CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e17 Episode Script

Fallen Idols

Primitive people refused to be photographed, fearing the camera would steal their soul.
Like any good hunter, the photographer stalks, takes aim, and shoots an image.
Who's to say that when the shutter traps that moment in time those primitive fears weren't well founded? Megan has no reason to run away.
She's always been a happy kid and we trust her implicitly.
Captain, this is not like her.
Of course it's no accident they're missing together.
Ryan has a scholarship to Duke.
He's not going to throw it away for some chippie.
Excuse me? "Chippie"? Your daughter's the one who's calling our house 25 times a day.
All right, all right, all right.
This isn't helping.
The kids have been missing since last night.
Why you'd wait till now to report it? We thought that Megan was sleeping over at Sheila's.
Sheila who? Uh, Sheila Latham, her best friend.
When I called Megan on her cell phone this morning, I couldn't reach her, so I called the house, and, uh, she wasn't there.
And Sue Latham didn't know anything about a sleep-over.
Ryan doesn't have a curfew.
But he never stays out all night.
He's not answering his cell phone, and his van is missing.
Captain, please, find my daughter before she does something stupid.
Stupid I can live with.
I need to know they're okay.
The last place the kids were seen was the parking lot at the school after the game.
These two kids have only been missing for 14 hours.
They could have eloped to Mexico.
I know it's a favor, but All right.
But you owe me one for getting me out of bed on a Saturday morning.
Mitch? This is Ryan Lansco's assigned parking spot.
His drives a blue '72 ford van.
It's missing.
What do you want me to test? Doesn't look like transmission fluid.
Did you have assigned parking when you were in high school? No.
I didn't even have a car.
Yeah, it's blood.
I hope they're in Mexico.
Episode 7 x 17 : Fallen Idols between cars and cell phones and the internet.
Yeah, well, the world's become a very small place, Nick.
All the vices are closer to home.
More polyfil.
Hey, Nick? Yeah? This looks like arterial spraying.
Something bad happened here.
A little blood in the parking lot, a lot of blood here.
But very little in between? Look at that equipment shed door.
Some kind of broken glass.
Well, this was kicked in.
Megan told her parents she was spending the night with you.
But first she was gonna hook up with Ryan after the game.
Do you know where? No.
Sheila What? I don't know! Excuse me? Your best friend is missing and you're at a police station.
Act accordingly.
And sit up straight.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just have a headache.
Were you drinking last night? Mom, no! Look a couple of us went out for burgers and then I came home.
Megan was supposed to call me on my cell and I was going to go downstairs and let her in.
And did she call? No.
And you weren't worried? I thought it was just an overtime make-out session.
I fell asleep.
And now I'm here.
Both kids have an ATM card.
Neither's been used since they went missing.
No calls were placed from either of their cell phones.
There's an APB out on Ryan's van no hits.
An APB has gone out to local hospitals nothing yet.
I know.
It sucks.
Any calls placed before they went missing? Where do I start? Megan and Sheila phoned each other about a dozen times.
A handful of calls were placed to Charlie and Bonnie.
They're both on the cheerleading squad.
Hair up or down? Black socks or gold socks? How about Ryan? Ryan, uh, and Megan exchanged a few calls.
He phoned home twice.
His last call was after the game to a Diane Kentner.
She is the photography teacher at the high school.
Warrick is following up and I'm going to collect DNA exemplars from the kids' houses.
My favorite part.
Wish I had one of these back in high school.
What's that? A letter jacket? No.
No, a love shack.
Back seat of my car got real old, real fast.
I was getting so much play my senior year, I seriously considered getting a hearse.
Well, I never accused you of not being smart.
Greg, you're a little weird, but a hearse? So what's with the ropes, Casanova? Well, I don't think they were working out.
Looks like what started out as a good time went bad.
I'd know those footsteps anywhere.
The glass you found on the track is optical glass.
Camera lens, not spectacle.
Camera lenses have one side that's round and one side that's flat for a high refractive index.
It bends the light more.
It also has magnesium fluoride and calcium fluoride coatings for anti-reflection.
You're looking for a high-end non compact camera, Nikon, Leica, or Canon that's missing its lens.
Thank you, David.
Warrick Brown from the crime lab.
Thanks for coming in on a Saturday.
Diane Kentner.
I took these photographs of Megan and Ryan.
- I like those.
- Yeah, I teach photography.
Well, that's a nice shot right there.
That's Charlie Kellerman.
I try to take pictures of what the kids are passionate about.
So I guess he's passionate about photography.
That and Megan.
Charlie's in love with her.
She's in love with Ryan.
Ryan's in love with his future.
- Ah, high school.
- Yeah.
Did you notice any drama yesterday in class between Megan and Ryan? No.
I mean, if a day goes by that a teenage girl doesn't cry in my class, it's a rarity.
But yesterday, it wasn't Megan.
And Ryan's head was already in the game.
He's got a lot of pressure on him.
He's oldest of six.
His parents are already counting the money that he's gonna make from his first NBA contract.
Kentner, what kind of cameras do you use in class? We have a couple of junky ones.
Students usually bring their own.
And what about your own personal collection? Well, I'm old school.
I mean, I took these with a hasselblaad, but otherwise, I use a Minolta I've had forever.
Why? Just following up on some evidence.
And Ryan called you after the game last night.
Yeah, he wanted copies of the photos the photography club had taken.
And he called you on your cell? Yeah, I put it on the syllabus.
You can have it if you want.
No, thanks.
I've I've already got it.
I'm not seeing any evidence of other people.
It's possible that the basketball player snapped, killed the cheerleader, took her body and drove off.
What about the busted door? He starts out the big romantic Oh, don't break your million-dollar foot.
And that's when things went south.
- Hey! - What? - Stop.
I told you - Come on.
- I want to wait till prom.
Stop it! It's gonna be fun.
She pushes him off, makes a run for it.
But he realizes that an attempted rape charge might crash a Duke scholarship, so he chases her down and bashes her head in.
Oh, hey, Wendy.
Really? Yeah, thanks.
How does your theory account for the fact that all the blood's Ryan's? - It doesn't.
- Okay.
Let's say I'm a lovers lane rapist.
I stalk them.
I want me a high school cheerleader.
What's the first thing I do? You take out the basketball player, grab her, take her somewhere more private.
Why take Ryan's body? People let's spiral out.
Accident debris.
Broken turn signal light.
Lots of pieces of grille for a physical match.
Shoes match the description of the sneakers Megan Cooper was wearing last night.
So far, the only blood I found was on the shoes.
This road has almost no traffic at night.
Take a look at this.
Looks like acceleration marks.
Start out heavy, and then they fade out as the vehicle gains momentum.
They're in a direct line with the accident debris, that tells me it's probably related to the impact.
If Megan was hit by a car, hard enough to knock her out of her own shoes, I doubt she just walked away from this.
So far there's no reports of anyone fitting Megan's description being admitted to area hospitals.
I had a friend once that got hit by this big-ass van.
Knocked him like - Nick! - Yeah? Straight ahead of you about 20 yards.
Yeah! Yeah, I got her.
Is she still alive? Barely.
Yeah Okay all right.
Right, yeah, yeah, hold on.
We found Megan.
She's alive.
She was found on the side of the road near the high school.
She's apparently victim of a hit-and-run car accident.
She's in a very serious condition and has been taken to Desert Palm hospital.
And what about Ryan? We haven't found him yet.
We're still looking.
Go ahead.
Let's go.
Uniforms found the van on patrol.
They called it in.
I cleared it, waited for you guys to open it up.
Front end's intact.
No damage, no paint transfer.
There's no signs of an accident.
The keys are still in the ignition.
There's no blood on the driver's seat.
Which means Ryan probably wasn't driving, because his blood was all over the field.
Body dump? Where's the body? Hospital food.
The best I could do.
- Any word? - Not yet.
You know Megan.
She's a fighter.
She'll pull through this.
Thank you, Charlie.
Thank you.
You've always been very good to her.
Excuse me.
I'm Nick Stokes with the crime lab.
Oh, Charlie, he's the one that found Megan.
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome.
I left your mom a message.
I wanted to ask you a few questions.
You mind if I steal him for a minute? I understand you and Megan were pretty close, huh? We live next door to each other.
I drive her to school every day, home after cheerleading practice.
You wait that whole time? Don't cheerleaders work out for, like, hours? No, I'm, I'm on the squad.
Oh, okay.
- Cute girls, short skirts.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it.
Did you wait for her after the ballgame the other night? I don't usually see her after Friday night games.
She catches a ride home with Ryan.
Hey, Charlie, since you guys are so close you'd know if somebody had it in for her, wouldn't you? The only person who was ever rude to Megan was Ryan.
How rude? Ryan was a dog.
And the only person that wouldn't believe that was Megan.
High school kid with a van.
We could have half the senior class in here.
Yeah, a bunch of minors that won't be in the system.
That'll be helpful.
Ryan is six feet.
Whoever was driving must have adjusted the seat.
- Hello.
- What you got? I got a cell phone.
Battery's dead, so I don't know who it belongs to.
But something tells me that pink is not Ryan's color.
I don't know.
I think he might be always thinking pink.
If these all belong to one girl, she's got nothing left to wear.
You know, when I was in college, I had this boyfriend and I thought we were monogamous.
And one night, during the post-coital panty search, he handed me a pair of underwear that wasn't mine.
How'd he explain that one? He said they belonged to his sister.
- Yeah, right.
- I know.
Let's hope your taste in men has improved since then.
There's a large rectangular blood pool at the center of the sleeping bag with several satellite transfers.
At each corner a four-plus-one pattern consistent with transfer from bloody hands, indicating the body was carried on the sleeping bag.
Between ten and Some overlaid with blood.
You okay? - Phthirus pubis.
- Yeah, crabs.
I am buying Lindsey a chastity belt.
There's a hole in the metal to let the urine pass.
So theoretically, she could still get them.
You are so creepy sometimes.
You know, the incidence of STDs in monogamous couples is slim.
Unless one someone arrives at the party with them.
So assuming they both have pubic lice, if either Megan or Ryan were assaulted, they would have given them to their attacker.
A sex pervert with an STD? That's not going to narrow it down.
Yeah, but once they jump to the fresh host, crabs contain the DNA of the receiver and the giver.
Did the parents agree to an SAE kit? Yes.
- You rang? - Yes.
Found the owner of that cell phone.
Sheila Latham.
What is Megan's best friend's cell phone doing in the front seat of her boyfriend's van? If that's your boyfriend, if that's your boyfriend - he wasn't last night.
- he wasn't last night.
Hi, hi, I'm sorry I'm late, but, you know, the sun goes down on missing kids and it's news.
I know this sounds awful, but all I keep thinking is: "thank god it wasn't Sheila".
Doesn't make you a bad person.
Oh, this, this, this thing is so broken.
There's a trick to it.
I lost two dollars in there.
This is Vegas, baby.
That's nothing.
Thank you.
Let's go to my office, okay? Look, I know you have questions for her, but, you know, Sheila almost lost her best friend yesterday and she's still a little out of it.
No, I get it, and I appreciate you bringing her in.
Hey, Sheila.
See, she's exhausted.
Oh, poor baby.
Sheila, honey.
It's time to wake up.
Captain Brass is here.
Sheila? Sheila? We got a 421! Somebody run next door and get the squad medics.
Sheila! Yeah, I'll tell you it's been a banner week for teens and police.
Two kids disappear, one we can't find, one may not make it out of surgery, and another one ends up dead in custody.
I mean, I don't want to make this about me, but I need to know my office is not responsible.
Did you hit her over the head? Because COD is epidural hemorrhage caused by a blow to the top of the skull.
The blood clot pushed against the brain, which compressed the respiratory centers.
Her brain stopped telling her body to breathe, and she died.
How recent was the injury? I extracted about 150cc's of partially clotted blood.
Would have taken at least a day to form, maybe longer.
So Sheila suffered the blow around the same time that Megan and Ryan were well, whatever they were.
Did her mother mention the injury? Injury? No.
Well, that's not the only secret she was keeping.
She swallowed something rather unusual, and she had crabs.
Well, I can guess where she got those and who she gave them to.
What is it that she swallowed? Looks like a memory card from a camera.
Looks like the metal connectors got pretty gacked up by the stomach acids.
Let's see if it still downloads.
Ah, we're in luck.
I'm guessing that's your missing basketball player.
In the equipment shed.
Look, I don't even know how I got crabs.
You got them from humping everything that moved, you big loser.
Now, read.
What are you so mad about? "Danger".
Looks like lipstick.
Come on, guys ! It's cold in here! You could at least close the door.
I, Ryan Lansco am a diseased subhuman sex pervert.
If you do me, you'll go home with a souvenir: your own little crab colony.
My parents better never see this! Oh, yeah? This is going up on Youtube, or maybe you'd like to put it on your friendagenda page.
You put everything else up there.
Why not your crotch rot? Handheld camera.
There's a light in the room.
Someone opened the door.
There's got to be more than one person yanking his chain.
You know, hang on.
I can give you one voice comparison right now.
Hi, guys, this is Sheila.
Guess you missed me, but if you leave me a message, I'll get you back.
Hi, guys, this is Sheila.
This is going up on Youtube.
Oh, Sheila.
So does that make her a victim or a suspect? Maybe both.
Megan, listen, I know you've already been through a lot, but you may be the only one that can tell us what happened to Ryan.
Where is he? We don't know.
Let's start with the last thing you remember.
We were at the game and I did a perfect hurkey.
What's a hurkey? It's a jump where you go I keep forgetting I can't move my legs.
Mom, you're not helping.
Do you remember anything after the game? Anything? We won.
Everybody was happy.
I remember being really cold.
There were lights.
And then nothing.
I'm sorry.
If anyone knows anything about our son, please contact the Las Vegas police.
He's a great kid, with a bright future ahead of him, and we just want him home where he belongs.
"I'm likin' basketball, virgin daiquiris, and sweet, sweet ladies.
" It's Ryan Lansco's friendagenda page.
What's a "hit list"? Well, so I don't think he's an assassin.
His van was like a hot sheets motel, and he wants a password.
Try "Megan.
" It's too obvious.
I'll try it anyway.
Men are never as mysterious as women wish they were.
Sheila L Couldn't move it.
Bunny B Is a honey bee.
Diane K Taught me a thing or two.
Diane K.
Diane Kentner is his photography teacher.
The fingerprint results on Ryan's van.
No hits except on the back door handle, came back to Diane Kentner.
She was arrested last year at a demonstration in support of an x-rated photography show.
Now, what's a photography teacher doing touching a student's van ? Maybe she wanted a ride.
Kentner, the car that hit Megan Cooper left a broken turn signal light in the road.
It's from a Saab.
Isn't that the car that you drive? Yeah, along with hundreds of thousands of other Americans.
Well, we're going to need to take a look at yours.
Get a warrant and you can.
We also found your fingerprint on the door handle of the back of Ryan's van.
Could you explain to me how that got there? Well Ryan helped me move an enlarger I got for the photo lab for the school.
My Saab wasn't big enough to move it.
Your name came up on -- Ryan Lansco's friendagenda page, what was called a "hit list.
" It's apparently a list of people that he slept with.
If you're under and you teach teenage boys, they all want to make you Mrs.
It's flattering, but it's fantasy.
So, you are denying that you had any sexual relations with Ryan Lansco? I would never take advantage of a student.
Well, we're going to need to take a DNA sample, and that I have a warrant for.
My parents better never see this! Oh, yeah? This is going up on Youtube.
The only reflective surface in this whole frame is that cabinet.
What am I looking at here, Arch? I'm thinking it's two faces.
Only time I can see it is when the light hits it.
And some dude.
Some dude named Charlie.
Grab some coffee.
I know you've waived your right to counsellor.
I appreciate you come here and talk to me, Charlie That means you're ready to be honest.
That's That's good.
Because Ryan is still missing.
Sheila is now dead.
Megan is partially paralysed.
And you are digging youself into a pretty deep hole here, pal.
I know you were there, that night, at the equipment shed.
I have your shoe impressions at the scene.
I've got you on film and we found Sheila's cue cards in the back of her mom's trunk.
So where is Ryan? I dont know.
You're an adult, Charlie.
There's a big difference between going to juvie and going to state prison.
Big difference.
Ok, I'll tell you what I think happened.
You're in love with Megan, who's in love with Ryan, who's a dog.
You said so yourself.
And he gives her crabs.
But does she break up with him? No.
She goes right back to him after crying on your shoulder.
Man, that'd piss me off.
Don't make me present to a jury that you came up with this plan, this little prank, and recruited Sheila equally afflicted by this and you ran that boy's head against a tackling sled.
Then when Megan freaked out and got scared, you just ran her over and left her for dead.
No, no, that's not what happened! Then you tell me what happened! Okay.
You're right.
It started as a prank.
Sheila and I wrote out that speech.
Sheila brought her camera.
We went down to the field house.
We knew they'd be there fooling around.
- What the hell? - Shut up! What are you doing ? Get off me! - Shut up! - Stop it! We tied him up.
We got him to read the speech.
We were just gonna post it on Youtube.
What happened? He got loose, came tearing after us.
He's coming.
He's coming.
- Give me the camera.
- Here, here.
Come and get it, Ryan.
This what you want? Huh? What the hell, Ryan?! Jerk! Ryan? Ryan! Next thing I know, blood was just gushing out of his neck.
I haven't slept.
I haven't eaten.
I can't stop playing it over and over again in my head.
He just went down so fast.
And-and I was looking at him.
And it-it was like he wasn't Ryan anymore.
Whatever made him Ryan was gone.
What did you do with the body? This is where I suck.
We should have just called 911, but we panicked.
Shut up and just pull.
We don't have time to think about that.
- What are you doing? - Look, let's just get him in the van.
I'll drive; you follow.
Move! Where is Ryan? I just told you everything I know ! We left him in the van.
What about Megan? The second we barged into that field house, she freaked out and took off.
I-I didn't even know she was in the hospital until her parents called.
Okay, come here and take a look at this.
Sheila's holding the camera; you're holding the cue cards.
Who's holding the light? Was there somebody else there? I-I was holding the light and the cue card.
Are you sure? It was just Sheila and me.
And now, it's just me.
Okay, we got quite the smorgasbord here.
The only constant from the crabs is Ryan.
He's half the DNA on each of the combos.
And the other contributors were Megan, Sheila, several unknowns, and everybody's favorite photography teacher, Diane Kentner.
Certainly hope she gave him an A.
It proves sex with a minor.
Even if we can't get her for Megan's hit and run, it's enough for a search warrant.
So, what you find at Diane's house? Not much, but propped up on a dresser was a rental agreement to this address and a key.
Looks like she drew us a map.
Looks like it.
Diane Kentner, open up! Las Vegas police! There's our busted headlight.
Let's go.
What the hell is that? Hold it, hold it Hold it.
Now I remember why I don't like modern art.
I'm gonna go call the coroner outside.
I'm slipping, Grissom.
I talked to this woman twice, and this body was here the whole time.
No one could have predicted this.
She was on a daily dose of Lithium.
What is this, Grissom, Romeo and Juliet? Postmortem photography Memento mori.
In the 19th century, a photo of your dead loved one was a popular keepsake.
Death remembered.
One last look.
Charlie told Nick that Sheila pushed Ryan.
He lied to protect Megan.
How you feeling? Okay, considering.
My parents are in the cafeteria if you want to wait.
Oh, no, no, I'm I'm good.
I just wanted to show you something.
What do you think about that? Is that me? What am I doing? Oh, it looks like you're killing your boyfriend.
You tell me.
Who took this? Ms.
Oh, come on.
Obsess much? Oh, so, you do remember? No.
Not what happened that night.
I wish I could get selective amnesia.
There's a lot in my past I'd like to forget about.
If I did push Ryan, and he died, then that was wrong.
Don't you think that I've been punished enough? Are you telling me you're not gonna prosecute the girl that killed my son? The DA decided not to file.
I mean, my guess is that he probably felt he couldn't get a conviction.
Wh where's the justice in that? Everybody involved in this thing has been punished in some way.
I mean, Diane and Sheila are dead.
Charlie's probably going to jail, and Megan got away with murder.
You trust me? Intimately.