CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s07e21 Episode Script

Ending Happy

One of the gals fished him out of the pool, and the owner called me.
No one's touched the body since.
Where's your coroner? Oh, couldn't get him on the horn.
Probably out in some barn, up to his elbows in a cow's vagina.
Excuse me? Oh.
Coroner's a part time gig here in brime county.
He's a veterinarian.
That's his money gig.
Control, this is csi sidle.
We're going to need a coroner for that 419 out at the sugar cane ranch.
Excuse me, ladies.
It's a strange crowd for a cathouse.
******* sheriff! Di - did you hear about my wife? Somebody shot my wife.
No, I'm telling ya, they shot my wife.
All right.
All right.
Settle down, - milton.
- Settle down.
His wife died about ten years ago of a stroke.
What is with all the old timers out here tonight? Oh, they live here.
Yeah, all over these hills.
Cheap rents, abundant sunshine life is good here in brime county.
Guy's name is lorenzo morales.
"Happy" morales.
I saw him fight leroi steele at the sands a couple of years ago.
Took a vicious beating.
Never touched the mat once.
Well, he's definitely down for the count.
I want to tell you something.
George and doris babinkian own this place.
Run a real tight ship.
Never had a problem in all the years they've been here.
Just good people.
Pay their taxes, provide employment, pillars of the community.
You know, last month actually, they had A ned, you left this in my room again.
Thanks, aimee.
She look at this.
Gunshot wound? Maybe.
He's got a contusion over his right eye.
Could be associated with the incident.
Well, he was a boxer.
Feels like bathwater.
It's got to be 90 degrees.
There's no way we're going to get an accurate T.
Places like this always keep their pools warm.
Encourages the girls to swim topless.
It's good for business.
So they tell me.
proudly presents Season 07 Episode21  So when was the last time you saw the deceased? It was, like, an hour ago, when they took him away on that cart.
: No, I you know, I meant the last time you saw him alive.
I saw him around noon yesterday.
Made him his favorite meal.
Babinkian oh, you call me binky.
Everybody call me binky.
Okay, binky, tell me about lorenzo? Everybody call him happy.
What? Does everybody have a nickname around here? Not me.
I'm just doris.
Nut? No, thank you, doris.
So tell me about happy.
Binky: Oh, happy, happy.
He was a fighter.
He was a born boxer.
He had speed, he had skills, he had heart, he had punch! You know, four years ago, he was a top ranked middleweight.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
But he I don't know stumble into hard times.
Oh, yeah? What do you mean? You know.
Boompa, boompa sniff, sniff.
Like, party time.
And I I mean, I buy his contract, I take him out here, I give him a double wide.
I build him a gym to train him, and I train him.
- I can make him a champion.
- He did that.
You took a boxer who likes to party to a whorehouse to train? Do you think that was smart? Well, in hindsight, maybe not so good idea.
So, anybody have a grudge against happy that you know of? everybody loved happy.
You I want you to catch this person.
Find him, please.
And, you know anytime your boys need a break, we have something here we call a cop special.
You'll like it.
Any girl, no charge and one complimentary drink oh, two! Okay, two complimentary drinks.
And one appetizer of your choice here at the bar.
Tonight, we have, uh ? - Baba ghanoush.
- Yes.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
You two really run a mom- and- pop operation.
: Oh, thank you.
And now, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to the hookers.
Hooking is what girls do out on the street.
Here we prefer the term "pleasure provider.
" Ooh! Beer caps, candy wrappers, cigarette butts, used condoms.
This is one pool I am not feeling a pressing need to take a dip in.
Me either.
This chair has taken quite a beating, and this cigarette looks like it was just left here and burned out.
Hand me an evidence marker, will you? There is a stain on the filter.
Could be blood, could be lipstick.
If this fellow was shot through the throat, and had a nasty lump on the head, could be how he ended up face down in the pool.
Yeah, but there's no blood by the pool.
If he was shot shot here, you'd expect spatter.
Back splash could have washed it away when he hit the water.
I kind of doubt it.
The bloodstains on his shirt were straight up and down.
They had time to settle in.
I think he was shot somewhere else, and just got dumped in here.
Well, it sounds like we need to play "find the bullet.
" All right.
Open up, please.
Honey, come see me later.
I can show you a better way to get dna.
brass: So did you see lorenzo "happy" morales last night? Uh uh.
I don't think so.
- No? - No.
Did you hear any gunshots? Any shouting? Anything unusual? No.
So what did you do last night? A guy came in, and he brought his 18- year- old son, and I made him a man.
I popped his man cherry.
Oh, the usual stuff.
I had a pretty good night.
I tickled a guy.
That's it? I had a cold, so I stayed in my room and I read pride and prejudice.
I have a big fat crush on mr.
I had two no, three dates.
Then I hung around the bar and watched tv.
So, what did you think of happy? He was fine.
Actually, he was kind of cute.
And he was I mean, I didn't have nothing against him.
Let me make something clear for you.
This is a homicide investigation.
If you're lying to me, even a little bit, I'm going to come down on you like a load of bricks.
So let me ask you again.
What did you think of happy? I COULDEN`T STAND HIM IF IT WAS UP TO ME HE COULD DIE IN HELL! HE WAS A THIEF? He was messed up, man.
He took pills to get wood, then he couldn't even finish.
Plus, he had the windy problem.
What does that mean? He talked too much? No.
He passed gas too much.
He smelled really bad.
I mean, I know you're not supposed to be sensitive in this line of work but that guy could blister paint.
What pissed me off, he started coming around, and he just stopped paying for it.
He thought he could get anything and everything for free.
So, did doris and binky have a problem with this? Binky had a big problem with it.
You keep your hands off my girls.
Okay? Hey, this is a whorehouse.
That's what they're here for.
You lazy, fat bum.
Why you don't make yourself useful around here, eh? Look at this piece of falling apart crap of a chair.
You pick up a tool and fix it! All right? doris, uh she had a little thing for mr.
Happy, if you know what I mean.
Did he reciprocate? What? Was it a one- way thing or a two- way thing? I don't know what you're saying.
Did binky know? I don't know.
May I? Thank you.
These monitors are live feed only? Nothing taped? Absolutely not.
If we did that, and word got out, we'd be out of business in about a week.
But I see that the rooms are wired for sound as well.
Well, that's for the girls' protection.
And to make sure that they don't short you on their financial transactions? I just spot check from time to time.
I trust my girls.
Did you hear anything unusual last night? Believe me, if I had heard anything, you'd have known about it already.
I want to know what happened to that poor boy just as much just as as much as anybody.
You cared about him.
Happy was a child in a man's body, you know? He had no family.
He had nobody.
He was scared.
His big comeback was going nowhere.
He was finished, and he knew it.
Happy knew it.
Binky knew it.
Everybody knew it.
and nobody sees anything.
Nice hat, honey.
So you've been to a place like this before? I worked a murder suicide at the naughty kitty once.
No, no, come on.
You know what I mean.
As a customer? No.
You never paid for sex? I have not.
I find the whole idea very bleak.
Really? How come? Sex should provide the opportunity for human connection, but paid sex does the opposite of that.
To me, sex without love is pointless.
It makes you sad.
Well, I'm pretty sure I don't make you sad.
You make me happy.
Methaqualone benzodiazepine; antidepressants.
Anabolic steroids, beta blockers, high- blood- pressure meds, prevalis.
There's no prescription labels.
It's all written in spanish.
Looks like a lot of this stuff came from south of the border.
Blood drops on the floor.
Smears on the furniture and the walls.
This might be where they ran the opening bell.
Robbins: Boxers all end up the same, beaten, broken and forgotten.
yeah, joe louis, george foreman, ali, marciano, frazier, tyson who are those guys? Whoa.
Genitals are distended and patchy and covered with large red welts.
Testicles are swollen, roughly three times the average size.
Scrotum is filled with fluid.
It's consistent with cardio edema or an std.
Maybe an infection of some kind.
Either that or this guy's got the world's ugliest johnson.
Okay, I'll just slice the scrotal sack and draw out a fluid sample.
Oh, doc, could you wait till I leave? Thanks.
This guy's got a nasty crack on his head.
Probably a fracture.
Wouldn't surprise me if there was a hematoma to go along with it.
There's linear markings on the contusion.
brown: Looks like letters of some kind.
What is that? I think it's backwards.
I- n- c- H.
Binky: Please, listen.
You make me close down my doors, cop cars in front! It's not good for the business.
I know a man die here, but dead is dead.
I lose my shirt.
Are the girls allowed to keep any weapons in the room for self defense? No weapons.
Strictly forbidden.
Then you won't mind if I check for myself, right? What do you mean, check for yourself? W long will this take? As long as it takes.
: As long as it takes.
Your mother sleep with azerbaijani.
MADE IN CHINA brass: Dreama little.
Is that your real name? Stars shining bright above you night breezes seem to whisper "I love you" birds singing in the sycamore tree dream a little dream of me.
Do I look like paula abdul to you? My daddy gave me that na 'cause he liked that song.
All right.
Happy was hit in the head with a crowbar we found in your room.
You wiped off your fingerprints, but you didn't wipe off his blood from the grooves.
He was always coming up to my room, getting all up on me.
He liked them other girls, but he was obsessed with me.
Look, look what he did.
He punched me right there in the ribs just for fun.
Then he flipped me over and then he started punching me back here.
Every night, drunk, crazy, messed up.
Whether he could get it up or not.
Last night I was just about to take my week off to bleed, and I wasn't in the mood.
No! so yeah I hit him.
So what? He deserved it.
It didn't even drop him.
He just wandered off.
I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
You don't get to decide whether you kill somebody or not.
I just explained to you you whacked him on the side of the head with a crowbar.
- I know, but I didn'T he came over - that's assault with a deadly weapon.
It doesn't matter whether he wandered off or not.
He's bleeding from the brain.
If he dies later on, that's murder on you.
I killed him? You know, a jury may take into account the fact that you were abused, and I hope they do.
But you're not gonna just walk out of here.
I killed him! You know, sometimes it helps to write it down.
******** Yes.
Understand you'll be talking to the girl who crowbared the boxer.
Well, yes Dr.
I'm actually with her right now.
Well actually I'm with him right now.
That blow to the head wouldn't doing much good.
But it's definitely not what killed him.
The blow to the forehead caused bruising to the right frontal lobe.
It's significant, but definitely sublethal by itself.
And what are those gray spots? Just old scar tissue.
See it on boxers all the time.
It's impossible to know what kind of brain damage the guy was already living with.
So what killed him? In addition to the brain trauma and the holes in his throat, he has needle marks.
On his thighs, arms and buttocks.
I don't know for certain what he was shooting up.
Still waiting for tox.
Well, he was found floating facedown in a pool, so let's start with the obvious.
Any evidence of drowning? His lungs were partially filled with blood and water.
However, the neck wound transected the trachea below the epiglottis.
So the air and the water could have entered passively postmortem.
Well, the entry and the exit are the same size, but it doesn't look like a bullet wound to me.
No, it seems more like a straight through puncture.
The bruising here is more developed than here.
At this point, all I can say for sure is the neck wound occurred before the blow to the head.
Catherine said we might not be looking for a bullet anymore.
- She happen to say what we are looking for? - Not a bullet.
Well,it looks like we have blood drops heading towards happy's trailer.
Hey!You kids -you caught your,caught your guy? -No,sir.
-You going to catch him? -We certainly hope so.
Well, think this might be of some help? I told you,somebody shot my wife.
Come in.
I'll show you.
There is what appears to be blood on the shaft.
I told 'em.
I told 'em,but would they listen? No,no,just an old man running off at the mouth.
-Did you see this happen? -No.
Woke up this morning and found it like that.
I shot an arrow into the air,and it fell to earth I know not where.
Oh,so swiftly it flew, the sight could not follow it in its flight.
-Long,long -sir.
-That's,that's really sweet.
-That's longfellow.
What do you kids know about poetry? Nick,arrow came in through that window.
Even an idiot could see that.
Found another arrow shot in the ground near that old tool shed.
Maybe the shooter got nervous.
Well,to work in a brothel you're required to register your fingerprints,so -I'm almost done here.
I'll catch up.
I'll let you know if we get lucky.
A long time afterward,in an oak I found the arrow,still unbroke and the song,from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.
Keep the faith,milton.
Honey,are you asleep? Connor.
-Are you drunk? -No.
Not too much.
What's up,dude? Mr.
Foster,we're going to need to talk to you down at the police station.
-Okay? -Okey-doke.
OkaySo I shot happy.
I hated that guy.
But it was self-defense.
Self-defense,really?How? I myself was trying to defend the girls.
They needed me to protect them.
They depended me on that.
So that's what I done.
This guy was a monster! he was all puffed up like some big-ass lizard monster guy.
so this is your idea of an assassination attempt?This is your lee harvey? You hide behind a tool shed and shoot him with a crossbow,which we all know you own- -is that it? -Yeah,but he wouldn't die.
And I'm glad he did.
And anyway,I wasn't the one that killed him.
He just kept coming at me.
-He wouldn't lie down.
-It was horrible.
You shot a guy in the neck,and you don't think you killed him? -Uh-huh.
-Well,how do you know you didn't kill him? How do you know he didn't stagger off somewhere and you know,drop dead in the pool? I'm liking you for happy's murder.
I'm liking you a lot.
But I didn't kill him!And I'd do it again if I had a chance! -I killed him? -Yeah.
I killed him? I killed him! -are you gonna get that? -Yeah.
Listen,I just got a confession from the crossbow guy,so we're all set.
Well,then I am sorry to ruin your day, but I certainly appreciate the company.
Your guy might be the shooter but he's not the killer.
he-he's notwhat do you mean? -I mean -it's not him.
Happy was on the verge of anaphylactic shock.
His trachea was almost completely blocked.
And then he got shot.
The arrow reopened his airway,in essence gave him an emergency tracheotomy.
So the guy took an arrow through the throat -and it prolonged his life? -Apparently.
And what are the odds of it not hitting a major artery? Whatever comes right before zero.
-So C.
Is anaphylactic shock? -Not entirely.
The epiglottal tissues are only slightly swollen, which suggests the anaphylaxis had enough time to subside.
-not now,david.
-I'm sorry but happy's antigen assay came back.
The anaphylaxis was a reaction to shellfish.
I didn't find any seafood in his stomach or small intestine.
Just six and a half pounds of undigested red meat.
-Well,that explains the flatulence.
-And nothing else.
-Anything? -No shellfish yet but plenty of used condoms, as well as antifungal powder, vaginal lubricant,hair balls, toenail clippings,hemorrhoid cream and lice-killing shampoo.
Somehow,the whole brothel mystique is wearing thin.
I found a couple of syringes,too.
I thought these girls were supposed to be drug-free.
Well,maybe there's a legitimate medical reason for that.
That's why it was stuffed inside of a tampon applicator.
You know,I kind of feel bad for these girls.
Don't feel too bad.
They have health benefits,good pay.
Women get regular checkups.
The industry is well-regulated,as opposed to picking a hooker up off the street.
Does she have a disease?Multiple diseases? Is she crazy?Is she gonna roll you? Where do you go?Do you do it in your car? Behind a building?Down a dark alley? So you drive around,scared out of your mind.
You finally get the nerve up,pick one you like,call her over,she gets in-- next thing you know,you're down on the pavement,cuffed, 'cause she's an undercover cop,but luckily, you're three months shy of your 18th birthday,so when you call your mom to come get you, it doesn't go on my permanent record.
We've got a winnah! The prints on the shrimp tails all came back to george babinkian, but whoever was eating the shrimp was wearing lavender lipstick- so I'm guessing it wasn't binky.
Well,that's doris's color.
Doc was bothered there was no sign of shellfish in happy's digestive tracts, so he went back and checked the genital area- there are clear indications that the point of entry of the anaphylaxis was through the urethra.
You know, when i talked to the girls, they told me that doris and happy had a thang.
You add binky into the mix, and that is one nasty little love triangle.
So,are we making progress? Well,actually,it's Ait's a very complicated case.
We were hoping maybe you'd help us out a little.
Well,of course,gentlemen,anything.
Well,apparently, happy was in the midst of a life- threatening anaphylactic collapse.
Do you know what that means? Umit's a very heavy allergy attackto shellfish.
But the strange thing is, the allergen,it seems, was introduced into happy's system through oral-genital contact.
I have no idea what you're talking about now.
Nowuhgentlemen, she's very hot my wife.
She was very fond ofof this boxer.
- Apparently.
- Will you excuse us? I would like tocomfort and talk to my wife.
Well,no,wait a minute,wait a minute.
I think it'll be all right.
Go ahead.
Thank you,thank you.
Take your time.
What was that about? These rooms are all wired for sound.
We can't use this as evidence.
They have no expectation of privacy in those rooms.
Binky and doris are the ones who wired them, and they listen to their clients all the time.
That's why you did it.
That's why you fed me the shrimp.
I feed you shrimps because I love you.
- And you love shrimp,no? - Don't play dumb with me,george.
Somehow you figured out that happy was allergic.
Oh,you crazy talk, crazy.
No,it's all clear to me now.
How long have you known? Known about what? About me and happy.
You were doing boxer? Screw you,george.
You know damn well I was.
I don't care of you have your flingy-flingys.
We're living in america,no? I mean everybody's entitled to pursuit of happy.
What's done is done,doris.
He was turning into big drag.
He's dead now.
May god take his soul and rest.
You're setting me up,george.
I now don't you shush me,george.
You know what?You've pulled some really out-to-lunch crap in your life, george, but thisis - What you just said - I didn't mean it.
That was just crazy talk.
- Yeah.
- I mean,nobody would ever possibly believe, not for a single solitary moment, I mean not for a single solitary moment, that you,that I,that happy oh,come here, baby,baby,come.
- I love you - I love you,too.
And I love you both.
Let's go.
You're under arrest.
Binky used doris to induce happy's allergic reaction to shrimp as a sort of test her fidelity and happy ends up dead.
Not bad.
Who's brass going to charge? Don't bother.
You can't charge either one.
On secondary examination of the body, I noticed a patch of necrotic skin on the right calf.
Looked like a bite of some kind.
So I sent blood off for prothrombin time and blood venom ratio.
It came back positive for snake venom.
Smashed with a crowbar, shot by a crossbow, poisoned by shrimp and now bitten by a snake? Sort of-happy had western diamondback rattlesnake venom in his system-the real deal- but it wasn't from a bite.
I histoed the wound and checked the cross- section.
Snake bite punctures are typically curved yeah, these are straight.
And one's deeper than the other.
Look like needle marks.
As you can see, the tissue around he wound was pretty badly degraded.
Greg found this in the trash of one of the girls' rooms.
Which girl? Brass: So I think you'll be happy to know that your little crowbar stunt didn't kill happy.
- Really? - Really.
Oh,that's great.
That's like I told you.
So can I go now? Well,don't you even want to know how he died? Wellyeah,okay.
You know,it was the damnedest thing.
He had snake venom in his system.
A snakebite.
Isn't that a hoot? Yeah, that's just what it is-a hoot.
You know, there's a bunch of those rattlers all up over those hills.
I bet he just oh,he wasn't bitten.
No,he was injected.
Somebody took a syringe full of snake venom and injected it in his leg.
I don't know nothing about that.
Oh,we found the syringe with the venom in it and your dna on it in the tube you hid it in.
I mean, you might have walked on the crowbar thing, but this is premeditated.
And that can be very, very bad for you.
Look, I know that you and connor did this together.
He's already going down for the crossbow shot.
That's probably why he gave you up.
He-he blamedhe blamed it on me? He said that you cooked up the whole thing from top to bottom.
Mmconnor would never say that.
He was in love with me.
Are you saying that faking the snakebite was his idea? No.
Connor ain't that smart.
It was my idea.
my daddy was a serpent handling preacher.
My people all had the holy fire.
I had it, too,but mine came from below.
I caught and milked that rattler.
Connor: Dreama said she did it? By herself? That's right.
You're going to walk out of here a free man.
And she's going to jail, and you can visit her every third thursday until she's a very old lady.
Is that the way you want it to be? No.
Well,that's the way it's going to be.
Unless you can convince me she's lying just to save your sorry ass.
That ain't the way it went down.
Dreama thought it up, but I'm the one who stuck it in.
Come on,**** Shh.
Go back sleep.
That's okay.
Two holes.
Two holes.
And then I went and I dumped his body into the culvert.
Me,by myself.
Right now the D.
'S not sure who he's going to charge.
What he needs from us is the most accurate timeline we can provide.
Well, according to tox, the hemolytic component of the venom had time to break down tissue, which means that it had to have been in his system at least a few hours.
So the fake snakebite is around 1:00.
Happy's down but not out.
Well, that gets dreama and connor for attempted murder with conspiracy to commit.
And earlier that night, binky fed doris some jumbo tiger shrimp, knowing that she'd eventually find happy for round two.
Dreama! Oye,mamita.
I don't feel too good.
Come here,baby.
I know what you need.
I'm going to make you feel all better.
Come to doris,baby.
Doris administers some very special first aid and happy's little soldier swells to battalion size.
Babinkian knew about that shellfish allergy- that's intent,right? In any event, binky and doris lawyered up.
They're sticking together.
How romantic.
So,now happy is not so happy, because he'd heading into anaphylactic shock.
Grissom: According to narco, happy had epinephrine in his trailer, which is probably what he was trying to get to in round two.
Stokes: That's assault with a deadly weapon.
But not necessarily murder.
So the field tracheotomy buys un- happy enough time to get the epi.
at this point,you'd think he would've just called it a night.
Watched a little tv, hit the sack,but no.
I'm going to get you,you little bitch.
Which brings us to round four.
the T.
You do know what a good defense attorney is going to say to all this, don't you? - What? - The lawn chair did it.
Snake Wenom Punctures Moraless Unknown/cardiac Arrest Fell off a chair