CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e12 Episode Script

Double Fault

What an incredible turn of events in this women's semi-final match.
Second seed Tara Janssen is struggling to stay alive in this match against Well, Weber's not just any opponent.
These two, very close friends off the court.
I know what it's like to play against a friend, and it's not easy.
It's a difficult proposition for both these players.
Weber to serve.
A huge Janssen forehand.
Weber's getting to every ball.
Incredible rally ends with the easy unforced error from Janssen.
Weber, now with her first match point.
You know, Lindsay, Weber has never beaten Janssen.
And this would be an incredible win for her.
Oh, biggest match of her career.
Claudia's husband and coach, Ivan, looks as nervous as she does right now.
And her father, also, who's cheering her on.
You know, he's never missed a match since she's been Let.
A little tight there on that first serve.
Nerves, maybe? Game, match, Weber.
What a way to end it.
ace to seal it.
Wow, and Claudia Weber now advances to her first-ever premiere final.
Claudia, congratulations on an incredible win in front of your hometown crowd.
Is it even more challenging playing against one of your best friends and doubles partners? She's an incredible competitor.
That's what makes her a great doubles partner.
Oh, and I want to thank my husband and my Dad for believing in me.
And to all of you, who cheered me on.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mm, gosh, what a shame.
Did you ever see Claudia Weber play? No, I never did.
More of a basketball fan, really.
Mm, she was such a great player.
And a really good person off the court.
You sound like a real fan.
CSIs Russell and Finlay, meet Justin Gimelstob.
He's the one who found the body this morning.
Want to tell us how you found her, please? Just going through my normal routine, trying to get a light workout in, hit some balls against the ball machine.
And I called the police.
We're going to need your clothes for evidence.
I'll escort you to the locker room.
Thank you.
Clay's been disturbed.
Medium force spatter.
Claudia was definitely killed here.
Who says tennis isn't a blood sport? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Here goes the last of the rigor.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
Wow, her right arm is quite a bit bigger than her left.
Well, that's typical of tennis players.
Their hitting arm's often more muscular.
You a tennis fan? Yeah, my, uh, doubles partner and I are the top-ranked wheelchair team at our club.
Liver temp.
is 89.
Puts TOD at less than six hours.
Shouldn't it be 12 hours? She's in full rigor.
Physical activity so close to death sometimes causes the body to go into rigor a little faster than normal.
Got a spatter pattern on her shoe.
Clay mixed in, so I can't really tell if it's blood.
Serious blunt-force trauma to the head.
She may have won the match, but she took a beating on the court.
Weber was not only beaten, she was stabbed in the throat, too.
Wasn't there another tennis player who got stabbed on the court years ago? Yeah, Monica Seles.
By an obsessed Steffi Graff fan.
Sports fans can be extremely passionate.
Maybe someone was not happy that Claudia won that match yesterday.
Why are you treating me like a suspect? My wife just died.
I understand that.
But if anything, we're doing everything we can to eliminate you as a suspect.
When's the last time you saw Claudia? Uh, right after her match.
I stayed for her press conference, then I went home.
You know, her car was still in the parking lot.
Were you worried when she didn't come home last night? She booked a room in a hotel across the street.
My snoring, uh, keeps her up at night.
And she wanted to get a good night's rest before the final.
She was on that court really late last night.
Does she normally stay after hours like that? She liked to hit balls after a big match at night; it would clear her head.
So anybody in the tennis world would understand that's that's part of her routine? Athletes, they're-they're creatures of habit.
Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt your wife? Everyone loved Claudia.
Okay, man.
The hardest part is telling her dad.
He just lost his wife last year.
Claudia's she was all he had left.
I'm going to do everything I can to find out who did this, all right? Check out these scuff marks.
Weber struggled with her killer.
Got more blood drops.
Some grass, little pieces of gravel.
Could've come from the killer's shoes.
All right, I'll collect this section of the clay, and then I'll bring it back to the lab.
I got more blood drops, leading to the garbage can.
Killer could've tried to dispose of the weapon.
It's empty; the bag's been changed.
Well, looks like I'm going Dumpster diving.
Excuse me, are you CSI Supervisor Diebekorn Russell? Judging by the suit, I'm guessing you're a government agent.
And, if you're DEA, the mushrooms behind me are medicinal.
I've been through this before with you guys.
I'm not here about your mushrooms, sir.
Agent Smith, USCIS.
All right.
What's that about? One of your employees, David Hodges.
David?! He's an American citizen.
He's got family in Canada, yeah, but, I mean, who doesn't? How would you describe Mr.
Hodges' character? A little odd, but nice, hardworking.
To the best of your knowledge, has he ever been dishonest? No.
Never falsified reports? Tampered with evidence? No, no, absolutely not.
Does he travel internationally a lot? Not that you'd notice, no.
Well, wait, no, he took his mom to Italy last year.
Is Hodges in some kind of trouble? You recognize that woman? No, should I? David Hodges claims she's his fiancée.
Her name is Elisabetta.
We met at her family's vineyard in Tuscany.
She educated me about the acidic properties of the Sangiovese grape.
Sounds romantic.
It was amore.
I knew then that we were destined to spend our lives together.
Well, I-I certainly hope that Immigration agrees with you.
Did the agent happen to seem overly suspicious? Raised a red flag, yeah, when I-I didn't recognize Eli-Eli Elisabetta.
Why-why didn't you tell anyone? Um, what can I say? I'm a man of mystery.
Yeah, okay.
Um, hey, very happy for you.
Well, thank you.
I'm going to let you get back to your clay.
You know, technically, it's not clay.
American courts use crushed basalt.
Ah, see, I didn't know that.
That's fascinating.
Okay, good, um As you can see, being a professional athlete takes its toll on the body.
Broken wrist, stress fractures in the feet.
Come look at this.
Brown discoloration of the cerebral cortex adjacent to brown discoloration of the subdura-- indicative of previous head trauma, likely a contusion.
How long ago? No way to know for sure.
What about her current injuries? Three depressed skull fractures that left rectangular impressions approximately one inch wide.
Is that the cause of death? No, actually this was: this vertical fracture bisected the thyroid prominence and fractured both superior horns, causing a soft tissue hemorrhage.
She choked on her own blood.
Essentially, yes.
Any idea what the murder weapon is yet? Well, the margins of the wound are jagged and the puncture's less than an inch deep.
Doesn't appear to be a knife, but at this point, I can't say for certain what it was.
So, Ernest, what time did you change the trash bags on that court? Uh, start of my shift, around 6:00 a.
You, uh, see anything unusual in there? I don't look in the bags, not since a player on the court had food poisoning.
Bags were full of puke.
Oh, well, that's great.
You don't mind going first, do you, Greg? So, this is, uh, everything from yesterday and this morning.
Thank you, Ernest.
Here we go.
Broken tennis racket.
This could be our murder weapon right here.
Looks like there's some blood on it.
Well, Claudia had blunt-force trauma to the head.
Killer must have hit her with that racket and broke the frame.
Yeah, and then used this sharp edge to stab her in the throat.
You know, I know tape on the handle absorbs sweat.
Well, that means DNA.
Got some results for you.
Hey, Henry you're friends with Hodges, right? Uh, depends on the day.
Did you know that he was engaged? You know, I heard it from Rick, in QD, who heard it from Arlene in Reception.
Word travels fast around here.
Yeah, well Ever since Hodges accused me of trying to steal Wendy Wait, who's Wendy? Our old DNA analyst.
Uh, anyway, since then, he doesn't really confide in me anymore.
Okay, you have some results for me.
I do.
Blood on the frame of the tennis racket was a match to our victim Claudia Weber.
So, it's definitely the murder weapon.
She was also the major contributor of DNA on the handle.
Killed by her own racket.
But there was a minor contributor of touch DNA on the handle, as well.
And get this: It came back to Tara Janssen, the player that Weber just beat in the semifinals.
I guess Tara was a sore loser, after all.
Janssen, would you mind? Oh, not at all.
Of course.
Hey, break it up.
Janssen, I hate to drag you away from your adoring fans, but we have to talk.
Please, come with me.
Claudia was like a little sister to me.
I've known her since she was 14.
How could you possibly think that I'd do anything to hurt her? Because your DNA was on her tennis racket, which just so happens to be the murder weapon.
Let me show you.
Claudia and I both used the Ace-Trak 528 racket.
A couple of times, when we were playing doubles, we grabbed each other's by mistake.
Janssen, let me ask you something.
What's the prize money on these kind of tournaments? Half a million.
That's a good chunk of change.
So when Claudia knocked you out of the tournament, you obviously lost your shot at the cash.
I'm not interested in the prize money.
I made $11 million in endorsement deals last year.
So you do it for the glory; for the love of the game.
I'm chasing history.
and I'll break the record for most career singles titles.
But, you know, let's face it, I mean, you're pushing 30.
I mean, that's not old, but in tennis, that's old.
And young up-and-comers like Claudia could get in the way of you chasing your legacy, right? Listen, no one likes to lose, but she deserved to win.
She played a great match.
And I was happy for her.
You weren't always such a gracious loser.
Let me show you something.
This was taken about a month ago.
That ball was out? That ball that landed right there, that was out? Wow.
Where were you between I had a late dinner with Chris Evert, and then I went home and I went to bed.
Evert? I'm CSI Finlay.
I need to ask you some questions about Tara Janssen.
Sure, but can it wait? I'm right in the middle of a workout.
Can I borrow your racket for a moment? Thank you.
You play? A little.
When I was a kid.
But enough to keep the ball going, so we can talk.
Let's see what you got.
So what was your relationship with Tara? Well, she's been getting some code violations lately, and I'm really trying to help her with her anger issues.
When was the last time you saw her? Last night, after a match.
We were just chatting about her game.
Grabbed a bite, and then I just dropped her off at her condo.
What time was that? A little before midnight.
Did Claudia Weber have any issues with anybody on the tour? No, not the players.
But she hasn't been too happy about her coach lately.
Is that her husband Ivan? Yeah.
She actually has been thinking about firing him.
Really? She asked me if I'd be interested in coaching her.
Whoa! Where'd that come from? You holding out on me? I learned it from watching you.
Thank you.
Uh What is the problem, baby? Are you ashamed with me? Elisabetta, mio amore, please calm down.
Potresti avere all spoiled.
Do you understand me? Si.
Who is that? Hodges' fiancée.
Fiancée?! Yeah.
I'm trying to figure out what she's saying.
If my translate app is correct, it's something about a green card.
Don't worry.
Everything will be okay.
Okay? Si.
Non okay.
Like I'm invisible, or what? Mm-mm.
Ti amo.
No, it's-- I didn't want to tell anybody about you yet.
Non soon pronto.
Cold toes? Oh, she means cold feet.
Hey, shh.
No cold feet.
There is another woman in your life? Qualche bionda bimbo Americana? No, wait Oh, she thinks there's another woman.
Yeah, I got that.
Elisabetta there is only you.
Sei l'unica donna che amo.
You drive me crazy, David, you know that? I love you.
I have never been jealous of Hodges until this moment.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
Wha? Now everybody knows who I am.
Way to go, Hodges! You have something for me, right? Yes.
Uh, Hodges found traces of chewing tobacco in the clay.
It's the same trace that Finn pulled off the victim's shoes.
Guess who the DNA comes back to.
Why'd you lie to me, Ivan? What do you mean? You know as well as I do you were on that practice court with Claudia last night.
Chewing tobacco is a dirty habit.
When you spit, you got some on your wife's shoes.
We have DNA to prove it's yours.
We know Claudia was shopping around for a new coach.
You were about to be fired by your wife.
That's got to be a serious blow to the ego, man.
You couldn't handle it, so you killed her.
No! No.
I went there to talk to her.
You just had the best game of your career, and you want to fire me?! I can't take orders from you on the court and then come home to you at night.
It's too hard.
So, that's it? You're just gonna get rid of me, huh? I'm gone.
If we want to try and make this marriage work, you can't be my husband and my coach.
I agreed to do whatever it took to save our marriage.
And how long had you two been having trouble? About a year.
The last month had been the worst.
Uh She hadn't been herself.
What do you mean? She'd been having nightmares.
She was calling out some guy's name.
Is that somebody on tour? Not that I know of.
When I asked her about it, she wouldn't tell me.
She'd been kind of secretive lately.
Is it possible that your wife was having an affair? I don't think so.
Claudia was the most honest, decent person that I ever met.
This is the last of what was collected from Claudia Weber's locker.
Cat treats three different kinds of hand lotion.
Learn a lot about a woman from what she keeps in her purse.
Same goes for her tennis bag.
Oh, what's this thing called? A Blossom Ballerina? Oh, yeah.
My daughter had one of those.
Took it everywhere.
Athletes tend to be superstitious.
Maybe it was a good luck charm.
Receipts from Tasty Time and Choozies Chicken.
Well, players burn a lot of calories, and fast food is an easy way to replace them.
Their dirty little secret.
She might have another secret, too.
This looks like LSD.
Man, that takes me back.
Wait, you took LSD? No.
No, my folks did.
Hey, wasn't illegal until 1966.
But Claudia Weber's tox was clean.
And as you know, or your folks, should know LSD doesn't stay in your system for more than a half an hour.
You know, her husband thought that she was keeping a secret from him.
This would be quite a doozy.
But LSD isn't a performance enhancer.
It's recreational.
So, pressures of the game, maybe it was Claudia's way of coping.
He also said that she was having nightmares about a guy named Brent.
Didn't think he was part of the tennis world.
Maybe he's part of this world.
We got a print here.
"Darcy Shaw.
" "Felony drug distribution.
" I'm not a drug dealer.
I'm a doctor.
Well, Ms.
Shaw, says here you, uh, took an online course in hypnotherapy.
That doesn't really qualify you as a physician.
Or give you the right to dispense illegal drugs.
Mind-altering drugs like LSD have been used for thousands of years to help open the mind and connect the body with the soul.
Along with hypnotherapy, this can be a valuable tool in healing both mental and physical ailments.
And what ailment were you treating Claudia Weber for? Claudia had been having violent dreams, and I believe that they were repressed memories of a traumatic experience that happened when she was four.
What kind of a traumatic experience? I think that someone viciously attacked Claudia and her mother.
She actually remembered this happening? Well, recovered memories-- it's not like a movie with a beginning, middle and an end.
It-It comes in flashes.
And the brain doesn't want to remember.
It's It's too painful.
So how's that work? What, do you interpret those flashes, do you? I wasn't influencing Claudia's memories, if that's what you're implying.
I was just there to guide her safely through the process.
I recorded the sessions if you'd like to see them.
As I continue to talk, you feel a heavy, relaxed feeling come over you.
With every word that I say, it's putting you faster and deeper into a peaceful state of hypnosis.
How old are you, Claudia? Four.
Look at that.
She's already under the influence.
The LSD is making her prone to suggestion.
Maybe it's just making it easier for her to tap into her subconscious.
Where are you? I'm in the woods.
Who is with you? I'm in a tent.
By myself.
- I'm scared.
- No one can hurt you.
You're safe.
Mommy?! They're hurting her.
Who's hurting her? I don't know.
I need you to stay in the tent.
All right, everything's going to be okay.
I won't let anything happen.
Stay here.
- Brent! - Who's Brent? Brent?! Okay, so that was her last session.
What are you thinking? She talks about this guy Brent, from her past, who tried to save her.
If any of this even happened.
Why would you say that? Because it's a memory from when she was four years old.
Tr-trust me, kids' memories are not the most reliable.
They have vivid imaginations.
Charlie-- he swears that he fell off a horse when he was five years old.
Never happened.
But look at Claudia's autopsy report.
Doc found evidence of an old brain injury right where she said she got hit by the shovel.
I mean, don't you think it's strange that Claudia starts having childhood memories of someone trying to kill her, and then, one month later, she's dead? I mean, that cannot be a coincidence.
Timing is interesting.
I'm thinking that whoever tried to kill her when she was a kid came back to finish the job.
Weber, I am so sorry for your loss.
Your daughter was such a talented athlete.
Thank you.
You-you said you had some questions you wanted to ask me.
I do.
Did you and your family ever go on a camping trip when Claudia was little? No.
My wife wasn't really the, uh the roughing-it type.
Why? Well, about month ago, Claudia started having memories from when she was four.
A-a camping trip where both she and her mother were violently attacked.
We always wondered what happened.
What do you mean? I'm not Claudia's biological father.
When she was four years old, I found her lying unconscious by the side of the road, up in Mount Charleston.
She was bleeding, she was near death.
I picked her up, and I took her to the hospital.
Did you report it to the police? Well, of course.
I told them.
They searched the area where I found her, but they they never found her family.
Did Claudia ever tell anyone what happened to her? She didn't remember anything.
The only way we figured her name was Claudia is because it was, uh it was written on her jacket.
Did anyone ever come looking for her? Were there any missing persons reports? Nothing.
I mean, we just assumed she was abandoned.
Social Services let my wife and I become foster parents, and then, um well, eventually, we adopted her.
Did you tell Claudia any of this? We just wanted her to feel like she was ours.
And she was.
She was ours.
We thought it was a blessing she didn't remember what happened to her.
So, these were taken at the hospital the day Claudia was found.
She suffered severe head trauma, dehydration and multiple cuts and abrasions.
You know, a head injury would explain why she couldn't remember anything.
Yeah, not to mention the emotional trauma from the attack.
You know, in all her sessions, Claudia never mentioned a daddy, just Brent.
Could be a brother, stepfather, mother's boyfriend.
Hey, look at that-- Blossom Ballerina.
Just like the one you found in Claudia's tennis bag.
It looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years.
If she had that toy when she was attacked, there still could be evidence on it.
I'll get it to Hodges.
You decapitated Blossom Ballerina.
Well, I assure you, she didn't feel a thing.
So, I talked to Simon Weber.
His wife passed away a year ago.
He was cleaning out his house, going through boxes.
He came across a box of Claudia's old toys.
Sent them to her last month.
Could be seeing this toy is what triggered her memories.
And if we can figure out who tried to kill her back then, we might be able to find out who killed her now.
Was there something else? Yeah.
That's Wow.
She's something, isn't she? Oh, yeah.
She is Italian.
I'm just surprised you got engaged so quickly.
Well, when you know, you know, right? But you guys haven't known each other that long, and marriage is not something you rush into.
I-I would just hate to see you get hurt.
Uh, don't worry about me.
What if this woman is using you to get a green card? Yeah.
Why would a beautiful, amazing woman want to marry me, right? That is not what I meant at all.
You know I think you are a great guy; you know that.
It took me ten months to choose a new cell phone last year.
I analyzed consumer reports, data rates, battery longevity.
For once, I'm following my heart, not analyzing everything.
And that's great, but you don't have to go from one extreme to the other.
Can't you just be happy for me? I don't trust this woman.
There's no other way to say it.
And deep down in your heart, I don't think you do, either.
If you thought this was a real relationship, you'd be shouting it from the rooftops, right? This is exactly why I didn't say anything to anyone.
Because I knew this is how you'd all react.
I just didn't expect it from you.
I love Elisabetta.
Unless Immigration gets in the way, I'm going to marry her.
Hey, what do you got? Well, Hodges found traces of Claudia's blood on that Blossom Ballerina.
Lack of solubility suggested it was a very old blood sample.
So she did have it during the attack.
Well, you know, even though Claudia was rescued, her mom never came looking for her.
Yeah, well, maybe Mom and Brent never made it out of those woods.
Hodges found something else mixed in with the blood.
So, I've pulled up a map of Mount Charleston.
There are several sulfur springs in the area.
Well, according to the police report, Simon Weber found Claudia on a service road just South of Echo Cliff.
Oh, there's a sulfur spring less than five miles from there.
Yeah, let's get some ground-penetrating equipment out there, see what we can find.
Clear! Clear! Well, I have a hit.
Looks animal.
Maybe coyote.
Hey, I got something.
That's too big to be an animal.
One male, one female.
Yeah, I think we just found Mom and Brent.
Based on the dimensions of the injuries and the extent of the trauma, weapon used could have been some sort of wide-based tool.
Like a shovel? Yeah, injuries are consistent with a shovel.
Just like Claudia remembered.
Take a look at the extent of the injuries to the male.
Multiple depressed skull fractures ring fracture at the base of the skull.
He was nearly decapitated.
So he took the brunt of the killer's rage.
Hey, got DNA results, and we've restored the I.
s found at the grave site.
These are actually both Claudia's biological parents.
Both? Meet Karen and Martin Abbott.
Who the hell's Brent? Brent was their son.
Karen and Martin Abbott were from Montana.
Brent was their oldest child, and when he was 12, they had Claudia.
All-American family.
Well, not exactly.
Martin Abbott had a record.
For what? Assault and credit card fraud.
When the family disappeared, he had several outstanding warrants.
Maybe that's why nobody reported the family missing.
Thought they just skipped town.
Okay, Abbott family gets the hell out of Dodge.
They go camping up in Nevada.
Parents end up dead, Claudia barely escapes with her life, and Brent-- nowhere to be found.
So Brent is either our killer or he is still buried out in those woods.
Claudia thought her brother was still alive.
I-I went through her phone records.
For the past few weeks she's been calling Brent Abbotts across the country.
She was calling Brent Abbotts up until the day she was killed.
I-I contacted a few of them.
Claudia asked them all the exact same question: were they on a camping trip What if one of these Brent Abbotts really was her brother? And he got nervous that she was remembering what happened in those woods.
That he killed their parents, tried to kill her.
So he returns to Vegas to shut her up for good.
Got away with murder once, probably thought he could do it again.
Only problem is, Claudia called at least 50 Brent Abbotts.
How do we figure out which one's our killer? Hey, Finn.
I've done some more checking into Martin Abbott.
Now, according to his rap sheet, he's used several aliases.
One of them-- Ernest Prestwich.
Why does that sound familiar? Well, Ernest Prestwich is a janitor at the tennis center, but that's not his real name.
According to his contact information, he has an L.
cell registered to Brent Abbott.
So Brent used one of his dad's aliases but forgot to change his cell phone number.
I cross-referenced Claudia's phone records.
She called him a week ago.
That's great.
Let's bring him in.
Patrol just picked him up at a service station.
Looks like the past finally caught up to you, Brent.
We found your parents' bodies on Mount Charleston, right where you buried 'em.
After you beat them to death with a shovel.
We get it.
Your old man was bad news.
I did some digging into your history.
I know you made a lot of trips to the ER.
I know that that son of a bitch beat the crap out of you since you were eight years old.
We understand.
Yeah, the cops even came to your house a few times, and your mother never pressed charges.
She always covered for him.
She would always say that the bruises were from fights at school and the broken bones were from football.
And on this family camping trip you decided to end the abuse once and for all.
Am I right? We were in the middle of the woods.
So I waited for everyone to fall asleep and I took out Dad first.
Your dad abused you and your mom did not protect you.
But why would you try to kill your four-year-old little sister? I didn't mean to hurt Claudia.
I told her to wait in the tent; she didn't listen.
Claudia! Claudia! I thought she was dead.
I went to dig the grave.
When I turned around, she was gone.
But she saw what you did.
Is that why you showed up I-I, I didn't kill her.
I-I-I looked her up and saw that she was playing in Vegas.
I didn't come here to kill her.
I came here to, to talk to her, explain my side of the story.
What'd she say? I didn't get a chance to talk to her.
I went to the courts that night, and she wasn't there so I left.
I didn't kill my sister.
G-give me a-a-a polygraph or take my DNA-- whatever it is you people do-- but I didn't kill Claudia.
What time did you leave the court? It, it was, like, 1:00.
Can anyone verify that? It was pretty deserted.
N-No, there was the other, uh, tennis player, though, um, Janssen, Tara Janssen.
She was there.
What was she doing? I don't know, practicing, I guess.
She had a basket full of tennis balls.
We found your prints in Claudia Weber's blood.
You know, I always thought that you just killed Claudia 'cause you were a sore loser, but murder over an off day seemed a bit extreme, so we took a closer look.
You know, I always wondered what players said to each other after a match, so we isolated and boosted the audio.
Good match.
By the way, I'm sleeping with your husband.
Ooh, that's cold.
I probably would have just stuck with a handshake.
Out of curiosity, how long have you been involved with Ivan? Almost a year.
He and Claudia were having problems long before I came into the picture.
So, instead of helping your friend, you helped yourself to her husband.
I loved him.
He was going to ask Claudia for a divorce.
That's why he went over there that night.
I'm sorry, I know, she doesn't But instead he told her that he still loved her and that he wanted to work on their marriage.
Claudia agreed to give him a second chance.
She didn't even love him.
She just didn't want me to have him.
That's enough to set anybody off, especially someone with a temper like yours.
She took everything from me that night.
She took the match and she took Ivan.
I hated her for that.
I killed her and I stuffed her body in the ball machine.
Me and Ivan-- we were good together.
We were.
She just should have walked away.
Yeah, but she didn't, so you eliminated your competition on and off the court.
So, instead of serving aces, all you'll be serving is time.
Hey, glad I caught you.
Oh, hi, I was just going to get dinner with my dad.
Oh, tell him I said hi.
I just wanted to thank you.
My lawyer called and told me that you talked to Immigration; gave me a glowing character reference.
Seemed like it couldn't hurt, right? Mm-hmm.
Yeah, but you weren't exactly supportive of my relationship with Elisabetta.
You're my friend, and I just want what's best for you, so, if she makes you happy, then it's good enough for me.
Thank you.
I should go.
So, I guess Tara Janssen will go down in the history books after all.
Yeah, just not the way she wanted, I'm guessing.
So now you can take her spot on the tour.
That's funny.
Now, don't be so modest.
I heard that Chris Evert said you had some real talent.
Well I did play a lot when I was a kid.
You ever think about turning pro? Oh, when I was 15, yeah, for a second.
What happened? Life-- life happened.
Well, I'm glad it did.
Yeah, me, too.