CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e13 Episode Script

Kiss Kiss Bye Bye

good evening Mr Braun go ahead,please I haven't been this out of breath since I bet Frank Sinatra I wasn't ticklish.
In a few minutes, there'll be cake and champagne, so stick around; the party's not over yet.
You've got eight minutes to change.
I'll come help you.
No, no, no.
I'm fine.
Go get the cake ready.
And, Eve light the candles.
Oh hi.
Oh, hey, happy birthday.
Um, I got to go soon I got to go do my show.
So For years, I did two shows a night, partied with the boys for hours, got a little sleep, played some tennis, gave interviews, got on stage and did it all over again.
That's talent.
You've got a look.
Pace yourself, honey.
BRASS: Lois O'Neill's bedroom the stuff dreams are made of.
Or nightmares.
Did, uh, Miss O'Neill tell you about this guy? BRASS: We don't know where she is.
She disappeared about an hour ago.
Her assistant went looking for her, found the victim.
ID'd him as Tim Duke.
Gun left on the body isn't that how the mob used to do it? Well, back in the day, Lois O'Neill was famous for singing and dancing.
She was also famous for being the girlfriend of Tony Constantine One of the founding fathers of Vegas.
Looks like a bank vault.
Well, the founding father has placed a high priority on home security.
Have we been in there yet? No, it hasn't been cleared yet.
I'll go get the combination.
SANDERS: Ricochet marks.
Possible bullet fragments.
Bullets here, body there Moving target, maybe.
Gentlemen, this is Eve Girard, Miss O'Neill's assistant.
Would you open the vault, please? I'll be downstairs.
Thank you.
Just get it over with.
GIRARD: Lois! Lois! Oh, my God! Oh I thought this was my last birthday.
In the middle of the party, you went upstairs to change.
Isn't that unusual? ( laughs ): No, I I always wear one outfit to greet guests, another for dinner and dancing, and another for dessert.
So, uh, Tim Duke, the waiter did you know him before this? He worked the Children's Hospital dance a few weeks ago.
He was charming.
I thought he could use the job.
I was changi.
I'd ordered a drink brought up.
He was crawling, trying to get away.
And then I heard another shot.
That's, uh That's when I knew it was a mob hit.
Look, if you find his family, I'd like to do something for them.
I mean, after all, if he hadn't come in just then, I'd be dead.
Who'd want to kill you? Do you have a first name, Sanders? Greg.
Greg Do you? Thank you.
Hot off the press.
I didn't hold back.
I named names.
After all this time, I thought, who'd care? Well, maybe you thought wrong.
based on liver temp, been dead one to two hours.
It looks like two shots-- one to the chest, and a through-and-through to the head.
Not a lot of blood.
Shot to the heart: Sometimes it collects in the chest cavity rather than bleeding out.
A thousand when I was a waiter back in college, if I had three twenties in my pocket, it was a good night.
At chuck E.
Cheese, that was a good week.
Crack vial? Could explain the cash; maybe he was dealing.
And these found a crack vial on him, and $1,000 in cash.
Presidents, movie stars a drug-dealing waiter isn't the kind of guy usually associated with lois o'neill.
On the other hand tony constantine.
what? The copa girls from the sands.
That's lois o'neill.
That's my mother.
"Happy birthday to my beautiful doll! "Love always, tony"? I thought he was dead.
Dead, like jimmy hoffa.
The only guys who know aren't telling.
This party is organized like an invasion plan.
"6:15: Bar set up and ready.
"6:25: Lois greets guests in foyer.
"7:15: Lois changes into her dinner outfit.
" Talk about attention to detail.
From the security cameras on the perimeter of the building.
What about the interior cameras? With all the extra measures, lois felt they weren't necessary.
Frankly, I think she just didn't want to be caught on tape first thing in the morning.
I'll need a list of all the guests who were here tonight.
Guests and staff, their affiliations and recent accomplishments lois likes to personalize conversation.
Everyone's still here.
You're thorough.
that's my job.
Grissom, do you have any idea who's in this crowd? I sure do.
"Under-sheriff jeff mckeen.
"Arrival: 6:38 pm.
Wife: Amanda.
"Recent accomplishment: "Ran marathon for children's hospital, placed tenth in his age group.
" Good job, jeff.
More than one of these vips has the governor's home number, which is why my phone's been ringing with orders to let them go.
no one on this list came late or left early, so everyone here is still a suspect, until they're not.
And based on our interviews so far, only a few people actually left the room when lois o'neill was gone.
Who? Among others, her a pop star known as li'l cherry.
She was due onstage at mandalay bay half an hour ago.
Keep her and anyone else who left the room.
Let the rest go.
Found this handkerchief hanging off the balcony.
I'll get it to hodges.
By the way sam's here.
He's one of the guests who was out of the room when the murder occurred.
I should say hi to dear old dad.
Sam, when you left this room tonight, where did you go? Upstairs? Just walked around downstairs, saying hello to the old ghosts.
You know, I introduced lois and tony, back when I was a floor manager.
She was in the line with your mother.
Maybe mom fell for the wrong gangster.
Lily was a sweet girl.
But lois she had to be a star.
A real coal miner's daughter from frackville, pennsylvania.
But once she met tony, she never had to go back.
You always were a sucker for a hot dancer, weren't you, sam? Me and lois-- I love her, but I like to be in the driver's seat.
Like this dancer I'm seeing now-- she's working tonight; that's why I came stag.
Must be serious.
That's the first time you haven't asked me how mom's doing.
She's fine, by the way.
I'm nick stokes.
I'm with the crime lab.
I'm familiar with your daughter's case.
Sorry for your loss.
You knew mr.
Constantine, right? Were there any other friends of mr.
Constantine here tonight? there were friends here.
And enemies.
You want to elaborate a little bit more on those enemies? Stokes, you trying to get me in trouble? Hey, man, I'm just trying to get to the bottom of what happened here tonight.
Several witnesses said they saw you leave the room.
I went outside to have a cigarette-- told her I wouldn't smoke in the house.
Filthy habit.
Trying to quit.
Frickin' cops won't let me go.
Miss cherry? Bye-bye.
I'm with the crime lab.
I need to ask you a few questions.
it's me.
Are they freaking out backstage? -Excuse me.
-What the? please? Where did you go when miss o'neill left the ballroom earlier this evening? the bathroom.
Do you recall what time you came back? What, do you punch a clock every time you take a leak? Did you know the victim-- tim duke? I don't know anybody, okay? My publicist made me come to this thing.
I guess lo-lo needed somebody with a pulse, so may I take a look at your handbag? I got a show to do.
I've got 2,000 people waiting for me right now.
We can get a warrant, but you'll get out of here faster if you let me see the bag.
****** now I don't need a warrant.
I don't know how that crack pipe got in my purse, so there.
My client denies the pipe is hers, denies any drug use, doesn't know the victim and has no prior relationship to miss o'neill.
There's nothing to discuss.
The pipe was in your possession.
Plus, you were displaying symptoms of crack use publicly.
And you were at a recent party where the victim, who also used crack, was working.
You admitted to leaving the ballroom after miss o'neill coincidences don't make a homicide.
You recognized tim duke and you needed a fix.
Come on I told you before.
-Come on, man.
-here, man.
See? -What are you gonna give me? You wiped down the gun with a handkerchief no one has established that my client had a gun.
And you didn't want to be seen leaving the bedroom, so you climbed down the balcony to rejoin the party.
Which is how you scraped your knees.
okay, I'll admit I was outside.
But it's in your best interests not to it's cool.
it wasn't just, lois's birthday tonight, it was also my bodyguard's birthday, and I scraped my knees giving him his present.
You're going to need to cancel your shows for awhile.
We're holding you on possession of paraphernalia, and unlawful use.
What do I have to do to make you believe me? I already had my birthday.
All right, areas of callus here.
Old fractures ribs this guy must've worked some pretty rough shifts.
That must be the bullet, right there.
I'll yank it in autopsy.
What's that happening all around the nose area? It's a nose cage.
Nose has been wired to the skull to hold it in place.
We find them sometimes in boxers, accident victims you ever see one on a waiter? You know, lois had her first sexual experience on her ninth-grade field trip to the state capitol with the governor.
I found the bullet hole.
Could you bring the sawzall? you know, this place is a piece of las vegas history; you don't want to just go and chop it up.
It's a crime scene, and there's evidence under the floor.
but we don't know exactly where it is, so I thought we'd let "hawkeye" here do a little exploration for us.
I wouldn't want to damage priceless, No.
what's that say? Pull it up.
Ten grand brick.
Benjamin bit the bullet.
"In god we trust.
" If she has a vault, why is she keeping cash under the floor? No more room under the mattress? Easy access in case you need to rewire.
Or steal a million.
Mandy got an afis hit off the vic.
His aka is tim duke, but his real name is vincent pullone, a one-time golden gloves wannabe.
That would explain the prior injuries.
so does his rap sheet.
The guy was busy: Multiple assaults, theft is that the surveillance footage? I've been through the footage throughout the entire day.
I've got the party staffers coming in and out the back door.
But, get this-- same time, different entrance.
that's our vic.
a couple minutes later.
Now, here around the time of the murder, same car pulls up waits.
Freeze that.
Can you get a plate number? Nice.
Nevada 295, ocean, henry, union.
"Nanci mc ma" mcginnigle mcgonigle.
Mcgonigle? Mcgonigle.
I'll run it through brass.
Handkerchief is linen.
Edging appears to be hand-stitched.
Pretty nice rag to be wiping a gun off with.
so it was positive for gun oil.
And the diphenylamine test was also positive for oxidizers and partially burned gunpowder.
negative for prints or dna.
So, mandy wasn't able to lift any prints off of the cash we found.
Fingerprints are just oil,water and amino acids, greg.
They don't last forever.
No kidding.
You ever hear that expression "old money"? This stuff was ancient-- some of it's signed by eisenhower's treasury secretary.
Series dates all before 1965.
Same with the grand we found on the vic.
Ancient? Set them down Miss o'neill! Nice to see you.
What's all this? An army travels on its stomach.
I wanted you and your people to know how grateful I am for all you've done for me.
thank you.
But,we can't accept anything that might influence the outcome of the case-- it's our policy.
come on.
Cold cuts a little shrimp salad.
Shrimp salad I know what we can do.
Have your boys take it down the street to the st.
Vincent homeless shelter.
They need it more than we do.
having fun with my book, greg? That beach party Marilyn monroe and the president swing-a-ding-ding.
By the way, miss o'neill, we made an interesting discovery under the floor of your bedroom.
I was hoping you could tell us about it.
Under the floor? You tell me.
Approximately one million dollars in cash.
what do you know.
Tony always said I'd be taken care of.
If you don't know anything about the money, maybe you know someone who does.
Benny dunbar, jimmy the crumb you'd have to ask tony.
Where is the money now? It's in our evidence vault.
And, when will it be returned? We have to finish our investigation first.
You do that.
You know the boys who want me dead have been doing this a lot longer than you have.
I need you to catch up.
and remember, when your tummy starts to rumble, I tried to help.
There, that piece of paper, zoom in on that.
see if I can enhance that.
What is that, a bar code? Looks like a pdf417 two-dimensional bar code.
Can you decode it? I think so.
Okay, it's an airline boarding pass, ***** Vegas to philadelphia, then on to rome, and sardinia.
Two passengers: Nanci mcgonigle and vincent pullone.
Vincent pullone was the vic's real name, and he arrived at the crime scene in nanci mcgonigle's car.
According to the airline global distribution system, she boarded the flight,he didn'T.
He was busy being dead.
Your fingerprint was on the light fixture in the hallway.
You knew about the money.
When the light fixture shorted out, lois wanted it replaced right away.
I did it myself, and I found the money.
How much did you take? One bundle-- 10,000.
I-I still have most of it.
Did you tell miss o'neill? No.
And that was wrong.
But it was also wrong of her to hire me as a book editor and use me as a personal slave.
How well did you know vincent pullone? A.
"Tim duke.
" not very well.
But well enough to give him a thousand dollars? We were dating.
He needed the money.
If you were dating, why was he planning to fly to sardinia after the party with nanci mcgonigle? He didn't mention her.
Someone in the house gave him the tickets.
not me.
sounds like the bullet to me.
Deformed, medium caliber,consistent with a .
Take a look at the heart.
Bullet passed into the base of the right ventricle, crossed the intraventricular septum and destroyed the av node.
Heart stopped on impact.
Bullet then exited out the back of the left ventricle and entered the vertebral spine, transecting the spinal cord.
could the victim have crawled around after suffering that kind of damage? Negative.
He would have been paralyzed instantly.
Could the shot to the head have occurred first? You are "o"-for-two.
Check out the brain.
There's no blood in the wound track.
So his heart had already stopped pumping.
From the absence of blood, I'd say that this shot was at least ten minutes after the shot through the heart.
Lois o'neill claims that she saw the victim crawling away after she heard the first shot.
maybe lois' memory is a little flawed.
Oh, no.
She has a great memory.
******** ******* the gang's all here! We need to ask you some questions.
please, sit.
I-I have no secrets from bobby my guardian angel.
we've met.
Isn't that right, bob? that's right.
Please, sit.
How often do you get invited to the best table in town? I know you must be hungry.
Miss o'neill, we found some inconsistencies in your account of last night's events.
You said that you saw tim duke crawling away after you heard the first shot.
It was horrible.
According to our autopsy, the first shot paralyzed him.
He would've been unable to move.
it-it all happened in such a flash All right.
She's the target.
She told you all she knows.
this has been fun,but we have to go.
Beauty sleep.
Speaking of which when is that ugly yellow tape coming off my bedroom door? Just as soon as we finish our work, I promise.
Anymore questions just call.
Tuna and the homeless are dining on shrimp salad.
Lucky clydes.
"Lucky clydes?" Is that lingo from lois' book? She say anything in that book about all that dough we found under her floor? Not exactly.
But she does say back in '65, vegas was getting a little bit too hot for tony c, so he had to take a powder for a while.
And dig this: While he was gone, the famous pan am heist was pulled off back east.
The famous pan am heist? And, compadre, in the next chapter, tony builds lois the house.
Connect the dots, buddy boy.
all right,this is what we got so far: We got a loser boxer, who's a crack head, probably selling drugs-- and someone buys him two tickets to sardinia.
Why? Maybe somebody wanted lois dead, knew that tim had access and that he needed the money for a drug habit? Are you saying that he was a hit man and not an innocent bystander? it would make lois' story correct-- that she really was the target.
but who killed him? And why? Consider this nutty notion: Tony's not worm food, he's around; he finds out that lois went canary and wrote the book, so he hires some protection, someone who'd be at the party.
Whether tim duke was a hit man or not, he could have been the target all along.
Then you go whack him when he's working around every vip in town.
Especially if lois was an accomplice.
Or, dare I say, the killer.
I don't see homicide anywhere on her schedule.
wait a sec that's lois' dinner outfit, and that's the dress she was wearing when we opened up the vault.
Let's test them both for blood and gsr.
Looking under "formal" dress number 161.
got to admit,this is some kind of closet.
it's 1- 61.
hanger's empty.
She got rid of the clothes? It's possible she sent them to the cleaners to get rid of blood and gsr.
We can get a warrant.
she wouldn't have sent her jewelry to the cleaners.
got it.
Drawer 19.
How apropos that she's named names.
A canary diamond.
Want to bet the birdie sings in the key of gsr? Mom? What are you doing? Where's lindsey? She's on a sleep-over.
So kill me.
And I had dinner at drai's with the girls.
Filet to die for.
Drai'S the girls like to spend.
red wine always makes me two of the seven dwarfs: Sleepy and sneezy.
where did you get that hanky? A friend.
A friend who was at lois' party? now don't get mad, catherine.
You can't be seeing sam? And why not? for one thing, he's a player.
I don't expect monogamy from him.
I can't believe this.
And I am not promising that he'll get it from me, either.
What are you doing? Put it in the envelope.
Why?! Because we haven't cleared sam as a suspect.
He can't be! He has been so wonderful to me these past few weeks.
this has been going on for weeks? We have a history together,catherine.
we were young together.
come day, maybe you'll understand.
you want to see me, muggs, all you need is a phone.
you lied about being in lois o'neill's bedroom.
i was in that bedroom once.
In 1967.
As a gentleman, I would prefer not going into details.
Your handkerchief puts you there when the waiter was shot.
One of these? Lois and I were going over old times.
She got a little weepy.
What she did with it after that, I don't know.
My housekeeper made me a dozen for christmas.
I've only got half left.
So quit giving them away.
you're mothering me.
You know, sam, this is the second time that I thought that you might be a killer.
Come on, you know better.
The thing is, I don'T.
It never occurred to me for a minute that this is something that you wouldn't have done.
And that wouldn't bother me, except you're dating my mother.
Look, I'm being good to lil this time around.
Give us a chance.
Give me a chance.
You'll see.
Making up for stabbing one showgirl by being kind to another.
If you weren't my daughter what? What would you do, sam? vanity, thy name is hodges.
This isn't what it looks like.
I actually like my gray hair.
The few that I have.
Hodges, don't you know that gray hair can be very attractive? The ring? The ring? The ring.
The ring was positive for gsr.
That means lois could be the shooter.
I guess we'll have to bring her in.
One of your guys take the crime scene tape down? Sara and catherine cleared the scene about two hours ago.
Miss o'neill, las vegas police.
Miss o'neill? it's the end of an era.
From the containment of the blood, it appears she was shot while lying down.
Asleep or surprised by someone she trusted? Nick just found out that tim duke's airline tickets were purchased by a credit card under the name of double-x associates.
That's lois o'neill's company.
How do you know that? She was the double-kiss girl.
you can't say her name without kissing twice.
Lois o'neill-- kiss-kiss.
nick also found out that the only two names authorized to sign on that card, were lois o'neill and eve girard.
She looks perfect, doesn't she? Except for these smudges on her eyelids.
Grissom, you know I was looking into that pan am heist in '65? On your own time, I hope.
It's related to our case.
I just got off the phone with the fbi lab at quantico.
Bobby dawson sent them ballistics on the gun we found on tim duke.
And? It's a match to the gun that was used to kill a guard in the pan am heist.
So I sent them serials on the cash we found.
Also a match to the pan am heist? Right-o, daddy-O.
Congratulations, greg.
This is doc robbins' preliminary autopsy report on lois o'neill.
When he opened her up, he found that her body was riddled with advanced tumors.
She knew she was going to die.
That's why she wrote the book, 'cause she knew that if she was gone, there'd be nobody left to tell the true story.
You read it.
Do you think that's how she wanted to go out? No.
looking beautiful-- .
In all the papers--.
Murdered only if she was the one who called the shots.
we had some good times.
You knew she had cancer? No, she had guts.
She staged her exit like a pro.
The book, the party she only made one mistake-- she hired an amateur.
Tim duke? Also known as vincent pullone? A wimp and a thief.
Lois would give you all the cookies you wanted, but you stuck your hand in the cookie jar she'd chop it off.
Try to relax, honey.
This'll be easy.
I'll be on the bed, one shot.
Don't be sloppy.
What the hell? What do you care? You're going to be dead anyway.
Nobody steals from me.
Why'd she ask duke, not you? She didn't want to involve an old friend.
Until yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon, lois o'neill wired $250,000 to your sister in sarasota.
Now you were tony c's driver.
The only one he trusted to bodyguard miss o'neill.
You took care of her right until the end.
who else do I have to take care of? My guess is she offered you the money, but being a friend you refused.
So she sent it to your sister instead.
she sent it to my sister.
You know, you've got a choice between checking out all shriveled up,in a hospital, or at home, looking like a million bucks.
Any guy who'd do that for a good friend, he's okay by me.
If you see tony, tell him I love him.
Doll you're going to see him before I do.
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