CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e06 Episode Script

Burn Out

There's an Amber Alert in Clark County this evening for two missing boys.
Okay, we have two missing criticals.
Jason Crowley, age 11, black, male, four-foot-six.
Lucas Hanson, age ten, caucasian, male, five feet.
Now, uh, the boys were last seen at this location at 15:30 hours.
Jason Crowley's house.
Jason lives with his grandfather, Terrance Crowley.
The address is on your handouts.
Terrance Crowley assumed that they were staying at Lucas' house.
Dawn Hanson, Lucas's mother, returned home from work at 21:00 hours.
She assumed they were at Terrance Crowley's house.
She reported them missing at 24:00 hours.
Now, we searched the schools, playgrounds, basketball courts.
Found nothing.
Canine is on the scene.
Neither of the boys carried cell phones or pagers.
Now, any questions ? Boys ever run away before ? No, and, uh, we interviewed the teachers at the school, and according to them, they're both good kids.
Any, uh, distinguishing features or marks ? Well, as you can see, Jason wears glasses, but that's it.
Yeah ? Did Amber Alerts go out to any other states ? Amber Alerts have gone out to the states of Utah, California Okay, so what does your arson have to do with my missing kids ? Upon initial search of the premises, farmer located one adult male unconscious on the living room floor.
His name's Carl Fisher.
Paramedics got him on the bumper now.
Once he came around, he started claiming every time there's an Amber Alert, somebody tries to kill him.
Child molester.
Tier Two, by his own admission.
Excuse me, Mr.
Fisher ? My name's Gil Grissom.
I'm with the Crime Lab.
What happened to your shoes ? They're in the house.
I was asleep.
Are you familiar with the names Lucas Hanson or Jason Crowley ? The kids from the Amber Alert ? No, sir.
I'm a convicted pedophile.
That would be a violation of my parole.
Which is it ? Boys or girls ? Boys.
I know what you're thinking.
No, you don't.
Don't know what woke me up, the smoke or the fire.
Next thing I remember, I was outside, looking up at the paramedics.
Hold out your hands, please.
Turn them over.
So, uh, can you account for your whereabouts the last 24 hours ? I worked from 6:00 until 2:00 p.
, and then I went straight home.
Where do you work ? At the feed lot off Highway 111.
I've got a Masters in English Literature.
I used to teach high school.
Let me guess, the kids loved you.
Someone set fire to my house.
I almost died.
Why don't you ask me about that ? Okay.
Who would want to barbecue you ? My neighbors make it clear every day how they feel about me.
I would start with Mr.
He threw a rock through my window a few months back when a little girl went missing.
Hamilton he barely finished high school.
He has a lot of displaced anger.
You're not writing any of this down.
I have a good memory.
Listen, I've called you guys half a dozen times in the past two years.
I've had my house graffitied, my windows broken, my tires slashed.
Well, you know, Carl, sometimes bad things happen to bad people.
But I'll tell you what I'll let you file a formal complaint down at the police station.
I got to go.
You all right here ? I'm almost done.
I've been living right the past five years since I got out of prison.
I haven't gone near a child.
I go to a support group every week.
I've even lectured social workers on how to recognize sexual predators.
Ask my parole officer.
Doesn't that count for something ? I don't know.
But it doesn't change anything, does it ? Police have no new clues in the disappearance of ten-year-old Lucas Hanson and 11-year-old Jason Crowley.
Teachers and classmates are planning a six p.
vigil at Rockwater Elementary I got your message.
You said it was urgent.
You told me to go home and look around.
That's what I did.
My ex took 'em.
Hanson, I thought you told me that your ex-husband wasn't involved in Lucas' life.
He doesn't care about Lucas.
He barely uses his visitation, and then, six months ago, I don't know, he-he got into some kind of trouble.
He started coming around when Lucas was home alone.
He'd gone through my mail, my checkbook.
He-He stole our TVs.
Daddy, please.
Mama said she's gonna call the cops.
Put it back.
Your mom can do whatever she wants.
I paid for this.
It's mine.
So I told Lucas that he couldn't be home alone anymore, and I took his key.
You locked your son out of his own house ? I made arrangements with Jason's grandpa.
The hide-a-key is for emergencies only.
So it's possible that Lucas took the key.
Lucas Lucas always drops his book bag in the hallway and turns on the TV.
I bought him a new one.
I'm positive he didn't came home.
Okay, all right, all right.
Give me an address for your ex-husband.
That sounds like a license plate.
Yeah, well, he moves around a lot.
Practically lives out of his car.
He runs a stripper circuit on I-15.
Hanson, have you ever seen this man ? No.
Why ? Uh, he's a person of interest.
Lucas knows better than that.
- You don't talk to strangers.
- Yes, sir ? Uh, yeah.
Put out a broadcast on Perry Hanson.
Look, Jason and Lucas probably just ran away.
They're at that age.
- You know what I'm saying ? - Well, kids with no money and no place to go usually come home quickly.
Do you know how hard it would be to catch them ? Lucas is a big boy.
And Jason Jason is fast.
The red one is Jason's.
- Your grandson's into sports, huh ? - Yeah, you'd think.
Plays them damn video games.
That's all he wants to do.
I told him I don't allow that stuff in my house.
Boys need fresh air and sunshine.
Uh, we haven't been able to reach Jason's father.
Have you spoken to him ? You know, my son fell apart when his wife died.
Quit his job.
I was basically taking care of both of them.
And then he got a great opportunity in Houston.
Couldn't get Jason into a school until next semester, so I said I'd keep him until then.
How do those dogs find people ? Just like the movies, they sniff them out.
Bet it's expensive, huh ? - You worried about the money ? - Let me tell you something.
Boys are gonna walk right in here just like that runaway bride.
And you people are gonna be handing me a bill for all the looking, you watch.
I talked with the neighbors.
A Mrs.
Hamilton says she walked her dogs around 6:00 last night.
She saw Carl watering his outside plants.
He was alone.
She also said that after dark, everyone locks up their doors, and the kids stay inside.
And let me guess.
Nobody saw or heard anything, right ? - Right.
- Right.
What do you got ? Based on the burn pattern, the origin of the fire was definitely here.
I detected an accelerant on the front of the car, and on the ground, both consistent with gasoline.
Now, the back seat's still intact, so I figure the fire jumped from the car to the house and fast.
Check this out.
Full shoe impression on the concrete.
Someone stepped in the accelerant before the car was lit.
Treads lead toward the street.
Could've been a neighbor.
Could've been anybody.
Well, so far, the only prints I found in the bedroom are Carl Fisher's.
No semen stains in the bed.
And nothing to indicate children.
Well, there's tons of these.
What's that ? Spencer's Last Straw, Wiz Kids, Mayhem and McCabe, Secret City.
Guy lives in a trailer.
He drives an old Mercury.
He has a ton of expensive DVDs and video games.
There's gummi bears and chips on the floor.
House might as well be made out of gingerbread.
Vehicle matched the description.
Went to pull him over, he tried to split on us.
Perry Hanson ? So, Mr.
Hanson, where are the boys ? Which boys ? Lucas and Jason.
My kid, Lucas ? What, did he ditch school or something ? No, he's missing, and so is his best friend.
You mean, you didn't hear the Amber Alert, or check your messages ? You don't have to talk to him, okay, Perry ? See, I know the frickin' Constitution.
I bet you do.
Somebody get Ben Franklin out of here.
Yes, sir.
Ma'am Don't - Didn't have to cuff us, you know ? - Take it easy.
- It's not like we're frickin' terrorists.
- Pull her in the car.
You want to tell me what Jason Crowley's baseball glove is doing in your car ? Lucas must've left it there.
I don't know, man, kids are always taking each other's crap.
Yeah, well, I'm not taking any more of yours.
You're under arrest.
Got something here.
Lucas was last seen wearing khaki-colored board shorts.
I've had calls here before.
A lot of these houses are vacant.
Perfect place for a little privacy.
Okay, let's get around this fence.
Okay, let's hear it.
You know my ex is crazy, right ? She always been a drama queen.
She probably told you that I stole the TV.
I don't care about the TV.
When was the last time you were in your house ? Day I left I've never been back.
I found this in your car.
Guess whose front door it opens ? Look my ex will hardly even let me see my kid.
You know, not until I pay up on the vaginamony that I owe.
And that's illegal.
She doesn't care.
Yesterday, I-I just wanted to see my boy.
You know ? So I went over there and he wasn't home.
I guess I forgot to leave the key.
Another sad, suffering single dad.
You better find my kid.
And if I were you, I'd start with Dawn's boyfriends.
Oh, if you were me.
She only dates scumbags and bottom-feeders.
- At least I never been in prison.
- Well, that can change.
Go ahead.
Clear ! Clear ! Closet's clear.
Check the rest of the house.
It's the door itself, not what's inside.
There was a struggle here.
I've got blood and short dark hairs caught in the wood.
Could be Jason's.
We've got tags.
Blood smear.
That's far enough away from the door.
It's possibly a separate event.
Toys and candy.
Somebody's kids were playing here.
Sofia A dental bridge.
Two premolars.
How do those dogs find people ? Grandpa lied through his teeth.
Recognize these ? You brought me way down here to show me a picture of my teeth ? Huh ? The least you could do is give 'em back.
Remember those dogs you were so interested in ? Well, they led us to an abandoned house, not far from where you live, and that's where we found your teeth.
We also found physical evidence, blood evidence that tells us that your grandson and Lucas You think you're real smart, lady.
Don't you ? Before I start thinking you killed those boys, why don't you tell me what happened.
I was defending myself.
- Against a pair of sixth graders ? - You're damn right.
Two boys can cause a lot of damages.
Especially that Lucas.
Hey, hey, hey ! Dinner was at 5:00, now it's cold.
Let's go ! We don't want your food.
We're going to eat at my house.
My dad said I could stay with Lucas and his mom.
I like it better there.
- Don't you lie to me, boy.
- I'm not lying.
I wish you weren't my grandpa.
Don't talk to me like that again.
They had it coming.
Those boys have no respect.
They're punks.
Now, I love my son, but he didn't do right by Jason.
So you thought you'd beat respect into him.
I don't need a lecture about how to discipline my grandson.
That's the trouble with parents today, they're afraid of their own kids.
Sounds like they were afraid of you.
That's the way it's supposed to be.
What happened after the altercation ? They ran off.
You don't want to eat, you go hungry.
That's how you learn.
Why didn't you tell us this before ? I told you what was important, lady.
Now those boys are going to be fine.
What they're trying to do, they're trying to punish me.
That's what they're trying to do.
And you'll see, they'll be back.
And then I will sit down and I will talk to Jason.
Now, what about my teeth ? They're evidence.
We'll give them back to you when we're done.
It was self-defense and you can't charge me.
Okay, I'll let you go.
Until we find the boys.
Well, how am I supposed to get home ? You took my car, too.
There's a bus stop down the street.
Where is he ? What did you do ? You better watch your tone.
You swore you wouldn't lay a hand on him.
- You better get out of my face, boy.
- Are you Gerald Crowley ? - Jason's dad ? - Yes, ma'am.
Did you know this man is a bully ? Big college football coach until he got caught abusing his own players.
Almost got thrown in jail.
You just had to take care of him for a few months.
- What the hell is wrong with you ? - Okay, let's go talk some place.
I swear If you hurt Jason I will kill you.
- It's a gas container.
- Yeah.
I found it melted to the floorboard.
People are so predictable.
Lucky for us.
You want me to go to the station, and repeat all the facts I already told you.
If you want to file a formal complaint to make it official, yes.
Oh, is that a Red Cross voucher ? I'll call and make a hotel reservation for you.
I got to go to the bathroom.
You want me to leave the door open ? I'm too old for you.
Yeah, Gil, yeah.
He's agreed to come to the PD.
But I can't keep him there long, so let's ratchet it up a notch and get something to hold him on, all right ? Carl Fisher's on his way into the station to sign off on his arson claim.
Brass needs something from us to hold him.
Yeah, if he's got those kids stashed somewhere, he could try to take them out of state.
Or worse.
I wish I had more.
The burned shoe impression was a size 11.
Carl Fisher wears a size 11.
But none of the patterns match up.
And the shoes that Sara found near the sofa I can't even identify a brand.
Didn't we talk about this once before, Greg ? I'm the one who turned the music on.
What have you found ? A gas container.
As the heat melted the plastic, it formed pockets, trapping the gasoline inside.
And if Hodges can isolate any unique compounds from the gas, you know, like, gas DNA.
Gasoline comparisons are only credible if you have pure samples.
Otherwise, there's too many variables.
I know that, Grissom.
What I've extracted was never exposed directly to the fire.
So, if we can identify either a dye, or a unique compound, and match it to a particular station, then we might be able to prove whether Carl set the fire.
I'll get this to Hodges.
Greg's got the Coroner's Inquest coming up.
He's been under a lot of stress.
Maybe you could be a little nicer to him.
I just want to find these boys.
Carl Fisher, apparently eats and drinks in the backseat of his car.
I found it in a seat pocket.
Fruit punch ? Or a mixer.
I did not find the bottle.
And so ? Mushrooms, picked off a cheese pizza.
I found it stuffed between the cushions in the backseat of the car.
If you're an adult, and you don't like mushrooms, you don't order them.
Oh, did I tell you, you can't check into the hotel till after 4:00.
I'll find something to do.
Well, I'm wondering if you might hang out and volunteer your services here.
Isn't that what you do ? Talk to groups about sexual deviancy ? You want me to help you do your job ? Help you find those missing kids ? Yeah, that's what I want.
So you going to help us out or not ? I may be able to offer some insights.
But only if I can talk to the other guy.
I'm a victim of abuse.
My older brother.
I was eight.
He was much olderĀ­ 16.
He was jealous and angry.
He wanted to destroy me.
It's not offered as an excuse, but it might explain why I'm here with you right now.
These are known child molesters living within our search radius.
I met him in prison.
He's an environmental offender.
Only molests members of his own family.
Small world, he's in my support group.
Your boys are too ripe for him.
He likes toddlers.
A couple of these guys are mysopeds, aggressive pedophiles.
Some of their pleasures derive from physical violence.
They like to molest, then beat, and sometimes kill their victims.
But these guys aren't killers.
Who said the boys were dead ? They've been gone a long time.
Bad news ? Sir, hold on.
You're gonna have to stand back, ma'am.
There's a scrape on his left cheek.
Yeah, there's some minor bruising on the knuckles of his right hand.
Probably a defensive wound.
Catherine found some brown fabric on a fence nearby.
I bet it's from these shorts.
Hey, super, you didn't leave this shirt inside out when you took it off the body, did you ? No.
Could be a redress.
Yeah, it could.
Okay Well, SAE kit should tell us whether or not he was molested.
Sometimes this job gets to me.
Yeah, me, too, buddy.
Me, too.
Grandpa play golf ? I think golf's a little too rich for his blood.
Doesn't mean he didn't follow them here.
A stranger wouldn't take time to bury him that way, it was too nice.
It suggests whoever killed him cared about him, knew him, you know ? Well, my money's still on the pedophile.
A ten-year old could fit in there, huh ? Well, Jason is a skinny kid.
I didn't see this boy at the pizza place, but I remember the little guy.
He had a fat lip.
I asked him where he got it.
What did he tell you ? He said his grandfather was a bully.
I started to walk out with him and I was worried.
But he swore he was safe.
With friends.
Did you see who he was with ? Some white guy.
It was pretty dark.
And there was no one else with him ? Not that I saw.
But they ordered an extra-large with everything and that's 18 slicesĀ­ and a full liter of cherry soda.
If it matters, they sat in the parking lot for a while.
Is there anything you can remember about the car ? - Make ? Color ? - It was a Mercury Marquis.
- Are you positive ? - Yeah.
My boyfriend's a street uh, he's into cars, so I know cars.
No sand in his nasal passages or lungs.
He was dead before he was buried.
Are those palm prints on his sternum ? Consistent in position and pressure with CPR.
Also found air in his stomach.
If you don't tilt the head back, the trachea doesn't open.
It forces air into the stomach instead of the lungs and that's bad CPR.
Now, what kind of a killer performs CPR on their victim ? Well, maybe he didn't mean to kill him.
His pupils were dilated.
I found a subdural hematoma in the left frontal lobe.
That's your preliminary cause of death.
I sent samples to Tox, of course.
Catherine found blood smear on the floor where he was playing.
He has a laceration on his cheek.
And the grandpa admits he pushed Lucas down - when he hit his head.
- Except that, by itself, the head injury wouldn't have been immediately fatal or necessarily incapacitating.
But, yeah, he would've had a headache.
Hey, got some gasoline samples for you.
Thanks, Greg.
It's gonna take a little while to fill my tank.
Why don't I get you a funnel ? Kidding.
You think your arson case has something to do with these missing kids ? Well, Carl Fisher lives in the neighborhood, but, so far, his alibi checks out.
I don't know why pedophiles just don't kill themselves.
Who knows, he might have tried.
I collected these from service stations closest to his house.
Did you consider That he might have filled up on his way to work or anywhere else in Vegas ? Yes.
That's why I wanted to get you started on these before I hit the other stations on the list.
Good job, gas-hopper.
Okay, then what would you do if you were going to take those boys ? I would be studying them.
Do they like sports ? Comic books ? Do they skip school ? Have any friends ? Good parents, or are they neglected ? Unhappy ? Angry ? And then ? What do you do when you like a woman ? It's a game of seduction.
Once you know what they like, you make contact.
You start slowly, play it cool.
Especially with boys.
It's about building trust.
Like you're doing with me.
Do you like mushrooms, Carl ? I like all the nightshade vegetables.
Are you going to buy me dinner ? We found mushrooms in the backseat of your car.
Is this turning into an interrogation ? You're free to leave.
On the night the boys disappeared, witnesses said they saw them sitting in a car with a man, eating pizza.
You take a date out to a nice steak dinner.
Kids would rather have hamburgers or pizza.
Did you take the kids out for pizza ? No, I'm talking hypothetically.
You must be desperate for a suspect, or a scapegoat.
Do you need to give the press something to chew on ? We just found Lucas Hanson's dead body.
They're chewing on that.
What about the other boy ? He's still missing.
In my opinion, if someone killed one boy he killed them both.
So, we're working on a couple of Jason sightings.
Camper in Red Rock spotted a kid who looks like Jason, so I sent Vega.
And Sofia is on her way to Bullhead City, Arizona.
A woman on a bus called the cops.
She swears that Jason's sitting next to her.
That's what I've got.
Any luck with Carl Fisher ? I don't know.
He wants something from me or he wouldn't still be here.
Sanders ? You can stop gassing up.
I've got a match.
AvCon on Buffalo Canyon.
Pump six.
Where did he board ? Vegas depot.
Was he with anyone ? I'm not gonna report you.
You can tell me the truth.
Children aren't supposed to travel alone, but it was a full bus when I took off today.
I couldn't tell you.
He was definitely by himself.
I saw this, I knew it was him.
I radioed my dispatcher.
She told me to pullover at the next town, make sure he doesn't get off, and wait for you.
Thank you for your help.
Can you tell me where he's sitting ? Back row.
My name's Sofia.
Are you Jason ? There's nothing to be afraid of, Jason.
You're not in trouble.
I just want to help you.
You're on your way to Texas to see your dad, right ? It's just well, when you went missing, your dad flew to Las Vegas to find you.
He's waiting for you.
Can I take you to him ? Is that the tox report for Lucas Hanson ? His blood alcohol point one six.
It's a drunk kid.
And Sara found a whiskey cap in Carl Fisher's car.
Oh, perfect way to loosen up a little boy.
Give him pizza and whiskey.
Yeah, well, listen to this.
According to the report, Lucas also had 98 micrograms per milliliter of salicylates in his system.
Well, I guess he took the aspirin after he hit his head.
Wonder who gave him that.
Probably the same responsible adult that gave him the whiskey.
So, you think I got the boys drunk, and then killed them ? Not exactly.
We found Jason Crowley.
On a bus headed for Houston.
One of the lucky ones.
It's okay, Jason.
Daddy's here, boy.
Daddy's here.
That bus ticket costs $95 for a child under 12.
Jason's grandfather doesn't keep any cash in the house, and he doesn't give him an allowance, so where do you think Jason got the cash ? Maybe he stole it.
From whom ? I don't know.
Why don't you ask him ? I will.
Do you get a lot of migraines, Gil ? You should ask your doctor for a prescription of sumatriptan.
Works for me.
Captain Brass wants to put you in a lineup.
If you'll agree to it, then I think this will all be over with.
Then let's do it.
Do you recognize anyone, Jason ? Which number ? Number two ? Yes.
Was he the man who kidnapped you and Lucas ? Jason, remember, you can see him, but he can't see you.
Did number two hurt Lucas ? I'll kill your dad if you tell No, ma'am.
The gas DNA panned out.
- It did ? - Yeah.
Hodges and I traced the gas back to a service station near Fisher's house.
Station had security cameras.
Got him filling up the night of the fire, so I went through the electronic receipts.
All of them.
Carl Fisher purchased 16 gallons.
And ? His Mercury Marquis only holds 14, so, where did he put the extra two gallons ? In a plastic gas can ? All of which he paid for with his ATM.
Not the same as cash.
Thanks, Greg.
No one has told me why I'm being detained.
Arson is a felony.
You torched your own car.
We have video surveillance and electronic records that show you purchasing gas and a gas can.
I was trying to scam my insurance company.
I needed the money.
You were destroying evidence of Lucas Hanson and Jason Crowley in your car.
And I think you helped kill Lucas.
No, I didn't.
And you're not charging me for that, so I'm guessing Jason didn't pick me out of the lineup.
He told us he knew you.
Kill one, kill both, remember ? If I had killed Lucas, I would have killed Jason.
Lucas was looking for a father.
His real one was an accident of biology.
His mother was limited, always working.
He was lonely.
He found me.
I see you every day.
You play a lot, huh ? Maybe we can play sometime.
My best friend's always grounded.
How about tomorrow ? Did you know that most parents spend less than 20 minutes a day of quality time with their kids ? Lucas was starved for attention.
All his mother did was complain about his father and how he'd abandoned them.
Do you know what that does to a child ? It doesn't kill them.
Okay, Carl, just tell me what happened.
Lucas and Jason had gotten into it with Jason's grandfather.
He knocked the boys around.
They ran to Lucas' house, but couldn't get in.
So they came to me.
Comon in, guys.
I explained to them that hitting wasn't okay.
I said Jason needed to call his father and tell him what was going on.
Did you let them use your phone ? But they were too upset.
When the grandfather pushed Lucas, he hit his head.
I gave him a couple of aspirin.
Well, if he didn't want to call his mother, why didn't you call her ? I couldn't risk it.
She might have turned me in.
So, instead, you took them for pizza ? I didn't touch him.
I didn't want to hurt him.
You gave him liquor.
I stopped and bought some whiskey before we picked up the pizza.
I was nervous about them being in the car with me.
I didn't want to go back to prison.
And you wanted to get them drunk.
They They just wanted to try it.
I gave them a taste.
It was more than a taste, Carl.
Lucas' blood alcohol level was point one six.
That's twice the legal limit for an adult.
Why didn't you take them home ? They didn't want to go home.
They wanted an adventure.
I promised them a dollar for every golf ball they brought back.
Lucas wasn't feeling well, so he stayed in the car with me.
And you knew that Jason wanted money, so he could go to Texas and see his dad, so you bribed him in order to be alone with Lucas.
I didn't molest him.
- Who took his shirt off ? - He was hot.
What were you gonna do to him once his shirt was off ? It was innocent.
He wasn't feeling well.
He laid his head in my lap.
I touched his hair.
I didn't want to I loved him.
I loved Lucas, and he loved me.
Is that what you think ? Then why didn't you help him ? He told you he hit his head.
He was in pain.
He had a concussion, Carl.
You must have known that.
I'm sure he was dizzy, probably had no appetite.
Maybe he was even slurring his words, but you didn't care about that, because you wanted what you wanted.
Lucas ?! His brain was bleeding.
Now, most kids won't die from that, because someone who really loves them takes them to the hospital, but instead, you gave him alcohol and aspirin, a lethal combination for his head injury.
It prevented his blood from clotting.
You killed him, Carl.
And you would have killed Jason, too, except he ran away from you.
Out of your reach.
Jason ! Hey.
Hey, what are you doing in there ? You're not listening to me.
I didn't want to hurt anyone.
I need you to believe me.
I don't.
You had choices.
You made the wrong ones.
And now this little boy is gone.
So I talked Voris into violating parole, and we're adding the charges of negligent homicide.
You're not gonna see Carl for a long time.
Also, we, uh we've arrested the grandpa, Terrance Crowley, for child abuse.
Everybody wins.
Except Lucas.
You're gonna fry.
You drove him right to it ! You did this ! You did this ! I'll kill you ! Where is Carl Fisher ? You can't take him to County Mr.
Crowley's civil rights were violated.
This department is racist.
Excuse me ! I was here first.
My client has been detained illegally.
You cannot charge Mister