CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e14 Episode Script

De Los Muertos

The sweetest little girl you've ever seen.
Ana is the only girl I ever asked out.
She said no, but still Kid was a force of nature.
She'd come into my class laughing, and just light up the room.
She will not be forgotten.
Al Thank you for coming.
Can we have a word? Of course.
Of course.
I am so sorry for your loss, Gabriel.
And I apologize; I still haven't heard quite what happened.
I didn't want to keep the news of Ana's death from her friends and family, but there are certain details of it which remain unclear.
Three days ago, Ana was discovered dead in the border city of Arquero, Mexico.
The local coroner found her license on her, notified LVPD calling her death "drug-related.
" They sent these photos and prints to confirm it was Ana.
But he's been otherwise uncooperative and refused to arrange transport of the body to Las Vegas.
Has he performed an autopsy? I demanded that he not proceed with one.
He's wrong about Ana doing drugs, and I don't want him getting anything else wrong.
Al I want you to go to Arquero.
Determine how my daughter died.
Gabriel that that's not something that I can do.
No, no, no, you must! As my friend.
Since Carmen's passing, Ana was all I had.
I need you to make sense of what has happened to her.
She was a good girl.
I've been to Arquero, Mexico.
For business.
There's no reason Ana should have been down there.
In that wretched place.
Please, Al.
Tell me what happened to my Ana.
I'll see what she can tell us.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! All right, well thanks for your help.
Yeah, yeah, not a problem.
Hey, Greg.
Landlord came over to collect the month's rent from the couple who lives here.
Came across this when he looked through the garage window.
That's one hell of a body dump.
Like they were dumped by a cement truck.
Got this picture from inside.
I'm pretty sure this is the couple.
Brett and Claire Marsh.
Someone's been doing a lot of work in here.
Landlord says that Brett had repaired the sewer line and was in the middle of replacing the floor.
Yeah, but concrete's not quicksand.
They couldn't have just gotten stuck in it.
No, I'm thinking that someone was trying to bury these two.
And the ground just vomited them up, huh? Yeah, because someone messed up the recipe.
A couple of these empty bags are expansive mortar.
It looks like concrete, but it's actually designed to bust up concrete.
You pour it into drilled holes and it'll grow to such a volume that it can crack solid rock.
The stuff is mistakenly mixed with the concrete, gets poured on the couple, and then the dead shall rise.
Beyond bizarre.
David, I can help you chip them out for transport back to the morgue.
That would be great.
All right, I'll get started processing inside the house.
- Sir, hold up.
- I live here.
This is a crime scene.
I live here, all right? This is my house, all right?! Whoa, hey.
I live here! Hold on a second.
What the hell is going on? Brett Marsh? Yeah.
I'm CSI Sanders.
I'm with the crime lab.
Claire? Oh, my God.
She's dead? I'm so sorry.
Is that Jeff? My wife and my brother Jeff.
I was only away in Bakersfield for a night.
What the hell happened to them? You said that your brother was doing your cement work? He needed a place to stay.
So I let him crash.
And I knew he'd screw it up, the kind of guy Jeff is but I was expecting sloppy edgework, not that.
Do you know anyone who'd want to hurt your brother? Or your wife? All right.
We're gonna figure out who did this.
Oh, there he is.
Hola, amigo.
You ready for this? Took a little convincing with my wife, but, uh, I'm clear.
You're clear internationally, too.
Mexican Federal Police are gonna have an agent meet you at the airport and then escort you throughout the entire trip.
Yeah, it's this agent right here.
His name's, uh, Javier Silva.
He'll be like our own personal Federale, right? And Nick's gonna liaise any evidence you find during the autopsy.
And act as my translator, por favor? Well, it's been a while, but I'll do my best.
- Oh, boy.
- All right, look, I know I don't have to tell you guys this, but that part of the border it's like the Wild West.
So you do your thing and then come right back.
Sounds good.
Besides, what could go wrong? Aah! I don't suppose they're too strict about speed limits here, Agent Silva? The way cops work in Arquero, be lucky if it's a radar gun they are pointing at you.
Yeah, I've been reading up on the situation down here.
The war between the drug cartels is really heating up.
And from what I understand, local police are in the cartel's pocket.
Am I right? And one thing all sides agree on: they despise outside law enforcement.
Americans or Federales.
That's the place? Dr.
Blanco? Sí.
I'm Dr.
Al Robbins, pathologist from the Las Vegas coron.
- Las Vegas? - Sí.
Yo soy Nick Stokes, con Las Vegas PD.
This is about that girl? Yes, sir.
Ana Ortiz.
What kind of budget do you have to work with out there in Las Vegas? I'm sorry? You can travel the world, just to be told in person, go away? I told you, amigo.
We're not trying to invade your territory, sir.
Blanco if you'll just allow me to examine the body-- please.
I've already told her father what happened to her.
I will autopsy her once I'm finished with those that have been waiting longer.
Blanco, federal agencies are prepared to intervene if necessary, so I suggest The body's in cold storage.
Drains are backed up.
There's the bucket.
Thank you.
Are there other staff here? - Just me.
- Wait a minute, you handle over a thousand murders a year by yourself? In a good year, yes.
That's insane.
There's only one body that you're worried about.
She wasn't murdered.
Anonymous caller, uh, saw her by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.
I picked her up.
I found cocaine inside her nostrils, all over her hair, her dress-- overdose.
She has no history of drug use.
Says who? Says me.
You know, I'm starting to get the feeling he doesn't want us around.
So, I had Dr.
Blanco give me Ana's clothes.
There was no butcher paper.
So local news is going to have to do here.
Everything all right? Ana's father wanted some answers.
He's not gonna like them.
Her hair is thinning, she has sores on her mouth.
The signs of sustained drug use.
The degree of damage to the liver and kidneys is further evidence consistent with her being a serious long-term drug user.
And her father had no idea? I don't think so.
We'll express-ship a sample of her heart blood to Vegas.
Lab can run a drug panel.
Blanco also gave me a sample of the cocaine trace he found in her nose and hair.
So we'll check that out.
What's going on with her feet? Are you seeing this? Well, it sounds kind of strange, but the tissue damage is consistent with frostbite.
Frostbite? In a town where the morgue doesn't drop below 50 degrees? You got me.
Whoa, there's traces of cornhusk all over this dress.
Don't worry, Doc, we'll find out exactly what happened to her.
I hope so.
Okay? Hey.
This is definitely Claire Marsh and her husband's brother Jeff.
Single GSWs to their heads? Through and through on his, no exit wound on hers.
Expansive mortar did the rest of this damage.
Well, Finn is X-raying the rest of the concrete now.
She thought she saw an embedded bullet, which means they were shot in the garage.
Right beside their shallow grave.
But the concrete expanded and shifted, so we won't be able to determine anything about the bullet's trajectory.
Look at this.
A gun.
Possible murder weapon? You know, I found some antidepressants among Jeff's stuff at the house.
Guy has emotional problems, ends up with a gun in his hand? You're thinking murder-suicide.
Wouldn't be the first guy to covet his brother's wife.
He wants to off himself.
Decides to take her with him.
So, he shoots her, pours the concrete, and then snuggles up beside her in the concrete.
It's a possibility.
Actually it's not.
I found high-velocity blood spatter on Claire's clothing.
Wrong side to be from her GSW.
So it was his, which means she was standing out of the concrete next to him when he was shot.
My theory-- double murder, killer plants the gun, buries them.
Occam's razor is so dull.
Doc's gathering his notes, writing his report.
We'll be out of here first thing tomorrow.
Secured some tacos from down the street.
Weapons-grade hot sauce.
So, did you read about this cartel massacre last week? Four gunned down, one of them beheaded.
I've got them in the cooler right now.
The news treats it like it's something to celebrate.
But look at these guys.
Murder sells papers, amigo.
Yeah, but it's different down here.
I mean, these cartel guys are worshipped like celebrities.
There's songs written about their crimes.
Sure, but wasn't Vegas founded by criminals? You guys put your mobsters in a museum.
That's history, not news.
Okay, so who do you think buys all the drugs? Place like Sin City.
Come do whatever you want.
No cartels without customers.
I think you hurt his feelings.
Don't get me wrong, Stokes.
You hook me up with a deal at Caesars, I'm there.
Something wrong, Nick? These men were all slaughtered in a cartel hit last week.
That paper shows cornhusks on the ground.
It's all over them.
That's the same trace that was found on Ana Ortiz.
Blanco? I think there's been a cross-contamination of trace between the bodies.
This place might not be pretty, but I do my job right.
I don't make mistakes like that.
If that's true, then Ana Ortiz was at the same place where those four men were murdered.
We found traces of cornhusk on her body, the same way they had it.
Blanco, there's more to her story, isn't there? I recovered those men from the site of the massacre.
Cartel property.
Used to be a cornfield.
Next day, an anonymous caller said that I left a body behind.
Went back out there, little bit away from where the other bodies fell.
There was a girl.
So, you lied to us.
You're here for the girl.
Not the cartel killings.
And she wasn't shot like the other men, so why-why keep digging into it? I want to see the investigative file on that shooting right now.
She died of an overdose.
An overdose of cocaine.
All right? So, let it be.
I need to see that file.
There isn't one.
Oh, come on.
He's not lying to you, Stokes.
Cartel-on-cartel crime, nobody's looking into that.
Then we will.
What? We came here to determine what happened to Ana Ortiz.
And by God, that's what we're gonna do.
Now, her body was found at the scene of that massacre, we're gonna go back out there, and we're gonna process it.
Nick, I'm not so sure You want to go stand in a field that's still bloody from the last guys who stood there.
We'd be target practice.
Well, if you think it's too dangerous I'll go alone.
You trust these guys? Local PD was the best protection my office could coordinate.
These guys are safer than nothing.
That's debatable.
So, Dr.
Blanco said he found Ana's body right around here.
And look at this.
Same cocaine trace that was found in Ana's nose.
Tire treads.
Looks like they came to a stop right here.
Javier, there's flakes of blood in these treads.
The truck drove through the blood from the massacre.
That's what I'm thinking.
Who the hell is that? ¿Quien es ese, señor? Be ready.
What was that? Said he heard we were investigating an overdosed American girl, so why the hell are we poking around the blood of the cartel? Right.
You know, the way the blood is flaked in these treads tells me this blood pool was dry when the truck drove through it, and that was at least a couple hours after the massacre.
It stopped right there, and it dumped Ana's body right over there.
Can we get the hell out of here? Yeah, let's go.
Just finished processing the concrete couple's clothes.
That was kind of a sexy little dress she had on there.
Nice shoes, too, although the, uh, soles had speckles of paint on them.
Well, I have a bullet and I have a gun, but I have no way to fire it to make a comparison, because the gun barrel is split like a banana peel.
The expansive mortar got in it.
So I've tried something different.
I've Microsiled the inside of the barrel.
That works? Yes, it does.
It's a match.
We've got our murder weapon.
The killer left it in the vic's hand.
Oh, I also found an errant hair in the cement.
Henry ran DNA on it.
Did not match either one of our victims, so hopefully could be the killer's.
I can smell the health code violations in that place - from here, Doc.
- Hodges Promise me I can't get a staph infection through the Internet.
Hodges, the tox reports, please.
I ran a full drug screen on the sample of heart blood you sent.
Ana Ortiz was completely clean.
Well, that makes no sense.
Cocaine was collected from inside her nostrils.
Well, then she must have exercised remarkable nasal restraint.
Don't know what else I can tell you.
Oh, yeah Hmm.
Definitely see some mold spores up in that corner of the ceiling over there.
Hodges, uh, we're starting to lose connection.
Thank you, Hodges.
Whoa, wait a Uh, Dr.
Blanco, may I use one of your microscopes? Should I check it for health code violations? That man is a hypochondriac and a lunatic, and I apologize.
Thank you.
So what are you thinking? Now, with a drug overdose eliminated, other explanation for Ana's symptoms is poisoning.
Look at that.
Alternating dark bands near the root.
Heavy metal poisoning? Certainly appears that way.
Seen my share of that.
As a young coroner, this area was full of industrial pollution.
Factories were no better than the cartels.
They left babies on my table.
Oh, yeah.
Mees' lines.
Consistent with heavy metal poisoning.
It could also explain the frostbite on her feet.
Toxic metals can cause peripheral neuropathy, Yeah.
make one's feet feel like they're burning.
She may have been icing them.
So the question is, how was she poisoned and why did she end up at that massacre site? She was dumped there by a semi truck, hours after the shooting.
Well, Nick, I'll match and raise your discovery.
Ana Ortiz didn't have any drugs in her system.
Not an overdose.
Heavy metal poisoning.
Wait a minute, now.
Then what is this stuff? I was hoping you'd figure that out.
Is that your water, Doctor? Doesn't dissolve in water.
Not cocaine.
This is pulverized plastic.
They melt it down and use it to make milk jugs, stuff like that.
So how did it get on Ana Ortiz? Any, uh, plastics production around here? There's a plant outside of town.
Well, the fact that Ana had it in her nose and her hair suggests she was around a lot of it.
Maybe buried in it.
Semi could've come from that plant.
I got to get out there, check out those trucking records.
That plant-- like much around here-- is infected.
Ties to cartel trafficking and money laundering.
They're not gonna be happy to see you there, my friend.
I don't care.
What did I miss? Hey, grab your stuff.
We're going on another field trip.
¿Otra vez? Yippie ki-yay.
The concrete the killer poured all over your wife and brother's bodies we crushed it all up.
Found this hair.
It's yours.
It's my equipment.
The hair must have been in the mixer from before.
Do you, uh, have receipts from your trip, to show that you were in Bakersfield all night? You mean for an alibi.
Why the hell would I kill my own wife and brother? Your wife was wearing a pretty revealing outfit when she died.
So? So your brother, alone in the house with your wife.
You head out of town, come home early, catch them in the middle of something.
What kind of slapstick porno are you living in, pal? My wife, with Jeff? My wife had the house fumigated after Jeff visited for Christmas last year.
She looked at him like he was an ape.
Claire with Jeff? Not in a million lifetimes.
I'll get you those receipts from my trip.
But tell me you guys are working on some real leads, too, right? That's the plastic company's trucking records for the last two weeks.
How'd you get that? Slipped some cash to an office clerk.
I mean, you were right, Dr.
They're into a lot more than just plastic over there.
A lot of firepower.
I mean, who needs an M-16 to guard milk jugs, you know what I mean? So, let's see who was trucking pulverized plastics when Ana Ortiz was dumped.
On the ground.
En el piso.
Get back, get back, guys.
Somos policía.
¿Qué pasó? What's going on? Whoa! Oh! Javier Silva.
You're under arrest for the murder of Ana Ortiz.
¿Qué? What? That's crazy, man.
Who-Who sent you guys down here, huh? Who told you to come do this? Hey! Hey.
It's gonna be all right, Javier.
Well, we're alright.
I mean, we're under house ar well, morgue arrest.
But we're fine.
Well, I'm here with representatives of the State Department.
We're going to extricate you and the doc ASAP.
But there's a snag.
The Arquero police department has the two of you as persons of interest in the death Ana Ortiz.
You got to be kidding me.
Really? The investigation obviously stepped on the wrong snakeskin boots.
Well, I'm worried about how they're taking it out on Agent Silva.
There's no word from him yet, is there? Nada.
That's a negative.
But hang tight, Nicky.
We'll get you out of there.
Well How you guys feeling? Splendid.
I love visitors.
Listen, the best way we can help Agent Silva is to find out exactly what happened to Ana Ortiz.
The trucking records.
I'll entertain the company.
You think Ana came down here, crossed paths with the cartel somehow, and they had one of their truckers dispose of her body? Hey, Doc, I'm not so sure that trouble found her down here.
I think that trouble found her in Las Vegas.
Take a look at this trucker, right here.
Now, he's from Arquero, but he has a regular route between here and Las Vegas.
He was in Las Vegas eight days ago.
When Ana went missing.
That's right.
Hey, Jim, it's Nick again.
Listen, I think I have someone you guys should look into.
How we doing with Nick's trucker suspect? Well, the Vegas plastics company's been cooperative.
Given us some good information on Mateo Garcia's truck and his schedule.
He is on his way to Las Vegas right now to pick up his regular shipment.
Should be in Las Vegas by breakfast.
And Brass will pick him up.
Okay, thanks.
I really appreciate your concern, David, but we're fine.
Are you sure? I-I'll call my dad's Air Force buddies.
Some of those guys are crazy enough to come get you.
I'll take a rain check, okay? Hey, I, uh I heard about the concrete couple.
How did their autopsies go? You're checking up on my work? Of course not.
I'm just killing some time.
Okay, well, let's take a look.
Nothing surprising on him.
is a gunshot wound to the temple.
Big exit wound, though.
But with her, things are a bit more complicated.
That hole in her head would be my guess.
Thank you, Dr.
And you are right.
is the gunshot wound.
But there are other factors.
Extensive damage to the liver and the kidneys.
And, Doc, I took a look at her hair and I saw alternating dark bands.
Check her fingernails, David.
False nails.
One's missing.
I'll see if I can scrape off the glue.
Mees' lines.
Heavy metal poisoning? Go to the scope.
Get measurements on the dark bands in her hair.
Two bands, half a millimeter wide.
And a half a millimeter apart.
Poisoned on alternating days.
Same pattern as Ana Ortiz.
David, two women from Vegas poisoned the same way-- that can't be coincidence.
Doc, you went all the way down to Mexico and we're working on the same case.
So you got her in your truck, and you took her for a ride, isn't that right, Mateo? I have no idea what happened to her.
Well, let me jog your memory, okay? You're on a long haul, you're a lonely guy.
You see a beautiful girl in Vegas.
You pick her up.
Maybe she'll accompany you on your trip to Arquero, right? No.
We know that you drove her down there.
But I didn't know.
All right? I loaded my truck at the Vegas plant.
Drove it down to Arquero.
Straight through, no stops.
When I got there, I started unloading.
One of the drums felt too heavy.
She was inside.
And how did she end up like that? Yo no sé.
But I called the Arquero police.
They wanted nothing to do with a dead American girl.
So you dumped this poor girl's body like a piece of road trip trash in a field? Señor, I could have made it so that nobody ever saw her again.
But I wanted the girl, y su familia, to get a chance to get some answers.
So I hear about the cartel massacre, and I took the girl to that field.
And then you told the coroner he missed one.
Whatever happened to that poor girl, it happened up here.
So Brass thinks that the truck driver was just an unwitting transporter of Ana Ortiz's body? Well, tox says both Ana and Claire were poisoned by thallium.
Same pattern of dosing.
So it has to be the same poison suspect.
Whoever that is must have dumped Ana Ortiz's body in the barrel at the Las Vegas plastics facility.
And then moved on to their next victim.
All right, so hair analysis shows that Claire's poisoning began four days after Ana's body was dumped.
But before the poison had the chance to kill Claire, she was gunned down along with her Jeff Marsh.
Yeah, I feel like the killer panicked, like he couldn't wait for the poison to do its job.
Ana's disappearance was getting a lot of attention.
It might have put pressure on him.
You know, Ana and Claire have the same killer.
So what else do they have in common? Any overlap in their life could be where they crossed paths with their assailant.
Well, Ana's 18, child of privilege.
Claire is 15 years older, scraping by on temp receptionist jobs around town.
And they lived in different neighborhoods.
No apparent family connection.
You guys, tip just came in from PD.
A friend of Claire's heard about her murder, and thought this could be a lead.
Claire texted her this photo three days ago.
"Ready for a visit with my artiste.
" Seeing someone on the side? Friend said Claire didn't give her any details, but, Morgan, you found trace of paint on Claire's shoes, right? It could be that Claire had contact with this artiste around the time of her death.
Anything that can help solve Claire's case can help solve Ana's.
Where was the photo taken? Henry just analyzed the metadata.
Picture was snapped at a house in Henderson.
Want to check it out? LVPD! Elderly homeowner leases out the guesthouse to a guy.
Uses it as his studio, pays cash.
All clear.
You got a name? No, she swears she wrote it down somewhere.
Ana Ortiz.
Claire Marsh.
For the last time.
It's a shame the artist didn't sign his work.
Didn't leave any indication of who he is.
You know, Claire was wearing that dress when she was shot.
Maybe she was here shortly before, posing.
Got some broken glass.
Red wine with trace of something in it.
Got some personal letters here.
Green flame.
It's thallium.
He hid the poison in the wine.
Tastelsess, odorless.
The victims had no idea.
Greg, one of these is from Ana Ortiz.
"My love, I can't be yours forever.
"You're capturing me in your work, and that will have to be enough for now.
" She was pulling away from him.
But he wasn't going to let that happen.
He poisoned her to weaken her, make her sick, dependent on him so she couldn't leave, but he pushed it too far.
When a sadist kills a plaything, he needs a replacement.
A new victim to control.
Claire was missing an acrylic fingernail.
Here it is.
You know, Ana was all over the news.
Claire might have recognized her.
She was holding a portrait of Ana She looks familiar.
Then the artist yanked it away from her.
She realized he was bad news.
He follows her home to silence her.
Brother-in-law had the bad luck of being there.
Claire was gonna be an artist before we met.
Still had some friends from back then.
One of the guys-- she used to model for him.
I told her I didn't want to hear about it.
Well, I want to hear about it.
So, this dude's the killer, you're saying? It's just someone we want to talk to.
What's his name? I don't remember.
You don't remember? No! I wasn't interested in hearing about some guy, sat there staring at my wife with his brush in his hand.
If I knew his name, I'd tell you.
We found some letters that Ana wrote that lead us to believe that the artist who painted this was in a relationship with your daughter.
Why would Ana keep that from me? Well, I don't know.
I don't know.
Maybe he was an older man.
Somebody who could manipulate her into keeping a secret.
This is the person who hurt her.
Yeah, look, there's one other thing, sir.
My my CSIs found a trucking manifest.
Ana's body was found in a barrel that belonged to a company here in Las Vegas.
A Partell Manufacturing.
What? We checked the employment records, and the other victim, Claire Marsh, worked for Partell recently for a few days as a temporary receptionist.
We've also discovered that you're on the board of of that company.
I hope you're not implying that I had something to do with it.
Absolutely not.
But the fact that your daughter and another woman who was employed by a company that at least you're involved with, were both victims You know, I was just hoping you could help us connect the dots.
That's all.
You know anyone like that? I mean, who who would be capable of such a thing? Nobody.
So, if we're done I think I need to go rest now.
You can see yourself out.
Russell? I checked with Partell Manufacturing HR, any chance they have an employee who also is a known artist.
Turns out they just commissioned a mural in their cafeteria.
Artist's name is Keith Garner.
He worked on it late at night, because he's also got a day job.
Garner's day job is an art teacher, Ana Ortiz's high school.
Guess where he taught Claire Marsh's high school.
He knew both our victims as young students.
He also attended Ana's wake.
She will not be forgotten.
He must have bumped into Claire again at the factory, and invited her back to his studio as a kind of-- I don't know-- replacement for Ana.
Brass is on his way to Garner's residence.
I requested a ping on his cell and a broadcast on his vehicle.
Hey, look at that.
Ping came back on Garner's cell phone.
Look where he is.
I never should have let Ana convince me to hire you! I'm so sorry.
That I didn't protect you, Ana.
That I didn't see what this son of a bitch was doing to you! No! You don't ok at her! She was mine.
I loved her.
I just wanted to keep her.
I just wanted her to need me.
Shut up! She loved me.
LVPD! Put the gun down! Gabriel.
All right, all right, hey.
Just relax.
Everybody just take a second here.
You don't want to do this.
Just put put the weapon down, all right? He killed her.
He killed my baby girl.
All right, now, hey, hey, don't do that.
No, no.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare.
All right, everybody relax just for a second.
He took her from me! I know, all right, all right.
Just-just listen to me for one second.
You can still hear Ana's voice, can't you? What is she telling you to do right now? He took her.
All right.
Just give me a minute here, will you? My daughter.
You did the right thing.
You did the right thing.
Your daughter would be proud of you, Gabriel.
I thought you and Stokes took the first flight out this morning.
Oh, we decided to take a later one.
I went to the police chief's office, and I told him how sorry we were for invading his lovely city when the real killer was a homegrown American monster.
You told him that? Yeah, and I asked him to release Agent Silva from jail, and it worked.
Silva's a free man.
Thank you for everything, Nick.
You, too, Agent Silva.
And, listen, if you're ever headed Vegas way, you got to look me up, all right? Will do.
But keep your crazy gambles to the casinos for a while, hey? I'll try.
Hasta luego.
You took a big risk sticking around, going to meet that police chief.
He's a dangerous man.
It was the right thing to do.
Which is something you don't see too much of around here.
I want you to have these tools.
I realize you have a horrible amount of use for them.
I really wish I could do more to help, but I know wishing's pretty useless.
It's not useless.
It's faith.
La fe.
We all need faith.
Vaya con dios, amigo.
Vaya con dios, amigo.