CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e12 Episode Script

Willows in the Wind

Previously on CSI I talked to that lawyer-- he's arranging a meeting with the FBI.
I haven't seen Laura in two weeks, since she talked to the lawyer you sent her to.
The hit was professional.
Clean-up was professional, too.
You remember Special Agents Pratt and McQuaid? I'll be with her the whole time.
You got my friend killed! How could you let this happen? Get in.
Hey, Russell Hey, D.
, it's Nick.
Listen, I got a lead on the money trail from Mark Gabriel's company to his hit squad via the Swiss bank account.
So, you need to call me back so I can fill you in, all right? - Hey, Sara.
- You seen Catherine? No.
You probably won't for a few days.
What do you mean? You haven't heard? Heard what? Laura Gabriel was murdered in FBI custody.
Well, how'd that happen? One of Mark Gabriel's hit squad infiltrated the protection detail.
McQuaid and three other agents were killed.
Catherine went off on Agent Pratt at the crime scene, and Russell sent her home to cool off.
Yeah, where is Russell? Call out, downtown motel-- I saw him hightail it out of here.
Yeah, yeah, we're looking for him right now.
Okay, we'll handle it.
What now? Got a 434, shots fired at the corner of Jupiter and Fairwick.
Southern Highlands? That's Catherine's neighborhood.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Why'd you guys call me over to Catherine's house? We've been trying to reach Catherine.
She's MIA.
Nick Five-point-seven.
That's the same caliber Gabriel's guys use.
What do you want to bet somebody called in the wrong address, bought themselves some time.
Catherine? Hey, Catherine? Doorknob's been wiped clean.
There's not a speck of dust.
I smell ethanol.
Just like Malcolm Turner's law office.
Bullet hole.
Frame's been repaired.
So has the bookcase here.
Catherine's backup gun is gone.
Well, that's good.
Right? I mean, that means that she had time to get it, right? That she needs it is bad.
Oh, no.
Okay, we're 10-39.
Patrol spotted Russell's SUV abandoned near the 215.
That's a couple of blocks from his motel call-out.
And they said it's all shot to hell.
Doesn't look good.
There's blood in the backseat.
A lot of it.
Dispatch couldn't get Russell on his cell phone.
The walkie's still in the car.
Blood trail heads off that way.
Well, we found a 5.
7 shell casing outside of Catherine's house.
We also smelled ethanol inside-- evidence pointing to a shootout, but the place was cleaned up.
It's got Gabriel's hit squad written all over it.
There's no Catherine.
Russell's unreachable.
There's blood in the backseat, none in the front.
Maybe Catherine was wounded.
Russell was coming to her aid.
But why didn't they call it in? On the run, guys shooting at them-- maybe they didn't have time.
Maybe they didn't think it was safe to use their cell phones.
If this is Gabriel's black ops boys, they have all kinds of toys to hack our communications and listen in.
Who you calling? It's Catherine's cell.
They ditched their phones.
It's Russell's cell phone.
Oh, man, it's his wife calling.
I'll take that.
This is your crime scene but this is my call.
Russell this is Jim Brass.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Yeah, and hey, get me a flatbed down here as soon as possible.
I got to get this Denali back to the garage.
Hey, I got to take this.
All right.
Morgan, listen, there's been a little change of plans.
The Denali scene is now Code Four.
The blood trail went cold.
I need you to redirect to Catherine's house.
Greg's on the way.
Start on the perimeter, we'll meet you there.
Hey, Hodges.
Yeah? Do me a favor and wait here for auto detail, then follow that Denali back to the lab, okay? I'm on it.
Henry, I'm gonna need you to run that blood against Catherine and Russell, okay? Hey, Henry, you with me? Yeah.
I just can't help but think Well, don't think, man, just do it.
Okay? Hey, did Catherine say anything to you about quitting? No, why? She sent a resignation e-mail to Russell.
Well, if she was gonna leave, she would've told us first.
Right? Nothing's making sense right now.
Okay, I'm sticking with the plan-- radio silence.
If someone's listening in, they won't be hearing us.
Now all communication will be face-to-face.
The sheriff has agreed to wait an hour before she calls the Feds.
That buys us some time; that's good.
I'm at Russell's crime scene.
He was scheduled to meet me here an hour ago.
Well, I got a situation here, man.
I'll fill you in later.
I'll see if I can get us some help from the day shift.
Okay, well, roll 'em when you can.
I thought you said this was the only D.
here? Only one I know of, Doc.
You must be the doctor.
What the hell's going on here? Hey, Doc.
Is that Catherine? You're gonna have to patch her up here.
We can't take her to a hospital.
She's been shot.
Luckily, we ran into an old friend of hers.
I'll fill you in later.
Kitty, thank you.
You gotta be the last doc in Vegas to make house calls.
You got a card? Honey, you don't want me coming to your house.
What do you think? I think she'd be better off in a hospital.
You people waited an hour to call me? I thought we were all on the same team here.
Seems to me, Agent Pratt, every time we call the FBI, - somebody ends up dead.
- Witnesses, your agents, my CSIs, all targeted, all on your watch.
And now CSI Willows and Russell have gone missing? Okay, look, you forget that my partner, McQuaid, is dead, all right? You don't think I care about the safety of CSI Russell and Willows as much as you do? You sure about that? I'm sure of one thing-- I'm pulling rank.
- From now on, everything - Oh, God goes through me.
Understood? Mark Gabriel's on his way down here demanding to see his wife's body.
Don't worry, we got your back.
We'll scrape you off of the floor after he runs you over.
Hey, Greg.
Got a blood drop.
And I found blood on the driveway leading from the front door.
Blood trail leads into the street.
Blood pool.
Car drove through it.
Working theory it's Catherine's.
She's running from the shooters.
She gets to the street, her blood's pooling Get in.
Flags down a motorist It's Russell.
The shooters are closing in Then she jumps in the backseat, and they take off.
But if that's the case, whose blood is this over here? Trail leads down the embankment.
Let's see what we find on the other end.
I've seen these bugs before.
They're the same supercharged hide beetles that Gabriel's guys used on those bodies at the law firm.
Based on the timeline, it's only been here three or four hours.
The question is, who was he? How bad is it? It's through and through, but it didn't hit anything vital.
Well, that's good.
Beats the alternative.
You've lost a lot of blood, and there's only so much I can do.
You're doing fine, Doc.
Well, we've got to stop this bleeding.
And the wound needs to be cauterized.
Well, actually, you've got very beautiful hair, Miss Kitty.
Thanks, but I'm not doing you-- you a cop.
I just thought maybe you might have a curling iron in your purse.
You some kind of Columbo or something? What do you think? Yeah.
Well, it's only gonna hurt for a moment.
Once you go into shock Hell, y'all are serious.
I guess if you need a hand or something You're hired.
Clean it with soap and water and warm it up.
You got a bullet I can bite on? Got a bullet here.
Looks like a .
40 cal.
That's the same caliber as the bullets that killed Laura Gabriel's cousin and her husband at the farmhouse.
Same shooter maybe.
I got a blood pool.
Morgan thinks that Catherine wasn't hit until she was outside.
Maybe Catherine got one of them.
Cleaning crew missed the rug pad.
Maybe we can get some DNA.
Got it.
You got any cash? Couple of hundred.
That'll do.
Miss Kitty, thank you.
You've earned that.
You really, really hooked us up.
Here, I'd like to give these to you, too.
Thank you.
You saved my life.
This is a get-out-of-jail-free card.
Don't abuse it.
And please, don't talk to anyone.
These lips are sealed.
Didn't see nothing, don't know nothing.
And you can hang me by my feet and pull out my acrylic nails with pliers.
All right.
Let's go.
, Catherine's gonna need to sleep for a while.
I need you to get a message to Brass, okay? Tell him to tell him to bring us in.
Mitch? CSI is finished.
They said we can release the scene.
The body's been transported? Ten minutes ago.
Well, then, I am done, too.
Take care.
Take care, Doc.
Gabriel, Undersheriff Ecklie.
I believe you know Get him the hell out of here.
You killed my wife, you son of a bitch.
And don't think being FBI will save you.
I've got the director on my speed dial.
You're the one who killed your wife and my partner.
If you think you can play the victim-- If this man remains, then I'm leaving.
And then, you, Undersheriff and Captain Brass, will speak to my attorneys while I speak to the press.
Agent Pratt, it looks like this one goes through us.
I'm going to nail your ass.
Don't try and hide behind that frigging mirror, Boy Scout.
I came here to see my wife.
Understood, but first, we'd like to ask you a few questions.
I wasn't making a request.
Neither were we.
Jim, I need to see you Doc, whatever it is, it's got to wait.
It can't.
We're too late.
What the hell happened? We're still maintaining radio silence, right? Yeah.
So how'd the bad guys get here before we did? I don't know.
Maybe they showed up late for the party, too.
The screen's off.
Scuff marks.
Maybe Catherine and Russell made a quick exit.
I'm gonna go talk to the manager, see if he saw something.
I hope they made it out of here.
Yeah, that get-out-of-jail-free card-- that work for me, too? Don't ask that when my friends are running for their lives.
Oh, well, let me rephrase then.
When y'all stop running, can a brother get one? If we get out of this alive, I'll get you one with revolving credit.
Yeah, I like the sound of that.
Hey, if there's any revolving credit, it's mine.
I'm the one who spotted that guy in that raincoat.
Knew his ass was up to no good.
Yeah, thank you for that call.
What tipped you off? Honey, in that neighborhood, the only suit a man wears under his trench coat is his birthday suit.
Spoken like a trained observer.
In a couple of blocks, there's gonna be an alley on your right.
Hey, Doc.
How's Catherine? She should be on some heavy-duty antibiotics.
- You don't know, do you? - What? She and Russell are still out there, man.
When Brass got to the motel, they were gone.
He said it looked like they went out a bathroom window.
Catherine's in no condition to be on the run.
I know that.
Certainly not with a hit team chasing her.
Well, let's hope that we get to them before they do.
What can this stiff tell us about the guys who might be after them? Uh, he appears to be a middle-aged, white male.
Hide beetles consumed all of his skin and most of his tissue.
He was shot four times.
Check this out.
Three of the shots entered the mid-back, the fourth shot penetrated the frontal lobe.
These look like 5.
I was thinking Catherine was the one who hit this guy.
You were thinking wrong.
Five-sevens suggest friendly fire from one of the other hit men.
Yeah, the coup de grâce to finish him off.
Cloak and dagger is a little bit outside my area of expertise.
But if these black ops guys were so good at cleaning up crime scenes, why didn't they just take him with them? A wounded man would only slow them down, I guess.
But still, for pros, they sure have been making a lot of mistakes.
Here, put this on.
You're gonna need to cover all that up.
Thank you.
Hey, Jackory, hate to ask you for another favor, but I need a cell phone.
Can I borrow one? Swear to God, I'll get it back to you.
Take your pick.
Disposable, can't be traced.
Thank you.
And I got a feeling you're going to be needing this, too.
Yeah, that's more, uh, Annie Oakley here.
You may not be getting that back.
Darling, the way you're handling that piece, I think I will.
Thank you, guys.
Thank you.
You two take care.
This is your idea of a safe place to hide out? When we're in Seattle, we can go to your coffeehouse.
Yeah? Yeah, I need to see Teddy Jr.
You got a name? Just, uh, tell him it's Goldilocks.
Hey, Teddy.
Goldilocks! Oh, God, it's been too long.
It sure has.
Wish the old man was still with us.
He always loved when you stopped by.
Even after you became a cop.
Teddy, listen, um I'm in kind of a jam.
You need a doctor? No, I'm fine.
It actually looks worse than it is, but my friend Russell and I need to disappear for a while.
No problem.
The old man would have rolled out the red carpet for you.
Sit down.
Thanks, Teddy.
I'll get you some sandwiches.
So Goldilocks? Uh, well, there was a time when the only thing I cared more about than having fun was getting attention, and a girl gets a lot of attention on a pole.
But the thing is-- thank you-- working a pole is about working guys.
Lonely guys with money who just want to forget their problems.
Well, one night, right here at this bar, I met a guy who had a problem, but he wasn't trying to forget it.
He was trying to solve it.
Who was the guy? Jimmy Tadero.
Well, he was working a case, and we started talking.
For once, someone saw me as more than just a pretty face.
And a few other attributes.
Jimmy sounds like a very wise man.
After that night, between dances, we would, uh, sit here at this bar, and he'd run cases, and he'd ask my opinion.
So, this is where you became a CSI.
Well, how about how about you run this case with me right now? Don't you think you should make a phone call first, to your wife? Oh, When was the last time you went 24 hours without talking to her? Hey, doll.
No, I'm sorry.
I, um I'm okay.
I just lost my phone out in the field.
I'm at a strip club with Catherine.
Why do you always assume that I'm out on a job or something? You know, I could have come here just for myself, you know.
We still don't know where they are? I would assume they're out there on the move.
It's a lot safer than coming in here.
Can't blame them.
What do we have? First blush-- a hit team gone wild.
But more miss than hit lately.
I don't get it.
These guys are supposed to be the best in the world.
At least that's what you keep telling us, right? That's their rep.
And we saw that at Malcolm Turner's law office-- covert, efficient, clean, A-plus.
Yeah, but it wasn't perfect.
We found the bodies.
With 5.
7-caliber bullets in them.
Yeah, and picked clean by those bioengineered bugs.
All of which strongly suggests Mark Gabriel's hand in the killings.
Which is just the start of the screwups.
Since then, these A students have been turning in B work.
Two days ago, Laura Gabriel's cousin's house, husband and wife murdered, and there was no attempt to clean up.
And the world's greatest hit team couldn't even find Laura Gabriel hiding under the floorboards.
- They still got to her yesterday.
- Yeah.
And made a total mess of it.
That FBI convoy hit was on a public street in broad daylight.
Not to mention, two hours later, Catherine's targeted.
Even with the element of surprise, they missed.
And hit one of their own.
Friendly fire.
They finished him off, left him in a culvert with Mark Gabriel's superbugs on him.
Might as well have left a calling card.
These guys sanitize some scenes and muck up others.
Why the inconsistencies? I know Mark Gabriel.
He doesn't make these kinds of mistakes.
Maybe they aren't mistakes.
Maybe it's all intentional.
You think that Mark Gabriel's guys are leaving evidence behind on purpose? Not just any evidence.
Evidence that points to Mark Gabriel.
If what you're suggesting is true then Mark Gabriel's not the one calling the shots.
He's he's being set up.
By who? And why? Thank you very much.
How you doing? You all right? Well, considering I've been shot in my side and cauterized by a hooker's curling iron, yeah, I guess so.
So, you said you wanted to talk about the case? Yeah.
I want to talk about how Mark Gabriel is not our guy.
Excuse me? The resignation letter-- you didn't send it, did you? What resignation letter? This one.
I, uh, printed it out before I drove over to see you.
Uh, "effective immediately, I tender "my resignation.
"It's a decision I've been considering "for a while it's best for the team" I didn't write that.
But wait, it gets better; here you go.
"I've made the decision to go away for a while, "but first, I have to do something.
"I have one last bit of unfinished business "to clear my desk.
I hope you'll understand.
" What the hell? Listen, I think you need to read this whole e-mail resignation you sent.
I think you'll find it's not that far off the mark.
"For 19 years, I've dedicated myself to this lab.
"My authority has been questioned.
"My professional objectivity doubted.
"Though I graciously accepted an unwanted demotion, I now find my lesser role unsatisfying and untenable.
" Little close to the bone, I imagine.
How did they know? Well, if they were able to hack into your account to send that e-mail, I imagine they've been reading them all.
All to manufacture a resignation letter? I-I don't think so.
I think it's more of a like, a cover story, right? CSI seeks revenge for the murder of her friend.
Goes nuts, goes home, resigns.
But not before she commits one last crazy act.
And who does she direct her rage against? Mark Gabriel.
Then that's gotta be why they took my backup gun.
They were planning to use it on-on Gabriel.
To make you the patsy.
I go postal, I kill Gabriel and then get disappeared.
Yeah, but you screwed up their plans-- you survived.
All I know is that with you still alive, they've got no play.
So, safest thing for you to do right now is to come in out of the cold.
Well, safe for me, maybe, but then they'll go underground and we'll never catch them.
Hey, Teddy.
Maybe we can have it both ways.
I need one more favor.
No problem.
Can you call the coroner and tell him that you got two stiffs here that need picking up.
And make sure to bring two body bags.
One extra long.
You got it.
Welcome back to the living.
Heard you been hitting the strip clubs.
Yeah, why is that so hard for everyone to believe? Coming through.
Aren't you a sight for sore eyes.
For a second we thought you were That you ran off to a Caribbean island and left us with your caseload.
No, I'm not running anymore.
That's 'cause we're on the hunt now.
I'm going to need to redress that wound.
And I'm going to need to redress.
So that, uh, resignation letter was a fake.
Yeah, a good one.
They hacked your computer.
They've been reading your e-mail.
Getting inside my head.
So, you really feel that way? Something's missing in your life? Since Lindsey's left home, yeah.
I mean, I'm not sure what I'm missing.
Some days, I I think it's a man to share my life with, and then, other days, I'm good.
I'm good to be alone.
I mean, look at my friend Laura.
She had everything.
Appeared to have a perfect life.
And it all turned out to be a lie.
And then she turned out dead.
I thought for sure Mark Gabriel killed her, tried to kill me.
Now we know it was all a setup.
Yeah, who's pulling the strings? It's gotta be someone in his operation, right? I'm going with Occam's razor.
Sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer, and the one that's right in front of you.
Until a couple weeks ago, you didn't even know who Mark Gabriel was.
And you hadn't seen your good friend Laura since you were kids.
What are you saying? I'm saying, maybe you didn't just run into your friend.
I think that Sara might be right.
I see Laura after all these years in reception at PD, waiting for her husband.
She allows me to see her in a controlling, abusive relationship; she then comes to me, says she's got information on her husband that can put him away.
She's afraid, I send her to a lawyer.
Who ends up dead.
All signs pointing to her husband, Mark Gabriel, as the guy who hired the killers.
Yes, but if it's not Gabriel, and he's being set up to look guilty And to die by your hand.
Who stands to benefit? The wife who is dead and burned beyond recognition.
You know, like everything else in this damn case, all is not what it seems.
Hey, Henry.
Henry, where Ow.
Aw, I'm sorry, did we wake you up? It's been a rough 48.
You think? Hey, what did you use as an exemplar to identify the burned bodies in the FBI sedan? Well, the agents were easy.
I just ran their DNA against the FBI database.
What about Laura Gabriel? I had exemplars from the Gabriels' condo here in Vegas.
What do you think? Plenty of opportunity to plant someone else's comb or toothbrush in that condo.
We have another exemplar.
Laura's clothes were bagged at the hospital after we found her at her cousin's house.
Okay, so run those clothes, and then compare the new exemplar to our female DB.
And I want to run all the DNA in this case against every known database.
Got it.
We compared a secondary exemplar for Laura Gabriel against the female who died in your protective custody.
No match.
Body wasn't Laura Gabriel.
What are you talking about? We ran the DNA from all the bodies in that car against every known database under the sun, including U.
We were able to identify the female body.
She was one of the assassins who hit the law firm.
She infiltrated your protection detail yesterday.
Well, how did she end up dead in the back of the FBI sedan? My guess, shot by someone she trusted when she wasn't looking.
And then somebody took a torch to her, because they wanted us to believe she was Laura Gabriel.
For the same reason they wanted us to believe the guy sitting next to her was your partner, Agent McQuaid.
No, no, McQuaid died in that car.
He was identified by the FBI database.
Which McQuaid updated with a new exemplar one month ago.
Same military database identified the McQuaid body as a Geoffrey Krueger.
Like our female assassin-- ex-Army, and now former Ceressus employee.
Wait a second-- no, no, no, I don't believe any of this.
You're telling me that, uh, McQuaid is Dirty.
And that he and Laura are the ones behind this whole thing.
Three other agents died in that ambush.
Not to mention, the couple from the farmhouse, those people from the law firm-- why would he do that? Sex, money maybe both.
We know your team was compromised.
And to be honest, until now, I thought it was you.
I'm sorry, is that supposed to make me feel better? Hey, come on.
None of us saw this coming.
Yeah, but I worked with the guy, ten hours a days, for the past year.
I mean, it's not like we were best friends, but You know, I should've known when McQuaid said he was quitting, that something was up.
And he he always had this weakness when it came to beautiful women.
Well, they're still out there.
And like you said, they left a trail of bodies behind them.
So what do we do? When she was playing the victim, Laura Gabriel gave us her husband's banking connection to his hit team.
She was gonna use it to set him up.
Why don't we use it to set her up? That sounds good.
Good, 'cause the next part won't.
So now you want my help? That's right.
Interesting choice of venue.
You've been watching too many movies.
I wanted to make sure your people weren't listening.
Does that go for LVPD, too? We're the least of your problems.
I understand I'm no longer a person of interest, but I'd be interested in knowing who is now.
So? Your wife.
With help from my former partner.
Laura and Agent McQuaid are dead.
She played you.
Clearly my wife learned a few things over the years.
She set your own dogs on you, and you know who they are.
And how to bring them to heel.
She betrayed us both.
But you want this bad.
I assume that's why you're keeping company with the Boy Scout.
Like the man said, we need your help.
Look someone on your payroll knows where Laura and McQuaid are.
This has been a helpful conversation.
But I prefer to settle my own affairs.
Good evening.
That went well.
Hope so.
Just hope he's not as smart as he thinks he is.
I won't miss next time.
Put the gun on the floor, and keep the hands where we can see them.
How did you find me? We just followed the money.
Mark Gabriel made you a better offer.
Double the money to take the contract off his head and put it on his wife's.
And Laura Gabriel was very cooperative.
When things become personal, business always suffers.
Well, our business isn't concluded.
Where's McQuaid? You don't know? You already have him.
Talked to McQuaid's ex-wife.
She still had some of his things in the garage, including a shaving kit.
Ran the DNA, and Obrecht was right-- we do have McQuaid.
Where? In the morgue.
Wha? No, no.
We we identified the burned body in the FBI sedan, and it wasn't him.
That's not the body I'm talking about.
I'm talking about the body that your guys found in the culvert by her house.
He was there, at my house? The bullet that missed you was a .
40-caliber-- that's the only kind of gun McQuaid ever carried.
Not only did he set me up, - he tried to take a shot at me.
- Now, wait a second.
The autopsy said he was hit in the back with 5.
7's, right? So he was running towards you.
You know, maybe he didn't miss; maybe he was firing a warning shot.
He was trying to protect you.
Yeah, McQuaid got a lot of people killed, but maybe that night, he was trying to save someone.
Why? Well, obviously, he cared for you.
Hey, wait up.
I never got a chance to say this, but you really kicked ass last night.
Listen, Russell's right.
McQuaid had feelings for you.
But I think there was something else, too.
I think that he saw in you what he used to be.
What was that? Someone with integrity.
Someone who wouldn't give up.
The kind of agent that the Bureau needs.
Are you asking me out on a date, or offering me a job? No, it was a job offer, but I but it's one that I really think that you should consider.
Well, I'm still on this job right now.
But thanks.
I already gave my statement to the other detectives.
I just have one question.
Why me? You really have to ask? Why do you think I chose you? I know you.
How do you figure that? When we were kids, you always went for the boy who needed you; I always went for the boy who would give me something.
Are you talking about your husband? Or McQuaid? Both.
Mark gave me a lifestyle.
Worked for a while.
Then it didn't.
Then I met McQuaid.
Investigating the gunrunning case here in Vegas.
And you saw an opportunity to set your husband up.
To set me up.
I take what I want.
You put everyone else first, because that's the easier way.
You'd rather accept the life you have than risk having the life you want.
You're never gonna see the outside world again, Laura.
Tell me whose life you'd rather have now.
Oh, and you do know me-- but not as well as you think, because when you chose me, you should've known it was gonna end like this.
Well, we picked up Mark Gabriel on conspiracy to murder his wife.
Oh, raincoat guy sold him out.
Wanted to dodge the needle.
Guy had no problem dealing death.
It's a different story when it's his own life on the line, huh? Did you call a family meeting? No.
No, I No, I didn't.
Catherine did.
So what's going on? I just wanted to say how brilliant I think you all are what a great team this is, how much I respect all of you, both as coworkers and as friends.
Well, as you all know, there were a few changes made, a couple of months ago, which, uh initially hurt me but, um, ultimately ended up being a great thing.
And, Nicky I was so wrong when I said that it's been a long 19 years here in this lab in this town.
I mean, the truth is it's just gone by too fast.
But there comes a point in one's life in which one feels compelled to make a change.
What are you saying? That I've been offered another job.
With the FBI.
I've decided to take it.
When? Well, it's effective immediately.
I tendered my resignation.
For real this time.
You are all family which is why this is the hardest decision I've ever made.
I mean, how could I leave this place? How could I leave all of you? But not only are you in great hands but you are a rock-solid, bad-ass team of criminalists, and don't ever forget it.
We all just love you, Catherine.
And, you know, even though you're leaving, you'll always be here with us, always.
We love you.
I love you, too.
Go get 'em.
I sat here a very long time ago and talked about how solving a case can make you feel like King Kong on cocaine.
But just like any drug it's got a dark side and the rush is fleeting.
Just like life.
This is the only thing I'm good at.
Then hang on to that.
But not so tight that you let the rest slip away.
I know your dad would tell you the same thing.
Back to work.
Go ahead.
I got this one.
I got the next one.
You got it.