CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s11e21 Episode Script

Cello and Goodbye

Baked brie and raspberry preserves.
It's a delight for the eye and the palate.
Well, my wife doesn't just shine onstage.
Oh I told you, the best restaurants in L.
couldn't hold a candle to Gloria.
Oh, Phil.
He has a much higher opinion of my cooking than I do.
No, it really, it's so, so sweet of you guys to invite us over.
Since Will and I moved to town, we've had a hard time meeting people.
Well, you just haven't met the right ones.
I'll say.
Another drink-- you have to allow a guest to do something.
Oh, hell, it's not a school night, huh? Oh I don't have to drive.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Oh, I must I might have to skip the wine at dinner.
I mean Oh, that's a beautiful ring.
Thank you.
Phil has great taste.
Tell me, Gloria, how did you meet your husband? Oh, God, it's one of those crazy stories.
Um blind date, and somewhere midway through the evening, Phil and I realized that we weren't the ones the host was trying to set up.
I meant Ray.
How did you meet Ray? Who who the hell are you? Phil! Langston.
Cops found a body.
John Doe.
Haskell? Looks like his work.
They're holding the crime scene.
Where? L.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Detective Sosa? Who's asking? Catherine Willows with the Las Vegas Crime Lab.
This is Ray Langston.
Thank you for calling us.
I didn't call you-- S.
Ask me, you people just wasted a trip.
Hey, Brody! Vegas is here.
Welcome to L.
Another hour and I'd had to get some bread.
Do you always eat at your crime scenes? Always keep some in my kit.
Especially if I know I'm going to be sharing.
They do like peanut butter.
And they really loved him.
Sorry, buddy, you're evidence.
Excuse me.
Significant animal predation.
Little guy was hungry.
? Here.
Looks like All postmortem.
We got word to be on the lookout for Nate Haskell.
That's why I called you guys.
I went over Sosa's head.
Please tell me I'm not going to lose mine.
Well, the last DJK murder victim had ten postmortem stab wounds.
If it's Haskell, he skipped ahead.
Nah, Haskell considers me to be his 11th victim, even though he didn't get to stick me 11 times.
Well, thanks for holding the crime scene, Brody.
We're going to need to turn him.
Excuse me, you Ray? Yes.
And you are? I'm the guy who's going to marry your wife.
All clear.
I'll call in S.
Ray, I-I don't think that you should be here.
Let's see, uh I can have a car take you downtown.
Hello! That's evidence! Ray, what are you doing? Condo security company gave us access to the surveillance files.
The time stamp here is 8:37.
Metadata says it's from three nights ago.
I got Gloria and Phil coming home, but somebody else leaving in their car.
Well, there's no sign of Gloria and Phil.
My vote's for the trunk.
Greg, can you get us a better look? Whoa.
Tina Vincent.
Who? Latest bride of Haskell.
Is there a passenger? This angle's not helping us.
Maybe this will.
See if I can lose the fun house.
It's him.
It's Haskell.
I thought you said he changed his face? We were wrong.
Guess I was wrong about that wasted trip, huh? Greg, LAPD has given us their full cooperation.
Get traffic cam footage from three nights ago.
See if you can follow the car.
Copy that.
You have my cooperation.
Don't forget, it's still my city.
He gained their trust, Catherine.
He was here.
We'll find him, Ray.
And we'll find Gloria.
"Three days and three nights of Heaven on Earth.
"And then just Heaven.
" Haskell's words.
It's what he does with his victims.
It's already been 72 hours.
That means she's already gone.
We'll see what the evidence says.
I don't think I can do this, boss.
I'll call Sara.
I'll have a car take you back to the airport.
Let's talk about something you enjoyed-- your first kill.
You never forget your first, but I think that's a little intimate for this stage of our relationship.
Tell us your definition of fun.
Fun is taking something away from somebody.
Oh, Ray there is a moral to this story.
Officer, would you mind pulling up over here? Sir? There's a bar over here.
I want to have a drink before I get on the plane.
Flight's in a half-hour.
There's a flight to Vegas every hour.
I'll take the next one.
Look, you're welcome to join me.
I'm on duty sir.
I'll wait for you out front.
Hey, it's Ray.
I know you're working.
I didn't expect you to answer, but, uh you're the only one I can talk to.
The only person who I think will truly understand this.
At least, I hope you'll understand when I've done what I have to do.
You know, we all make choices live with the consequences.
The only person I have ever loved is dead.
And now there's only one thing left for me to do.
Good-bye, Al.
There's residue on the glass.
They were drugged.
If Haskell's up to his old tricks, it's probably Salvia divinorum.
I'll have the L.
lab run it.
Did you meet S.
Brody? Yeah.
She seems familiar.
So, I found blood in the shower.
Looks like Haskell cleaned up.
I have yet to process his gift.
I'll give S.
a hand.
Does this look like high-velocity blood spatter to you? Yes, it does.
Coroner's report said Phil Baker was strangled with a ligature-- probably his own tie.
Blunt-force trauma to the head, I don't see all that causing this.
Gunshots maybe? Tina Vincent popped two people in Vegas.
I'm hoping that we don't have to add Gloria to the list.
You hear that? What? Megaselia scalaris.
Little buggers corrupted our crime scene.
No gunshot.
They painted the wall.
So Haskell's M.
: kill the man, dump the body, take the woman alive.
Oh blood and tissue.
Postmortem stab wounds, anyone? The flies weren't the only artists in this room.
Phil Baker was struck in the head, then strangled.
Stabbed postmortem.
The blood was the paint, the body the brush.
Dragged him around, created a Picasso.
You're thinking that all this blood came from just one source.
Haskell wanted Langston to feel the horror of what happened in this room.
He wanted to get inside his head.
Your boy Sanders helped us track down the Bakers' car.
Dumped in K-Town, blood in the trunk.
But no Gloria? Way ahead of you.
I got guys searching the park and all around the observatory.
But you may need a search party yourself.
Ray Langston ditched his escort to the airport.
And this morning's little "bull in a china shop" act says he's dangerous.
Tell me he's not armed.
I don't want any serial numbers.
Hey, I run a respectable joint here.
Is that respectable enough for you? I also need a laptop.
Gates or Jobs? Let me take a look in the back.
I'm throwing in a holster for free.
That do it for you? How much for the laptop? Five more bills.
No negotiating? Well, I like that.
Hey, Willoughby Observatory-- it's the best view in town.
Nicky, I need you in L.
I can't find Ray.
He's not answering his phone.
Yeah, I know.
I'm worried.
He called the doc.
He didn't sound real good.
It sounds like he's in a dark place.
Well, he's here somewhere.
We got to find him.
All right.
I'm on my way.
I'll find his ass.
We opened up Gloria's social network page.
Found she'd been tagged in a friend's photo.
We now know where Gloria and Phil met Haskell and Tina.
It was a benefit concert four nights ago.
Gloria was the main attraction.
Gloria and Phil invited Haskell and Tina for drinks the next night.
"Willoughby J.
" Is that supposed to be some kind of joke? Another of Haskell's riddles, maybe? Well, the postcard that was left at the crime scene had a picture of Willoughby Canyon and Observatory on it.
So what's he trying to say? I don't know.
Maybe it has something to do with this guy Willoughby or some kind of L.
lore or history.
Oh, don't look at me.
I always did better in science.
You know, we do know somebody who's into both.
Willoughby J.
Willoughby was a wealthy L.
benefactor who made his fortune in shipping.
But the bulk of his profits were thought to have come from money-laundering.
Explains the benefactor part.
Trying to clean up his act.
Yeah, well, it didn't last.
'Cause in 1943, he shot his wife in the head during an argument.
Attack on his wife.
I think I'm starting to get the joke.
The postcard, the ring, "Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
" Haskell wanted Ray to come out and play.
So some kind of an invitation.
Except we're the ones who are gonna crash the party.
Greg, I want to know everything there is to know about Willoughby J.
Work your magic.
Do my best.
You know why I'm here.
I drove straight from the airport to S.
, checked in.
Sara told me you'd be here.
Detective Sosa, this is CSI Nick Stokes.
Hey, man.
Anybody left in Vegas to catch crooks? Yeah, there's still a couple of us.
So, what's going on here? Got a call.
Shots fired.
Units responded, found a Caucasian female.
Who is she? WILLOWS Tina Vincent.
Somebody worked her over pretty good.
Looks like she might've gotten a couple of licks in, though.
One in the leg, one in the head, and a whole lot of ugly in between.
I used to work Narco-- whoever did this wanted information.
Or he was just a sadistic bastard.
Excuse me, what do you two think you're doing? Gonna process the scene.
Look, I'm all about cooperating, but I'd prefer to have my people handle this.
Look, Detective Sosa, this is still a DJK case.
You find Ray Langston yet? Maybe he found her.
It's Stokes, right? Yeah.
At lvpdcsi.
com? Yeah.
Forgot something.
I just figured it out-- you're Conrad's daughter.
Before the divorce.
Last time I saw you, you were just a kid.
So you don't go by Ecklie.
I took my stepdad's last name.
I'll catch you guys later.
I like her style.
I processed Tina Vincent's room.
Prints I lifted place three people there-- Nate Haskell, Tina Vincent And CSI Raymond Langston.
You want to explain that to me? I can't.
I got enough trouble chasing down the bad guys; I don't need to be chasing the good ones, too.
Look, we don't know what happened in that room.
Yeah, we do.
Someone tortured that girl till they got what they wanted, then they put a bullet through her head.
Now, I'm gonna ask you again: does Ray Langston carry? No.
What about blood evidence? I found blood on the doorknob and on the vic's ring, along with epithelials under her fingernails.
Consistent with a struggle.
DNA comes back to an unknown African-American male.
You run it against CSI Langston? I would have, but he wasn't in the system.
How is that possible? Man's a CSI.
Submission is voluntary.
So if I ever want to kill someone, I'll just transfer to Vegas.
Ray's not a murderer.
No? No.
He's definitely a suspect.
How did you find me? I'm part hound dog.
I pinged your cell, traced it back to a tower near Dodger Stadium, then checked out all the motels one cut above fleabag.
It was really pretty easy.
When did you start carrying a gun again? You need to go home, Nick.
You're not taking me back.
I'm not here to take you back; I'm here to help you out.
Haskell wants me.
All right? He doesn't want you.
Raymond Tina Vincent's dead.
Now, I know you didn't kill her but you need to tell me what happened.
Haskell wanted me to find her.
Where is he, Tina? You want to hurt me? You're going to tell me what I want to know.
And did she? No.
All she would said is that Nate wanted me to have that.
Said the blood on it was Gloria's.
It used every ounce of my strength not to hurt her.
Well, Haskell came back after you left and he put a real good hurting on her for you.
You do realize what he's doing, don't you? Yes, yes, he's isolating me.
He's making you a fugitive.
He's cutting you off from everyone and everything.
And believe me, if it was this easy for me to find you, LAPD won't have a problem.
Take a look at this.
I found this at Tina Vincent's crime scene.
"You never forget your first.
" Same ticket, same message.
What is he saying? This sick bastard is leaving us a bread crumb trail.
All we have to do is figure out where it leads.
I can't exactly call the lab now, can I? I can.
STOKES How we doing, Greg? Ask him about Langston.
I found the manufacturer of the tickets.
Ask him about Langston.
Running the numbers through the company's database right now.
Will you ask him? Shut up.
What? Um, sorry.
I wasn't talking to you.
Uh, Nick, yeah, it's me.
Um, I heard the news, and, uh, while I can empathize with Ray, I feel I must express my concern that his Dirty Harry style antics of late can only reflect badly on the team.
Hodges, put Greg back on the phone.
Yeah, will do.
Just tell me, is there any news from Ray? No.
But when I find him, you'll be the first to know.
Give me that.
All right, I think I got something.
According to this, the tickets were delivered to L.
Part of a shipment to the Santa Monica Pier.
The carousel.
"You never forget your first.
" What are you talking about? My first date with Gloria was on a carousel in Baltimore.
How would Haskell know something like that? We may be walking into something here.
You got my back, right? Always.
This isn't our first date, Ray.
It's just our first without a chaperone.
Get your hands up.
Ahh Ray! No fair.
You're under arrest, you son of a bitch.
Where is he? I got the other side.
Outside, Ray.
Haskell, hold it right there.
Drop the gun! I'm a CSI, in pursuit of a suspect.
Look, I don't care who the hell you are-- drop the gun! You're making a big mistake.
Listen to me! No, you listen! Drop the gun, get on your knees and put your hands behind your head! Do it, now! I'm not getting on my knees.
Don't move! Drop the gun! Listen to him, Ray.
It can't end like this, Ray.
Oh, I know how you feel, Ray, but if you pull that trigger now, you'll kill more than me.
Two people die, Ray! She's still alive! Gloria's still alive, Ray! Drop the gun, now! Nate Haskell is responsible for the deaths of over 25 people, including four law enforcement officers in Las Vegas.
And last night he damn near took the life of one of my men.
So how come he didn't take yours? I can't answer that.
That's a load of crap.
Where'd you get the gun? I took it from an assailant who attempted to mug me in MacArthur Park.
My intention was to turn it in.
You know something you're lucky Officer Davies was wearing a vest and that the slug we took out of it was a match to the bullet that killed Tina Vincent.
But you knew where to find her.
And you knew where to find Haskell.
Now, I don't care if you're inside his head, or he's inside yours.
You know what's going on here.
You got a choice.
You talk to me, or I'm putting your ass on a plane back to Vegas myself.
Am I being charged with a crime? I'll be the one to get him on the plane.
You know, if it was up to me, I'd send you all home.
But then, I got a problem-- Haskell drops another body and it's my ass in the sling 'cause I'm the moron who sent the Haskell experts back to Vegas.
So no free airfare then? How about no more surprises? I'll meet you back at S.
I'll go check in with Morgan.
I told you to find him, Nicky.
I did find him.
I should've known.
You had to have his back, had to cowboy up on some vigilante mission.
I mean, I get him, but you have no excuse.
So are you sending me home, now, too? Oh, I'd like to, but I can't, because I need you here.
And, luckily, LAPD is giving you a second chance.
Ray you're going back to Vegas.
Do I have to post a guard at your door? No, that won't be necessary.
We'll get him.
Smooth, polished surface.
It looks like beach sand.
Recovered from Tina Vincent's room.
Well, that makes sense-- Haskell was at the pier, he spent some time at the beach.
Found more than just beach sand.
I think he's been spending time somewhere else.
Put your nose down that one.
Nesosilicates, garnet.
There's chips of paint in the mix.
This sand is from construction.
Sandblasting, maybe.
Plenty of that downtown, at least until the economy hit the skids.
Maybe Haskell's squatting.
Or it's where he left Gloria's body.
The rings of a tree will give up its history.
Blast the paint off the side of a building, layers are going to tell you the same story.
Time for a little chip and dip.
Hey, Ray.
Thanks for coming to get me.
Well, Catherine didn't give me much choice.
But I would've been here anyway.
What's going on? Haskell could've killed me, he didn't.
Yeah, well, maybe he didn't want to kill you.
He just wants to keep hurting you.
Can we go back to the office for a while? You're on leave, Ray.
You think that's a good idea? I don't know.
You think it's a good idea for me to just go home and sit in an empty house? Come on.
The trace that we thought was sand in Tina Vincent's room turned out to be commercial sandblasting.
Found paint chips in the mix.
Gave us a profile of the building.
You're thinking if we find the building, we may find Haskell.
Base layer had traces of concrete.
Suggests it's industrial.
You figure buildings get a new coat of paint every six to eight years.
Place is old.
But the sandblasting suggests it's under renovation, at least at some point recently.
Chemical composition of the paint indicated epoxy formulations-- maintenance paint used in railings, fire doors So, what, we're talking about a school, hospital, or government building? Narrows it down.
Let's have LAPD pull building and demolition permits over the last three years.
We'll start there.
Nice work, Morgan.
Yeah, thanks.
Access denied.
Yeah, you're probably thinking virus, but, uh, it's Willows.
Catherine pulled my privileges? I'm sure it's just temporary.
You're damn right it's only temporary 'cause you're going to give me your passcode right now.
No, I can't do that.
Or I'm going to go all Dirty Harry on you.
You were listening.
I'm going to do this one time.
Willoughby J.
"Born 1895, died 1963.
"Shipping magnate, "Willoughby donated thousands of acres of land to the city of Los Angeles.
" What's going on? You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.
Back to Willoughby J.
Willoughby, huh? Thought we left him behind with Tina Vincent at The Penwick.
We did.
Not so sure about Haskell, though.
Man shoots his wife in the head, kills her.
I mean, there's got to be some deeper meaning.
He didn't kill her.
She survived? Yes.
Is that significant? Yes.
Tell me more about the crime.
LAPD faxed me copies of the old case files.
Apparently, Willoughby was a bigamist.
Willoughby J.
Willoughby-- a name so nice, he married twice.
Willoughby's second wife Audrey was from Las Vegas.
The night of the shooting, Wife Number One-- Sylvia-- surprised Willoughby and Wife Number Two during a tryst at The Penwick.
One thing led to another, and Willoughby shot Wife Number One.
So Wife Number Two witnessed the crime? Along with her seven-year-old son, who was staying in the adjoining room.
And that seven-year-old boy is Nate Haskell.
If Nate Haskell were 75 years old.
What was the boy's name? Arvin.
Wife Number One survives.
Do we know what happened to Wife Number Two? According to court records, uh, Audrey Willoughby, two years following the shooting, was committed to a psychiatric facility-- St.
Collette's Hospital in L.
The boy was placed into the custody of his uncle, and that's pretty much where the trail ends.
Wife died the same year the hospital closed in the mid-1980s.
Is there a problem? Catherine said that Haskell might be hiding out in an industrial building, maybe a hospital.
One from around the same era undergoing renovations.
I've, uh, got to call Catherine.
Would you mind getting us some coffee? Absolutely.
Thank you.
Thorpe, do you know where Tina and this squirrelly guy are shacking up? The old house across the road.
She's still alive! Gloria's still alive, Ray! Hello, Nate.
Show Detective Sosa responding code three to St.
Collette's Hospital with Las Vegas CSI, requesting additional backup.
Help me.
Thorpe, where's your son? Warner Where is he? Please help.
Charlie-07, Langston.
Request immediate backup and paramedics to my location-- the old Thorpe farm.
Code three.
GLORIA Ray? Ray.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Welcome home, Ray.
Welcome home.