CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e12 Episode Script

Keep Calm and Carry On

Ladies and gentlemen, as we start our final descent into Las Vegas, please make sure your tray tables and seat backs and are in their full, upright position.
Make sure your seat belts are securely fastened, and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins.
You have a good flight? You have any idea how gorgeous you are? Not interested.
You smell good, too.
You know, I dreamt about you the whole flight.
Is that your best line? I thought chicks flying to Vegas were ready to party.
Sir, I'm gonna need you to take your seat.
Yeah, I'm gonna need another one of those free drinks, though.
Sorry, sweetie.
Bar's closed.
Oh, wow, it's really not my night.
Psst! Maybe you're not coming on strong enough.
This is your captain speaking.
We've just been cleared to land in Las Vegas, where the local time is 10:42 and the temperature is a pleasant 84 degrees.
Cabin crew, please take your seats for landing.
On behalf of Pan Transit and the entire flight crew, I'd like to thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Have a great night.
A little help? And good luck! Which bag is yours? The yellow one.
Thank you.
Hey, look, I-I didn't mean to come off like a creep before.
I was just trying to have a good time.
Buy you a drink to apologize? I don't think so.
Bottle of champagne? Cut me some slack, baby! Damn! Hey, what the hell? Hey, my h-- where the hell's my watch? It was in my bag.
Hey, hey! Hold on! Hold on, all right? Ain't nobody leaving this plane.
I've been robbed.
Stewardess! Don't let anybody off this plane! Hey, wait, hold on a second.
You-you probably left it in the bar at the, uh, airport Ain't nobody got no time for your jokes, man, okay? I'm gonna need some help finding my watch.
- Somebody stole my watch! - Hey, hey, hey! What? My wallet's gone, okay? Somebody stole my wallet.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Somebody definitely went through my bag! Who went through my bag? They stealing on this plane! Hey! Come on! I got to get off! Come on, damn it! Hey, hey! Get back, man! What the hell's wrong with you, man? You know there's something about being at the airport, that makes me just want to jump on the next plane out of here.
Doesn't matter where.
Excitement of the unknown.
No, Sara, I got big plans.
Really? Yeah, Morocco.
You gonna open a bar in Casablanca, Nick? Call me Rick.
I think that was his name, wasn't it? Caucasian female, early 30s.
Blunt force trauma to the head.
Well, looks like she started out on the road.
Skidded through the dirt and she came to rest right here.
Long way to roll.
She hit the road with significant velocity.
It would explain he road rash and the broken neck.
She's dressed for a good time.
I don't think she found it.
Sara? "Janet Riggins, Pan Transit flight 111.
" Originated in Newark.
Layover in Atlanta.
Landed here at 10:45 tonight.
Well, that's got to be some kind of record.
Dead in under an hour.
Welcome to Las Vegas.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Everyone, please, everyone, listen up.
Hey, hey! Excuse me.
Look, my credit cards are in my wallet.
My driver's license.
How am I supposed to check into my hotel, huh? - I understand, sir.
- That pendant was irreplaceable.
Irreplaceable! My mother gave it to me.
My dead mother.
Now, we want to help you.
But we need your cooperation.
Okay? Police officers are gonna be taking your statements.
And after that, you're free to go.
It's a family heirloom.
Do you understand that? Where am I supposed to sleep tonight, huh? - Yeah! All right, look, the airlines, the airlines are gonna help those of you who have to make connections.
And when they can't, they're gonna offer you hotel vouchers.
At the cheapest hotel you can find.
But first, CSI Finlay and I need your help to do our job.
Do you remember a woman who was seated in row three, seat D.
Ooh, let me conjure up the seating plan in my head, and do your job for you.
Anybody sit in row two, three or four? Okay, some of you men might've remembered her.
She had long blonde hair, a white dress, heels.
Yeah, yeah, the blonde with the ass in the tight, white dress.
Why? Did she steal my wallet, huh? I was sitting right behind her.
She was acting very suspicious.
The woman that we are talking about was just found dead.
So that makes this a homicide investigation.
And you are the last people to see her alive.
Him! He was h her.
She wanted nothing to do with him.
I was just talking to the lady.
Excuse me, sir? Could you tell me how you got the black eye? Yeah, yeah.
He-he didn't have that on the plane, man.
Hey, you need to mind your damn business.
Yeah, right.
My watch was in my carry-on in the overhead bin.
When I realized it had been stolen No one is leaving this plane! I want to get by here Relax, okay? Somebody stole my watch! Let me get by! I hit my head when I fell.
Old guy, he fights dirty.
When I looked up, I saw the blonde pushing her way out.
And that was the last time I saw her.
Can anyone else confirm that story? Yeah, the old guy had some fight left in him.
I don't know about all that, all I know is the blonde wanted off the plane.
Am I right? Right? We all saw that.
The airline confirms Janet Riggins' flight landed on time.
Gate F24.
F Gate means she had to take the tram to baggage claim, pick up her checked bags.
Well, she ended up here.
She had to have left the airport.
Road leads directly there.
Yeah, but there's a big convention in town.
Long lines for taxis, rental cars, shuttle buses.
She'd still be waiting in line.
She could've walked.
Right, maybe in your shoes.
But not in those heels.
So somebody picked her up and gave her one hell of a ride.
I think she left the vehicle at this swerve mark.
Right here.
Distance from there to where she came to rest is 75 feet, so multiplied by 75 feet, times the coefficient of friction for sliding On this terrain, I'd give it a a one.
One? Lucky guess.
Square root of that.
Vehicle was traveling about 45 miles an hour.
You physics majors, you're you're show-offs.
So the driver never hit the brakes.
This was no accident.
And either she jumped out or was thrown out.
Her luggage could still be in the car.
If we're lucky, maybe the driver threw it out with her.
Nick, down! Laser pointed right at your chest.
You see anything? There.
Right there.
Hey! Las Vegas Police.
No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no.
I got him, I got him, get this other guy! Stay down! Keep your hands where I can see them! Don't move! What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?! Watching some planes, man.
Huh? Don't point that thing at me! Chill! All right? We're just having a little fun.
Hey, I got the other one! You know that flashing pilots with your little laser's a felony? You're interfering with federal air operations.
There was a murder out here tonight.
Did you and your buddy see anything? We'll find out.
I hear you and Nick collared a couple of would-be terrorists tonight.
Yeah, Nick threatened to bring the FBI down on them unless they turn over their laser pointers.
And then he called their parents.
Who, I'm sure, are very proud.
So, where are we with our victim? Well, Mr.
Scare 'Em Straight and I found the victim's carry-on bag down the road from the crime scene.
There's not much to go on, but she is a local.
Found a Nevada license.
"Janet Riggins.
I'll have Brass look at this.
Can I see your license for a second? Sure.
Look at your photo.
Uh-huh, when it's backlit, you can see the perforated outline of Nevada.
Janet's not so much.
So why does Ms.
Riggins need a fake I.
? Here's some video surveillance from outside the baggage claim.
That's the victim, right? Janet Riggins? If that's even her real name, yeah.
Sure is looking over her shoulder a lot.
And what's she doing leaving baggage claim with no checked bags? She didn't stick around to claim 'em.
And the reason she didn't stick around is Kenny Greene.
He was a passenger on her flight.
He had his watch stolen.
He told me the last time he saw our victim was on the plane.
That's a lie.
Yeah, and not only that, when I met him, he had a fresh black eye.
He told me that he got it when a fellow passenger banged his head on an armrest.
Well, if he got it on the plane, then we should see it right here.
You think she gave it to him? I like to keep things simple in the beginning.
He ended up with a shiner; she ended up dead.
My man! Any luck with that watch? Wow, the party never stops for you, does it? Have you slept since the last time I talked to you? You ever been to Combustion Junction? My lap is still achin'.
It's open 24/7.
You want to tell me again about that black eye? Okay.
I didn't get it on the plane.
No, you got it when you beat up Janet Riggins.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Then how'd she end up dead? I ran into the blonde at baggage claim.
Look, I just figured it was the Vegas gods giving me another crack at it.
I bet you're really tight with all the Vegas deities.
You know, me? I'm tight with Father Time.
You know, like time code.
See, the time this picture was taken and the time you showed up at the gate that was two hours of free time.
She was hot, man! I was looking to score.
You can't arrest a guy for trying.
But when she saw me, she ran.
And that's when I knew she stole my watch.
Only the guilty run.
Hey, babe? Yeah.
You got something that belongs to me.
You want your phone, give me back my watch.
Hey, that's assault! Look, I didn't see that coming.
All right? But that was the last time I saw her.
I spent the rest of my "free tim"" at the airport bar, waiting on you guys to show up.
Hey, if you don't believe me, just ask the bartender.
She gave me her number.
Let's say I believe you, okay? Do you still have Janet Riggins' cell phone? Oh You stole her phone? Oh, no, no, no.
No, no.
I was bargaining.
I'm bargaining, too.
So what do I get if I charge you with robbery and strong-arm assault? I can't catch a break.
Any luck I.
'ing my victim? Well, she's got a burner phone.
You can get one of those at any corner store or gas station.
Burner phone, fake I.
She sure is going to a lot of trouble to stay anonymous.
Well, if I were to pull a mid-air caper, I'd fly under an alias, too.
She's got a Vegas number.
Chances are she bought it local.
Disregarding all the calls her drunken assailant made to various call girls and phone sex operators last night Nice.
got one text, outgoing at 10:48 p.
to a local number.
" No registered owner.
Another burner.
Maybe she texted her ride.
Or a getaway driver.
Also, she made one phone call, at 11:01, to a different local number.
Nalley Janitorial Services.
North Las Vegas.
Maybe she needed someone to clean up her mess.
Jefferson Nalley? Yeah, uh you must be the guys that called.
Yeah, I'm Nick Stokes.
This is Sara Sidle.
We're with the crime scene unit.
Need you to take a look at a photo, if you don't mind.
That's all? Yeah.
Know this woman? No, no, never seen her before.
Then why'd she call you last night, right before she was murdered? Want to take another look? It kind of looks like Helen Morrison.
Helen Morrison? Yeah.
God, I haven't seen her since high school.
She went blonde.
What high school? Uh, Hardison High.
Back in Hoboken.
Yeah, Helen and I grew up together.
Wait, did you just say that she was murdered? You moved out here together? No, no, I I-I came out here for college.
The last I heard from Helen, she was living in Saddle River.
So you have kept in touch? Well, no.
I mean, not really.
We-we reconnected online about six months ago.
Did you know she was in Vegas? Well, I knew that she was planning a trip out west, and maybe swinging through Vegas And you two were gonna hook up, is that the deal? Look, I can button up that van, tow it downtown.
I don't care.
After Helen found me online, okay, she-she never mentioned that she was married.
And then a couple months later, she let it slip.
Now, look, I don't mess around with married chicks anymore.
There's too many complications.
You know what I mean.
I cut it off.
Then why was she calling you? I don't know.
Look, I-I'd love to help you guys out, but I've got my hands full right now.
Half my crew just quit on me, so You know what? Las night, I sent her call through to voicemail.
So I mean, knock yourself out.
Jeff, I know I'm not supposed to contact you, but I need help.
I don't know who else to ask.
Just call me back.
Some friend.
Like I said, I cut it off.
Well, it's not my problem.
You know what? I bet you guys need some cleanup every once in a while.
I sure would love the opportunity.
Yeah, I'd love to help, but my hands are full.
According to the flight manifest, Helen Morrison was the last passenger to board Flight 111.
She sat here, in 3-D.
Flight attendant said that her carry-on did not fit underneath the seat in front of her, the overhead bin was full I'm going to have to take your bag, sweetie.
I'd really prefer to keep it down here.
I got it, I got it.
I prefer to have it here.
I'll put it here.
She stowed it here, two rows back.
The open bins are the ones that were robbed? Yes, there were who filed police reports.
These are the four targeted bins.
And in each one of these bins there was at least one bag that was at some distance from its owner.
Well, that makes sense, because it's pretty risky to be rifling through someone's bag when the owner is sitting right beneath it.
Rule number one of the professional thief: board the plane early.
Find a seat with a view.
And I don't mean a view outside.
Our crook, in order to get a view of the targeted bins, had to have sat aft of row eight.
And he didn't want to sit so far back in the plane that he was on the flight attendant's lap.
And we have to presume that our suspect boarded in the first wave.
So that definitely rules out Helen Morrison as our thief.
She boarded last, sat forward of the targeted bins, so she wouldn't have been able to have eyes on.
To get eyes on and good visibility, an aisle seat is the best seat.
So that leaves us with eight suspects.
Who boarded early? Hank Kasserman boarded with the first group.
"Families with children and those needing assistance.
" You think a senior citizen would qualify for that? Because I spoke with another passenger his name is Kenny Greene.
He had his watch stolen.
Now, he told me he had an altercation with, quote, "an elderly gentleman" who was in a real hurry to get off the plane.
Hank Kasserman, you've been upgraded to our number one suspect.
Hey, Hank, sit down, please.
Wow, you know, Hank, you know, you got almost enough frequent flyer miles for a free room at the Grey Bar Motel.
That's the minimum security prison in Indian Springs.
I was thinking of, um, saving my miles for a trip to Algeria.
That's good.
There's no extradition.
You know, more than a few of your recent trips have coincided with in-flight thefts.
That's why I got a brand-new bag.
Tamper-proof zipper and an extra lock.
You know, these days you can't trust anyone, right? They're awful.
And, by the way, I like watches.
That's a nice watch you're wearing.
Well, you see, it's new.
Now, if I flipped it over, I wouldn't see an engraving, "Cristal Kenny" on the back, would I? Oh, yeah.
Kenny is my father.
Big drinker.
Yeah, you're very quick for an old guy, I gotta tell ya.
You're pretty slow for a young guy.
All right, let me show you something.
Here's a list of the things that were stolen from Flight 111.
And this is a list of the items that were recovered from your hotel suite.
It's an exact match.
No! I hear you had a big night at the casino last night.
I was up, then I was down, and I was up.
Yeah, well, now you're down again, Hank, 'cause you're with me.
You're in the police station.
I've got you on So how far are you gonna fall? What do you want to know? You walked in the Mediterranean casino last night with a very big wedge of cash-- tell me about it.
It's a score of a lifetime.
There was a woman on the plane.
Blonde and in 3-D.
Clocked her the moment she walked on the plane.
Very well-dressed.
And she was wearing expensive shoes, expensive clothes.
She had a designer carry-on.
She was very reluctant to let the flight attendant put it in the bin a few rows back.
Please please, just this once, please Can you just? Okay.
Right there.
So she put it two rows back right over Cristal Kenny's seat.
He was three sheets to the wind.
And I sent him a fourth.
I'd like to buy my friend in 5-D a drink.
I needed him passed out.
Passengers who are sleeping or, uh, reading or, uh, watching a movie, they're easy marks.
Oh, you're a real student of human nature, Hank.
When I'm working, I don't leave anything to chance.
When I'm playing I'm all on black.
What did you steal from the blonde? Chick like that, I expected you know, diamonds, uh, jewelry.
I hit the mother lode.
30 G's.
Is this the blonde? Well, I had nothing to do with that.
Hank, it's time to go all in now.
All on the black.
Let me tell you what I saw.
A woman of means traveling alone.
She knew how to handle that drunk.
Never closed her eyes.
And kept, kept putting makeup on.
Especially over here.
She was trying to hide a, a bruise.
Now she's dead? You should be looking for that guy that used her as a punching bag.
Not some senior citizen on a fixed income.
Hey, Doc.
Heard you got a C.
I do.
Atlanto-occipital dislocation due to being thrown from a moving vehicle.
But that's the least troubling thing I found.
Morrison was married.
Brass is tracking down her husband.
She has multiple perimortem fractures consistent with falling from a moving vehicle, but these bony calluses indicate healed fractures.
This ulna fracture here is typically the result of a direct blow while the arm's in self-defense.
No No! Ms.
Morrison has also has several broken ribs.
Two ribs, two separate events.
Left number five, judging by the size of the callus, is about six months old.
Break to left number six, Callus is larger, but not fully formed.
That's a recent injury, only a few weeks.
It looks like he gave her a black eye, too.
Yeah, it was hidden under her makeup.
That's only a few days old.
Well, the old man on the plane was right.
She's been physically abused.
Given the number of healed fractures, it's been going on for years.
Yeah, I heard the airline finally located Helen Morrison's checked luggage.
And not what you usually pack for a weekend in Vegas: childhood photos, teddy bear her bronzed baby shoes.
No, that's what you pack when you're never going home again.
She was definitely leaving her husband.
New identity, new cell phone.
$30,000 in cash.
She had a plan.
Saddle River PD just called.
Helen Morrison's husband was not home.
Evidently, he caught a flight to Vegas.
So, the woman he's been using as a punching bag finally left him and he followed her.
Do we know what time his flight got in? Yeah.
Morrison caught a nonstop.
Helen's flight had a layover.
So that put him in about Well, that give him motive and opportunity.
Hold on a sec.
Doc Robbins says that out concerned husband is in Autopsy as we speak.
What the hell's he doing down there? No idea.
Look, Doctor, I know you've got your rules, but we're talking about my wife! The cops just told me that she was dead.
I have a right to say good-bye.
Look, her body's already been identified.
There's no reason for you to be here.
No reason? A mortuary can provide the final viewing.
The final view? Hey! What are you talking about? I'm not your wife! Hey, hey, hey! Mr.
Morrison, what are you doing? Sorry.
I just got a little worked up.
All right, I'm Nick Stokes.
I'm the one handling your wife's murder, okay? Did you catch the bastard who did it yet? I will.
Well, what's that supposed to mean? That the, that the husband is always the first suspect? There's a good reason for that.
Listen, my wife and I had a very physical relationship.
Oh, we know.
Bodies don't lie.
What's this say?! She liked to test me.
She liked to make me feel jealous.
She would leave litt crumbs all over the place.
Like a few months ago when she left her e-mail open so that I could read a little exchange between her and an old flame.
That's why you broke her arm.
Would you shut up? There were pictures, explicit pictures.
So when I confronted her, she denied it.
Which is another game she likes to play.
But yesterday, Helen crossed the line.
I get a call from my bank which says that she withdrew all of our money.
All of my money.
So I go home, and she's gone.
And you took the next flight out.
So you'd be here when she landed.
Yes, that's right, Sherlock.
I figured she would run to her boyfriend.
But my plane was delayed.
A mechanical error.
And I didn't get in until after midnight.
Which is probably better.
Saved me a life sentence.
Oh, we'll check with the airlines.
Okay, fine, do that, Doctor! Check the airlines! But I'm not leaving here until I see my wife's dead body.
And I want my money back.
Now, tell me about this boyfriend.
Does he have a name? He has this little housecleaning business, the little schmuck.
His name is Jefferson.
When that psychotic husband of hers found out that we'd been chatting online, he put her in the hospital.
If you're looking for who killed her, you should look at him.
That guy is dangerous.
He's a control freak.
He monitored all of her phone calls, all of her e-mails.
He kept track of every nickel that she spent.
Now, look, I-I know you think that I am a real S.
, but Maybe if you'd helped her, answered her call, she'd still be alive.
I did help her.
When I found out that Allen had been hitting her, how many times he put her in the hospital, I begged her to leave him.
I set her up with this guy.
I-I met him in a bar a while back.
And for a price, he could make anybody disappear.
This guy have a name? He went by "The Wolf.
" The Wolf? He was like a private witness relocation program.
And I, I arranged the-the introduction.
Did he pick her up at the airport? See, that's just the thing.
I don't know.
I-I'm not sure.
See, he had these rules, nonnegotiable rules.
And Helen and I, we were to cut off all communication with each other for at least six months, maybe more.
And we weren't supposed to trust calls or e-mails from each other because they could've been a trap.
And we could have ended up hurt or or dead.
Helen was beaten last night, and then she was pushed from a moving vehicle.
Do you think that The Wolf killed her? How do I get a hold of him? Well, I, uh I have cell phone number for him.
I-I don't know if it's still good.
It's the phone number that Helen texted when she landed.
According to the boyfriend, it was payment on arrival.
The Wolf had paid for her plane ticket, her fake I.
, her cell phone, and any other arrangements that he'd made for her future.
But after she was robbed, she had no money to pay him.
Probably why she ignored The Wolf's instructions and called the boyfriend.
But he didn't answer.
She really had no choice.
She had to stick to the plan.
Well, he left a trail, so let's track down this wolf.
Brass and I checked out the bar where the vic's boyfriend says he met The Wolf.
No one there knew him.
Although the sun was still up.
So we'll go back later and talk to the night crowd.
But I did meet a guy named "The Goat," who says he'll eat anything for a dollar.
Beard, pierced ear? Yeah.
I had to get evidence out of him once.
Helen's cell was purchased at the Silver Wagon Convenience Store on Flamingo.
No functioning cameras.
Buyer paid all cash.
Her plane ticket was bought on Boulder Highway at Truxton Travel.
Let me guess-- cash, no cameras.
You got it.
Thank you.
Any luck? Uh, Wolf's phone has gone silent.
No activity since last night around midnight.
Time of the murder.
Yeah, and his call detail records have come in.
The phone was activated ten weeks ago.
Since then, it's been used around the Greater Vegas area.
between 10:00 p.
and 6:00 a.
Sounds like our werewolf works nights.
And he definitely has a routine.
Every Monday night, his phone pings off of the tower in Henderson.
On Tuesdays he's in Spring Valley.
Helen's plane ticket was purchased in Henderson on a Monday.
And the phone in Spring Valley on a Tuesday.
Where was The Wolf last night? On Wednesday he was just off the Strip near the airport.
When I was 15, I tried to make a fake I.
using pencil, chalk and hair spray.
If I had one that was this good, I could've gotten into any bar I wanted.
When you were 15, you probably looked more like you were 12.
And not even a letter from your dad would've gotten you in.
Well, Helen Morrison's fake license isn't even a license.
Official DMV licenses aren't chipped.
And I found an RFID chip in hers.
Common in security badges like ours.
So where do you get one of those? The county prints ours.
For casinos and large companies, they make their own.
And there are a couple dozen businesses around town that print them.
So the Wolf had access to blank security cards and a printer.
Not just any printer.
This is a quality print job from a top-of-the-line digital printer.
Which narrows it down to only a dozen facilities.
"Slots of Luck Industries, Varlos Boulevard.
" We have his phone pinging off the tower in North Las Vegas.
North Las Vegas means he was there on Friday.
We were the first company in Vegas to get the Lazgan.
Better printer means I can charge more for jobs.
We don't print driver's licenses.
Yeah, but could you if you wanted to? It's against the law.
It's not a trick question.
Is your machine capable of printing this? Technically, yes.
I print all our employee I.
So, to make a driver's license, it's just a matter of downloading the template and uploading a photo.
But it's against the law.
But it's against the law.
We have reason to believe that someone printed this license on that machine.
If it was one of my employees, that's cause for termination.
How about outside normal business hours? Only my security guard has access.
But George has been with us forever.
Does he work Friday nights? Yes.
And the cleaning crew.
They're here every Friday.
Hey, Stokes.
Hooked you up with some rougher customers.
Oh, yeah.
Scoot over for me, will you, boys? Thanks.
What's up? I'm in a lot of trouble because of you.
Because of me? I'm not the one that made you smoke dope, get all dumb and endanger planeloads of people.
My dad took my car away.
And that guy said that I'm looking at 4,000 hours of community service.
Could be staring at a felony.
Or you could be sharing a cell with this fella right here.
You'd like that, wouldn't you? See there? you're already making friends.
No Now, I can't really do anything about your old man, but I might be able to shave a few thousand hours of community service off.
What do I have to do? Last night, air traffic control reported laser hits on inbound flights at 11:25.
That puts you at the end of the runway when my victim was thrown out of a moving car.
I don't know.
There was lots of planes.
Uh, a f a few cars.
Then a-a lot of cops.
You were there.
of community service.
That's like being busy every weekend for the next ten years, so Come-come on, man, listen I was really stoned, man.
I mean, help me out, guys-- even if you're really stoned, you notice if a car's going too fast.
Or if it's swerving.
A woman's dead.
You realize that, right? Yeah.
Okay, so think.
If it wasn't a car, maybe it was something else.
Maybe it was something bigger.
Oh, there-was this guy.
Um a farmer with a pitchfork.
Farmer with a pitchfork at the end of the tarmac? Well, no, like, not He wasn't a Why? You can have a seat right here.
Well, I was Why don't you two guys get to know each other? - Well He says there's a farmer with a pitchfork at the end of the tarmac? No Not a He's not a real guy.
It was He was a cartoon.
No! No, it was on it was on a side of a van! It looked like a farmer with a pitchfork.
Only it was, uh, it was some moron with a mop.
Moron with a mop? Yeah.
Was it that moron? Yeah.
That's him.
So, a witness places your van at the crime scene at the time of Helen's murder.
And Truxton Travel I.
'd you from a photo.
That's the travel agency where you bought a plane ticket for Helen.
And we know that you printed Helen's fake license at Slots of Luck where you used to work every Friday night.
Yeah, well, I-I was I was trying to help her.
I loved Helen.
So you made up some fake hero named The Wolf? She was terrified that her husband was gonna kill us both.
So, she didn't want me involved.
But I wasn't gonna turn my back You weren't gonna turn your back on her money.
It wasn't her money.
It was Allen's money.
Yeah, $30,000, right? Now, was the amount that The Wolf told Helen it would cost to start her new life? Or was 30K the number that Helen said that she could get her hands on? It wasn't like that.
She was getting a fresh start.
And, yeah I was getting the money, but I was also getting my girl.
Hey! What are you doing here? How did you know I'd be here? I'm meeting The Wolf.
You can't be here! Change of plans.
Get in.
No, you heard what he said.
We can't be seen together.
It's all right.
He called me.
Come on.
Everything is going wrong.
No, Helen, everything's gonna be fine, all right? Just get in.
I'm gonna take you to the motel.
And then I'm gonna bring The Wolf his money.
I don't have it.
Someone stole it.
Stole it? In my carry-on, on the plane.
Someone stole it! No, you don't understand.
The Wolf needs his money.
He can't help you without the money.
Where is The Wolf? Where is The Wolf? I need to talk to The Wolf.
So, there was no Wolf.
There was no happy ending.
It was all about the money.
You killed her.
You're as bad as her husband.
Look, you're right.
I-I-I-I was upset about the money, and I-I lost my cool.
But I loved Helen.
I-I was planning a life with her.
And when I told her that there was no Wolf, she freaked out.
I trusted you! How could you do this to me?! You just wanted the money.
What? You were never gonna help me.
No, Helen, that is not true.
You told me to leave my husband.
You told me I would be safe! Allen's gonna kill me.
Allen's gonna find me and he's gonna kill me.
No, Helen Pull over, stop the car.
No, no! Stop the car! No, oh, my God! Just stop the car! God! Helen! Helen!, no! Stop the car! No! Oh, my God! Stop the car and pull over! Aah! No, no, stop it! Get down! Stop the car! My God, you're gonna kill us both! Let me out! Just let me out! I need to get out! Helen! Oh, my God, no! I need to get No! Let go of me! Stop it! I am done with that.
No one hits me! No! No! Sit down! Helen! I didn't mean to hurt her.
So you pushed her out of a van going 45 miles an hour.
And kept on driving.
I loved her.
No, you didn't.
If you did, Jefferson, you would've pulled over.
Call a cab? Thanks for getting my money back.
Or what was left of it.
Either way it was the cheapest divorce I ever had.
You know, you can convince yourself all day long that you came down here chasing after that money.
But we both know the truth, don't we? Look, the-the truth is is that Helen got what she deserved.
Really? Okay, um, you know what? You can take off, bro.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, that's my cab.
No, no, that was your cab.
Hey, what the hell's going on here? Get your hands off of me! I am placing you under arrest for felony assault.
And in Nevada, that carries, what, three to 13? I never touched her in Nevada.
No, no, I'm not talking about your ex-wife.
I'm talking about my medical examiner, Doc Robbins.
The guy on crutches that you pushed.
Oh, come on, man! That's like hitting a cop.
Are you joking? The judge is gonna laugh you out of court.
Maybe he will, maybe he won't, but it's, like, Nothing's gonna happen till Monday morning.
Have a good weekend.