CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e14 Episode Script


hey oh, oh so so you made a lot of mistakes walk down the road a little sideways cracked a brick when you hit the wall yeah, you've had a pocket full of regrets pull you down faster than a sunset hey, it happens to us all when the cold, hard rain just won't quit and you can't see your way out of it you find your faith has been lost and shaken you take back what's been taken get on your knees and dig down deep you can do what you think is impossible keep on believin', don't give in it'll come and make you whole again it always will, it always does love is unstoppable love it can weather any storm bring you back to being born again oh helpin' hand it's a helpin' hand when you need it most a lighthouse shinin' on the coast that never goes dim when your heart is full of doubt and you think that there's no way out you find your faith has been lost and shaken you take back what's been taken get on your knees and dig down Hey, bucky, get out there.
Get out there.
somebody say hey! Hey! oh oh yeah yeah got a man down got a man down Pupils are dilated but unresponsive.
Baby? Good breath sounds Hey.
say oh Jay.
Hey, jay.
Excuse me.
Miss? Miss, I'm gonna need you to stand back.
Miss, I told you to get back.
His pulse rate is 120 and rising.
We need to get him to an er.
Okay, you know all our songs, you go out there.
Come on, travis.
Come on, give him a bass.
Come on, travis, get out there! Here you go.
somebody say hey! say oh hey, hey Joe don: Looks like jay's gonna be okay.
Guy'll do anything to get off work early.
Ladies and gentlemen, The oldest living bass tech in show business, Mr.
Travis murray.
when your heart is full of doubt and you think that there's no way out you find your faith has been lost and shaken you take back what's been taken get on your knees and dig down deep you can do what you think is impossible keep on believin', don't give in it'll come and make you whole again it always will, it always does love is unstoppable I was just working in the garage, man, And something blew up in my hand.
You think they can put my fingers back on? Well, the good news is, you brought them with you.
So, what was it that exploded? A volcano They're not getting my fingers.
Demarcus? Huh? I need to examine your injuries.
Do you remember The accident on stage? No, no.
You received an electrical shock from your guitar.
May I see your hands? You can see whatever you want to.
You're gorgeous.
And you're married.
I'm not married; I'm not the marrying kind.
You want to kiss me, don't you? Uh, catherine? Is the guy from rascal flatts hitting on you? Mmm.
I've only seen lichtenberg figures On electric and phone company workers.
You can't get ferning from 110 volts.
This was no accident.
Where did you put my pants, honey? Jay.
Dude, what happened? You scared us to death.
Jay, it's us.
Joe don and-and gary.
Sorry about the fight, all right? Should've never happened, but, you know, It's always just been the three of us.
What the hell is that noise? oh, noise? Dude, you wrote that song.
I hate country music.
I was feeling bad for you.
Man, you just won't let it go, will you? Dude, I don't even know who you are.
I think he means it.
A neurologist is on the way.
I'm catherine willows from the crime lab.
I need to finish processing him.
We can talk later? That's more like it.
who Are you? who, who, who, who? who Are you? who, who, who, who? I really wanna know who Are you? oh-oh-oh who come on, tell me who are you, you, you are you! Spotted the body on a routine patrol.
He was caught in the reeds; figured I shouldn't touch him.
Judging from the bloating, He's been in the water at least 24 hours.
There is a deep horizontal laceration Approximately five inches long Just above his right ear.
Fishing vest, fishing pants.
Boating accident? Hit his head? Uh, usually there's an empty boat to go along with that.
Uh, no boat or fishing equipment.
No wallet.
Silver cigar case.
Cuban cigar.
He may have been military.
Special forces guys in vietnam really went in For this kind of gruesome imagery.
It's an interesting watch.
" Nazi air force.
That's an iron cross.
" Geschwader.
Oh, flight squadron.
This watch could've been worn by a german pilot During the second world war.
Maybe he's a tourist.
Somehow, I doubt it, Unless his initials are cia.
Are you guys with, uh, Occupational security hazard, whatever it is? No, we're with the crime lab.
Yeah, we're here to collect jay's guitar.
Well, I-I called osha, and they're supposed to be Sending somebody out to check for faulty wiring in this building.
That's the only way he could've been shocked.
And why would you think something like that? I'm travis murray; I'm jay's bass tech.
I take care of his equipment.
I do a shock test before every concert.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, that's why the wiring In this building's got to be jacked.
It fried most of our wireless equipment before the show, And that's why we had to cable jay.
Then zap! Huh.
Where is jay's guitar? Ma'am, I'm not authorized to give that up.
Th-that's buddy's call.
Who's buddy? He's the band manager.
Buddy? I'm not a waitress, travis.
It's osha.
What took you folks so long? No, you know, actually it's not osha.
They're, uh, they're cops.
She was at the, uh, the hospital last night.
Gentlemen, we're here to collect jay's guitar, His amp, his mic, his rack, all that.
Well, this doesn't sound very good.
Jay's injuries are not consistent with an accident.
What are they consistent with? Intentional electrocution.
You're saying that somebody actually Tried to hurt jay on purpose? Why don't you tell us about the fight you guys had? I mean, what's there to tell? Families fight.
That's just something that happens.
You know, at least once a tour.
It's no big deal.
And did you have one of those fights last night? That's none of your business.
Well, I'm making it my business, how about that? All right, Uh Joe don, why don't you tell us? Well, uh, jay wants to do his own project, you know? He told us, uh, he wanted to take A little time away from the band and threw it on us last night.
And we didn't think it was very cool, so we tried to kill him.
Dude, they're cops.
Okay, how about you give us jay's equipment? Uh Yes, yes.
You give these folks whatever they need And none of your damn lip.
Buddy, lighten up a little bit.
You know what, we're all rascal flatts here, You know, even though jay can't remember.
Cod? Got a laundry list of what didn't kill him.
No water on the lungs, no water on the stomach.
He didn't drown.
Head wound was severe but not fatal.
This man had cancer.
Prostate, stage four.
It migrated To his liver, colon and stomach.
But it's not cod.
Nope, it's undetermined pending tox.
Let's start clipping.
My father liked to fish.
He never took me with him.
Maybe he felt you were crowding him.
Hmm, not true.
I think he just liked his alone time.
My mother and I would bake cookies.
Your father ever take you fishing? Fishing? No.
Hey, head wound wasn't accidental.
Gravitational blood on the shirt Indicates that he was standing when he was hit.
There was no blood on the outside of the vest, Only transfer on the inside.
He was dressed after the event.
Someone wants us to think it was an accident.
It's craig halliday.
Associate director, central intelligence agency.
That's right, cia.
I heard the pause.
Listen, I'm sitting here in my office, And I just happened to notice that csi raymond langston Is running the fingerprints Of former deputy director of operations vance colton.
That old goat didn't get caught with trick dice, did he? Before I give you any information, I'll need to verify your identity.
Good job.
You'd be surprised how many people don't ask.
You call langley, They'll route you through to me.
Headquarters is expecting your call.
Hi, catherine.
So, you were saying? My team is investigating a floater Recovered from lake mead Early this morning.
A floater, huh? Like a dead fish? As in a dead human being.
Male caucasian, 70s.
Does that sound like your vance colton? Well, catherine, this falls under National security protocols, meaning I'm taking the body And all logs, reports, evidence And whatnot that your team has collected.
If the victim is deputy director colton, His body is the property of the clark county coroner.
You will need to contact them.
As for the "whatnot," you'll need to put it in writing to me.
Whoa, there, yikes.
Uh, catherine, I'm not trying to dance on anybody's feet here.
How about a collaboration? In exchange for helping your government, How about I give you something you won't get otherwise? I've seen access denied, but access restricted? Denied is "get lost.
" Restricted-- that's like a fence you want to climb over.
That fence surrounds the cia.
Your floater's name is vance colton.
That would explain the pocket full of memories.
Oh, here he is.
Vance colton, deputy director of operations.
Central intelligence agency, "as deputy director, "he oversaw covert operations on four continents.
"high point of his career was operation blackwood.
"colton conceived and successfully conducted Operation blackwood against the east german stasi.
" East german stasi? Bad guys.
Well, the cia Is taking the body and all our evidence, so We made copies of everything.
Do we get anything in return? Colton's home address.
And maybe the primary.
Put down the saw! Step away from the guitar.
You were about to commit murder On an immaculate '62 fender jazz bass with the original Factory paint.
So, what? For someone from the great state of texas, You show very little respect for a true american art form.
Hey, just 'cause I'm from texas Doesn't mean I like country music.
This, nick, is a solid body guitar.
Do you mind? Please.
What you see is what you get.
You ever hear of the yardbirds? Oh, come on, clapton, page, beck, relf? Of course I have.
Back in 1976, practicing for a reunion in his basement, Keith relf did not properly ground his guitar, And he killed himself.
If this guitar was sabotaged, we'd see shaved wires.
Well, if it was just a short, these two pot resistors Would show residue from the ozone flash.
There's not even any burned skin To the strings.
I think we're doing A guitar-topsy on the wrong guitar, buddy.
One of those rascal flatts boys is jerking us around.
And, uh, catherine? Sara.
Oh, csi three, and a very good one.
Craig halliday, Associate director, cia, but you know that.
And how do you know me? Sorry.
They beat it into us from day one of training.
You never meet any stranger you don't already know.
Agent halliday Actually, We recruit agents; we're called officers.
Your officers Are corrupting a potential crime scene.
Catherine told me ddo colton drowned.
She didn't tell you that.
We are investigating his death as a probable homicide.
Aw, hell.
Oh Offer a favor and I screw it up, huh? You can fix it by pulling back your officers.
Well, I would if I could, But you see, federal statute demands That any investigation of the death of one of our own, The crime scene be turned over to the agency for 24 hours In order to secure any and all whatnot Pertaining to national security.
But 24 hours is for slowpokes.
I'm out of your way in less than two.
Since when is a mattress national security? Travis, why'd you give the man the wrong guitar? I gave him the guitar case.
I-I thought jay's bass was in it because I put it there After I finished playing with y'all.
Okay, so which one of these shocked him? None of them.
I put that one in the case.
Okay, so where is jay's guitar? Is it missing or what? I don't know what to tell you.
Well, you better tell me something.
You know, this is Starting to look a lot like a conspiracy to me, fellas.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what? I'm not even looking At you, man.
Yeah, then why am I sweating? You tell me.
Look, our security team Would've stopped somebody leaving with jay's guitar.
Look, guys, if you want to can me, I get it.
You're not going anywhere.
We got a concert tonight and jay still doesn't know who he is.
Look, we have no show without jay.
Figure it out, boys.
I'm going to talk to security.
I wonder what this place would look like If they weren't cooperating with us.
If vance colton was murdered, Why would the cia want to cover it up? Maybe they were looking for something Here in the house.
Something They thought the killer was after.
If they were looking for something specific, Why not just take it? I mean, we would never know.
They took everything.
They either didn't know what they were looking for, Or they didn't want anyone to know what they were taking.
One canoe missing, one paddle missing.
Colton was dressed to go out on the water.
Could be the primary.
Freshly split logs, No axe.
Got green-painted Plastic fragments, possibly polyethylene.
Same color and composition as these two canoes.
If these are from the missing canoe, Then it has a hole in it.
An ax could put a hole in this, In which case both the ax And the canoe are probably at the bottom of the lake.
Maybe not, actually.
Canoes today are made with flotation devices on each end.
Grissom and I take canoe trips.
We went looking for bugs in a canoe on our honeymoon.
Uh, point is That, um, canoes today don't always sink.
I got drag marks here.
Green paint transfer.
Why would a guy like colton Drag his canoe to the dock every time he used it? And if he did do that, wouldn't there be A lot more drag marks here? Negative.
All right, what if colton Was in the canoe before it was dragged to the water? Killer launches him from the dock, Assuming that he'll drift away and sink, leaving no evidence.
Just got off the phone with the head porter At the palermo center.
One of his guys saw some crazy groupie chick Dumpster-diving last night.
Thought the web site on her t-shirt was pretty funny.
That is pretty funny.
I checked the site, She's been blogging about jay's guitar.
Are you marta petrovich? Yeah.
We have a warrant to search your apartment.
Well, what are you looking for? Uh, we heard about your guitar.
We'd really love to see it.
Oh! Well, you don't need no warrant for that.
I'd love to show it off.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Okay Wow.
So nice.
Ah! When I found it in the dumpster, I just about died.
I love them so much.
The problem is that guitar is evidence In an attempted murder investigation.
Yeah, and you know, you could be a hero, Helping to solve a really big case Involving rascal flatts.
Yeah, and I'm sure the band would be happy To reward it to you when we're done.
Yeah, do you, uh, mind if I step on your couch? Uh, I-I guess so J-j-just look, don't touch! I mean, jay's fingers are still on it.
Oh, boy, yeah, I hope so.
Don't you, greg? Mm-hmm.
I hate to break it to you, sweetie, But, uh, this guitar is coming with us.
No, no, no, no, it's mine.
Yeah, I'm really sorry.
I found it! No, you can't do this! Maybe we can get you an autograph.
But I already have their autographs.
At our headquarters, We have a whole food court in the basement.
I always get a kick out of the idea that the girl Serving the burgers has to have security clearance.
Craig halliday, associate director.
You're jim brass.
That's right.
So, uh, what do you need from me, mr.
Halliday? Well, I think that you need something from me.
Oh, yeah? An apology.
I offered csi my full cooperation, And I hate always being the bad guy.
Ah, don't worry about it, I'm always the bad guy around here.
Oh, yeah? So, anything else You want to get off your chest? Captain, larry colton to see you.
No, I've achieved what I came for.
Your father was a great patriot.
I'm here to sign whatever there is to sign and go home.
You know, I don't think I'm gonna let you see the body.
It's, uh, it's not a good idea really.
I haven't seen my father in 20 years, I couldn't care less.
Mmm, I know that he loved you very much.
My father hated me.
You know that; it's in my file.
Just by sitting here, he's already started a file on you.
So, besides you, any other haters? All five of his wives.
The thousands of people he had killed and everyone in between.
Ah, if only we could kill them by the thousands.
The problem with killing our enemies Is that you can't spy on them after that.
Just want to let the family know, the agency is behind you.
Hmm, your way of saying that you're sharpening the daggers, Screwing on the silencers and that the foreign flunky Who took out my father is about to get capped as payback.
Executive order 11-905 forbids the agency From engaging in assassination.
Okay, on that note, Have you seen what you needed? Because, uh, I think I can handle it from here.
Captain brass.
Good-bye, mr.
Tire tracks look like they were made By suburbans.
Three of them.
Two miles from the house, A mile from where we found the body.
And look, green paint transfer.
Colton's canoe washed up here.
Halliday beat us here.
Halliday spooks? That's not a suburban.
I'll call it in.
Can I help you with something? Gun! I'm reaching for my identification.
This doesn't have to be an international incident.
You're with the german consulate.
As consulate officials, We are protected by diplomatic immunity.
Why don't you be diplomatic and toss the guns out? This car is german soil.
You have no jurisdiction inside of it, Including us.
My passport.
This is a bunch of crap.
Yes, but he's telling the truth.
For your information, gentlemen, It's illegal to shoot fish in the state of nevada.
Auf wiedersehen.
So, even though we're on a secure network, Someone hacked hodges' computer.
Why me? Well, maybe it's because You like to surf more outside sites Than anyone else in the lab.
It's all research.
Archie, can't you just trace the source of the hack? With enough time.
Well, if I'm not needed, I need to go delete some personal files.
The book certainly starts off with a bang.
A word-for-word transcript of a telephone conversation Between the east german secret police and nettie moller.
She's like their german obama.
They say she's gonna win the election by a landslide.
Well, she won't if this gets out.
During the 1970s, moller was a double agent, Recruiting agents for the cia and betraying them To the east german stasi for execution.
You know, if we have a copy of this memoir, It's not a stretch to think that the germans And the cia had it first.
You can say anything you want to say in a book, But colton had to be working from a tape when he wrote this.
Halliday, the house, the germans.
The tape is what they were looking for.
A tape worth killing for.
Well, it's a decent theory for a spy novel.
What do we have in the way of evidence? Cod? Nothing yet.
Still waiting for tox.
Pots are fried, But no shaved wires.
This is the right guitar but not the source of the shock.
If it's not his guitar, Then it's gotta be his mic or his amp.
Well, yee-haw.
The ground on the amp has been removed.
Without grounds, the circuit breaker's Not gonna pop, you are.
Yeah, but that alone's not enough to cause electrocution.
Well, the power comes from the amp into the guitar And through jay to his mic, Where jay's lips close the circuit.
Xlr plug's been singed.
This is part of the circuit that shocked jay.
But there's not enough voltage from a 110 To leave fern patterns on his arms like that.
Well, the venue runs on 220.
All somebody had to do was sabotage a 110 box So 220 could run through it.
Here you go, this is 220 right here.
Once whoever did this linked the It sent the 220 directly into jay.
And without a breaker to protect him, As soon as his lips touch the mic, Jay fries.
when your heart is full of doubt and you think that there's no way out you find your faith has been lost and shaken So, wait a minute, why didn't jay get zapped When the concert started? When his lips First touched that mic? I don't know.
But whoever's responsible for this had to rig this box.
So maybe there's some prints on the inside.
If we get an id, we'll ask him ourselves.
Henry, what do you have for me? Well, I ran an expanded tox panel on vance colton, All the normal drugs of abuse and poisons were negative.
Not even the cancer drugs.
No, he wasn't taking any medications.
The man had stage four cancer.
Then he must've stopped treatment.
All right, try these.
Aconitine, succinylcholine, Fluphenazine and sarin.
I've never heard of aconitine.
Fluphenazine is a psychotropic.
Sarin's a binary chemical weapon.
Saddam used it against the kurds in the '80s.
But I thought the united nations banned production And stockpiling of all chemical weapons.
Correct, but all four compounds Are mentioned here in colton's memoir.
Tools of the spy trade.
Okay, backed the last zombie to the source.
Hodges' printer was hacked here, In vegas.
German consulate or halliday's office? Coffee shop at the blue siren motel.
That's not very 007.
I mean, it figures the colton kid was lying to us.
He's been registered here for four nights.
Which means he checked in a day before his father was killed.
Yeah, the manager says he may still be in his room.
The door is open.
He's dead.
Well, they tossed the room, Probably looking for that tape.
And his computer's gone.
Control, this is captain brass.
We have a 419 down at the blue siren motel.
Send backup And the coroner's wagon.
The germans want us to know they didn't kill vance colton.
And they also want us to know they killed his son.
you call my mother a whore in print, You say I'm a bastard.
It's just more of your lies.
She was a whore, You don't exist, and I'm going fishing.
Larry died believing he'd killed his father.
He sent us the manuscript To deflect suspicion from himself onto the germans.
From colton's vest, we always assumed That colton was on the dock because he was going fishing.
But there's no fishing equipment here.
Colton took down the canoe.
So, he planned to go out on the water Before larry put him there.
But if larry hadn't been there, What was going to happen next? Vance colton was going to die anyway.
By whose hand? That's what's bothering me.
I bet if we dug a little deeper, We'd find out that when larry was a boy, He wanted to be just like his father, even though he hated him.
You always see something of both parents in yourself.
Even if it's more than you'd like to admit.
Hey, I got your cod, And it's right out of james bond.
Just call me "h.
" You get it? 'cause "m" and the "h" "h," "q," Yeah.
Special branch-- I get it.
Right, I-I tested all the poisons from the memoir, And you're negative on the first three.
Which leaves sarin.
It was first created by the germans As a super pesticide until world war ii When they discovered it was very effective at killing people.
Back to the germans.
These levels of sarin you found in vance colton Should have killed him instantly.
Which suggests the poison was administered When he was already in the canoe.
Yeah, but out on the lake and out cold? Why didn't they just shoot him? That's a good point.
Henry, is there a way to make sarin Not instantaneously lethal? Well, it's a clear liquid, So I suppose it's possible to put it in a capsule.
Which means it would take some time to dissolve Before it entered the system, so he could've Ingested it before he was out on the dock.
This doesn't make any sense.
Yes, but catherine asked for cod.
That she did.
I'll tell her.
Ray? You think I could read The rest of colton's book? I love spy thrillers.
I'm going to return this to its author.
I'd offer to buy you a drink, but you already got one.
Can I have a scotch? Okay.
It needs to be a new bottle sure.
With the seal unbroken.
You got it.
Seriously? I'm just kidding.
Thanks for calling me and And bringing me this.
Sometimes old men forget the promises they made, And secrets must remain just that.
I think colton kept his promises, Which is why you gave him exactly what he wanted.
What was it that he wanted? His way out of this world.
Yeah, drowning sure is a tough way to go.
So is cancer.
So is blunt force trauma.
With sons like that, who needs enemies, huh? Cheers.
We both know what killed him was the sarin you gave him.
Sarin? They don't even make that stuff anymore.
Germans still make it.
You put colton back in business.
You had him write the memoir.
You provided the moller tape.
If there ever was a moller tape.
If someone believes there's a tape, there's a tape.
I believe that colton Posted the manuscript on the internet, Knowing that the germans would read it.
No, I don't think so, because colton was retired.
He was dying of cancer.
I doubt that he cared about german politics.
He cared about his legacy.
He didn't want to come in from the cold and die a sick, old man.
He wanted to go out a hero, Poisoned by his old enemies fighting for his country.
So you helped an old friend commit suicide.
Well, dr.
Langston, you like the Extra spin around the block, Uh, goes beyond the cut-and-dry Microscoped answer from the green paint chips of life.
You know where I work, That block has an unlimited horizon.
Are you offering me a job? Have you found one yet that fits? Well, my mistake.
Thanks for the drink.
Did your father ever talk to you about his time in vietnam? It was an odd place to take leave With a war staring us in the face.
Or maybe you two weren't that close? There he is right there.
Just hang on a second.
How's it going, fellas? Mr.
Murray? I think you know why I'm here.
Man, we got a show to do.
Yeah, not with him, you're not.
He's the one that sabotaged jay's equipment.
What?! Travis? Why would you do something like that? I just meant to give him a little jolt So I So I could do the one song.
Travis, all you had to do was ask.
I Don't-don't you guys see? I'm getting old.
Th-th-the show was over after this tour for me.
Joe don: Jay.
Gary: Hey, jay! Jay, I I didn't mean for this to get so out of control.
Man, you lit me up like a christmas tree, And you smoked my best guitar.
Why would you do that? I'm sorry, man.
What did I do to you? I'm sorry.
Are you back? Look at me.
You recognize me? A face like yours, as ugly as it is, it's hard to forget.
Oh, yeah, laugh if you Want to, but I'm the one that's Sitting there been covering for you this entire time.
Hey, right back at you, big boy.
Hey, guys.
I wrote a new song while I was in the hospital.
It's a little bit different.
You're gonna have to follow me.
You guys stick around.
We're going to have some fun tonight.
Enjoy yourselves tonight.
Hey, las vegas! How y'all feeling? As most of you know, cousin jay got a little shocked Last night on stage.
And, um He's feeling better.
He doesn't look any better but he's feeling better.
Ladies and gentlemen, jay demarcus.
He's back! thank you.
I got a little song I wrote for you.
You guys just follow along, we'll do this.
Y'all ready? okay.
Here we go.
Kick it off.
see, I thought rascal flatts was unstoppable that's before I became shockable but now I'm back that makes us unshockable saw my whole life flash before my eyes the ups, the downs the lows, the highs my mom, my dad, the kids, the wife and then I snapped right back into life, yeah Whoo! hey so so you made a lot of mistakes walked down the road a little sideways cracked a brick when you hit the wall yeah, you got a pocket full of regrets pull you down faster than a sunset hey, it happens to us all when the cold, hard rain just won't quit and you can't see your way out of it