CSI: Crime Scene Investigation s14e22 Episode Script

Dead In His Tracks

Do you guys ever think maybe we should fix up the shack a little? It's fine.
Why fix it? Yeah.
I don't know, in case we ever bring girls here or something.
Scotty, what girls are we gonna bring besides your mom or your sister? You know what? Fine.
Never mind.
Yo, guys.
The shack door's open.
Is that blood? Oh, man, we should go.
Come on! Is he dead? He's not moving.
That's a lot of blood.
Looks like he got shot or something.
Smooth move, ex-lax! You guys, money.
And a lot of it.
Holy crap.
We need to go call the cops.
What? Well, it doesn't look like he's gonna be making that 3:10 to Yuma, eh, Super Dave? I'd say he's caught his last ride.
Name is Roger Mathers, according to his Texas driver's license.
Single bullet wound to the chest.
Nice powder ring around the entry wound.
Looks like he was hiking in the desert, judging from all the dirt and burrs in his socks.
Yeah, well, there's no shortage of that around here.
Hey, Nicky! Hey, uh, give me a second, will you? Yeah.
This is, uh, CSI Nick Stokes.
This is Sheriff Combs.
He's the local law.
How's it going? Sheriff was telling me he knew the victim.
But he's from Texas.
How'd you know him? Well, he might've been living in Texas now, but Roger Mathers was born and raised right here in Ellis Springs.
I knew him as a kid.
The sheriff was telling me that the victim had a moment of fame, or infamy, depending upon how you look at it.
Yeah, back when they were kids, he and a couple of buddies-- they had the bad luck to run across an armed robbery.
One of the kids got killed.
Shook up the town pretty bad.
Excuse me, I got to take this.
Yeah, go for Brass.
So, Sheriff, what do you think Roger might've been doing back in town? And what the hell was he doing way out here? Well, he wouldn't be the first guy to come out here chasing a payday, Mr.
Loot from the robbery was never recovered.
There's a million-dollar treasure out here just waiting to be found.
Local lore-- they say it's still out here somewhere.
What is it, Jim? That was about my daughter.
What's wrong? She, uh, just tried to kill herself.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! We've got an O.
Female, late 20s.
Attempted suicide.
Cocktail of clozapine, olanzapine.
Breathing steady, but shallow.
Get her into three and throw up another bag of ringers, stat.
Yes, Doctor.
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm Captain Jim Brass.
Captain, I'm gonna need you to wait.
As soon as she's stable, I'll find you.
We just heard.
So sorry.
How you doing? I don't know.
said Ellie was here for a preliminary hearing.
She was in a holding cell.
She's obviously, uh, stockpiling her meds.
I mean, I don't think she wanted to kill herself.
You know, her attorney is, uh, filing an insanity plea.
It might be some screwed-up way of strengthening their case.
Whatever's going on, this is where you need to be.
And don't even think about the Ellis Springs case.
We got it covered.
You just take care of things here.
Hey, Sara, find anything in the treasure hunter's car? Well, he wasn't a health food nut, that's for sure.
Looks like he ran a solar business down in Plano.
His name's on the back as the company owner.
Are you kidding me? Selling solar in Texas? What? Texas doesn't have sun? Texas has oil.
When I was growing up, you mention something like this, it was blasphemy.
Well, these might put your mind at ease.
Gasoline receipts.
Looking at the where and the whens of his fill-ups, I would say that he drove straight through from Texas to get here.
Well, why was he in such a hurry? I don't know.
And what is that? Piece of a photo.
I found it on the ground near the car.
Can't find the rest of it.
Well, it kind of looks like an aerial photo.
Don't you think? Maybe the lore is true.
Aerial photo of the area-- could've been the victim's treasure map.
So, I called on down to Texas, and I spoke with someone at the victim's company.
Did they say why he came racing up here? You know, my guess is he was racing away from there.
Turns out, he had serious money troubles.
His company is going under.
Got to say, if I found a buried treasure, I'd spend it on something far more exciting than saving my failing company.
What do you got in mind? Like a crazy trip or a sexy sports car.
Something like that.
So, there are definitely prints on that piece of photo you brought in, but pretty much all of them belong to the victim.
"Pretty much all of them"? Well, there is one partial print that's not his, but it's not enough to run.
It's interesting though; it looks like a tented arch pattern.
Which is really rare.
I mean, only, what, five percent of the population has that.
Well, Nick just got the phone records of our victim.
He made five calls on his drive from Texas to here.
All of them to Tyson Briggs.
Who's Tyson Briggs? He's one of the other two kids that got tangled in the heist 25 years ago.
So, were you and Roger still close? You guys still talk? No, not really.
Everything changed after that day.
That's why it was so weird, him calling out of the blue like that.
What'd he want? Wanted to get together.
And did you? Yeah.
I thought it'd be good to see him, you know? Get caught up.
But all Roger could talk about was money.
He was kind of frantic.
Panicked even.
He must've been in a pretty deep hole.
Was he talking about looking for buried treasure? You know, the money from the '89 heist? That was why he was here; that's why he came back.
That money was gonna be the answer to all his problems.
Well, how would he know where to look for it? Well, he didn't say.
And tell you the truth, man, I really wasn't that interested.
Look, man, I'm not trying to talk bad about the guy now.
No, that's all right.
I understand.
Go ahead.
The whole time me and Roger were together, he didn't once mention Scotty.
He just kept going on about the money and the treasure and how bad he needed it, man.
He didn't man, he didn't have one single thought about Scotty.
And, Scotty, that's the the boy who was killed? Yeah, we lost our best friend that day.
Please, mister, don't shoot us! We won't tell anyone.
Ben! What the hell? What are you guys doing? We just came here to hang out, mister, I Shut up! Hey, bro.
It's the best I could do.
I couldn't go back to town.
Hey, hey.
Ben! No! Damn it! You.
Grab the bags.
You're coming with me.
Get over there! No.
No, please! I don't want to go! Pick up the money now! You two are gonna stay here.
Be quiet or your friend here dies.
You get it? Guys! Shut up.
Pick up the money! Pick it up! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys, help! We ran as fast as we could back to town to get the sheriff.
By that time, it was too late.
We never saw Scotty again.
I grew up with two great friends, man.
You know, the kind you never forget.
Now they're both gone.
Well, I'm sorry for your loss, Mr.
Yeah, yeah.
I just heard about Ellie.
How is she? She's in an induced coma.
She's stable, so How are you holding up? After all that's happened, I don't even know what the hell I'm doing here.
There's a part of me that wishes she would just not wake up.
I mean, I know how horrible that sounds, but, uh She's put you through a lot, Jim.
You know she's here for a court hearing, right? She's gonna testify in a court that I drove her to madness.
To murder.
You are not responsible for what she did.
Or what she's done to herself.
I'm not so sure.
So, what do we got on our murdered treasure hunter? Well, we are working on that right now.
We just pulled all the files from the original '89 case.
These were our suspects involved.
A pair of local brothers.
Paul and Ben O'Malley.
They robbed the house of a mid-level Mob boss named Michael Scarno, and in the process, one of them was shot.
According to the police report, they made off with close to a hundred grand and some valuables.
That's all? Nick talked like there was this big treasure involved.
Well, the cash and watches are part of the official theft report.
But I remember when I was writing my Vegas Mob book, I heard about this Michael Scarno.
He was an art theft guy, and he had acquired a particular piece of sculpture.
A Persian-stone lion.
Wow, that's over And it was just one of a pair.
The other one just sold at a British auction for close to $10 million.
Well, that could explain the "why now" of it all.
Could be that our victim heard about the auction and then went looking for the remaining statue.
How do the three local kids fit into the original story? Wrong place at the wrong time.
The older O'Malley found them in a railroad shack.
Brother was dead.
O'Malley then tried to make a getaway and took one of the younger kids with him.
Scotty Gates.
O'Malley was caught two hours later out near Hoover Dam, but by then, the boy and the cash were gone.
Now, the sheriff has always contended that the kid ended up at the bottom of Lake Mead.
The body was never found? O'Malley didn't say what he did with the kid? He never got a chance to.
He was found dead in his jail cell the next morning.
No body.
No money.
No trial.
Seems a little bit more than sketchy, don't you think? Case of small-town justice, maybe? Or small-town corruption.
Maybe the local cops knew what kind of stash Scarno was sitting on.
So this is what's left of Scotty Gates.
An entire kid's existence comes down to a baseball hat and a pair of glasses.
Oh, I can't even imagine what his parents must've been going through.
Wait a minute.
Looks like a partial print.
It could be a tented arch.
Sara said she found a tented arch at the Roger Mathers murder scene.
I got your text.
You said it was urgent.
I was looking through the evidence from the '89 case, and I found a fingerprint.
It's only a partial-- not enough to run.
Don't tell me it has a tented arch.
It does.
Okay, so the one on the left is from the torn photo that you guys found this morning, and the one on the right is from Scotty Gates' glasses, Could they really be the same? It's a match.
The fingerprint belongs to a man named Sam Bishop.
He is a security guard now, but back in '89, he was a deputy in Ellis Springs under Sheriff Combs.
And get this-- he left the department two weeks after the whole thing with Scotty Gates and the heist.
Goes a long way to support our theory of a crooked cop.
We have his fingerprints at both murder scenes.
Could be our killer, I guess, covering up his crimes of the past.
Let's take the back.
Can I help you with something? Uh, LVPD.
Who are you? Karen Bishop.
I live here.
We're looking for Sam Bishop.
We'd like to have a word with him.
Um yeah.
I'll let him know you're here.
No, no.
You know what? That's fine.
We'll tell him ourselves.
Thank you.
Excuse me, you can't go in there.
Sam Bishop? LVPD.
We need to talk.
Let me guess-- about Scotty Gates' murder? I've been waiting 25 years for you to come.
You boys are arresting me? You got to be kidding me.
We've got your prints at two murder scenes, Mr.
Roger Mathers' last night and Scotty Gates' 25 years ago.
What the hell are you talking about? My father wasn't involved in any murder.
We have a warrant to search the premises as well.
You have absolutely no idea what you're doing, do you? Get him out of here.
You're making a huge mistake.
My father is a good man.
Well, we'll have a look around, see for ourselves.
The gun that was used to kill Roger Mathers was a nine-mil, right? Yeah, but if it's hidden down here, we got our work cut out for us.
Am I the only one getting a mad scientist vibe in here? Thought this guy was a former cop.
Ooh, have a look at this.
These are the boys from the '89 case.
Old rabbit's foot.
Like a kid would have.
Could be a trophy the killer kept from Scotty Gates.
Well, it's got an evidence tag on it.
And these are all old case files.
Just who the hell is this guy? Assuming your people didn't find any murder weapon in my house.
No, they didn't, Mr.
But what they did find was-was very interesting.
You're one of us, a criminalist.
You were working for Ellis Springs Sheriff Department back in 1989.
They called me a "hobbyist," actually.
Well, that was a pretty heavy responsibility for a young deputy.
How'd that land on your back? I volunteered.
I had a knack for science.
We're working an investigation into a murder that took place last night.
Your fingerprint was on a torn photograph recovered at the scene.
Can you explain that? I retired years ago.
Maybe you should figure that one out.
You didn't retire.
You were fired.
You were let go right after the 1989 heist, says here in your file, for insubordination.
There was no insubordination.
I found evidence that was, uh inconvenient for Sheriff Combs.
Quickest way to bury my evidence was to bury me.
Why was the evidence "inconvenient" for the sheriff? Most charitable scenario? Local kid was gone, presumed dead, along with the two men responsible.
Sheriff just wanted the case closed.
Least charitable scenario? Sheriff was dirty.
In on the heist.
I suppose you have some evidence to back that up? Ben and Paul O'Malley.
Two brothers that ripped off Michael Scarno's house.
They were local troublemakers back then.
Got arrested half a dozen times.
More than once, Sheriff Combs arranged for them to serve their time working on his house.
So you're saying that he knew them well.
Well enough he could've hired them to pull off the robbery.
Let's be careful about allegations that Sheriff Combs is dirty.
Guy has over 30 years under his belt.
Yeah, well, 30 years doesn't take away his guilt if he was involved in the original robbery and murder.
But we don't know that.
Come here.
Come here.
Let's say I play along.
Let's say Sheriff Combs was involved in the original robbery, which ties him to the kid's death.
Why would he kill Roger Mathers Maybe Roger and the kids saw more that day than we realized.
Now, Roger has come back, he's desperate for money.
Maybe his next move is to try to blackmail the sheriff.
That's two "maybe"" in three sentences.
It does give him motive.
Look, I'm not in the man's corner.
I'm just saying, proceed with caution.
This guy, Sam Bishop-- I'm looking at the forensics he was doing.
It's crazy.
I mean, he was way, way ahead of his time.
Polymorphic protein analysis, analyzing gunshot residue.
He has his own formulas here for amino acid stains.
I found all of these aerial photos in Bishop's box.
They look a lot like the piece you found by the victim's car, but, I mean, there's not one that's a perfect match.
There's not one with a with a tear on it or anything like that, which means Roger Mathers had the only copy.
He had the only treasure map.
Explains why Sam Bishop's fingerprint was on it.
It was one of his photos.
Question is: how did Roger Mathers get it? Sam, these were your photos.
That's why your fingerprint's on the fragment that we found near Roger Mathers' car.
Did you give him this photograph? No.
And I have no idea how he got it.
These are all original case photos.
Been sitting in the same evidence box for 25 years.
They're very impressive, actually.
It's the kind of mapping we do with drones nowadays.
But you didn't have a drone back then, did you? No.
But I had this.
I mounted a camera from a suspension rig slung beneath a weather balloon.
The camera's self-timer was modified to fire off an entire roll of film, automatically.
Took about a week to map the region.
There was no better way to search for Scotty Gates' body.
Yeah, I'm-I'm gonna stop you right there, Sam.
See, I had a conversation with Michael Scarno's attorney.
Discovered an interesting connection between you and the old crime boss.
He paid you for those photos, Sam, and that was after you got fired by Sheriff Combs.
Hold on a minute.
You weren't looking for the kid's body.
Scarno hired you to find his missing loot, his treasure.
No, you don't understand Are you going to deny that you were on Scarno's payroll? No, I'm not.
Yes, I took the old man's money.
I'd just been fired, I had a little girl to raise.
But I never gave a damn about any missing loot, any treasure.
It was a chance to find Scotty.
Sam, we need the photo that Roger Mathers had last night.
Where are the negatives? There it is.
The photograph that Roger Mathers was carrying the night he was murdered.
what's so damn special about it that got him killed? Sam Bishop must have scoured these photos back when he took them.
He didn't see anything.
Yeah, but he was working with 1989 technology.
Hold it.
Do you see that? There's an irregular pattern in the ground.
Looks like the dirt had been recently turned over.
I can run this against a current satellite photo, get the GPS coordinates.
Well, we got to be close.
Coordinates we have put us just about on top of it.
I think we're there.
This is recent.
This hole looks fresh.
Look at the impression in the dirt here.
Could be from the lion statue.
Someone beat us to the treasure.
Looks like a tennis shoe.
Or it was, a long time ago.
That's a bone.
Wasn't just the treasure that's buried here.
This is Scotty Gates' grave.
Here's the cast I pulled from the hole before they started digging.
Sure looks like a match for the lion statue to me.
Yeah, we found a shovel, too.
So Scotty Gates and the statue were buried right here all this time.
I thought the story was that the kid ended up on the bottom of Lake Mead.
Well, that's what Sheriff Combs has always said.
Then again, I mean, you heard Sam Bishop's theory.
The sheriff was in on the heist.
Speak of the devil.
So I have to hear through radio traffic that you discovered a grave.
We're still in the early stages.
If the remains you're digging up there are Scotty Gates, I am still the lead detective on that case.
Sheriff, right now, this is part of our investigation into the murder of Roger Mathers.
And you found no other evidence that would indicate this is part of my case? You mean like a million-dollar statue? Everything here is going back to our lab.
We'll let you know what we find.
All these years, he was just a half-mile from town.
I should have found him.
Scotty's parents were devastated by his disappearance.
Whole town was.
But his mother-- it just pushed her over the edge.
For weeks and months, she posted his picture all over town.
She never stopped looking for him, even though, in her heart, I think she knew he was dead.
Hard to grieve without knowing what happened.
I promised her I'd find Scotty.
Did everything I could, but in the end I let her down.
Sam, I want to apologize to you for the assumptions I made earlier.
I spoke with the forensic odontologist.
Dental records confirm the remains are definitely those of Scotty Gates.
Okay, thanks.
Anything else you can tell us? Well, obviously, my observations are limited by the advanced decomposition.
Cause of death out of the question? Not necessarily.
I noticed some fracturing here and an indentation.
First, I thought it was the result of the body being buried for 25 years.
But on closer look, there seems to be some impact compression.
Someone struck him in the head.
Or he fell and hit his head; it's hard to say which.
Do you mind? No.
So this jagged mark here, that's the line of impact? Yeah.
You can see the compression I mentioned.
What do you think? It matches the base of the statue.
Scotty was killed with the stone lion.
Whoever buried that was not hiding treasure.
They were ditching their murder weapon.
How did we get here, huh? How did we get here to this place? Was it because, uh, I wasn't your real father? I mean, we never told you-- we didn't think it was a big deal.
But maybe you instinctively knew and you held it against me.
Is that it? Is I mean, the natural connection between a father and daughter, the bond-- we never had that.
Was it because we didn't love each other? I mean, I thought I loved you.
I mean, every time you were in trouble, I was there.
I came.
Tried to save you, help you.
I mean, if that's not love I-I don't know what love is, then.
But you kept pushing me away and pushing me away.
And now we're here.
I can't go on like this, Ellie.
I think I've discovered a secret about the most beautiful woman in history.
Kate Upton? In history, Henry.
I was talking about Cleopatra.
Fascinating, but I am busy.
I just came to tell you that I had no luck isolating DNA from the shovel Greg and Sara found by the hole.
Something in the sample screwed up your extraction, didn't it? Mm-hmm.
Just as Cleopatra and I expected.
Fine, I'll bite.
What does my screwed-up sample have to do with Cleopatra? Minerals from the Dead Sea.
anywhere else in the world.
As usual, I'm not following you.
There was lotion on the shovel handle.
The sample contained a particular proportion of magnesium, bromide, bitumen, calcium and potassium.
The high salt content would explain why my extraction failed.
Only one vendor sells a version with the precise mineral proportions that I've identified, and they only offer it online.
I'm waiting for a list of local customers as we speak.
We found a shovel this morning, out in the desert.
It had lotion on the handle, a very specific lotion.
You know the stuff I'm talking about, don't you, Karen? Huh? You were out there.
I think you went out there and dug up Scotty Gates' grave to get to that treasure.
Wait, what do you mean, "Scotty's grave"? We were just looking for the statue.
We? Who'd you go out there with, Karen? Roger.
Roger? Roger Mathers? How'd you end up out in the desert with him? I caught Roger breaking into my father's workshop two nights ago.
He was desperate to get his hands on some photographs.
Your dad's aerial photos.
Well, why didn't you just call the cops? I was about to, but then Roger started talking about the treasure.
The stone lion, you know? He said it wasn't just lore, that it was really worth something.
He thought that with my dad's photos, he could find it.
And he offered to cut you in on the deal.
That's why you decided to help him, hmm? I figured, why not? If anybody deserves a piece of that treasure, it's me and my father.
That case ruined our lives.
So the two of you went out there to dig it up, huh? That was the plan.
But it didn't happen.
We were able to find the spot, pretty much, using the aerial photo.
It's got to be close.
These look like the pipes that are in the picture.
No, no.
No! Somebody beat us to it.
I need the money.
God, I need the statue! Hey No! Just get away from me.
Go! I walked away.
That was the last time I saw him-- on his knees, crying.
I've known Roger since we were kids.
I would never hurt him.
Come here to tell me you talked to Karen? Your daughter was the one who raided your old case files, Sam.
She gave the aerial photos to Roger Mathers.
I can't say I'm surprised.
Her whole life, she had to put up with my obsession with the case.
Makes sense she'd feel entitled.
Evidentially, she and Roger went out to the desert and they were digging around.
They didn't find anything.
But looks like you did.
The real stone lion is almost 2,000 years old.
This one isn't even finished yet.
Cement? Exact size and weight as the original.
It's a perfect copy of the murder weapon.
Come here, I want to show you something.
Look at this.
This is a mock-up of the boy's skull, complete with injuries.
So what's your plan? Well, I am going to re-enact the murder, try and duplicate the blow that killed Scotty, prove it's consistent with a killer the same size and frame as Sheriff Combs.
You really think he did it? Well, that's what I want to find out.
Not a bad idea.
Is that your way of telling me it's a good idea? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
I do think my guys could, uh, offer a few improvements, if you don't mind joining forces.
So this is just like yours, only we took it a little bit further.
Just a little bit.
Well, it's for practical reasons more than anything else.
If you were to do the experiment, you'd probably have to destroy about a dozen skulls.
But our head here can sustain numerous blows, and the resulting trauma will be simulated by that computer.
And I assume that, since we know the extent of the trauma, you can set a target zone for the exact force and angle of the impact.
And that computer will let us know when we perfectly recreate the blow that killed Scotty Gates.
Very cool.
What are we waiting for? The injuries just aren't consistent with the sheriff's height and build.
There's no way the sheriff could've killed Scotty.
Well, according to this, the killer was smaller, barely five-feet tall and left-handed.
Back when I was a deputy, I used to coach some youth baseball.
There was this one kid, a pitcher, a mean southpaw.
Briggs? Think we need to have another talk.
I already told you everything I know about Roger.
Yeah, but now you're gonna tell me everything you know about Scotty Gates.
That's where the killing all started 25 years ago.
Please, mister, don't shoot us.
We won't tell anyone.
I think he's dead.
That's what you said before.
Come on, grab the bags.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! What are you doing? We-we can't.
He's dead.
He's not gonna use it.
Yeah, but it's not ours.
We have to call the police.
We're not calling anybody.
Now, shut up and grab the bags! No.
No, this is stupid.
We can't! Don't be a baby! This is our hideout, and whatever's in it is ours.
Now, shut up and grab the bags.
Idiot, you didn't have to break my glasses.
My dad's gonna kill me! Here, now you can buy new glasses.
Quit it, Roger.
It's not our money.
The cops aren't gonna let us keep it.
We're not telling the cops, stupid.
We're not telling anybody.
I told you.
We have to.
God, Scotty, stop being such a wuss! I'm not being a wuss.
I'm being smart.
I'm being normal.
There's a dead guy back there.
I'm going home, and I'm calling the cops! Scotty, I'm warning you.
Screw you.
You're not the boss of me! I didn't mean to hurt him.
I just I just I just snapped.
Yeah, just those those bags of cash-- it just seemed like all the money in the world.
I just didn't want nobody to take it.
So you killed your best friend.
I didn't kill him.
I mean, I hit him.
But he wasn't dead.
Oh, come on, Tyson.
He had a fractured skull.
Stop playing these games with me.
Tell me what happened out there.
Somebody somebody else was out there that day.
We didn't know we'd been followed.
Hey, guys! You guys better shut him up.
Someone's coming.
Damn it, Karen.
Why do you always have to follow us? Didn't you hear what I said? There's a car coming.
Damn it! No! So, you smothered him? Look, I felt bad.
But in the moment, it was him or all of us.
So, the three of you buried Scotty out in the desert along with that statue? We were worried someone would find him.
But right away, the focus shifted to Lake Mead, so no one ever did.
What happened to all that money? The cash? We hid it under the porch at Roger's house.
Couple of months later, his grandmother fell asleep on the couch with a cigarette in her hand.
Burned the house to the ground.
So, Scotty died for nothing.
We were just kids.
Stupid kids.
Yeah, well, you're not a kid anymore, Karen.
Know what you are? You're a liar.
I think you lied to us the last time you came in here.
Think that you and Roger found that stone lion the other night, the two of you.
You know what else I think? I think when you got to the cars something went wrong.
That wasn't the deal, Roger.
You said we'd split it 50/50.
I said we'd split it; I didn't say how.
You didn't even know the statue was worth anything until I told you.
And you never would've found it without my father's photos.
I'll cut you in for a finder's fee.
Come on, Karen.
What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me? Like you killed Scotty? Not a bad theory.
Problem is, you don't have any evidence.
My father always taught me: no evidence, no case.
There is no way that we can get her for Scotty Gates' murder.
She was 11 at the time, and we can't even conclude a cause of death.
We have to get her for killing Roger Mathers.
I know, but we don't have the evidence.
And by the time we do, she will have covered her tracks.
Sam? You looking for me? When Karen was a teenager, she used to go down to the creek bed behind our house.
She had this little hiding place down there where she'd stash her cigarettes, thinking I-I didn't know.
I took a look down there tonight.
If this is what I think it is, your daughter can go to prison for a long time.
Nine millimeter.
Same caliber that killed Roger Mathers.
All for this.
You know, for years, I wondered if that thing really existed.
Now, more than ever, I wish it hadn't.
I thought I knew my little girl.
I thought we had no secrets.
For 25 years, she'd been hiding the truth from me.
I don't understand it.
I just I'm sorry.
I really am.
You do everything you can for your kid.
You-you give them everything.
Including the power to break your heart.
Captain, you wanted to know if there was news.
The swelling in Ellie's brain has subsided enough that we've reduced the medication.
She is responsive now.
She's awake? Yes.
But still in recovery.
I understand.
Thank you, Doctor.
They told me you were hovering.
I just want to, uh, make sure that you were All right? We both know that that's not really possible.
Why'd you even come? I guess I'm just not ready to give up on you, Ellie.
This is not your fault.
There's always been something wrong with me.
You should just let me go.
I've tried.
Believe me.
But I can't.
I mean you're all I have left.
Look, I'm going to, uh I'm gonna let you rest, let you sleep, okay? No.
Please, Dad? Hey, Jim.
, come in.
Sit down.
I hear Ellie's out of the woods.
Two of you able to talk? Yeah, we did.
For a while.
You all right? I am, actually.
Can I buy you a drink? Yeah.
Here you go.
Happy days.
Happy day.
You're a little calmer than I thought you might be.
You sure you're all right? Yeah, I just had a four-hour conversation with my daughter.
That's something that hasn't happened to me in 15 years.
We realize that we need each other.
Even more now.
I-I would be a little little bit cautious if I were you.
"Cautious"? What do you mean? You think she's trying to manipulate me-- is that it? I love her, D.
I have to trust her.
She's all I got.
And I want to be there for her, I mean, really be there.
Help her out, the way any father would.
Good for you.
And I hope it works out.
I really do.
Well, you and me both.
And with a little luck, who knows? Okay.
I think I'm gonna hit the road.
Want to walk out with me? No, I think I'm gonna hang out here for a while.
I got to figure some things out.