CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e09 Episode Script

Living Legend

It was the '70s, it was Las Vegas, it was the time of Mickey Dunn the legendary organized crime figure who ran Vegas operations of extortion and racketeering by day I love America ! and partied on its disco dance floors by night.
Until august 1976, when federal authorities linked Dunn to the murder of a low-level mob informant It was the case prosecutors were waiting for.
The arrest warrant was issued, the party was over.
But the legend had just begun.
Mickey Dunn and his fabled Gold Cadillac vanished that hot summer night never to be seen again until today.
Fui a pescar.
Sé que no deberia, pero La linea se atoro, y saliro esto.
So you went fishing, your line got stuck, and you pulled this up.
Do you know what this might be ? Si, si Everybody, they know Mickey Dunn.
I'm Sally Jeffers, KRAC-TV, Lake Mead, Nevada.
Coming through.
Crime Lab, coming through.
Thank you.
All right, we're all hooked up.
Let 'er rip.
You ready for this ? Ready to waste my morning on another Mickey Dunn sighting ? Yeah, right.
The guy's been spotted more places than Elvis.
I know somewhere in hell, Mickey and his old pal Jimmy Hoffa are laughing their asses off at us poor dumb taxpayers.
Easy now.
All right, here she comes.
What do you know.
That looks like him.
Shut the machine off, you can't top that.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
Hey, man.
Man, whoa No, no, you're not going anywhere until I buy you a round.
Come on.
That's my music ! Them that can sing it, never heard of it, and them who heard of it, they can't sing it no more.
Well, there's still some of us left.
I thought I was the last of a dying breed.
Call me Michael.
Ken Billings.
What are you drinking ? - What do you got ? - Tina, Tina.
I don't remember the last time I closed a joint down.
You know we gotta do this again.
Now, can I give you a hand ? Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
No problem.
Riding high in April, shot down in May I told you, I don't need any help.
Yes Right over there.
I thought I was drunk.
No, back there.
Back there.
Back there ! What are you doing ?! You're crazy ! Stop ! No No ! Stop ! Help ! Help ! All right, fine.
Okay, all right.
At least the driver was sober.
I can't say the same about the boatload of high school kids he was driving around town.
Listen to some of the wonderful statements I got.
We go, 'errr' Dude goes 'aah'.
We go 'bam' Dude goes, 'aaaah !' The wheelchair brake attachment has been loosened.
Well, maybe it broke on impact.
Impact was from the left side.
But the bolts were loosened on both sides.
Well, then that looks like we have a homicide-related road pizza.
Who ordered it ? Force of impact propelled the body just over 47 feet.
Not a lot of spatter.
External damage, mostly superficial.
Bet he's mashed up on the inside.
Probably dead before he hit the ground.
License registration Ken Billings.
Nevada resident.
Date of birth, 11-9-52.
Michael Myers.
Never seen the guy before.
Sure was the life of the party, though.
And the victim ? Kenny a regular.
He'd come in for karaoke night.
Drink a little, go home.
You'd never notice him, except for the wheelchair.
Well, this is a late-night place.
It ever get rough in here ? Sometimes.
You think it could've been a hate crime ? It's a karaoke bar, and I don't see a lot of hate here.
Me neither.
Here he is, Jim.
Knucklehead left us his autograph.
So what was our boy drinking ? The good stuff.
Well's Head Lager.
You sell much of that ? I'm lucky if I move a case a year.
Got trash ? Empties should give us DNA and fingerprints.
Not that we really need them.
Meyers has already left us his photograph and signature.
And he sang karaoke.
Do you have video ? - Tape's in the machine.
- Perfect.
Boy, you got to love it when a guy makes it easy for you.
Mickey Dunn's ride.
Well, I guess it looked better in the '70s.
Live fast, die young Doubt he left a good-looking corpse.
Look at this.
pesticides, heavy metal maybe some decomp.
Little piece of Vegas history right here.
You know, in "Kicks and Kisses", Lois O'Neill wrote a whole chapter about Mickey Dunn.
What, that he was a thrill in the sack ? No.
No, that was Tony Constantine.
Apparently, Mickey wanted to go down in a barrage of bullets like Sonny in the Godfather.
Quite the ego on that guy.
Even in death, he was larger than life.
Well, sure, but all the original mobsters were like that.
Tony, Mickey Dunn, Sam Braun My father was not a mob guy.
I wasn't comparing or speaking ill of the dead.
Now we know how Dunn-Dunn died.
That's life How can we be sitting on this much evidence and still have nothing ? Well, I can tighten up the image for you.
I don't think more pixels are going to solve the problem.
You got the face.
And the name.
Plus photos, witnesses, DNA samples, handwriting, prints.
There's no record in DMV or AFIS.
He knew exactly where the cameras were.
He played right to them.
Obviously wasn't afraid of being identified.
Why not ? Same time next week ? - Sure, baby.
- Okay.
Excuse me, sir ? Sir, please, could you help me with my bags ? I hate to bother you, but my back Getting old ain't for sissies.
Wire broke the skin, but from the discoloration, I'd say suffocation killed him.
Do you know anyone who'd want to do this to him ? I know he wasn't into breath-play.
Choking on purpose.
It's more bang for your buck.
After he left the room, did you hear anything ? Argument, shouting Anything like that ? No.
Whatever happened, happened fast.
Okay, thank you.
If we have any more questions, I'll contact you.
I don't get it.
A John walks by, the door may be open, but why walk in ? - Who was the room registered to ? - The manager said an older woman.
A "Pamela Voorhees.
" - He's got a camera in the lobby.
- So, we'll get a face.
I'd love an address to go with that.
Empty bags.
Empty closet.
- Bags could have been a lure.
- Hey, guys.
Busy day.
Hey, David.
David can you get us a T.
, please ? There's something in the mouth.
It's my second one today.
That guy got hit by a limo.
I guess that makes this a hit list.
A lead .
38 round-nose.
I like it.
- It's kind of '70s.
- You were a kid in the '70s.
Yeah, but I was a Vegas kid, So I grew up on all those '70s stories.
Like the "Ghost Rider" story.
Remember that one ? No.
You never heard of the "Ghost Rider" story ? That has everything to do with Mickey Dunn.
Yeah, August 12, 1976.
Officer Eddie Sanchez was the real-life motorcycle cop who radios in the last known sighting of Mickey Dunn's funky Gold Cadillac.
Is this on record ? It's stuffed away in some police file somewhere.
Know what happened to the cop ? No one does.
Officer Sanchez and his motorcycle disappeared that night.
What ? In a puff of smoke ? A puff of smoke.
Never to be heard from again.
Legend has it that you can still hear the Ghost Rider gunning up and down that highway.
My grandmother used to try to scare me into good behavior with that one.
- Did it work ? - Not when I was six.
But a 38 round-nosed lead bullet was what Nevada Highway Patrol used back in the day.
And I don't need to tell you there was a lot of dirty cops back then.
There was a lot of dirty everything back then.
Think about this.
You're a motorcycle cop.
You pull over a speeding Gold Cadillac.
Sitting in the driver's seat is Mickey Dunn Skipping town with a load of cash.
Put a cap in Mickey Dunn.
So you think this motorcycle cop killed him ? I think I'd like to find that police file.
What, you got a better story ? I was 16.
Jaws was sold out, so I went looking for trouble.
Found Mickey Dunn.
All he said was, if I met him outside at 2:00 A.
Sharp, he'd show me the time of my life.
No way.
You and Mickey Dunn ? Well, I showed he didn't.
You were 16, hot and ready, and he stood you up ? All I know is that I dodged a bullet.
And he didn't.
Our killer pays in cash to avoid identification.
- Then she signs in.
- Yeah, giving us her name.
Why ? Gentlemen Blew up a clean copy of our hit list photo.
Look at that.
Planted on two separate bodies by two separate killers.
You know, Mickey Dunn practically owned Las Vegas.
These guys look like employees.
Busboys, waiters, obviously at the Desert Inn.
Rumor has it that Mickey had a percentage of the D.
It still begs the question : Why are those guys killing these guys ? Yeah.
I'll get PD to identify the last two.
See what they have to say.
Brass just got a call from someone claiming that the ghost of Mickey Dunn wants to kill him.
Johnny D'Angelo Las Vegas police.
Look, we tried you at work, down at the Chicken Joint, but no Johnny.
I'm not coming out.
You think I'm crazy ? - Slow down.
- He killed all the others, - Take it easy.
- now he's coming for me.
- Take it easy.
- Can't arrest him.
How do you kill a man who's already dead ? Why don't you make it easy on all of us and blow off this ghost business, and I.
the person who's after you.
Preferably someone living.
Okay ? Now, you don't even have to say a name, all right ? Just point at one of these guys.
That's the ghost of Mickey Dunn.
Okay, Johnny, I'll bite.
Why would a dead guy have a beef with you ? You know, back in the day Yeah ? Vegas was like out of some kids' book.
And Mickey Dunn was the king.
Only this was real.
And, in reality, the king has guys who work for guys all the way from the top to the bottom of the barrel.
That was us : Kenny, Mason, me and Derek.
You know how they say nobody saw Mickey Dunn - leave Vegas that night ? - Yeah.
It's true.
'Cause we saw him, and we was nobody.
Mickey was acting like he owned the joint.
Like he owned us.
That's when Derek got smart.
Derek explained that we hadn't been paid in months.
We were young.
We were stupid.
But Derek he was insane.
What do you got there, nitroglycerine ? Bum ticker.
You know you just confessed to armed robbery, right ? Least of my worries.
Now, either you get out there and you arrest the ghost of Mickey Dunn or you get the hell off my property.
We're the cops, not the Ghostbusters.
Excuse me ? Hello.
Who are you ? I work here, in the, uh, lab.
No, I don't think so.
I know everybody that works here, and I don't know you.
I'm new.
You're lying.
Give me that camera.
All right, all right.
Security ! Damn paparazzi.
Book that moron.
Keep the camera.
- Iris Paul ? - Yes.
Officer Mitchell, Las Vegas Police Department.
Are you Derek's mother ? Yes, I am.
But I haven't seen Derek in-in months, not since he got out of prison.
He might be in Florida.
- Florida.
- Yeah.
He loves it down there.
Can you give me a description of Derek ? Sure, sure.
He's very tall, Very, very lean, he has very long dark hair that he won't cut, no matter how many times Kind of like that ? So why'd you run ? I don't like cops.
We hear you don't like criminals, either.
Is that right ? We know you worked for Mickey Dunn.
We know you chased him, you ran him off the road, you stuck a gun in his face.
That's armed robbery.
If it happened.
Johnny D'Angelo said it did.
How is old scaredy-cat ? Credible.
There were a lot of rumors going around.
Mickey owned this, he owned that.
He owned a piece of the D.
We just happened to work there.
A lot of us guys did.
See, I'm thinking that's not the full story.
You're young.
You don't know.
The memories, you get up there, they they start getting tricky.
Why don't you tell me what you do remember.
We took a little joyride, looking for Mickey Dunn.
But we never found him, because someone else found him first, and who that was, I don't know.
Because, by the time we got there, whoever had killed Mickey Dunn was already gone.
Like a ghost.
I don't believe in ghosts.
But we got one scared guy, we got two dead guys, and we got you, Derek.
How do you feel about your buddies getting bumped off ? I'm all torn up inside.
You ever seen them ? Never.
But they look like suspects.
And I think you're fishing.
And you got no legal right to hold me.
If you can't hold me you got to let me go.
Johnny ? Johnny D'Angelo ? Johnny D'Angelo ? Las Vegas Police.
- Yeah, go for Brass.
- Scene is code 4.
Johnny D'Angelo is not at his house.
Okay, got it.
Thank you.
Do you smell that ? Maybe it was the ghost of Mickey Dunn.
Bweet ride.
Know what makes human bones glow in the dark ? Love ? Tetracycline.
You want to help me with a little experiment ? Sure.
Grab that evidence bag ? Okay, let me see that.
Take this.
No go.
Looks like a match to me.
This is your experiment ? Actually, it is.
The victims-- Ken Billings, Mason Carter, Derek Paul and Johnny D'Angelo-- all murdered in the last 24 hours.
Four victims, three killers, no connection between them.
Johnny D'Angelo's on both lists.
Could be he hired the others.
Could be.
We don't know where they are.
We don't know who they are.
Let's stick to what we do know.
All the victims worked for Mickey Dunn, who's been dead for 30 years.
Well, check this out.
I've been digging through the police files all morning.
Guess who I found.
Officer Eddie Sanchez.
The "Ghost Rider.
" Now, assuming he's alive, the officer would be 55 today.
And he has family down in Mexico.
So you're thinking bike cop shoots Mickey Dunn, dumps the car and takes the money ? And with the exchange rate, lives like a king, south of the border, for the last 30 years.
Mickey Dunn's car gets discovered.
By a Mexican fisherman who would be just about the same age as the bike cop.
Only the discovery was bogus.
Turns out the hood ornament pulled from Lake Mead is a fake.
So the fisherman was what, - pulling off a hoax ? - That or fraud.
He either planted that Derringer at the crime scene, or maybe someone paid him to.
Either way, whoever did it knew that this car was down there.
And was missing the original hood ornament.
Who could know that ? Someone who was there the night it went down.
The motorcycle cop is looking better every minute.
Hey, don't rule out the ghost of Mickey Dunn.
Doc told me to tell you : your last vic, the one all pretzeled up in the oven, lividity is fixed, dead two days - Before the Cadillac was found.
- Yeah.
Ah, and I got trace analysis on the sample Phillips collected on Chicken Johnny.
- And ? - Alginate and plaster of Paris.
Combination used to make dental impressions.
And you don't even seem to be the teeniest bit surprised.
I'm not.
Our mexican fisherman signed his television release form "F.
"Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street.
" Yeah, and the karaoke singer was Michael Myers from "Halloween.
" - Parts one through nine.
- Yeah, but who's the hotel killer now ? Who's Pamela Voorhees ? - "Friday the 13th.
" - No, that's Jason.
No, no, no, wait "Jason's the Sequel.
" Pamela, the mother, was the killer in the original.
That's the question that tripped up Drew Barrymore in "Scream".
Yeah, and look what happened to her.
You watch slasher flicks ? with Lindsay, I do.
They never get the spatter right.
All I know is the master of all scary movies was Lon Chaney, Sr.
, the man of a thousand faces.
And that's what we're looking for.
The thing that really gets me is I talk to this killer dressed as Johnny D'Angelo, close enough to smell his breath and still he walks.
All the evidence says he was wearing state-of-the-art prosthetics.
I want to see him in an orange jumpsuit and cuffs.
He's got the real Johnny's wallet.
Well, if he's got his driver's license, he could be using it to try and escape.
He said the vic's car is parked in the parking lot.
He doesn't need his car.
He's got his face.
I'll pull his credit records.
I Hope he bought something nice.
Put your hands on the wheel ! Put your hands on the steering wheel now ! - I just can't - Shut up and get out of the car.
Checking out, but my heart won't buy it.
Gun on the seat.
He's clean.
And then I'd buy it I thought I was clear on the "shut up.
" That's life.
Pop the trunk.
And as funny as it may seem Chainsaw.
Sound familiar ? You get to be my age, all kinds of things ring a bell.
How about this ? Any chimes ? That's a real good-lookin' boy.
But as the poet said "it ain't me, babe.
" Mickey Dunn.
Back from the dead.
You missed a spot.
I think I got all I need.
Just going along.
Well, keep going, Mickey.
Do you recognize him ? Could be a dead cop.
Yeah, officer Eddie Sanchez.
He had a wife, two kids.
He also had a skin condition commonly known as acne, which he treated with tetracycline.
That drug incorporated into his bones, making them glow under ultraviolet light.
Helped us identify him.
Thing's aren't looking too good for you, Mickey.
So now we know we got a dead cop's body in your old car.
So tell me what happened.
You were skipping town and Eddie Sanchez pulled you over and you shot him point-blank ? Like I told you, you missed a spot.
You missed a big spot.
I shot a lot of guys point-blank.
But this nosy piece of garbage bike cop that you two are so teared-up about I shot him from 40 feet away, with a soaking-wet revolver.
It was one hell of a shot.
The poor dumb bastard didn't know what hit him.
He thought he'd been trained.
They don't prepare you for what I got.
Stop ! Stop or I'll shoot ! I said stop ! You found a skull with no teeth because I bashed 'em in with the barrel of my gun.
And all the forensics in the world ain't gonna show you that when I smashed his face in I liked it.
You're under arrest, Mickey, for murder.
Thank god you blew me off when I didn't know better.
Sam Braun's daughter.
You think that I would ever forget a face ? That face ? Meet me outside, Ask yourself what force on earth would have kept me from your soft teenage graces.
Only one.
Sam Braun stopped you ? Sam always said that if I ever touched you, he'd tear me apart.
That took a big pair to say that to me.
He said that you were family.
Still, now he's gone.
We're here.
We could always give it a go.
You're not going anywhere.
He's having a heart attack.
- You sure ? - Call a paramedic.
Bum ticker right on time.
I'll give you a hint : you're not in heaven.
How long you been living with a bullet in your chest ? Who told you ? Why god invented X-rays.
You'd like to take it out, have a closer look.
Ah, but you can't do that, not without killing me.
I'm guessing it's a .
38 which matches the .
38 that we took from the body of Derek Paul, which also matches the one that killed Eddie Sanchez.
You like horror movies, Mickey ? You know I love 'em.
I got one for you.
Does it got a monster in it ? Yeah.
I bet you heard it.
It's strictly B-list stuff.
No-name cast, summer release.
Four vegas punks run a monster off the road.
They shoot him, they rob him, they leave him for dead.
But everybody knows that shooting the monster and killing him are never the same.
A young honest cop arrives and with him comes opportunity.
The monster changes his name, his face passes for human.
Rides off into the night.
And the legend is born.
The end.
Mickey, you know that real horror stories never end.
Oh, but this one does.
It's been huge fun coming back, trying new faces, leading you all around town by the nostrils.
Setting up the big discovery.
Everybody, he know Mickey Dunn.
I'm Sally Jeffers, KRAC-TV, Lake Mead, Nevada.
Going after Kenneth I'm Mickey Dunn.
taking out Mason And the best part of all, the look on poor Johnny's face.
Not the most handsome guy in the world, but a face worth wearing.
And the hardest part : learning spanish.
Good times.
Why now ? Because that tiny piece of metal that Derek shot in my chest has finally moved.
Doctors gave me a week, maybe two, to live.
Figured I'd go out with a bang, never see the inside of a cell.
It's really funny how How one little bullet can make things suddenly seem so clear.
You mean this bullet ? Mob doctors become mob doctors because they sucked in the first place.
But we got a licensed surgeon that fixed you up good.
Cheer up, Mickey, you're gonna live another 20 30 years.
And you'll be spending every day in the federal penitentiary.
But only until you die.
Well, I'll still go out a legend.
You haven't changed that.
Oh, you've been out of the game a while.
The homies they have in the pen these days never heard of you.
That's impossible.
No, Mickey, that's life.