It's simply a genetic quirk, like blue eyes or flat feet.
It's nice to meet you, allison.
How can I help you, ms.
Willows? What can you tell me about your brother's murder? No one knows I live here, so when we get a visitor, I go to my room.
Yesterday,around 3:30, the doorbell rang.
just a sec! And when I came out of my room, hayden was dead.
Why did you wait 12 hours to call the police? Because I didn't want the call traced to the house, back to me,so I waited till midnight, and then I walked to a pay phone.
You weren't supposed to find me.
Do you have any idea why someone would want to hurt your brother? No.
He was my only friend.
he was my connection to the outside world.
What about your parents? I never knew my father.
My mother died when we were teenagers.
No one else knows that you exist? I hope I hope you'll help me.
Help you-- with what? Staying secret.
It's best for everyone.
Hey,grissom,you got a second? Did you know the word"werewolf"was derived from the old english word "wargwolf" which is a synonym for "serial killer"? No,I didn'T.
Imagine if you had some deep,dark secret something that brought you tremendous shame.
But instead of being able to hide it away you had to wear it out on your skin so that the first time anyone saw you,they saw your secret.
You talking about allison? Yeah.
Catherine said she's scared to death of people and what they'll think of her.
Well,if that's the case,why not try electrolysis or depilatory lasers? With that much hair--be a lot of scarring and a great deal of pain Plus,imagine how expensive it would be.
What have you got? Well,I just ran into archie.
The decedent used a company called peopledetectors.
Com to try to locate his mother.
Catherine spoke to allison.
Their mother's dead.
Apparently not.
She's alive and well, and has an address in henderson, so I'm gonna go out there,check it out.
-Bring her back here,will you? -Sure.
Why? I want to talk to her.
Find out why a mother would play dead.
Oh,good,you're here.
I love an audience.
Well,don't expect any applause.
What do you got? I compared pebbles from the crime scene to the pebbles from dan nobler's doormat.
They're consistent with each other-- a composite commonly known as pea gravel.
The pebbles weren't the only trace elements I found in that doormat.
I also found several slivers of glass glass consistent with a broken window.
I'm here about pebbles and glass.
Come on.
Look,this is ridiculous.
I mean,we're talking about trace evidence on a doormat?Come on.
Besides,I read the file.
A guy named brent moyer already admitted to breaking the window.
This is true; he did.
But we believe that mr.
Nobler here stepped in the shards of glass.
Listen,neither the glass nor the pebbles are probative on their own, but together,they put your client at the crime scene.
Not to mention,his threatening e-mail gives us motive.
I was there.
Dan no,look,I get ripped off by jerks all over the world.
This guy was a local.
I knew his address and,yeah, I wanted to shake him down.
Let him know that by declaring credit card fraud, he was stealing from me Okay,I'm listening.
A few days ago, I went over to his house.
Then I started thinking, "what if this guy's like twice my size?" I figured I should get a look at him before I had our "conversation," so I went around back heyhey,hey! At first,I thought he was wearing a costume, but then I realized,it was it was real hair.
Disgusting,right? What happened next? Well,when the dude saw me, I took off.
Why? Uh,he was a freak of nature.
I no longer wish to speak with him.
What are you smiling about? Oh,I was just thinking of the howling ii;the werewolf bitch.
I don't care what anyone says.
It was much better than the first one.
Is it? Yeah,yeah.
I got the whole anthology.
Want to borrow it? No,thanks.
I would like to know about my bullet however.
I assume it was homemade since the manufacturer doesn't sell it in silver Right.
Simple clamshell mold.
of copper,nickel and chromium lead.
Elemental properties are consistent with sterling silver jewelry.
And sterling silver has a high melting point.
Someone went through a lot of trouble to make it.
Sorry I didn't get here sooner.
I was pretty upset.
Michelle,your relationship with hayden,was it serious? We were engaged.
I can't believe he's gone.
The day he died, you called him six times.
There was a golf tournament on espn that night.
He wanted me to tape it for him.
I was trying to reach him because I was at my folks' place and the vcr was broken.
Sounds so silly now.
I'd like to see him to say good-bye.
He's with the coroner.
Michelle,I understand that you were at your folks and you were trying to get ahold of haydenon your cell but we were unable to reach you on it.
Can you explain? I called hayden so many times that my battery died.
I'm sorry.
Do you have any idea who could have done this? You know about his condition, right? It made him really sweet.
I mean,it was like he was constantly trying to make up for his physical imperfections by doing everything perfectly He was the perfect boyfriend, the perfect lover, my best friend.
I don't know what I'm going to do without him.
I was in labor for 27 hours.
They didn't want to come out.
Who could blame 'em.
Bradford,why does allison think you're dead? I thought it would be easier.
Easier than what? I did the best I could,mr.
Their father couldn't look at 'em.
Took off when they were a few weeks old.
Babies are supposed to be cute.
Bradford? At the time, we were living in fresno.
Family,friends stopped visiting.
They were scared of my children.
Especially allison.
She she looked like when she started nursery school, the kids teased her, called her names,made her cry.
So you moved to vegas and decided to keep her a secret? It was best for everyone.
But she became completely dependent on me, and for 18 years, I took care of her.
I'm sorry,but I still don't understand why she believes you're dead.
One day,allison wanted to take a walk outside.
I didn't want anyone to see her.
We had a fight.
I locked her in her room-- my own child-- because she wanted fresh air.
At that moment, I knew I needed to leave.
I told hayden to tell her I was in a car accident.
Two days later, he put on a black suit, told her he was going to my funeral.
And she didn't go because she couldn't leave the house.
You thought it would be easier for her to accept your death than your abandonment? Please don't judge me.
I spend enough time doing that.
I'm just trying to find out who killed your son.
I haven't seen either of them for seven years.
I wouldn't have any idea.
You know,mrs.
Bradford, your daughter's all alone now.
It's not too late for you to go back to her.
And tell her what? That I faked my death to escape from her? How do you say that to your own flesh and blood? What's up with the 911? David didn't notice the victim's lividity at the crime scene because it was obscured by his body hair.
But when we shaved him well,check out his left side.
So it was on his side where the blood settled.
Correct, but he was found faceup.
So,uh,somebody moved him several hours postmortem.
There's more.
Vic was found on a hardwood floor, but when david brushed his body hair for trace, he found blue carpet fibers.
Well,there was blue carpet in the sister's room.
Hayden was shot through the chest, it would have exsanguinated on impact.
Any blood in the sister's room? I'll get back to you on that one.
allison,it's catherine.
I need you to step out.
Who else is there? There's another woman with me.
Allison,I'm detective curtis.
I need to get inside your room.
Thank you.
I don't know anything about it.
You can't expect us to believe that you live in a secret room that only you go into, yet you can't explain why your bed is covering up blood.
Did you kill him? What?! Did you? Hayden's all I had.
He's the only one that knew about me.
Why would I kill him? Because he was going to leave you for michelle.
That had to have been scary for you.
You think I'm some sort of animal? I wanted him to be happy.
I loved hayden, I wanted him to be happy.
Did michelle know about you? No,but he said that he was going to tell her and that she was going to move in here and she would accept me-- hayden promised.
Allison if you didn't kill him, who did? Okay,I'm sorry.
We can do this here or we can take this downtown.
I know that you're scared but you have got to tell us what happened.
The doorbell rang.
I went into my room.
-Allison,where's the gun? -I I damn it,allison, where's the gun? and when he was shot, what did you do? I hid.
Behind the door.
Was the television on? No.
It's busted.
It hasn't worked in years.
So you had a pretty good view of the living room through the reflection in the tube.
What did you see? Freak.
You're sure that it was brent? I've seen him through the peephole.
They were best friends.
Okay,um let's just go back to the gun.
A couple of days ago, hayden said he saw a guy sneaking around the back.
So he bought me a gun for safety.
But I don't like guns so I just buried it in the backyard.
Yes,we found it.
Allison why was it so difficult for you to tell us the truth? I think you're going to make me testify and I won't do that.
I want brent to go to jail,but I won't be the sideshow freak.
Well,we can try to build a case without you.
You can't get a warrant unless she goes on record.
Well,just hear me out.
We have a rock with brent moyer's fingerprints on it.
Yeah,but allison told you that brent entered through the front door.
The rock is extraneous evidence, isn't it? Well,let's just leave allison's testimony out of it.
We simply inform the judge that our suspect's fingerprints were on a rock that may have been used to break a window at the murder scene.
If you have no qualms about filing the petition,then file it.
Oh,no, I don't have any qualms.
It's just that my moral compass doesn't always point in the same direction as yours .
So if I tell you not to file it, you won't? I'd take it under advisement.
Why,is that what you're recommending? How many times have we been prevented from getting a warrant when we knew we had the right guy? Way too many.
So rock and roll.
las vegas pd.
We have a search warrant.
-What's going on? -Please step outside.
Why would I kill my best friend? That's a very good question.
A bullet clamshell isn't enough for the da to file.
What am I missing here? Our trace lab analyzed the silver found in the bullet mold.
It's identical composition to the bullet in the victim.
Da says it's a slam dunk.
Hayden was going to marry my sister.
Brent,I recommend that I couldn't let that happen.
He was diseased.
Wasn't a problem for me.
But my sister deserved better.
So you killed him? Did you see his body? Hayden was a monster passing for a regular joe.
My parents blamed me for introducing them.
You know,the werewolf disease, it's hereditary.
It means my sister could've given birth to freaks.
And the silver bullet? Figured it was appropriate.
So you left your parents', you went back to your place to make the bullet and then you went over to hayden'S.
So it was premeditated.
I guess you can forget heat of the moment as a mitigating factor here.
I did the right thing.
My sister's out there waiting.
Since I confessed, can I at least go out and talk to her? Explain why I did it.
Why don't I do that for you.
Moyer your brother confessed to killing hayden.
After our last conversation, I checked the tv listings.
There was no golf tournament that night.
I think you were calling hayden to warn him about brent.
I had just announced our engagement to my family.
Brent flipped out.
I was upset.
Everyone was yelling at me.
I went for a long walk to clear my head.
And when I got back,brent was gone.
He told my parents that he was going to "speak" with hayden.
But you had your doubts.
My brother has a temper.
Why didn't you tell us this before? When brent called and told me that hayden was dead, he said that if I told you guys.
if I implicated him he threatened you.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
Allison what are you going to do now? I'll be okay.
It's not like when I was a kid.
I can pretty much get anything I need off the internet.
And you're set with money? I'll manage.
Allison I have every confidence that you're going to be just fine here,but if you ever need anything, would you please give me a call? I-I will,ms.
I haven't been completely honest with you.
I told you my mother was dead, but that's not true.
I'm not sure I follow.
Hayden told me she was in a car wreck and I called the funeral home to send flowers.
They had never heard of her, so I called the local hospitals, same thing.
Recently,I contacted peopledetectors.
Com and,apparently, she lives in las vegas.
She just couldn't live with me.
So you were the one that contacted peopledetectors.
When my brother was out, I used his computer.