CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e13 Episode Script


Welcome back to the voice of Las Vegas, KWMS Radio.
The city remains in mourning today, as we try to make sense of the murder of Assemblyman Danilo Zamesca.
After his only son was gunned down by a drug dealer, Zamesca dedicated his life to public service.
He set his sights on the drug traffickers and suppliers.
He believed you get drugs off the streets by putting the suppliers out of business.
That was his mission.
His murder's rocked headlines, uniting Democrats and Republicans alike, all of us asking the same question: What happened out there? Peg from Sunrise Manor, you're on.
Danilo Zamesca spoke truth to power and got killed for it.
I don't think there's anybody out there who has the courage to stand up and take his place.
Roger from MacDonald Ranch.
Yeah, hey, listen.
If this guy was pure as the driven snow, what's he doing out there in the middle of nowhere with drugs in his car? Give me a break.
He was dirty, just like the rest of them.
Okay, Roger, thank you for calling.
Looks like some sort of foam.
Found it next to the tire impression.
So CSI got a fingerprint off the drinking straw we found at the scene.
Guys like Thomas Simon never get their hands dirty.
It was a very clean print.
And Ballistics matched some shell casings that we found at Simon's McMansion on that raid last year.
- Did you find the gun? - No.
So Zamesca was trying to put Simon out of business, and it cost him his life.
I have a warrant for Thomas Simon.
Is he here? He's the owner, man.
But even I haven't seen him in, like, three weeks.
The biggest drug supplier on the West Coast kills a public official, and we can't find him.
I'm just the undersheriff.
I have one job: make the sheriff look smart.
You're not helping.
We busted our hump trying to find this guy.
Science can only do so much with a cold trail.
You ever seen a man's face change into that kind of a demon? My eggs are runny.
I couldn't have been more specific with the waitress.
You gonna eat those? Oh, you want my pancakes? Yeah, sure, knock yourself out.
Thank you.
I don't hear a solution.
We could try something I did in Philly.
It's, um, a little unorthodox.
I only want to know if it works.
Philly, yes.
Baltimore, no.
Is that why you're in Vegas? Fifty-fifty.
I can live with those odds.
So, are you waiting for a drumroll? It's called "reverse forensics.
" Oh.
We fake a crime scene.
How do we get around entrapment? Well, it's not entrapment if you're not enticing anyone to commit a crime.
The goal is to make Simon think he's off the hook.
So what's the catch? Whole thing's a catch.
The hardest part is stopping leaks.
You've got to be willing to deceive the people you work with.
Assuming they can be deceived, which they can't.
Not your call.
You know, I can think of nine, no, ten ways that this could screw up.
- At least.
- So don't screw it up.
The first thing we need is a victim, somebody we own.
And you need a fall guy to play the role of "killer," somebody who's jake with having his mug shot everywhere.
In Baltimore, we used a snitch.
So you're going to have to bring the D.
into this.
The D.
? That bitch won't like it.
Thanks for breakfast.
You ever notice how it's the, uh, guys with all the money that never pay? Sure, that's how they keep all the money.
- Here, let me get it.
- No, I got it.
- New guy.
- Thank you.
You know, Catherine, if we do our job right and catch the bad guy, nobody's going to remember the rest.
I'll remember.
- Hey, Mike.
- Hey.
Do you guys, uh, organize your files by case number? In a perfect world.
We hired this, uh, knucklehead named Mahoney.
He had this dyslexic filing system.
So what do you think? Does the dyslexic atheist not believe in dog? What? Oh I get it.
I need you on a 411 tonight.
Stolen motor vehicles? You got to be kidding me.
recovered 20 stolen motorcycles.
They're at the Dupont Towing Lot.
- Can't you slide it to Days? - Hey, guys.
Take Warrick with you.
It'll go faster.
What'll go faster? G iddyup.
What's happening, Rat? Boy, you got to love junkies, huh? What stamina, what willpower.
I mean, even the rain doesn't keep them away.
It doesn't keep the cops away either, I guess, huh? You nervous, Rat? Relax, relax, I'm just here to talk.
Listen, you like game shows? Because I got a deal; listen to this.
First place is a life-changing experience.
You get a whole new life.
What's second place? There is no second place, Rat.
Either way, you don't get to work the alley anymore.
Screw you.
Screw me? No, no.
Screw you.
Look, take my deal.
Otherwise, you're in possession of a controlled substance, and with your record, that's a mandatory sentence.
If you want information, just ask me.
Just that I'm All right, let's walk, walk with me.
It's a little complicated.
You own a gun? That's K-E-P-P-L-E-R, Michael Keppler.
Yeah, check it out.
Okay, I got to go.
What's going on? Um, nothing I can talk about.
Keep me posted on the 419.
Greg's going to meet you at the scene.
Ten to one, it's Internal Affairs.
Got a vibe off Keppler the minute he blew in.
Always with a suit.
If you got any dirty laundry, I hope you used bleach.
What? I'm CSI Stokes, this is Brown.
Where's your paperwork? We're from the crime lab, dude.
I still need paperwork.
We're here to process those stolen motorcycles, man.
I need authorization, fellas, in writing.
Wh-What if, what if I promise to come back and give it to you later? Okay, cut us some slack here, man.
You think we really feel like being down here? How do you want to handle this? You want to shoot our way in? I'd love to bust a cap in his knee.
Sir, don't make us call your supervisor.
Now, come on.
Come on! We got third instar maggots.
With this smell, she's been dead at least 48 hours.
Toys are all here.
Needle, syringe, tubing, candle, spoon.
It looks like heroin.
Manager said he found her like this when he came by for a visit.
Said they were friends, but he was a little unclear of her name.
Monique something or other.
Maybe she was, uh, working off the rent.
No I.
on the body.
I'll take a look around for it.
Needle marks are sclerotic.
Chronic user.
Probable O.
Ruled by Pluto.
Athough since it's not a planet anymore I'm not sure how that works.
Maybe it's a "dwarf" sign.
Like Pluto is, you know, a "dwarf" planet now.
Car keys.
Cell phone.
No "Mom" or "Dad" listed.
There's a lot of food for a junkie.
Maybe she had a roommate.
Zamesca was shot three times with a nine millimeter.
We've got two sets of shoe impressions.
Two sets of tire impressions.
A plastic "Jumbo Cola" cup.
Drugs were found in Zamesca's car, in plain view, but his tox was negative.
Drugs were planted.
Crime scene was a remote location.
That's in our favor.
Car was a bloody mess.
Our "victim" was kind enough to donate a pint of his blood.
Did Mr.
Holstein also donate his brain matter and bone fragments? Brass recruited him from Narco, undercover cop.
Opted to keep his brains intact.
Well, without actually shooting the guy, this scene is going to be slightly less than perfect, but it's just you and me out there.
No, can't be.
We're going to need a third person processing the scene to make it look kosher.
Someone who's not in on it.
Well, if we use one of my guys, they're going to figure it out.
Keep them away from the car.
I'm not used to faking it.
When's the last time you had to? Registration's expired.
Want to bet she's not insured? Monique Carter.
Oh, that's a good neighborhood.
Well, this used to be a nice car.
Maybe she traded in her old lifestyle to ride the "H" train.
Now, the manager wants it out of here.
So, I'll have it towed.
It looks like an impact, maybe from a weapon.
Very good observation, David.
Shave the area.
Call Sara.
We may be looking at a homicide.
- Hey, Henry.
- Hey.
It's heroin mixed with cocaine and methamphetamine.
Which are the same drug components you found in Zamesca's car.
Really? Should I call Sara? It's her case.
Henry, I need you to step out and get a cup of coffee.
Well, I can't leave my evidence out.
This is not a request.
Firing one.
Is there a problem? F.
, Bobby Dawson is a bit of a control freak.
Doesn't like anyone in here unsupervised.
So he got one accidental discharge on his record.
I'm sure he doesn't want another one.
Unless of course, this is an I.
investigation, and, uh, Bobby is his subject.
Interesting that Grissom, champion of the little guys, is on sabbatical.
Interesting, especially if he planned it that way.
This is my own blood, right? 'Cause it's starting to drip in my mouth.
It's all yours.
You can get out now, Detective, and I know, don't touch anything.
You got it.
Oh, and there's some fresh clothes in the back of the vehicle.
Got any brandy? Sorry, man.
So, Mike, you said reverse forensics didn't work in Baltimore.
How come? Smart cops.
You steal cars before you became a CSI? Stealing cars gets old fast.
I like more of a challenge.
Note to self.
Okay, you can drop that cup now.
Yeah, I'm not done yet.
He said drop it.
About my new identity, um, I don't want to go to Denver.
I think I'd rather go someplace where I'd fit in like Maui.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And I want a threesome with Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson.
Drop the cup and get your rat ass in the car.
I drop the cup.
- Excuse me? - Simon.
His soda.
He wasn't expecting trouble.
Get out of my car walk over to Zamesca.
Didn't come here to kill him came to talk.
Hand him the photo.
Then something doesn't go as planned.
I drop the drink grab my gun.
Murder was Plan B.
Plan A was the photograph.
Anti-drug crusader doing lines.
Career buster.
Looks like he underestimated Zamesca.
He was a hard man to kill.
Simon panicked.
Which explains why he left evidence behind this time.
And why he had to disappear.
And why we're doing this.
I'm going to call it in.
Yes, someone's been shot.
I'm a quarter mile west of Mountain's Edge and Durango.
There's a man bleeding from the head in his car.
Looks like a gunshot wound, but I didn't see a gun.
He's dead for sure.
Sir, may I have your name? of Mountain's Edge and Durango.
Man down, gunshot wound to the head.
please respond.
Show time.
Control, this is I am with Charlie-Zero-4-Willows and Charlie-Zero-9-Keppler.
We're around the corner.
Our E.
is five minutes.
We'll be responding also.
was blunt force trauma to the right temporal region.
Wound's inconsistent with a fall.
You fall into something, say a coffee table, wound's always deeper on one end.
Depth here is uniform.
Would somone please answer that phone? Sorry.
Tox confirms high level of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine in her system.
I opened up her arm under a fresh needle mark, drew out one milliliter of dark liquid.
The drugs were puddled.
Means they didn't circulate in her bloodstream.
Injection was postmortem.
Dead girls don't shoot up.
Catherine needs to speak to you.
Says it's urgent.
I'm in the middle of an autopsy, Catherine.
I'm at a 420.
Similar M.
to Zamesca.
Press is all over us.
I need permission to get the body out of here ASAP.
That's fine.
Just photograph and diagram it before transporting.
Of course.
Now, which mortuary's on call? Kentworth.
You have that number? I'll take care of it.
Thanks, Doc.
This is so lame.
How much do you want to bet half the prints come back to the cops who recovered these bikes.
They never wear gloves.
Hey, Cath.
We'll see you there.
Well, in that case I'll see you there.
Boy, she has got it in for me today.
Well, giddyup.
CSI coming through.
Thank you.
Where's the body? Called the morticians to get it out of here.
Gunshot victim.
Got I.
? Ezekiel Holstein.
Brass is running him now.
Hey, Cath, didn't you find Zamesca near here? Yeah.
Got the "Jumbo" cup.
Shoe and tire impressions.
Shot in his car.
Think Simon's coming out of hiding? Or it's a copycat.
Want me to take the backseat? No, um, take the perimeter, get started on a diagram.
Okay, Sarge.
Not my first barbecue.
Thanks, Warrick.
Undersheriff McKeen, is this related to the Zamesca murder? We're in the process of conducting an investigation, so I don't have all the facts.
But there does appear to be some similarities to Assemblyman Zamesca's murder.
Uh, I have no further comments at this time.
Ezekiel Holstein.
Date of birth: 07-14-72.
Do a records check.
Oh, and, uh, contact Narco.
May be drug-related.
I really feel good about this.
Monique's dead body means I got to get the carpet cleaned.
You said the scene was clear, I called the cleaning service.
It's a good way to cover your tracks.
Like I said, she'd been shacked up with some guy.
Can you describe him? Average-looking, white dude.
I only saw him from a distance.
He was driving her car.
Look, she was a nice, smart lady.
She helped me get out of a jam with my insurance company.
I know she liked the "candy", but she did not deserve to go out that way.
I ran Monique Carter's phone records.
Someone made a dozen calls from her cell yesterday.
She was dead yesterday.
Yeah, and we recovered her phone from her apartment, so someone was yakking while she was lying dead on the floor dead.
Let's run those numbers.
Hey, how's the King of property crimes? My socks keep disappearing in the dryer.
You want to tackle that one? What are you doing with the cup from my Zamesca scene? That's not your cup.
It's from Catherine and Warrick's 420.
They found the same kind of cup at their scene? Same everything.
Watch the news lately? Hey, what about my socks? They're not gonna find themselves.
Uh, excuse me.
Uh, what are you doing? Hi, Mike Keppler.
Sorry, didn't get a chance to introduce myself before I, uh, invaded your lab.
Uh, well, can I help you with something? Yeah, I'm looking for the ballistics on Holstein.
Uh, yeah, just about to run them.
Mind if I sit in? Bullet that killed Holstein was a nine-mill, same caliber as Zamesca, but no match.
Killer could have used a different gun.
Thanks, Bobby.
See you later.
- Hey, Doc.
- Hey, Nick.
Want you to catch me up with Catherine and Warrick.
I haven't seen them.
Where's the body from their 420? Uh, it hasn't come in yet.
It was a mortuary pickup.
Who's this? It's Monique Carter.
Heroin addict, got whacked on the head.
She involved with Catherine's 420? If she was, nobody told me.
Will you send me a photo of this tattoo? And when the body comes in at the mortuary, will you give me a call? I'll get right on it.
Seat's been pushed all the way back.
Manager said he saw a guy driving.
She was a lawyer.
Suspended for failure to pay her Bar Association dues.
Lose all that to drugs, you gotta be in a lot of pain.
Or you think you're too smart to get addicted.
You guys seen Catherine around? She's not answering her cell phone.
Anything from your scene link back to Zamesca? No.
Why? Because I think your d.
's the unidentified woman in the photo I found.
Really? And, excuse me, we found this same type of material at the Zamesca scene.
If we can match it back to this car You could place the car at the scene.
And Simon behind the wheel.
Got a partial print off the straw from the soda cup.
AFIS hit Edwin Dennison, aka "Rat".
Small-time drug dealer with a big-time rap sheet.
Well, I'll get Brass to bring him in, huh? Nice work.
I just connected Sara's vic to Simon.
Yeah, you might want to hear this.
What's the connection? Well, I think, that Simon was driving her BMW to meet Zamesca.
Nick, we got a print from the Holstein case.
Street dealer.
We're bringing him in now.
And he looks dirty for Zamesca, too.
I grew up in this town.
I know about playing the odds.
You are gambling with my team.
We talked about the risk going in.
It's not like we can quit now.
I'm not quitting.
But I don't like it.
And I hate lying to my guys.
Dennison, could we have a comment? Good afternoon.
The Las Vegas Police Department has successfully apprehended a suspect, one Edwin Dennison, who's confessed of multiple homicides, including that of Assemblyman Danilo Zamesca.
Dennison admitted to luring Mr.
Zamesca to a remote location, while seeking his help to escape the drug trade.
When Mr.
Zamesca encouraged him to surrender to police, Mr.
Dennison shot him.
He later shot Mr.
Holstein during a dispute over a drug deal.
I'd like to say how very proud I am of the swift and efficient work that my department has done in tracking down and apprehending this dangerous criminal You know that Dawson guy gets kind of uptight when people touch his stuff.
Well, the Holstein scene bullet was fired from the same gun that you found in Rat's car.
Done deal.
I'm not so sure.
If this bullet went through the window and a guy's head it would have pieces of glass and bits of bone in it.
This hollow point's clean.
There's no sand-blasted effect.
The DNA sample yet, might have been cleaned already.
There's still blood on it.
I see your point.
Maybe autopsy will show something.
Hey, Nick.
I can't find the evidence in the Holstein case.
What do you want it for? Because that guy who confessed to killing Zamesca didn't do it.
Sheriff's jumping the gun.
We have evidence and a confession.
You can't just come in here and take over my case.
Is there a reason you don't want me to see that file, Catherine? Nick, as your supervisor, I'm ordering you to back off.
Uh, it's freezing.
Why are we having a meeting outside? 'Cause Catherine and Keppler are in there.
What, have you guys been listening to Hodges? No, and this isn't about Keppler being I.
This is about Catherine having a false confession and standing by it.
You'd better be able to back that one up, man.
Zamesca knew Sara and Greg's vic.
He's dead, she's dead, same drugs are found at both scenes, and then those same drugs showed up at your crime scene? Could have come from the same supplier.
We see that all the time.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
You know, Catherine Catherine ordered Henry to step out of his lab without putting drug evidence away.
Why would she do that? I did see Keppler checking out Zamesca's file yesterday.
I didn't think anything strange about it then, but now Okay, so maybe there is an I.
I can't find the Holstein evidence.
What? Catherine put it in a temporary locker.
Why didn't she put it where it belongs? The Holstein bullet was a little bit too clean, and Keppler didn't seem at all concerned about it.
He said that we would see at autopsy.
Well, it's kind of hard to have an autopsy when you don't have a body, man.
I talked to Doc Robbins, he's still trying to track it down.
And the mortuary has no record of Catherine's phone call whatsoever.
Do we have access to any of the Holstein evidence? We got the car.
Catherine sent it to the impound.
Well, at least we know where it is.
All right, that's it, we're a team now, the four of us.
We can't trust Catherine and we can't trust Keppler.
I'm serious.
I'm gonna run with this one.
I'll run with you.
You? I'm in.
Hey, you! Try to stop me and I'll have you put in jail.
- Brown.
- Hey, Warrick, it's Nick.
When is the last time you found high-velocity exit spatter with no brain and no bone? Never.
Got the evidence yet? You know what? Sara's here.
And she has the key.
Got to go.
You know I really hate deceiving people because, eventually, you get what you give.
I hate being deceived.
All right.
Anything I collected, we ignore.
You running your own samples? Smart, considering that you're the odds-on favorite in the I.
- There's a pool now? - Oh, yeah.
- Who's number two? - That would be me.
- Number three? - Grissom.
How's it going in here? This glass wasn't shot out.
Take a look at that.
Spark plug? The only mark a spark plug makes is a nick at the center.
Now, who would know about that? Crooks.
And cops.
And, hey, get this.
The blood found in Holstein's car had high levels of EDTA.
Means the blood didn't come from his head; it came from his arm.
That means this crime scene was staged.
Well, if Keppler is I.
, Catherine can't tell us anything if she wanted to.
Yeah, if this is all I.
BS, then why would they play it out in the press? Maybe Brass can help us out.
Let's roll.
I got a 20 on Simon, right here.
Thomas Simon, you're under arrest! You two-- step out.
- Is there a problem, Detective? - A problem? We're charging you with the murder of Danilo Zamesca.
You already got a guy for that murder.
I saw it on the news.
Well, it's good to meet an informed citizen.
Get him out of here.
Even your own district attorney said she wasn't aware.
There's no way you'll get a jury to believe this evidence wasn't fabricated.
Which one of you screwed this up? I'm looking at him.
You dropped the ball, man.
You never cleared this operation with the D.
, and now, she says she can't tell fact from fiction.
She's not going to file charges against Simon.
She's a tight-ass-- I told her what I thought she needed to know.
Did you hear what I said? Now, what are you going to tell the sheriff? It's called reverse forensics.
Reverse forensics? Simon had to believe it when he saw it on the news.
He was a fugitive.
The only way to get him to show his face was to make him think he was off the hook.
And your only option was to fabricate evidence and make me process it? How could you think that we wouldn't figure it out? It's kind of what we do.
I understand how you all feel.
I am sorry.
I did not have a choice.
We trust you with our lives, Catherine.
You could have trusted us with this.
Sara? If I have something to say to you, Catherine, I'm gonna say it in private.
No offense.
Okay, look.
We can still get Simon.
He only walked on Zamesca.
He drove Monique Carter's vehicle out into the desert.
Nick's established that.
Did he kill her, too? Three calls were made from Monique's cell phone to Simon's strip club after she died.
There's another half a dozen calls to Hugh Griffin, Bud Small, Frank Townsend.
All known associates.
He was using her phone to do business, thinking it was safe.
Oh, yeah, the last call was made to his wife's cell.
What hasn't been cleaned? Furniture.
If Simon was hiding out here for a couple of weeks, he had to eat, sleep and use the bathroom.
So, what did the cleaners miss? There used to be a pillow here.
Maybe he slept on the couch.
I'm going to pull some hair 'cause you never know.
We'd have to get a court order to compel a DNA sample from Simon.
That takes time.
Brass can only stall this guy's release for a couple hours, you know.
Yeah, it's going to take days to sort through these.
- Sara.
- It's a pullout.
Welcome back to the voice of Las Vegas, KWMS radio.
Today, Thomas Simon, alleged drug kingpin, was charged with the slaying of former attorney Monique Carter.
Carter and Assemblyman Zamesca were classmates in law school, and police are continuing to investigate the link between the two crimes.
So I dig up a ghost.
I know he has a son who was killed by drug dealers, she's being killed by drugs.
He's got a savior complex, so I use her to lure him out into the desert.
It's why I drive her car.
So he'll recognize it, feel safe.
You are aware that you talk about the killer in the first person? That's the point, isn't it? Clouds my judgment to identify with the victims.
Our job is to catch killers.
Guess it helps me to think like one.
You want to, uh, get a drink or something? Nah.
No, I'm, I'm tired.
I'm going home.
Nick! Let it go, man.
Tonight we're talking about anti-drug legislation sponsored by the late Assemblyman Danilo Zamesca.
It was passed into law today by the Nevada State Legislature.
Tony from Seven Hills, you're on the air.