CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s08e03 Episode Script

Go To Hell

You may believe that you have to die before the Judgment comes.
But I think the fire is not around the corner.
The fire is not awaiting XXX The fire has already come, as we mortals drink, gamble and fornicate our ways through this world.
Death to hell's bells thundering twelve The clock of damnations has already struck midnight.
We're cooked,done Stick a fork in the ass of the human race and turn us over on Satan's spits because we are not going to hell Surely you understand in Las Vegas,Nevada I say, we are in hell, now.
Why parking in the alley two blocks from the crime scene? You know,sanitation is flushing out the sewer line.
We don't want to block their trucks.
Oh, What we've got here? Hey, guy.
Hey We've got a male DB Call it in.
You've got it,Mitch? I'll tape the scene.
The man was shot execution-style.
Woman was shot as well,bound and gagged.
I guess the next door complained about the noise, manager finally called the police.
unis found this I don't see any luggage.
Wedding rings still on the fingers.
That rules out robbery,but not infidelity.
One gets to watch the other one die? Maybe someone was trying to teach them a leeson.
Did you guys happen to see the Fitzgerald's thermometer on your way over? Oh yeah, 109, hot as hell.
Anything under 110 is manageable.
Above that,crime rate goes way up.
Sounds like it's getting hotter.
CSI Season 08 Episode03 Go To Hell well,there's no wallet or I.
On this one either.
This looks like a wet spot.
There's no indication she was re-dressed.
It doesn't look like sexual assault.
So middle class couple takes a walk on the wild side,checks into this dump for some fine dining and romance.
Somebody breaks in,kills the man,and tortures the woman.
For what? Maybe it's a drug thing.
Well,wouldn't be the first time some nice folks from henderson came east of fremont to score.
Did you find any drug residue or paraphernalia? Not yet.
Maybe tox'll find it in them.
We have one too many bibles.
I don't think they helped.
So you didn't hear or see anything suspicious? This job-- you kidding me? That's all I see and all I hear.
Is that the register? Give it to me,give it to me.
Room 106.
Paid for the week,cash in advance,signed 'em in myself.
We got a problem.
What's the problem? Your handwriting sucks.
What the hell does this say? Oh,uh oh,that.
That's the name here and that's,that's a,well,that's an A.
and the license plate that's an n and-- oh-- that's a V.
That's nevada.
You think? Sidle: Green bloat stage.
He's been here at least 18 hours.
Do you ever wonder why ants don't crawl up the nose,eat the brains? I would.
Ants are scavengers; they tend to stay on the surface.
You think dead skin tastes better than brains? Well,they will go for brains late in decomp,after all the skin is gone.
Do ants have taste buds? Ronnie I'm going to have to limit you to 20 questions per case.
- Really? - Nineteen? Brass: Hey,sara.
Hey jim.
So enjoying the sunshine? Not really.
Is a derelict.
I'm kind of surprised to see you investigating this.
Oh,I'm not working this.
I'm working the double homicide over at the rancho center motel.
We're just doing a neighborhood sweep for suspects.
You're new.
I'm jim brass.
- Yeah.
Ronnie lake.
- Right.
Ronnie lake.
Like veronica.
You know,the actress? Sullivan's travels? I think that's my dad's favorite movie.
We have a few hookers who used the motel.
They're willing to talk.
Yeah,203-charlie,I'm on my way.
- Got to run.
- Bye So I got a hit off of the print on the motel room's do not disturb sign.
Drug dealer with priors for assault-- nice.
Yes,well,don't get too excited because I got another hit off of the telephone-- pedophile-- and I got one off of the dresser-- rapist-- and another one off of the bed frame-- a prostitute,a pimp,and another prostitute.
Is that it? For felonies,yes.
You want misdemeanors,too? So the blood on the shirt belongs to your victims.
The high velocity spatter on the front is a mixture of both and the blood drops on the left sleeve appear to solely belong to the woman.
Probably cast-off from the beating.
Now,the pattern on the sleeve has a straight line on the outside, and then a matching band of spatter on the inside.
So the killer rolled up his sleeves? He had a lot of work to do.
Speaking of which-- the wet spot.
The sex stain was a male - female combo,both unknown, but the female shared alleles at all loci with both of the victims.
It's their daughter.
The parents weren't that old.
The girl would be a teenager at most.
So the killer caps mom and dad,rapes the girl,and takes her with him.
If you've got a missing kid,I've got a pedophile.
Alistair rhodes.
Busted in august '94 for child molestation.
That's pre-codis,so there's no dna on file to match.
Alistair rhodes.
I remember this guy.
He was a lounge singer,called himself three miles of bad.
It was all over the news.
Well,according to the sheet,he served five years and made parole.
A registered sex offender.
We know where he lives.
You think those are your fingers itching to pick up the spike? Your hands injecting your veins? Satan finds mischief still in idle hands.
Brass: Alistair rhodes.
Most people around here just call me reverend.
Hey,why don't you guys go super-size those? So,reverend,I hear that confession is good for the soul.
You have anything to tell me? The man you're looking for no longer exists.
If you'll excuse me,I have some chores to do.
You ever been to the rancho center motel? Plenty of times.
With hookers,addicts,drug dealers,pimps,wife beaters,runaways.
I save people.
You ever save these two? You know them,don't you? There's nothing I can tell you.
These people have a daughter,and she's missing.
And due to the fact that you're a convicted sex offender that means that you better come up with a lot more than these corny priestly homilies and you better come up with them fast.
I don't answer to you.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
That's a good idea because you're under arrest.
Yo,rambar,I have some documents to piece of junk.
where's rambar? Where all state employees go when they fail repeatedly.
Fbi lab? Sucking down taxpayer dollars in quantico as we speak.
Me,I like to think I'm broadening my horizons.
Yeah,along with your pay grade.
Oh,happy coincidence indeed,sir.
What you got here? Somebody needs to switch to decaf.
In there somewhere is a nevada plate number and a name.
Can you dig it out? I could try.
The plate number is something,something, something,d,seven,something,something.
Okay,well,it's a fairly new model.
The four letter,nuree thmber configuration has only been standard a couple years.
Well,uh it's a start.
Well,can you cross-reference these records against the characters in the vics' last name.
It's m,a,blank,blank,blank,I,blank,blank.
now that's a good start.
Brown: Alvin and girlie macalino.
Let's do it.
This makes what,the third power outage since summer? Fourth,actually.
If I didn't know any better,I'd say the city was trying to get rid of us.
That's a hundred dollar fine right there.
That's not good.
Brown: Las vegas pd.
Is anybody home? It smells metallic.
What the hell is that? That looks like balut.
It's this filipino delicacy.
My grandmother's best friend is from manila.
Bet it tastes like chicken.
The macalinos must've been in quite a hurry to leave their dinner out like that.
so much for the daughter.
no visible signs of sexual trauma.
If it's any consolation.
It's not.
Burger giant They were eating it at the motel and someone had it here.
Possible connection? Hey,maybe we can add robbery to the list.
Wi-fi card but no laptop.
Mom,dad and two girls.
They have another daughter? okay,so it's not just the ringing in my ears.
One girl gets my little pony,the other one ends up here.
That doesn't seem fair,does it? greg? Do you have any allergies? No.
Why? Give me a hand.
The macalinos had two daughters-- Amy and Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is dead, and Amy is missing.
That is tragic,but it has nothing to do with my client.
Your fingerprints were found at the motel where the macalinos were murdered.
My client has already explained that.
Back before you were saving souls, when you were just molesting children,you had a partner attorney: Who died in prison eight years ago.
We found male dna on the bedsheets at the rancho center motel.
You got yourself a new partner,just like old times.
Only,this time,the parents busted in on you.
That was bad for you,but worse for them.
And now that mom and dad are never going to come home, you get yourself a whole new playpen to party in and a new buddy to party with.
The dna at the motel-- was it my client's? No.
Then why is he still in custody? Because he's still lying.
You're not an ordained minister.
You're not a part of any recognized church.
You got nothing to hide behind.
So avoid the death penalty-- give us your partner, we get the girl,and you getredemption.
Six years ago,I was an alcoholic and a crackhead.
This man pulled me out of the gutter and saved my life.
My firm is doing this pro bono.
I guarantee he will not do another day in jail.
My partner is the lord.
Well,I'm sure it's not his dna on those sheets.
So anyway,when I graduated I got offers from both the labs in new york and miami.
Know why I picked vegas? Sidle: I know you have nine questions left.
Crime rate's growing faster here.
All of his valuables in a rubber-band wad.
No I.
Check the shirt pocket.
I was getting there.
Driver's license.
Edward kaye,born New socks.
Happy face sandwich wrapper.
It's got to be handouts from a shelter.
Make some calls.
You get to ask some questions,ronnie.
You know,if I had to gauge it by his apartment, I'd say that alistair rhodes is a regular guy.
Yeah,I'm sure that's what he wants everybody to think,too.
For a guy with his own flip-down ironing board, these shirts look pretty wrinkled.
Whatever you're doing,that's more important.
Roman numerals one through six.
All right,let me guess.
Star wars bootlegs.
Child pornography.
Start with the latest first.
that's enough.
Let it play.
bang you with chains of iron! Come from her now! Back,pandemonium! Back,confusion! Leave this stop it! That's enough! Hey,stop,stop!Now,spirit! Why did you stop him? - He was hurting her! - No! This isn't kiddie porn.
It's an exorcism.
This is your fault.
You didn't believe.
You didn't believe.
Come from her now! Leave this girlnow! Stop it! That's enough! Why did you stop him? - He was hurting her! - No! Amy's not here.
It's your fault.
You didn't believe.
You didn't believe.
I've helped other people cast out the devil before.
Videos one through five.
I advised the reverend to document his rituals for situations just like this.
He performed a religious service with the full consent of the parents and then he left the motel room.
Look,if you think we're going to fall for that, you have a lot more faith than I thought.
He has no knowledge of the deaths or of amy macalino's current whereabouts.
Counselor,is this your idea of cooperation? listen to me.
Listen to me.
The mother came to me at her wit's end,heart in her hand, begging me,begging me to free her child.
She said she'd tried doctors and pills,but nothing worked, so I went to the house,I saw it with my own eyes.
Let me out of here! the thing in that house it wasn't amy.
It wasn't human.
I had to cast it out.
Did it work? The exorcism-- did it work? No.
Amy's father broke the rules: Never speak to it, never interrupt,and believe me completely.
Do only as I say.
And he didn't believe.
Grissom,do you believe in a separate,living evil? You're primitive man on the savannah.
You see something move out of the corner of your eye.
You assume it's a hyena.
You run,you live.
If you assume it's the wind and you're wrong,you die.
We have the genes of the ones who ran.
We're genetically hardwired to believe living forces that we cannot see.
The devil's slyest trick is making us believe he isn't real.
But call his name loud and long enough guess who comes knocking on your door? Usually guys like you.
Look,enough with the sunday school bull.
This meeting is over,the deal is off.
We've answered your questions.
I told you the truth.
You have to let me leave.
He's right about that.
If you're not charging him with anything we're charging you with assault.
We'll make bail.
You'll be out of here in six hours.
Multiple contusions on the face,subdural hematomas.
This guy was definitely roughed up.
? Being homeless in las vegas.
Cardiac arrest due to dehydration.
- Hi,ronnie.
- Hi.
I faxed the D.
'S photo to various indigent organizations.
Shelter on rancho and main I.
'D him as a regular.
Their special this week was socks and sandwiches.
Rancho and main is less than a mile from where we found him.
Bum got into a fight-- business as usual-- and died of exposure,right? oops,that was a question.
I know,I'm down to four, but,I mean,that's it-- case closed,right? What does that look like to you? Perimortem abrasions parallel,double rails.
It's handcuffs.
Cops must have picked him up before he died.
Maybe that's not all they did.
Well,that's a guess.
What is the first thing that the police do when they question a suspect? Check for I.
Standard procedure.
Eddie kaye's only identification was an expired driver's license found separated from all of his worldly possessions.
Print it.
Well,you're not seriously going to go after the cops over something like this? You know what? That question I will answer.
We're not here to protect anyone,ronnie,not even the cops.
We're here to figure out what happened.
If you can't do that,you should get a different job.
Officer casella? That's me.
I'm sara sidle,I'm with the crime lab.
- This is my partner ronnie lake.
- Hi.
Can you tell me why your fingerprints were found on this? Well,sure,I touched it.
What else did you touch? I'm sorry,what do you mean? Did you strike this man? Okay,are you trying to jam me up? We're not trying to do anything.
Where'd you get the bruise,casella? I got it doing my job.
A couple of train wrecks were slugging it out over this crap sandwich.
I try to save them from themselves,but no good deed goes unpunished, so,uh,one of 'em takes a poke at me.
So I cuff him up,I check his I.
I'm ready to run him in,but my partner says to drop it.
He says this is an old bum trick,right,like take a swing at a cop, you go to jail where they have A.
They have food,they have water.
I can't believe I almost fell for that.
I kind of wish you had.
The man died.
What do you got there,greg? Looks like it could be the murder weapon.
You off the clock? Yeah.
Good job.
How you doing? Well,I've had better days.
You missing me yet? A little more every day.
Grissom's in the attic.
- hey.
- Hey.
Bee frame.
Inside,I've got the queen,the workers,the whole colony.
You're looting the crime scene of its bees? I cleared it with animal control.
This colony is healthy.
I need it to study colony collapse disorder.
Bees are dying in record numbers everywhere.
You know,I did read that if every bee on earth died, the human race would follow four years later.
There's no hard evidence to support that,though.
But the world will endsomeday.
you don't think that's cheating? Anybody can get their hands on that stuff.
My kid can get the clear,the cream.
Dispatch,we have plate number david-paul william-robert- one-eight-four, multiple warrants,parking violations.
Maybe we should juice up all the players.
Level the field,be more entertaining for me.
You are one sick twist,my friend,you know that? Stolen vehicle.
Hold up.
Dispatch,we have plate number paul-robert-zebra-david- seven-five-zero.
Stolen vehicle,outstanding homicide.
At koval,oflaf s vegas boulevard.
Wanted for murder, code 6.
Back up.
***** - hands,let me see your hands! - Out of the car now! Get your hands up! Let me see your hands! Get out of the car.
Hands! You know who we're looking for,scumbag-- amy macalino.
Where is she? I'm amy.
so you're sure you never saw this guy before? That guy? Uh-uh,no.
Okay,but this guy,uh-huh.
Uh-huh,he was definitely at the rancho center motel.
He was there,um,three nights ago.
Had his little camera with him and everything.
Camera? Yeah,like video camera and all that stuff.
That helps,thanks.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Umdon't I get a reward? Yeah,you get to leave.
I'm catherine willows,I'm with the crime lab.
You here to probe me? Swab.
No,no,amy,this,this is,um,this is in the mouth.
Staff tells me that you've already gone through the S.
They tell you I'm all banged up inside? Not in those words.
Amy the man that took you he cannot hurt you again.
We've got him.
Then can I go? Where's my clothes? Well,they're evidence for now,but you'll get them back.
The clothes that you wore-- were they yours or did he make you wear them? He made me do a lot of things.
Andrew wolflynn.
Bet your friends call you wolf,huh? So I'm going to call you wolf.
You can call me jim.
You know,it's really exciting to meet such a hyphenate.
You know what I mean? I mean,you're a triple threat.
You know,kidnapper- rapist-auteur.
Do you like making movies? What are you talking about? Kiddie porn.
No,n-no,no way,no-not me,man.
No,not just you--you and a partner.
He shoots,you score.
it must be a really good business.
Low budget,high profits.
Unless you get caught.
I've contacted child services.
You'll have to stay there for at least tonight.
Do you have any relatives? Not anymore.
I've got a daughter.
She's almost your age.
Maybe we should hang out.
There'll be some counselors there that you can talk to and take as much time as you need and whenever you're ready,to go back to school.
Where do you go? Jefferson.
Jefferson high? I don't know that one.
Jefferson middle.
Amy,what grade are you in? Sixth.
I'm 12.
We got your fingerprints,your semen.
I mean,we got you in the dead couple's car working to bang their kidnapped daughter.
We got did I leave anything out? Oh,yeah,we got your gun.
I don't own a gun.
No,you know,we checked the serial number.
It belongs to your grandmother.
But you know and you know,it must be really hard to get that gun off ol' granny.
What the hell are you doing? I'm just checking your shirt size.
I might want to give you a christmas present.
You know what? I was leaving something out,wolf.
We got your shirt soaked not in one but both of the victims' blood.
You see,this is what we call a slam dunk.
You're going to jail.
You're going to do time.
But why do it alone? Don't be a patsy.
Just tell us the name of your partner.
Come on,share with a friend.
And you know what? You don't even have to tell me his name.
All you have to do is point.
I've never seen that guy before in my life.
Come on,you can do better than that.
I want a lawyer.
What are you doing? Hey.
I'm trying to make some sense out of the spatter.
Now,we've already determined that the the killer rolled up his sleeves when he murdered the motel victims, but when I found the shirt,the cuffs were buttoned, and I'm not much bigger than this guy.
And look.
This is as far as the sleeves go up.
Would you give me the shirt off your back? Sure.
Here you go.
So wolflynn wasn't wearing the shirt,was he? I guess amy was.
A trophy after sex.
I have something I'd like you to see.
The macalino family computer wares covered from the stolen car.
Archiefound the chat logs.
A lot of traffic between amy and the wolfman.
Keep reading.
It looks like amy's luring the wolfman.
What would you do if you found this on lindsey's computer? Ground her for life.
Take the laptop.
Lock her in the attic,maybe? Well,you push kids,they push back.
Things can get out of hand pretty quick.
The macalinos were pushed all the way to an exorcism.
Now,alistair rhodes says that he left the motel when his ritual failed.
The video shows the father tried to stop it.
He probably untied her.
Right? So amy escapes,she goes and gets her knight in shining armor.
Yeah,wolf and his .
22 caliber.
They return to the motel.
The parents are gone,but the room's still paid for.
They have sex and burgers.
And amy calls her mom and dad,who come back because they still love her.
Dad gets killed firstquick, but mom,the true believer,the one who wanted to drive out the demons, she has to suffer.
And amy goes home to get her computer and kills her little sister.
I'll call brass.
We'll go pick amy up.
amy,there's somebody here to see you.
Could you come with me,please? Just wait in here.
We need to see amy macalino.
Popular girl tonight.
- She's upstairs with her minister.
- Let's go.
her what? Control,this is willows.
I'm at C.
I need backup.
Code three now.
I cast you out! alistair,turn around.
Turn around.
Now! Get down on your knees.
I saved her.
I saved her.
I Season 08 Episode 03