CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s06e23 Episode Script

Bang Bang

Does anybody have eyes on our mystery guy? Unit one,negative.
I'm on the main casino floor.
I'm heading over to bj pit three.
Copy that,unit one.
- Just get out of my way! - Hey,just a second.
Go ahead,tough guy,huh! Break it up.
Break up! Hey,aren't you! shots fired.
Main floor.
Bj pit three.
Dispatch,shooter is on the run.
All available security to bj pit three.
Boatwright's down.
Get an ambulance.
Find the shooter.
Find the shooter.
I don't see him,I don't see him.
I got him.
Shooter's headed for the slot carousel.
There he goes.
He's headed for the guest elevators.
(ȱһ¾ä) He's got a hostage.
Give me the whole tower.
Three across the board.
(ȱһ¾ä) Get the police.
We need swat.
Now! We got the suspect holed up on three.
Floors above and below evacuated.
Where's the negotiator? En route.
At least an hour away.
Well,I'm here now.
- Clear.
- clear.
- Clear.
- clear.
Las vegas police.
Open the door.
well,I guess this is the place.
Just another domestic violence case.
I wish I had a nickel.
Janice cutler.
Shot in the mouth.
Single boy's the only smart one.
Judy and I deal with our marital problems a little differently-- counseling,separate vacations once a year.
She's never pulled a gun on me yet.
I got a shell casing.
Nine millimeter.
That accounts for the high-velocity spatter.
Where's the husband? There was no car in the garage.
We can broadcast out for him.
There's no other signs of disturbance in here.
What about the rest of the house? Nothing obvious.
How many domestics have you seen where someone got shot in the face and nothing else was disturbed? What are you thinking? That you married people take things too personally.
Proudly Presents Season 06 Episode 22 She's only been dead a few hours.
Signs of sex prior to death.
No vaginal trauma to suggest it wasn't amicable.
Assuming the husband had sex with her and then murdered her, he went from amorous to murderous in near record time.
Well,maybe you were right.
It wasn't the husband.
But no semen,so I'd only be speculating.
What about the bullet? Single gunshot wound.
Based on powder burns and stipling, muzzle was placed inside the mouth bullet then fragmented in her head.
Explains why warrick couldn't find it at the scene.
Yeah,shooter wanted to make sure he didn't miss.
This was somebody who was emotionally close to her.
Gil have you ever even been close to getting married? Once.
When I was younger.
Her name was nicole daley.
I asked her to marry me.
We were classmates.
She liked bugs,too.
I gave her my grandmother's ring, but my mother made me get it back.
Second grade.
Was it the happiest day of your life? Me and tina? Happened so fast.
Time will tell.
Why don't you take a look at this phone here and tell me what you think.
Blood on the keypad, away from the spatter.
A neighbor called it in.
If someone was in the house, they'd have dialed 911.
Dispatch never got a call.
Maybe the husband started to dial changed his mind and took off.
I just wish it was a print and not a smudge.
I found these in his jacket.
Looks like the husband was planning a little vacation.
A little recreation on the side.
I found this under the bed.
And grass-- not the kind you smoke-- on the floor and in the closet,but all the shoes in the closet were clean.
So someone was walking around here with grass on their shoes? Maybe it wasthe missing husband, or a desperate gardener.
Who was mowing more than the lawn? Good call on the grass stains.
Police officers brought in your guy.
He was mowing a lawn down the street.
Well,he must be a great gardener,because mrs.
Cutler was paying him way too much.
Wellwait till you see him.
Johnson?It's timmy,right? This is sara sidle from the crime lab.
I didn't kill mrs.
Cutler, if that's what you're thinking.
How well do you know her? We live across the street from the cutlers.
- We? - My family.
Mother,father,and brothers.
So you still live at home? Until I graduate next month.
So mowing lawns is just your sideline? I don't play sports.
Helps with the tuition.
Did mr.
Or mrs.
Cutler ever invite you in their house? On a cold day,yeah.
Sometimes she'd made me coffee.
But she writes you a check every month, like yesterday.
Did she hand you the check in her closet? Or in her bedroom? Okay.
Yeah,I was there.
- I was hittin' the wife.
- You had sex with her? Yeah.
But it wasn't my idea,all right?She was she was really unhappy in her marriage.
Me and mrs.
Cutler were in the middle of it when when mr.
Cutler came home early.
he was supposed to be at work all night.
Hide! I guess that's when I lost my sock.
how was she,you little son of a bitch? Now get out of here.
Cutler waswas so pissed,I I barely even recognized him.
You hear a gunshot? No.
So mrs.
Cutler was still alive when you left the house? I don't know.
I think so.
I didn't see anything else.
So, I hear your marriage is on the rocks, and you're shopping for hookers? no,but I think I found one that mr.
Cutler likes.
Thumbprint on the front.
Four fingerprints on the back.
Sweet apple pie.
" Do you really think it's a good idea to sleep with a girl who advertises in a flyer? Well,I don't really think there's any sleeping involved.
Don't be shy,though.
Give her a call.
All right,for your enjoyment.
this is sally.
Who's this? Hi.
This is,uhdirk diggler.
I'm looking for a date.
What kind of date? I'm taking a trip around the world.
Want to go? You sure you can afford the airfare,darlin'? Is two g's enough? Where you at? It's right off of charleston.
It's a single level building, all the way in the back.
What do you look like? I have a little tom cruise thing going.
All right,half an hour, and I'll be there.
All right.
- yeah,right.
- Ah,sweet apple pie! The cruiser.
Calling me to a crime lab is cute.
It's still entrapment.
well,you're not here about prostitution, sweetie.
Really? No.
I need your help with a homicide.
Why don't you go ahead and have a seat? Thanks.
this man's wife was murdered last night.
His name's willie cutler.
Was he ever a client? We dated.
He was trying to play the,you know, "I'm a big baller" role.
Do you got a present for me,baby? He must have won some big jackpot or something--I can tell when money's new.
He pulled this big wad out of his wal-mart pants.
But he seemed harmless.
Kind of sweet,actually.
He offered me a deal on a vacation.
Deal? What,like a travel agent? I don't know.
I guess.
He offered me this.
I've never been to hawaii.
No no,me either.
I'd let you take me to hawaii.
- Yeah,I'm working.
- So am I.
"Tour historic las vegas.
" History in vegas gets imploded.
It's probably just a drive past the flamingo where bugsy siegel took his leak.
"Closed"?Now wait a minute.
It should be open.
Well,it looks like it is.
Hello? Anybody here? Las vegas police.
Hello? Catherine.
Control,this is csi willows.
We have a 419 at 4172 hamilton.
A business:Neon city excursions.
Suspect may still be on the premises.
please! Please don't!Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Don't kill me.
Please,don't kill me.
It's all right,sir.
We're not going to hurt you; we're the police.
I'll take that.
All right,bullet wound.
Let's see what the paramedics left me.
irregular laceration, subcutaneous tissue only.
A few millimeters deeper,it would have nicked the intercostal artery.
- That sounds bad.
- Yeah.
Would've been a real mess.
You're a lucky man.
Flush out the wound, dress it with 4 x 4 gauze, start an iv,hang cefazolin and get some blood work done.
Oh,and get him a tetanus shot.
Ah,the warm fuzzy feeling of modern medicine.
Can I get something to wear? Uh,yes,in a few minutes.
I need to document your wound.
Do you think you could lift your arms for me like this? Thank you.
That's perfect.
Why don't you tell us what happened.
Not much to tell,really.
cowboy dan had the office working round the clock for the last week.
We were putting together a campaign for a new tour.
I just got back from breakfast.
I heard a shot,shouting.
I guess the guy didn't even know I was there.
I was so scared,I couldn't move.
So I just played dead.
I don't even know how long I was there.
And then you guys came in and found me.
Do you think that you could indicate on this diagram where you were standing when you were shot? I guess I was standing somewhere around here.
Thank you.
Look,I really need to call my wife.
I should have been home by now, and she's probably worried.
Cutler, when was the last time you were home? I guess it was,uh probably yesterday morning.
Why? Mr.
I am very sorry,but your wife is dead.
She was found shot last night in your home.
Wh? single gsw to the forehead.
Stipling makes it close range.
At least he died with his boots on.
Cowboy dan gets it first.
The shooter finds his next target.
shoots him in the back.
That's the vic's desk.
He was getting a promotion.
Well,at least his day started out on a good note.
Looks like the gun's been wiped clean.
Doubt we'll get any prints.
So what do you got, five nine-mil shell casings? Two went back with the body,three still in the walls.
So they're all accounted for.
So willie cutler must have been standing along this line when he was grazed by the bullet.
Looks about right.
It's consistent with his statement.
and if the shooter never saw him, he got under the desk really quickly.
I sure would have.
So what do you think,greg? Is willie cutler the luckiest guy in the world or the unluckiest? I wouldn't want his luck either way.
Geez,you lose your wife, your boss,your co-worker, all in 24 hours;that's rough.
My heart goes out to you,pal.
Thank you.
Looks like someone's out to get you.
What do you mean? Well,the way I see it, somebody's out to kill you and a lot of innocent people are getting in the way.
That's got to be it.
Who'd want to kill you? I don't know.
Maybe it's just some nutcase.
A guy sees me on the street, and I remind him of somebody he hates.
Yeah,that'S that's a pretty good theory.
Want to hear another one? Sure.
Well,this one starts with your wife banging the lawn boy.
- Timmy? - Timmy.
What,you didn't know? No.
Really? 'Cause according to timmy, you found him in the bedroom and you dragged him out of the closet.
Well,he's lying.
'Cause I wasn't home.
Oh,yeah,that's right.
That's right.
You were on the love boat with sally the hooker.
Look,my wife and i had some problems.
You know,all married couples do.
I was getting a promotion at work.
At least I thought I was.
So I threw myself a little celebration.
I guess that makes you a premature celebrator.
Tell me about that work-promotion thing.
Why were you passed up? Cowboy dan just couldn't bring himself to promote a felon.
Yeah,no,I've-I've read your record.
I mean,it's minor league.
I mean,like,joyriding at 19.
Stupid kid stuff.
You know,it follows you around the rest of your life.
Oh,believe me,I know.
Look,here's what we got here.
Cowboy dan is dead.
The guy who got your promotion is dead.
It seems to me,that the one with the most motive to kill in this sad tale is you.
I got shot,too.
Well you knowkinda.
last night you wired 50-k from your home equity account to a marker at the lucky dragon.
So? So,I mean,it wasn't for chinese food.
So maybe you hired a professional killer to hit your wife,your boss,your coworker.
That's not true! Told them to take a little,you know, love bite out of you to,you know, make you look nice and innocent,you know? I didn't kill my wife! I lost this money at the tables.
You know this has been the worst day of my life, and I still haven't had a chance to see my wife's body--I want to leave.
But we're not done here,willie.
We're done! You can't prove that I killed anybody because I didn't kill anybody.
And if you're not going to charge me, I'm going to leave.
I want to see my wife's body now! Well,I pushed the guy as hard as I could, but there's a lot of media heat on this one.
I had to cut him loose.
Well,he's got a bullet wound and a dead wife.
For now,the evidence says he's a victim.
Well,that's what I told the unit who's shadowing him.
Sunstar cabs.
Yeah,we had several pickups from that office park this morning,but,uh, look,those drivers are all off right now, and they take one look at my caller I.
, They ain't pickin' up.
All right,well,what about drop-offs? Oh,definitely got something for you there.
- Yeah? - You'll love this.
Nicco,tell these guys about that guy,huh? The drive-around-all-night guy? Yeah,yeah,yeah.
Pick him up near viking and pecos around 2:45 A.
That's right around the time janice cutler was killed.
It's right near her house.
- Is this your cab? - Yeah.
- Mind if I take a look? - Okay.
So? He didn't know where he wanted to go, but he said I should drive anyway, so I drive.
He sees a store, he says stop.
Buys a beer.
Then he says,drive,stop, cigarettes,and drive some more.
I'm all around town.
Five,six hours.
Did you get his name? Uh I think it was sammy.
Yeah,that's what he said.
He asked me to wait for him by this office place, but by then it was at the end of my shift.
I told him, I got to get home to my wife.
And he asked me, do I love my wife, and I told him,hey, She loves me.
And he said, I was a lucky man, which I am.
And he left.
He gave me a big tip.
You need to check this out.
Is that the guy who called himself sammy? Looks a lot like willie.
Yeah,that's the guy.
That's the gun.
So,willie cutler had an older brother,sammy.
Sammy did time in chino for grand theft auto.
Willie had a vehicle-related felony on his record,too.
Yeah,the same incident.
See,willie was a first-time offender,so he pled out.
But sammy had a record, so the judge gave him a hard time.
So he got in trouble on the inside.
He did an extended sentence.
He got out six months ago.
I got a fax from the cab company i want to show you.
Check it out.
They get called out to that office park where the shooting took place.
Driver said the fare was a no-show.
"Requested destination-- lucky dragon casino.
" I sent a unit out to look for sammy.
You know,this could be a revenge story.
Willie gets a life, sammy goes to prison.
Sammy gets out, tries to get even.
Well,if sammy was trying to get even, why did willie keep quiet about it? He's his brother's keeper.
It's in the bible.
This is the man that we're looking for.
Please keep your eyes peeled.
He may have been here last night.
I want you to cover every square inch of this place.
Let's spread out;let's move it.
So,this is sammy cutler.
This is his mug shot.
It's a few years old, and this is what he looks like now.
Hey,sara, you're working the office shooting,right? Yeah,and the dead wife.
Autopsy reports on the two D.
Grissom wanted them asap, and I was in the neighborhood.
I'll pass them along.
Somebody at the office get knifed? No.
Kind of looks like a knife wound.
Victim survived the shooting.
He said he was grazed by a stray bullet.
Really? This is an irregular laceration with no defining features.
A grazing gsw is usually accompanied by some marginal abrasion.
There's none here.
Any idea what might have caused a wound like this? Yeah,lots of things.
Something sharp.
What's this blue discoloration? Kind of looks like ink.
Doesn't it? Mm-hmm.
Catherine found this under willie cutler's desk.
Thought the blood was incidental.
Sodium rhodizonate is negative.
No lead in the tear.
No bullet.
So,willie tried to make it look like he was shot.
Grabs a ball point pin.
drags it across his ribs.
Did I miss something? Don't know.
We'll find out.
We've been running a major poker tournament here all week.
You know what the loser gets? Baseball caps.
There's about 400 of them down there right now.
Keep looking.
What's up? Nothin' much.
Where you at? I'm at the venetian.
Canyon ranch,getting A manicure.
Hope you're in for a good back scratching session tonight.
Who you talking about? What? Me or the guy standing next to you? Look up.
You see that little dome above your head? Give it a wave.
That's me in the surveillance room, watching you lie to me.
Warrick man,and I didn't even have to call that show cheaters.
You think you know what you're talking about? Don't even bother coming home tonight.
I'll just text you the storage space your stuff'll be in.
You want to know what's up,huh? What's really up? I can see what's up.
You can't see a damn thing.
He's a V.
Host helping me plan your birthday party.
I hope you enjoy spending it alone.
What are you doing? Serology.
Serology? Now,I read about that in my history of forensic science classes.
So,what exactly is it you're trying to do? Lattes crust method for determining blood type.
You know,for you,I clear the decks.
I mean,I can just rush your samples through dna.
I need it faster than dna.
And I don't need a full profile anyway,just abo type.
You mind if I stick around and watch? Don't you have something better to do? Yeah,I do, but some guy's using my lab.
Okay,now as I recall, the reagents have to be fresh.
Right? So, where did you get those? I keep some in my fridge for emergencies.
You got anything else in there? Bottle of tequila,perhaps? Severed head? I don't keep tequila.
jim,you have to bring in willie cutler.
Willie got loose.
He slipped our surveillance.
What's up? We found high velocity spatter consistent with the wife on his shirt.
He was in the room when she was shot.
He could have been holding the gun.
Maybe they were working together.
That would explain what sammy was doing at the lucky dragon.
Willie lost a lot of money there.
So either he did it, or he's covering for his brother.
Maybe he's got unfinished business there.
Ow! Man,what the hell is your problem? - Just get out of my way.
- Oh,you're a tough guy? - Go ahead and go through me then if you - huh? - You think you want some of this,huh? - Tough guy,huh? Hey,break it up,break it up! Hey,aren't you? shots fired.
Main floor.
Bj pit three get out of my way! hey! Hey! Get off of me! What are you doing? Help! Help! Help me! this is a radio check.
Do you read me? copy that? Kill word is "jim.
" hello? Hey,willie.
It's me,uh,jim brass.
Remember me? Guess what?I'm right outside your door.
I will blow her head off.
I'll blow both our heads straight off.
You understand me?! Look,I understand.
I understand,willie,I do.
Look,I just I just want this to end peacefully.
For everybody.
I'm not coming out.
Oh,I don't want you to come out,willie.
I want you to let me in.
Look,I'm not armed.
Look through the peep hole.
Why do you want to come in here? Just to talk to you,willie.
I mean,you're a smart guy, I think maybe you and I, we can figure a way out of this.
Come on,check me out.
Okay,look, I'm going to put the phone down now, so you can see me,okay? Look no gun.
It's me.
I'm alone,and I'm unarmed.
Close that door.
Either I walk out here right now,or she dies.
Look nobody's going to die,willie.
Not you,not her, not me,not sammy,not anyone.
You sure about that? Oh,yeah, I'm sure about that.
Then I want to talk to my brother.
Okay,I can arrange that.
We have him in custody downstairs.
You're lying! Hey,you got the gun.
I'm notI wouldn't lie to you.
But I need you to do something for me.
I need you to let this woman go, and I'll dial up your brother downstairs.
Where is he? He's in the holding room, which is in the basement of the casino.
He was just trying to help me.
Look,I'm just trying to help you too,willie.
Point the gun at me,not at her, and let this nice young woman go, come on.
No way.
Point the gun at me,willie.
You really have my brother? Yeah,I'm gonna callhold on.
I want to talk to him.
Hold on.
This is brass.
Look,I need you to get samuel cutler on the phone.
I'm here with his brother,willie, and he'd like to talk to him.
So,could you go down to the holding room and get samuel cutler on the line and call me back? Are you with willie right now? Yes,I'm with him, and he'd like to speak with his brother.
We're still looking for him in surveillance.
It could take some time.
How much time? I don't see his face, - she dies! - Okay,okay,okay.
I need you to get samuel cutler up here as soon as possible.
Okay,brass,we're doing the best we can.
I want you to hang in there, take care of yourself.
If he's in this casino, we're going to find him.
Thank you.
He'll be here.
Okay? Now,I just want you to point the gun at me.
That's good.
Not at her.
That's it-- cause it's just you and me now,all right? I'm the hostage,all right? What's your name? Jackie.
It's going to be okay,jackie.
It's going to be okay,willie.
It's just you and me now.
This is all going to be over soon.
Oh,yesterday, I spent $5,000 on a hooker because I thought I was getting a $15,000 promotion.
When I went to work, I got the news that I'd been "passed over.
" So now you're five large in the hole,hmm? Well,way I saw it, I was 15 in the hole.
So I went to a cash machine and I wired myself 50-K.
Every cent I own.
For a second I was up, I was killin' em.
They were serving me cocktails, and calling me "sir.
" And then the pit boss got involved and I hit a bad streak.
So I called sammy.
Bust,bust,bust,bust! Damn it! God! Ah,god! What? What? - Willie? - What? Let me get you out of here.
What happened when you got home? Things got worse.
I lost everything.
Our entire savings.
I'm sorry.
You stupid lowlife.
That was my money,too! You are such a loser.
Just like your degenerate brother.
sammy told me to stay put, and he said I should clean up the mess.
He said he was going to take care of me.
Why didn't you call the cops? I can't turn him in.
And I knew I'd get blamed.
Willie cutler's marker was signed by a blackjack pit boss, this is last night's surveillance.
So the pit boss gives willie the heave-ho, with chips still on the table.
Yeah,that's about a $10,000 marker.
Casino owed him money, that's why willie went back.
And what about sammy? I haven't seen him.
I tried to find him myself.
I figured I could get him to mexico or something.
I drove around for hours.
So I went back to my office, and that's when I saw cowboy dan and roger.
And I knew what sammy meant when he said he was going to take care of me.
He was going to give me a clean slate.
He was going to kill everyone that wronged me.
But she hasn't wronged you.
Jackie hasn't done anything to hurt you.
So why would you want to hurt her? Let's cut her loose.
I don't want to hurt anybody.
That's right,willie.
You don't want to hurt anybody.
You kill somebody, even by accident, you can never take it back.
People never look at you the same way again.
And you know what? You can't look at yourself the same way again,either.
Griss? You got to see this.
I found it on the internet.
Me and sammy? we used to be so tight.
And that stupid car.
He always felt so guilty about dragging me into that, but it wasn't his fault.
He wasn't to blame.
Well just the phone.
Just the phone.
take it easy.
- Yeah.
- Jim? Sammy cutler's dead.
He died in a car crash in mexico two months ago.
Willie had to know.
He's been playing us.
I got it,yeah.
Sammy's not coming up.
But I guess we both know that,right? Yeah.
It's a good thing I have the gun.