CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e18 Episode Script


Mom, I'm tired.
Can we stop now? Just one more house.
Then we'll go home for dinner, okay? They're not home.
Well, knock louder.
The Conners bought ten candy bars from you last year.
How are you? Yeah, we got back last weekend.
Sorry we missed the party.
Was he surprised? Oh! Wonderful.
Really, you need to go with Burt.
Was that our victim? Well, yes and no.
His name is Doug Adamson.
He's, uh, 30 days out of county lockup, right? Got a long rap sheet.
Mostly drug use.
Looks like he fell.
Knocked himself out.
I assume we're not here 'cause he hurt his head.
Oh, he didn't live here.
This house belongs to the Conner family.
The neighbors said they haven't seen them for almost a month.
Well, whole families just don't vanish.
Well, we know it's easier to find a car than people, so I've got a broadcast out on their vehicles.
What does Doug Adamson have to say about all this? Well, nothing yet, but I'm going down to the ER later.
All right, so we've got a convicted felon just out of jail at the same time that a family disappears and we find him inside their house-- that does not look good for Mr.
Looks even worse for the Conner family.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! So a whole family is missing and no one reports it to the police.
Well, if I wasn't a CSI, I would think they just moved out.
No TV, no furniture, no electronics.
Everything of value is pretty much gone.
Not if you include sentimental value.
Looks like they left behind some of their family photos.
Hard to believe they would leave those.
All right, so this is where our intruder, Doug, hit his head and fell.
I'll see if I can find anything else here.
I'm gonna take the outside.
Carpet hasn't been recently shampooed.
- That's good for us.
- Yeah.
You know, each of these photos is a family member alone.
Doing their own thing.
Except for this one.
Guess that's how families are these days.
Well, that's strange.
This curtain's missing.
Tieback, too.
Two millimeter medium force spatter.
From Doug Adamson's fall? Yeah, some of it.
Okay, so Doug fell here causing spatter to move upward, close to the floor.
Further away, over here, spatter is traveling downwards.
Indicates a separate event.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, here we go.
Some spatter on the fireplace, and on the wall, as well.
Nick, look at the ceiling.
Ooh, yeah.
All right, I'm gonna luminol the place.
Do you mind stepping out so that we both don't trample all over the evidence? Seriously? Yeah.
She kick you out? Yeah! Hey, check this out.
The caulk on this window it's fresh.
Yeah, and the other ones are yellow and cracked.
That means that somebody recently replaced that glass.
All right.
Hey, come take a look at this.
Does that look like blood to you? To the naked eye, yes, it does.
Soaked all the way through the mat.
It's hard to believe someone would drag a dead body out the front door.
Even at night, there's not much cover out here.
But I bet they did some cleaning up.
Which means we're getting dirty.
Time to Dumpster dive.
You're joining me, right? - Yeah, um - Excuse me.
Officer? Hi, there.
What's your name? I'm Madge.
I'm a neighbor.
I'm Nick Stokes.
I'm with the Crime Lab.
I was just wondering what happened to the Conners? Well, it's an ongoing investigation, so I can't really talk about it too much.
Oh, I understand.
Did you know them? Well, Dwight, the husband, he works 9:00 to 5:00, a real go-getter.
And Claire, she's a lovely stay-at-home mom.
Their son, I think he graduated high school last year.
I don't know much about the daughter but I haven't seen any of them in the last few weeks.
In that time span, did you see anybody hanging around the house? Just the man they took away in the ambulance.
You know, he was working around the house and living there.
I thought he was a relative.
Did you notice anything else? Uh, yeah, there was a great big truck and they were loading in all kinds of furniture.
I thought the Conners were remodeling or something.
I'd be willing to bet that you saw something on that truck to give it away, like a company name, logo, anything like that? Yes, I did.
It was, uh, Las Vegas Consignment.
That's a big help.
I would love to live next-door to you.
Oh, aren't you sweet? Hey, hey, that's all the clothes I got! Sorry.
Gotta take them in for evidence.
It's okay, Doug.
Question and answer time.
Do we have to? My head still hurts.
You're fine.
How'd you know the Conner family? I was behind the Mini-Mart.
You know the one on 12th? What day was this? February 18.
Oh, that's the day you were released from County.
Yeah, same day.
Dude drives up and asks me if I wanted to earn some money.
Had you seen him before? No.
What kind of work did he ask you to do? Just some odd jobs around his house.
Is this the guy you spoke with? Not him.
Him and-and she was with him.
Ethan Conner and his mother Claire.
I went with them, I cleaned their garage.
I didn't finish till late, so they let me spend the night.
Inside the house? Yeah.
The guest room.
Sounds like nice people.
Can I see your hands, please? Over.
They're pretty thrashed.
Hard work'll do that.
Okay, so you spent the night.
Then what happened? Then, the next morning, they asked me to dig some trenches for the sprinklers.
Some trenches? Yeah.
What happened to the Conners, Doug? No one's seen them lately.
In fact, you're the last person to see them at all.
I don't know.
Okay? I was digging in the backyard, saw them get into their car.
What kind of car? Blue SUV.
They said they were going to a movie and they never came back.
A movie.
So you just kept digging, even though you weren't getting paid.
They told me I could stay as long as I wanted.
For 30 days? Didn't you ever get curious as to where they were? Yeah, but what was I supposed to do? Call the cops? They'd take me back to jail.
So whatever happened to their furniture? The computers, TVs Look, I-I waited for them to come back.
Then, after a week or two, I ran out of food, so I sold some of the stuff, just enough to cover what they owed me.
Then-then I sold some more stuff.
So perfect strangers invite you, a convicted felon and drug user, to stay at their house indefinitely.
And then they mysteriously vanish, leaving you to sell off their property piece by piece, for cash.
Sounds hard to believe, right? It's ridiculous.
When he gets discharged, bring him to the police station.
And beg somebody to clean him up.
Wow! That is a lot of blood! What did you find outside? More blood.
And five bags of wet, stinky trash.
So, the predominance of blood is in this main living area.
I marked the voids with chalk to determine the furniture placement.
Which was not very difficult because this entire carpet is covered in blood.
So I found two interesting areas.
Right here's the most concentrated stain, About two feet in diameter.
So somebody was laying there bleeding.
And the medium-force spatter I found on the wall tells me that the beating occurred in this general area.
And the cast-off positions the suspect here.
But without the furniture, I really can't be more specific.
Well, I think I can help you out there.
The neighbor lady said she saw Las Vegas Consignment moving a bunch of furniture out of here.
Whatever you could recover would really help us.
I'll get on that right now.
I'll see you later.
The most concerning evidence I found is over here.
Well drag marks.
Where's that lead to? The end of the hall? A garage and backyard.
Bloody drag marks mean dead bodies to me.
And anyone left alive who got in a car with a killer Probably dead, too.
Okay, the couch goes right over here.
Be really careful you don't step on the chalk, okay? And the string.
Really careful of the string.
Thank you.
She's a very bossy lady.
Morning! Morning.
Wow, we're so lucky that we could track all this down, huh? Nick's still working on it.
Evidently, Las Vegas Consignment keeps some pretty shoddy records.
And some of the folks didn't want to give up their stuff.
How did he charm them into it? Showed them the blood spatter.
Okay, the end table goes right here.
The barstool in the chalk circle.
Ha! The, uh, cast-off pattern extends all the way across the room, which means that the weapon was long.
You know, earlier, I noticed that the poker from the fire set is missing.
That could be it.
All right, so based on the spatter on each of these barstools, I was able to determine where they were at the time of the beating.
And this one is the hero.
All right, well, it makes sense, right? You take out the biggest threat first.
Okay so I'm dad.
All right.
So I am the suspect, standing right about here.
Point of origin is at the convergence of string, right where your head is.
Wait a minute.
You know what? You said that the victim was struck multiple times, right? Yeah.
Why am I just sitting here taking it? Nick said that he noticed that one of the curtain tiebacks was missing.
Yeah, maybe the victim was restrained.
Tie me up.
All right.
All right, so you're tied up and I'm hitting you.
You know what? That would explain the gravitational drips down the side of the stool here.
All right, so this is the main blood event, but without the DNA results, I can't tell you how many other members of the family were injured.
This is a lot of blood.
Yeah, I know.
you guys have got to see this.
The ground-penetrating radar found something.
It's the family dog.
It looks like it's been here over a month.
Well, it was carefully wrapped.
Conners must have buried it.
It gets worse, guys.
The throat's been cut.
That's horrible.
Nobody would do that to their own dog.
No, that was a threat; a warning to one of the Conners.
Whoever that was knows who sent it and what it meant.
Someone in the Conner family was in way over their head.
Probably what got them all killed.
You submitted over 50 samples to DNA from the Conner scene.
We have a family of four who are missing.
I would rather collect too much than too little.
Okay, so how are we doing with the family DNA reference samples? All the obvious sources of DNA in the house-- like hairbrushes and toothbrushes-- all that was thrown out.
What about the trash? Morgan and Hodges are going through it, but anything they find is likely contaminated.
Until I get verifiable references, all I can tell you is which donor bled where and their sex.
I will take whatever you've got.
Uh, the stains at the bar: JF-1 and 2 match Doug Adamson.
Just as we thought.
I was able to identify another male bleeder in the house, but he only matched one sample, JF-13.
Okay, so that's either the father, Dwight Conner, or the son, Ethan.
Uh, given the limited population of the four Conner family members.
I'll take that as a yes.
Uh, all the other blood sources in the house originated from a single female donor.
Female? So the blood spatter and the drag marks? That's right.
Okay, so that's gotta either be the mother, Claire Conner or the daughter, Heather.
Assuming the limited population of the Conner family.
Yes, I get it.
Thank you.
Thank you, Henry.
I don't get it.
I mean, on the surface, the Conners seem like this typical family, right? The mom is a housewife, daughter Heather's homeschooled.
Which is why the school didn't report her missing.
Is the homeschooling a recent thing? No.
No, no.
There was a bullying incident about four years ago.
Mom pulled her out of school.
Has been teaching ever since.
What about you? Did you find anything in her room? No.
Pretty routine stuff.
Nothing that raised any red flags.
Okay, all right, that leaves Ethan the son, he's out of high school.
Some of the neighbors say that he hangs around some shady characters.
But when you look at his record, two speeding tickets.
The search of his room is a different story.
Found some stash boxes with traces of methamphetamine and THC.
Now, I think they're Doug's, the homeless guy's.
But if they're not you know, then maybe Ethan, maybe Ethan got into some trouble with his sketchy friends.
Enough trouble to kill the whole family? No.
Oh, yeah.
Got your, uh, text.
You have something for me on Claire Conner? On February 1, Claire Conner filed a police report.
Uh, she claimed someone was stalking her.
Mostly minor vandalism.
You know, they keyed her car, slashed her tires, threw a rock through the window.
That would explain the glass being recently replaced.
On the same day that she called it in, she left the house for an hour.
She came home, all the cabinets were left wide open.
So somebody got in.
Police officers were dispatched.
They offered to send a CSI tech to print the place, but she declined.
That's interesting because Henry just confirmed that the blood on their front porch was canine.
Their dog was killed and displayed as a threat.
She never reported that.
That's a little odd.
Excuse me.
Good work.
So, Dwight Conner worked for Marvin Braxton of Braxton Imports.
Coffee bean guy? Well, coffee and other Colombian imports.
Braxton fired Conner one day before the family went missing.
I'm bringing him in now.
Dwight Conner worked for me for seven years.
In what capacity? He was my CFO.
Why'd you fire him? He stole from me-- 500 G's.
That's a lot of money.
Found out during a routine audit.
Took the money from the company account, put it into his personal account.
Didn't even try to hide it.
That's not very smart for a financial guy.
He denies it, you know? But you can check for yourself.
It's in the account.
Did you know that the Conner family are officially missing persons? I've heard something about it.
And are you aware that they went missing one day after you fired Dwight Conner? I'm not aware of any dates.
I just figured they ran off with the money.
Funny thing is it's still in his account.
My new guy checked.
You know, we both know that Braxton Imports launders more money than it earns.
Those charges were dropped.
This is a big money hit for any business to absorb.
I'll get the money back.
I got my own way of doing it, and they don't involve going after a family.
We think the Conner family met with foul play.
You're talking murder now.
I have no idea about that.
You can direct any other questions to my lawyer.
So this is the son's car, huh? Yeah.
Auto shop called after the broadcast.
Driver's side's pretty banged up.
Car's been in the shop for a month.
Obviously hasn't been repaired yet.
A month? You know, we keep running into this four-week wall.
It's like life just stopped for that entire family in an instant.
The mechanic called the Conners with the estimate.
Never heard back, so he put the car on hold.
Hasn't touched it.
They know what happened? According to the DMV, Ethan Conner was involved in an accident February 15.
Claimed it was due to brake failure.
Take a look.
The steel brake lines on this car have been completely cut intentionally, front and back.
Maybe it put him in the hospital.
I found a medical bracelet belonging to Ethan in the car.
It's from Desert Palm Hospital.
Well, Brass is convinced that the entire family is paying for the father stealing dirty money.
You know, maybe they were trying to threaten the father by hurting the son, you know what I mean? All Mob style.
Ugh, you know, we're not gonna be able to pull any definitive DNA references from all of this trash.
It's a waste of time.
I disagree.
I find garbage fascinating.
Yeah, that doesn't surprise me.
What most people throw away in trash bags is actually biodegradable or recyclable.
Unnecessarily taking up the precious space in our rapidly diminishing landfills.
Hey, don't look at me-- I recycle.
I've started recording my garbage in a trash journal.
So now, I discard no more than three pounds per week.
You have a trash journal? Yeah.
This looks like a contract for a storage unit.
"Maybrook Storage.
" Rented to "Doug Adamson"? February 19, 2014.
It's the morning after he had a sleepover at the Conner house.
"Unit 353.
" Why would Doug Adamson need a storage unit? "353.
" Ugh Hard to mistake that smell.
There's a lot of blood.
Inside is empty.
Keys are still in the ignition.
Dwight Conner.
Where's the rest of the Conner family? I.
confirms that this is the dad-- Dwight Conner.
Large volume of blood tells us that he was killed here.
Based on the castoff, he was struck multiple times.
No kidding.
Conner's skull is in, like, a million pieces.
There are bone fragments embedded in the wood.
Doug must've been really angry.
Confirmed blood in the trunk.
Did you find any blood in the rest of the car? Not a drop.
DNA match.
Blood in the house, female donor.
Okay, so, either Claire or Heather Conner was killed at the house then put into the trunk of the car, the body dumped somewhere, then Mr.
Conner was driven here to this storage unit, where he was killed.
That means that Dwight Conner was with the killer when he got rid of the body in the trunk.
Dead weight is heavy.
Maybe the killer needed Conner's help.
Looks like there's tar on the passenger side of the car.
They must've picked it up around the time Mr.
Conner was killed.
Means the car was driven over a freshly paved road.
Find the road, maybe we'll find the rest of the Conner family.
How many times do I have to tell you? I never rented any storage locker.
How else do you explain these photos, Doug? They were taken at Maybrook Storage at 9:35 a.
The same day the Conner family went missing.
I was digging trenches in the Conner's yard that whole morning.
That is not me.
The shirt you're wearing in the photo is the same one I collected from you at the hospital.
I can't be the only guy in the world who likes plaid, man.
Dwight Conner was found dead in a storage locker that you rented.
With his head bashed in by a baseball bat.
Conner's wife, Claire, and their two children are missing.
Blood is spattered all over their house.
The same house you were squatting in.
I told you, they invited me to live with them.
Okay, Doug, so you're telling me that you never saw any of the Conner family before? That's what I keep telling you.
You're lying, Doug.
You and Ethan Conner were on a 72-hour psych hold in the same facility on the same day.
January 13.
He was there for an O.
You were for medical detox.
So? So, there's only ten people in the unit! You're telling me you never even saw the guy? Nope.
So it's just a coincidence that Ethan offered you a job at their house and his whole family may be dead? Look, I'm not saying I'm a saint.
Okay? I've been an addict since I was 13.
Alcohol, coke, meth, you name it.
But I have never hurt anybody.
Admit it-- you'll do anything to feed your habit.
Even kill.
If we charge you for this crime, you're looking at murder.
You know what that means? So do yourself a favor.
Tell us where the rest of the Conner family is, and maybe we can cut a deal.
I'm done talking.
I want a lawyer.
Okay, so, I've got some DNA results here for you.
The unknown male DNA that we found in the house is a match to Mr.
Conner here.
So he was injured there, and then killed in the, in the storage unit.
And then Henry compared Mr.
Conner's DNA against the unknown female blood.
There were no markers in common.
She they're definitely not related in any way.
So, it wasn't the daughter that was killed in the house, it was the wife.
Which is interesting.
Conner here was fired by his boss Braxton for embezzling, right? Brass confirmed that it was a lump sum electronic deposit of a half-million dollars.
So, what if, what if Braxton or one of his goons forced Dwight here to watch his loved ones being murdered before he himself was beaten to death? Except we still haven't found a link between Braxton and Doug.
We do know that Doug knew Ethan.
They were both addicts.
Maybe this was some kind of drug deal gone wrong.
And the family was just collateral damage.
Boy, beautiful wife, two kids, a dog.
I mean, I bet they seemed like the perfect American family.
Nothing's ever what it seems, is it? No, it's not.
So, did you, uh, did you already make a note on the trace on these pants? The reddish dust? I figured it was soil or crushed brick.
It's embedded in the tread of his shoe as well.
You know, if the killer used Dwight to help dispose of the other bodies, he could've picked that stuff up from where they were buried.
Are you familiar with the Mesozoic Era? The Age of Reptiles? Ah, I see someone paid attention during earth science class.
The Mesozoic Era was during a time in which Nevada's landscape was developing formations of salt and gypsum.
As the years passed, oxidization gave these formations a beautiful crimson hue, creating what we now know as Red Rock Canyon.
The red powder that Nick found on Mr.
Conner's pants and shoes.
A perfect place for a killer to bury the rest of the family.
Still, that's over Actually, over 200,000.
You know, I did find some tar on the passenger side of the SUV.
Means the killer drove over a freshly paved road.
So, we're looking for an area of Red Rock near a road that was paved about a month ago.
Hey, it's Brody.
Can you get me the Department of Transportation? I think I got something.
Could be a body.
Yeah, okay, let's start digging.
Okay, everybody, let's bring it in! Looks like we got a body.
Found some kind of fabric.
That's the missing curtain from the Conner house.
Definitely female.
Badly mummified.
You think it's Mrs.
Conner? Yeah, either that or her daughter.
Hey, Finn.
So, Nick and Morgan are still out there, but they haven't found any other bodies.
I'm just finishing up with our victim here.
Ligature marks on her wrist confirms she was restrained.
Multiple contusions to the head as well.
Was that the cause of death? Subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by blunt-force trauma.
The weapon cracked the skull, but it didn't perforate it.
Suggests that the killer didn't have much upper-body strength.
Were you able to narrow down what the weapon was? Something heavy.
An inch or less in diameter.
Could it have been a fireplace poker? That's consistent with her injuries.
There was one missing from the house.
The victim's X-rays.
Is that an IUD? I did remove an intrauterine device during autopsy.
According to their medical records, Claire Conner had a hysterectomy five years ago.
That means this is not Claire Conner.
And Heather was never prescribed birth control.
So it's not the daughter, either.
Who is this woman? Hey.
Hmm? You know the great thing about IUDs? Besides the obvious? They have serial numbers.
Meet Jessica Fenton, our mystery woman buried in Red Rock.
Her DNA matched the female blood in the house.
That's interesting.
So Ms.
Fenton here was killed at the Conner house, then put in the back of their SUV, driven out to Red Rock and buried.
Do we know why? I mean, what's the connection to the family? Well, I'm working on that.
She was an I.
specialist, worked from home.
Landlord reported her missing when she didn't pay her rent.
Nick just recovered her laptop, so he's going through it right now.
Is that Dwight Conner in a sex tape? Oh, yeah, but not with his wife.
This was taken three months ago.
Looks like he and our victim from the Red Rock were, uh, having a little fun on the side.
She's totally playing it to the camera.
Oh, yeah, but I don't even think he knows it's there.
And check this out.
Jessica Fenton's hard drive was filled with hundreds of these photos.
All of Conner and his wife and kids.
Claire Conner was right-- someone was stalking their family.
Yeah, but it all happened pretty fast.
I mean, the affair happened in December.
Then a few weeks later, she goes all Fatal Attraction on him, breaks into his house, and then kills the family pet after treating it like that.
And that's cold-blooded.
Well, she also tried to kill their son.
I found diagonal cutters at her house.
Liquid on the hinge smells and looks like brake fluid.
Okay, all this time, we have been thinking that this entire family is dead.
Maybe we're wrong.
The cheating husband, the mistress-- both dead-- but who's the most obvious suspect right now? Claire Conner.
I mean, if she found out about the affair, she could've killed them both.
Yeah, and then what? Just grabs her kids and gets the hell out of Dodge? I gotta say, Dwight Conner picked the wrong woman to mess with with Jessica Fenton.
She used her computer skills to hack into the company server and then transferred half a million bucks into his private bank account.
She got him fired.
Yeah, and as if that wasn't enough, Nick found evidence that she contacted the wife and gave her the sex tape.
Proving that Claire Conner knew about the affair.
Yeah, and she also knew who was threatening her family.
Nick also found an e-mail from Claire to Ms.
Fenton on February 18 saying, "We need to talk.
" That was one day before the family went missing.
Which explains why Jessica Fenton was at the Conner house in the first place.
Okay, so Claire Conner confronts her husband's mistress.
Things escalate.
Claire hits her.
Jessica falls down.
Do you like the tape I made with your husband? Obviously, the rest of the conversation did not go very well.
Get off me! And we also know that Dwight Conner's blood was found at the scene, so at some point, he came in there to try to intervene.
What the hell are you doing?! Stop! Give me it.
No! So now, Claire and Dwight Conner have a body in their living room.
Okay, they have two options: They can call the cops or cover it up.
They chose the latter.
They wrapped her in a curtain, put her in the back of a car, and buried her out at Red Rock.
And they drove to the storage place, where Claire Conner killed her husband.
Okay, that all makes sense, right? Except for the storage locker.
I mean, we know that Doug Adamson rented it.
We got him on surveillance.
So how's he fit into all of this? Someone set him up.
It's a strong possibility that the person on that tape was not Doug, but someone that looked like him.
There's no physical evidence that he was there.
Any evidence of the wife? No.
No DNA from her, either.
Well, so then what are you so excited about, Henry? Dwight Conner fought his attacker.
I found tissue under his nails.
And you have the DNA results? Y-STRs match Mr.
A male relative? So Dwight Conner was killed by his son in the storage unit.
And I think I know why.
I found evidence of sexual activity on Jessica Fenton's underwear.
It was an admixture of her DNA and that same male profile.
Uh, all right.
So, the son, Ethan, was having an affair with his father's mistress.
You said Jessica Fenton was trying to destroy Dwight Conner's family-- maybe, maybe seducing the son was part of that plan.
Ethan finds out that she's just using him, maybe even tried to kill him.
He takes his rage out on his father.
And now he and his mother and his sister are in the wind.
Russell? Yeah.
You have a minute? So, I traced the mistress's credit cards.
Around the time she was murdered, one of them was used to buy three bus tickets to Prescott, Arizona.
Claire Conner and her two kids, right? Right.
Next day, same card was used to book a room at an extended stay hotel.
Hasn't been used since.
Are they still there? Brass contacted Prescott PD, but when they got to the room, the only one there was Heather, the daughter.
The daughter? Yeah.
I haven't seen Mom or Ethan in two weeks.
Why didn't you call the police? I didn't want to get them in trouble.
Well, I mean, they're already in trouble.
Your mother killed Jessica Fenton.
Your brother k-killed your My father.
I know.
Were you in the house when Jessica Fenton was murdered? No.
No, I just came home, and I saw that she was lying there, dead.
And there was blood all over the floor.
What did you do?! What were you thinking, Mom? You don't understand.
She was never gonna stop.
Who is she? Ask your father.
This is all his fault.
We have to call the police.
No, no, no, no.
No one's calling the police, honey.
Dad, we have to! Look, here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna clean this up, and we're gonna disappear as a family.
It's okay.
Nobody ever asks me what I want.
People just make decisions in my life, and I get no say.
And now, because of my parents, I don't ever get to see my friends again.
What about your brother? He was part of the plan.
And how did he track down that vagrant, Doug? Ethan remembered him from the mini-mart.
He said every morning he would be there, looking through the Dumpsters for food.
We found him right away.
And your mother and brother invited him to stay at the house? Dad thought it was better if people thought we were dead.
You find some weird homeless guy living there, and everybody would think that he killed us.
Boy, your dad thought he had it all figured out, huh? My dad and Ethan went to drop off the car, but only Ethan came back and met us at the bus station.
He had blood on him.
When you saw the blood, did you ask him what happened? No.
He just said we were better off without Dad.
Honestly, none of this would have happened if he had just kept it in his pants.
So your family decided to take matters into their own hands? Yes.
My family ruined my life.
Then why protect them? I'm not.
Tell me where your mother and brother are.
I said I don't know.
Come on, Heather.
You don't know where your mother and brother are? No! I don't believe you.
People don't just vanish.
They said they were going to see a movie, and I haven't seen them since.