CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e04 Episode Script


Hola, cariƱo.
Odo bien ? Estan mis bebes durmiendo como bebes ? Si.
Ya se, ya se.
No me reganes mas.
Si, si.
Comida para el bebe.
Pan, leche.
Mira, cari, ahorita vengo.
Te quiero.
Danke schoen, oh, darling.
Danke schoen.
Thank you for all the joy The vic had nothing on him but his casino I.
Name is Vasco Ruiz.
He's a dishwasher here at the Golden Sapphire.
My guess he got off his shift, went to his car, got whacked.
By what ? A blender.
Surveillance ? - Not in the employee structure.
- Witnesses ? Well, we found a Wayne Newton impersonator, but all I could get him to do was sing a few bars of "Danke Scheon".
But no wallet, no cash, no cell phone, no car keys.
Smells like a robbery.
Maybe it was his payday.
Even if this guy was walking out of here with a million dollars this is way more than excessive.
I'm gonna go get personal with his boss.
See what he knows.
- You got a name ? - She's not talking.
- What about ID ? - He must've taken her wallet.
- Cell phone ? - It's not here, they took it.
Somebody had to see something.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Well, we got a souvenir cup that screams "tourist.
" Yep.
I don't see a bar anywhere around here.
She must have neither going to or coming from the strip.
She shouldn't be walking around here, Warrick ? Couldn't pick a shadier part of town, man.
Well, these tourists don't know what they're getting when they book a trip to Vegas online.
"Hey, I got a room on the strip for 7.
5 bucks.
Whoa, what a deal !" And they mosey through the naked city with their thousand dollar cameras.
Next thing you know, we're taking their picture.
You know what, Grissom's crime scene is as five blocks from here.
Both victims had their wallets and their cell phones stolen.
And they were both beaten down in the same way.
Looks like someone is on a little crime spree.
David, hang on.
Looks like a woman's toe nail.
It's not necessarily a woman's.
Jessica this might hurt a little bit, but it's going to help us get the people who did this to you I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Do you have any other injuries ? Yeah, on my left side.
Could you left your left arm for me, please ? Thank you.
I just got out of a ten-year relationship.
So I decided to take a solo trip to Vegas.
You know, try the whole : "what happens in vegas, stays in Vegas.
" Been there.
Yeah, well, I get to take this face back with me.
Did anybody else get hurt ? Why do you ask ? I heard them saying that I was number two.
Was there a number one ? There was.
How are they doing ? He died.
Oh, right, slick.
Now what's with the suit ? Today was my first jury trial.
Today ended an hour and a half ago.
Maybe I just don't want the day to end.
Well, if that's the case, why don't you help my day end quicker and help me isolate some shoe treads.
Take the pants.
So ? How'd you do on the stand ? So good the prosecutor took me to dinner.
- Female ? - Yeah, she was icing.
I was just happy to finaly see a case from the crime scene to the courtroom.
We freakin' buried the guy.
It was bad ass.
I drop the hammer.
He was squirming in his chair.
How many different patterns you have there ? Five different patterns.
I've got three different ones on the t-shirt.
I mean, this one that looks like an athletic shoe sure got around.
As did this pointed toe high-heeled one.
So as this work boot.
What do you know about work boots ? I'm guessing you haven't worked a day of hard labor in your life.
I wore Doc Martens in high school.
It was the styles.
Yeah, for skinheads.
Yeah, they kind of ruined it for everyone.
You know, one of the victims was hispanic.
The other was jewish.
Maybe this was a hate crime.
Sure looks like hate to me.
Vasco Ruiz was someone punching-bag.
He suffered multiple abrasions, lacerations, contusions.
I found no particular patterns, sharp edges or tool marks from any weapons.
Do fists and feet count ? He had too many bruises to count, one on top of another.
And under the skin, things get even worse.
Long bone fractures of the fingers, radius, ulna, humerus.
Rib fractures, swelled chest, fracture of the vault and base of skull.
Almost every bone in his face.
Somewhere along the way, he took a shot to the head that resulted the subdural hematoma.
is multiple blunt force trauma.
Could one person have done this ? Not even Mike Tyson.
Okay, okay, okay.
They took my good vodkas, my single-malt whiskies, they took vermouth, cognac, VSOP cognac.
Am I going to get any of the stuff back ? - What you guys will do about this ? - Ok ok, slow down, - you talking too fast.
- All right, you know what ? Just let me know when you're ready.
I'm ready, sir, I just.
I just need you to talk slower.
Okay, I can do that.
These creeps come flying in here.
They take a lot of my good stuff.
And I chased one of them and I snatched the sweater right off his back.
How many did you see ? I don't know.
There was a bunch.
A bunch.
Two, five, ten ? - Closer to ten.
- Any descriptions ? They had their hoods on.
They were hooded.
You took the sweater off one of them and you you didn't get to see - what he looked like ? - He was on his way out the door.
What I did see was was really weird.
- What does "weird" look like ? - I don't know.
His face.
His nose was all deformed.
The whole thing creeped me out.
- Way to go.
- Thank you.
Greg Lose de monkey suit, you got a scene.
Liquor store robbery.
Here's the address.
Related to the earlier 415s ? Could be.
Sofia's got one of the suspect's sweaters.
I need you to seal it, bring it back, and anything else you can find.
All right.
Who's my wingman ? You're a big boy, Greg.
You don't need a wingman for this.
Whoa ! Pick on somebody you're own size.
Are you volunteering ? No.
Two scenes are related.
I found two common treads on both vics an athletic shoe and a boot.
I ran them through the Solemate database.
The athletic shoe is a Converse Chuck Taylor and the boot is a Doc Martin.
Could this be a woman shoe ? Yeah, I ran that through the Solemate database, too.
That is a Steve Madden Dynasti Stiletto.
Open-toe shoe.
'Cause Catherine found a broken female toenail in the vics mouth.
Most of the treads are on the sides and the back of the victim's clothing.
Which suggests that they were on the ground for most of the beating.
Kicked to death.
How am I gonna feed my boys ? Pay the rent, gas, car ? Mrs Ruiz, I'll do the best I can.
I'll put you in touch with state services that'll help you deal with these issues, okay ? But right now, I need your help to do my job.
I need some information, okay ? - Whatever you need.
- All right.
When was the last time you talked to Vasco ? Midnight.
He calls me every night after work.
Did he have any enemies that you know of ? He was a good men with a good heart.
- No one disliked him.
- Okay.
Did he carry a wallet or a cell phone ? He had both.
I want you to write down his cell phone number on this piece of paper, okay ? I need to access his records.
Hey, guys.
This officer's gonna take you and your mom home, make sure you all go home safe, okay ? Thank you.
I'm standing across from the Holiday Motel where a brutal beating just occurred a few hours ago.
We have the footage which was recorded by an anonymous bystander's cellphone.
Although the quality is poor, you can see several figures assaulting the lone female victim.
Anyone living near the Strip is being told to stay at home until the assailants are caught.
For anyone who has any information, please call 555-0155.
Get this reporter on the phone.
Control, Control, this is CSI Sanders, I need some help.
Control, go with your information.
I got an assault in progress one alley South of Casino Central Drive cross Street Shane.
- How many suspects involved ? - Multiple.
Could be the guys who've been doing it all night.
Closest unit has a five minute ETA rolling code three.
Are they armed ? I don't know.
I don't know.
Ma'am, please, listen.
You got to get here quicker than this.
Copy that.
We'll roll two additional units asap.
Wait for backup.
Move ! Get out of here ! I just want to see Demitrius.
- M'am, I'm sorry - I just want to talk to him.
I'm saying, I can't let you pass.
I'm sorry.
- He's not dead, is he ? - He's been badly injured, but he's being attended to, I promise you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Why isn't there a medic on Greg ? - He's been stabilizied.
Sara, he's going to be okay.
Sara I didn't think you could see me.
I can't But I know that Sidle scent.
I'm going to take that as a compliment.
I scratched one of them.
And you should check my vest.
I think the same guy spit on me.
And one of their cars crashed into the Denali.
I guarantee there's transfer on it.
You should process the scene now.
Me later.
I came here for you, Greg.
So how long you been in town, Mr.
Tanner ? About 20 hours, man.
You're on vacation ? Straight from Union City, Tennessee.
Okay, tell me what happened.
Well, I was-- cutting through that alley.
Try to find a taxi off full **** side streets.
Next thing I know I'm on the ground just getting pounded all to hell.
I thought I was gonna die.
Even give it up to the man.
Then I heard that horn honking and engine revving toward me.
Can you give me any descriptions ? Okay.
All right.
Take it easy.
Could you do me a favor ? Sure, I'll do my best.
Man that saved my life.
I'd like to meet him.
Give him a thank you.
His name is Greg Sanders.
And I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
I'll tell him.
I think I just found a piece of Sanders' hair.
So what, somebody else could've been done ? You bitches haven't caught them cats yet ? Excuse me ? You fellas want to keep moving, we're trying to work here.
You call that working ? Why is there an ass-whupping on every other block ? There's about to be an ass-whupping on this block.
- Is that right ? - That's right.
Hey, Nick Man, you're weak, weak, weak, weak.
You can't do this.
- I say what I want.
- You're not weak Nick Nick You're a joke.
Come on ! Anybody get that on video ? Man, I'll take a picture myself.
That's a nice phone you got there, man.
Real nice phone.
Wonder how many drug dealers' numbers you got on this phone here.
You'd like to go in jail, man ? Listen, I'm sorry about the little spill you had earlier but that's why we got the crime tape up, so you could see it.
Watch where you're going next time.
Go home safe.
What are you doing ? - We beat people up now ? - I'm sick of these punks, man.
- I'm serious, I'm sick of it.
- Then you're in the wrong town.
Greg ? Grissom.
Just another day at the office, hein ? Well, at least I can see now.
The guy they beat up.
How is he ? He's gonna be fine.
What about the other guy ? The guy I hit.
His name is Demitrius James.
He's in surgery.
He is he, like, a gangbanger or something ? Actually he's a student at the University.
He gonna be okay ? I don't know.
Has someone called your parents ? We should let them know.
What's the matter ? They still think I'm in the lab.
Why do they think that ? When I was in high school I never played any sport.
No football, no basketball.
Definitely no hockey.
I never would've guessed.
Well, it wasn't by choice.
My mom wanted four kids.
ended up with only one.
She always made sure I stayed close.
If I had a nose bleed, she'd take me to the E.
Well now would be the time to come clean.
My mom's gonna freak.
You tell her that you risked your life to save someone else's, and I think she'll be very proud of you.
Doctor found these on Demitrius James.
- Contact lenses ? - Special kind.
They're called halloween lenses.
They're wearing costumes.
Just a game to them.
Is that your number, Cha Cha ? Yeah, that's my number.
So tell me What does a dead guy sound like ? Was that funny ? M'am, I mean, ain't it supposed to be ? Someone called you from his phone.
Qho was it ? When'd they call again ? Man, you know how many people blow me up at that time ? Shoot, that's like prime time.
Finding-the-right-party time.
Half my cuz got a voice mail and my line's so busy.
Who is this guy ? Maybe I've seen him before, I don't know.
Farami, huh ? Yeah.
You like ? If it was real, I might.
Can I go now ? Damn.
When I swab that knockoff Farami buckle and I find this tourist's DNA on it, you're going down for murder.
She didn't die.
No, but Mr.
Ruiz did.
And you were the last person that he call.
That connects you to both crimes.
Tara, okay ? Tara called me.
It's funny, 'cause the only reason I picked up my phone is 'cause didn't know the number.
Thought it was this hot boy.
And what did Tara want ? Her boyfriend, Pig, invited her to a party at a motel.
She invited me, so I rolled.
Go get a piece.
It's fun.
Is that your idea of a party ? Man, everyone loves a good fanny smacking session.
A what ? Beating up fannypackers.
You know, tourists.
Why would you want to do that ? Nothing else to do.
And you do this all the time ? Yeah, but this was the first time I ever heard of anyone dying.
What is Pig's name ? I just know "Pig".
So if fannysmackin' is all about tourists, why'd you go after a dishwasher at the Golden Sapphire ? I dont know.
Maybe he was just practice.
So, think we're out of the wood yet ? Well, beatings were occurring every hour, and it's been three hours since the last one, so maybe.
Do I look like I want to to sign in ? I want to talk to cop, okay ? Somebody get me a cop ! I want to talk to a cop now ! - He's a cop.
- She' a cop.
Hey, my friend, he got beat up and robbed.
- I can see that.
- Where ? On the corner of Decatur and Jones.
They took the ten g's that I had on me, they took my watch, they took my cell phone.
And look at his face.
They beat him up, too.
Did you get a good look at 'em ? Not really.
They were wearing hoodies.
Process the sweater found at the liquor store.
Found blood.
Sent it to DNA.
Wendy found two types, matched both to your vics.
She also ran saliva on Greg's jacket.
Came back unknown male.
Same unknown male that Greg scratched.
Nice map.
What do you see ? My old neighborhood.
What do you see ? Inconsistency.
In what ? The dishwasher, both tourists and Greg were attacked near the Strip.
Dean Harden claims that he was attack all the way over here in South-West Las Vegas.
Swarms don't backtrack.
We're talking about humans here, not bugs.
Humans have always adapted strategies from the insects.
Swarming is an ancient military tactic.
You surround your ennemies, then attack from all directions simultaneously.
Alexander the Great pioneered the maneuver 2,000 years ago.
Although swarms consist of several individuals, they must be treated as a single entity.
Wich lives, thinks and moves as one.
Built with an internal logic to continue forward, gain momentum and never backtrack.
So, this guy Dean probably was not a victim of the swarm or he's lying.
Take a look at these clothes.
In contrast to the other beatings, I found only one type of shoe tread on Dean clothes.
The print matches a size 12 Nike Air.
And this shoe is his own.
He swarmed himself ? I owe my uncle Lenny ten g's and I don't got it, all right ? Am I supposed to know who uncle Lenny is ? Uncle Lenny ? Lenny G.
, the famous sports handicapper.
Yeah, it's not ringing any bells.
- He's blackbooked from the casinos.
- But he still likes to bet.
And you bet for him.
Yeah he-he-he gave me five dimes to bet on the Eagles this past Sunday.
You see, me and Ant, we're hurting for cash right now.
We didn't think the Eagles had a chance, so we thought we would just pocket the cash.
But they won and now you owe Uncle Lenny G.
ten g's.
And then we saw these beatings on TV and just thought it was a great idea.
Don't go near the package.
Why am I gonna go near you package ? - All right.
- All right.
It'll be like Pesci did it to De Niro in Raging Bull - Remember that ? - Yeah, all right, - just do it, man, come on.
- Okay.
- All right, just do it.
- I'm doing it ! You're crying ? Shut up, man ! It's not funny, all right ? I figured, if Dean said we got beat up and robbed, we wouldn' have to pay up.
Yeah, well, now you're eleven g's in the hole.
The ten thousand you owe your Uncle Lenny for the bet, and the thousand you owe us for filing a false police report.
Hey, Catherine.
I think I'm on to something.
Check this out.
The king swine.
Now, "y'all" is plural.
Believe me, I used the word a lot, so I have a feeling he sent that to more than one person.
It could be a mass text.
Lindsey once sent everyone in her phonebook the same message at the same time.
I got stuck with a three hundred dollars bill.
We got this punk's phone number.
All we have to do is subpoena his phone records.
We'll get every one he sent the message to.
We'll text him, we'll tell him to meet us somewhere.
From Tara's phone ? They'll know it's us.
No, from pig's phone.
We don't have Pig's phone.
Don't need it.
When you text from a computer, you put in the number that you're calling from.
We'll just use Mr.
Okay, but how do we get the Pig ? Look, I'm not gonna play you, Tara.
so let's not waste each other's time.
I have enough evidence to try you for first degree murder.
But I'm greedy.
I want the rest of the Mickey Mouse club.
So you have a choice.
You can either spend a very, very long time in jail or you can help me out.
- I'm not saying nothing.
- You don't have to say anything.
Write a text message.
Something Pig would send to his buddies to get them all up for another fannysmackin' party.
Look, Tara, I don't think that beating these people up was your idea, so why should you and Cha Cha take the fall ? These guys don't care about you.
I mean, let's face it.
You're just a piece of tail to them.
Right ? So what's it going to be ? Are you going to let a guy with the colorful but unfortunate name of "pig" run free while you go to jail ? You know it's funky in there.
No Posh Spice.
No parties, no purses or pedicures or pasta primavera.
So you decide.
Pig text you ? Yeah.
Hey, Pig, thanks for that text.
- I'm ready for some smackin'.
- I didn't text you.
- You didn't ? - No, did you text me ? I didn't text you.
Everybody out of the car, now.
Get out the car.
See those hands.
Put them on the top of the car.
Turn off the truck.
Get out.
And put your hands above your head.
Get out of the car.
You're going to jail.
Free shower, free food, free sleep.
Let me in there.
This little piggy went "Wee, wee, wee" All the way There he is.
Sanders ? Hey.
How you doing ? Better than dead.
Get me over here, Liz, where I can shake this man's hand.
You're a brave man.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Home, Elizabeth.
- Ok.
I cook some mean barbecue, if you ever get yourself to Union City, Tennessee.
I'll look you up.
You do that.
I am going to pick up some Roberto's, take it over to Greg.
I'm sure he's sick of the hospital food.
Anybody want to come ? I'll take a ride with you, but, huh-- I pass on the Mexican food at 10:00 in the morning.
No, I'd like to see Greg.
I'm definitely in, yeah.
Pig and the piglets are in the pig pen.
It's about time.
Finally, some good news.
Did you know that Pig aka Colt Treat was the only adult ? The rest of them were under 18.
One was 14.
Are you kidding ? Who raises these kids ? I mean, they weren't all delinquents.
Demetrius James was a college student.
Hanging out with the wrong crowd in the wrong town.
I'm telling you, a fake ID in Las Vegas is like having a a free ticket on the hell train.
Sex, drugs, gambling, no adult supervision, 24/7.
By the time they're 21, they've done and seen it all.
Make me slit my wrist, why don't you ? I'm raising a teenager here.
Oh, you're doing a great job.
Lindsey's gonna turn out to be a beautiful young woman.
Besides, I grew up in Vegas, I didn't turn out so bad, did I ? Yeah, that was pre-Mirage, back when you were a little squirt going to the casino playing the arcade games.
Vegas is a different animal now.
Yeah, these kids need to beat people on the street to be entertained.
They just need some good discipline.
They need, huh-- their grand mother whipping their ass like like I had.
Yeah, a good slap.
You know, it kind of sounds like you guys are blaming everybody but these kids.
I mean, you don't get a by just 'cause you grew up here and your parents were on drugs Those kids are perfectly capable of telling the difference between a wild night out and beating somebody to death.
The truth is, a moral compass can only point you in the right direction, it can't make you go there.
Our culture preaches that, huh, you shouldn't be ashamed of anything you do anymore.
And unfortunately, this city is built on the principle that there's no such thing as guilt.
"Do whatever you want, we won't tell.
"So without a conscience, there's nothing to stop you from killing someone.
And evidently, You don't even have to feel bad about it.