CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s09e12 Episode Script

Disarmed & Dangerous

BLOW YOUR GASKET Open the door,please.
Come on,open up.
Come on,man,please! Open the door! You seen The Incredible Hulk? This dude was this big,man.
And he comes out like that, but he was all red.
And he comes out,and he gets in his car Three detectives for one homicide? Callout was for an officer down.
Usually brings in more help than we need.
Don't believe they're LVPD.
He was kicking this door in,and he was pounding David? Um,there's not much room in there.
I'm more than happy to wait.
Catherine, this man's arm is gone.
No,it isn't.
Tissue is ragged.
It's not dismembered, it's disarticulated.
Takes an awful lot of rage to tear a man's arm off.
Or an awful lot of PCP.
Try not to get too far ahead of the evidence.
Department of Justice.
Actually,he's FBI.
Meet Agent William Ray Hatford.
So those suits you were talking to Yeah,they're all in from D.
on a case.
They stopped here to get gas, Agent Hatford came in to take a leak,never came out.
They found him like this.
They notified their field office, and then they called us.
They acknowledged our jurisdiction.
That's refreshing.
Yeah whoever did this took his gun, his badge and his wallet.
I mean,this doesn't feel like a simple robbery.
He's supposed to get ahead of the evidence.
So I'm gonna take the agents down to the station, get their statements.
They're kind of shook up.
Feds are human,too,I guess.
Ray,I know you're not doing what it looks like you're doing, so what are you doing? This man lost more than an arm.
The stoner outside said a big red hulk did this.
Maybe he was right.
proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Episode12 Disarmed and Dangerous I don't think this hunk of flesh came from him.
Maybe it came from the killer.
There are no defensive wounds on the victim's body suggesting a sign of struggle.
Maybe it came from another victim.
Witness on the scene didn't mention anyone else.
Another argument for DNA.
All right,I'll call PD and have them check all the hospitals.
I'll get his prints.
Actually,would you mind if I did that? Not at all.
NO RECORD IMAGE Um,is-is there a problem? Actually,there is a problem.
There's no ridge detail on any of his fingertips.
See? This looks surgical.
Maybe microdermabrasion.
What kind of FBI agent doesn't have fingerprints? Agent Hatford had been working undercover for several years.
His fingerprints were removed as a security measure.
See,these days,the bad guys can run prints,too.
They've seenDonnie Brasco.
They know how we work.
Well,I presume the Bureau requires a confirmed ID.
That's the procedure.
Since we don't have fingerprints, we'll have to run DNA.
I'll get an STR profile to Quantico for verification as soon as possible.
- Fine.
- Where are you on a suspect? Oh,well,right now all we have is the eyewitness report of a guy who looked like the Incredible Red Hulk.
But CSI's got some surveillance video from the gas station, and they're analyzing it now.
Is it possible that this case is somehow connected to the case you're working on? Of course it's possible.
We work with scumbags every day.
Like who? If I had a name, I wouldn't be standing here.
Agent Stanley, would you give us a moment alone? Please? How long have you two been working together? It feels like forever.
All of our active files are at our command post.
I can assure you,Captain, you will have the full cooperation of the FBI.
All right, that is Agent Hatford making his last trip to the can.
And that is a class two misdemeanor.
Well,the FBI does not concern itself with state fire codes,Greggo.
Okay almost there Now.
Take a look at the mirror.
Looks like a vintage muscle car.
And that face It's a bloody mess.
Yeah,you should've seen the bathroom.
I'll have Brass put out a broadcast.
Investigation's been focused on human trafficking.
Underage women in the Vegas sex trade, smuggled in from South America, Brazil,primarily.
Yeah,there's been a little chatter about that on the streets.
But,uh, nothing really concrete.
They've only been operating for a few months.
Low key,select clientele, contacted directly by email only.
Agent Hatford was on source-targeting and recruitment.
He did most of our field interviews.
Hookers,pimps, mid-level scumbags.
We're just starting to put the network together.
Who'd you piss off to pull this duty? This is important work.
We requested this.
Homeland Security gets lion's share of the Bureau's resources these days.
What do you think,we just run around and chase terrorists, spy on Americans, and investigate paranormal activity, is that it? Sorry.
No offense intended.
I hope your taxes are in order.
I think you just bought yourself an audit.
Our case files and suspect interviews.
Anybody in there with the physical strength to do what was done to Agent Hatford? I doubt it.
Did Agent Hatford wear a wire? Sometimes.
I don't know if those tapes were transcribed yet.
We haven't been able to ID the head of the operation.
He's referred to on the street as "Os Punho," which is Portuguese for "The Fist.
" Anybody look familiar? I don't know.
Gradual application of dry heat is generally the best way to bring a muscle out of rigor.
And the man can cook.
The question is,what are we having for dinner? This muscle has two heads and a shared,single point of insertion.
Judging from size and weight, uh,we can rule out Biceps femoris.
Biceps brachii,then.
The tissue is clearly infected.
In fact, it looks necrotic.
What do you make of these,uh, linear streaks? Well,I think they're hemorrhage lines.
I bet this guy was shooting steroids.
With a dirty needle? That seems pretty stupid, even for somebody stupid enough to kill an FBI agent.
I guess he neglected to swab his skin.
Contaminants could've been pushed in with the injection.
The muscle looks like it fell right off the bone.
Like a piece of well-cooked chicken.
You know,I found some pieces of mirror glass inside the muscle.
Maybe this guy was in so much pain that he had to rip it out right then and there.
You listening to me,Vinnie? I asked you a question.
What are you doing on Hill Street? Agent Hatford taped this interview the night before he was killed.
I guess those muscles make you deafanddumb,huh? The suspect at the gas station was heavily muscled.
Which is why I figured this could be the guy.
Oh,don't eyeball me like that, Vinnie.
I am the F-B-friggin'- I, are you feelin' me? Now put your hands on the hood.
We know about all those little sweet ass Brazilian hos you be running.
And we don't like it.
But you know who bothers us more? That armpit you work for.
That sewer rat.
Where is he? How would I know? I don't work for no one.
"Os Punho.
" You don't know who I'm talking about? "The Fist"? You tellin' me you know nothin' about "The Fist"? How would you like a fist up your Unfortunately, Vinnie was only referred to as "Vinnie.
" No last name.
And Agent Hatford never had a chance to write up a full report.
Tox on your orphaned biceps.
Nandrolone decanoate, methenolone enanthate, oxymetholone, and HCG.
That's quite a cocktail.
Maybe this "Vinnie" is a bodybuilder.
It could be.
This specific mix was very popular with the local weight - lifting community a while back.
The VELCORE Lab was supplying it to all sorts of athletes.
Before we shut them down.
You know,there is someone who's very familiar with this case.
And he's real easy to get to.
He's a murder suspect, he's using your juice.
His name is Vinnie.
If you know his last name, we'd appreciate the information.
Let me get this straight.
You guys bust my company for selling roids, give everybody else a chance to plead out for easy time so the D.
can make an example out of me, because I'm-- me personally-- I'm corrupting the very fabric of American sports.
You ruin my life.
And now you want me to help you? That pretty much sums it up, yeah.
Screw you.
Yeah,I figured you'd have an adverse reaction to that.
I've only got 22 days left of a 16-month rap, which means there is nothing you can do for me or to me.
Yeah,that's why I decided to bring in an associate.
Agent Bechman,would you come in here,please? You work much with federal agents? Actually,this is my first time.
I'm a CSI-1.
Were you held back? Career change.
I was a physician.
And screw you, too,fed.
I would prefer to just educate you.
For instance, did you know that many people convicted of drug offenses continue to engage in some form of drug trade while in prison.
Now,United States v.
Delgadoheld that if you so much as speak to someone for the purpose of dealing drugs, even while incarcerated, that's Conspiracy to Conduct a Racketeering Enterprise.
Doesn't matter whether or not you handed out the drugs.
Your business activities from prison violate the RICO statute.
Even if I did something like that-- and I am not saying that I did-- I already got busted for it.
That is double jeopardy.
Not according toGarrett v.
United States.
The double jeopardy clause does not bar cumulative punishments for continuing criminal enterprises and underlying predicate offenses.
Your man knows the law.
That's our Miles.
If we determine that you do have some information regarding this suspect which you choose not to share, then I can promise that the full weight of the Department of Justice and RICO section 1963 will be brought to bear upon you, and your 22 days in Clark County Prison will become 20 years in a federal penitentiary.
Oh,and we get to take everything you own.
His name's Vinnie Mingus.
He's one of those Supreme Force Fighters.
He's supposed to be fighting today.
Well,it sure ain't the Mandalay Bay.
Welcome to human cockfighting.
Man,this is as real as it gets.
It's like a bar fight spilled out into the alleyway.
Like the Marquis of Queensberry,I prefer boxing.
The sweet science.
There's Mingus.
Somebody around here must have seen him.
Let's take a look around.
You've got to sit down.
Get out of my way! Hey,Brass,I got him.
Didn't I get the message across with the last guy? I'm sorry, you can't come in here.
,clear everybody out of here.
I want to have a word with Mr.
Please, I'm his doctor.
What kind of getup is that? Don't touch me.
We both know that gun's not loaded.
Las Vegas Police.
Mingus,you're under arrest.
You're gonna have to shoot me before you arrest me.
Come on,go ahead.
Shoot me.
I've got backup coming.
He's not going anywhere.
Don't make it harder on yourself! They're all fake! They're fake! They're all fake! They're fake! Vinnie,you're making a fool of yourself! I'm making a fool out of myself? Hold your fire! Put the gun down! These guns are not even loaded.
You see? *****at the Delos Auditorium-- home to the Supreme Force Fighting Championship-- after a police chase through the crowded theater ended in the bizarre apparent suicide of Vinnie Mingus Thanks for your cooperation,Doctor.
Thank you.
Okay,so the fight doctor says that Mingus came to him with his arm all torn up.
He's infected and feverish.
So,the doctor wraps up his arm, tells him to go to a hospital,Mingus refuses.
So he gives him a bunch of antibiotics,hopes for the best.
Clearly,Mingus was involved in some kind of assault.
Why didn't the doctor inform the authorities? He says he knows Mingus and he's afraid of him.
Says Mingus is half psychotic on a good day.
You know,maybe the Agent Hatford interview spooked him.
Mingus goes nuts,follows him, takes him out.
Well,thank you, Captain, for all your hard work.
So what's next? "Os Punho"? We're going to finish what we started.
Keep me in the loop.
All right? - All right.
- We will.
In Mingus's gym bag, we found Agent Hatford's notebook,his badge and his gun.
It's empty.
A Davis P-380.
It's a weird gun for a fed to carry.
Oh,my bad.
It's a street piece.
Must be Mingus's.
Which means Agent Hatford's weapon is still unaccounted for.
Roid Boy was sending out a lot of pictures.
They're all of the Feebs.
Looks like he was conducting an investigation of his own.
Track down that number.
Run fingerprints,DNA.
Swab last for trace.
We always save the best for last.
Yes,David, that's already getting old.
- Hey,Catherine.
- Yeah? Do you rember a Jane Doe we found off of Spencer Street about three months ago? Sadly,you're gonna have to be more specific than that.
Pretty brunette, caught up in prostitution,underage.
Gunshot wound to the head.
Okay,yes,I do remember her.
I saw a picture of her on a board in the FBI command post.
She's mixed up in this human trafficking ring.
Did the feds talk to her? Yeah.
And they got it on video.
That's quite an assembly line.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Watch this.
Everything that you say in this room is confidential.
Now,do you know what "confidential" means? My speak is not good, but I understand good.
Okay,how old are you,sweetheart? Twenty-one.
No,I know that that's what they told you to say.
Sweetie,how old are you really? Sixteen.
It's okay.
You know, we've seen a lot of young girls like you on Hill Street being shoved into limos and forced to do God-knows-what with dirty,old men.
Who brought you here,Rio? I can't.
He will kill me.
I will be dead,you understand? You won't be dead, because we will protect you.
But you need to help us.
Who is he? Who is he? Look,we're trying to help you out here.
We're giving you the benefit of the doubt.
But you're a prostitute, a criminal.
Unless you help us, you're gonna go to jail.
No more talk,no more.
I go to jail,okay? Please take me to jail.
Please take me to jail.
Let her go.
Their files indicate that they never reinterviewed her.
Three days later,she was dead.
Maybe Os Punho found out that she was picked up and questioned.
Had her killed on the street as a warning to the other girls.
***** ****** What's happening,Professor? I just printed Vinnie Mingus's gun.
At least,I thought it was his gun.
What do you mean? It appears to have Agent Hatford's prints all over it.
Now,why would an FBI agent be carrying a street gun with a filed-down serial number on it? He wouldn't-- maybe it's a drop gun.
Are you saying Agent Hatford was dirty? It happens.
Maybe Agent Hatford was mixed up with Mingus or Os Punho somehow.
- Yeah,it happens.
- Excuse me,sir.
Hold on.
Captain Brass, you have a 420 on Hill Street.
Hooker or pimp? Agent Bechman,I was actually gonna call you.
What are you doing here? The operation was undercover.
Okay,David,what have you got for me tonight? ******* Oh,man.
It's Agent Stanley.
Yeah,Wendy? Captain,I just got this e-mail from FBI Quantico, and there is no record of any agent by the name of William Ray Hatford.
- They're saying this guy was a fake.
- Okay,thanks.
There's stippling and powder burns around the wound.
It was a close-range shot.
Somebody probably walked right up behind her on the street.
Looks like Emma was suicidal.
Those are old scars.
Yes,but vertical, which means she was serious.
Guess she finally got her wish.
Hey,Live Scan got a hit on her prints.
Her real name is Emma Mosler.
She's got a record.
She did two years for prostitution.
So,she was a prostitute posing as an FBI agent posing as a prostitute? To bust a prostitution ring? Okay,take everything, and we'll figure out what's real and what's not real later.
There was this trucker in Gerald,Missouri, who rolled into town and told everybody he was a DEA agent.
Started busting every meth head in town.
It was months before somebody finally caught on.
Don't try to make me feel better.
Can I give it a try,Jim? I've been with the Bureau 15 years.
This would have fooled me.
Well,it didn't fool Vinnie Mingus.
He knew they were fakes.
He thought we were fakes,too.
Blew his brains out trying to prove it.
Be nice to find Agent Bechman before Os Punho does-- we anywhere on that? No.
All we have is a lease made out to I Can See For Miles, Incorporated.
All right, Nevada tags.
Alpha,Charlie, David,Foxtrot, three,four,eight.
Registered owner is I Can See For Miles,Inc.
Same address as their command post.
It looks like Miles covered all his bases.
Yeah,well,maybe Emma didn't cover hers.
We know when and where she swiped her card.
The bill's got to get sentsomewhere.
A halfway house? Yeah well,we think she was stealing identities from the residents.
How hard could that be? I'm Detective Jim Brass, Las Vegas Police.
This is Ray Langston from the crime lab.
Is there someone in charge here that I can talk to? That would be me.
Until 4:00.
Do you know this woman? Yeah,sure,I know her.
You know,most of the ladies here are pretty nasty, but man,oh,man,she is sweet.
I seen her in the shower once shaving her pits.
High point of my life.
Is she a resident? Okay.
Let's see.
Says here that Emma signed out two days ago.
Never signed back in.
And nobody noticed? Look,this isn't a lockup facility.
Everybody here is free to come and go.
They're just supposed to sign in and out.
How about this guy? You seen him? Yeah,sure,um,Miles Gelson.
Uh,he came to us courtesy of CNPH.
Central Nevada Psychiatric Hospital.
- Very good.
- What about this man? Billy Ray Salvy, another resident.
He's been MIA for three days.
Another resident.
- So,we've been working a case with a couple of - Crazy people? It's okay to call them that.
That's what I call them.
Look,um, you're welcome to talk to Miles if you'd like.
He's here? According to this.
- Here we go.
- No,no,no,hold on.
We'll take it from here.
We have some questions that need to be answered.
I'm undercover here.
All the people, they think I'm with them.
So if you want to talk put handcuffs on me, and take me outside.
Got to be careful, very careful, 'cause I can't, I can't blow this cover.
I understand.
Just one second.
Captain, the man is clearly a fantasy-prone personality type.
I think it's best if we go along with it.
You're the doctor.
Miles Gelson, we have a warrant for your arrest.
Stand up.
Put your hands behind your back! Let's go.
You're probably wondering where I was when Agent Stanley was uh,was,uhI,uh, I received a call from Gun! Dispatch,this is Brass.
Shots fired,my location.
Suspect down.
- He's dead.
- Dead? - Yes,sir.
- Code four.
Good work,Detective.
I'm putting you in for commendation.
Shut up! Shut up,you whack job! You see this? You see this? This is real.
You see this? - People are dead here because of you! - Stop it.
- Jim,I've got it! - Because of you! - You're a fraud! - I got it! Get him out of here.
The driver's cell phone was recovered at the scene.
Clearly,Mingus was spreading the word about the phony feds.
I figure the shooter was one of Os Punho's lower level punks, finishing what Mingus started.
How much time is he looking at? Let's see,impersonating a federal officer, at least two counts of accessory murder, and every person he hauled off the street to "interview" would be an additional count of kidnapping.
His best bet would be to plead diminished capacity.
He's got that covered.
This isall from the fake command post? - What are you doing? - That is a good question.
This is the evidence ledger from the fake feds' locker.
It's filled with dates and corresponding alphabetic codes.
This is the date that that girl,Rio,was killed.
So it stands to reason that This code could identify the murder weapon.
That is a perfectly logical conclusion.
It's also wrong.
That code isn't on any of these weapons.
In fact,none of the codes on the ledger are.
I've tried to decipher it using simple shift and substitution codes,no luck.
Unless we find a cipher key, we may never figure it out.
Maybe Miles is the key.
I'm truly sorry about your friends.
I'm here because I need your help.
This,uh,entry in your evidence ledger corresponds to the day that girl,Rio,was killed.
What does it mean? All right Miles,um I think I know what happened,Miles.
I think you and Emma and Billy Ray were trying to clean up your corner of the world, do some good.
To do that,you had to reient yourselves.
All I did was get them killed.
Look,they died fighting.
Trying to help people who couldn't help themselves.
Now let me help you finish what you started.
L- G-D-G-D-S dash U-A-P means "Little guy dropped gun down sewer.
" "Unable to apprehend perp.
" Corresponding evidence tagged with G- T-L-B-D dash G-N-H-A-S: "Gun little "bastard dropped.
Gonna nail his ass someday.
" Now,have you tried this before? Have you screened a weapon? - No.
- Want to try? - All right.
- All right.
Okay, you take the gun, and I want you to swab the grip.
Right in here.
I'll hit it with phenol.
All right.
Now,we're going to swab the magazine.
'Cause that gets a lot of handling action.
So now,we're going to try the opening.
And I want you to swab right here underneath the lip.
Looks like our killer caught his thumb when he was loading the weapon.
The fight doctor is wanted on a long list of open trafficking indictments.
And Interpol's been after him for years.
We believe he's the one who shot Rio.
It's over,Miles.
It was the doctor posing as Os Punho.
He was running the operation the whole time.
A fake cop taking down an imaginary villain.
Not imaginary.
The suffering, the death he caused,was real.
And you put a stop to it.
I did? He's in jail.
I don't believe he'll ever get out.
That's good.
I brought you something to pass the time.
***** As I recall Quixote regained his sanity in the end.
But his melancholia persisted.
He died emotionally broken and alone.
Well,they didn't have antidepressants back in those days.
Chapter one.
"At a village of La Mancha, "whose name I do not wish to rember, "there lived a little while ago, "one of those gentlemen "who are wont to keep a lance in the rack, "an old buckler,a lean horse and a swift greyhound.
" Those windmills you tilted at, they really were giants.