CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s10e22 Episode Script

Doctor Who

Lividity is fixed, consistent with her body position.
No apparent discoloration.
Puts T.
around 24 to 48 hours ago.
Brass said the Dumpster diver that called it in hadn't been down this way in a few days.
Four-plus-one impressions on her throat.
Manual strangulation.
There's also a thin abrasion.
Killer swapped her necklace for a choker? Where's the source of that blood? It's a V-shaped wound.
Doesn't look too deep.
Maybe incidental to the strangulation? Blood flow defies gravity.
She bled in an upright position and was moved after death.
I think she might have been dumped here.
There is some yellow trace in the wound.
I got a purse.
Heidi Custer.
New York, New York.
Business cards.
Just her name and a 212 number.
No cash.
Maybe a robbery gone bad.
Cell phone.
Room key from the Luxor.
Joey Bigelow?! Hey, uh, guys she's carrying photos of all of Jekyll's victims.
Multiple copies.
She a cop? No badge or creds.
So what was her interest in the Jekyll case? And did he have any interest in her? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! The Lone Ranger returns.
Lately, you've had more solos than a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.
I don't mind working alone.
Uh, I wanted to speak with you about something else, actually.
Um, Heidi Custer.
The woman found in the alley? Yes.
I knew her.
Really? She was a reporter.
She covered the Angel of Death murders at Delaware General while I was there.
We spent quite a bit of time talking back then.
You talk to her recently? No, it's been years.
But she was a great reporter.
Fierce, tenacious.
Well, Brass reached her husband, who's also the editor of the magazine she writes for.
He's been in L.
all week, and confirmed that she was working on a story about Jekyll.
Do we know when she got into town? Monday.
How much could she discover in three days? Reporter like Heidi wouldn't have come out here without a good lead.
It's possible that she turned up something that we didn't.
Well, Nick is heading to her hotel room.
You should join him.
All right.
No signs of a struggle, no blood.
This doesn't look like the primary.
And according to Heidi's credit card records, she had a rented Malibu, which is still MIA.
Where's her work? Where are her notes and her research? There's a camera charger here and a laptop power cord.
But she could have the camera and the computer in her car.
Right, or it could be in the hands of her killer.
Blue Aces Casino Player's Club Card here.
It's a locals-only type place.
I know.
Jack Herson clocked some credit card debt there.
It's also along Joey Bigelow's panhandling route.
And why don't I remember any of that? I've been following up on some of the Jekyll leads in my spare time.
Oh, you have? Yeah, I've been talking to victims' families and friends.
Trying to get a feel for their habits.
Trying to get a feel for Jekyll.
Ray this job will eat you alive if you take it home with you.
Okay, so, two victims connected to the Jekyll case, and a reporter who was investigating it all visited the same little casino.
If Heidi used that player's card anywhere, we should be able to find her on surveillance.
What about that? That looks exactly like the letter L.
Could be a message from Jekyll.
L for David, those are two surgical screws, implanted at a 90-degree angle as part of a knee operation, documented in her medical records as having been performed three years ago by a doctor whose name was distinctly not Jekyll.
Let it go.
Hey, David, Doc.
What do we have? Well, C.
's no surprise.
Asphyxiation via manual strangulation.
Broken hyoid.
Superficial head wound, clotted.
Later reopened around the time of death.
As for the question of whether she was a Jekyll victim-- I performed a thorough examination for puncture wounds, laparoscopic entry points, and despite David's imaginative analyses Greg, tell me that does not look exactly like a smiley face.
There was nothing out of the ordinary.
No unaccounted-for objects or organs inside her.
So, Heidi Custer could be another victim like Lily Xiaoping-- a spur-of-the-moment, unplanned kill by a cornered Jekyll, who was simply trying to avoid capture.
Hey, Archie, I brought you that blinky thing from the beepy no-working thing you told me you'd take a look at.
Is that? Yeah.
Anything on the Blue Aces surveillance, Archie? Actually, there is.
Heidi Custer goes into the casino bar.
Langston goes into the bar.
There's no surveillance inside the bar.
But 20 minutes later, Langston leaves.
Heidi leaves.
Did he say anything about meeting her for a drink? Thanks.
Afghanistan, Liberia, Iraq.
Of all the places she went for stories, I never-- I never thought Vegas would be the one that got her.
Do you see this mark on her neck? Did your wife wear a necklace? Amber pendant.
Well, gift from a Congolese rebel.
I was never able to get her to wear her wedding ring, but she never took that damn thing off.
I always knew I came second to her work.
But she was worth it.
Yeah, I heard she was a hell of a reporter.
A colleague of mine knew her.
Ray Langston.
Ray Langston's a cop? No, he's a CSI.
Ray Langston is a murderer.
About five years ago, my wife was writing a piece on the Angel of Death at Delaware General Hospital.
injection of ethylene glycol into their I.
Langston was a pathologist at the hospital and a very helpful source to Heidi.
At first.
If the tragedy at Delaware General is ever granted the full autopsy it deserves, a haunting truth will be revealed in the harsh morgue light.
When the primary suspect, Dr.
Michael Webb, killed himself the same way he killed his patients, the police and hospital quickly closed the case, even though there was compelling evidence that Dr.
Webb did not act alone.
Death by ethylene glycol does not arrive unheralded.
Distinct crystals of calcium oxalate accumulate in the tubules of the kidney.
And yet, with the evidence of Dr.
Webb's murders literally glittering before him, Delaware General's pathologist, Raymond Langston, claimed to have seen nothing unusual.
27 times over, he saw nothing, and allowed Dr.
Webb's sinister work to continue.
Well, I talked to CSI Langston.
He had nothing but admiration for your wife.
He never mentioned her article.
That's because we never published it.
It never passed the fact-checking process.
So, her accusations were false? I didn't say that.
We kill stories all the time because reporters rely too heavily on unnamed sources.
And the only reason that this story got spiked was because a bunch of lawyers were too afraid the magazine was gonna get sued.
But my wife was right.
Langston helped Dr.
Webb, and now he's helping Dr.
CSI Langston has been relentless in his pursuit of Dr.
He was personally assaulted by the suspect.
And you saw this happen? He had a gash on his head- that told the story.
Giving himself a bump on the head-- nice touch of authenticity.
Raymond Langston hid behind a lab coat, and now he's hiding behind a badge.
It's a lovely shade of saffron, no? Just got my annual trace metals report.
Hmm, my mercury is as high as the Baker thermometer.
Guess I should lay off that tuna sushi.
Otherwise, I'm facing chelation therapy.
The trace we found in Heidi Custer's head wound was lead paint.
My lead levels are well within the normal range.
The weapon could have been any tool or implement with a 90-degree angle and old enough to have lead paint.
Or a super-fun new toy from China.
My office.
She came at me in disguise, Catherine.
She pretended to value my insights, and the whole time Heidi was investigating me.
Ray This article of hers is full of junk science.
That's not the issue here.
I examined samples that I received from other doctors.
Webb wasn't just going to send me evidence of his murders.
And when his mortality rates became suspicious, I was the one that bucked protocol.
I started autopsying the bodies myself.
We're not here about the article or your feelings, Ray.
You met with a homicide victim shortly before she died.
What are you talking about? And then withheld that information from your supervisor.
I was at the Blue Aces, but I was there on my own time, and I swear, Catherine, I never saw her there.
Conrad you know what a casino floor is like.
It's a maze of slot machines and gaming tables.
You know, I admire you guys for sticking together, I really do.
I'm not saying I don't believe you, Ray-- I'm struggling to-- but when we catch Heidi's killer, aren't going to be as understanding as Catherine when it comes to coincidence.
They're just going to see an over-involved CSI who had a conflict of interest.
So it's hands off.
You can't work this one.
Ray, Catherine just told me what happened with Ecklie.
What are you doing in here? Take a look at this.
Heidi Custer used her credit card at the Blue Aces when I was there.
Then she used it again to park at WLVU Medical School.
I was there-- same place, same time.
Heidi Custer was following me.
Why would she do something like that? Because she thought I was connected to the Jekyll murders.
I'm investigating Jekyll, she's investigating me.
All right, all right, if anybody asks, though, I found this, you didn't.
Now, you got to get out of here- I think you're up next for call-outs.
I may have led her to Jekyll.
I may have gotten her killed.
You don't know that.
I was going to all the places that Jekyll's victims went to, places that Jekyll may have gone to himself.
Heidi was there, asking questions about Jekyll, She asked the wrong person the wrong question.
I need to go out there.
I need to retrace my steps.
No, no, we'll go back out, as a team.
You need to stay off this case and trust us.
We'll handle it.
I'm going to get you my notes.
All right.
He's off the Heidi Custer case.
I want to tell you something, but you cannot tell anybody else.
You know me.
Okay, this time, I swear.
I promise.
Do you remember the Botanica case? Langston had palpated some grout with his bare hands.
So I asked him for a control DNA sample because I wanted to exclude him, right? Well, in that case, I just need a sample of your DNA and I will exclude you.
You're going to have to put in your report that I said no.
He refused.
Well, after seeing Gattaca, you can't hardly blame him.
We all have privacy issues.
Okay, that's a valid point, but a couple months before that, he was in the break room, and he was reading somebody's genetic report about MAOA deficiency.
You know, that specific mutation right there has actually been linked to violent behavior.
MAOA deficiency doesn't make you violent.
Just 'cause something might happen, doesn't mean it will.
It's genetics, it's not destiny.
Now I understand your need for the cone of silence.
First his hospital, his classroom, and now here.
The man does seem to be a magnet for serial killers.
I understand not wanting to share the details of your personal life with your coworkers.
But when you don't share the fruits of your investigative work No, he will from now on.
He wasn't purposely shutting us out.
Look, I really like Ray.
I think he's a great CSI.
But if he doesn't trust us, how can we have his back? And how can he have ours? Hey, Heidi Custer used her credit card Wednesday night at 7:05 p.
to get gas.
I called the station.
I got a surveillance photo of her at the pump.
Now, that narrows down the time of death to Wednesday night.
It does something else, too.
It gives Langston an alibi for Heidi's murder.
At 7:05 p.
, he was already at work.
Solo burglary.
He was gone a couple of hours.
Well, it's easy enough to confirm he was there, right? Well, the crime scene photos are all time-coded.
and last one's at 7:40, so he obviously photo'd first.
Three latent prints in two hours? That's all he collected? What else was Langston doing? Parking control spotted Heidi Custer's vehicle.
Let's start a canvass.
See if anybody recognizes her or saw who parked the car.
Will do.
Well, she wouldn't have walked away and left the keys in the ignition.
No laptop, no camera.
Nothing in here either.
So, the killer dumps Heidi in the alley a couple miles away, drives over here and walks away with the camera and the laptop.
A private lot like this is rarely patrolled by police or parking control.
Dumping the car here indicates the perp may have some knowledge of law enforcement.
Well, if they were banking on us not finding the car, maybe there's something inside it.
Bloody print on the steering wheel.
More blood over here.
I was going to all the places that Jekyll's victims went to.
Places that Jekyll may have gone to himself.
I need to go out there.
I need to retrace my steps.
You need to stay off this case and trust us.
I may have led her to Jekyll.
I may have gotten her killed.
My name's Ray Langston.
I'm with the Vegas Crime Lab.
I came in here the other day and showed you some pictures.
You remember? Oh, yeah, I remember.
Um, I have one more photograph to show you.
Do you recognize this woman? No.
I don't make eye contact with the customers.
It only encourages them to yell.
I'm trying to find out if she came in here shortly after I did the other day.
Maybe she spoke with someone else? Uh, a white male, average build? I've never seen her.
But I know we got surveillance, 'cause the night shift gets robbed all the time.
All right, I'll, uh, come back with a warrant.
Thank you.
You son of a bitch, you killed my wife! You killed my wife, you son of a bitch! You son you killed my wife! You just, you're gonna let him go? Just let him walk away? This guy'a murderer! I'm telling you he's a murderer! He blindsided me, Catherine.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
What are you doing here? I was on my way to a 406 on Riviera.
And you decided to stop for a soda and the Jekyll Killer special, is that it? Ray, you got to quit playing detective, you know? 'Cause I don't have time to keep getting your ass out of jams that you shouldn't be in in the first place.
So this is why it took you two hours to lift three points at your last 406? You're running your own investigation.
Catherine, listen Ray, it's a lot harder to blindside a guy if he follows the playbook and trusts his team.
I was honestly on my way to my scene.
I passed-- You're not going to your scene anymore.
You're going home.
You're suspending me? No, I'm diagnosing you.
You got the whatever virus.
Take a sick day.
Come on in.
Catherine send you to take my temperature? No, no, I'm not a doctor.
Maybe if I was, I could decipher your chicken-scratch handwriting.
Nice place.
Thank you.
Boy, that's good stuff.
Doc Robbins brought it by last week.
Care for a snort? I'm, I'm good.
Sure? Good stuff.
I'm sure it is.
We can work back there.
All right.
You've been, uh, busy, huh? Just a little bit.
What, uh, what happened over here? Those are leads I decided to eliminate; crackpot theories mostly.
Tinfoil-hat ramblings, some of which are not even my own.
You know how it is, Nick.
You listen to any piece of music long enough, it starts to sound good.
We found Heidi's rental car.
Unknown fingerprint on the steering wheel.
Heidi's blood on the interior of the passenger-side door.
The car went off the road at some point.
Did you have any places of interest out in the desert, off the beaten path? Sure.
A dump where Jack Herson used to salvage scrap metal, an airstrip where Bernard Higgins used to charter jets.
Half a dozen other places, You think she uld have homed in on some of your leads gone out here on her own? I didn't go out to any of those places while she was following me, but sure, I suppose it's possible.
Ecklie's not gonna like us running around all over the place.
Us? Yeah, man, we're a team.
Come on.
Okay? Now, who's this on the back wall over here? Ah yes.
My family.
The great mystery: my father.
A man with a very violent temper.
I sometimes wonder if my affinity for Chicago blues isn't the only thing that I inherited from him.
You know, I think everybody has a violent streak in 'em.
I know I do.
But it's how we deal with it that determines who we are as men.
We brought soup, bagels And bat feces.
I'd prefer cream cheese.
But come on in.
Hodges analyzed the trace recovered from the Malibu's tires- bat guano.
And based on the insect matter, the little morsels were the work of the free-tailed bat.
Considering the large amount of the sample, the car must've been driven near a bat roosting spot.
Mines, caves.
There are a lot of those around Clark County.
But we can eliminate most of them.
The Malibu's tires were clean when Heidi filled up at 7:05 p.
She started with a full tank of gas.
Malibus can get, you know, up to 34 miles to the gallon.
We found the car with a half a gallon consumed, which means she drove up to 17 miles after she filled up.
Maximum 8.
5 miles out, 8.
There are only a handful of caves and mines within 8.
5 miles of that gas station.
We marked them here.
Huh-- Lobo Flats.
Were you out there? Mm-hmm.
What was the lead? A fairy tale.
That's why I tore it down.
A couple of weeks ago, I was out at WLVU Medical School.
A man approached me, a coffee server named Vince Grady.
Badge lover.
He said he was interested in what I was working on.
Langston? You're still investigating the Dr.
Jekyll case, right? Yes.
I saw something this weekend.
Why don't you have a seat.
I was out near Lobo Flats looking for arrowheads.
Valuable stuff out there, if you've got the eye for it.
That's where I saw him.
There was blood all over his scrubs.
So I went out there with Vince.
At first, I thought, "Why would he be way out here?" But if you think about it, it's the perfect place.
Nobody could hear his victims scream.
Who knows how many victims he's chalked up by this point.
He could have bodies buried all around here.
You might consider bringing out some cadaver dogs or ground-penetrating radar.
The place wasn't even locked.
Hardly the fastidious work of a killer like Jekyll.
And what I found inside did nothing to assuage those doubts.
He's good.
Not a drop of blood anywhere.
Guy's a genius.
I'll be sure to integrate this lead into our investigation.
Is this the place? Yes.
OFFICE It's clear! It's all clear.
All right, Ray, I'm heading in.
Copy that.
I got a stain on the floor in here.
Blood? Nick, you there? Nick, you there? Nick, you there?! Yeah.
Yeah, and so was someone else.
I got a toolbox here.
Yellow paint like we found in Heidi's head wound.
And some of the paint's been knocked off one of the corners.
Think I may even have a partial palm print.
The bloody fingerprints from the fridge are Heidi Custer's.
LANGSTON Well, what about the palm print from the toolbox? Yeah, I'm running it right now.
Let's see No.
No match.
And no way to tell if it's from the same contributor as the bloody fingerprint from the steering wheel in Heidi's car.
That means Heidi was in the building and alive at least long enough to have left her prints.
Ray if you haven't been back out to this place since she came to town, how did she learn about it? Perhaps from the same person who led me out there.
Happy to aid you with the Jekyll investigation.
Has Dr.
Langston been following up on my lead? Mr.
Grady you recognize her? Yes, ma'am.
She-she's dead? Mm-hmm.
Nev Never should have taken her out there.
She said that she had seen me talking to Dr.
Gave him a big lead in the Dr.
Jekyll investigation.
It was integrated.
What was the lead? Well, that's police business.
Really don't want to compromise the investigation.
Um, well, I'm working on a story for a big national news magazine.
Think a $100 latte might be the fix I need? Hey, Lou, cover for me.
See, the key with a killer like Jekyll-- you gotta put yourself into his twisted mindset.
It's a chess game, really.
Every move Jekyll makes is calculated.
Guys like Langston and I, we have to anticipate his deadly gambits.
A location like this- this fits my profile of Jekyll.
I'm thinking there may be a secret passageway to an underground operating room.
Geez! The toolbox just happened to fall on her head? That's what happened.
I swear.
So, tell me more about that secret passageway theory.
I'm not buying it, Mr.
And I don't think Heidi was, either.
I think Heidi realized that there was nothing in that building but a story and a pathetic little man who had spun it for some attention.
She called you out on it- she humiliated you-- so you attacked her.
You smashed her head into that toolbox, grabbed her by the throat No.
Uh, no, no, no, no, no.
Okay, yeah, maybe she wasn't thrilled about the head wound and some of my theories, but I certainly did not touch her.
She gave me a ride back to the medical school.
She was alive when she dropped me off.
And I was not lying.
We never should have breached Jekyll's lair.
But we did-- he tasted her blood, he hunted her down, and he finished her.
Where's Dr.
Langston? Excuse me? I need to speak to Dr.
He understands the kind of criminal mastermind that we're after.
The palm print on the toolbox is Vince's, but the bloody print on Heidi's steering wheel is definitely not.
Still unknown.
Well, it's consistent with the goofball's story.
Guy's delusional, but I don't think he killed her.
And we don't have any other suspects.
But we do have another theory.
If Langston was right and he led Heidi to Jekyll, we might find him somewhere in this Blue Aces surveillance footage.
Well, I've looked through it all.
She didn't talk to anybody.
She just follows Langston through the casino, into the bar, and then out again.
Besides, aside from a guy playing keno in his bloody scrubs, how are we even going to be able to identify Jekyll? Some random five-foot-ten white dude? Yeah with an erratic gambling pattern.
Check out this guy: He's playing a penny machine near Langston and Heidi.
But when they move to the other side of the casino, there's the same guy playing ten dollar slots, and again, right by the two of them.
Now, nobody who plays pennies starts yanking ten dollars a spin like that.
Well, maybe I can get some other angles on this guy.
Yeah, but first, give me a surveillance still of Jekyll from the St.
Sebastian's Hospital supply room.
Biometric comparison? Yeah, exactly.
All right.
So, Heidi's following Langston.
and Jekyll is following one- or both-- of them.
And somewhere along the way, Heidi meets Jekyll, and he kills her.
It's looking very possible.
There are no more angles on this guy.
He's good.
He ducks the cameras.
Hey, Jim.
So we picked up a guy who was trying to pawn Heidi Custer's amber pendant, and her laptop and camera.
And his print matches the bloody print we found on the rental car.
Jim, that's gotta be him- Dr.
No, this kid is no Doogie Howser.
He's been spilling his guts.
His name is Lou Brennan.
He's a busboy at the loony-tune coffeemaker Vince's place, and he was tweaked on more than a macchiato.
Said he saw Heidi talking to Vincent at the coffee stand.
Well, I'm working on a story for a big national news magazine.
Saw her flashing a wedge of cash.
Think a $100 latte might be the fix I need? After Lou closed up, he waited for Heidi and Vince to come back.
What the hell? Heard you give money to people who know stuff.
I know stuff about all kinds of stuff.
You know what? I have had a belly full of crap from losers today.
I am not giving you any money.
You don't think I know stuff? You mop the floors for a guy who knows nothing, so no.
Now, get out of my car.
Give me my! Claims he didn't mean to kill her.
Just accidentally strangled her for four and a half minutes.
Then he had to clean up his mess.
So, Heidi's murder had nothing to do with Dr.
It was a simple crime of opportunity.
My big question is, if Jekyll wasn't after Heidi, what was he doing at the Blue Aces? He was following me.
The man stole my I.
He knows my face.
He could have followed me from the lab to that casino.
He could have followed me home.
He could have followed me here.
I can talk to Brass to get a protection detail for you.
You should think about wearing a gun again.
Jekyll's had plenty of opportunities to hurt me.
I don't think that's what he wants.
Don't be so sure.
Jekyll's meticulous, takes his time.
He might be planning something special for you.
Excuse me.
This is Langston.
It's been a while, Professor.
Who is this? Did I come up on your phone as "unknown"? And you answered anyway.
It's nice to know you haven't lost your faith in your fellow man.
How's the real world been treating you? Ever get nostalgic for our school days? Nate Haskell.
That's right.
Your favorite serial killer.
I'm calling with an exciting limited-time offer.
What do you want, Nate? That's the wrong question, Professor.
This isn't about what I want.
This is about what you want.
Or rather who you want.
I know who Dr.
Jekyll is.