CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e20 Episode Script

Poppin' Tags

Feel like getting high? Do I have to? Hey, this is Stokes.
I need a lift to Convention Center Drive.
Looks like somebody had some late-night target practice.
Three Boy Does.
No I.
Nobody saw anything.
Nine-millimeter shells all over the place.
That's a lot of racket.
Somebody heard something.
Only ones who did thought it was the fireworks show at the Wynn.
Good luck.
What do you think? Time of death: 3:17 A.
? Shot through a Flavor Flav clock.
Haven't seen one of these since high school.
Old school's the new school.
So, what do you think? This has got to be a gang war, huh? Well, if it's a gang war these kids were outgunned.
No personal effects! No keys, no I.
! Nothing! Either these kids were traveling light, or they were robbed blind.
And who the hell would rob them up there? Andre the Giant? Hey, Doc, is it just me, or did something crush his legs? Well, first off looks like he is a she, and something crushed her legs.
What do you think this is? That's your job.
I did find casings in such a wide distribution and a lot of them were flattened, so it suggests to me that the killer was moving when he was shooting.
- Drive-by? - Yeah, with a hit-and-run chaser.
What up, country? So, the bullet is practically smooth.
I mean, no sharp-edged rifling marks.
Which means it was probably fired from a polygonal barrel.
Did you run cartridge casings yet? Yeah, yeah, and got an IBIS hit off of a firing pin impression.
Murder weapon is an H&K MP-5.
That's a $2,500 firearm.
That's not your typical street piece.
It registered to LVPD.
- Really? - Yeah.
Those babies are very popular with law enforcement, and that one is issued to SWAT and reported stolen during a drug raid on Vegas Valley and Sandhill six months ago.
Hodges, you getting anywhere with that steel rod we found? Your steel rod is part of a custom hydraulic cylinder.
Size and shape is a match for a brand called "Red's.
" Oh, this guy was driving a street hopper.
Low-riders get little clearance I'm sure he was more busted up about his ride being damaged than the three kids he whacked.
Also found paint traces on the rod.
Color is Chesapeake Blue Pearl.
It's from a Dupont line called "Brilliantz.
" Mostly used on show vehicles.
Red's auto parts are individually serialized.
Shouldn't be too hard to find out where it was sold.
- Cool.
- A'ight, G, so Don't make me shoot you.
Crime Scene Investigation.
Hell, I love a bloody scene DNA and all that.
Look, you give me a serial number, I can definitely figure out who bought it.
- Yeah, yeah, here you go.
- A'ight.
This is the old style cylinder.
Give me a second.
Yeah, man, this, uh serial's not showing up.
You said "definitely.
" Yeah, but these old serial numbers sometimes get erased from the system.
I mean, it's happened, you know? Sounds like the wrong name might've just popped up.
- No name popped up.
- What's the matter, man? You worried about having some hard times if you give your homey's name up? I'll just get a warrant.
You don't mind taking a break for a while, sitting on the curb while we get some cops up in here.
Look, man, I don't need that kind of a scene around here.
How 'bout we do this? How 'bout you let us muscle you off your computer, and we can get the information ourselves? That way, if you're ever asked, you can say there was nothing you could do.
You can let us do our jobs, and we'll be out of your hair.
I'll live with that.
Good man.
Jeremiah Calvin.
59391 Sandhill.
That's the same part of town where the SWAT cop lost his gun.
How long ago did I call for backup? About 15 minutes.
Dispatch, this is unit 3D7.
We are 465 at 59391 Sandhill.
ETA on that backup? Unit 3D7, ETA approximately five minutes.
Copy that.
We'll sit tight.
There's our gangster ride right there.
With a gangster in it.
Look at that.
He saw us.
If we don't get him now, man, we'll lose him forever.
Go for it.
Dispatch, this is unit 3D7.
Suspect is on the move.
It's a, uh, royal blue Chevy Impala northbound on Vegas Valley Drive.
License 4-2-3-Nora-Queen-John.
N orthbound.
Where are we now, where are we now ? Dispatch, westbound Hatteras.
Westbound Hatteras.
Suspect is now west, on Craig Avenue.
We're now southbound on Eastern.
Dispatch, uh, this is unit 3D7.
Suspect has pulled into an alley on the 7700 block on Eastern.
- Where's my backup ? - He's reaching for something.
Hey, what are you doing? I told you little punkass airport cops to stop riding me, man.
Son, get back in the car.
You get out the car! All this old Crime Scene stuff followin' me, man.
Y'all think you're all cops? Y'all ain't cops.
That's right, we're not cops.
We're mad scientists.
Back away from the vehicle and let me see your hands right now.
Dispatch, we got a code three.
Hey, hold on, man, you calling for backup? Your backup or my backup? Son, you trying to win the wet tee shirt contest? My partner here's a great shot.
Yeah, you're real cute with that gun, too.
I'm not going to tell you again.
You know what, man? I've had so many damn guns pointed at my face, I feel right at home looking at yours.
Let me see your hands.
How you know I won't shoot your man? How you know I ain't got something at my waist pointed at your man right now? You know, hollow points'll go right through the door.
Whoa, whoa, hey, right here.
Check him for weapons, Mitch.
- It's cool.
He's clean.
- He's clean? I don't need no gun for you! Just be cool.
I'm telling you, man, I'm ready to file a complaint right now.
And that not-a-cop better be lucky I ain't suing his ass.
Maybe I will.
How'd things go with Ecklie? Not good.
- Don't worry.
I'll talk to him.
- No, don't talk to him.
You want to tell me what your car was doing at the scene of a triple homicide two nights ago? Wait, hold up, h-hold up, man.
Let's get this straight.
I don't own a car.
You can check the papers.
That's my Grandpa's ride.
- So you borrowed it two nights ago? - No, I didn't.
I was working, man.
I deejay over at O.
If you don't believe me, you could ask Jeni, and Rocker Jules, and GG, and Laney, and Blaze.
You know, I had my first five-some that night.
And there wasn't no homicides goin' down.
You could believe that.
I'm happy for you, man.
So, what, are you pinning this rap on Grandpa? Yo, man, my grandpa was a gangster back in the day.
You'd be surprised.
Yeah, I'm really not surprised by much anymore.
We have a warrant to search your house and I bet I find a crime to go with every gun.
If I'd killed those kids you would never find a gun.
Las Vegas Police.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
Come on in.
Costs money to fix a door.
Thanks for knocking.
Got any guns in the house, sir? I don't allow that garbage in here.
- Where's Jeremiah's room? - End of the hall.
Got nothing.
I'm going to need you to verify the whereabouts of your grandson Jeremiah two nights ago.
How the hell would I know? Man, you're making me miss my program.
It's not like I got that TiVo.
Calvin? Whose room is next to Jeremiah's? Morris'.
Did Morris ever drive the car? - Go ask him.
- Where is he? He wasn't in his room? He's been in there all day.
Morris? Morris? Control, this is CSI Willows.
We need an ambulance.
Hey, Morris, somebody's coming for you.
He doesn't have a bad attitude, he has Clostridium tetani.
I extracted this from the wound in his calf.
The bacteria on the stable got into the bloodstream releasing toxins that enabled muscular contractions.
That's why they call it lockjaw.
No wonder he wouldn't talk-- he couldn't.
How long before he can? Take couple of days for the antibiotics to flush it out of his system.
Well, he doesn't have lock-wrist.
You got a pen? We match your blood to the staple gun, it puts you at Convention Center Drive and you go down for three murders.
You have anything to tell us, now's the time.
Hey, so the car was definitely at the scene.
Blood on the soft-top was a match to one of the vics.
And Morris Calvin was there.
DNA confirmed that it was his blood on the staple gun.
Yeah, but we don't have a murder weapon so we can't confirm Morris was the shooter.
There's a ton of unknown prints on the car.
GSR in the backseat.
Had to be other people involved.
If we could ID the vics, it might tell us who'd want them dead.
Standard procedure for a drive-by is shoot as much as you can as fast as you can, right? Then leave as fast as you can.
So why did Morris get out of the car? Maybe the vics had something he wanted.
The only thing the victims on the ground had on them were the clothes on their back.
And the kid in the palm tree, empty satchel.
Vega ran the vics' past the guys in the Gang Unit.
Nobody recognized them.
And tox panels on them all came back negative.
There were no drugs in their system, no personal effects.
I doubt they were even packing.
They were packing posters.
Are you suggesting that they were killed for their posters? Maybe for what was on them.
All right, now wait a minute, Grissom, there were posters all over that street.
Man, we have no way of knowing which posters they put up.
Well, you got the staple gun.
Figure out what they stapled.
Hey, slick.
I saw my P.
yesterday, guys, so you can just go home.
Parole officer didn't bring us here, cousin.
A poster did.
If you're trying to stick me with some kind of child porno thing or something sick like that, I'm not your guy.
I do mainly concerts and conventions and have for the past 20 years.
I'm cheap, fast, and open 24/7.
Just like my ex-wife.
You have any idea where this came from? You know, maybe.
The wall of fame.
This is where my customers can appreciate my work.
Let's see here.
Yeah, now this is a classic.
Now I know about "Chicks Gone Nutz" because of their booby videos but "Dudes Gone Nutz" now that really busts my belt.
You know, wait a second I think I've seen that guy before.
- It's Dollar.
He's a rapper.
- No kidding.
Those dudes are nuts.
Well, everybody goes nuts.
Any idea who ordered up the poster? Skinny little black kid, day before yesterday.
One of these? Man.
That's too bad.
Yeah, there he is.
- How did he pay? - Big wad of cash.
Interframe artifacts.
It's a still frame from a video.
I'm afraid we're going to deplete your wall of fame-- that poster's coming with us.
I did a search on Dollar.
His real name is Jessie Cleveland.
Vegas street kid made good, first CD went platinum.
Brass is contacting his managers.
Here he is.
I'm guessing this is not his next album cover.
I hope not.
So when I went online, I found the usual things websites, photos, and this Playa, look, dawg, you know what I'm saying, I got stacks of cash in the back, man, I got jewelry, I got Black American Express cards.
I got whatever you want, man, take it all, dawg.
Put your face in the bed, your ass in the air, and say what I want you to say.
I'm Dollar from "Dudes Gone Nutz" and I liked it I like to take it Video was mirrored on a dozen rap sites.
It's all over the net.
So this is a rap thing? Biggie and Tupac? Who's the bitch now? You got it, dawg.
If these guys would shoot somebody over lyrics, they'd definitely kill over this.
Dollar left strict instructions not to be disturbed.
Well, that's too bad 'cause we're conducing a murder investigation.
Las Vegas Police.
Open up.
Would you open the door please ? Thank you.
Hey, Jim, check it out.
Genius is hitting on 21.
Don't kid yourself.
He's getting pimped in that video, too.
Excuse me, but if Mr.
Dollar's not here, you're going to have to leave.
But, but We haven't even checked under the bed yet.
Yeah, and what's with all the boxes, clothes? It's MAGIC.
You know, for a concierge, you're not really very helpful.
It's a convention, sir.
MAGIC-- Men's Apparel Guild In California.
It's the largest fashion show in the world.
With every rapper, there's a clothing line.
They all come to MAGIC to promote it.
Biggest party in town.
So what kind of car did he drive? Um, sir, his vehicle's still in valet.
There it is right there.
It's the only one with What's that? Open this up.
Where we at, man? You're outside your hotel, sir.
Don't worry, we're gonna get you out of there and get you medical attention, alright ? Man, is you crazy? Look what I got on.
I got all these people around here, the press.
Man, let me know when we get to the hospital, man.
He's got a point.
My prints ? The hell you want my prints for ? I'm the guy that was forced to wear the bikini, remember? I was in a trunk.
I was in two trunks.
Three teenagers were killed on Convention Center Drive.
They were shot down putting up posters of you.
Man, there's posters of me all over town.
Got a record coming out.
I know.
I like the album cover.
Where'd you get that? Like you said, they're all over town.
We need your prints so that we may exclude you as a suspect.
Yeah, right.
Go ahead, take my prints.
So what's the story with the video? Man, I left the Sean John party, swerving.
Big bubble butt on one hand, bottle in the other.
Went back to the room and I passed out before I could even get my lay on.
When I woke up, I had a gun and a video camera shoved in my face.
Y'all know where that ended up.
Next thing I know, I'm in my luggage with a fat-ass lip.
What'd the guy look like? I don't know.
He had on a mask.
Anyone following you at the time? Man, I was so blunted and liquored up, I have no idea who coulda Listen, man, y'all find out who did this for me, like, I'm telling you, like, I'll take care of you.
I'll give you a whole new closet full of suits.
Like, whatever you want.
Like, you'll be popping tags for over a year.
Like, you'll be the freshest cops on the street, I swear to God.
Why would somebody want to do this to you? Man, why wouldn't they? I've been dealing with beef like this my entire life, you dig? I bought my first bulletproof vest when I was 15 years old, and I wore it to school.
Them putting me in that bikini, man, that poster ain't nothing, man.
I'm lucky to be alive.
Okay, but, why "Dudes Gone Nutz"? I don't know, man.
I did some guest spots on the little "Chicks Gone Nutz" video.
You know, the girls flash their thing things.
Dudes just jealous, man.
I dodge haters for a living.
I got more enemies than some countries got people.
Give us some names.
It'll be a long list.
Griss, we are not having any luck identifying the three teenagers from CC Drive.
It's been two days, no one's come forward.
Without an ID, it's like they never even existed.
We need to get their faces out in the public-- newspapers, billboards.
Well, maybe you could breathe a little bit more life into them.
I'm pretty good at mouth-to-mouth.
Gentra just loved the hip-hop music.
And it kept her out on the streets.
She actually wanted to be a rapper herself.
She did a couple of talent shows.
Didn't do too well.
So she joined a street team.
A street team? Groups of kids who hit the streets to promote their favorite rapper.
It kept Gentra around what she loved.
Do you know which rapper she worked for? Hi-Def.
That's what he calls himself.
The State of Nevada's willing to pay to send your daughter back to California for burial.
I couldn't afford to bury my husband.
In that case, she'll be cremated.
I'll make sure you get the remains.
You send her ashes to Hi-Def.
That's our guy.
The one with the red hat.
Looks like Dollar's crew is here, too.
MAGIC brings all the rappers.
Go ahead, I'll catch up.
You must be in the wrong spot.
This isn't the security hut.
We need to talk to Hi-Def.
Can't wait till after the show? Either you get him or we will.
What do you cops want from me? You ever see these kids? Never.
I have.
They're from our street team.
They look kind of weird in those pictures, but Ray never smiles.
They're dead.
- What? - They've been gone three days.
You didn't notice? Peace out.
Don't look at me, ma'am.
I never seen those kids before ever, I'm sorry.
Look, we've got kids coming and going all the time.
It's hard to keep up.
But I know who they are; it's Ray, Marvin and Gentra.
Do you know their last names? No, I'm sorry.
Well, do you know where they got this? Probably the same place I got this.
Hey, guys.
How you doing? Let me get one of those for you.
Here you go.
No, thanks, man, I'm all set.
You know, personally, I think it's a bad idea to hit on blackjack.
Well, you know, that's just how we do.
We never bust.
I know all about Dollar.
What's your connection? Are you a cop? I work with the police department, yeah.
Crime lab.
My name's Nick Stokes.
And let's just say Dollar pays the bills.
The video just showed up on my desk.
First day of the show.
It was in a plain manila envelope.
So you put it on the net.
I never said that, but things happen.
Did Hi-Def and Dollar have a beef before this? Yeah, a couple of years ago, Dollar did a song called "New Vegas.
" Talking about how Las Vegas is the new New York.
Hi-Def is New York.
He and Dollar been punking each other ever since.
What's the deal with these street teams.
What's going on? They do all the filthy, dirty, grimy promo for Dollar.
Snipe posters, give away stickers, pass CDs around.
Nothing new.
You know, three kids were murdered the other night doing the exact same thing.
What can I say, man? These kids run the streets, bro.
Anybody at any given time can run up on them and try and lullaby their ass.
Yeah, I don't know about that.
They were putting up posters of your boy Dollar-- ones that made him look a lot stupider than just hitting on blackjack, you know what I mean? Take a look at these kids.
See if you recognize any of them.
Show them.
Nice suit.
Glad to see you dressed for the occasion.
Eh, sorry, Crime Lab, Nick Stokes.
Nobody here's got a clue.
Oh, well, what do you know? There goes one of my birds.
Sorry, got to go.
I'll see you soon, dawg.
Yeah, whatever.
Look, you need any more posters, just scream at me.
Hey, Tweety! Tweety! Mandy matched two prints off the photo that you gave to Dollar's street team to the unknowns that I found in the low rider.
One was on the passenger side door, the other one was on the steering wheel.
Hey, yo, yo, yo, make sure you tell him about that crazy new suit line we got coming out.
- Now what? - I'm here for Drops.
Hang up.
We're expanding into Asia.
No kidding? Where's your street team? They're grubbing-- they went down to the Cafe Hospital.
You know, they're kind of Benigni over that Waldorf salad.
They're murder suspects.
Get them up here.
This is very disappointing.
Yo, gentlemen, on the wall.
I didn't shoot nobody.
Please, you got to believe me.
I just wanted to drive that car.
Morris was always bragging about it.
I'll believe you if you tell me what really happened.
I was picking up an order for Drops.
I saw that poster on the wall.
I just told the other guys what I saw.
Look, I know I shouldn't have done that, 'cause as soon as I did, Morris wanted to see the poster.
Morris would do anything for Dollar.
You know, Dollar's his life.
He only has Dollar in his iPod.
No one else.
So then you went to CC Drive.
We just waited for them to show up.
Who is "they"? Some other snippers.
Hi-Def street team.
Morris didn't care who they were, as long as they was putting up them posters, they was dead to him.
Morris, hurry up, man-- you just said you were gonna scare them.
That poster makes Dollar look like a ho.
Dollar's nobody's ho.
I ran them over.
After he got the first one he said he had to get the rest.
He shot the second one next, down off the palm tree.
The last one almost got away.
What was Dante doing during all of this? I was just riding shotgun, watching Morris.
You didn't do anything about it? He was out of his mind.
Where did Morris get the gun? It was in the trunk.
He said his brother swiped it off some dumb-ass cop.
Where is it now? Broken apart and thrown away.
Pro style.
Looks like you and your buddy are gonna get broken apart and thrown away, too.
I guess there's nothing else to say.
Guess not.
I figure Dante had the revolver while he was going up and down those poles.
Grip gets thumped, chips off in the satchel.
Wood grain seems consistent, which means Dante made the video.
You said Dante works for Dollar.
He's a fan.
Why would he humiliate someone he respects? I don't know.
I don't know, but on the video, Dante did say, "Who's the bitch now?" So you could say it got a little personal.
So get personnal.
Yo, what's up, it's your boy Dollar, from Chicks Gone Nuts.
We're out here in Vegas, baby.
We got whatever you want-- chicks, jewelry.
We got the bottles.
Come holla at us, you know.
So, you obviously know Dollar.
You know, your brother has been arrested for felony kidnapping and assault and accessory to murder.
Now if there's anything that you know that can help us understand his motivation, now's the time to tell us, okay? Tisha what happened to your face? About a year ago, during Black Spring Break, Dollar caught me walking through the MGM.
He was hosting this Chicks Gone Nuts video.
Said he'd give me $500 to put on a bikini and jump on his hotel bed.
I needed the money so I did it.
I got my money and went home.
Couple months later, Dante came busting into my room with the tape.
He cussed me out, then forgot about that, too.
Until my dad saw the tape.
He called me a whore and a slut.
He had his car keys in his hand.
He cut up my face, my chest, and my stomach.
I haven't seen him since.
And Dante blamed Dollar.
He couldn't find Daddy.
He wouldn't blame me.
So he joins Dollar's street team to get close to him, close enough to sneak into his hotel room and videotape him, the same way he videotaped you.
I know he didn't mean for anyone to die.
He just did it for me.