CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e17 Episode Script


(dog barking) (barking continues outside) Try "extrapolate.
" (barking continues) (chuckles) You want to do me another favor? Uh-uh.
Get Rocket to stop barking? It's your turn to bring him in.
(barking continues) I bet he's harassing that poor little possum again.
(barking stops) (barking resumes) (window creaking) (dog barking) (gunshot, dog whimpers) (barking stops) (door opening) (glass breaking) (woman screaming) Lisa! (thudding) (Lisa screaming) Lisa! (gunshot) (gasping) (wind whistling) What the hell is wrong with you? Now you're really in trouble.
MAN: Lisa! (gunshot) (camera shutter clicking) (distant siren wailing) MAN: As soon as I saw their dog, I knew something was wrong.
Then I saw the door open and Ms.
Layman inside.
You touch anything? No, sir.
I just called 911.
No shell casings.
None here either.
Weapon was probably a revolver.
Wife hears the commotion, comes out She struggles with the killer.
He drops her.
Lisa, honey, what's wrong?! (three gunshots, man groans) (camera shutter clicking) SIDLE: Got a partial shoe impression.
Generic worker boot.
Roughly 10 to 13.
WILLOWS: We'll put a broadcast out on the daughter.
That's about all we can do for now.
Yeah, that's the one thing I hate most about this job.
(gunshot, man groans) Daddy! Daddy! (screaming) (three gunshots) (gunman panting) (indistinct police radio chatter) There's a wallet and a purse in the master bedroom, both filled with cash and cards, so this wasn't a home invasion robbery.
And looks like they came for Gracie.
Tom Layman was a pit boss at the Palermo.
Lisa was working here at home as a freelance technical writer.
They were a regular middle-class family, not typical targets for kidnappers.
I don't see any blood.
There's a crawl trail here.
See that? Green fluorescence-- urine.
(screaming) Gracie.
Gracie, it's okay.
My name's Nick.
I'm with the police department.
You're safe now.
Come here, honey.
Oh, baby, it's all right.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh (crying) I got you, honey.
(sobbing) It's okay.
I got you.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! (tapping) Hey, Sara, I found some fresh tool marks on the windowsill.
Looks like somebody jimmied it.
Well, the shooter definitely me in through the back door.
But maybe he did a little recon fir.
In L.
, the Manson family used to do "creepy crawls.
" They would break into a house while the people were asleep and sneak around inside.
Knowing they had the power to end people's lives like that must have been a real turn-on for them.
Got a print.
(grunting and panting) (gunman straining) (soft beep) (soft beep) SANDERS: Mandy got a hit off that print on the windowsill.
STOKES: The gardener? He's just going to say he left it when he was working around the house.
Yeah, well, I'm more interested in what the little girl has to say.
(sighs) Child witness-- that's not a lot to hang your hat on.
We got anything else? Just some metallic trace in the killer's bootprint and on the wife's robe.
All right.
I'll let you know how it goes.
(phone beeps off and flips shut) (television playing softly) Hey, Gracie.
You remember me? Yeah? Can I sit here with you? I've got some good news for you.
Your Aunt Maggie's flying in from Boston to see you.
She's going to be here real soon.
But hey, listen, I'm stuck, and I need some help.
It's very important.
You want to help me? Hmm? Okay.
(phone beeps on) You know who he is? He's our gardener.
Is he the guy you saw last night? (gunshot, man groans) Daddy! (screaming) (three gunshots) (panting) (door creaking) (wind whistling) (gun cocking) (sobbing quietly) (screaming furiously) It was really dark, and I really couldn't see anything.
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't be scared, honey.
You're safe now.
Nobody's going to get you.
You can tell me: Is this the guy who hurt your parents? It was him, right? I'm glad you're feeling better.
So maybe I leaned against the window while trimming the bushes.
So what? So you're a convicted felon, that's what.
So you got a record, right? B&E, assault, grand larceny.
The gang unit tells me you were a member of the L.
Marrones back in the day.
They also tell me three weeks ago, you were hanging at Jackson and K.
That's where the Marrones deal heroin.
But you know that anyway, right? I'm not on probation anymore.
Every once in a while I go by the old neighborhood, say hi to the homies.
Sure, I understand.
You want to go by the clubhouse, kick it, chill, drink some 40s, smoke some herb, watch football and plan some robberies and murders.
I don't run with those guys, and I didn't touch the Laymans.
I got a wife and a kid, and I've been doing it straight for nine years.
You guys just don't lay off a guy's ass, just hoping he's gonna screw up.
What's your shoe size? Why? Because I asked you.
That's why.
You said the magic word.
Give me your shoes.
Now you want to give them to me or you want me to get some professional in here to take them off you? Look, I was never in that house.
Are you sure about that, homes? Are you absolutely sure about that? Because if I toss your place and I find one eensy-bitsy piece of swag from the Laymans Okay, fine.
I snuck in that window not last night, last week.
I looked inside, \ and I saw their kid playing with a brand-new video game box.
The old one was just sitting there on the shelf.
So I waited till they went out, I went inside, And I took it.
I make $60 a day pulling weeds and shoveling dog crap.
How do you think it feels? I can't even afford to buy my kid one game.
I didn't kill anyone, I swear.
Gardener's boots had the same tread pattern as the crime scene impression, but there was no characteristic match.
And apparently, they're negative for blood.
There was no metallic trace on them either.
Any luck in Ballistics? Well, the bullets we recovered were all .
22s fired from the same gun.
Nothing in IBIS, so no real luck at all.
Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.
The metallic dust was a titanium alloy consisting of 4% vanadium and 6% aluminum.
That's an odd material to find in a garden.
Titanium is widely used in aerospace and high-end tooling.
Based on the particle size and uniformity, my guess is, they came from a machine shop.
Titanium dust on the killer's boots and hands? Maybe we're looking for an industrial worker? You know, if there was dust on the inside of the house (wind whistling) (gate creaking) (wind whistling) OFFICER: Thought you guys checked this house.
STOKES: Twice.
Both times, nobody home.
SIDLE: I got a blood smear.
(doorknob jiggles) STOKES: It's unlocked.
Vegas Police! Call for backup.
(static crackles) OFFICER: Control.
Two additional units backup at my location.
DISPATCHER: Copy, Akers, 105.
(static crackles) (whispers): .
(wind whistling, dull thud) (water running) (water running) (door creaking) (radio playing music softly) (soft, repetitive mechanical humming) (repetitive mechanical humming grows louder) (mill humming) (electronic beep) (computer beeps) Nick! LVPD tell 8 News Now that they want a to talk to retired machinist Jack Herson.
Herson, in his 50s, is a person of interest in the violent home invasion that shattered the calm in that normally quiet neighborhood.
Well, I'm pretty darn sure he hated that dog.
Furry bastard was always tearing up flower beds, chasing cats, barking at all hours.
Enough to drive anybody to murder.
(indistinct radio transmission) (camera shutter clicks) Jack Herson owns a 12-shot .
22-caliber revolver with the same GRCs as the murder bullets.
Any sign of the gun? Hasn't turned up.
After what he did, he'd probably be keeping that with him.
We anywhere on his contacts? His Internet service provider gave us access to all of his accounts.
There are hundreds of e-mails, hundreds of phone numbers.
The few with the same last names are relatives, and we know they're are all back east.
As for his friends it's gonna take a while to round up even the local ones.
I just got off the phone with Brass.
We're not gonna find Herson by trapping his plastic.
According to his credit card company, he's been maxed out for months.
So, at this point, we seem to be dealing with a nice, retired machinist who suddenly goes on a killing spree because he's behind on his bills.
Well, one day, the wrong synapse fires, and a dam bursts.
No one can truly know what goes on inside another man's mind.
Nick, come take a look at this.
I'm assuming that's not just another machine part.
It's a surgical tool.
According to the witness, it was a straight-up hit-and-run.
Started as a fender-bender.
One driver got out pissed; the pickup ran him over and split.
When the responding officer called in the tags, it came up as Herson.
Injured driver's in stable condition at Desert Palm.
Ah, he was lucky.
South Turkson at Blue Diamond three hours ago.
Where was Herson going? These are pieces of a prototype stereotactic frame.
It's what a machinist makes in order to ensure his design works before he mills a real one.
SIDLE: Out of titanium, I'm guessing.
What's it for? Neurosurgery.
The surgeon locks it onto the patient's skull, and then uses the calibration marks to precisely position instruments for operating on the brain.
(squishing) You think Jack Herson is Dr.
SIDLE: Why would a methodical killer like Jekyll suddenly go ballistic and kill his next-door neighbor? Maybe the Laymans saw something.
Figured out what Herson was doing down here.
Jekyll's killed a witness out of panic before.
To perform surgery, you you need a operating table, don't you, Doctor? That's a lot of blood.
All right.
I'll see what I can find out.
Nick and Dr.
Ray are finishing up at the Herson place.
I figured I might be able to help out here.
Highway Patrol just found Herson's car overheated and abandoned off the 160, outside of Pahrump.
Any idea who (computer beeps) (typing) (sighs) I take it you're playing a hunch? Uh-huh.
What is the mascot for Pahrump Nye County High School? Uh, the bulldog.
I thought so.
Herson knows a woman in West Pahrump.
The residence is number 28128 I can't see the street.
Well, there can't be too many houses in that district with that number.
No, there can't.
WOMAN (distorted): Those men outside, they're going to hurt you if you don't do what they say.
You-you've always been a good boy, Jackie, and I I know that whatever you did, you-you must have had a reason.
Herson, we've got the place surrounded.
You know there's no way you can escape.
Why don't you pick up the phone and talk to us? Stupid dog.
I understand.
HERSON: Stupid dog! Sir, the house belongs to Nell Porter, a retired schoolteacher and Herson's aunt.
There's something wrong with that guy.
HERSON: Barking! Barking! No kidding, sir.
No, no.
I mean his behavior.
Look at that.
He just kept barking and barking and barking.
Hold on a second.
What is it? The radiator plug's missing.
So? So, if you turned on the heat, you'd flood the whole place.
Somewhat imprecise for a precision machinist.
Hang on to that.
Fresh tool marks.
This has been wrenched off recently.
Hang on a sec.
The last time Jekyll killed, he took a souvenir from the victim's house.
And he left Oh, please put the gun down! (crying): Oh, please put the gun down, Jackie.
HERSON: There's something wrong with my head.
Herson, please.
Why don't you let your aunt come on out? (gunshot) (screams) Go, go, go, go.
OFFICER: We have a go.
(static crackles) Move! Move it! (keypad beeping) Gita.
Go! Let's go! It's a passage from the Bhagavad Gita.
OFFICER: Let me see the hands.
Get the hands up, sir! The words that went through Robert Oppenheimer's mind after he witnessed the first atomic bomb test.
Stop moving now! "Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds.
" Herson isn't Jekyll.
He's another victim.
(whimpering) ky his first operation on an already dead street performer by inserting a laparoscope into the corpse and tying his intestines into a bow around his spleen.
WILLOWS: However, his second victim was very much alive when Jekyll sewed a septic appendix to his ascending colon.
In both cases, Jekyll gave his victim something and then took a similar souvenir.
Joey Bigelow got a bow-tied intestine, and then Jekyll took his actual bow tie.
STOKES: And Bernard Higgins received an extra appendix in exchange for a word from the appendix of his book.
And now it appears that Dr.
Jekyll has taken Jack Herson's radiator plug.
But in exchange for what? What do you know? Oh He's wearing a rug.
Human hair hand-tied to a fine lace front to hide the hair line.
Quality carpet.
LANGSTON: He's got stitches.
PHILLIPS: They look fresh.
They are.
What is that? It's super-bright.
May be a bullet.
Give me another view.
I can't even see any edges.
And the image isn't moving at all.
Could it be radiating energy? Radiator.
It's radioactive.
(Geiger counter clicking rapidly) (saw buzzing) ROBBINS: Looks like Dr.
Jekyll drilled a hole in the top of Herson's skull, inserted a hollow needle between the brain hemispheres and into the septum pellucidum, and then shoved radioactive material in like peas through a straw.
They're radiation seeds.
Don't worry.
It's a lead-infused acrylic.
STOKES: Yeah, I've heard of these.
They're used to treat cancer.
Herson didn't have cancer.
The radiation severely damaged the area of the brain that's involved with mood changes, sexual gratification and rage.
LANGSTON: In the 1950s, researchers induced similar lesions in rats.
It produced "septal rage.
" These creatures would attack each other savagely with the slightest provocation.
Are we saying that Herson isn't responsible for his murders? No.
But he might not have been aware of what he was doing.
I'll bet he didn't even realize he'd been operated on.
Jekyll's anesthetic of choice is ketamine.
Herson would've come to with his rug back in place, disoriented, and unable to remember what happened.
SIDLE: According to his medical records, he called his HMO, complaining of severe headaches.
They said that they couldn't schedule an appointment until next week.
He threw a tantrum.
They said that he sounded drunk.
(grunting angrily) (dog barking) (barking grows louder) LANGSTON: Maybe the dog barking was the final straw.
(panting nervously) (gun cocking) I'm sorry.
(agonized groans) STOKES: And not killing Gracie was the last shred of humanity he could muster.
WILLOWS: Three weeks ago, Jack Herson made a cash deposit of $5,000.
The very next day, he drew up plans for the stereotactic unit and placed an order for medical-grade titanium.
So, Jekyll gives Herson the money to build the device, and then, when it's finished, he turns around and uses it on its maker? I've seen my share of sickos, but this is severely twisted.
Jekyll is a classic sadist.
He designs his operations so his victims suffer slow, agonizing deaths.
Well, we have Herson's contacts and emails.
I know it's brute force, but if we can figure out where or how Herson and Jekyll could have crossed paths, it could lead us to him.
This is Jekyll's third time at bat.
He doesn't seem to be getting any sloppier.
Well, he did leave these.
(radioactive beads pulsing photons of gamma radiation) (Geiger counter clicking) (clicking continues) Why did I just receive 17 pages of federal forms to fill out with your name on it? Have you ever tried to locate a high-purity germanium gamma ray detector at 4:00 on a Friday in Las Vegas? WILLOWS: No.
I assumed you wanted the analysis as quickly as possible, and I'm happy to tell you that the implants showed gamma spikes characteristic of iridium 192.
Iridium 192? That's used in high dose rate cancer therapy.
It also has half-life of 73.
827 days, which means that a simple decay rate calculation can accurately determine when it was manufactured.
I take it you've performed this calculation? Of course.
But there's more This gamma signature indicates that the pellet also contained gold.
The only commercially available iridium pellets with gold substrates are from Nosumi BioMed, which manufactured these seeds to Saint Sebastian's Hospital, in care of a Dr.
William Burke.
I'll tell you what he says.
Well done, David Hodges.
And, uh, you can tell Homeland Security that the quantity of radioactive material in this is infinitesimal and poses no threat.
Oh, you can tell them.
Hang on a second.
If-if the radiation source is infinitesimal, why are you wearing three lead aprons? Despite my aversion to children, sperm count.
Gentlemen, it, uh seems you're correct.
We received 40 iridium seeds from the manufacturer last week.
My physicist just counted them in the storage room, and we are ten short.
Do you know what happened to them? Not yet, but I promise you we will.
It's possible it's a clerical error.
It's also possible someone stole them.
What for? You can't make a dirty bomb out of them, and they won't get you high.
Have we met? No, I don't believe we have.
Why are a homicide detective and a CSI investigating a discrepancy in our inventory? Your iridium seeds were used by a killer.
A person with sophisticated surgical skills.
Sounds like a modern-day Jack the Ripper.
The perpetrator's not a simple cutter.
Two days ago, he used a custom-built stereotactic device to insert your pellets into a man's septum.
The ensuing brain damage caused the victim to kill three people before he died himself.
You're kidding.
No, I'm not.
Burke, we're gonna need a detailed account of your whereabouts in the last several days.
Mostly here.
Am I a suspect? We're just following our leads, Doc.
Actually, we're trying to rule you out.
My secretary can give you that information.
If you'll excuse me, I have a patient with prostate cancer.
I have to tell him that his surgery has been delayed.
I got it.
Raymond Langston-- you wrote that book about the Angel of Death at Delaware General.
(chuckles): Oh, yeah! You'd love it if I was the killer.
Then you could write a sequel about another psychopathic doctor murdering his patients, and use it as an excuse to indict the entire medical establishment again.
Well, obviously, you didn't read very clearly or carefully.
I was examining my own failures in the book.
Interesting how your soul-searching managed to imply that everyone else was incompetent.
You took one rogue surgeon and vilified an entire profession.
I saw their mistakes in the morgue, Doctor.
I wrote what I saw.
I don't suffer the illusion that all surgeons walk on water.
You know, Ray, I think were not needed here.
I think we're all done.
Thanks for your time, Doctor.
Let's go.
Uh, you sound a little envious.
Why is that? Because you didn't have what it takes to cut into a living, breathing human being and try and save their lives? Being a pathologist is easier.
Your patients are already dead.
It's kind of like being a CSI, I guess, right? You're perfect for the job.
(loud bang) Aah! (groans in pain, pants) Now you've got a problem.
(groans) So, the good doctor saw the light, and he's agreed not to press charges for assault.
I convinced him that a very public investigation into how he lost potentially dangerous radioactive material may impact negatively on his insurance liability, both for him and his hospital.
So he calmed down and actually became kind of reasonable.
So I said we'll chalk it up to an accident.
It was an accident, right? Yeah.
Look, Ray, I mean, I've known you long enough to know that you don't like to get any advice, but I'm gonna give you some anyway, okay? You know, if this song-and-dance here that you did was because you're frustrated about the Jekyll killer, I understand that.
I get it.
But if it has to do with something from the past, some old, unfinished business, something from way back when I suggest you drop it, 'cause it's not working for you.
That's all I'm gonna say.
SECURITY DIRECTOR: All of the restricted areas in the hospital have keypad locks.
To gain access, I assume all your people have to enter their personal code.
Our system tracks every time and place one of those codes is used.
Now, these surveillance photos were taken at the door to the nuclear medicine storage room.
That's where we keep those radioactive seeds.
STOKES: Mm-hmm.
And these are the people who entered during the time period the seeds went missing? SECURITY DIRECTOR: Mm-hmm.
(typing) Hmm.
Huh, what is it? This man used Dr.
Davis's I.
Only one problem: Dr.
Davis is a five-foot-two African-American woman, and she's in Hawaii.
Has that code been used anywhere else in the hospital since then? Uh, searching.
(typing) (computer beeps) It was used four minutes ago.
Where? A surgical supply locker on the fifth floor.
Get on the phone, lock down the building.
Lock it down! Hey, what's going on? Dr.
Jekyll's here-- fifth floor.
Control, this is Charlie 03 Stokes.
I need four units containment, Saint Sebastian Hospital.
You sure he's in the building? Yeah, he was in a lab coat and a surgical mask.
So are half of the people in here.
(both panting) You go east; I'll go west.
STOKES: Excuse me.
Everyone, I'm a crime scene investigator with the Vegas PD.
I need everyone to remove their masks for me, please.
Are you out of your mind? This is a sterile area! And I'm in pursuit of a murder suspect.
Take it off.
Take if off! That goes for the rest of you, too.
Get them off.
Identify each other.
WOMAN: We're all here.
There's nobody that shouldn't be.
(panting) What the hell is your problem? (startled chattering) MAN: Hey, straight ahead.
(shouting) MAN: Marcie, call security! Hold it right there! Hold it right there! I'm a CSI.
(panting) (door closes behind Langston) (door opening) (heart monitor beeping) (door closes behind Langston) (indistinct chatter) Did you see a doctor come through here? Anyone? A doctor? A man dressed as a doctor? A man in a white coat with a doctor's mask come through here? A man dressed like a doctor! Has he come through? Which way did he go? Nick, Jekyll just went through the kitchen.
I'm on my way.
STOKES: Where's the kitchen? MAN: Back there.
(Jekyll exhaling) (siren wailing in distance)