CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e01 Episode Script

73 Seconds

Yeah, baby! Hey, it's Carrot Top.
Welcome aboard the inner casino tram system.
This takes you from the Palermo hotel all the way down to the Mediterranean hotel.
This is the best way to get from hotel to hotel.
Just take the tram.
It's easy, it's smart, too.
It's like 150 degrees outside in the shade.
It's like 4:00 a.
, and you're like " I think my heart's" Don't spend all your kids' college funds at one hotel.
Spread the wealth, you know.
Put a little bit everywhere.
Drinking, gambling, smoking, prostitution.
Bring the kids.
It's great.
And when you're in Vegas, go see a movie, maybe go shopping.
Go check out a show, but save room for carrot cake! Looks like we're at our destination.
Remember, go explore the wonders of the mediterranean.
Remember, in Vegas, anything can happen.
Hey, next time we break in a new supervisor, I'm in Hawaii, toes in the sand, drink in my hand.
And I won't be looking at bugs.
Have fun in there.
- Aloha, stranger.
- Aloha.
- Did you have a good training session? - Yeah, you know, three weeks of sand, surf and scarabs.
Well, I hope you got some rest, 'cause it's looking like a serious tower-caper.
Oh, yeah? Whose tower, the sheriff or the mayor's? Both.
Mm, I'm excited.
Well, good.
Shootout at the LV corral.
Two dead, three injured.
Whoa, I thought you said two dead.
I did.
Well, wh-what's, what's going on? Should I be worried about something here? Welcome back.
You must be Stokes.
Yeah, you, uh You must be contaminating the crime scene.
No, no, no.
I already cleared the area.
- Give me a hand, will ya? - Yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Oh, uh, D.
New guy.
Really? Right.
Platform surveillance.
Party at the Palermo.
Hangover at the Mediterranean.
Time stamp.
Wow, the whole ride only lasted 73 seconds.
That's about as long as it took you to size me up.
Which is not bad, 'cause he's still working on it.
Am I right? who are you? who, who, who, who? who are you? who, who, who, who? I really wanna know who are you? oh-oh-oh who come on, tell me who are you, you, you are you! Hmm.
What are you doing here, little buddy? EMTs said the wounded mom's face was covered in ants.
Spilled Mai Tai right where she went down.
Explains the ant face, but how'd they get here? These are red harvesters.
Pogonomyrmex Barbatus.
They're really the showgirls of the ant kingdom.
They're perfect for things like Ant farms.
That would explain the sand.
The kid must have had it and dropped it.
Six years old seeing all of this.
What's the, uh, what's the cowboy telling us, suit? A single gunshot wound to the chest.
Not a lot of blood.
Game over in seconds.
His right hand tested positive for GSR.
The security guard had a .
So the Beretta belongs to the cowboy.
And let me take a look at this.
Two shots fired.
How did baseball Jersey do? Well, there's a lot of blood, but it looks like a single shot near the liver.
It's a really awkward angle.
A crossfire hit, maybe.
Bled out.
Thank you, suit.
Thomas Finnerty.
Locust Valley, New York.
No cash.
Credit cards still here.
What is all this stuff? It's slimy.
It's like the tram puked.
The rust pattern on the thing up here looks exactly the Centaurus constellation.
How cool is that.
And that looks like a ricochet.
Okay, where? I just finished up my shift at the Palermo.
Minding my own business.
I hear a shot.
I look up.
The guy in the cowboy hat's got a gun.
So, I took a deep breath, went by the book.
- How many rounds did you fire? - Two or three.
- They tell me you didn't know this guy, right? - No, I didn't know him.
What I know is, he pulled a nine mil in a crowd.
Yeah, I didn't hear anything.
I was in the car in front; It was quiet.
Did you see anyone or anything odd on the Palermo platform? No.
I'd lost my rent in Keno, so I was a bit dazed.
I heard people died.
The sheriff will be making a statement soon.
Thank you for your time.
His first mistake was playing keno.
It's the worst odds in town.
Good to know.
All right, we've accounted for all the passengers in the kill car except for two.
They're in the wind.
Any word on the mom? Yeah, she's out of surgery.
She's going to be fine.
I just got a call.
419 in Brim county? Brime.
So, probably a two-person job.
What do you think? What do I think? You're the boss.
I think you should stop asking me what I think.
I'm glad we got that out of the way.
I'll take it.
I haven't been to Brim county in a while.
I just heard "Brime.
" Wh? Take Saunders with you.
I'll get it.
You were right.
Ricochet? Yeah.
All right.
Thanks a lot.
Camper found him.
No I.
Did you see the look on Nick's face on the tram when he saw Russell just lying there? Awesome.
Yesterday, Russell put on a murder victim's watch, but he kept asking me for the time.
And so finally I was like, "Russell, what time is it?" And he just looked at his watch and walked away.
He did catch that Gig harbor killer.
Maybe it works for him.
Do you want to lie down on the ground and play dead or should I? No sign of animal activity.
Now, the coroner said that he had puncture wound in his belly.
So where's the blood? Ew, never seen that before.
Face of a Jonas brother, body of my grandpa Pete.
Shirt's stretched out.
Incremental tears.
Most of the buttons missing.
Ripped off during the scuffle? Now we just need to find our primary.
Hey, the casino's all over my ass about this tram.
They want their tram back pronto.
No people mover, no money in their pockets.
So I told them it was your call.
So what's it going to be, D.
? Okay, let's wrap it up.
But we haven't even collected all the blood yet.
Yeah, exactly.
Let's wrap it up to go.
What, you want to take the whole tram back to the CSI lab? The whole thing? Why? Where would you take it? Excuse me just a second.
Oh, too many bubbles.
Yeah, I'm at the hospital now.
I got to run.
Hey, Albert, thanks for coming in, man.
You know, the ER doc looks like Hey.
I've got some questions about the mom's wounds.
Well, it's a pleasure to be here.
Somebody alive is a nice change.
Hey, hear anything about Ray Langston? Yeah.
Gloria's doing well, so he's doing well.
Baltimore's proven to be a potent medicinal for both of them.
Medicinal? You call being railroaded by IA therapeutic? A serial killer is dead.
The world's a better place, right? Jim, Ray's back with the woman he loves.
He's got a second chance.
I think killing Haskell may have saved his life.
Before she blacked out, she told the paramedics she felt paralysis in her legs.
The gunshot didn't do that.
Well, something on that tram did.
Well, this is strange.
What? A puncture of some kind.
Needle mark? Bug bite? That's a hell of a big bug.
Here you go.
I think this is yours, isn't it, pal? Hmm? Secret seal, right? Boy, I loves me some secret seal.
Say, who's your favorite character on there? Okay, I'll tell you what.
I'm gonna leave it right here till you're ready for it.
Yeah, you're doing great, bud.
Hey, Nick.
Have you seen my tennis ball anywhere? Hmm? You know, the invisible one? Um No, I, uh, I haven't seen it.
Oh, for goodness' sakes, it's right here.
God, I love these things.
Still got it.
See if you can get one by me.
Oh, you're gonna play that way, are you? Whoop, Emmett, heads up.
Where'd you get it? Uh That was, uh Target, yeah.
On sale.
You can keep it if you want.
You're welcome.
Listen, I-I know it's hard, but Emmett If you can tell us anything you saw on the tram, it would be very helpful.
It's okay if you can't remember anything.
I saw an alien.
Big one, or A little one? Little one.
Was it by itself? Okay.
Got an id on our cowboy.
Robert Mundler.
Tolleson, Arizona.
In town for the gun show.
And he decides to start his own.
I recovered a bullet from his chest.
It severed the ascending aorta.
Sent it off to ballistics, came back a .
Well, it's the same caliber as the two we collected from the mom.
Confirms that our security guard got off at least three shots.
So, who ruined Mr.
Finnerty's night? The cowboy or security guard? Neither.
He had other complications.
He was suffering from advanced Mesothelioma.
The lungs are encased by a dense, fibrotic mass.
Tumors infiltrated the ribs and intercostal muscles.
How much time did he have? Three months at best.
Mercifully cut short by sharp-force trauma, transecting his liver.
Wait a minute.
He wasn't shot? Nope.
Another crime, another assailant.
Somebody brought a knife to a gun fight.
So in 73 seconds, we have a gunfight and a guy getting stabbed.
Yeah, and don't forget about mom's bug bite.
What the hell didn't happen on this ride? Okay, all right.
Let's start with what we know.
Go ahead.
Red strings are the security guard's.
He saw the cowboy draw his gun.
Got off three shots.
Two shots missed and hit the mom; The third kills the cowboy.
How'd our cowboy do at the rodeo? Well, the green strings are his.
He returns fire.
One shot was a total miss, hitting the window.
And then the other one went through the security guard, and kind of just takes a tour of the tram.
And the bullet goes Up and ricochets.
Hold that thought.
Could be my wife.
Hey, honey.
Uh well, I'll ask.
Um My wife's calling about a farmers market.
You, you guys have those here, right? Um, you know what? I'm going to have to call you back.
All right.
Explain this to me: If the stabbing victim, Tom Finnerty, is standing right here, in the middle of the crossfire, how come he's not Swiss cheese? Well, he must have gone down before the shooting started.
I'll buy that.
Yeah, and don't forget about the slime.
Yeah, all right.
So the The slime path goes over the Mai Tai, which means the slime event came later in the ride.
Did someone say "slime"? Actually, uh, what you're looking at is a concentrated mixture of mucus, Tyrosinase, Lysine and Sodium Chloride.
Meaning Meaning there was an octopus on board.
A Cephalopod Mollusk, technically.
Uh, how'd you know? The kid said he saw an alien.
And we found saltwater trace in the slime.
Not sure how the alien part factors into the equation.
All right.
Slime path heads towards the door, right? What if our ricochet left the scene? I think that our 'pod got winged.
Well, it's all perfectly logical, except for one thing.
What's an octopus doing on a Vegas tram? What do you make of the Shar-pei chest? Exposure? It's more like the skin was stretched.
That's odd.
Connective tissues separated from the Subcutaneous fat.
Falls right off the muscle.
Dark residue along the Stratum Germinativum it's curious.
Just got results back from Shar-pei's shirt and pants.
Found traces of "Bambi blood.
" Huh.
You know, he had GSR on his hand.
Maybe he was a hunter.
That doesn't look like a knife.
Barely penetrated the skin.
Wait a sec.
This Is so incredible.
I think I know what happened.
I gotta make a call.
Thanks for the heads-up, Catherine.
Nicky, I'm sorry.
There's just been a hell of a lot going on around here.
New boss needed an office; I gave him yours, I'm sorry.
You know he's growing 'shrooms in there, right? They're supposed to be medicinal.
Medicinal? Don't get me started.
This is great.
Ray Langston screws up, and we all gotta pay for it.
This is really fair.
Hey, guys.
Good to see you.
Um, that's my phone.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry, Morgan.
Good to see you.
How's it going? You know it's going.
You're not leaving? No, no.
I'm just, uh, moving offices, I guess.
I heard about Langston.
So what are you doing here? I'm due for a little Vegas action.
Oh, well All the action's at the strip, it's not around here.
Hey, Greg.
Come here, I want you to meet somebody.
Morgan Brody, this is Greg Sanders.
Greg was our L.
expert on the Haskell case.
Oh, right! Great work.
Good to put a face with the name.
You don't look like a history nerd.
Neither do you.
I mean the nerd part.
Not that you are a nerd.
Or that there's anything wrong with being a nerd.
I'll catch you guys later.
That's Ecklie's daughter? Dude, don't even think about it, I'm telling you.
I finally found him under the tracks at the Palermo station.
Hmm, good shape, considering.
I do love a good "octopsy.
" Hodges, please.
COD is hearts failure.
They have three.
Looks like the bullet perforated the bronchial hearts and lodged right in the oxygenating heart.
Four, five, six.
Right twist.
Nine mil.
Consistent with the cowboy's Beretta.
Oh, my.
Looks like human tissue on the beak.
I think he bit somebody.
Somebody's mother.
That would explain Mrs.
Drake's paralysis.
Got something you like? I do.
Look at our missing couple.
I think I can explain why señor Ocho was on that tram.
Look at the tattoo: Vintage diving helmet.
Japanese woman.
Two words: Shokushu goukan.
Tentacle erotica.
Ancient Japanese secret.
Men will pay money to watch women Make love with señor Ocho? Ew.
Oh, come on.
Eight times the pleasure, eight times the fun.
I don't get it.
So red dress had octopus on a leash? No.
No, as a matter of fact In her purse.
Purse looks full going in, empty coming out.
Let me, uh let me ask you something real quick.
I'm kind of new in town.
Do you know any good Shokushu goukan parlors? Seaworld's closed.
So you want to tell me about your little tram ride adventure last night? I wasn't on a tram.
I was in a tub.
So, that's not you fleeing a crime scene? I didn't feel like getting shot.
No, who does? I don't feel like getting shot.
You know, I've always wondered.
What do you feed those guys? Crayfish, mostly.
Claude actually had a thing for shrimp.
He was fussy.
But he was worth it.
So Claude was on the tram? I'm sorry for your loss.
So you found Claude? Forget about Claude.
Okay? Let's talk about the guy with the knife in his gut.
Look, I had nothing to do with that.
Oh, well, maybe your boyfriend did.
Boyfriend? You mean the psycho with the blade? Look, one second he's drooling all over me, shoving a room key in my Next second, he's got a knife out.
Like magic.
I'll show you a magic room Hey.
The poor guy in the baseball Jersey.
Do you still have that hotel key? That depends on what you're gonna charge me with.
We're gonna charge you with Wh-what? Do you want to see Claude again? Yes.
I can make that happen, but we'll need to see that hotel key.
Okay? Okay.
The room's registered to Tom Finnerty.
The victim? Yeah.
Las Vegas police.
Open up.
Got the knife.
Whoa Am I dead? I swear to God, I didn't kill my brother.
Tom was my brother.
I'd never hurt my b Why would I hurt my brother? You do know that we found the murder weapon in your hotel room, right? With your fingerprints all over it? Look, man, my brother only had a few months left.
He was dying of lung cancer, so I was giving him a make-a-wish weekend.
It says here, Jimmy, that you served two years in juvie for auto theft, and two in Ely for assault, and that you're currently out on parole from Corcoran for another assault.
And do you know that it's a violation of your parole to be in Vegas? All that's true, except the part about killing Tom.
I don't even know how it happened.
We were heading to the tram.
And I see this hot Asian chick in a tight red dress Tom catches up to me and, uh, he's got this friggin' knife sticking out of him, and so I pulled it out.
Then the guy in the cowboy hat started shooting.
Tommy was dying.
Um Nothing I could do.
Well, if I really loved my brother, I would have stayed with him.
I wouldn't have just left him alone to die like that.
You're right.
Tommy deserved better.
A lot better.
This is embarrassing.
Here you go.
Why don't you take that? I'll tell you what.
Why don't we back up and tell me how this whole day started, all right? It was a 51's game, right? We, um we both played in high school, and Tommy was a hell of a first baseman.
Yeah, I played in college little bit.
I wasn't very good.
What about you? Were you any good? He's not playing good cop right now, is he? No.
That's what I'm talking about.
They all think they're social workers.
They are good, though.
Yeah, but that's not the point.
I know.
I know.
Medication, and, uh I like Nick.
I went down to play a little black Jack.
I'd hate to lose him.
Oh, hey, I uh, ran into Morgan Brody today.
She's really What are you watching, Greg? Norwegian YouTube.
So, our Shar-pei Doe got me thinking.
He's a deer hunter, right? Like a long line of Sanders men.
Don't worry, the bucks stop with me.
But meet my cousin Jerker from Nesoddtangen.
He's got this deer-skinning technique that uses an air compressor to separate the skin from the muscle.
That is disgusting.
Well, that also might be our COD.
Our Vic had a puncture wound in his torso.
I'm thinking he was "hulked.
" You mean like inflated.
It's possible.
Probably take one big-ass air compressor.
You know, you and your cousin Jerker may be on to something.
It's Jerker.
The trace report on the black residue we found on our deer hater Polyalphaolefin.
It's a lubricating oil.
It also kind of sounds Norwegian.
It's found in commercial air compressors, like the ones they use in truck stops to fill big rig tires.
And I think there's a truck stop a few Miles from our crime scene.
Your jacket is impressive.
So, uh, what was it this time? I think you know.
Langston fallout It had a far reach.
There are hundreds of other crime labs in this country.
This one's the best.
It's your call.
Hey, Nick.
Let me talk to you for a second.
Yeah, sure.
Look, I don't know how things were done before I got here, and I like to think of myself as an easygoing kind of guy.
I like it that way.
But when I ask for something, I expect to get it.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm still working on my field investigation report.
I don't see a pen in your hand.
All right, man, I'll give you the report, but it's not gonna have the right answers in it.
It's a start.
It's a form of communication, and I shouldn't have to chase you down here to get it.
Yeah, you're right.
It won't happen again.
Oh, it probably will.
Hey, college baseball, huh? Yeah, how'd you know that? Well, I watched you get all cozy with our suspect.
Why don't we talk about the tram ride, instead? I was a pretty lousy baseball player.
I think that'd be a good idea.
Okay, 73 seconds station to station.
And in that time frame, Tom Finnerty is stabbed.
We assume the cowboy sees Jimmy with the knife, Pulls out his gun.
Security guard sees that, pulls out his.
Bullets start flying.
Both the security guard and the cowboy get hit.
And the mom's collateral damage.
Now, that part is in my report.
I'm glad to hear that.
So we know what they did.
We don't need them anymore.
Adios, folks.
That leaves the stabbing.
But now, you don't think that your best friend Jimmy did it.
Red dress said Jimmy stabbed his brother.
Jimmy said he was only trying to pull the knife out.
Personally, I think that she probably saw the knife in Jimmy's hand and just filled in the rest.
Okay, I'll buy it.
Red dress can go.
You're Jimmy.
Yeah, and I see my brother with a knife sticking out of his gut.
I got to help him.
So, I run over.
I go to pull the knife out, and that's when all hell breaks loose.
The shooting starts as the tram pulls to a stop.
Self-preservation kicks in.
As I'm running out I deposit two blood drops on the door here from the knife.
And we know that that's tom's blood.
Hang on now, wait a second.
There's a third blood drop here, and it's different than the others.
Come take a look at this.
Looks like they were all deposited at the same time.
But this droplet has a ghost ring.
Blood drops dry from the outside in.
It takes at least 30 seconds to form a ghost ring.
If this blood came off the knife as Jimmy was running out, there wouldn't have been enough time to form a ring.
is plenty of time.
And the only way that could have happened if it was on the door before the tram ride even started.
I don't think there's any way my old pal Jimmy could have done this.
Well done, Nick.
We're still looking for a killer.
Well, we do have a witness with the best seat in the house.
Oh, yeah, we do, don't we? Emmett, you're doing great.
Okay, so you sat down.
Tram started to fill up.
I'm the guy in the 51's Jersey.
Come walking on.
Then what? Did you see anyone try to hurt him? No.
Did anyone bump into him? No.
All right, uh what Hey Emmett? Oh, Emmett, what are you doing, buddy? Where you going? You all right? What's going on? I did something bad when I was going to the tram.
Oh, okay.
Well, I-I bet it wasn't that bad.
Some money fell out of a man's pocket.
It was right right here on the floor.
I took it.
Can you look for him and give it back? Sure.
Why don't you give it to me, Emmett? And I'll make sure it gets back to its rightful owner, okay? Now let me ask you something.
Did that belong to the man in the 51's Jersey? No.
He was smaller.
All right.
Well Well, when people help the police, they always get a reward.
So I'm gonna make sure that you get a brand-new one- hundred-dollar bill.
All right? And right now, I want you to go over, and that nice lady she's gonna buy you an ice-cream cone.
All right? If this blood's Tom Finnerty's, he was definitely stabbed before he got on that tram.
But he couldn't have been stabbed on the platform here or in the casino, or we would've seen that on the surveillance cameras.
You know, I'm thinking they don't have surveillance in bathrooms.
Oh, yeah.
I think we just found where Tom Finnerty was stabbed.
It's quite an operation you run, Mr.
Service over 30 trucks a day.
Found this picture on your wall.
Who's your hunting pal? That's Del Hartley.
Have you seen Del lately? Think he's on a fishing trip.
Nice air compressor.
Who has the key? Me.
You forgot to clean it.
Tested positive for human blood.
I got a feeling that the DNA will be a match to Del.
How about you? When you were cleaning up, you missed a button.
It was an accident.
I swear.
We had a deer come to.
It happens.
Del tried to restrain it, but he forgot that the deer had a weapon.
The deer was carrying? Yeah.
Ten points.
Del, I'm gonna pop some holes in here.
Del gets cut, and he's worried about rabies or-or deer worm or something.
He grabs the nozzle to clean the wound.
Seemed to make sense.
Oh, God! It got stuck with the nozzle on.
Air's blowing in his body, his body's popping off his muscles.
And I yank the thing out, and he's dead.
He was my friend, but I got a a business.
I can't have dead bodies lying around.
And, uh, it was It was out of season.
I think poaching is probably the least of your problems right now.
DNA confirms that the blood on the money as well as the stall door was Tom Finnerty's.
And I went through the ID logs from all of the Palermo's ATMs.
At 12:53 a.
, our bloody hundred was spit out from Tom's account.
That was right before he got on the tram.
Hold on a second.
All right.
Print came back to an Allen Krick.
Why do I know that guy? Because I talked to him.
He was in the next tram car.
Krick is in the wind.
The address he gave is bogus.
We're checking the hotels now.
I found an interesting connection between Krick and Jimmy Finnerty.
They were partners in crime.
They were busted in a chop shop scam in Tahoe in '07.
Krick got two to five, Jimmy got the hell out of town.
Took the money and ran.
Of course he couldn't stay out of trouble.
When did Krick get out? He was paroled from NCC five days ago.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, but NCC? What? It's the correctional facility in Carson city.
Which is exactly where his day started out yesterday.
We were able to obtain krick's phone records.
He had a long day, made quite the drive.
Carson city at noon.
Yerington by 2:00.
Now, that's when he first called Jimmy.
Went straight to voice mail.
About 4:00, he was in Hawthorne.
And then by 5:00, he was all the way down in Indian Springs.
Called again and straight to voice mail.
Now, the last hit was at a cell phone tower on Flamingo road.
That's just four blocks from the Golden Nugget.
Where Jimmy was staying.
He drives all that way, but when Krick finally gets here, he kills the brother.
Why? What are you looking at? The Big Dipper? The last thing Tom Finnerty saw before he died: His brother.
Let me, let me try this.
Okay, so oh, yi.
Head rush.
Tom's dying of cancer, and yet he flies 3,000 Miles to be with his screwup brother.
He gets stabbed, and he walks another 300 feet just so he can be with him at the end.
So, where does Krick fit into all this walking? Jimmy pulls a knife out of Tom trying to save his life, and Tom pulls cash out of an ATM to try to save Jimmy.
I'm with her.
Where's this going? Krick's phone records, right? Follow it all the way through.
All day long, from Carson city to Vegas, Krick's calling Jimmy, right? Over and over, getting closer.
Obviously, he wants something.
That's why he's at the Palermo, why he's shadowing Jimmy.
But-but tom is with Jimmy.
And what did Jimmy tell you about-about big brother? That he spent a lifetime looking out for little brother.
See, I think Tom saw Krick first.
And given Jimmy's past, you got to figure little bro owes krick big money.
So, tom gets money out of the atm, and when Jimmy's distracted by a hot red dress, he follows Krick into the men's room.
Hey, look, let me make this all go away.
I don't need your money.
I need the last five years of my life back.
You stay out of it.
This is between Jimmy and me! Now it's between you and me.
Bitch, get out of the way! Hey, hey, hey.
Oh, man.
He was trying to clean up another one of my messes.
What about krick? You know where he is? I'm not telling you that.
I roll, he rolls, I do serious time.
I'm not, I'm not doing that again.
Okay, so you're gonna cover for the guy who killed your brother.
Who died stepping up for you.
Don't you think it's time you stepped up for him just a little bit here? Krick's got a girl in Boulder city.
Thank you, Emmett.
That was a really good thing you did.
Make sure you spend it all in one place now.
You like basketball? Yeah.
Well, I got a, I got a boy, little bigger than you.
Plays college ball here.
Maybe the next time you and your mom are in town, we could go to a game together.
You like that? Okay.
Brass picked up Krick.
Genius still had the blood money on him.
That's real smart.
Yeah, I called Jimmy's probation officer.
Tried to get him to cut Jimmy a little slack.
This will be his third strike.
Call him back.
What do you mean? I mean that we are doing things by the book now.
What book, Catherine? I'm just trying to help the guy out.
You're not listening, Nick.
There are no more under-the-table deals, no more going rogue, no more personal vendettas, no more L.
Now, what does this have to do with L.
? I wouldn't change anything about what I did there.
I would! I'm not in charge anymore, because this is our problem.
We lead with our hearts instead of our heads.
And then we justify it after the fact.
Why you so pissed off? I got demoted, Nick! I got demoted! I mean, you're setting up shop here in the break room, and D.
Moonbeam is running the show.
And you know what, maybe he's just what this team needed.
I disagree.
It's not what this team needed, it's what Ecklie and the sheriff Hey, sweetheart, I'm just leaving.
How was your day? You always blame other people for what you're responsible for.
Stop with the excuses.
Don't give me that, Catherine! Think the team is really starting to Well, you can add me to that list.
Starting to gel.
Honey, I'm gonna, um, I'm gonna go.
I need another hour.
I'm sorry.
to be doing this job.
What are you trying to say? What am I trying to say? Well, I'm saying that this team has to move on.
We got to get back to what we do best.
And if you can't handle that, then, you know, there's the door.
I know where the door is.
I've used it a couple times.