CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e15 Episode Script

Pirates of the Third Reich

Guy was on his way to a landscaping job in Palm Springs.
Saw a body sticking out of the sand.
Well, out this far, it's probably a body dump.
Looks like they starved her to death first.
Well, Jesus fasted in the desert.
Yeah, but he had a choice.
No clothes, no shoes, no hair.
BRASS: Maybe her dome was shaved 'cause she spent time in the pen.
No right hand either.
Could have been disarticulated by a wild animal.
The only wild animal was the one who left her out here.
Hey, Grissom.
Conditions are less than ideal.
Is it okay if we just do a scoop and run? Yeah, David, shoe prints, tire treads-- all they are is Dust in the wind.
Looks like she was branded.
Emaciated, bald, and numbered.
What does that remind you of? PHILLIPS: Branding.
A brand is a kind of contract.
STOKES: Tell that to a bull when he gets stuck on his rear with a hot iron.
In that case, it signifies ownership.
To a Maori tribesman, or a Marine, it signifies belonging.
Did you get a liver temp? Couldn't get an accurate reading.
You want me to pull vitreous from the eye? Yeah.
One eye is much more desiccated than the other.
Could be an infection.
Take samples from both.
The eye is sequestered space.
Changes that happen in the blood after death, happen more slowly in the vitreous.
Could give us more accurate levels.
Um Dr.
Robbins The optic nerve's been severed.
That kind of defeats the purpose of an eye transplant, doesn't it? An eye transplant's just the cornea; it's not the whole eye.
David, check the other eye.
This one's still connected.
Clip it.
Nick, send both eyes to DNA.
Pull up a chair.
It's been a long, strange trip for this poor girl.
I found puncture wounds around her glandular areas, from large-gauge needles commonly used to draw out fluids.
Maybe she was undergoing some kind of medical treatment.
What's in this? I'm not sure.
I found it in her teeth.
Could be from her last meal.
Also, another surprise: She had a D & C.
Abortion? Maybe polyps, hyperplasia.
Infection? And how.
Starvation shrinks a lot of things, but not your organs.
They're all abscessed.
Which explains why I couldn't find the liver.
There's not much left.
What, some kind of flesh-eating disease? Necrotizing faciitis.
I've never seen anything like this.
Typically streptococcus enters through an open wound and starts eating through the skin.
Then uses the blood stream as a conduit to reach the internal organs.
In her case, the bacteria started in her blood stream.
Means her skin is fine.
Maybe the puncture wounds were used to put something in, rather than take something out.
So Henry found oxycodone and chlorpromazine in both the right and left eye.
Now, one kills pain and the other puts a lid on panic.
Chlorpromazine-- they give that to mental patients.
Yeah, but this gets so much weirder.
Because that dried up eyeball-- it actually belongs to somebody else.
What? See, the vitreous fluid from her eyeball showed that she'd only been dead for a day; but the DNA from the other eyeball, well, it was male, and it seems to have been separated from its owner for about a week.
So, I ran it through CODIS.
And the eyeball belonged to a Jack Landers, who is a convicted sex offender.
Would sticking your eyeball in a woman's eye socket constitute a sex offense? Well, rape is legally defined as putting an unwanted foreign object into a genital opening.
So sexual no But offensive yeah.
Look, guy got out of jail six weeks ago.
A weenie wagger with two eyes.
As a parolee, he has to check in with me once a month.
Missed our last appointment, but before I could file the paperwork, he showed up here, across from his halfway house, thinking he's Captain Crunch.
They thought he was piped up on something, but his urine was clean and his high hasn't faded.
Hey, Jack.
Captain Jack to you.
Ahoy, mateys.
Captain Jack, these people want to ask you some questions.
Orphaned at the age of five.
Stowed away on the Good Ship Lollipop.
The sea is an evil mistress.
Spit me out and fed me to the beast.
A puppet I am.
STOKES: Hey, Sara, got your message.
No AFIS hits on my Jane Doe.
So I put a bulletin out to surrounding agencies and the media.
Maybe somebody will recognize her from the photo.
Where you at right now? On the train to Crazyville.
Did you get a peek under the patch? No, no.
I left that for the doctor.
Jack, look this way.
I need you to sit still for me.
Where's my patch? Come on, look this way.
Draw my sword make you walk the plank.
Jack, were you in an accident or a recent fight? Captain Jack don't do much recallin'.
Did he have an ocular tumor, or recent surgery? I have no idea.
He's a suspect in a murder investigation.
Do you think he's crazy, or? I think he's been lobotomized.
Jack, I want you to undress and put this on for me.
I want to do a CT scan to confirm, but in the '30s and '40s lobotomies were often done via the eye socket.
Right, right, but lobotomies-- they're not common practice today? Hardly.
Nick Take a look at his arm.
He's not a suspect; he's a victim.
Jane Doe is number 19.
I know it's tough, but we're going to need you to identify the body.
Someone from the coroner's office will get in touch with you.
For reasons I think we both understand, I would appreciate some level of anonymity.
Sure, I'll do my best.
Thank you, Captain Brass.
BRASS: The Jane Doe is Zoe Kessler.
Her mother saw her picture on the news and identified her as her estranged daughter.
I did a DMV check, and I have the victim's last known address.
I'll come with you.
There's something you should know.
The mother's a friend of yours.
Who's that? Lady Heather.
Apartment 106.
Landlord was getting ready to evict her.
"Freud, Goethe Rilke" in German.
Briefe an einen jungen Dichter.
Nothing sounds good in German.
How did she get from Harvard to here? Practice, practice, practice.
How do you know she was at Harvard? Lady Heather told me.
She was very proud of her.
Well, it looks as though she hasn't checked her mail in ten weeks.
The postmark dates back to November 12th.
BRASS: She died yesterday.
Where's she been all this time? This looks like an appointment.
"Betz, 11-12, 7:00 P.
" ( answering machine voice ): First message: WOMAN 1: Hi, this is Audrey at the Betz Clinic.
We're just calling to see how you're feeling.
Give us a call.
Second message: Hi, this is Audrey at the Betz Clinic.
We didn't hear from you, and we have some followup questions about your tests.
Please call us.
Third message: WOMAN 2: This is Citibank.
We're trying to reach Zoe Kessler.
Betz Clinic? Yeah.
I'll check it out.
at 1-800-555-01 Heterochromia.
It appears Zoe had one blue eye and one brown eye.
The pirate had one blue eye.
What happened to her? We're trying to find out.
May I touch her? Go ahead.
This required skill and the infliction of pain.
Did you shave her head? No, she was found like this.
Can you tell if she's ever given birth? There was some scarring on her pelvic bones, but given the condition of the body, it's hard to say for sure.
She always wore her grandmother's ring on her right hand.
Did you find it? Hi.
I'm so sorry about your loss.
But you need to ask me some questions.
I'd like to know some things about your daughter.
When was the last time you saw her? She dropped out of school about a year ago.
I didn't even know she was in town.
So you weren't in contact with her? No.
Can you tell me why? What difference does it make now? Did she have any medical conditions? Not that I know of.
Because in November, she participated in a medical study at the Betz Clinic.
Right after that, she went missing.
Where was she found? In the desert.
Just out in the middle of nowhere? Off Highway 55, near Sparks.
I have to go.
Betz Pharmaceutical.
Can you hold, please? Betz Pharmaceutical.
Can you hold, please? Thank you.
Betz Pharmaceutical.
Can I help you? He's on the line right now.
May I take a message? And your phone number? Here are the files on Zoe Kessler that you asked for in the warrant along with a list of everyone the was here on November 12th.
Including the employees? Yeah.
The nighttime staff's pretty minimal.
I was supervising that night.
What brought Zoe in? Chronic insomnia.
She came in for an overnight sleep study but left early.
Was there a problem? No.
Some people just get freaked out spending a night in a strange place.
Happens all the time.
We'll need to see those testing rooms.
As you can see, we try to make the facility as normal as possible.
Put a TV in there, it wouldn't be half bad.
But that would defeat the purpose.
We can't have anything in there that would reveal the actual time.
How do you monitor your patients? Our monitoring process is twofold.
Electrodes measure EKG and REM sleep, and we have a vid cam in the room to help insure the patients actually stay in bed.
You worried about hanky-panky? Sleepwalking.
After the meds are distributed, we ask that the patients assume a sleep-ready position.
Many people assume they have insomnia simply because they don't get in bed.
What is your screening process? It's intensive.
There's a written application, a personal interview, physical exam.
We only take people in the normal range.
You'd be surprised how many people just want a pharmaceutical lullaby these days.
No, I wouldn't.
SANDERS: This clinic is like Hotel California: You can check in any time you like, but you might never leave.
Zoe Kessler and Captain Jack were part of the same sleep study.
How many other people in the sleep study? A dozen.
I have called all of them on the list.
They're intact, and none of them are numbered.
Zoe's car was found at an impound lot downtown.
It was towed from Betz's parking lot on November 15th.
Wolfowitz said Zoe left in the middle of the night on the 13th.
With Captain Jack? I don't know, but according to their records, he also left early.
"Left early" seems to be a euphemism.
I got the results for the sinew in the girl's teeth, and in this case, the hand that feeds was her own.
She chewed off her own hand? Yeah.
Now, I don't know about you, but I would rather die of starvation than to eat my own hand.
Animals in traps do it all the time.
You think she was trapped? Like a rat.
A hand in the desert is worth two in the bush.
Right now, the hand's all we have to go on.
Okay, Grissom.
Come on.
What are we doing here? What are the odds that this hand is not being eaten right now by a coyote? Hey, look, the condition she was in, she couldn't have gotten very far.
Maybe if we find the hand, we find the torture chamber.
Torture chamber? All right, everybody gather around.
Let me have your attention.
We're going to proceed forward covering the immediate area bordering the road to the south, the rocks to the west and the dry creek bed to the east.
Oh, you smell decomp? You think the hand is in that pile? Maybe.
Let's get a sample.
Whew! The smell's coming from these plants.
" Amorphophallus Titanum, Corpse Flower.
" Now who's going to have a plant that smells like decomposing flesh? Somebody who's trying to cover up the real deal.
LVPD! You smell a warrant? We can look, but not touch.
I'm in if you're in.
All right, here's the real catch-22.
If we open it up, find something probative, we can't use it.
But we can't find something probative unless we got the warrant to open it.
That's funny, you don't strike me as the delayed gratification type.
I'm not.
Grissom is.
There are some freaky-looking plants in here.
Yeah, it's all about genetic modification.
Well, if this is where they genetically modify the plants, there's got to be a house around here somewhere.
"Jacob Wolfowitz.
" Isn't that the same guy from the Betz Clinic? Yeah.
Wolfowitz? Mr.
Wolfowitz, come out of there now.
We're from the crime lab.
We need to speak with you.
We can hear you, sir.
Just open the door.
He's not home.
Are you and Mr.
Wolfowitz acquainted? No.
Why were you at his house? Breaking and entering.
Is that why we found this etching in your handbag? You were stealing it? Yes.
Why? Multiple reasons.
Which are? You told me Zoe was having tests done at Betz.
I found out who oversaw the tests-- Mr.
He lives close to where you found Zoe.
If I'm caught stealing, he may want the police to investigate.
BRASS: We know the woman who broke into your house, and you don't want to press charges? She's clearly disturbed.
She just lost her daughter, and I was one of the last people to see Zoe Kessler alive.
I'm sure she was just looking for a connection.
You don't want us to look around, see if anything else was stolen? I live pretty simply.
I don't have anything worth taking.
But I appreciate your concern.
However, if he refuses to press charges I'd have to ask myself what kind of person would do that.
Someone with something to hide.
GRISSOM: Why, uh, steal this? It's one of the earliest illustrations of the Romulus and Remus myth.
It's printed from a plate.
Must be worth thousands.
So? Well, it looks like a page from a book.
I find that people who don't respect books have a general disregard for keeping things whole.
So you think he stole it? I think a pencil pusher in a pharmaceutical lab couldn't afford it.
BRASS: How long have you worked at Betz? But that's a long way from your home to your office, isn't it? I like the solitude and, uh, space for my plants.
Did I do something wrong, Captain? Even if all this is true, we still don't know if he killed your daughter.
Too many coincidences.
You have to stay away from him.
You forfeited the right to give me advice some time ago.
But thank you.
Ah, I believe this is authentic.
Iron-gall ink from the 16th century tends to turn a brownish color.
Especially when it's been sitting around for a few centuries.
See how the ink bites into the parchment of the page.
Is that an acidic compound? Gall inks are often made with wine or vinegar.
Recipes were specific to the manuscript illuminator.
So it is from a manuscript? The edge appears fairly pristine.
How could he remove it from the book so cleanly? My guess? Classic spit and string.
Even if this tests positive for DNA, I'm gonna need the book to match it.
Here's Zoe Kessler at the start of her session.
And here she is at hour number four.
SANDERS: Well, she doesn't look freaked out.
Looks like shes's sleeping like a baby.
Except Check it out.
SANDERS: Okay, so she gets up gets out.
Look at the bottom right hand corner.
See that shadow? Somebody opened the door.
Well, she didn't just pop out of bed, she was woken up by someone.
How much you want to bet that's Wolfowitz in the doorway? Here's Jack Landers.
A trip to the bathroom, maybe? Except he never returned.
Wolfowitz works at the clinic.
He has access to both victims.
One victim was found less than mile from his house, which smells like human decomp.
How do we get to him? Rambar checked the rare book collections.
This guy likes to steal in his own backyard.
UNLV library is missing plate 62.
It's enough for us to get a warrant.
I left him a couple of messages at home.
And when I left for the day, I just saw him like this.
I guess I didn't need a warrant.
No signs of trauma or blood.
The seat's wet.
He's wet.
Looks like he's in rigor, which means he's been dead for at least six hours.
You mean this guy's been down here in the parking lot dead all that time and no one noticed? BRASS: That's weird.
I'm not gonna be able to determine COD until he's completely defrosted, and that could take a while.
How long does it take to freeze an entire body? To the core? Two solid days.
His heart's completely frozen.
Before the Y, I found bruises and puncture wounds all over his body.
Over the glands, too? Yep.
Same as Zoe.
So is this.
Test subject #1.
Gil, I saw him.
He wasn't frozen.
I mean, maybe he knew too much, and someone at Betz sensed that we were getting to close and So what? They dunked him in liquid nitrogen? Cryogenically froze him? Well, I know what I saw.
You've got to find some explanation.
I'm on it.
What are you doing here? I think I might be able to help you.
I'm listening.
You would have liked Zoe.
She was a lot like you.
Thoughtful, pragmatic, patient.
She was studying psychology.
I appreciate that it would have been difficult to have someone like me as a mother.
But if I stressed anything, it was empowerment and independence.
So when she called me from Boston last year to tell me that she was pregnant with her therapist's baby, I got angry.
Not with her, with him.
He violated an oath.
Not only was he married, she was a patient.
A junior in college with her whole life in front of her.
And you didn't want him to screw it up.
I called the AMA, filed a complaint.
They revoked his license.
Zoe stopped speaking to me.
Do she have her baby? Your coroner couldn't confirm.
I assumed you might need a DNA sample from Mr.
How did you get this? The rage was stronger than the repulsion.
People have used sex for much less worthy causes.
When did you Last night.
You may not approve, Grissom, but you can't arrest me for sleeping with him.
He was consenting.
I am playing by your rules.
But if I had it my way, this man would die the same way, my daughter died.
He's already dead.
What? He's been dead for two days.
That's not possible.
The dirt from outside the barn tested positive for human DNA.
And I mean a lot of it, over a dozen profiles.
And one of them matched Zoe Kessler.
Her hand.
And although chain of custody is a bit problematic, 'cause a plastic lunch bag isn't department issue bindle, the DNA from the condom, it matches both the saliva from the book page and the dead guy, Jacob Wolfowitz.
I have a question.
How do you have sex with a guy who killed your daughter? Revenge is an act of passion.
So, none of the fingerprints from the car belong to Jacob Wolfowitz.
They're all a match to a John Sneller.
Who? That's John Sneller.
Looks like Wolfowitz, only younger.
Which explains how I saw and how Lady Heather did a dead guy.
Identical twins.
I thought that she killed him, too.
I would've.
I mean, I wouldn't have slept with him first, but Same DNA, different prints.
So all the DNA that we attributed to Wolfowitz, could be Sneller's.
Which makes you wonder who's on the autopsy table.
Sneller joined the army in 1985.
He was stationed at a field hospital near Berlin until about a year ago.
At which point, I think that he came to Vegas, put his brother on ice, started impersonating him.
Good morning, Mr.
Good morning.
I mean, I know this theory's a little out there, but given the evidence it's the only conclusion that makes any sense.
Occam's razor, principle of parsimony.
If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.
Given twins go with twins.
Everything is code four.
Well, this isn't a torture chamber, it's a time capsule.
Wolfowitz inherited this place from his parents.
Took over the deed about ten years ago.
Love what he's done with the place.
I found a blue pill in the car.
Tox came back, didn't match any known pharmaceutical.
Sampling the company candy.
Shabbat shalom.
Jewish? Well.
GRISSOM: It appears he was meticulously documenting experiments.
This one looks like it deals with craniometry.
I think he was measuring skulls to determine intelligence.
I think this is a gynecological device from a hundred years ago.
"Arbeit macht frei.
" Work will set you free.
These words hung over the gates at Auschwitz.
Zoe Kessler would've made the perfect uberwoman except for her one brown eye.
So I guess, uh, what nature couldn't fix, our Dr.
Mengele could, is that it? Hey, check out the face of the clock.
GRISSOM: No numbers.
I'll call a paramedic.
This one's dead.
Massive blood loss was the cause of death.
Hey, Catherine.
So Brass has put the lockdown on the airport, bus depot and train station.
But so far, no Sneller.
Well, the other twin didn't make it.
Well, speaking of twins, we got a call from Social Services.
Sneller was their birth name.
But they were adopted by a Jewish couple named Wolfowitz.
That explains the Judaica.
I guess Jacob went nurture and Leon went nature.
Maybe he went Nazi, trying to kill the Jewish half of himself.
"Those who want to live, let them fight, "and those who do not want to fight "in this world of eternal struggle, do not deserve to live.
" "The only difference between my research "and that of the government is funding.
"See: Tuskegee CUS Naval Hospital.
See: pesticide testing done by U.
" Have you guys secured the entire perimeter? The house and the barn? Yes, sir.
All clear.
Heather! Stop it! No.
Let me finish.
You cannot do this! No! Let go! Let! No! Please Stop.
( cries ): Please I'm saying stop.