CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e10 Episode Script

Genetic Disorder

No, I can't give you directions to the Luxor.
Look for the searchlight pointing straight up.
You can't miss it.
Sir, this line is for emergencies only.
your emergency? No, ma'am, the fire department won't fish a rat out of your pool.
Even if it's the size of a dog.
There's a dead man in my bed.
And how do you know he's dead? I performed CPR, but he's not He's not breathing.
There's no heartbeat.
Okay, ma'am, I have you at 5415 Deertrail in Henderson.
That's right.
I'll send officers out right away, and I'll notify the coroner.
Don't worry about the coroner.
I'll call him.
We need to keep doc out of here.
This will tear his heart out.
Yeah, been there before.
Well, then again, maybe it's not what it looks like.
Well A cheating wife and her dead lover? You see something I don't see? Yeah.
A crime scene that has yet to be processed.
Who are you? who, who, who, who? who are you? who, who, who, who? I really wanna know who are you? oh-oh-oh who come on, tell me who are you, you, you are you! Hey, doc.
Hey, D.
We've got a crime scene.
And you're delivering a personal invitation? Your wife's fine.
What are you talking about? The crime scene is at your house, doc.
So you and, uh, Dan Traxler right? were doing research.
Yes, that's That's right.
So what'd you do, um, take off all your clothes and jump into bed for research? I don't appreciate where you're going with this, Jim.
Judy, explain how a naked man ended up dead in your bed.
I can't.
We were talking in the living room.
I got a phone call.
Hey, hon.
Our grandson has colic, and it's driving our daughter crazy.
We must have talked for almost 20 minutes.
Where was Traxler at this time? In the living room, but when I walked back inside, he was gone.
I'm sorry.
I just Dan's not the kind of person who just up and leaves, so I called his cell phone.
I don't know.
I thought maybe he got the wrong idea about us.
You know, because of the wine, or I-I don't know, I might have hugged him.
Judy, if you were having an affair, just cop to it.
It can't get any worse than this.
This is just so terrible.
I Dave, just try and stay focused.
Is it okay if I Swab his face? Yeah, go ahead.
You know they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in October? Want to talk about how he died? Yeah.
There's no obvious injuries.
Dan Traxler, 45 years old.
He's not her type.
Yeah, what type is that? Doc.
Doc Robbins is her type.
He hasn't been dead long.
Maybe a couple hours.
There's blood in the mouth.
Maybe he bit his lip.
Yeah, but you usually don't find blood with a heart attack.
I'm so glad you're here.
No, no, no.
No, wait here.
Wait here.
I'm sorry, Al.
You got to back off and let us do our job.
Jim, I need to speak to my wife.
I can't let you do that.
Let me talk to him.
I'll fill you in, okay? Okay, no sign of forced entry.
The neighbors didn't see or hear anything.
The victim's car was parked a block away and had been ticketed before.
What are you thinking an affair? Well, yeah, yeah.
I mean, I think the guy crapped out in bed, right? And she's not coming clean because she knows all of us.
Greg, you got anything to add? Yeah.
There's, uh, blood in the guy's mouth.
Hadn't gone there.
All right.
Well, we need backup.
We're going to play this smart, treat it as a homicide.
I need to take Judy downtown.
Let me process her first.
Okay, here's a helpful hint: She said she was on her cell phone when whatever happened happened.
You might want to check that out.
I-I am so sorry that we have to meet under these circumstances.
I'm going to need to see your cell phone.
And who who's Pam? Pam is our daughter.
That was a long phone call.
Where'd you take it? Um I was in the back, on the lanai.
Well, you relax.
We're going to sort this out.
Thank you.
Hey, doll.
No, no, I'm I'm at a scene.
No, it's okay.
I-I can talk.
As a matter of fact, I can talk for about 20 minutes.
Gee, I wish you could see this.
Their geraniums are doing so much better than ours.
Hold on a sec.
I called, uh, Sylvia Sloane from days to do the post.
Um, I'll stay with the body.
Don't want any questions about how we handled this.
Doc Mrs.
Robbins? I'm CSI Brody.
I'm here to process you.
Uh, you can't come in here.
Morgan's processing Judy.
Could you grab her something to wear out of that top drawer? Uh, yeah.
I'll make sure she gets something.
Greg, do me a favor.
Run this scene for me doc Robbins, coroner not Al Robbins, husband.
It it's still early.
All right.
Our victim is a white male, 45.
Name's Dan Traxler.
He was found naked in bed, here, supine.
No traumatic injuries.
Blood on his teeth, gums.
ALS indicates semen.
That's her side of the bed.
What? That's Judy's side of the bed.
and we never changed sides ever.
Doc, you really got to go.
So I'm, uh, guessing by the increased personnel, Dan didn't die of a heart attack, huh? May I see your hands, please? Hey.
Good thing about evidence it works both ways.
It can prove guilt, and it can prove innocence.
You know, Jim brass didn't believe a thing I said.
If I was going to have an affair, I wouldn't be having it in my house, in my bed.
You know, every marriage has its problems, but that bed's sacred.
You cross that line, and there's no going back.
Her fingers are green, right? How did you know that? You deadhead, don't you? That's what you were doing on the phone with your daughter? Yes.
That's just sleep deprivation.
Strap him into the car.
Take him for a drive.
I'm sure that will put him to sleep.
Well, did he nap today? Stems were still moist.
Just been pruned.
There was a pile of brown leaves on the table about 20 minutes worth, as a matter of fact.
Best way to keep geraniums in bloom.
I knew there was a secret.
You know what to do, right? Test for chlorophyll.
How are things between you and Judy? Solid.
Did you know the victim, Dan Traxler? No.
Your wife knew him.
Judy's friends with a lot of people.
We found an ATM receipt last night with a large cash withdrawal.
Judy has girls' night out on Tuesdays.
Except, last night, she stayed in.
Are you investigating this incident, Jim, or my wife? Look, Al, you know, you're not the only guy to get blindsided.
My ex-wife screwed around on me for a year.
Go figure.
That's your marriage, not mine.
Oh, okay.
Well, consider this.
They're drinking wine.
They went from the living room to the bedroom.
I don't believe it was like that.
All right, look, this is more information than I'm prepared to give you anyway, okay, but I see a pattern here.
Judy's night out was Traxler's night in.
Th-there's got to be more than that.
Look, as my friend, I am asking you to broaden the scope of your investigation.
You gotta prepare yourself, Al.
Because this is only gonna get worse.
No, you gotta prepare yourself to be wrong.
Your past is clouding your judgment, and I expect more than that from you.
You okay? Want to take a minute? Dr.
Sloane What do we know? Daniel Traxler is an otherwise healthy adult male.
No traumatic injuries.
No lacerations.
No broken bones.
Heart tissue shows no signs of ischemia or infarction.
So, no heart attack? I sent blood samples to tox, tissue sections to histo-path.
And the penile swab? Sent it to DNA.
Did anything present? Just this.
Frenulum is torn.
That explains the blood in his mouth.
He was smothered.
I'm sorry, Al.
This looks like a homicide.
Smothering is passive.
It's got female written all over it.
Can you just process the bathroom? You know, if it was anybody else, I'd buy the whole cheating wife thing, but It's doc.
He's amazing.
Nothing ever slows him down.
He's got this great outlook on life.
And every day he comes home and takes off his legs.
At least he's keeping up his end of the bargain.
Why would Judy do this to him? Don't the Robbins have a cat a gray tabby? Yeah.
Her name's cinder.
The reason I know that is because that's the name of my first cat, who, ironically, died in a fire of mysterious origins.
My stepfather was allergic to cats.
I found a box of condoms under the sink where doc couldn't see them.
At least Judy cared enough about him not to give him a disease while she was screwing around.
Hodges, you need to shift it into neutral.
I'm gonna go look for that litter box.
Cinder? Hey, have you seen that cat? I think I spooked it.
He, uh, ran in that room.
What have you got? Carpet impressions, but They're not the same shape or size as anything else in the room.
Maybe it's a table or a lamp.
Then it would've blocked the pathway to the sofa.
Well, whatever it was, it's not here now.
So, Judy Tell me more about Dan Traxler.
Uh, he was a-a genealogist.
I found him online when I was looking for somebody to do Al's family tree.
And when did the affair start? There was no affair.
Come on.
The lingerie, candles, romantic music Al and I like to keep things interesting.
Judy, you're not here because, you know, you're having an affair.
I really don't care.
You're here because it's a homicide.
I did not cheat on my husband, and I did not kill Dan.
Am I free to go? Nope.
These marks were left on your living room rug.
Do you know what made them? No.
Judy, whoever you're protecting, it's not gonna matter in the end.
Albert, I can't let you see her until I've confirmed your alibi.
Captain, I-I'd like to ask Mrs.
Robbins a question, if that's cool with you.
As long as you don't pass notes from your new best friend.
Did Mr.
Traxler bring anything to the house with him? Uh, yes.
He, uh Brought a-a-a briefcase.
We didn't find a briefcase.
He definitely brought it into the house.
Was there anyone else in the house besides you and Mr.
Traxler? Yes.
Whoever killed him.
You were married.
Do you think it's odd that our dead genealogist was on Judy's side of the bed? Well You choose a side early on in a relationship, and you pretty much stay there, unless you're Mixing it up with some extracurricular.
Did you find semen? Yeah.
Henry's testing it now.
We think that Traxler might have had a briefcase.
Only, Morgan and I weren't able to find one at the scene.
Judy have time to ditch it? I don't see how she could.
She was on the phone for 20 minutes with her daughter.
Two minutes later, she called Traxler's cell, and a minute after that, 911.
And they kept her on the phone until a patrol showed up.
Besides, why would she ditch his briefcase, but not blow out the candles in the bedroom, or turn off the Marvin Gaye? Wow.
Marvin Gaye? "Sexual healing"? Why else would you play Marvin Gaye? Well, if that briefcase is missing, it had to be important to someone.
You need to find out more about your dead genealogist.
And always get permission from the church or the cemetery administrator before you start any grave rubbing.
Doesn't friction damage the stone? Yes, it can.
That's why I use synthetic rice paper and light, even strokes.
There, okay? All right, you guys go out and do it.
Have fun.
Okay, thank you.
You bet.
Donna Hoppe? Yeah? Your secretary told me you would be here.
My name is Greg Sanders; I'm with the Las Vegas crime lab.
Sanders? That's americanized, right? Yeah.
Shortened from Sanderson.
My father's side was from Harstad, Norway.
And your mother's? Hojems.
From Oslo.
How many were named Olaf? My grandfather was Olaf Hojem the eighth.
You should hyphenate.
Hojem is an infinitely more interesting name than Sanders.
But if you wanted a genealogy lesson, you should have shown up earlier, for my seminar.
Actually, I'm here on other business.
Hoppe, I'm very sorry to tell you this, but your business partner, Dan Traxler, was killed last night.
Oh, my God.
How? What happened? Well, we're investigating it as a homicide.
Oh, my Do you know if he had any enemies? Anyone threaten him or your business? No.
Dan was a prince.
Everybody loved him.
Genealogy was his life.
If he had any faults, it was that he got too close to his clients.
What about his personal life? No, he wasn't seeing anyone.
Did he usually carry a briefcase? Yes.
It was his second office.
What was in it? Um, his work, his research.
Did he have a client list? Um Client names, phone numbers.
Oh, great, thanks.
Hoppe, was it normal for your partner to meet with his clients at night? Yes, we try to accommodate their schedules.
If they're working, then we visit them after work.
There's a Judy Robbins on this list.
Do you know her? No, I think he finished that project.
I'm sorry.
Will you excuse me, please? Thank you for not asking how I'm doing.
David's been asking me every five minutes.
Well, he's concerned.
As we all are.
I know what you're thinking.
Well, uh It's just hard enough when someone you love's in trouble.
It's harder still when you're dealing with betrayal.
You don't think about that when you have an affair.
Judy had an affair before? Not her.
Everyone assumes that I can't A-and I wanted to see if I could.
Almost destroyed Judy and our marriage.
When I was married to Eddie, he would hurt me, and then I would hurt him back, and it was just Years of back and forth.
That what you think happened here? Cath, I have to take this, I'm sorry.
Oh, of course.
Yeah, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I got your name from a colleague.
My wife needs a criminal defense attorney.
It's a murder.
Hey, Russell wants an update.
You know, for a guy who seems so laid back, Russell can be terrifying.
Terrifying? No.
I mean, maybe a bit odd or demanding.
But, hey, as long as you get the job done as fast as humanly possible Does he ever yell out your name? I like to think of it as a respectful shout.
DNA results? There.
Help yourself.
All right, semen stains on the bed sheets are an admixture of DNA from doc and Judy.
I didn't find semen from Traxler anywhere, but I found his saliva.
On a pillow? Likely the murder weapon.
Found touch DNA, too.
So the killer didn't wear gloves.
And the DNA's male, and not doc Robbins'.
I'm running it through codis right now.
And our guy's not in codis.
I'll give you anything if you tell Russell.
So, the DNA's a dead end? Um well, not necessarily.
We could expand our search from an individual to a family.
If it gets a hit in codis, that family could lead us to the killer, like a DNA family tree.
If the killer has family in codis, we'll get a partial match.
Just just one problem.
Uh, can't exactly push a button to do this search.
You need the sheriff's approval.
Okay, I will Mention that when I talk to the sheriff.
Was there something else? No.
I can't believe somebody hurt that nice man.
Smith, you were on Dan Traxler's client list.
You hired him? Yes.
See, I'm getting married.
And my dad's dead; His folks, too.
My mom's not close to our family, but I thought if I found her father my grandfather maybe he could walk me down the aisle.
So you wanted Mr.
Traxler to find him? Yeah.
He said if my grandfather was alive, he could track him down.
Did he? I don't know.
We were supposed to meet again today.
He was excited to show me new documents and records he found.
He was like a paper detective.
Traxler ever Behave inappropriately towards you? God, no.
The guy was a monk.
He lived in the past.
"Feasted on history.
" His words.
Ask his other clients they'll tell you the same thing.
I spoke with a couple of them before I hired him.
Oh, did you speak to Judy Robbins? Yeah.
She couldn't say enough nice things about him.
I was really counting on having my grandfather at my wedding.
What is your grandfather's name? Samuel Francis Duggan.
Isn't that a nice name? And here's to you, Mrs.
ro-hah-bins That's not funny, and I'm busy.
So if you have any results for me, cough 'em up.
Lipstick on the victim's face was a match to Judy's brand.
Well, she said she gave him CPR.
I'll bet that's not all she gave him.
I'm just saying that when I play "sexual healing," it's foreplay.
Yeah, well, playing it for yourself doesn't count.
What about the cat litter? Not a match to the Robbins' cat.
It contained urine with alprazolam.
Why would a cat need antidepressants? Antidepressants are commonly prescribed for felines undergoing prolonged medical treatment.
And check this out.
One sweep of my radiation isotope identifier rings like a super jackpot.
So the cat urine is radioactive? Iodine 131.
It's used to treat thyroid cancer, and it has a half-life of eight days.
Now, I'm thinking that the sick cat belonged to the illicit lover.
No way.
I checked Traxler's shoes, office, house no kitty litter and no kitty.
There's always the "unknown accomplice" theory.
Or Judy's telling the truth and someone else was in that house.
Either way, you're looking for a sick cat.
Chemotherapy's expensive, done only by veterinary specialists.
Okay, so then get me a list of those specialists and every cat they've treated in the last eight days.
Get me a warrant.
There's a pet-vet privilege.
Seriously? No can get you a list of furless felines without it.
Henry, what do you got? Ah, the codis familial search found our killer's first order relative.
A Jimmy Duggan.
"First order" meaning father, brother, son of our killer, right? Here's what I've got.
Traxler's client, Carla Duggan Smith, was looking for her grandfather Samuel Francis Duggan.
Maybe Traxler found Sam, and then Sam found Traxler? So now we need to find Sam.
Hey, maybe Jimmy knows where he is.
I actually did some extra credit.
I could tell you where Jimmy is.
Same place he's been the last 13 years.
That's almost too easy.
Whatever you want, I didn't do it.
It says here that you're serving a life sentence for armed robbery that third strike, that-that's a bitch.
I'll bet.
I want to ask some questions about your family, specifically Samuel Duggan.
My old man left when I was 13.
He divorced my crazy bitch of a mother.
I mean, she was always high on something.
Used to beat the crap out of me.
That must've been rough.
Yeah, well, you won't see me crying.
When the old man left, I did, too, you know? On my own at 13.
No wonder I ended up in the big house, right? Do you have any brothers, Jimmy? No.
I got one sister Jasmine.
She likes to pretend I'm dead.
And, of course, the old man, he could have more, I don't know.
No, I'm looking for full male relatives, no steps.
You have any sons? Nope.
What did that bastard do? Maybe nothing, maybe murder.
Well, hot damn! We'd be cell mates.
Hey, do you think your mom might know where Sam is? Nah, doubt that.
If she's sober, you can ask her yourself.
She lives in primm.
I searched all our databases all I got was Samuel Duggan's date of birth.
Oh, archival databases are notoriously incomplete.
He could live in another state; He could be dead.
But Dan would have discovered that weeks ago and informed his client.
So Let's find Jimmy's father Sam by doing the Smith-Duggan family tree.
Okay, tell me what you know.
All right, uh, my boss talked with Jimmy Duggan.
His dad, Sam, married Eunice Carter in 1956 or '57, right out of high school.
They had Jimmy in 1958 and his sister Jasmine in '67.
Now, Jasmine Duggan married Gary Smith in '88, and they had Carla in 1990.
Oh, she's the client who wanted to be walked down the aisle by a male relative, right? Right.
According to Jimmy, there are no other male relatives.
Okay, Hojem-Sanders The last document signed by Samuel duggan was the divorce decree as far as we know in 1971.
All we have to do is find it.
She's done answering questions.
Judy, let's go.
Oh Al I just want to go home.
Listen, Mr.
Lewis will drive you home.
Al we need to talk.
I want to explain everything.
It's just Judy, Judy I need to believe in you in us and if we talk and I'm not convinced It'll all be gone, and I'm not prepared for that.
Well, when you're ready to talk I'll be at home.
Sit down, Hojem-Sanders.
Have I got a story for you.
Sam and Eunice's divorce decree.
And here's the interesting part.
In the state of Nevada, a divorce is normally given six months after the filing.
Check the dates.
Well, this one took nine months.
Why is that? Eunice was pregnant.
Judges won't grant a divorce if the woman is with child.
They want to wait till after the birth to resolve any custody issues.
So Jimmy Duggan could have a sibling that he doesn't even know about.
Oh, it gets better there is no mention of a baby in this decree.
And there's no record of a birth certificate in 1971 for a Duggan.
And I even checked under Eunice's maiden name Carter.
So where does that leave us? "A baby was left on the steps of desert palm hospital yesterday.
"In honor of St.
Patrick's day, "the nurses named him baby Patrick.
"He will be sent to St.
Martine's orphanage later this week.
" March 17, 1971.
Date fits.
It's not very scientific.
Well, this isn't science, this is genealogy.
Trust your gut.
How do we find St.
Patrick? Have faith, my son.
Have faith.
- I'm really digging.
- This genealogy stuff.
When Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden, back in 1814, with the treaty of Kiel, my great-great grandfather, Olaf Hojem, was one of the leaders of the uprising against Swedish rule.
He helped convene the first Norwegian assembly and write the national constitution.
That sounds great, but tell me about baby Patrick.
Well, St.
Martine's orphanage is long-gone, but Donna was able to track down one of the nuns.
According to sister Mary Agnes, Patrick's legal name is Patrick O'Toole, which was the nun's family name.
Apparently, there's a lot of o'tooles running around Vegas.
What do we know about Patrick O'Toole? Uh, he's still local.
I checked out his work Hodges is at his apartment now.
Wait until I tell you about Eunice Duggan.
I always try to remain impartial, but a woman like Eunice Duggan should not be allowed to procreate.
That woman didn't stop yelling at me the entire time I was at her house.
So Eunice was ex-wife of Samuel and mother of Jimmy.
And possibly the birth mother of Patrick O'Toole, who dumped him at desert palm hospital.
Eunice gave up DNA, but denies having a kid in 1971.
Anyway, Henry's running her swab against the other samples.
Okay, so, uh, the landlord would not let me into Patrick O'Toole's apartment, but he did give me one very interesting piece of information.
O'Toole has a cat.
A sick cat.
And there's only one vet in Vegas that does cat thyroid chemo.
What-what about my cat? You pretended to be my vet, you told me Barclay needs emergency surgery? That's entrapment or something.
If I were you, I'd be more worried about the DNA sample we just sent to the lab.
Barclay needs his meds.
Well, the vet is right outside.
He's gonna make sure Barclay gets what he needs.
All right? Now that we got the cat out of the way, let's talk about murder.
You ever hear of Dan Traxler? Nope.
Let me see the bottom of your shoes.
What, you need help? Looks like someone stepped in it.
Radioactive cat litter.
So, you were in Judy Robbins's house.
Who the hell's she? Dan Traxler was visiting her when you killed him.
Look, the evidence is going to tell us.
I just want to hear it from you.
What the hell's wrong with you? I think I screwed up the DNA.
Well, if you screw up the DNA, you can kiss your career good-bye.
I know! Just look.
Well, the sample runs look fine.
Look at the references.
I'm not so sure you did anything wrong, but somebody might've.
We have to do a kin test to try and make some sense out of this.
Well, I'm not gonna do this by myself.
Get the reagent.
Not a lot of diversity, so, Eunice, Jimmy and Patrick are related.
Just not how we thought they were.
We need to confirm this with Y-STR.
Y-chromosome-linked DNA.
That's the only way to be certain.
Missing briefcase? Yup.
Recovered it from Patrick's car.
All right, great.
So that proves that he was in doc's house.
What was in it? Documents from a bunch of clients, including Carla Duggan Smith.
Traxler kept very detailed records of everything every meeting, every phone call.
And according to his log, he did meet with Patrick several times, including the day he was murdered.
Maybe Traxler stumbled across Patrick when he was looking for Carla's grandfather.
You know, maybe he thought he'd found another relative for Carla to invite to her wedding.
I'm still not sure how this leads to murder.
Yeah, me, neither.
Greg's working that angle.
Oh, good.
Greg! Good job.
You know we have an intercom system.
I got our motive.
I know why Patrick killed Traxler.
And it's twisted.
Cue the banjo music.
This report says that your DNA was found on the pillow used to smother Dan traxler.
Without saying one word, that's 25 to life.
It also says that the Duggans have one hell of a family secret.
Screw you.
You were orphaned, abandoned, on your own since you were born.
Must have developed a thick skin.
Probably tried to forget you even had a family.
Hard to miss what you've never had.
Until that genealogist showed up asking questions about your family, especially your father.
And your curiosity got the best of you.
So you followed him, and I'm betting that the old lady, mama Eunice, wasn't too happy to see you.
And she told you who your father was.
You are the devil's spawn.
I didn't want you then, and I sure as hell don't want you now.
My mother had sex with her own son.
When Jimmy was 13.
Now, that's rape in 50 states, without a statute of limitations.
She's going down, and you're the walking, talking proof of her crime.
Why take your anger out on Traxler? This guy shows up all excited, talking about family reunions and happy endings.
And for the first time in your life, you thought, you're not alone.
And thanks to him, I know just how screwed up my family is.
What were you doing at Judy Robbins's house? After I left that crazy bitch, I went to Traxler's office to get in his face.
Saw him leave, so I followed him.
Get up.
Now! Come with me.
And the briefcase.
You banging this broad? Absolutely not.
She's just a client.
Take your clothes off.
Do it, or I'll kill her.
Now get in the bed.
Okay, okay Everybody screws everybody in this world.
I knew you cops would think it was a sex thing.
My mother's a drunken whore, and my brother's my father.
I didn't need to know that.
He ruined my life.
Well, for what it's worth, I don't think Traxler knew about the incest.
I don't care! Rodriguez, wrap him up.
That's it? He should've just left it alone.
What brings you here? I found grandpa Sam in provo.
He goes by grafs now.
And he's agreed to meet Carla.
Well, after all that, I hope he walks her down the aisle.
Hojem-Sanders, you are a true romantic.
It's very appealing.
We arrested the man who killed Dan.
I heard.
Thank you for that.
It's easy to get too close to a client.
But Dan always had their interests at heart.
In the 1900s, Alrik Magnar Hojem was one of the richest men in Edina, Minnesota.
And legend has it, that because of his vast wealth and enormous ego, he earned the nickname "cake-eaters," a derogatory term used to describe all Edina residents by their less affluent neighbors.
Alrik was my great Uncle.
His ego was legendary.
In fact, that's how my family ended up in California.
If I wanted to learn more about my family history, is it okay to call you? Of course.
But let's concentrate on the Hojems.
And remember, hyphenate.
I'm glad I caught you.
Al, everything Judy said checked out.
I just couldn't get past that first impression.
Hard for me to get past it, too.
Yeah, I guess I was punishing her for what my ex-wife did to me, but that was my marriage, not yours.
You were right.
My past clouded my judgment.
I'm sorry.
I appreciate that, Jim.
Yeah Oh, uh oh, this is This was in Traxler's briefcase.
It has your name on it.
I'll let Judy tell you what's inside.
Go home to your wife, buddy.
I was beginning to think you were going to sleep at the office.
I'm sorry for doubting you.
And I'm sorry for For keeping secrets.
I I wanted it to be a surprise.
You did that.
Al, I love you.
Don't ever doubt that.
I won't.
Mm! All right, go ahead, open it.
Whoa! Yeah.
And look at this.
I'm related to Buffalo Bill Cody.
That is so cool.