CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s13e22 Episode Script

Skin in the Game

Come on! Regeneration Of your cybersonic soul Transforming Time and space beyond control Rise up, resist And be the master of your fate Don't look back, live for today Tomorrow is too late So nice to see Black Sabbath again.
Saw them in '78 at the Spectrum in Philly.
Around the same time I saw the Dead at the Winterland Ballroom.
Little bit of a different vibe.
You don't want to be a robot ghost Occupied inside a human host You sure this is where we're supposed to meet the guy? Backstage, man, after the show.
I still think it's a bad idea.
Look, this reporter's just gonna follow you around for a few days.
He gets his story.
We all go home.
Mayor's happy, all right? A little positive PR wouldn't hurt.
What? I said a little All right, okay All right Till they set you free.
Come on! So, Ozzy, another incredible gig.
The new album is entitled 13, am I right? That's-that's correct.
The album's kind of like a a modern sound, but there's no denying it's a Black Sabbath album.
Still got the Black Sabbath vibe, you know? Listen, I think we got it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Nice one.
I'm sure you don't remember this, but you were actually my first interview ever.
I was? The Ultimate Sin Tour, 1986.
Really? I-I don't remember.
The concert or me? I don't remember 1986.
Really great to meet you.
Thanks for you time again.
You're very welcome.
Best of luck with of the tour.
All right, thank you.
Sheriff Ecklie, good to see you.
John Merchiston, Savoir magazine.
Russell, CSI.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
I was reading up about your exploits in Seattle catching the Gig Harbor Killer.
Real thriller.
I'm not sure that three days with us will, uh, reach that same level of thrills.
I sense a certain reluctance on your part.
I just don't see the value, to be honest, you know.
Another story about cops.
Hardly cops, are you? I mean, you're the, uh, nation's number one crime lab.
Sworn to uphold the law in the land of the lawless.
I-I've got a working title, actually.
It's, uh, "Police as Paradox in Sin City.
" There's your positive PR for you.
Um, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go.
I got a 419.
Dead body.
Sounds like we're off to a good start.
Okay, all right.
Go get your stuff.
You just signed yourself up for the grave shift.
What the hell is this place? These are porn stages.
Used by a local production company.
They're currently out of town.
I assume you've met Yes.
Merchiston and I went over the ground rules, right? I brought my own latex.
Yeah, now you don't touch anything.
Clear? You know, I did a piece on Scotland Yard, so I had to pass their forensic field training.
Impressive, Sherlock.
Keep your hands in your pocket.
Welcome to the Love Motel.
New partner, Jim? Oh, uh, John Merchiston, this is, uh, CSI Julie Finlay.
Merchiston's a reporter, and he's embedded with us for a few days.
All right, fill me in.
Jane Doe.
Mummified body.
So, she's been here at least a couple of months.
You'd think so, but according to the owner of this fine establishment, not so.
What do you mean? Production on Lambskin Lings Playbook ended Monday.
The company, uh, picked up, went to an adult convention in Miami.
The place has been locked up for 48 hours.
At least until it was broken into this morning.
Skin under the neck is opened up.
You can see the hyoid bone.
It's broken.
So she was strangled.
What is that? That sweet, flowery smell-- what is that? Well, obviously, you guys don't hang out in strip clubs.
Yeah, I-I thing it's called "Honeysuckle," um "Honeysuckle" something.
What's it called? Honeysuckle "Summer.
" "Honeysuckle Summer.
" That's it.
Personal experience? I never reveal a source.
It's odd, though, isn't it, that there's this new stripper smell on an old stripper body? That's not all that's new.
Lingerie still has the price tag on it.
Okay, all right, so maybe she was a stripper, maybe she wasn't.
Either way, killer strangles her, mummifies the body, breaks in, stages her to look like a porn star.
Yeah, trying to give us all a show.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! So, all this work, what do you think the message is? Could be a twisted vendetta against the porn company.
Brass is running down all the employees past and present.
Attention to detail, all the way down to the Bible on the nightstand.
Could be our killer's obsessed with sin.
What is that? I don't know.
Bunch of zeroes carved on it.
It opens.
That is a black widow.
That's the Steatoda grossa.
That's the "false black widow.
" Harmless.
Says you.
Beware of killers bearing gifts.
If we can restore her prints or extract DNA, maybe we can get an I.
Of course, there's no guarantee she'll be in the system.
Could be we'd have more luck if we restore her face.
Oh, it's a little late for that, Doc.
Not necessarily.
You're thinking Dr.
Who's Dr.
Stevens? He's developed rehydrating techniques to identify bodies found in desert environments.
The process, it not only restores the skin, but it restores the vital organs, everything.
We can do a full autopsy.
There's just one problem.
And what's that? There's always a risk the process could destroy additional evidence.
Well, right now, getting an I.
is our best shot at catching this killer.
I agree.
I'll run the bath.
Doc really pulled off a miracle.
He gave us a face? Yeah, but we still don't have any I.
Facial recognition in Missing Persons came up empty.
What about her DNA? Same story.
Nothing in CODIS.
Well, maybe if we go public with her photo, someone will recognize her.
It's worth a shot.
Hey, M.
Look what Doc found during autopsy inside her chest cavity.
Killer inserted it inside her mummified heart.
Gold charm? Hooker with a heart of gold.
Someone's got a sick sense of humor.
Get it to Hodges.
Thank you.
Shall do.
Bye, Dad.
All right, see you.
Oh, how goes it with Mr.
Savoir Magazine? He's a bit of an ass, but the longer he's with us, the more of that positive PR you'll get.
What's your expert opinion on this, uh on this little trinket that the killer left behind? I don't know, man.
The, uh, numbers could mean something.
They could be symbols, couldn't they? I just got back from Luxor.
The one in Egypt.
I was doing an article on the tourist trade there, or the lack thereof.
I don't know.
Hieroglyphics are just in my mind right now.
Hieroglyphics, symbols, you know.
Do you mind if I touch this one? No, go ahead.
The spider's definitely a dramatic touch, wouldn't you say? That's the pill bug you're smelling.
It emits a chemical to deter predators.
It's impressive, your, uh your knowledge of entomology.
I had a good teacher.
Going public with the photo of our victim really paid off.
You remember "Miss Kitty"? She recognize the victim? She only wants to talk to you, so Hey.
Miss Kitty, nice to see you again.
You, too.
Oh, and it's not "Miss Kitty" anymore.
I don't use my street name.
I use my real name now.
Angela Banner.
Said you're out of the game now, right? Yes, and that's why I know Megan.
She's the girl that was killed? Megan Ramirez.
She was a stripper.
Did porn on the side.
Like me, she wanted out.
And I was helping her through the Fellowship of Fallen Angels.
Oh, the stripper church downtown? Brother Larson's ministry.
Brother Larson.
We're working to save girls like Megan.
Now, when was the last time you saw her? Two months ago at a support meeting.
And then she just disappeared.
But that's not all.
Since then, all of these girls have disappeared.
They haven't come to counseling, to meetings, to fellowship suppers.
And you know they got to eat.
In spite of your valiant efforts to save these girls, some of them may not want to be saved.
If they had any doubt, they would've come to me or Brother Larson.
They wouldn't just up and leave.
Y'all have to do something so that these girls don't end up like Megan.
Excuse me.
Look, Nancy, that's all I know right now.
No, I mean, it's I don't have any more information.
No, you don't have to do that.
All right.
I got to run.
Okay, bye-bye.
Your daughter Ellie is one of the girls who may be missing.
I'm so sorry.
Well, you know, I had to call my ex-wife Nancy, tell her that, you know, Ellie's in Vegas.
Left out the real trouble that she might be in.
Nancy's flying out? Yeah, tonight.
You know, ever since Ellie's been in Vegas, I've been trying to track her down.
Just to reach out, connect, you know? When I saw that picture, I mean, it was like a stab in my heart.
Okay, look, you said yourself, we don't know for sure that something's happened to these girls.
But we know what happened to one of them.
All right, look, we-we have this information.
We'll get it out to everybody.
Now, if Angela's right and these girls are in danger, we'll find them.
I called as soon as the hospital received a missing persons photo from your office.
So, you say her name is Teresa Hill? Mm-hmm.
It's nice to finally have her name.
Oh, so she came in as a Jane Doe? Two weeks ago.
Been here ever since.
She was found in the alley behind the motel, strangled and left for dead.
Well, I'm sure she's been processed, but I'm gonna need to examine her on my own.
I understand; do what you need to do.
Okay, thanks.
That from the evidence locker? Personal items.
Day shift collected them when they were processing her.
According to Angela, Teresa advertised online.
Her angle was that she claimed to be a virgin, auctioning off her virtue.
Typical hooker stuff.
Condoms, lipstick What is it? Charm bracelet with a gold heart pendant, just like the one Doc took out of Megan Ramirez.
There are no coincidences, right? It's Nick; he's following up on one of our missing girls, Chloe Rudolph.
They find her? Yeah.
Like you said, no coincidences.
Whoa, you sure weren't kidding.
How long do you think she's been like this? About 12 hours, I guess.
She seems to be in full rigor.
You know, Angela Banner's file said that Chloe Rudolph here worked for a food fetish porn site.
People paid to watch her eat.
The, uh, camera went live about an hour ago.
That's when the calls started coming in, and the ISP traced it back to this address.
This her place? No, it's her boyfriend's.
And where is he? He's in the freezer, chilling with the ice cream.
Well, boyfriend's C.
is obvious.
What about hers? Well, petechial hemorrhaging suggests that she choked on dessert, but that's not your typical chocolate.
Schistocerca gregaria.
Chocolate-covered locust.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any sicker.
Wonder if there's a spider inside.
Not this time.
Well, that's three bodies now, Greg.
And another one clinging to life in the hospital.
We got ourselves a serial.
Don't think we're looking at death by chocolate.
Hyoid bone's broken.
She was strangled.
's with the female victims is consistent.
As are other elements of the killer's signature.
I did notice this odd pattern of abrasions on her back.
That's disturbing.
"Thou shalt not bear false witness.
" That's from the Ten Commandments, right? Number nine, I think.
The lettering is so defined.
To do something like this, you'd have to create the bruises under the skin right around the time of death, knowing that they'd only be visible during autopsy.
He wanted us to see this.
Here, now.
Talk about a signature.
Religious references, Bibles, wooden whatever the hell these are, bugs, gold hearts Yeah, usually a killer has one signature.
This guy is all over the page.
He doesn't seem to have a specific type, either.
I mean, he's even killed a guy now, right? A pimp.
All right, so based on what Angela told us, the seven girls who seem to have gone missing all disappeared around the same time.
Eight weeks ago.
Now the guy's dropping bodies on his own time table.
Two weeks ago, Teresa Hill is found strangled, survives.
Last night, Megan Ramirez is found dead on a porn stage.
This afternoon, Chloe Rudolph dead with her pimp in the kitchen.
In flagrante delicto.
Death by chocolate.
Yeah, do you mind not sitting on that, please? Sorry.
You got any issues with the couch? No, no, knock yourself out.
Does anybody else think it's odd that, um, the killer didn't actually kill the first girl? Maybe he was interrupted.
The alley crime scene was not staged.
I don't think so.
I think the guy's methodical.
I think he wanted us to find her the way we did.
I actually agree with you on that, based on my research of the Gig Harbor Killer.
You've got to admit there's all these similarities.
The, uh, well, quasi-religious themes and the presenting of one gruesome tableaux after another.
This is not Gig Harbor.
Yeah, I know that.
But, you know, just-just like that case, we do need to start at the beginning.
Yeah, Angela came to us, concerned about girls missing from the stripper church.
Right, so if we want to retrace their steps, that's where we need to go.
I'm not here to preach damnation and hellfire.
I'm not gonna preach at all.
I'm just a messenger sent here to share my story.
The story of a man who used women for his own gratification, for the urges of others in the almighty pursuit of money, power, a sweet set of wheels.
How's it working out for you? Shh.
Not so good.
That voice, you can call it God, you can call it conscience.
It's what made me see a different path.
"Let not mercy and truth forsake thee.
"Bind them about thy neck.
Write them upon the table of thine heart.
" Ooh.
Lord Almighty, God writes his name upon your heart because when your heart breaks, his word falls in.
Pray with me, brothers and sisters.
Excuse me.
Pray with me.
Can I help you? Yeah, we're with the police.
Look, I don't mean to be rude, but, uh, a lot of us in here have had run-ins with the cops.
We don't want to scare anybody away, so if I can help you find who you're looking for It's okay, Jake.
I can handle this.
Hi, Kitty.
It's Angela now.
- What can I do for you? - We'd just like to ask you and Brother Larson some more questions about the girls.
There's not a lot more I can share with you guys beside the information Angela's already given you.
Well, you certainly have a lot of followers.
How do you suppose they found their way here? I don't have followers, and the people, they found their way here the same way I did; they hear the call.
Brother Larson takes his ministry to the streets, to prisons, to shelters, and those he saves become congregants, and many of them are volunteers like me.
You happen to have a list of names of the congregants? There are no names here.
Uh, like that sign says, "only fellowship.
" Well, with all due respect, your fellowship is taking quite a hit.
I mean, with two dead women, another one barely hanging on.
This place is a sanctuary.
It's outside these walls where the souls are hunted.
Is this your Great Awakenings Bible, Brother? Yes, it is.
So do you always make it a habit to carve your books out like that? When the spirit moves me.
You mind if I borrow it? May it bring you comfort, brother.
You know, I find it curious.
Women go missing every single day, and the police don't lift a finger, and yet when one of their own daughters, like Ellie Brass, is lost, they will part the seas and tumble down the walls to find her.
You question my mission, I question yours.
You know, in the 16 years that we were married, I never saw the inside of your office at the Newark PD.
Nancy, you know, you didn't really have to fly all the way out here.
You remember what happened the last time you tried to find her in Los Angeles by yourself? You know, I don't have the will to listen to a whole recitation of my past failures, okay? I-I can't beat myself up anymore about this.
I didn't tell you this on the phone, but Ellie had your engagement ring, and then she sold it to another girl.
I guess, uh, she needed the money.
So you saw her, then.
Yeah, about a year ago, she stopped by my place in Jersey City with this guy.
He seemed nice.
Really? Did he know about her problems or drug use, prostitution? She said she was gonna tell him.
Well, you say Ellie's here.
I'm here, Vegas.
What's going on? "What's going on"? I-I'm looking for her.
Don't you think I know when you're lying? You were a lousy husband, but you're a great cop.
Find her.
I must say, running diagnostics on a computer seems incongruous for a man of action.
You just gonna stand there watching me like that? I was thinking.
Hey, I got DNA and prints off of Larson's Bible, and I got a hit in the system.
Before he was Brother Larson, Daniel Larson was a street hustler working the Alphabets.
Priors for pandering, pimping.
At the time of his last arrest, he was found in possession of a firearm.
A .
It's the same caliber as the bullet we pulled out of the pimp in the freezer.
Maybe that's his weapon of choice.
It sounds like you've got your man, doesn't it? That might work for your editor, but it doesn't work in a court of law.
We need a weapon.
Yeah, and besides, all of the Bibles and dowels at both crime scenes were wiped clean.
Well, this is interesting.
It looks like the Webcam broadcast of the food fetish show was turned on remotely.
How? By a computer at the Fellowship of the Fallen Angels.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, where you going? I'm going with you, aren't I? When the smoke clears, I'll call you.
Till then, just sit tight.
Well, let's hope our man of God surrenders peacefully.
I'll be waiting by my phone.
Daniel Larson! LVPD! I need you to pray with me now.
Pray on change.
Pray on hope.
Pray on a life free from the bondage of sin.
Because oh, yes the forces of darkness will tempt you.
They will beckon to you.
They will beckon to you on every corner.
Stay still! You need to stay still! Angela? Get off of her! You don't understand.
Get off.
Angela! Let go of me! Right there.
Don't move.
All right, don't worry.
Do not move.
We're here for you.
What kind of game are you and Larson playing, Angela? You come to us with names and faces of missing girls, one of them my daughter.
Right? And Larson's taunting us with messages from the crime scene.
You're wrong.
Brother Larson and I had nothing to do with this.
We were trying to help.
Russell, you know me.
What about the young woman we found you with? The one strapped to the bed.
She's an addict.
She can't go to the hospital.
Where's Larson keeping the rest of the missing girls? Where's my daughter? I don't know.
You're lying! You know what? You're the reason Ellie was on the street.
So don't accuse me of something you got only yourself to blame for.
I'm out of here.
Please say you believe me.
Where's Brother Larson right now? I don't know.
She says she doesn't know where Larson is, but I've got a pretty good idea of where he was.
And I've got a concussion to prove it.
You think she's telling the truth? That woman saved my life once.
She may have unwittingly recruited converts for Larson, yes, but I do believe that she was genuinely trying to help those women.
What about Brother Larson? That's another story.
One I haven't figured out yet.
Well, I have been giving some thought to the, uh to the way in which the scenes were staged.
Stage-managed, if you like.
Take a look at that bed.
And the table and the lamps.
And then, if you look at the dessert scene, you can see the plates and the cakes, all ring shaped.
Even in the alley way, which didn't appear staged.
But if you look again, you've got a bicycle, a discarded mirror and a shattered clock.
Just like the wooden dowel.
We thought they were numbers.
He's playing games with you.
Well, your killer's a man of many signatures, but the one thing that seems to be constant-- these rings.
No, they're not rings.
They're circles.
We've been trying to figure out why this guy had multiple signatures.
Actually, I think that he got all of his inspiration from one place.
Dante's Inferno.
The Nine Circles of Hell.
First Circle, Limbo.
We were wondering why Teresa Hill survived.
It's because he wanted her to.
She's in a coma.
She's in limbo.
Megan Ramirez.
Porn Star on a porn stage-- lust.
Chloe Rudolph, at the dessert table-- gluttony.
And her boyfriend who turned her out-- greed.
All staged to look exactly like engravings from a 16th century volume of the Divine Comedy.
You said he was giving us a show.
I'd say this looks more like a sermon.
Yeah, I agree.
And he's not done.
There are other missing women.
This guy's gonna drop bodies until we stop him.
Anger, heresy, violence, fraud, treachery.
Yeah, I've seen this movie before.
So has Brother Larson.
Anger is obviously next.
But how does this really help us? It gets us into his head.
Beyond that, I don't really know.
Well, to quote a famous man from Seattle, identifying the killer's signature is the first step in making the hunter become the hunted.
This is why I don't do interviews anymore.
Well, considering we have so little evidence on this guy, I'll give you a quote from me.
Sometimes we have to wait for a killer to make a mistake.
I think he just did.
Brother Larson.
I'm CSI Russell.
And I'm confused.
I understand I'm being charged with a homicide.
Three, actually.
One attempted.
Teresa Hill, Megan Ramirez, Chloe Rudolph and her boyfriend, Greg Lee.
Ballistics on the gun found in your car when we picked you up matched the bullet taken from Greg Lee's head.
You also used the computer in your church to activate Chloe Rudolph's Webcam so that we would find her when you wanted us to.
It would seem I have enemies who seek to undo my good work.
Let's talk about that work.
We went through your cell phone, and we found photos of women.
Including all of the dead girls.
A shepherd watches over his flock.
I think that this shepherd chooses them very carefully for who they are, what they are.
I think you obsess over them, and then I think you punish them for their sins.
It's come to Jesus time, Brother.
You tell me where the rest of the girls are.
Where is Ellie Brass? I am a sinner.
I am not a kidnapper.
And I am not a murderer.
And I'm not a believer.
These are not my crimes.
Look, man, these girls going missing, I got nothing to do with that.
My only crime-- my only crime-- is making a little money.
Selling a little tail.
Go on.
I take these girls off the street, pal.
I give them a better life.
I introduce them to a better class of john.
So, you're still a pimp, is what you're saying? And the pictures I sent online a client who reached out to my ministry.
Does that client have a name? Anonymous.
Arrangements are always the same.
I send him pictures and bios, he picks a girl.
I drop her off at a corner.
A car comes.
Up until now, my little lambs have always found their way home.
Why should I believe any of this? I confessed my sins already, pal.
I will not bear the sins of others.
And you prosecute me wrongly another body will drop, and that'll be your cross to bear.
Besides, if you catch this guy, you're gonna need me.
And I need an assurance of freedom.
Are you kidding me? You don't have anything to bargain.
Ellie Brass? She isn't missing.
I spoke to her this morning.
I know where she is.
I call my lawyer.
We make a deal.
I then give you a miracle.
Prodigal daughter returned home.
Think Brother Larson's playing us for fools? Greg processed his home computer.
Found online messages from Anonymous, just like he said.
Guy even put in a request for another girl for tonight.
Yeah, but that could just be a smoke screen, couldn't it? And elaborate alibi.
Yeah, it could be.
Greg run trace on the computer? All the messages came through a file-sharing site.
We could try for a warrant, but there's no law against posting pictures.
It's another dead end.
So, if Larson is just a pimp and Anonymous is the guy doing all this, how are we ever gonna get to him? Morgan has a plan.
One that I think the DA will be very interested in.
Let's hear it.
Anonymous is requesting another girl for tonight, to add to his collection.
So let's give him one.
Use Larson to do it.
We know the guy posts pictures, the women get dropped off on the corner and taken up to his flat.
Obviously, you have someone in mind.
I worked undercover in L.
, Dad.
I know what I'm doing.
You never dealt with anything like this in L.
, Morgan.
Right now, I'm not your daughter; I'm LVPD.
And now you're the sheriff.
You're gonna have to make tough decisions.
I really don't need you to tell me All right, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Come on.
Come on.
Take a deep breath here.
Obviously, Morgan is taking a huge risk by doing something like this.
But without an undercover operation, we are all just sitting around waiting for another body to drop.
You got into the killer's mind.
Maybe I can get into his home.
Get him to reveal himself.
Now, look, the crime scene suggests this man's a narcissist.
He's a showoff.
He can't help himself.
He likes to brag, so maybe he's going to brag to this young lady.
Morgan's plan is a good one.
And there are other daughters who are out there right now in danger and fathers who are worried about them.
We know one of them.
I need to do this, Dad.
How do I look? Looking good.
Unit one, you're in position? Roger that.
Unit two.
Nick? Greg? Yeah, we got eyes on her.
Looks like it's on.
We're on the move.
Well, well.
Pretty as a picture.
Come in.
Are you an art lover? Not really.
You an art collector? No.
I just like beautiful things.
Even when they're about something hideous, like suffering damnation hell.
Think we got our guy.
Got an I.
on him yet? Yeah, I'm running his address right now.
Oliver Tate.
Doesn't have a criminal record.
, Ph.
Works for a biotech company.
And, truth be told, I am man of science.
Guess that explains all this stuff.
This stuff are the tools that man has used to seek knowledge.
To look deeper into the mysteries of the world, to educate the beast.
This is really cool.
What is it? My prized possession.
It's kind of an abacus from the 16th century.
They're called "Balliol's Bones.
" I don't like this.
She's in control.
She's gaining his trust.
Be right back.
When did this arrive? Around, uh, midnight.
I couldn't sleep.
I went down to the bar for a drink, and when I came back, it was outside my door.
Is that blood? What the hell is that inside? Looks like a flash drive.
This is for you.
Well, you are the angry girl.
At least that's what Larson promised me.
You care to tell me why? You first.
Tell me why a good-looking, rich guy like you has to pay for company.
Pleasure, of course.
Pain, too? It's my experience that women like you who want to be bad who want to be punished have one thing in common: daddy issues.
You know me too well.
Brother Larson told me you have certain tastes.
Oh, don't worry, I don't bite.
Wouldn't matter if you did.
You're the one in control here.
You can do anything you want to me.
You want to hear a dirty little secret? It turns me on when men talk about their conquests.
Their previous adventures.
Don't you want to turn me on? I know I am not the first girl to ever receive a present from you.
So, come on.
We've got all night.
I'm not going anywhere.
Take off your clothes.
I like to see what I'm paying for.
I shouldn't be here.
Unit one, what's your 20? We're in the lobby.
I want you up on that floor-- I want you close.
I'm coming there now.
Anything happens, you radio me.
I will.
I just hate unnecessary adornment.
Oh, sorry.
Did I hurt you? No.
Suddenly, I'm not in the mood.
Did I do something wrong? Maybe another night.
But you said you liked what you saw.
Oh, I do.
My driver will take you back.
Eighth Circle of Hell.
You think he made her? I don't know.
We should pick her up.
That's not the plan, Greg.
I don't know, something's not right.
Well, if he didn't make her, we might still have a chance to get this guy.
Vehicle's on the move.
So are we.
Tell them.
Ellie! Daddy, help me.
Tell them! I have sinned.
We have sinned, and we'll be punished.
"We have sinned"? Oh, hell.
All right.
What's happening? Can't talk now.
Where's Morgan? He threw her out.
No, he didn't.
Stop the SUV.
Just reestablished visual.
Copy that.
Let's hit it! Get out of the car! Now! Get out! Let me see your hands.
Put them on the hood.
I said on the hood! I know you.
You're that kid from the stripper church.
Nick! She's not here.
I told you we should've picked her up.
Where is she? Where's who? The girl! Where's the girl? I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Boy, you out of your mind? Huh? Russell.
Morgan's gone.
Dispatch, we have a 444.
Officer needs assistance.
Alert Sheriff Ecklie.
What the hell is going on? The killer's got Morgan.
And Ellie.
He's got them both.