CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e04 Episode Script

Let it Bleed

You,I needI need brains brains I smell your brains.
Halloween is tomorrow night.
Vegas will celebrate all week.
We just get some coffee, we'll be there in 5.
Need to process another Let me guess,robbed by a cop? Yeah,third one tonight.
Great costume,that's what i wear last year.
Me too.
Stop that guy.
That cop just robbed me.
Stop! Police,stop! Down! He is going inside,I'm going after him.
- What? - You go call for help.
- Are you sure? - Go! Control,CSI Adam.
I got a 443 in the alley behind *** store *** shots fired,I repeat,shots fired.
Suspect is wearing a blue police uniform.
CSI Stokes is in pursuit.
That's it!***** Come***** Guy's robbed just last liquid store.
He is got company.
You know,Nick.
You are lucky you're not in here too.
Well,I guess a broken mirror does bring bad luck.
Guy died for small bills, beef jerky and a pornography.
** up,hungry and dumb.
It's what he goes through life.
Well at least he helped us find this poor dead girl.
Dumpster belongs to the glass of mirror place.
Control company said, the owner closed up at 5.
She smells fresh.
This was a dark alley.
Maybe she was a *** girl.
Picked up a *** with a bad temper.
Yeah,Trick or Treat.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ µ°¸â¸â Episode04 'Let It Bleed' Hold it.
Take a look at this.
A fish.
It's temporary ink.
Could be a transfer or stamp from a club.
Back in St.
Louis,Vice always kept a database of club stamps.
Our guys will know where it came from.
Maybe if we can figure out where she was,it will lead us to who she is.
I hate Halloween.
Looks like a bunch of adults going as teenagers this year.
She's underage.
Touch her again,you're going to jail.
- Whatever.
- Mom! What do you think you're doing here? Dancing.
What does it look like? Where's the ID? Want a urine sample,too? Draw my blood? Jasmine Davidov? Don't the police have anything better to do than chase me down? You bet we do,Lindsey.
A girl your age was here last night.
She was murdered.
Just take her home.
You moonlighting as a bouncer now? When you have kids,you can talk to me about it then.
Well,we won't be talking soon then.
Vic was definitely working the VIP section.
She wasn't wearing a wristband.
She must have been juiced in through the back.
You only get a wristband if you pay the cover at the front.
There you go.
Owner's over there.
Finish puberty somewhere else.
Me and Mr.
Big here need to talk.
See you in a bit,ladies.
She was found in a dumpster about two blocks from here.
She was wearing one of your slut-of-the week stamps on her thigh.
- Recognize her? - No.
But I don't get a good look at every girl who walks in through the door.
Anything else I can help you with? Yeah,as a matter of fact,there is.
I found my underage daughter on your dance floor.
I could card everyone in the place right now and shut you down.
If your daughter got in here,she was using a fake ID.
That's not poor club management.
It's poor parenting.
You don't want to blame yourself, so you slap a fine on me.
A fine is going to be the least of your worries.
You know,it's one thing when kids dress up as a cop on Halloween,but when grown-ups do it-- never ends well.
Got an ID yet? Gun's unregistered.
I dusted it.
Nothing but smudges.
So,how did Rocky the Flying Squirrel get his uniform? The patch is a Reno city seal,but anybody can get one of those at a swap meet.
Hand me the ALS,will you? What? It's just been a while since I've seen you use one of those.
Just like riding a bicycle.
What,you don't want to share your toys? Please.
This is the pocket where the cops keep their pens.
And they're always forgetting to retract the points.
You know,I don't think this is a costume.
Okay,but real cops don't wear prom shoes,man.
So everything's fake, except the uniform.
Which means somewhere a real cop was wearing it.
Well,I'll contact Reno.
See if anybody was down here on official business.
Sexy kitty,sexy nurse,sexy hula dancer,guy dressed like pimp.
These guys have no imagination.
Club's using monochromatic daylight cameras at night.
And they're all pointed somewhere pretty much useless.
Except for the front door.
Now we don't have our girl arriving.
Consistent with her not having wristband.
But here she is leaving.
She starts out pretty upset.
That's the club owner,Craig Hess.
Instant attitude adjustment.
This is approximately four hours before we found her.
She's a VIP,and they bounced her? What did that guy say to her? Does it look that way to you,Gil? Did you hear anything I said? The wounds from the glass they appear to be superficial? Yeah.
No vital response in the tissue.
You getting any sleep? Me,neither.
What do you hear from Sara? I don't know where she is.
She's got needle marks in both arms.
No scar tissue.
This has to be recent.
Drug users don't usually start off shooting it.
Snort it or smoke it first.
White powder in the nose,most likely cocaine.
Histamine reaction, maybe from the drugs? Wonder if she told her parents she was just going dancing and they believed her.
Grissom,got something for you.
Your female victim popped up in the Homeland Security database.
Angela Marie Carlos.
Lake City-- from Cali,Colombia.
She's here on a student visa? Yeah,but it gets even better.
Father is Juan Ramon Carlos.
He's on a lot of Top He's a major drug lord.
So maybe somebody was trying to get to him through her.
What do we know about his Vegas connections? Besides every drug dealer in town? He's got a sister in Henderson.
I'm on my way to make the notification.
I'd like to go.
I was there the day she was born.
That day and every day since, I prayed to God to protect her.
But I think our family has tried his patience too long.
Miss Carlos,I know there are no words that could possibly make this easier to bear, but maybe helping us find who took her away might bring you some comfort.
When was the last time that you saw Angela? Two months ago.
When she went to college in Utah.
Until then,she was living with me.
Going to school here.
Why Utah? Because it's not Las Vegas.
She's like her mother.
She likes to party.
Juan did not approve.
Did you know that she was back in town? No.
Did she have many friends? Money buys you a lot of people,but but not a lot of friends.
Except for one girl,Sylvie.
They went to high school together.
They were like sisters.
Would talk all night on the phone.
Sleepovers and shopping and You can you can love someone with your heart and your soul, but you can't protect them 24 hours a day.
You can catch whoever did this,but it doesn't matter.
Juan will never forgive me.
So,why did you bring your uniform to Vegas? I brought it because I was testifying in a case.
Held over a couple days for cross.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
So,I thought I'd see the sights.
What happened to your uniform? Well,I'm walking through the casino just minding my own.
Hot girl comes up, wants to buy me a drink.
You know the type.
Donut Dolly.
Wanted to wear my uniform,use all the tools.
You're a bad cop.
You've been a bad boy,and I'm really gonna punish you.
Yeah,you like that,don't you? I've been a bad officer.
I had to send my uniform out to the hotel cleaners.
That's smart.
Juries do find you more credible when you're not reeking of champagne.
So,when I didn't get it back,I called housekeeping.
They said they hung it on the door.
What hotel? Palermo.
Room 914.
I am gonna get hell from my department.
But it was worth it.
See what I can do,Casanova.
If Angela's in trouble,I'm talking to her before I'm talking to you.
Well,she's more than in trouble.
She's dead.
Were you with her the night before last? Ange said Salt Lake was lame for Halloween and she was road-tripping it to Vegas.
We changed at my place.
Then Ange wanted to go get some party supplies.
Party supplies? I had friends who could get us into the Dark Water Bar.
Ange said she could take it from there.
She said the owner was a friend of her family.
Here's to us.
- You trying to get me killed? - Come on.
Just help me out.
Whatever you want,I'll give you.
What I want is you out.
Get your hands off me.
So,did you leave with her? No.
I hooked up with this guy.
Texted her to meet up with us at some party.
Weren't you worried about what might happen to her? Nobody touches Angela.
Now what? You lied.
It means I like you.
We have a witness and surveillance footage.
Angela Carlos was here the night she died,and you talked to her.
Somebody who's not working here anymore let her in through the back.
As soon as I saw she was in the club, I sent her out through the front.
So,you do know her? Did I say that? I think you do business with her father.
And that kind of business can put you out of business.
Who is her father? It's clear on the video that whatever you said to her got her to leave.
What was it? Rendezvous at your place,drugs for sex? 'Cause it wouldn't be the first time.
Arrested for statutory rape,assault, and drug charges with a 17-year-old girl.
I was 21 years old.
Those charges were dropped.
Girl wants to party,get a little bit rough-- it's a date.
She doesn't get flowers in the morning-- it's rape.
Look,that's it.
I'm done talking to you.
There's still something in this wound.
It's different from the other shards in the dumpster.
What do you notice about the wound? It's red,which suggests a vital response to the incision.
Appears to be perimortem.
Go for it.
I'll get it to Trace.
- David.
- Gil.
You've got something I've never seen before? Said the chorus girl to the bishop.
No separation between the blood cells and the serum.
Her blood's hemolyzed.
You usually only see that when the body is in advanced decomp.
An unknown chemical imbalance triggered a pressure change in the red blood cells, which caused them to rupture.
What could cause this? Number of things.
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
Certain blood diseases.
Transfusion reaction.
Even chemical warfare agents like sarin or ricin.
Worth the trip,wasn't it? Hives associated with any of those? Most of them.
I've requested her medical records,tox and DNA, and I'm waiting on those before I certify COD.
- Let me know.
- I will.
And,uh,yes,it was worth the trip.
Please tell me you got a hit off my dumpster diver's print.
Yeah,I'm running them now.
Hey,my timing's perfect.
Isn't it always? Thomas Taylor,Bakersfield,California.
Ooh,he's an angry guy.
Kind of like two assaults.
Add DOA to the list.
You're supposed to be at home.
That's what being grounded means.
I wasn't doing anything wrong.
I wasn't even drinking.
Breathalyzer results? I made the cop who drove me home test me.
I know I shouldn't have been using a fake ID,and I'm sorry.
But you overreacted.
I'll be the judge of that.
I know you're dealing with a lot right now,but you don't have to worry about me.
Thanks but I will.
And you're still grounded.
So,I scored two tickets to this Alec Knight lecture.
He's,of course you know,challenging the Russian claim that the Romanov remains found in Ekaterinburg are authentic.
Open bar.
Are you asking me out? Is that a yes? Do you have the results of the white powder that we found in Angela Carlos' nose? Yes.
It wasn't cocaine.
Here,take a look.
It's atropine.
It's a stimulant often used to cut coke or methamphetamine.
But her tox report came back negative for both.
And atropine has a paradoxical reaction as a tranquilizer used on fish and other animals.
So,how did it get in her nose? So,we're still on for that lecture,right? Gil? I checked with the Palermo.
Your Reno cop has a Tower room.
Takes a special room key to access those elevators.
So,if the dead guy swiped his uniform,he was either a guest or an employee.
We checked.
He doesn't work there,and he wasn't registered.
What is a lowlife from Bakersfield doing in patent leather shoes anyway? Who wears those things? Maybe he stole those,too.
Yeah,or maybe he was in town for a wedding or reunion or something,and they were rentals.
I'm gonna check around.
I'll get back to you.
Hey,where's Catherine? Driving her daughter home.
Back any minute.
Why? I was just running the dead girl's phone records.
Got a GPS hit on her cell.
If the killer's got it,we've got him.
And it's on the move.
Riley Adams,Las Vegas Crime Lab.
Dump your load.
Well,Angela's cell phone is in there somewhere.
What's the number? Here.
Bloody glass and the victim's purse.
If this truck stopped at the Dark Water Bar,Craig Hess is looking dirty.
Looks like crime scene cleanup.
Got the garbage truck's route from the company.
We stopped the truck there.
We found Angela Carlos just off of Newall Street.
Not on the route.
She was last seen at the Dark Water Bar on Harmon,which isn't on the route,either.
Hey,what about the club owner's home address? "Craig Hess.
Well,that's way off the map.
So,other than the fact that he lied to us about knowing the vic,we've got nothing on him.
Wendy,what brings you to my store? Well,I'm here on the Angela Carlos case 'cause I just ran her exemplar blood, and it came back a mixture.
Oh,that's impossible.
I drew it from the heart.
I don't know.
I ran it twice, and both times,it came back as a mixture of one female and two male bloods.
It's definitely contaminated.
Well,then it was contaminated on your end.
No,I don'tI don't think so.
Well,regardless,I'm going to need to get a clean exemplar.
Would,uh,deep tissue from the quadricep work for you,Ms.
Simms? Yes,that'd be fine.
Barry Wunderlick? That his real name? Real enough to get him a couple of tuxedoes and two pairs of patent leathers.
He rented them three days ago.
They were due back yesterday.
And Barry's from Bakersfield,too.
Oh,just like our fake cop.
Yeah,so I checked with the Palermo,and get this.
Wunderlick still has the room right across the hall from Officer Brady.
He was supposed to check out yesterday,but his stuff's still in there.
And he did get two keys.
Let me get this straight.
So,two guys from Bakersfield come to Vegas,rent tuxedoes,steal a policeman's uniform, so that one of them can hold up a couple of liquor stores.
Is that the deal? That's what the evidence says.
I'll flag his credit cards,put a broadcast out.
So I ran the tissue sample,and it's clean.
It's purely Angela Carlos.
So the first blood test was contaminated? No.
) It was a mixture.
Three people's blood.
It started me thinking,maybe her results explain the hemolysis.
So,then I ran the blood stain from the glass that you pulled out of the victim's wounds, and I used that as a secondary standard.
Same results.
Confirmed the mixture of a female victim and two unknown males.
The only way that could have happened was if she'd received a blood transfusion.
From multiple donors.
With no medical necessity.
The victim was B-negative.
One of the male donors was O-negative.
The other one-- A-positive.
Then that's your COD.
A-positive would cause a major reaction with her blood type.
Transfusion explains the,uh,needle marks on her arms and the hives.
If somebody was trying to kill her,there were far easier ways to do it.
Girl goes out for a night on the town.
Wants to score some drugs.
Ends up with a snout full of atropine and a double transfusion.
And unfortunately,it's impossible to separate the two male types from each other, which means that I can't run the DNA through CODIS.
Which now leaves us with two unknown suspects.
Barry Wunderlick.
This whole time we've been looking for him,he's been our house guest? Arrested three days ago,drunk and disorderly.
Couldn't post bail.
I was just having me a bachelor party at the Acid Strip.
How did you run up a tab of over five grand,Barry? Duh! It's Vegas.
You want 'em to touch you,you got to tip.
- There's a four-drink minimum.
- What? No,there isn't.
Well,that's what she said,bro.
And you believed her? She was smokin'.
Pushin' her junk up in our face.
Then,they come up and tell me that my credit card's no good no more.
They wanted cash.
Is that how the manager and two bartenders ended up in the ER? They were trying to screw us.
They didn't realize that they were messing with an ultimate fighter.
Then,uhThen you guys show up and arrest my ass.
What happened to your friend Tommy? I told him,"Work up some cash and bail me out before the wedding.
" My best man leaves me hanging.
I don't even know if Candy Jean will even have me now.
Your best man gave it his best shot.
For real? For real.
First,he stole a policeman's uniform from your hotel.
Then went on to commit four armed robberies in one night.
Put the money in the bag! He did all that for me? I guess my nine-mill did come in handy.
What? Didn't end too good,did it? I'm just curious.
Why rent the tuxedo for a bachelor party? It's Halloween.
Casino Royale's my favorite movie.
I,uh I kind of look like the guy who plays him.
James Bond.
You get it? Oh,I get it.
Barry Wunderlick.
Broke your caseagain.
I examined your vic's purse for trace and found what I thought to be a piece of skin.
Turns out I was right.
Fish skin.
Wellanything that swims gets me closer to Hess.
Carassius auratus,to be exact.
Good job,Hodges.
Thank you and there's more.
I analyzed the glass from the garbage bag and from the incised wound on your victim's scalp.
They're both lead crystal.
I took the pieces and used an approximation of their original shape.
I know what this is.
A fishus abowlus.
That's very funny.
Sam bought Lindsey an aquarium for her ninth birthday,filled it with exotic fish, and she loved it for all of 24 hours until she realized that the fancy fish eat the goldfish for dinner.
the circle of life.
You've got to be kidding me.
What do you feed your fish? I don't feed my own fish.
I hate fish.
It's worse than owning racehorses.
Nothing but problems.
They're,they're always getting sick.
You know how much it costs me to replace one of those big orange and white ones? Soif you don't feed your fish,who does? My boy Goya.
He's got a warehouse over on Corville Street.
Las Vegas PD.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
- You got a warrant? - Turn around.
Huh,you got a warrant? What's in the box? Can't you read? Sand.
What's it look like? Sand,huh? So how much would it run me to fill my tank with blow? Probably what Angela was here to find out.
So Craig Hess sent her to you.
Didn't he? We ain't got nothing to say to you.
Right,Joe? Well,we've got a tank for both you guys.
It's just your size.
Come on.
There's enough atropine here to sedate all of Sea World.
This place is on the garbage truck's route.
There's blood on the table,glass underneath.
Angela came for the cocaine and ended up snorting atropine instead-- pure atropine,which is used to cut coke.
What's that? Angela had blood from two different males in her system.
I'm thinking they transfused her Frankenstein-style.
Why? Settle the score with Dad? But she came to them.
She didn't come for this.
I sell fish.
I distribute cocaine.
I'm not a murderer.
Then why did you kill Angela Carlos? I didn't.
DNA confirms that she received a blood transfusion from you, and your blood type is A-positive.
That's what killed her.
And now she killed me.
Last year,Angela hooks up with this sports book guy.
They get wasted.
She totals her car.
They walk away without a scratch.
The next day,he's got a bullet through his head.
Nobody messes with Daddy's little girl.
The moment she came through my door,I'm a dead man.
So you understand why me and Goya would never give her drugs.
But you gave her atropine.
That'd be stupid.
I was going to give her pot out of my own stash.
It's not like it's even a real drug, but when I went to my car to get it, the bitch pulled a Pulp Fiction on me.
I was cutting the coke before she got there.
She decided to help herself and made the wrong choice.
Joe calls me in a panic.
When I get there,she still has a pulse.
So you don't do the smart thing-- call 911 or dump her at the ER? What made you think a transfusion would wake up Snow White? Keith Richards.
The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards? Everyone knows the story.
When he hit the smack too hard, he'd,you know,go to Europe or someplace and get his blood swapped out.
That's an urban legend.
It makes sense.
And I know about tubes and pumps.
That's all a transfusion is,right? She can't die,man.
It's okay,it's okay.
Look,I got it.
Come on,man.
Come on.
Okay,all right,all right,now we give her our blood.
We're freaking losing her.
Let's go.
No,no,it's okay.
Here you go,man.
Take this.
Leave it in there,man.
Leave it in there.
We were trying to save her.
She died anyway.
Yeah,she died,but then you drove her body halfway across town and threw her in a dumpster.
Not any dumpster.
That bastard Hess.
He sent her to our house,so we gave her back to him.
I could just guess what he told her.
Your father's boys will take care of you.
Goya's Aquariums-- Corville Street.
But she wasn't in his dumpster.
But it was close enough to Hess' club that Mr.
Carlos would make the connection.
Blame Hess.
I do.