CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e02 Episode Script

Take the Money and Run

It's to you, Mr.
$65,000 to call.
You've been playing me all night.
In fact, I think you're playing me right now.
What about you, Audrey? You think this kid's trying to pull one over on me again? I couldn't say.
Well, what the hell.
It's only money, right? I'm all in.
I'll call.
Let's do it.
Gentry shows a straight.
Two pair.
Aces and kings.
Oh, I knew it.
I got you.
Three-to-one odds in my favor.
This one's finally gonna be mine.
$490,000 in the pot.
Oh, no.
No damn way.
The ace makes a full house.
Tough luck, man.
Maybe next time.
Cash me out? Congrats.
What are we looking at, a little over $600,000? Sorry, gentlemen.
Back-ups will kick in any second.
In the meantime, everybody keep your hands away from the table, please.
This is Brantson.
We lost power in the Rialto Room.
That repair crew's on its way.
Hey, what's going on, man? Everybody get back! Out of the way! This maniac hit the Four Kings, made off with over a million bucks.
Well, I wouldn't exactly say he "made off"" No, you're right.
Even if you leave with it, this town has a twisted way of getting it back from you, doesn't it? Security guard's pretty shaken up.
He never shot anyone before.
Well, he still hasn't.
There's no wound, there's no blood.
Why'd he go down? Ugh.
What the hell happened to him? Whoa, he's swollen.
- Aah - Here you go.
We were able to collect just about all the scattered cash.
Are you sure the upstanding citizens of Fremont didn't try to stuff their pockets? With this? Why bother? It's counterfeit.
Yeah, I'll say.
And bad counterfeit at that.
Chips are fake, too.
They're plastic.
So, this guy leaves the casino with over a million dollars.
Where did it go? I don't know.
I'd ask him, but I don't think he's gonna be much help.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Oh, his name is Paul Brantson.
He was only 25 years old.
Married his high school sweetheart just six months ago.
This is your first one back.
You went through a lot.
I can handle this, if you need me to.
I'm fine.
You know, I gotta do it.
I'm Captain Jim Brass.
Tell me what you told the other police officers.
I It all happened so fast, I, uh it wasn't even real.
even remember what you just dreamed.
Okay, I want you to think real hard.
Before the lights went out, did anything happen that might have tipped you off that something was up? Uh I don't know.
I just I can't remember! Um I had a glass or two of wine.
Just, I don't just trying to calm my nerves.
I Sorry.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I talked to about ten witnesses.
Not one of them can be sure of what they saw.
This whole thing looks like it was designed that way-- to confuse.
Says 201 area code.
That's New Jersey.
You still settling Nancy's estate? Mundane little things that are just never ending.
If you need to take that, go ahead.
We can handle things.
Yeah, thanks.
Everything okay? Help me focus.
What do we know? Well, winner was cashing in on over 600 grand.
His chips on the table, cash to match, more stolen from the cart.
Total take-- just over a million and a half.
A million and a half that's still missing.
Yeah, but the timing is what's bothering me.
The suspect knew exactly what time to hit-- the pay-out.
So he had eyes in the room.
Anyone here stand out? No, but there is a guy who's still missing.
Robert Gentry.
He was the last player out of the game.
Gone before the first cops arrived.
You think he's our guy in the room? Couple witnesses said that Gentry and our suspect collided during the robbery.
What that an accident, or was it a hand-off? It would explain where the money went.
Let's find Gentry.
You three want to be left alone? Very funny, Finn.
I could use a hand getting these leathers off.
Ah, it's tight.
Must have been a size or two smaller when he bought them.
I venture to say he was a size or two smaller when he put them on.
Didn't start the day like this.
Body's swollen; significant edema.
Some sort of allergic reaction, maybe.
Clint Tyree.
He worked at the Four Kings.
Yeah, he rode a motorcycle in their stunt show.
Can't say I've ever seen it.
Judging by these X-rays, must be a hell of a show.
He's broken almost every bone in his body.
Hmm Huh.
Guy could have used a new pair of boots.
So what do you think caused his allergic reaction? Well, I saw a raised mark on his shoulder.
Could be as simple as a bee sting or spider bite.
A guy robs a casino, shoots a security guard, and rides off on a motorcycle, and gets killed by an insect? I only said it could be.
It's the left shoulder, right? Look at that.
An injection mark.
Somebody did this to him on purpose.
You need anything else before I zip him up? No, no, go ahead.
You can take him.
Ma'am, please Is that him? Is that Paul? I'm so sorry, ma'am, but you can't be here.
That's my husband! I have to see him! Please? Are you sure you want to do this? Please? Okay.
All the while he was on active duty, four tours of Afghanistan, he wouldn't marry me.
You know why? He was afraid of making me a widow.
He didn't want to put me through that if something happened to him over there.
I'm so sorry.
How does this happen? How does he survive four years of hell over there, just to come back home and die where he's supposed to be safe?! Oh, God! Talk to me, Hodges.
In English.
The writing on these newspaper bits is Chinese.
That, combined with traces of carbon, potassium nitrate and sulfur, tells me the explosives used in the heist are essentially untraceable.
They're Chinese fireworks.
M-80s, most likely.
Available at most any fireworks stand outside the city, if you flash a little cash.
Which brings us to our next potential dead end, the strobe ball.
It's a visual effects device used in the motorcycle stunt show of the Four Kings Casino.
The suspect could've stolen that from his job What about the casino's security video? To complete the dead-end trifecta? Après moi.
Okay, there he is.
That's him, right there.
That's the guy we're looking for.
What's going on? It's the strobe.
The camera's aperture couldn't keep up with it.
It doesn't get any better.
So fix it.
What do you propose I do? I don't know.
We got to find out if this guy Gentry was in on this heist.
You want me to do it? No, no, n I got it.
The lights in the Rialto Room work just the same as the lights in the rest of the casino.
They're all automated, controlled by a central system.
So how's the system controlled? You have to be able to turn the lights on and off when you want to.
Well, it's like everything else these days, it's, uh it's essentially an app.
You have to have an access code.
But once you're in, you can program whole floors, you can control individual fixtures, whatever you need.
So whoever killed the lights should be in the system.
Pretty much, he'd have to be.
That's a cute kid.
How old is he? He's ten months old.
So the real question is who has the app? Or the access codes? Besides me? Uh security department, hotel manager, executive manager, I mean, just a handful of people, probably.
Well, we're gonna need a list.
I don't have that list.
I mean, I set up the system, but the hotel manager controls the access.
Morgan Our missing poker player, Rob Gentry, just turned up.
He was at the Palermo Casino, playing with Four Kings chips.
Whoo! You had quite a night last night, didn't you, Mr.
Gentry? First you go all in at the Rialto Room, lose, then you wind up in this armed robbery.
Yeah, I tell you, whole thing was pretty crazy.
I feel lucky just to be alive.
Lucky? Oh, yeah.
But you're also a little stupid.
Come on, you didn't think we'd have every casino in town looking for these Four Kings chips? And your dumb ass rolls into the Palermo today, buys in with 75 grand worth.
Where'd you get it? Well, you know, I can't remember if I if I won 'em or bought 'em.
I've-I've had 'em for quite a while.
You see that? It's an RFID chip.
Each one of these chips has its own digital identification number.
It helps the casino keep up with chip movement.
And these particular chips were scanned last night as they were being put on a cart for the Rialto Room.
So the only way that you could have them is if you stole them.
I had nothing to do with that robbery.
Yes, you did, Robert.
You and your motorcycle buddy? We've got you on video texting him, giving him the signal to strike.
You're on the hook for murder, bud.
When that robbery went down, I-I ended up on the floor.
Suddenly, I'm face-to-face with the chip cart.
So you just helped yourself to a handful, is that it? I lost big at the tables last night.
It was just a way to recoup a little.
But I didn't kill anybody.
Look, maybe I can help you.
Yeah? How's that? Well, as as I was slipping out of there, I I ducked into a service hallway off the main casino.
And I saw him, saw the guy in the motorcycle gear running away.
You know that's in the opposite direction.
Well, I-I'm just telling you what I saw.
Hey, we got to run this.
New security footage from the east side of the casino.
You don't know how happy that makes me.
Of course sets the stage for greater disappointment.
Not batting a thousand today? So far, no.
Swing and a miss.
Can I see that again? It's just him running aw.
It doesn't help tie Gentry to the robbery.
Will you please replay it? I was just in autopsy.
I saw Clint Tyree's X-rays.
He has multiple healed fractures and titanium posts.
There is no way that he could run like that.
This boot belongs to Clint Tyree, our stunt rider who died out on Fremont Street.
Check out the wear pattern.
Uneven on the outer heel, right? Guy probably had a limp.
From a lifetime of motorcycle injuries.
Now, look at this.
Right after the robbery.
No limp.
Not even close.
Now enlarge the boot.
No wear pattern.
It's a different boot.
Two suspects, identically dressed.
One of them pulls off the robbery, makes a run for it down the hall To where the other one must've been waiting.
Tyree knows he's playing the part of a decoy.
But he doesn't know he's also the patsy.
And right before he rides away, he gets an unexpected parting gift.
The deadly injection.
The guy who hit the Rialto Room is not the same guy who died out on the street.
Hey, Doc.
Hear you got a C.
for me on our motorcycle rider here.
Well, the C.
was easy-- the allergic reaction.
The interesting part is the cause.
I was able to identify the toxin that was injected into Mr.
Tyree's shoulder.
An extremely aggressive coagulant.
This is an exemplar sample.
Watch what happens when I add a single drop into a beaker of blood.
Wow, look at that.
Massive clotting.
In just minutes, all the blood's clotting ability is exhausted.
And as a result, massive internal bleeding occurs, in some cases leading to total exsanguination.
But, now, we didn't see that with Mr.
Tyree here.
No, because his allergy to the toxin killed him first.
Without the allergic reaction, he would've been in for a slow and very painful death.
What was the toxin? Snake venom.
A species called Daboia russelii, commonly the Russell's viper.
No relation, I'm assuming? None that I'm aware of.
You said, without the allergy, it would've been a slow death.
But Mr.
Tyree there was a professional stunt rider.
He could've led the cops on a wild chase for who knows how long.
But the allergy caused him to drop in the first few minutes.
Yeah, exactly.
So maybe our real robber had to change his plans.
Right? Maybe he had to do things a little faster.
Thank you.
Well, you were right.
Within an hour of that robbery, we had every casino in town looking for those chips, but we were too late-- he cashed 'em in immediately.
So by the time we sounded the alarm, chips were already in a casino vault.
Try six different casino vaults, all sister hotels to the Four Kings.
The Mediterranean got a shot of our guy.
There he is right there.
With that disguise, it could be anybody.
Hey, so, I've been doing some checking on the Russell's viper.
Turns out this thing is so dangerous it requires a permit for ownership.
Please tell me you found one.
Right here in Vegas.
Guy's name is Julian Reese.
He's a valet car parker for the Four Kings Casino.
Another employee.
Didn't show up to work today.
Brass already put a BOLO out.
All right, I'll follow up.
See you later.
Yeah, that works and I'll Akers.
Hey, Stokes.
So, parking enforcement spotted the car.
When the plates came back to Julian Reese, they called us.
When we found this, we called you.
Yeah, that's our snake charmer, all right.
Looks like he got it right here.
Single shot to the head.
There's a small caliber casing on the ground.
There's also some bruising on his face.
Yeah, looks like somebody beat him up pretty good.
And grabbed his shirt.
There's a tear in it.
Looks like there's some residue or trace.
We'll get it back to the lab.
So that makes two casino employees, the stunt rider and the valet parker, both involved in the robbery.
And both dead, which means there's at least one player left in the game.
Someone who I'm assuming didn't want to share the money.
So then what was this guy's part? Oh, I'd say he played a starring role.
Oh, hey.
Uh, I'll start with the good news.
This is definitely your murder weapon.
Venom from the Daboia russelii viper.
And I found DNA consistent with Clint Tyree in the hypodermic tip.
However, I've been less successful getting DNA from the leathers.
There was quite a bit of perspiration inside, so I had high hopes initially, but no luck yet.
I'm taking another crack at it, but for now, I can't confirm that they were worn by Julian Reese.
What's with the orange color? Yeah, I'm not sure.
It might have something to do with the leather-tanning process.
Thought you might be interested to know that I have identified the trace left in the snake charmer's shirt lapels.
Your residue looks to be pumice.
Pumice? Mm Oh, uh, volcanic rock.
Created when super-heated, highly pressurized igneous rock is propelled from a volcano.
Is there any reason I couldn't have told her that? Guys, I know where pumice comes from.
Why would it be on his shirt? Well, it has many common uses.
Such as lightweight concrete, insulation, it's an additive in plaster and it's even found in toothpaste.
Is that it? No? If the pH is alkali, that could indicate the presence of Soap.
Mechanic's soap.
Look, I can't be here.
I just can't.
Do you hear me? I need you to sit in that chair now.
But you don't understand what you're doing.
You don't know what's going on.
Ryan, we found pumice from your hand cleaner on Julian Reese's shirt.
Do you want to tell us how that got there? Look, I can explain everything.
Okay? Just not now.
I can't be here, all right? Please.
We got a warrant.
We checked your phone, okay? It was your access code that shut down the light in the Rialto Room for the robbery.
You were in on that heist.
And you shot Julian Reese so that you could have all the money to yourself.
Fine, okay, don't talk.
We're in your home right now, turning it upside down, and we're gonna find the proof that we need.
Well, no sign of the money.
And there's no evidence of a female living in the house, either.
I think he divorced the wife.
No divorce.
She died.
From cancer.
These are all condolence cards.
These are all medical bills.
Poor kid just loses his mother.
Now he's gonna lose his father, too.
Morgan you gotta check this out.
Sara this whole thing just went sideways.
We know what happened.
They kidnapped your son.
Yeah, now thanks to you, they're gonna kill him.
So, what we're gonna do is just keep you in here.
We figure the best thing for you to do is stay inside, in case they try to contact you.
Now, all our boys are gonna be here.
We're gonna have taps on the phone No, no, no, no, no-- this is exactly what I didn't want.
Hey! They said no police.
If whoever has Christopher is watching, who knows what they'll do to him! Hey, listen, man, there's a lot of people here working really hard to help you find your boy, and we're gonna do that, but we can't do it unless you cooperate.
Okay? Sit down, tell me how you got into all this mess.
Come on, let's sit down.
About, uh, two months ago, Julian approached me in the employee cafeteria.
Julian Reese, the valet dude? He came to me and said that there was a couple other people who had come up with a plan, a way to get rich off the casino.
What other people? He didn't name names.
And to be really honest, I didn't take him that seriously.
I mean, we see so much money that comes through here every day I mean, and everybody's fantasizing about how they can get some of it.
But I just told him no thanks, that I wasn't interested, not while I have Christopher to worry about.
What's with the alarm, man? I-I got to take a pill.
Yeah? Let me see that.
Rifampin? What do you take these for? Christopher's nanny, one of the kids got meningitis, so now we're all taking it as a precaution.
Yeah, okay.
So, what did Julian say when you told him you weren't interested in his plan? He just said it was no big deal, that that was cool and that was the end of it.
Until yesterday morning.
I went in to take a shower while Christopher was sleeping.
I mean, it couldn't have been more than two or three minutes at the most.
And when I came back out, he was gone.
And he wrote that note on my laptop.
"Keep quiet, do what we ask, and you'll get your kid back.
" And I went and I confronted him at work.
Did you get physical with him? Yeah, yeah, I admit it, I lost my temper.
I hit him, but I didn't kill him! All right? He said he didn't know where Christopher was, and that I should just go along, and that I should just shut off the lights in the Rialto Room.
But I did everything they asked.
Where is he? Where's my son? We're gonna get him back for you.
You know, when I was taken when I was being held at least I knew you guys were looking for me.
This little baby what is he thinking? He's in a weird place with without his father.
Yeah kid cases are always tough.
Thing is whoever took him they already got what they wanted.
They have no use for him now.
Morgan, do you really want to go there? Why not? They've already shown they have no trouble killing.
What's one more? Yeah, but this is a baby.
And you just have to hope that it's somehow different.
What's wrong with me? Hey You're only human.
Let's check outside.
Father said he was only in the shower for a few minutes; maybe the kidnapper was waiting there, watching for the perfect time to strike.
We got to find this kid.
Oh, yeah.
Someone was definitely here, in this spot.
You can see his shoe impressions.
Perfect view of the hallway towards the bathroom door.
Kidnapper could have seen Ryan heading to the bathroom to take a shower.
What's this? Hey, get a shot of that.
Some kind of coin.
It could have fallen out of someone's pocket, if they were crouched down here.
Well, it's definitely not U.
I don't know-- how's your Arabic? My Arabic's crap.
But my Pashto's not bad.
Pashto? Like Afghanistan? Yeah.
Well, our first victim, the security guard, his wife said that he did four tours in Afghanistan.
You're thinking our innocent victim wasn't so innocent after all.
So, Paul Brantson was far from an angel.
He left the military with a bad-conduct discharge.
Apparently, he was trying to smuggle more than a coin out of Afghanistan.
I checked the security schedule at the casino.
He wasn't even supposed to be working last night.
Really? He traded shifts to be in the room.
So it was no accident he was there.
I just processed the security guard's car.
Fibers found in the backseat are a match to the baby's crib.
There's also traces of zinc oxide.
Diaper paste.
Why won't anybody tell me what's going on? My husband's dead, I'm trying to plan a funeral, and your people storm into my house and start tearing it apart without even an explanation! Ms.
please take a seat.
Do you recognize this? It's an Afghani coin.
It's Paul's.
He always carried it with him to remind him of all the guys who weren't as lucky as he was, the guys who didn't make it back.
The problem is, we found it outside of the house where a young baby was kidnapped.
Well, then obviously it's not Paul's.
It just looks like the one he carried.
Except his fingerprint was on it.
And when we searched his car, we found evidence that a baby had recently been in the backseat.
No, no, this is insane.
There's no way Paul was part of a kidnapping.
Do you know where your husband was at 7:30 yesterday morning? You know what? I'm not doing this with you.
I just lost my husband, and I haven't even been able to bury him yet.
I am very sorry for your loss, but right now, we are focused on finding that baby.
So if you know something, or if there's anything you want to tell us No, no.
I'm not talking to you anymore.
I'm not speaking to anyone, except maybe a lawyer.
Okay, we've got at least four employees from the casino-- the stunt driver, valet parker, security guard and the maintenance worker.
These three all presumably part of the robbery crew, all killed during or after the heist.
Well, so much for honor among thieves.
Let me ask you something.
Why not kill the maintenance worker? Why is Ryan still alive? 'Cause he doesn't pose a threat.
He didn't even know who the main players were, except for the valet guy.
And he wasn't in for a share of the spoils.
Well, we know we have at least one more player out there-- whoever shot Julian Reese and took the money.
Good chance it's another Four Kings employee, but there are over 400 of them, so it's gonna take time to run them down.
Which we don't have-- that baby's been out there for more than 36 hours.
Hey, guys, just got a call from Akers.
Ryan Archer is gone.
Officer Akers! What the hell happened here? Captain, he was only out of my sight for a couple of min-- Why was he out of your sight at all? H-He said he needed to use the bathroom.
I went to check on him Damn it, Akers, you had one job to do, just one job.
You were to sit on this guy, and keep an eye on him.
That's it, one job! Jim, come on, man, chill out.
Shut up, Stokes.
Don't tell me what to do.
You, get out of here.
Captain they contacted him! Well, we've been monitoring his phone.
This is an e-mail.
"This is your last chance.
Meet at the employee parking lot, level four.
" He's gonna get his kid.
No, he's gonna get himself killed.
I don't see him.
I think we're too late.
I don't see him, either.
Nick! Ryan? What happened? I've done it.
I've lost him.
I'll never see him now.
All right, calm down.
Is this your blood? Are you hurt? It's not my blood.
It just went off.
I didn't mean to.
What went off? I was just sitting in the car, waiting.
Next thing you know, somebody comes up to my blind spot.
Suddenly, a gun was at my head.
And as I was trying to get out, I mean, I guess the gun went off.
Nick I got a body.
It's the dealer from the card room.
No pulse.
She's dead.
No, no.
She was the one person who knew where Christopher was.
Charlie-05, I got a 187.
Send backup, code three.
You better start talking to me, Ryan! I got keys.
Over this way.
You stay with me! Stay with me! I got the baby.
Christopher! Oh, my God.
Oh, no, no, no.
Stay back, Ryan.
There's no way I'm gonna let you touch him, and you're covered in blood.
Come on.
It's my son.
Look, the important thing is that he's okay, see? He's okay.
There's Daddy.
Yeah, okay.
We'll get him to the hospital, we'll get you to the hospital, we'll get him checked out.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, buddy.
Daddy's right here, okay? Just get his Bun-Bun, all right? Okay.
It's gonna make him feel better.
Yeah, we'll do that; we'll get his Bun-Bun.
Come on, let's go over here.
Come on, now.
You're okay.
Our dead poker dealer, Audrey-- just came from her house.
She's got all kinds of kids stuff.
She's got toys, food, a makeshift crib.
Looks like she was gonna keep that kid for the long haul.
Also found this disposable phone.
In it was the text signaling Ryan to turn off the lights.
So, she was the eyes in the poker room.
Okay the gun we recovered next to the dealer's dead body belonged to her.
Greg just ran ballistics.
It's the gun that killed Reese in his car.
So, what are we thinking, that she's the mastermind, the femme fatale, the one who seduced the other three into executing her plan? Oh, way she looked, it wouldn't have been that hard.
Is this it? Is this really the whole team? No No, we can't.
Where's the money? Hey.
Oh, that's not a late-night snack, I'm guessing.
No, I just came from the hospital.
They belong to the baby that was kidnapped and his father.
We looking for anything specific? Well, let's start with where the baby was and who he might have had contact with.
Oh, try to preserve that the best you can.
It's special to the kid.
Yeah, it's funny how babies do that, fixate on one particular toy.
When I was a baby, mine was an elephant called "Stinky.
" Guess I carried him around in my mouth a lot.
He was always moist.
Moist means bacteria, which leads to stinky.
Henry, look at this.
It looks like sweat stains, the pattern, at least, but the color It's orange.
Just like the tint that came off the motorcycle leathers.
It wasn't from the tanning process.
It's from the perspiration.
Chromhidrosis-- colored sweat.
It's a rare condition on its own.
More often, it's a side effect of something else.
Like copper miners can sweat blue from the minerals in the mine.
What about this? What about orange? Could be a pharmaceutical side effect.
Is this baby taking any medication? Oh, finally.
Doctor said everything looks good.
There's nothing to worry about.
Thought I might never get to hold him again.
No one's happier than me to see this reunion.
I've been so obsessed with the loss of my wife, I haven't focused enough on him.
You did the best you could.
How's your son, Mr.
Archer? Seems to be doing fine.
Doctors said he checked out okay.
I guess the kidnappers took pretty good care of him then.
Fed him, changed his diaper, gave him his medication.
Your son is on rifampin, right? You both are? What's going on, Sara? Well, the hospital ran blood tests on Christopher tonight, and his rifampin level suggested he had a dose about ten hours ago.
Would you like to explain to me how the kidnappers knew to give him his medication? Well done, Mr.
You played us, you played the sympathy card with your son.
You had us all believing that you were one of the victims.
Not bad.
Look, I don't care what you say.
I didn't kidnap my own son.
It was that security guard, just like you said.
They took Christopher to force me to be part of their plan.
That's what you wanted us to think.
But it was you who planted the Afghani coin in your garden, and it was you who put the diaper paste in his backseat.
My God, you make me out to be like I'm this criminal mastermind with this crazy plan.
I just did what I had to do! I turned off the lights.
That's all.
That is not all.
Not even close.
This, uh, medication you're on, rifampin, has an interesting side effect.
It's called chromhidrosis.
Causes colored sweat.
Your baby's sweat is orange, your sweat is orange.
Haven't you noticed? We've only been taking it a couple days.
Does it really matter? Yeah.
Yeah, it matters.
That's you.
You were sweating when you robbed the card room.
You were sweating when you shot Paul Brantson.
Injecting Clint Tyree with snake venom-- that made you sweat, too, right? And then, after the robbery, you went and you killed Julian Reese, and then you stashed the motorcycle leathers and the syringe in his car, hoping that we'd think that Reese was the gunman.
There was only one problem.
Those motorcycle leathers absorbed a lot of sweat-- orange sweat-- when I compared them to the shirt that I took from you tonight, guess what? They were a perfect match, right down to identical traces of rifampin.
So that puts you in the leathers, Ryan.
You're our guy.
You robbed the Rialto Room, and you killed four people.
I didn't do it for me.
Oh, let me guess.
This is the part where you argue for father of the year.
Chris was five months old when my wife died.
Do you have any idea the amount of medical bills she left behind? So, you killed four people to pay them? So much money goes through that place.
I mean, just a handful of chips would have changed everything for me and Chris.
I mean, just think how I could have raised him.
Yeah, how are you going to raise him now? Hey, man.
Hey, you got a second? Yeah, sure.
What's up? I owe you an apology.
For what? For jumping on you and jumping on Akers.
I talked to Akers, and now I'm talking to you-- I'm sorry.
Jim, I get it.
You got a lot going on right now, okay? Yeah, I got a lot going on, yeah.
The D.
's calling me.
The prosecutor wants to talk to me about testifying against my daughter.
Yeah, I mean, I'm on the phone six or seven times a day to New Jersey, handling my ex-wife's affairs.
Come on, everything will be back to normal eventually.
You know that.
Back to normal-- I'd like that.
But I'll tell you, Nick, the way my life's going right now, I don't know what normal is.
Just got off the phone with Greg.
They found the money in a maintenance locker at the casino.
Sit down.
I just wish we could take the money, you know, put it in a trust for that poor kid.
That'd be nice.
Well, kids are resilient.
Maybe he'll be all right.
What about you? You gonna be all right? Time heals all, right? I guess we'll find out if that's true.
Have a good night.
You, too.