CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e17 Episode Script

The List

Move, keep moving.
All right.
Noses to the wall! All right, let's step to the wall.
What you looking at, Beaner? One ugly-ass white bitch.
Get back up against the wall! This is Officer Malone on the North Corridor.
Inmate 415.
Request immediate backup.
Get down or you're going in the hole! Move, move! Hands on the wall! You heard me?! CSIs coming in.
I hate that sound.
You guys might want to take your jackets and turn them inside out.
Half these guys are in here 'cause of you.
Let them take a good, long look, then.
I'm good.
Yeah, we got 'em in full lockdown, Clark County.
What's the story? How'd it happen? A corrections officer was walking a bunch of the Aryan Brotherhood by another bunch of not very Aryan brothers.
Never a good idea.
So, collateral damage? Wrong place, wrong time, or what? Maybe, maybe not.
Guy's a cop.
Vance Tolsom.
Brime County Deputy.
He and I worked a bunch of cases back in the day.
Guy was a son of a bitch.
He had a short fuse, and he didn't take crap from anybody.
Well, he was stabbed multiple times.
Somebody really wanted this guy dead.
How'd he end up in prison in the first place? He killed his wife Anne-Marie.
She was a cop, too.
When she got out of the Academy, I was her T.
What was an ex-cop doing in general population ward? In keep-away for the first six months.
Bitching about going nuts, said he was willing to take his chances.
Mixed in pretty well for the past three years.
Too bad.
Vance was going to get a new trial.
Vance always bragged how he was bulletproof.
Well, he wasn't stab proof.
Medical tape on the handle.
It's going to be difficult to get prints off that.
We got shoe impressions in the blood.
And the blood on their jumps should tell us something.
Listen up! I want your sneakers! I want your jumps! I want your DNA! I want to see your hands! I want to see your eyes! This man you killed was a cop! So there will be consequences! Prison will not protect you! Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Okay, open up.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm already in your database.
At least twice.
But it wasn't me.
That's why I'm going to collect your DNA and swab that blood off your hands, give you a fair shake this time.
What do you say? Yeah, thanks.
Hey, hey.
Just leave your hands alone.
You'll get a chance to clean them up after I'm done.
Cut 'em off.
Take off your shirt.
Don't make me ask you again.
Take it off.
You like what you see? Hmm? Take off your pants, Adolf, and I'll tell you.
You want some help?! 22 Final count is to the upper torso and neck region.
Prison is an ugly place to get killed.
I will be sure to put that in my report under bonus features: "David Phillips on Life Behind Bars: It Sucks.
" I'm just saying that lack of access to real weapons leads to some unnecessary roughness.
You just missed David's elegy on prison life.
I'll have to wait for the CD, I guess.
Oh, Vance.
Used to be a good-looking guy.
Not someone you'd want to cross, though.
So what have you got? Well, C.
is obvious.
Exsanguination due to multiple sharp force injuries.
None deeper than two inches.
Left and right jugular-carotid complex are pretty much shredded.
So the assailant should be covered in blood.
It's a roughly triangular-shaped piece of metal, sharpened to a point.
Wounds are consistent with a right-handed assailant.
Find anything interesting? Uh It looks like Vance was appealing his conviction on grounds of new evidence.
What new evidence? Uh Police bias.
Stuff like that.
I still have a lot of work to do here, Jim.
You know, if I were in prison for killing my wife, I don't think I'd put her photo on the wall.
She's sexy.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, she's good-looking.
I remember Anne- Marie's first day on the job.
She walked in the squad room and every guy's neck practically snapped.
She knew how to work it, too.
Was she married to Vance back then? No.
They didn't hook up till after she was transferred to Brime.
Marriage was a mistake.
She wasn't the settling-down type.
Vance told anybody who would listen that he'd never let her go.
Could be why he killed her.
A woman like Anne-Marie could make a man do a lot of things he'd regret.
So I, uh, pulled the video surveillance.
It's a total pile-on.
You can't really see anything.
Nice colors, though.
Kind of like a Redskins game.
With one dead Cowboy.
And someone else calling the plays.
One guy gives the other a signal.
No way this jumped off by accident.
And only one guy gets stuck.
An ex-cop.
This was a hit.
So, if we say that our victim, Vance Tolsom, was here Well, the trajectory of the blood spatter and the void on his right side would put Jose Castia here.
The bloodstains and the void on Carlos Salavar would put him here.
Which just leaves Tomas Molinez.
Arterial spurting pattern, straight shot, no void, would put him directly in front of our victim.
Carlos, Jose slide in from the side.
Probably pin Vance's arms down.
They were just the wing-men.
Looks like we found our doer.
Tomas Molinez.
Formerly employed by Riverton, Marx and Flegel, Certified Public Accountants.
So you're currently two years into a 30-year bid for a triple fatal DUI.
Family in a van.
So you're the one holding the shiv.
So if I were you, Tomas, I'd make a deal with me.
Last time I heard that, I got stuck with 30 years.
You have no idea what it's like to be in that place.
No, I don't.
Because I don't drink and drive.
Look, you're still a relatively young man.
I mean, let's make a deal.
Let's talk.
Shave off a few years, so you don't have to leave prison in a walker.
You know? You think I'm an idiot.
Look, I killed a cop.
I am tired of being everybody's bitch.
Cop killer? That's a different story.
It gives me status, juice.
Even if I get life, it's still better than what I've got now.
Man Well, that is sad.
All right, look, we deal on that, but you know how this works.
You got to give something to get something, so give me something.
Look, if I rat, I am dead tomorrow.
So you can't give me names.
So give me a reason why.
Why the cop? Someone have issues with him on the inside? Look, I overheard some chisme.
The hit was a favor for somebody on the outside.
Hey, Catherine, you got a minute? Sure.
What's up? You mind if I shut your door for a second? All right.
Wind-up's got me curious.
Well, I found a little something in Vance's cell.
I thought I'd give you a heads-up.
Yeah, he was putting together a case for a new trial, and apparently, his wife was sleeping around before and after they said "I do.
" Look, I knew Anne-Marie.
She wasn't doing anything the guys in the department weren't doing.
Yeah, 'cause they were all doing it with her.
Yeah, and probably getting attaboyed for it.
Double standard.
The point is, he put together a list of bedfellows.
I don't know where this list came from, or why it didn't come up at his trial, but listen.
It reads like a who's who of Southern Nevada law enforcement.
Anybody we know? Ecklie's on there.
Really? Wow.
Oh, good for him.
Brass, too.
Well, Jim used to be a player back in the day.
Kind of had that Jersey, Jack Nicholson thing.
Who else? Ah, let's see here.
Atwater, Bastille, Bracket, Brooks, Cavaliere.
I'm only up to the C's.
You want me to keep going? Uh, let me guess.
Vega? Um, McKeen, for sure, right? Mm-hmm.
Vartann is on here, as well.
Sorry to be the one to break that to you.
Ancient history.
Well, according to Vance's notes, he's convinced that Anne-Marie's real murderer is a cop on this list.
Well, half these guys worked Anne-Marie's murder.
Yeah, I know.
I read the file.
Brass was lead for LVPD, and Vartann was his second.
Why didn't those guys recuse themselves? I don't know.
Book the evidence, make me copies, I'll take care of the notifications.
Oh, boy, when this hits the fan, it's going to come back on all of us.
So, I was riding the party train pretty nonstop back then.
I mean, work was like an interruption to my fun, yeah.
So, um, there was a homicide convention in New Orleans.
Anne-Marie was there.
She was certainly sexy, and-and available, so we hooked up, and, um, when Anne-Marie was murdered, I went up the chain of command, I-I I told my boss about our involvement, he told me not to sweat it.
You know, I-I did the right thing, yeah.
So what about you, Conrad? Well, I didn't handle any of the evidence.
My team did.
And it was just It was It was just dinner with benefits.
Anne-Marie stopped by the lab to discuss a case.
She was hungry.
One thing led to another, and to a to a room at the Gold Coast.
Gold Coast.
Couldn't do any better than that? You know, Anne-Marie's car was found on the county line.
I mean, LVPD assisted Brime Sheriffs, but Brime was in charge of the investigation.
Plenty of Brime guys on that list.
Look, Vance got whacked just as he was about to get a new trial, dredge up the past.
Maybe somebody didn't want the truth to come out.
Yeah, somebody who could reach into prison.
Well, those two bangers who put Tomas Molinez up for the hit they're from Brime County.
Okay, so that's where we start, with the bangers.
Jose, is this medical marijuana? What's the matter? You depressed about something? You on the family plan? You know, texting can be very expensive, Carlos.
Could get you another five years.
Gentlemen, ran across something interesting in the visitor log.
Yeah? What's what? Other than his lawyer, Vance has had only one visitor, Jody Cambry.
Who's Jody Cambry? His dead wife's sister.
She was here pretty much every week for three months.
Guy kills her sister.
Why would she come visit him? Maybe she wanted to see the man suffer.
Yeah, I hated him.
And I hated the fact he wouldn't leave me alone.
Wrote to me every week.
I just threw his letters away.
So, why'd you go see him? One day, I opened up one of his letters.
He wanted to talk.
He had something important he needed to tell me.
I thought maybe he would tell me where he buried Anne-Marie.
That's not what happened.
Vance swore up and down that he was innocent.
That it was all a setup.
And you believed him? Enough that I started looking into things.
Talking to people.
Annie's friends, other cops, family.
Everybody had a story about some guy Annie had been with.
Thing is, a lot of them had investigated her murder.
That's grounds for a new trial.
So I started putting together a list.
What, you think one of the guys on your list is the real killer? I think Annie could make any guy crazy.
Before she died, Annie told me she'd fallen in love again.
Said this guy was the one.
She was going to leave Vance.
She wouldn't tell me who he was.
So he could be any one of the guys on that list? All I know is that he was a cop.
Annie only dated cops.
I also know Vance was never going to let her go.
So whoever she was leading on she was playing a dangerous game.
Why didn't you bring up any of this at the trial? Because back then, like everyone else, I thought Vance killed her.
What makes you so sure he didn't? I just know.
I just know.
How's the leg? Ah, it's better.
This is, uh This is new, seeing you outside of the office, middle of the day with your clothes on.
Well, I thought that maybe you and I should have a cup of coffee.
Excuse me? Um You know, uh, I met Anne-Marie at the Academy, and, uh, yes, we had some good times over the years.
It's all over the department about the list.
I guess I'm on it? Is this my unofficial heads-up? Lou, you had a relationship with a murder victim, you worked the case, and you didn't think you should have recused yourself? Oh.
So this is more of an official heads-up.
Well, Vance claimed that there was a rush to judgment.
That you guys didn't even look past him for the real killer.
"You guys"? What? Are-Are you saying that, um, I didn't do my job because I had a thing with Anne-Marie? When Warrick was murdered, did you recuse yourself? Did your team recuse themselves? Hell, Nick nearly put a bullet through Undersheriff McKeen.
Then again, that's Nick.
You're sure that Vance was good for it? Yeah, I'm sure.
Look, he threatened Anne-Marie more than once, all right? In front of other cops.
His words: "If you ever try to leave me, I'll kill you.
" Guys say a lot of things.
What was your evidence? Oh, come on.
Really, you want me to run it? I do.
Brime County never found Anne-Marie's body, but they did find her car.
Vance torched it, but Ecklie's team still found blood.
And they also found Vance's bloody clothes and a bloody kitchen knife from their kitchen in a Dumpster off the 160.
Now in the pocket, there was a matchbook which we tied to the arson of the car.
It was a good case.
Maybe too good.
Okay, you know, I've never heard you say that about any of the cases that you've closed.
I'm just saying that a cop that's smart enough to disappear his wife's body should be smart enough to disappear the evidence.
You know what? If this inquisition is over, I got work to do.
Thank you.
Uh, just forget the coffee.
Greg, I need you to pull all of the Anne-Marie Tolsom evidence.
Rerun everything.
I reran all the blood evidence from Anne-Marie's case the car, Vance's clothes, the knife.
Found high levels of EDTA.
What made you test for that? It doesn't come up in standard tox tests.
Well, because the time stamp on this photo was two hours after the car was found.
Blood clots after about 20 minutes.
I don't see any clotting.
When blood clots, the fibrinogen in the blood forms a big net, catching all the red blood cells.
The clot retracts into a clump that would have left a ring of straw-colored serum.
So somebody collected Anne-Marie's blood and added an anticoagulant.
Now, the only reason somebody would do something like that is if you were gonna store it.
Or transport it and plant it whenever and wherever they want.
So the blood evidence was all planted.
Vance was right.
He was framed.
Probably by the real killer.
And most definitely by someone with knowledge of serology.
Yeah, a cop, or a CSI.
You know what? I've seen this before.
This matchbook trick.
Here we go in 1995, a torched car in Salt Lake traced back to a murder in Brime County.
Suspect was arrested in Pahrump.
All right, where are we going with this? Planted blood evidence.
The matchbook? What cops know about forensics, they learn from their cases.
Who was the arresting officer? Lucas Martin.
He was the lead detective in Anne-Marie's murder in Brime County.
staged crime scene with EDTA blood investigating officer Lucas Martin.
There you go.
So maybe he was Anne-Marie's mystery lover.
Why isn't he on the list? The sister didn't know his name she just assumed he was a cop on that list.
(sighs) Lucas Martin was Anne-Marie's final conquest.
When she wouldn't leave Vance for him, he snapped, killed her, and framed Vance for it, and he did it by taking cues from his old cases.
Anne-Marie's body was never found.
At least we know now where to look.
Do you mind telling me why there's a crime scene here but no 419, no 420, just a a call at We're anticipating a crime scene, Conrad.
That seems to be your team's M.
lately what, you don't get enough work, you got to go out and look for it? Actually, Conrad, it is a crime scene.
- It's about ten years old, but - We're working a theory on the "List" case.
Yeah, I think you're familiar with it.
Yeah, don't be a smart-ass, Stokes.
Picked up a scent, Captain.
With any luck, we're gonna find the body of Anne-Marie Tolsom.
I want the full 411.
We think that Detective Lucas Martin killed Anne-Marie, and that he used knowledge of his old cases to plant evidence implicating Vance.
He planted Anne-Marie the same way.
All right, so why this place? Well, Martin worked a case here.
A case in which a guy killed his girlfriend, dumped her body.
The Brime County Sheriffs would never have found her body, but the guy confessed.
Let's go.
I don't see any Brime County participation here.
Well, that's where you come in.
I was hoping you'd give them a call.
Catherine, I can see this circus from the highway.
I don't need to call anyone.
There's something in there.
Go ahead, Nick.
Let's see what's behind door number two, shall we? Blow flies.
Something's dead.
More flies.
Two sets of footprints.
No telling how long they've been here.
More footprints.
There's a body.
It's not Anne-Marie.
No, that's her sister, Jody.
Man, I just talked to her.
Two GSW's to the back of the head.
Size of the entry wounds: medium caliber.
Maybe nine-mil.
Brime County issues nine-mils.
What the hell are you people doing here? Detective Lucas Martin.
I saw you at, uh, Steve Jackson's wedding last year.
You know Jim Brass you two worked the Anne-Marie Tolsom case.
You ever hear of professional courtesy? We're on the trail of Anne-Marie's body.
You wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Well, I damn straight would.
I turned over this whole county looking for her.
She's not here.
Well, somebody is.
We just found Anne-Marie's sister, Jody Cambry.
She's been shot dead.
Lucas Martin, Catherine Willows.
When was the last time you fired your gun, Detective? Screw you, bitch.
I think you mean, "Screw you, CSI Willows.
" It's okay.
I'll get a warrant.
Let's go.
Go ahead, start without me.
Robbins always does.
I was talking about dinner.
Go ahead, take a look.
I'd recognize that shape anywhere.
She was pistol-whipped.
Two bullets within three inches of each other.
Killer had training in firearms.
And all of the evidence points to a cop.
From what I've heard, - everything's pointing to Detective Lucas Martin.
- Well, then let's get those two bullets out of her and see if they point to him, too.
We pulled two slugs out of Jody Cambry's head, right where you left them.
I can dummy up a report like this in about five minutes.
My duty weapon was never out of my sight, and it's never been fired.
No, not that gun.
We're cops we have guns that have guns.
I'm talking about the attaboy that Judge Grantson gave you after the Domingo Flan trial.
That gun.
The Sig nine-mil.
It was in the database before you even got it.
And ballistics matched it to the Jody Cambry murder.
I don't have that gun anymore.
Well, that's a relief.
That means there's a record, assuming that you went through proper channels to sell it.
I sold it to a guy at a gun show.
Out of state.
Well, now it's in state.
Maybe it got homesick.
You charging me? As a matter of fact, I am.
You better lawyer up and call the union, 'cause you're under arrest.
Did you hear the good news? Brass booked Lucas Martin for Jody's murder, and that's just for starters.
Well, there might be a problem.
I am too tired to hear that, Ray.
Jody died yesterday, I checked the duty log.
Lucas Martin was working.
Well, that doesn't actually mean that he was working the entire time.
I knew a cop once who painted his house while on duty.
It's still an alibi.
What about the epithelials under Jody's nails? Still waiting for results.
Look, if Martin ordered the hit on Vance, he must have reached out to Carlos Salavar.
Carlos isn't talking, Ray.
Maybe he'll listen.
Where are the real cops at, lab rat? I thought we'd have a conversation, you and me.
So you don't want to stick nothing in my mouth, hm? That's what y'all do, right? I know that Lucas Martin contacted you and put the hit on that cop.
You don't know jack.
I got your phone, Carlos, all your texts to your sister Reina about your nephew Chuy getting busted for drugs and going to jail.
I know she has four other kids at home.
She never had $5,000 to pay Chuy's bail.
Then all of a sudden, she has $5,000? Five G's just like that? You and I both know where that kind of money comes from, don't we? Escucha, mi amigo.
Amigo, one phone call, they roll your sister up.
Her kids, they go to Child Services.
You know what happens in Child Services, don't you? Oh, that's right you grew up there.
You want to swell up, go ahead call somebody in here; they can help you with that.
You gonna let your sister go down and those kids go into Child Services because of a cop? I'm gonna ask you one more time, Carlos.
Where did your sister get the $5,000? Que baboso.
You got no idea, bro.
I don't know no Lucas Martin.
You got the wrong cop.
Running from another stripper? Burlesque dancer.
And that's not funny.
I'm sorry.
So I ran the epithelials from Jody Cambry's fingernails.
You're not going to believe this.
Try me.
Well, they didn't come from Lucas Martin.
In fact, they're not even male.
Epithelials are a sibling match to Jody.
What? Yeah, and Jody only has one sibling Anne-Marie Tolsom.
So that means that Anne-Marie is alive.
We thought that all this evidence was planted to cover up a murder.
We now know that it was planted to cover Anne-Marie's disappearance.
And put Vance in prison for a crime he didn't commit.
I thought he was good for it.
Yeah, me, too.
I believe you were led by Lucas Martin and Anne-Marie.
For love.
Martin helped her to get out from under Vance.
Great, we just solved a four-year-old case we didn't even know was open.
We still got two real murders with two real bodies.
Well, if you believe the gangbanger, Martin's not helping her anymore.
Yeah, some other cop put the hit out on Vance? Give me a break.
Martin's gun shot Jody.
We found her at one of his old body dump sites.
I mean, it sounds to me like he's helping her.
Well, I hate to defend the guy, but, you know, really, a cop using his own gun that he knows is in the system I mean, that is beyond dumb.
Martin said he had gotten rid of the gun, and any cop in Brime County should know about that dump site.
Well, the evidence puts Anne-Marie at the scene.
Maybe the gun was in her hand.
Who'd you give the gun to, Lucas? No gun show story? 'Cause that was funny.
I could listen to that again.
I didn't kill Jody.
You know, I want to believe you, man, I'm trying, but all the evidence points to you unless you gave your gun to Anne-Marie, you know.
Oh, yeah, surprise, we, we know that Anne-Marie is still alive, and we know the two of you framed Vance for murder and now she's throwing you under the bus and trying to frame you.
Hey I get it.
I get the obsession.
Anne-Marie is a force of nature, you know.
She makes everybody feel like you're the only guy in the world.
I get it.
I loved her.
Still do.
We were in love, we were going to be together, and we both know Vance is a bad guy bad to her.
I didn't want him coming after us.
So you put Vance in prison, Anne-Marie disappears, and, uh, you, you, uh, you tag along later.
That the plan? That was the plan.
I'd wait a couple years, put in my papers.
End of the summer, I'm retiring.
Meanwhile, I see her when I can.
Mm-hmm, send her any money? That's a loaded question, 'cause we know that you're sending $1,000 a month to some orphan fund in Mexico.
$1,000 a month on a cop's salary? And that's a lot of love for the poquito niños.
So here's the new plan.
What we're going to work on is a minimum sentence at a minimum- security prison.
Tell me about the gun.
I gave it to Annie for protection.
Where is she? I don't know.
When I told her I was putting in for retirement, she stopped returning my calls.
Jim I swear to you, I didn't even know she was in town until you told me Jody got popped with my gun.
She's tough, huh? I mean, when Anne-Marie dumps you, she really dumps you hard.
All right.
Well, all right, Jim.
We're at Jody's place now, so we'll see what we can dig up.
All right, thanks.
Hey, Anne-Marie dumped Lucas Martin three months ago.
Now, that's right around the same time Jody started visiting Vance in prison.
I don't see any connection.
Bye-bye, sugar daddy.
What's she going to do for money now? Get a new daddy.
Or reach out to her schoolteacher sister, who's collected on the life insurance.
Here we go.
On January 1, Jody's money market account shows a balance of half a million and change.
The account was opened two years ago.
- Well, that sounds like Anne-Marie's life insurance.
- Mm-hmm.
That's about what a cop gets.
Jody had a big heart.
On January 5, she transferred half the money to an orphans' fund in Mexico.
"Save the Niños.
" That's the same charity that Lucas Martin was donating to.
Jody knew Anne-Marie was alive.
Yeah, maybe not till after January 5.
Three months ago.
You know, it all fits.
Dump Lucas, reach out to the sister.
Yeah, well, Jody should have reached out to the cops.
Yeah, maybe she didn't want to betray her sister or maybe she didn't want to let Vance rot in prison either.
That's probably why she went to go see him.
She knew he was innocent.
There's a bunch of payments to a law firm and one final transaction $110,000 wire transfer to Save the Niños Orphans' Fund in Mexico last night At 11:47, Jody was already dead, Lucas Martin was in jail.
Anne-Marie was here.
She cleaned out Jody's account.
I think I know why Anne-Marie took the risk of coming back to Vegas.
She had to stop Vance from getting a second trial.
Killing him would have eliminated that problem, but there was still Jody.
There was always a chance that Jody would rat out her sister.
Right, so Anne-Marie had to kill her, too.
Why are you doing this? I would have kept your secret.
For how long? You're my sister.
Who better to frame for Jody's murder than Lucas Martin? And we thought that Lucas killed Jody, and we thought that he arranged for the hit on Vance, but he didn't.
So who did? Maybe another cop.
It's a long list.
I wish I knew that many guys I could depend on.
You just need one.
Uh, should I stay, or is this case-related? Stay.
While at the Academy, Anne-Marie was with a lot of guys, pre-list.
Anyway, I was trying to make a connection between Anne-Marie and the prison, and I remembered this guy from the Academy who he couldn't cut it, got tossed.
The two of them were close you know, friends.
Well, apparently he started a new career in corrections.
Jarrod Malone.
He's a C.
He's on Vance's cell block.
Yeah, what are the odds? Annie, people are starting to ask questions.
Okay? It's not going to be okay.
Lucas got busted; he's going down, I could be next.
How do I know what he said? Look, we got to act fast.
Where are you? I'll meet you.
My shift's over at midnight.
I'll be there.
Just had to make sure you were alone.
Not that I don't trust you.
It's kind of nice but I'm not wearing a wire.
Can I see your cell phone? You're good; it's not wired either.
Well, a girl's got to be real careful, you know.
Especially when she's dead.
Got the tickets? Morning flight.
and Mrs.
You're going to love Mexico.
You know, I think I'm gonna like Costa Rica a little bit better, along with a hundred grand.
That wasn't the plan.
I know, but I've been thinking about that and, Vance and Lucas.
And now you don't trust me? Jody was your sister.
You did that to your family.
She shouldn't have gone to Vance.
And so you took care of both of 'em? Look, Jody was soft.
She always needed to fix things.
She didn't understand men.
And you, you can't be trusted.
You're right about that.
Annie, I know you got a gun.
I want to see your hands.
On your knees.
You son of a bitch.
I like you, but not enough to do 25 to life for you.
I know what you're thinking you already died once.
But don't do it for real this time, okay? Oh, come on, Jimmy, you wouldn't shoot an unarmed woman, - would you? - I think he'd shoot you.
I know I would.
Turn around.
Unarmed, huh? Ooh.
Seems like old times, Lou.
You always did have the touch.
Yeah, well, you've lost yours.
We don't need to wire the guy.
The whole world is wired.
I could hear your heart beating from inside the van.
You've been gone a long time, baby.
Now you're going away for even longer.
Let's see how many men are on the jury.