CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e13 Episode Script

The Two Mrs. Grissoms

Gil? I'm here already.
Where are you? I'm still in Peru.
Are you at the party? Hold on, uh Hold on, Gil.
I can't hear you.
Sounds like taiko drums in the background.
The deaf love the vibrations.
they can feel them on their skin.
Wh-why are you still in Peru? Is everything okay? Found another mass grave.
Government asked me to stay.
you there? Gil? Gil! Mrs.
Grissom! Hi! Sara, I want you to meet someone.
Julia Holden head of the department of deaf cultural studies.
Nice to meet you, Professor.
Julia, please.
My students don't even call me Professor.
Sara's Gil's wife.
Oh, the other Mrs.
It's Sara Sidle.
She didn't take his name.
Julia's been like a daughter to me.
I'm so proud of her.
Published author, lecturer, foremost authority on deaf culture in the country.
Ladies! You look beautiful tonight! Have you met my daughter-in-law, Sara? Hi.
I'm Dr.
Eric Lambert.
I'm the director of the Gilbert Foundation.
Oh, so you're the one who gets to choose the grant winner.
Half a million dollars! And they're all a good candidate.
Julia runs the selection committee, and she's very passionate about the candidates.
I have a stack of papers on my desk.
I better get going.
So, where's your son? Um, Gil got stuck in Peru.
He's been doing some consulting work for the government.
He's-he's not coming.
Seems like my son's away from home a lot.
Julia! Hey! Get away from the car! No! Get back! It's gonna blow! Julia, he-he's dead.
Lambert is dead.
He's gone.
He's dead.
He's gone.
You have to stay back! Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Hey.
Wait a minute.
You did something different.
Oh, my goodness.
I almost didn't recognize you.
Yeah, yeah.
Did you get a haircut or something? - Please tell me - Yes, we have your work clothes.
Here's your coveralls.
Thank you.
Here's a seat for you.
So who's the victim? Uh, Dr.
Eric Lambert.
He's the director of the Gilbert Foundation.
I met him at the party.
Black-tie event.
Was it an open bar? You know, he did have a drink in his hand.
Possible drunk driver.
Hit the streetlight; car exploded.
Were you the first one to respond? Uh no.
Actually, she was.
Uh, going to try and go talk to her.
My signing's pretty terrible.
We'll, uh, we'll check out the vehicle.
Um I need to ask you some questions.
Is that all right? Did you see what happened? Wait Wait, wait, wait.
I-I-I don't understand.
It's too fast.
Excuse me, excuse me-- you were at the party? Uh, yes.
Dennis Palmer.
Could you interpret for me? Sure, sure.
Julia, what exactly did you see? I was in my office, when I felt the explosion.
You felt it? The vibrations.
My windows rattled.
So I got up to see what was happening.
That's when I saw the fire.
I ran from my office as fast as I could.
That's when I saw it was Dr.
I wish I could have saved him.
Reminds me of my first case.
Except you're not wearing a tie this time.
Gonna be hard to burrito him like that.
I could put him in the passenger seat of the van.
Then we could use the carpool lane.
Always looking for the silver lining, eh, David? Yeah.
That's me.
Okay, guys.
Come on.
Two things make a car go boom-- ruptured gas tank and a spark.
Rough terrain.
Sliding down this hill, there's a lot of things that could have ruptured the tank.
Yeah, and metal dragging over the rocks, could have caused a spark.
If it was anywhere near the tank.
Puncture, spark, boom.
We're in a ravine at the edge of campus, yet all the witnesses say that they felt the explosion.
But if the car blew up down here, the shock waves would've been absorbed by the hill, right? No skid marks.
Means the driver didn't pump the brakes or turn the wheel at all.
Looks like he went clean over.
That's gasoline.
You know, I don't think this explosion happened down in the ravine.
There's a debris trail here.
Yeah, here we go.
Got something here.
This looks like a detonator, Ray.
I think I have another piece of it here, Nick.
Lambert didn't just drive into this ravine.
He had a little help.
We got a point of explosion here.
Okay so the explosion kills him or incapacitates him, the car continues on till it rolls over the edge.
This was no accident.
Someone planted a bomb in Lambert's car.
Lambert showed no signs of smoke inhalation.
So he was dead before the car caught fire.
The force of the blast ruptured his aorta.
Died almost instantaneously.
Thank you, Doctor.
So, what did you find out about Dr.
Lambert? Well, he was never married.
No bitter ex-wife.
No greedy kids.
I'm going to check with the school and see if he had any enemies.
What if you just check with your mother-in-law? She's pretty dialed-in there.
Uh, yeah, communication's not really our strong suit.
I thought you were learning to sign.
I am.
I-I'm I'm improving.
It's not really a language barrier, it's just kind of a barrier.
She's very hard to get close to.
She questions everything.
She's got to be right about everything.
She's mostly unavailable.
What? Oh, it's you just described Grissom.
Like mother, like son.
Greg what have you got going on here? I'm almost done rendering a 3-D simulation of your car bombing.
Based on where the car was when it exploded, how much gas was in the tank, and using standard temperature and pressure, I was able to calculate the size of the explosion and the shock waves it produced.
Now, the white dots represent our witnesses and their respective locations, at the time of the explosion.
Simulation's complete.
Let's blow somebody up.
The shock waves hit the dorm and the surrounding buildings, like our witnesses said; except they never reached the Humanities building, though our witness there claims she had felt it.
It's impossible.
The dormitories are blocking the Humanities building.
Who's the witness? Julia Holden.
She lied to me.
You think she was involved? If she was, we'll need evidence to prove it.
No sign of any nitrates or bomb-making materials yet.
Well, maybe she made the bomb somewhere else.
Sorry, ma'am.
Can't go in there.
It's okay.
What are you doing here? Well, we're conducting a murder investigation.
What's going on, Nick? Mrs.
Grissom, we have reason to believe that that somebody might have planted a bomb in Dr.
Lambert's car.
A bomb?! Yes, ma'am.
You don't think Julia had anything to do with it? Julia you were not being honest about where you were when the bomb went off.
Where were you really? I haven't done anything wrong.
We're executing a search warrant, and we're gonna need both of you to wait in the hall until we're done.
You don't seem to be winning any points with your mother-in-law.
She really seems to like me, though.
What's that? It's a message a transcript from Julia's voice mail.
Lambert called her the night that he was killed.
What's the message? "Julia, we need to talk.
"This relationship has to end.
"You know the risks involved, to us "and to the school.
We can't let it continue.
" So, let me guess, Lambert dumped you, and you blew him up.
I wasn't sleeping with Dr.
And I certainly didn't kill him.
So he wasn't the man that you were having sex with at the party? You lied to us about being in your office at the time of the explosion.
I think you planted the bomb in his car, and then you followed him to make sure it detonated.
And then you pretended like you just got there and you were trying to save him.
I told you, I didn't kill him.
Obviously there's a conflict of interest here.
What's she talking about? My history with your husband.
What history? We were involved.
Well, this is awkward.
He didn't tell you? I assumed married people told each other everything.
My marriage has nothing to do with this case.
It does now.
So, Julia Holden agreed to give us a DNA sample but wouldn't say anything else without her lawyer.
Yeah, of course she wouldn't.
She totally played me.
She knew exactly who I was, and she knew that I didn't know anything about her and Gil.
Come on, I mean, for all you know, they only went out a couple of times.
Well, they slept together.
She made that perfectly clear.
She also made it perfectly clear that she would not continue with the interview until I was out of the room.
What did Brass say? What do you think? He wants you off the case.
I said no.
I told him that you're a professional, and completely capable of being objective.
You are capable of being professional and objective, right? Yes, I am.
We didn't find any evidence of bomb-making materials at Julia's office or her house.
Maybe the guys'll find something.
They're checking Lambert's car now.
Well, this used to be a gas tank.
Not much left of it.
What is that, a magnet? Industrial-strength magnet.
Must have used it to secure the bomb to the gas tank.
I think you're losing your superpowers there, Dr.
Come on, let's go check it out.
Yeah this thing is pretty badly scorched.
These are all the bomb fragments we got on the road.
We've got a detonator, but we still haven't found a timer of any kind.
Lambert's car was left unattended during the party-- that's a perfect opportunity for someone to come along and plant the bomb.
Killer waits for Lambert to leave the party, follow him-- when the car gets close enough to the ravine, flip a switch and boom, car blows up and goes off the road.
That means that the killer was on campus.
Let's get the fragments over to Trace, see if we can get anything off of 'em.
I found nitrates on the bomb fragments consistent with smokeless gunpowder.
The last time we saw smokeless gunpowder was in the bombs planted at the police funeral.
Except those devices were more sophisticated.
Yeah, well, based on the scorch marks, I'm guessing that this was used to hold the explosives.
The curved shape would have given the blast the directional component, driving it upward into the gas tank.
I've recovered a partial serial number and manufacturer's mark-- I'm just running it now.
Looks like you got a hit.
Company that makes consumer products for the deaf.
Looks like our bell-shaped charge started its life as part of something called the Shake Alert.
I got one of those.
What do you need with a deaf fire alarm? My mother snores like a bear.
So I sleep with ear plugs.
If there's a fire, then the Shake Alert receives a signal from any standard smoke detector and shakes my bed, wakes me up and saves my life.
This Shake Alert came from a batch installed in the dorms at Gilbert College.
Hey, Sara? Yeah.
This fire alarm is different than the other ones.
It's white-- all the other ones were black.
Could be brand-new.
Whose room is this? Michael Porter.
He's Julia Holden's T.
What happened to your old fire alarm, Michael? I don't know.
I didn't even know it was replaced.
You weren't at the party last night-- were you in your room the whole time? Yes.
Really, I should've been at the party.
Apparently, Julia and Dr.
Lambert didn't consider my research project worthy of the Gilbert Grant.
Well, a half million dollars is a lot of money to miss out on.
I've been Julia's T.
for two years, doing research, I even picked up her dry cleaning.
Then suddenly this Sean Wyatt guy shows up from England-- it's like he's the chosen one.
And a finalist for the grant.
He's Julia's pet.
Was Sean Dr.
Lambert's pet as well? Hardly.
A few days ago, I saw them arguing.
It got pretty heated.
What was that argument about? I'm not sure.
But Dr.
Lambert said something like, "If you don't fix this, I will.
" Sean Wyatt is a big fan of Julia's work.
He's got a lot of her books.
This kid's in the deaf studies program and she's his advisor, so Sara? Hm? Positive for nitrates.
Okay, well, we know that Sean and Dr.
Lambert had a fight.
Maybe Lambert decided not to give him the half-million dollars.
And Sean decides to get rid of him? Yeah.
With Lambert out of the way, Julia gets to choose the grant winner, and Sean gets the half a million.
Sean is Julia's student.
She was the first one at the scene and she lied.
You still like Julia Holden for this, don't you? I do.
Why? None of the physical evidence points to her.
I am not making this personal.
- Okay.
- All right,maybe a little.
You know, it would've been nice if Gil had told me about him and Julia.
It's ancient history-- I'm sure it happened before the two of you even got together.
She is pretty.
Yeah, she's pretty.
She's very pretty, actually.
Hi, Mrs.
Oh, great.
Hi, Betty.
Um, I'll catch up.
See you back at the lab.
I heard you called Julia in for more questioning.
Well, yes-- she's a suspect in Dr.
Lambert's murder.
Julia would never hurt anyone.
I know her.
Obviously, she was intimately involved with your son.
Thanks for the heads-up, by the way.
I thought you knew.
Maybe if you and Gil saw each other more often, you'd know more about each other.
Betty a man was murdered, someone you know.
If there was something going on between Julia and Dr.
Lambert, you have to tell me.
Lambert was a stickler for rules and deadlines.
Lately, Julia's been distracted.
Late with paperwork, missing classes.
Any idea why? I asked her about it.
She said everything was fine.
Thank you.
Hey, I tested the nitrates in Sean Wyatt's room.
Did he have a plant? A dead fern and a cactus.
The classic male green thumb.
Explains why the nitrates are less consistent with explosives and more consistent with fertilizer.
I did, however, find something on the sheets you collected from his dorm room.
Hair and vaginal contributions.
Both from Julia Holden.
Having sex with one of her students.
Maybe Sean was the one that Julia was having sex with in the bathroom.
Quite the libertine.
Not unlike Lady Heather.
Clearly, Grissom has a yen for sexually adventurous women whose voracious appetites can only be sated by dangerous and unbridled passion.
Thank you.
Um, at-at least most of the time.
That is, until he realized, of course, that even though you can have sexual satisfaction, it doesn't hold a candle to spirited intellectual stimulation.
Not to say that you and Grissom don't have a great sex life, um I mean, when you happen to be in the same city Isn't that your phone down the hall? Yes, it is.
Thank you.
Grissom and I have great sex.
I'm sure you do.
Okay, so, um Lambert left a message on Julia's phone about a relationship that had to end-- maybe he was talking about Sean.
Sex with a student is a huge scandal for the school, and it's kind of a career ender for Julia Holden.
Maybe Sean didn't just kill Lambert for the money, maybe he killed him for love.
Wyatt, we found evidence in your room that you and Julia Holden had a sexual relationship, and my guess is that Lambert found out about it, and that's what your argument was about.
Am I going too fast for you? Okay.
He demanded that I withdraw my application to the Gilbert Grant.
He told me that my affair with Julia could be seen as favoritism.
Oh, you think? And then you put a bomb in his car.
You killed Lambert, Julia gets to keep her job, you get to keep your grant-- everybody wins.
No, I loved Julia.
And yes, I wanted the grant, but I didn't kill anyone.
You were at the party, you had motive and opportunity.
When Lambert left, you followed him.
I left the party before he did.
Where'd you go? I went back to my dorm room.
Can anyone confirm that? Julia.
She arrived at quarter to 10:00, and left before 11:00.
Just before the explosion.
What do you want now? We have more questions for you.
You need to come with us.
Let me call my lawyer.
- Are you guys all right? - Yeah, we're fine.
We're fine.
You okay? Yeah.
The paramedics took Julia Holden to the hospital, possible concussion.
Right before the explosion, we saw Michael, Julia's T.
, place a package on her desk.
- You think it was the bomb? - Well, we already know that Michael had a beef with Julia and Dr.
The bomb in Dr.
Lambert's car didn't give us much, but, here, we're in a contained space and there was no fire-- we should be able to collect a lot more evidence.
Yeah yeah, maybe enough to pin this on Michael.
Piece of a box.
Looks like the bomb was hidden in a package.
You know, most package bombs are rigged to explode when you open them, but I think this one was a little bit different.
Got a resistor-- it creates a delay, like a timer.
If you're gonna hand-deliver a bomb, you want to make sure you have time to get away.
I would never kill anyone.
Really? Your computer says different.
Nice stalker wall.
You had a grudge against Julia because she recommended Sean Wyatt for the grant instead of you.
I was angry.
I needed to vent.
I should have had a chance at that grant-- they took it from me.
I did not put the bomb in Dr.
Lambert's car or Julia's office.
Michael, you have the skills.
Your major is electrical engineering.
You're doing R&D on deaf assist devices.
We recovered a resistor from the bomb in Julia's office that traces to a batch that you ordered for your research.
You've got the wrong person.
The parts you're talking about were stolen from me.
I reported it to the campus police.
Go ahead and ask them.
Oh, we will.
Somebody's setting me up.
Who would do that? Have you checked into Sean Wyatt? I mean, really looked into him? There's something strange.
I don't know exactly what it is, but something's just not right with him.
Alist, call the page operator.
Alist, call the page operator.
Mind if I join you? I hope you're not here to accuse Julia of blowing up her own office.
Actually, we have a new suspect-- Michael.
He's Julia's T.
I find it so hard to believe that there's someone in this school, in our community, capable of such violence.
When I went to take Julia's statement just now, I saw her talking to Sean Wyatt, and he signed something that I didn't recognize, nor did he.
Do you know what this means? That means "sweet pea" in LSQ.
It's Quebec Sign Language.
Sign language is just like any other language-- it varies by region, has its own dialect, slang Oh, I know that, but Sean is from England-- why would he be speaking Quebecoise? Maybe he spent some time in Quebec and picked up some of the slang.
It's possible.
When Gil and I first got back from Europe, there were certain phrases that stuck with me for a while, too.
Don't you miss it? Europe? Being with your husband.
What kind of marriage do you have? You two barely even see each other.
You don't even live in the same town.
We talk every day, we see each other at least once a month.
That is not a marriage.
I lost my husband too soon.
But in all the years that we were married, we never spent one night apart.
It's unconventional, but what Gil and I have works.
We love each other.
We're a family, and You know what, if if you don't want to be a part of it, that's your call.
The bomb in Julia Holden's office used the same smokeless gunpowder as the bomb in Dr.
Lambert's car.
No surprise.
Check this out-- this resistor keeps electricity from reaching the detonator for a specific amount of time.
Now, in this case, ten minutes.
Wow, that is not a lot of time to wrap and deliver the bomb before it exploded.
No, it is not.
That's why the bomber used a remote to arm it.
So whoever wanted to blow up Julia Holden had to make sure that bomb was in her office and that she was there before they set that timer.
Bomber had to be nearby.
Try within earshot.
When the bomber used the remote, it sent a signal to the receiver.
Now, that beeping sound tells the bomber that the device is armed.
So whoever did this could hear just fine.
So Michael wasn't the bomber? No.
We're looking for somebody outside the deaf community.
Yes and no.
I had nothing to do with that bomb in Julia's office.
I love her.
I'd never hurt her.
Then this lie detector test will prove it.
We're gonna show you a series of pictures and measure your brain's response.
Are you ready? Go ahead.
He recollects Julia Holden.
No recollection of the bomb materials.
No recollection of the bombing.
Sean, I've got some bad news-- you failed.
I didn't set that bomb.
The machine's inaccurate-- everybody knows that.
Well, you're right, Sean, uh, polygraphs aren't reliable.
Thank you very much.
It's okay.
But we didn't give you a polygraph, we gave you an Auditory Evoked Potential Test.
It actually measures your brain's response to sound.
During the test, we played a series of clicking sounds.
You acted as though you didn't hear them, but your brain said otherwise.
The spikes in your brain wave indicate that you hear just fine.
You're not deaf, Sean.
You're a fraud.
You're also a killer.
Sean Wyatt still isn't talking, with or without an interpreter.
So he faked being deaf for the half-a-million dollar grant.
And if Dr.
Lambert found out that he was a fraud, that would be motive for murder right there.
Well, Sean lied about being deaf; makes you wonder what else he's lying about.
His real name is Sean Wyatt Leblanc, and he's not from England he's from Canada-- Montreal to be exact.
And he lied about everything.
Including being deaf.
It's not possible.
We gave him an Auditory Evoked Potential Test.
He can hear.
It can't be easy to fool an entire campus of deaf students including a smart, savvy professor.
One that he was intimately involved with.
Are you saying that I knew? Sean's transcripts were forged using paper with a Gilbert College watermark, which means that he had help from someone inside the school.
When I met Sean, he was already a student.
I was his thesis advisor.
We started spending a lot of time together.
One night, we were working late and he kissed me.
I should have put a stop to it.
But when a young, good-looking guy tells you that you're beautiful and he can't get enough of you, you want to believe it.
I fell in love with him.
I haven't felt that for a long time.
With all that time that you and Sean spent together, you never suspected that he could hear? There was a time that I saw him sign something wrong.
It was Quebec Sign Language.
And I asked him about it.
He said that it was our secret term of endearment.
Something that no one on the campus would understand.
My career has been my life.
I didn't realize how lonely I was.
We we all have this need to find that one person to connect with.
And when we do, we find that we're overlooking their imperfections and disappointments.
He was using me.
I'm sorry, Julia.
Is there anything that you know about Sean? Anything that might help us? One night I did go into his room-- while he was e-mailing-- and e was using a different e-mail address.
It was in French.
I thought maybe it was another girl.
He said, no, it was just an old friend.
Do you know who he was writing to? No.
But I do remember the e-mail address that he was using.
I got an A.
waiver on the e-mail account that Julia gave us.
The e-mail's practically a blueprint for the entire grant scam, starting with getting accepted to the school.
And finishing with the bombings? No, but there was a threat implied.
Sean was clearly worried that Dr.
Lambert was on to him.
He and his partner knew they had to do something.
Who's his partner? His cousin from Montreal.
But fortunately, we don't have to go that far to find him.
He's been hiding in plain sight.
Dennis Palmer.
It must feel a little lonely, huh, Dennis? Being an interpreter for the deaf? I mean, you're part of everyone's intimate conversations, but somehow you're on the outside.
You're you know, you're like Invisible? Yeah-- invisible.
It's part of the job.
It's also part of the job to have access to all the buildings on campus, including Julia Holden's office.
We checked.
You used your key card to enter Julia's building I was dropping a transcript off in Dr.
Gardner's We searched your room.
You know, for an invisible man, you leave a lot of evidence behind.
We found receipts for gunpowder and pipes.
We knew you were at the party with Dr.
So you planted that bomb under his car.
You dropped off the package that Michael Porter delivered to Julia's office.
When we searched your room, we found e-mails between you and Sean.
Now we know this whole con was your idea.
You're the inside guy.
You forged his transcript.
Did you teach him how to sign as well? I learned sign language as a kid.
My mother's deaf.
So Dennis got you into the school, and you agreed to split the cash with him, right? It was easy money.
Dennis said they were just giving it away.
You know, if you're in a wheelchair or you're deaf, society throws money at you.
I mean, they have all these grants for deaf students.
Meanwhile, I'm working my ass off for next to nothing.
So you thought you'd bilk the system.
But you got greedy.
You went after the big prize-- the half-a-million dollar grant, right? A prize that big, we needed an edge.
Is that why you seduced Julia? I needed her endorsement.
But then I started to care about her.
That was the first complication.
And Lambert was the second.
Lambert found out I didn't go to Cambridge.
Said he wouldn't go to the police if I withdrew my grant application and left the school.
So you thought if you get rid of Lambert, you might still have a shot at the big money.
Thought we could make it look like an accident.
But why the second bomb? I mean, why target Julia? I was trying to take the heat off of Sean, put it on Michael.
Dennis promised me that Julia wouldn't get hurt.
Said she wouldn't even be in her office.
And you believed him.
I'm sorry.
You all right? The graves were littered with pupa casings.
Looked like somebody dumped a ton of Rice Krispies on top of a bunch of Halloween skeletons.
It indicated that it wasn't a proper burial.
During the Inca period, there was no great punishment.
We think it was meant as a warning-- don't mess with the Moche.
So anyway, how a was your week? What'd you do? Well, I almost got blown up twice.
I accused your ex-girlfriend of murder.
And, oh, I I told off your mother.
Oh, good.
You kept busy.
See what happens when you stand me up? Who's that? Uh, it's your mother.
Hi, Mom.
You never came to the office when I was working there.
I heard you and Sara had an exciting week.
African violets.
They're beautiful.
I told her you liked vegetation.
Thank you.
Um, I'm sorry, too.
Can we start over? When I come back, the three of us will go out to dinner.
Your mother is talking about our sex life.
In Incan society, the Moche elders would pass down their knowledge of sexual pleasure to the younger generation.
Their stories were documented on their pottery.
Little ceramic jars called "sex pots.
" Sex pots.
Sometimes too much.
Love you both.
Love you, too.