CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e15 Episode Script

Law of Gravity

Oh my god man I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
I love you, Mikey.
That is at I love about this town.
They've got good eggs benedict Just getting off shift ? No, I'm going in early.
Thank you.
Do you ever eat dinner ? You're looking at it.
Okay, I'll see you at the lab.
Can I get a check please ? That guy over there already paid and tipped.
Says he's your friend.
How's it going, Mike ? What are you doing here, Frank ? What do you want me to do ? You don't return my calls.
I tried calling you, but I've been, uh busy.
You didn't make it to Amy's memorial mass.
Yeah, I know.
I got the card from father Anthony.
Couldn't get away this year.
It's okay.
Dennis Graves and I decided to come to vegas for a few days, blow off some steam.
You like standing ? Sit down.
I can't.
Look, Frank, I got to run.
We'll get dinner later in the week, all right ? I'll call you.
Listen, I I'm in a bit of a fix; I need you to do me a favor.
I can't do it this time.
Okay ? Don't ask me to do it, Frank.
- Things are just starting to - Hey.
What are you getting so excited about ? I didn't say anything.
I'm just getting the lay of the land here, you know ? Trying to move on.
I got it, bad timing.
You all right ? Don't you worry about it.
I'll sort it out.
Looks like it's you and me again, hoss.
You got a problem with that ? No, no, I like your style.
It's just the whole suit thing you got to work on a little bit.
Yeah, yeah, what do we got ? Two gunshot victims.
Male, two shots in the chest.
Female shot in the back, and her hand is missing.
Why take just one hand ? Maybe there was something on it he wanted.
Boxer shorts, socks.
I'm guessing this is his.
You see another suitcase ? No, no, I did not.
Looks like she was just visiting.
45 automatic.
No purse no valuables.
Did you see a safe ? No.
No, no safe in here.
Looks like a robbery.
Hey, this guy has a bunch of law enforcement logo shirts hanging up in here.
Check the bible drawer.
Anything ? Nine millimeter service pistol ? Stamped "T.
" Could be any city starting with T.
I didn't find any nine millimeter casing, so this weapon was never fired.
The room is registered to a dennis graves trenton, new jersey.
He's a cop, trenton, pd.
Hey, you're from trenton.
Do you know him ? No.
Who found them ? His buddy, Frank McCarty.
So what were you two guys doing in Vegas ? Playing a little golf, indulging in the buffets.
Is that all you indulged in ? We were down in the bar, dennis picked up a date.
Is she the date ? I didn't get a name.
Anyway, they went upstairs, I played a little blackjack.
Then what ? Then, I pulled some strings and got us a tee time at the wynn.
Dennis didn't answer his phone.
I figured he was busy going around the world.
After a while, I I knew something was wrong.
I got hotel security to open the door.
Excuse me.
Yeah ? Captain, we got press all over the place.
Can you stick around ? I'll be right back.
Yeah, sure.
McCarty ? If you don't mind.
You want to tell me what I'm seeing here, Frank ? Could be anything.
Pimp went off on his whore.
Robbery gone bad.
It's a dangerous town.
Have a seat.
Heard we have a dead out-of-town cop.
Yeah, detective dennis graves.
Trenton pd.
- Trenton ? - Yeah.
David, you got the T.
? About four hours ago.
Male was shot twice, both frontal.
No exits.
The girl was shot once in the back.
Did you find the hand ? I'm guessing the killer's got it, along with the rest of their valuables.
Hey, Catherine, check this out.
I've got an uncapped bottle of mouthwash here.
Probably come back to the hooker.
Yeah, but I've got something else, and this is good.
There are quite a few long, light-colored hairs snagged in the soap dish right there.
Not a match to either victim.
Sloppy housekeeping ? I doubt the maid would miss this.
What appear to be high heel shoe impressions- I checked, again, no match to the working girl.
Bath towels haven't been used.
So who was in the tub with her shoes on ? Keppler, do me a favor.
Go over by the body, will you ? Yeah ? I can see you; can you see me ? Yep.
What about if I get low ? Not anymore.
So either she was lying in wait or an eyewitness tried to hide from a killer.
Let's pull the elevator surveillance.
Maybe we can find a blonde who got off on this floor.
Welcome back, Dr.
It's good to be back, Judy.
There are no words to describe how glad I am you're back.
But I'm sure you'll find some.
The lab almost went to hell in a handbag while you were sabbaticalling.
I'm sure you talked to Catherine, but just in case you didn'T lot of hurt feelings, so in case you talk to Nick I'd rather hear it from Catherine, thanks.
Fair enough, but, permit me to say that the "seasonal behaviors of the walden pond swamp mosquito" was an incredibly stimulating seminar.
And you know this how ? I took your course online.
It's free to alumni.
Oh, you're spanky.
I aced the final,didn't I ? post-mortem tool marks to the left wrist.
No vital reactions from the tissue.
Cuts are scalloped, definitely a serrated blade.
Not a bad job.
Anything to help us identify her ? David printed the right hand.
No hits on afis.
Lucky for you, like many young ladies her age, she had some surgical work done.
Feel these.
What do you think ? Implants.
Kind of big for my taste, really.
The other end.
Oh, they're for the butt ? Yes.
Implants are serialized.
We can get an id from those.
You know, I spent 12 hours on a court bench last week.
I could have used a pair of these bad boys.
What about C.
? Single gunshot to the back, just to the right of the spinal column.
Bullet severed the aorta, lodged inside the sternum.
And the cop ? I removed these from detective graves.
Large caliber, too.
I'll get those to ballistics.
Okay, so I'll run the serials ? Yeah.
I am an ass man.
Michael Keppler.
Hi, Gil Grissom.
How's everybody been treating you ? No complaints, you've got a great team.
Yeah, thanks.
Does ecklie still have you slotted for days ? As far as I know.
I hear you're working the double homicide at the olympia.
What have you got ? Oh, it's uh,bullets from Doc Robbins.
I was going to run them through ibis.
The dead cop was from your hometown, huh ? Yeah.
Did you know him ? You know how many retired cops there are in trenton ? Well, it's great to finally meet you.
I love you, Mikey.
I said, "how do you feel about butt implants ?" You don't need them ? Thank you.
I wasn't really talking about me, but oh, right.
You got something on the dead cop case ? The blond hair from the tub does match the saliva left in the mouthwash bottle.
And it's female, but not from the dead hooker with the big back seat.
Second female in the room uses mouthwash.
More than likely another hooker.
Looks like we got a witness.
Dennis should've lived long enough to spoil his grandkids.
He was a good man, good cop.
Good enough to spot a hooker when he saw one ? You don't have to be a cop to have that radar.
So tell me about Dennis.
Did he major in French ? Maybe liked ménage ? trois ? You know, two's company, three's a party ? 'Cause there was another girl in the room with him.
Really ? I only saw him leave with one girl.
So as far as you know, there wasn't a blond in there with him ? Dennis ? He could barely handle one.
Besides, he was a little tight with the buck.
I'm looking at the over- under in the suns game.
What do you think ? I don't bet sports anymore.
Not what I hear.
According to stokes, you're at the top of your game.
Well, why don't you get your picks from him with his fat texas mouth.
I'd take the over.
Want some help ? Welcome back.
What do you got ? Well, I'm just following a lead off some serialized butt implants.
I missed las vegas.
what are you doing here ? I'm avoiding the paperwork and mail that's piled up on my desk.
Well we got a, uh, dead prostitute's apartment.
It's obvious that it's been ransacked and robbed.
I'm thinking that she was the target of the double and the cop was collateral.
Where would you like me to start ? You can hit the dinette.
I haven't taken that yet.
Unless you're avoiding her paperwork, too.
There's a lot of it.
Well, she was past due But seems to have paid her telephone bill on time.
Hooker's lifeline.
I'm telling you, whoever hit this place left a lot of prints.
I, uh, heard there was some friction in the lab while I was gone.
You ever hear of "reverse forensics" ? Keppler.
There was someone else in that hotel room.
I know.
I need a name.
I don't have one.
Don't let me down, kid.
You got to help me here; I'm counting on you.
You okay ? Yeah.
Well, I tracked down the plastic surgeon that augmented courtney evans' glutes.
Probably the only implants ever paid for in cash by, get this her pimp, a guy named eric hong, aka "precious ricky," huh ? Yeah, that's what my mama calls me.
Precious "licky".
is she one of yours ? No, ain't seen her before.
You bought her butt cheek implants.
Is that something you normally do for girls you don't know ? Oh, see, that's the problem.
You're showing me the wrong end.
So, then she is one of yours, right ? Hey, I run an escort service.
Strictly legal.
I'm sure it is.
So what did she do, precious ? She make you mad ? No.
No, I don't get mad, man.
I'm blissed out.
I'm a buddhist.
I let the anger flow right through me.
Sentient beings are numberless, and I vow to save them.
I didn't do nothing to her.
Nothing ? Like cut off her hand, and you kill the cop she was with ? We know courtney was with a blond last night.
Long hair.
You got anyone who matches that description? Jenny, Coco, Lani April, May and June, too.
But you know what ? The cuffs don't always match the collars, you know what I now, look, Ricky, maybe you're a nice guy, maybe you're not, but right now i really don't care, because I think you're lying to me.
And that could go very badly for you.
do you understand what I'm saying ? Okay, okay.
They were all on the clock last night.
It was a bachelor party.
Nick, Mike, can you step out a minute ? Miss mcfarland is a baby-sitter, of sorts.
I wouldn't leave her with my cat.
I think she likes the pipe.
She claims that that baby belongs to Courtney Evans.
She had a baby ? Damn.
I'm going to call child services.
Ma'am, I'm Nick Stokes; this is Mike Keppler.
We're with the crime lab.
You mind if we ask you a few questions ? Look, Courtney was supposed to come in the morning to pick up lila, okay.
I got to work.
You know, real work.
Okay, look, my own problems, okay ? Otherwise, I would have taken her myself, but, um, I ain't in no shape, okay ? So, uh, you can find her a family, right ? What about the father ? Heard he was in prison or something like that.
I ain't never seen him.
When she left the baby with you, was courtney with anyone ? A friend maybe ? No, no, she ain't got no friends.
What about enemies ? You know what ? I got to go.
I can't take this.
please take her.
Thank you.
Go with her.
I got to go.
Looks like we have another victim, huh ? It's gonna be okay, baby.
We got to talk, Frank.
Hold on, hold on, I'm on a streak here.
Now, do I keep the ace or draw the inside straight ? I'm gonna draw to the straight.
She had a kid.
Oh, God.
Why don't you tell me about the hand ? Why ? She scratched me, Mike.
Come on, what was i supposed to do ? I couldn't take the chance that one of your guys would find my dna under her nails.
Why, Frank ? You know why.
That was a long time ago; dennis never said a word.
Yeah, but he was going to.
He was about to be indicted.
Wife, three kids.
There was no way he was doing time.
He was going down, Mikey, and he was taking us with him.
He was a cop, Frank.
You told me that.
You don't do that, not ven to save your own ass.
Yeah ? What about yours ? Hey ! Give me another vodka and tonic.
And give my boy here a scotch.
Neat, right ? Make it a double.
We got to loosen him up.
look at her.
Just like catnip.
Don't look at me like that, Mike.
We did the right thing, all of us But do you think the grand jury's gonna see it like that ? They're gonna see a white cop turned "dirty harry" goes across the river to take out some puerto rican drug dealer.
Shoots him in the back.
They don't understand.
Every time we take one step outside the box for public safety, they nail our asses to the wall.
- Sit down, Frank.
- Hey, Mikey, there's no turning back.
You did the right thing.
If you hadn't taken care of that evidence keep your voice down, all right ? Come on, I need some help here.
Or you're gonna lose everything.
And that isn't what amy would have wanted.
She loved you.
- Don't do that.
- What ? Don't bring her into this.
You think you're the only one who cared for her ? I was her father, Mikey.
Don't ever forget that.
I would've killed that the scumbag who raped her with these bare hands, but you got to him first.
I love you for that.
Yeah, I made compromises for you.
You wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for me.
You're out of line, Frank.
Hey, Mikey, there is no statute of limitations for murder.
The kid you shot, his mother's still crying.
And I got the gun with your prints and his blood on it.
You go down now, you take every case you ever worked on with you.
Trenton, Philly, Baltimore, Vegas.
All those killers go free.
All on your hands.
So, pin it on the blond in the bathroom or the pimp.
Just do it, I don't care how, just do it.
I don't even know Courtney what's-her-name.
So how is it that your prints ended up all over her apartment ? I've never been to her apartment.
Did I mention she was dead ? What ? Yo, I don't even know no dead person.
Pj, you know what I think ? I think you killed her.
You took her purse, went to her apartment and stole all her stuff.
No, no, no.
I didn't kill nobody.
Well, she's dead.
And so is the cop she was with.
That's the death penalty.
Here's what happened- I swear, this- this is the truth.
I was minding my own business.
I was checking out the dumpsters behind, behind the strip, and lo and behold, I find this lady's purse.
Right there in the dumpster ? Yeah, like pennies from heaven.
It had a wallet, it had keys, it had a cell phone.
So I checked for her license, I got her address and went to her house.
I was going to return the purse, I swear.
Oh, like a good samaritan ? Yeah, but, when I got here, no one was there.
So what'd you do ? I used the key.
I was going to leave the purse inside.
But you didn't do that, did you ? I might have taken a couple of things.
Where was the dumpster ? Behind the palermo.
behind the palermo.
This is Catherine.
Catherine, it's Mike.
Where have you been ? I had to take care of something.
How's it going ? Any I.
On the blonde yet ? No, but we got some info from the deadbeat who burgled the hooker's apartment.
Claims he found her purse in a dumpster behind the palermo.
I'm just off the strip now; I'll take care of it for you.
Mike, are you okay ? Yeah, yeah.
I'm fine.
I'll see you in a little bit.
Hey, Mike.
Did you get anything from the dumpster ? Yeah a bad smell.
So Ecklie wants you on days now that Grissom's back, but I could talk to them, get you to stay with us.
Oh, I'm sure you guys will do just fine without me.
yeah, usually transfers don't fit in, but think about it.
Archie found the mystery blonde.
Before she was in dennis graves' room, she was with that cop, Frank McCarty.
They got on in the lobby, got off on 11.
Around the time McCarty said dennis picked up his hooker.
Hey, he never mentioned he had company, and he knew we were looking for another hooker.
Now I'm starting to think we're looking at a dirty cop.
Who knows about this ? Pd's about to.
I'm calling them right now.
You'd think a cop would know he's on camera, huh ? McCarty's phone keeps going to voice mail.
And, according to the receptionist, he didn't check out.
Open up.
Give me the card.
I didn't do it I didn't do it, man.
Come on, man; I didn't do it.
You got the wrong guy, man.
no ! It's a.
45 auto.
Same caliber as the gun that killed the cop and the hooker.
With blood stains.
This this is practically gift-wrapped.
If the guy wants to get caught so bad, just confessmake it easy on all of us.
I can't wait to get this back to ballistics.
I'll see you.
I'll finish up here.
You've reached frank.
Leave me a message after the tone.
You're back.
Uh, I've, I've been out at a, um I've been at a garbage dump ? Yeah.
It's so obvious, isn't it ? Nice, um you look good.
Did you, uh, put the cocoon in my office ? Cool, dry, not a lot of light.
It seemed like the right place for it.
I think you're going to be surprised when it hatches.
I have no doubt.
I'm gonna go clean up now.
I'll see you later.
Yeah, you will.
McCarty's mystery blonde knew the dead hooker.
How do you know that ? check out the time code.
We recovered the hooker's cell phone, thanks to a dumpster diver.
These are all her voice mails, the last couple hours before she died.
At the same time the blond was making this call, Courtney evans received a voice mail.
So, I synched up the audio to the video.
Yeah, courty, it's me, suzy Q.
Got your message.
What are you, too busy to answer me back ? Uh, so anyway, I just left my guy.
Eh, it went all right.
Usual "call me daddy" crap.
you know, he actually wanted me to whimper.
He kept calling me "amy.
" Amy ? That three-way I don't know, I don't know.
I think I'm gonna have to- do we have an I.
On the blonde ? Just now.
I st finished running names off Courtney Evans' incoming calls.
Yeah ? - We're looking for Suzy Gibbons.
- Here it is.
Priors for prostitution and a last known.
Can I see that ? She knew the vic.
She's the blonde in the bathtub.
Well, if we can find suzy, so can a retired cop.
He needs her dead.
If she's dumb enough to hide out in her own house, she already is.
Mike ? Mike, where are you going ?! amy ? Daddy said never tell you.
why would mccarty have a bloody gun with Keppler's prints on it, in his hotel room ? Doesn't make any sense.
Could mike have touched it when he found it ? No, no way.
I was right there.
Besides, the blood was already dry.
You don't leave fingerprints in dried blood.
I compared the.
45 ammo evidence to the dead cop and the hooker.
It's the correct make, model and caliber, but I'm telling you, it's a different gun.
Maybe he's being set up.
Why ? By whom ? Keppler told me that he didn't know Frank McCarty.
He also said he didn't know the victim.
Maybe he's lying about that, too.
I'm sorry, Catherine.
I like the guy, too, but I'm just following the evidence here.
We should be talking to Keppler about this.
Where is he ? He was with me in a/V.
Nobody has seen him since, and he's not answering his cell.
He knows where the eyewitness lives.
What are you saying, Nick ? I'm saying that if he had something to do with these two murders, then frank McCarty's not the only one we need to worry about.
Pd's on their way to Suzy Gibbons' apartment now.
Okay, grab Sara and go over there, and I'll have Brass call trenton pd, see who knows who.
Welcome home.
What other evidence did, uh, Keppler handle ? He brought back the three bullets for autopsy, which didn't match the gun with his prints on it.
Could he have swapped the bullets ? Anything's possible.
He also searched the dumpster where the homeless guy found the hooker's purse and cell phone.
He told Catherine he didn't find anything.
I got your dna results, and the blood on the gun from frank McCarty's hotel room, it doesn't match either victim.
There were no hits in codis, and the dna print ancestry markers say that it's from a black male.
Keppler and mccarty were both jersey boys.
Expand the search to the east coast.
Will do.
I really hope he's clean.
We have to treat him like a suspect.
I'll tell Ecklie.
still no answer on his cell.
Got a fix on the gps in his denali.
He's near henderson.
What's he doing there ? he just disabled his gps.
Smart guy.
Guilty guy.
Try tracking his cell.
Pd-issued phones have gps, too.
Got him.
I'll take that.
Suzy Gibbons how do I find her ? Okay, you know what ? First off, you're gonna get your freakin' hands off me.
I don't have time, Ricky.
Why should I tell you ? Because if you don'T I'm the last face you're gonna see alive.
I don't think Suzy works out of here.
Me, either.
Jim ? So I finally got through to the homicide captain in trenton.
Anyway, here's the story.
Keppler not only knew McCarty.
Not only did he know him, he was like a son to him.
Keppler had a close relationship with his daughter, and McCarty was the one who got Keppler his job as a C.
And what about the victim- detective graves ? Yeah, he knew him, too.
Graves was being indicted.
Seems like too many of his suspects were showing up dead before the trial.
Catherine, I think all three of them are dirty.
You know, some women live out of their purses.
I know a lot of working girls operate out of the siren.
I think we just found her office.
I'll see you back at the lab ? Okay.
It's Mike.
Where have you been ? Everybody is looking for you.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Then come back in.
I can'T.
It's kind of complicated.
I made a mistake a long time ago.
Let me help you.
It's too late.
You're gonna end up looking into my cases, Catherine.
they're clean.
I promise, every one of them.
Except the alvarez homicide in philly.
If you run the ballistics again, it'll come back to dennis graves.
Your guys are smart, they'll figure it out.
Mike, don't do anything stupid.
I got to go.
Hey, you've reached Frank.
Leave me a message after the tone.
if you still want to fix this, Frank, you got 20 minutes.
Blue siren motel, third, below fremont.
He just called, sounded desperate.
Like a man with nothing to live for and nothing to lose.
Well, he's not your priority.
Find the witness.
I'm on my way.
Just wanted you to know.
it's open.
drop it, Frank.
Put the gun down.
Look, Mike about the bar, you were right.
I was out of line.
You know how I get- come on.
Put the gun down.
You're not gonna shoot me.
Suzy, I want you to get up and walk out of the room, all right ? I can't let that happen.
Sit down.
it's over, Frank.
I know what you did.
What are you talking about ? I know what you did to Amy.
I killed an innocent man.
Mikey, you're talking crazy.
She was your daughter, Frank.
You watch your frickin' mouth.
All right, okay ! Put the gun down.
Shut up ! I loved her, Mike, more than you know.
All right, okay.
I'm a dirty cop, rotten to the core.
What do you want from me ? I want you to tell me why, Frank.
Why you would do that to your own daughter.
Come on, Mike.
You're all I've got.
No ! No ! Mike ! Mike ! Mike.
Mike, hang in there.
Call the paramedics.
Dispatch, got a code 44.
You're gonna be okay.
Just stay with me.
I'm sorry.
I just know they both had guns.
Move it.
Pupils still fixed and dilated.
He's moving into v-fib ! Let's go ! - Stay with me, Mike.
- Place him into the back of the rig.
Mike ? - Let's go, let's go.
- Hang on, Mike.
- Charging, 300.
- two placement's good.
- Clear.
- Clear.
No response.
Hitting him again.
Yeah, I've got nothing.
Still in v-fib.
Come on, come on.
No pulse.
What ? He's gone.
Talk to me, Archie.
The signal's 20 yards north of your position.
I don't see anything.
I'm dialing the phone now.
All right.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait ! I got something.
I'll call you back.
keppler left his phone so we'd find the hand.
"Check under the nails.
You'll find Frank McCarty's dna.