CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s12e22 Episode Script


That's it? All right, I'll take it from here.
Okay, Grandpa.
Time for bed, Katie.
Mommy, I'm not tired.
Boy, I am.
You need to listen to your mommy, Kaitlyn.
We're gonna have lots of fun while you're here.
So you got to get lots of rest.
And that goes for your grandpa, too.
What? Yes.
Yes, definitely.
Grandma's the boss; you know that.
And we're gonna have so much fun, we're gonna go to the lake, we're gonna see puppets, we're gonna go to the museums.
Ice cream? Ice cream, yes.
Tons of ice cream.
Thanks, Dad.
Emergency numbers are on the fridge.
And we're not gonna be that late.
Right? Right.
I came to this town with five bucks in my pocket and big dreams.
Las Vegas was different back then.
It was all about the hustle, all about scoring and moving on.
And some guys did that.
But me I planted my roots right here in the desert.
I got married, had kids, got married again Olivia, Conrad, I-I didn't know you guys were No, Olivia and I we're just friends.
Good friends.
Like us.
Not quite.
More champagne? Yes.
Mother? Nice to see you, Barbara.
You, too.
I know you're usually his date at these functions.
Yeah, but people started to talk.
Well, uh, so much for the Russell family mantra, huh? Separation of home and work? Well, no, it's still in effect.
I'm pretending I'm not here.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my good friend, the current and future Sheriff of Las Vegas, Sheriff Liston! Didn't like the speech? No, guy giving it.
Gilmore loves playing the "self-made man.
" Truth is, he started his empire running a sports book for a "made men.
" Well, it looks like he cleaned up his act, then? So he says.
Undersheriff, it's good to see you here tonight.
You remember David Winnock, my money man, right? Putting together fund-raising for the Vegas Silver Strikes' new arena.
Oh, yeah.
What can I say, you know? Ex-hockey player; I love my hockey team.
Well, that project's not approved yet, Jack, you know that.
Yeah, well, the city has their time line, I got mine.
Speaking of which, I see Councilman Romano.
Hey, enjoy the free drinks, guys.
Since I took office four years ago, crime in Las Vegas is down! Allow me to share a few stats with you.
In the past four years prostitution is down by 32%.
Drug offenses-- all are down by more than 40%! In the past four years, murder down 28%.
Assault down 35%.
Rape down 48%.
The numbers are good, but they can be better.
I ask you all tonight for yourselves, for your families, for Las Vegas, give me four more years! That was fun.
Let's do that again in about four years.
Oh I got a text.
From Maya.
Aw, Katie's not asleep.
She's waiting for her grandpa to come home.
Aw Let's not disappoint her.
What happened to the Hodges clan? I sent them home.
But our night's not over yet.
What do you mean? We got a situation.
I'll explain to Katie.
All right, let's roll.
Actually, we walk.
Crime scene's just down the alley.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Detective Moreno.
You know my partner, Mike Crenshaw.
Care to tell CSI's Russell and Brody what you told me? Uh, Mike and I have been working undercover, a drug op.
Our target is a dealer named Donny Price.
Small-time hood, big-time scumbag.
Not anymore.
We had a buy set up here tonight.
Found him and his bodyguard shot in the head.
Yeah, the girlfriend's dead, too.
Drugs and cash gone.
Sounds like a textbook drug rip-off.
I agree.
What-what's the situation? This is our situation.
Who is she? Veronica Gilmore.
Jack Gilmore's wife.
As in our friend of the sheriff, Jack Gilmore? Yep.
So much for statistics.
CSI 12x22 Homecoming Nice dress.
Yeah? Thanks.
Got an I.
on the bodyguard.
Alonso Seal.
Doesn't like he was much of a bodyguard.
Couldn't even get his gun out.
No sign of forced entry.
Suggests he knew the gunman.
And it looks like Mr.
Price here got caught with his pants down.
Beat in the kneecap before he was put out of his misery.
Working theory: our bad guy steals the drugs makes a break for the door.
Shoe impressions are indistinct.
There's no discernable tread pattern.
Come over here and take a look at this.
What do you see? Impressions end at the doorway, but he didn't track any blood outside.
The guy was wearing booties.
Just like us.
Suggests planning, premeditation.
You know, the one thing I don't think he planned for What's that? Eyewitness in the bathroom.
What can you tell me? I've never seen anything like this.
I can't get a liver temp.
Fin, I can't even find her liver.
That's really weird.
You know, for a drug rip-off, somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to silence her.
I mean, they could've just shot her, like the other two.
Last call went out at 9:07 to her husband, Jack Gilmore.
Lasted four seconds.
I met Veronica when I was, uh going through my divorce.
It was a low point in my life, and she she saved me.
Even back then, she, uh was drinking a little too much, partied too hard.
So I've just spent the last year trying to trying to save her.
So you knew that your wife was having an affair with Donny Price? She left about four months ago.
Shacking up with the guy.
It's hard for me to even say, you know.
Jack, I'm so sorry.
One more question.
When was the last time you spoke to your wife? I don't know, it was at least a week ago.
Uh, minus seven days.
Apparently, Mr.
Gilmore's wife called him tonight, around the same time that she died.
Gilmore, CSI Finlay.
Couldn't have been much of a conversation.
It lasted about four seconds.
That's 'cause there wasn't any conversation.
My wife had the unfortunate habit of drunk-dialing me and hanging up.
Assuming that it was your wife and not someone calling to tell you that she was dead.
Excuse me? Finlay, you're out of line.
Let's clear it up right now.
No need to get a warrant.
Let's look at your phone.
Am I a suspect? No, sir, you're not.
No, we're still just gathering information.
I'm sure you'll you'll work with us when the time comes.
Let's get you a ride home.
Always the politician.
Boy, you never learn, do you? Really.
Looks like a nine-mil.
Same as the others.
And the stippling indicates close-range shots.
Price sustained an additional GSW to his knee.
Skull fracture suggests he was beaten with a blunt object, like a pistol.
Somebody enjoyed their work.
Even more so with our female victim.
is massive internal hemorrhaging.
Now I know why David couldn't get liver temp.
Looks like soup.
She was hit so hard and so often, her internal organs disintegrated.
I did find a fleck embedded in her skin.
Appears to be some sort of synthetic.
We'll get it to Hodges.
We'll see if we can identify the weapon.
The undersheriff is a friend of mine, and I like him, and I like that you like him.
In fact, I'm so glad about that that I think you and he should go on a date by yourselves.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, Mother, Mother, I Hello? I can't I'm losing you.
I-I'll call you back.
Any news on the fleck? It's a work in progress.
Oh, yeah, well, text me when you got something.
Hey, um how are you doing with this whole my-mom- your-dad thing? I mean, who knew when we had the "Meet the Parents" dinner that our parents would actually meet? Let's just hope they don't drag us on any more dates with them.
Or a wedding.
I mean these things keep up, and we could end up as some sort of Bizarro Brady Bunch brother and sister.
Maybe we should start dating and throw a wrench into the works.
I-I can't.
I was joking.
But why can't you? Let's just say that my trip to Italy was life-changing.
The fleck has spoken.
Doc was right-- it is synthetic.
Polyparaphenylene terephthalamide.
Kevlar combined with aluminum and carbon.
Sounds like an aluminum bat.
Very old-school, like the Goodfellas or something.
Yeah, guy walks into a drug den and takes care of business.
Pops the first two guys, silences the witness.
He did more than silence her.
Autopsy shows that Veronica Gilmore sustained more than 50 blows to her head and body.
Look, I know you think that Jack Gilmore's behind this, but No, no, I don't think he's behind it.
I think he did it.
Oh, come on, whoa, stop, listen to me.
Boy, you don't learn, do you? What? Let's not repeat history here.
I'm not talking about history.
I am talking about this case.
So am I.
It is no coincidence that Jack Gilmore's wife was murdered at that motel.
Okay, all right, all right.
I will give you that the guy might have hired somebody to kill his wife, but he was not at that motel.
No, no, he was at the fund-raiser, right? Where every major figure in Vegas law enforcement was present.
They all saw him.
I saw him.
You only think you saw him.
What am I looking at? Jack Gilmore in the alley between the casino where the fund-raiser was held, and the motel where his wife was found.
the time of the murders.
Two minutes after he gave the podium to the sheriff.
Did you get all this from his phone records? Yeah, I did, and I got a warrant from Brass.
Don't worry.
I also got the sheriff's speech, and I timed it.
Plenty of time to slip away.
I saw Gilmore at that reception right after the speech.
Not a hair on his head was out of place.
So you really think that he could commit three gruesome murders in an 18-minute time span.
Get in, get out, get back to the party.
Well, you know, there's only way to figure out if that's even possible.
Yeah, you guys need to take a walk.
How we doing? Uh, 36 seconds from the ballroom to the kitchen to the loading dock.
Killer's moving at a deliberate pace, but doesn't want to attract any attention.
He's taking his own sweet time, just like us.
What's that supposed to mean? Well, I think it's a good idea that we take a walk, but shouldn't somebody be putting pressure on Jack Gilmore, like, right now? Hey, I'm down, but do you think D.
's gonna go for it? No way.
So, tell me, what is the deal with you two? What is all this, "don't repeat history" stuff about anyway? Well, you know that he fired me in Seattle.
Really? I heard he asked for your resignation.
What's the difference? Yeah, well, what's the story? Well, there was this girl, Janet Warren.
And she worked for this really powerful venture capital, Tom Cooley.
He was a real son of a bitch.
And one day, she went missing.
We never found her.
I had hair, carpet fibers and semen, and all I needed was Cooley's DNA.
And what, you couldn't get it? Oh, I got it.
I just couldn't test it.
Oh, why not? Oh, some BS technicality.
It was really that Cooley had very powerful friends, and they protected him.
And Russell? Russell.
Russell was Russell.
What was his sage advice? Oh.
"It's not who you know.
It's what you can prove.
" Yes.
Live to fight another day.
That's always a great thing to tell the victims' families.
Been there.
We're at two minutes, 40.
Show time.
Gilmore shoots the bodyguard.
Two minutes, 43 seconds.
Gilmore then takes care of Price.
Three minutes, 18 seconds.
And now, the main event.
No! Gilmore beat his wife Veronica over 50 times.
Even savoring the moment, eight minutes, tops.
So, what, that gives him ten minutes to make it back to the party? Yup.
Yeah, but not enough time to change your tuxedo.
I mean, look at this.
There must have been blood flying around all over the place.
Yeah, he must have worn something over his tuxedo.
He must have gotten rid of it somewhere.
Let's suit up, retrace our steps.
Okay, your turn.
Come on.
What happened to chivalry? It died about five Dumpsters ago.
Oh, so gross.
Ew! Creamed corn.
Think I found something.
What do we have here? Oversized warm-ups with blood on 'em.
Easy to pull over a tuxedo.
Hey, I think I found the murder weapon.
Kevlar, carbon fiber.
It's not a baseball bat.
It's a composite shaft of a hockey stick.
With the logo, Las Vegas Silver Strikes on it.
Same logo on the warm-up.
The Silver Strikes are Gilmore's hockey team.
Hope he's got a good defense.
Let's go! Keep it on the edge, guys.
Take us to the net.
Come on, keep it moving.
Man-to-man! You're supposed to be playing zone, fellas.
Come on! Looks like somebody needs a time-out.
Our practices are closed to the public.
Oh, we're not the public.
We have a warrant to search the arena.
I get the picture now.
This is harassment! This is crap.
The scope of the warrant is for the arena.
What about Gilmore's office? His car? His home? Well, we're getting there.
One step at a time, Finn.
Yeah, I'd say that was good advice.
We need his DNA, because we cannot tie him to the warm-ups without an exemplar.
Jack Gilmore is still just a person of interest here.
He is not a suspect yet.
Friends with benefits.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
I know what you did in Seattle.
Walked into a black-tie event, walked out with Tom Cooley's champagne glass in your purse, illegally obtaining his DNA evidence.
I think you need to remind your CSI that that's not how we do things here.
Oh, I think she heard you.
Kevlar, aluminum and carbon fiber.
Looks like our murder weapon.
It's the wrong brand, though.
All these players have the same type of duffel, same team warm-ups.
Our killer did his shopping here.
Now, we're talking.
Hold that for a second.
There's an extra blade in here.
But the stick you found in the Dumpster was missing a blade, right? Was it broken off? No.
It wasn't broken off, actually.
It was removed.
See, these aren't your Papa Olaf's sticks we're talking about here, buddy.
Like everything else, hockey's gone hi-tech.
Sticks are composite now.
Blades can be switched on and off pretty easily.
We found scratches inside the throat of the stick our killer used.
Check it out.
Now, is it just me, or do those markings look very similar? Whose locker is that from? Peter Gagne.
Gagne's been benched a few times before.
He's got a rap sheet.
Assault, gambling debts.
But also an alibi.
Oh, yeah? What's that? Dinner with the wife and kids.
Okay, how does he explain his stick ending up a murder weapon? Now that's an interesting story.
The equipment manager for the team is Dominic Bruno.
Now, why does that name sound familiar? Well, he was a leg-breaker for Lou Gedda back in the day when Jack Gilmore was more friendly with the mob than the sheriff.
You know, if Gilmore is such a changed man, why's he have a guy like Bruno on the payroll? I figured you'd be showing up on my door sooner or later.
I'd prefer sooner.
But I'm a patient man, Dominic.
And guys like you are always making the same stakes.
Same could be said for you.
I heard about the boss's wife.
'Course you probably think I had something to do with it? You know, you took the words right out of my mouth.
And the evidence right out of that locker.
You're losing your touch, Dom.
It's not your style.
Trying to pin it on a down-on-his-luck hockey player with obligations.
I had nothing to do with it, and I can prove it.
Oh, yeah? How you going to do that? Oh, like I said, I figured I'd be seeing you, so, a few months back, I recorded a conversation.
See, you're not the only one that came around here looking for the old Dom.
Hey, Dom.
It's Jack.
You give some thought to our last conversation? Yeah, boss, I did, and I don't think you're going to like the answer.
Come on, Dom.
You owe me.
When you got out of the joint and couldn't get a job, I was the only one who hooked you up.
I took you in when all of our old friends had turned their backs on you.
You said someday you'd repay me.
If I ever needed anything, anything, you'd be there.
Scumbags like Donny Price deserve to die.
So, I'm asking you, I'm begging you, do this for me.
Boss, uh, that guy you knew before I went in the joint-- I'm not the same guy anymore.
I've changed.
You're not leaving me a lot of options, Dom.
I think this is the place where you lean over and give your client a little whisper in the ear there.
I can do my own talking, thanks.
Yeah, we heard.
All right, look, I reached out to Dom, okay? But that's all I did.
He and I go a long way back.
Yeah, we know.
All your old pals, like Gedda and McKeen, are all either dead or in jail.
Yeah, and there's a reason I'm neither.
Look I loved my wife, and I wanted to protect her.
But when Dom said, "Hey, I'm not that guy anymore," I realized that I wasn't, either.
No, I think you realize that now's the time you were gonna take matters in your own hands.
The evidence is kind of stacking up.
Hockey stick swiped from the locker of one of your players.
Team warm-ups with your wife's DNA on the outside, your DNA on the inside.
Also on the inside is a little black thread, which I'm pretty sure will match your tuxedo.
See, I think you planned this whole thing four months ago when your wife, Veronica, left you for her drug dealer.
You planned it right down to the perfect alibi.
When all of Las Vegas law enforcement was at a party passing the hat for the sheriff.
Sorry to interrupt.
I have a question for you.
Oh, I thought maybe you could use a fresh cup.
Your, uh, cell phone put you in the alley.
What exactly were you doing there? If you weren't on your way to the motel to kill your wife? I was meeting a guy.
A guy? That's the best you can do? His name's Bobby Connor, okay? He's a labor consultant, works for Turlington, L.
Usually, we meet at Al's Diner.
He's, um, helping me out with the soccer arena project.
So, this Bobby Connor can vouch for you? Actually, he never showed up.
Oh, gee, that's not good.
I checked on his alibi.
There's no Bobby Connor.
There's not consulting firm, Turlington, L.
Looks like your boy's going down.
And it looks like CSI Finlay was right.
Thought you'd be a little happier about this.
Is there a butcher shop nearby? I think there's one over in the mini-mall on Spring Mountain.
Batter up.
We've got soup.
What's that? That's liver soup.
Macerated like Veronica Gilmore's organs.
He didn't do it.
That took me 54 blows and all of my strength to make that soup happen.
Well, how's this let Gilmore off the hook? I mean, he's a big guy, right? Ex-hockey player.
Who now has ALS.
He's been keeping it hidden.
His lawyers were very happy to turn over his medical records, which say that he has lost over 40% of his upper-body strength.
Which is why you brought him coffee.
Yeah, he couldn't even lift his arms beyond his shoulders.
Remember, he used two hands to carry the cup.
I do.
All right, wait, whoa, wait a second here.
Wh-What about the evidence? We have his DNA on the warm-ups.
The killer must have stolen them, because Gilmore's got an open locker at the arena like everybody else.
Okay, what about the tuxedo thread that Hodges found? He ran it.
It does not match Gilmore's tuxedo or any tuxedo.
The thread is nylon with traces of neoprene.
Like a wetsuit.
Yeah, a protective shield that our killer wore under the warm-ups to preserve Gilmore's DNA and only Gilmore's DNA while he was committing the crimes.
So, if you think about it, you've got the hockey stick, the warm-ups, the phone call from his wife's phone to Gilmore in the alley, while he's waiting for the mysterious stranger.
The whole thing was a frame-up.
So, if Gilmore's not our killer, then who is? And why set him up? Grandpa, when are you coming home? Grandma and I made cookies.
Want to see? Oatmeal raisin, your favorite.
Oh, wow.
Tell me you can resist these.
Uh, something tells me desert's gonna have to wait? I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I'll try to get home by dinner time.
Don't worry, you do what you have to do.
Right? Yes.
We'll see you soon.
Bye, Dad.
Saturday night was fun.
It was really fun.
I didn't even hear you leave.
You didn't.
I hope that's not an omen for the future.
Oh, your boyfriend.
Yeah, yours, too.
Who's he with? My boss.
He runs vice.
What's up? Kimball's gonna do the briefing.
Told us to go back into the field.
Catch you later.
So, we're not talking about a husband killing his wife anymore? No, ma'am, but that is what somebody wanted us to believe.
They took advantage of Jack's marital problems, set him up.
So, I guess we're back to square one.
We're talking about drugs.
Which is why I asked Lieutenant Kimball to join us.
He was in charge of the undercover op against Donny Price.
What do you got for us? Price was a mid-level distributor.
We had a confidential informant inside the last four months.
We were getting closer to IDing his supplier.
Four months? That's about the same time Veronica Gilmore Dumped her husband for her drug dealer.
I guess we know who your informant was, right? Veronica Gilmore? She got popped for possession.
She made a deal; only me and the D.
I should have been looped in on this.
'Cause Jack Gilmore's your friend? Because I'm your boss.
Well, we got a lot bigger problems than Jack Gilmore's sullied reputation.
Why? What do you mean? Dead C.
, blown undercover op.
We got a leak in our department.
Hey, I'm just running the bullets we pulled out of Donny Price and his bodyguard.
The whole thing's crazy, right? I mean, a frame job this elaborate, that makes you wonder who's behind it.
Yeah, I heard the department may be compromised.
We've been there before.
I don't believe it.
Looks like we're there again.
You texted me? I think I may have just found this Bobby Connor guy.
Brass checked out Gilmore's story.
He said the guy doesn't exist.
Well, Gilmore's been meeting with somebody at Al's Diner.
The ATM across the street gave us a snapshot.
That guy was just here.
That's Lieutenant Paul Kimball.
He was running the undercover op on Donny Price.
Seriously? And if this is our fictional Bobby Connor, then he's the guy who set up the meeting in the alley with Gilmore.
Hey, Russell? Yeah? We need to have a family meeting.
IBIS report came back on the bullets that killed Price and his bodyguard.
Gun was traced back to a cop who discharged the weapon during a domestic disturbance back in 2008, but the case was tossed.
Weapon was returned to the officer.
Hey, guys, where are we going with this? Who are we talking about? It's Jeffrey McKeen.
You got to be kidding me.
Who's Jeffrey McKeen? Former undersheriff, now serving life.
I read his file when I first got here.
Yeah, he murdered a good friend of mine, CSI Warrick Brown.
He was a good friend of all of ours.
So, if McKeen's in prison, how does his gun end up committing all these murders? He must have had someone do it for him.
Yeah, but what does he have to gain? Yeah, I got an idea.
Didn't McKeen take over Lou Gedda's turf? Start running his drugs and prostitution? Yeah, before he went to prison.
So, maybe he hasn't stopped.
Like Gotti.
Godfathering from the inside.
If that's the case, then he's got people working for him on the outside.
People like Paul Kimball.
You asked me to check him out.
Long before Lieutenant Kimball ran Vice guess who his first partner was? Jeffrey McKeen.
If Kimball has ties to McKeen, then he's the one who set up Gilmore; he's our guy.
Yeah, so let's pick him up.
Undersheriff has eyes on him right now.
No, no, no, let's just keep eyes on him for now.
We got to play this smart.
Kimball's dirty, but we have no idea how deep this goes.
So, you buy Kimball as the shooter, but not as the guy on the outside calling the shots.
Kimball's an errand boy.
All we have to do is just see if he can takes us to whoever is calling the shots.
Let's bring McKeen in, all right? Shake him up a little bit.
See who he reaches out to.
Russell, right? You're the CSI that Ecklie brought in to right the ship.
How's that working out? Great.
How's prison working out for you? Eh, you know, I get by.
Must be hard.
The walls, the distance.
Hard for a guy who likes to control things, do things himself.
Just like you murdered Warrick.
Now come on, you know I didn't enjoy that, Stokes.
And Warrick didn't give me a choice.
Is that what happened with Donny Price and Veronica Gilmore? You know, I'd heard Veronica had died.
Is that why I'm here? Who told you that Gilmore wanted his wife killed? I don't know what you're talking about.
You screwed up, McKeen.
Your people tried to pin it on Gilmore, but they used a gun that traced right back to you.
Triple homicide.
So, you help us, we help you or it goes the other way.
I'm a lifer, and you got nothing.
Oh, I don't know, we can get you out of the general population.
Caged with all those animals.
The cage is just fine.
You see, this is the thing.
On the inside, I'm a cop.
I'm also a cop-killer.
And those two bullets that I put in your friend, Warrick, well That made me a hero.
I'm gonna get some air before I tear your head off.
Boy, he's got that bad cop thing down.
Here's the deal.
I figure that you're providing for your family from behind bars, right? Cash.
One phone call from me, and your family is living out of a car.
You leave my family out of this, D.
Up to you, hotshot.
Sure hope Russell knows what he's doing.
Everyone's got some weakness.
Especially when it comes to family.
Here's 200 grand cash; McKeen wants you out of town now.
It's all there; you can count it.
I don't trust you.
I trust McKeen.
Trust me when I tell you, if you show your face, it'll be me signing the contract.
I guess we just found our shot-caller.
Russell really did rattle McKeen's cage.
And Kimball led us right to him.
Your Vegas privileges are pulled.
New passport, first-class tickets.
You'll be having margaritas by morning.
I don't get it.
That's Gilmore's finance guy, Winnock.
That's the last person I would have expected.
We just got made.
Drop the gun, Winnock.
Do it now! I'm not McKeen.
I'm not going to prison.
He's dead.
Yeah, and we just lost our best shot at bringing McKeen down.
So, where are we on Kimball? Well, Moreno and Crenshaw found his car abandoned, but they they got him on this watch list.
They said he never hopped on that plane to Mexico.
$200,000-- he can go pretty much anywhere he wants.
That's true.
We need to talk.
Another family meeting? No, but family is the issue.
I got the autopsy results on David Winnock.
was two gunshot wounds to the chest.
Yeah, tell us something we don't know.
No, keep reading-- the DNA part.
Hit on CODIS.
Familial match.
David Winnock has 13 alleles in common with Jeffrey McKeen.
Yeah, Winnock wasn't just McKeen's shot-caller, he was his son.
What could you possibly want from me that you don't already know? His mother was a dancer at Pigalle, married to a pit boss named Winnock.
The boy had his name but my blood, and as he got older, I realized he had my heart, too.
I took care of both of them.
And when he grew up, your boy took care of business for you, didn't he? You're damn right.
He was my son.
He was family.
And now you know how it feels, you son of a bitch.
Karma, Jeffrey.
Your son paid for your sins.
And I know you're the one that put the bullet in him, Conrad.
Hey, you're the one that put the target on his back.
If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror.
Don't get smug with me.
Your dead pal was no saint.
I should have killed your punk ass when I had the chance.
Yeah, you should have.
A real man would have.
I might just get that chance again.
I'll make sure to clear my calendar.
The guy lives up to his reputation.
You got anything? Detectives went over to Winnock's office.
Somebody beat us to it, cleaned out his files.
Still nothing on Kimball.
Only five roads lead out of Vegas.
We got eyes on all of them.
If we can trust our eyes anymore.
I mean, who knows how deep this thing goes, how many cops McKeen has his hooks into? Sheriff's called a press conference.
Storm's coming.
Heads are going to roll.
Yeah, hers may be the first.
Thank you all for coming.
The district attorney and I are here to announce that, as of tomorrow morning, a commission will begin investigating allegations of corruption, bribery, and murder within the Las Vegas Police Department.
Four years ago, when I took office, I promised change, that the misdeeds of the past would be just that.
What a load of crap.
The investigation or the department? Both.
I hate to say it, but the sheriff's right.
We went through this four years ago when McKeen was exposed, and things got better.
Liston was elected, made changes.
And now she's talking about changes again.
That's what I'm saying.
Warrick's dead and McKeen's still in business.
It's all just talk.
I vow tonight to clean up this department once and for all.
No one will be above suspicion.
No one will get a free pass, not even me.
See this? You know, it's going to get ugly.
Hope you don't regret me dragging you here.
Hey, I make my own decisions.
Look, I-I know the Gilmore case dragged up a lot of stuff between us from the past, but, for what it's worth, in Seattle I never said you were wrong.
Well, then, why did you fire me? Oh, come on, you got to admit, it was a little Just don't say that it was complicated.
All right, I won't say it.
I really hate you sometimes.
Hey, you know what you should do? Come on over to the house tonight, have dinner with us.
Maya and Katie are there.
They'd love to see you.
I have plans.
As of tomorrow morning, LVPD will no longer function as an independent law enforcement agency.
Conrad, are you okay? Yeah, sure.
You enjoy your dinner? And the company.
We have to do it again, just the two of us.
That'll be nice.
Ah, here's your car.
I'll drive, Mother.
Uh, I'd rather you didn't.
Good night, everyone.
You were kind of quiet at dinner.
I, I just got a lot on my mind.
Want to take a walk? Yeah.
Another one.
You are on your own.
I'm very happy to be on my own.
All right, what's going on with you tonight? It's complicated.
Yeah? You ever think that maybe you're the one that's a little bit complicated, hmm? You know what? It's so much hotter when you don't talk.
Think I'm gonna go home.
You knucklehead, you've got your pajamas backwards.
I wear them that way.
Oh, I see.
Little Miss Free Spirit.
Oh, wonder where she gets that.
Charlie just called.
Team bus got in from the tournament, so he's on his way.
Bet he'll be hungry.
I'll warm him up a plate.
And I'll read a bedtime story.
Any takers? Me.
Anyone else? Uh, you go ahead.
I think Mr.
Merlot is going to put me to bed.
Go on, scoot, scoot, scoot, scoot.
Good night.
Good night.
Dad just never changes, does he? No.
What are you saying? I mean, it's not like it's going to make any difference cause in this town it's all about the game.
The game never changes, just the players.
I'm starting to think that Catherine was right.
What, leaving? No, Greg, quitting.
Oh, come on, Nick, I know things have been crazy right now, but Hey, she once told me, "If you can't handle this job, there is the door.
" You know what? I'm out.
I've seen that look.
Try driving around with him all day long.
You look like someone that doesn't need to talk to someone right now, right? I could be persuaded.
Is that a girlfriend? Not right now.
Can I see? Ah, whoa, she wouldn't like that.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
You gonna be here when I get back? If you're lucky.
It's under control.
Got eyes on the package right now.
Where are we going, anyway? Remember when I was a little girl and I'd come visit you and you would drag me to ride the roller coaster at New York, New York? I thought you hated that roller coaster.
I wanted you to think that I hated it.
I'm sorry.
I was a brat.
No, no, no, I deserved it.
Not anymore.
Hey, Undersheriff.
Dad, Dad Dad! I think you missed your calling.
Always good to have something to fall back on.
Oh Oh, do you have to get it? Don't move, I'll be right back.
Hey, Sara, what's up? Where? Oh, God, all right, oh.
All right, rally the troops.
I-I'll be there in five minutes.
What? He said to look upstairs.
Hey, Kate.
Oh, no.
They've taken her.
Don't touch anything.