CSI: Miami s02e06 Episode Script

Hurricane Anthony

Mandatory evacuations have thousands of Miamians fleeing hurricane Anthony.
The national weather service says to expect winds of up to 145 miles per hour.
Emergency management suggest you get to a shelter immediately to avoid getting caught in the gridlock.
Hurry up! I'm trying.
/ Come on! - The door! - It's not my fault we left so late.
I had to secure things.
Do you want a house when we get back? / You snotty.
Yeah, I wasn't the one blabbingon the phone ten minutes before a hurricane's supposed to hit.
/ Oh, please! Excuse me for wanting to make sure my mother's safe.
Your mother.
Your mother.
She's crazy.
What did you say? / I said.
Oh, my god.
- We gotta get some shelter.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
- I cannot see a thing.
- Well, just turn on the wipers.
I know, I know.
What was that? Miami police CSI and Miami Dade Fire rescue apart of the evacuation process yesterday.
As the city prepared for the arrival hurricane Anthony.
Every police agency in South Florida joined the effort of avoid gridlock as to half million people left the beaches and headed inland.
Today emergency management is still assessing the damage but initial reports estimate 10,000 to and at least as many more damages.
/ Hey! You and Ray junior are all right? Thank you.
Your friends house was very comfortable - Thank you for giving us out of here.
- How's your place holding up? I did all right.
Couple shutters gone, I was lucky.
Not all of us were, though.
I was worried about you.
Helping people evacuate.
I had a very close call but I'm fine, thank you.
How did you get that? Well, I was slow in getting my hand up.
But I'm glad you're all right.
It's this house right here? / Yes.
Let's take a look.
- You okay, Alexx? - Doing better than our victim.
He's wedged under the car.
Do we know who he is? No ID, victim was running around in a full-blown hurricane.
Couple here says they hit him with their car just as landfall hit.
The hurricane puts all three of them over there.
Just precisely why evacuation is mandatory.
It's my fault, I know sir, the National Guard wanted us to evacuate at 2:00, but I had to tie down my boat.
By the time we got out of here, I couldn't see two inches in front of my face.
Hit the guy.
/ Did either you or your wife know this man? No.
/ But it's not like we have block parties.
I mean he could live next door.
We wouldn't know.
Thank you for your help.
Multiple contusions and lacerations too many to count.
You were just looking for shelter, weren't you, baby? You got a point of impact? Vehicular incident, first point ofimpact's the knees, right? Guys get no impact marks on his knees or shins.
So God exhales and everything goes sideways, huh? Wind picked up on the street slammed him to the car.
Man hits car.
There's your story.
Let's be thorough on this, Alexx, okay? Hard to tell which got him first.
The hurricane or the car.
Yes, that's our job sort that out isn't it? After a category two hurricane? - Good luck.
- Thank you Alexx.
We're going to need it.
With an initial estimate of over $3 billion in damage, the governor has asked the president to declare south florida a disaster area after yesterday's category two hurricane tore through Miami.
Law enforcement personnel of all miami-dade county agencies are going door to door Got a category two hurricane, and we get sent out to a traffic incident.
What's up with dispatch? They're slammed with t housands of calls, so we take 'em one at a time till order's been restored.
I hate to see what a category four looks like.
So would dispatch.
You get something? / Hi, I heard a cat crying.
Shelters won't take animals.
People had to leave them behind.
I can see why some victims get caught in a storm.
Horatio? What's your name, partner? Martin.
Do you mind if I call you Marty? Marty, I'm going to check you out, and I don't want you to speak, okay? Can, can.
can you move me? Marty, I I don't think that would be a good idea.
You understand me? You understand.
Is this your house, Marty? this is your house.
Tell tell my wife Marty, I'll tell her.
Just don't just don'tdon't leave me.
Please, don't.
don't dom't leave me.
I'm right here.
I'm right here, okay? Marty? Marty? Did rescue clear the house? Yes.
No one inside.
He's got a wife.
Let's find her, alright? I'll check the shelters.
- Turn him over for me, please.
- Yes, sir.
You think the hurricane could've done this? The wind was horizontal.
this was perpendicular.
As he fell from the roof Marty could've been up on a ladder.
You know what? He didn't fall from anywhere.
Take a look at the back of his legs.
The bruising's crescentic, which means the hammer would've come from an angle like below.
We're talking about murder.
That's two suspicious circumstances in a one-block radius.
Disasters can bring out the best in people or the worst.
Take over, will you, Eric? Look at that 2 x 4.
Hurricane just turned everything upside down, didn't it? Actually, on its side.
Sir, can we help you? Is somebody hurt? Uh, no, no.
We're all accounted for.
I'm just looking for my hibachi.
Radio says it might be days before we get the power back on.
A barbecue sounds like a good idea.
Just, uh, don't cook inside.
You might start a fire.
Hey, look at that.
Hey, what's going on? Is that guy looting? I don't know, but you know what they say.
Walks like a duck Hey, you need some help with that? Hi.
Uh, actually, I'm fine.
I got it, thank you.
You sure? Yeah, thanks.
Is this where you live? That's right.
I'm sure you can prove it.
Driver's license.
Anything with your address on it.
oh, you know what? I left it inside.
Shall we? Okay.
Okay, uh here here you go, dude.
Well, Jed gold, library card's not gonna cut it.
Something else? I found something.
It's a picture of him and a woman.
Yeah, that's me.
That's me, sir.
See I live here, that's proof.
/ Is this your wife? Yeah.
Where is she? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? Do you mind if we look around? Uh, actually, there's a there's a lot of glass back there.
We forgot to board up the windows, so it's a mess.
I wouldn't want you to - hurt yourself.
- I'll take my chances.
Least you weren't lying about the windows.
Biggest mistake people make in a hurricane is to leave their windows exposed.
One gets broken wind gets in, pressure increases, blows out the other windows.
I'm surprised your roof didn't come off.
Found your wife.
I swear to god, I don't know what happened.
I'll tell you what happened.
Your wife is shot.
Bullet entered on the right side, exited to the left with an upward trajectory, through and through.
While you were out front loading your car with electronics.
A jacket.
Did you lose something in the struggle? Well, I'll tell you what's going to happen now.
Detective Tripp is going to give you a ride to the police department.
I thought the roads were for emergency vehicles only.
Then it should be an exciting ride.
Let's go.
/ Hey.
- Is this Marty medesto's wife? - Yeah.
Found her at the shelter.
She and her brother.
He's parking the car.
Oh, and, uh one more thing.
Yeah, 8 and half months.
All right.
Medesto my name's Horatio caine.
You were with my husband.
I was.
Did Martin suffer? Mrs.
Medesto / Please? Mrs.
Medesto, your husband's only concern was you and your family.
Okay? He was securing the house.
He said that he would meet us at the shelter.
- If I had only stayed with him.
- And die, too, over a house? Excuse me? / Martin would have let you if I hadn't pulled you in the car, you know that.
Excuse me.
Medesto, would you do me a favor and have a seat right on the bench over there okay? And I'll be with you in a minute.
I take it that you are Mrs.
Medesto's brother.
Thanks for helping us out.
/ Yeah, it sounds like you have some issues with your brother-in-law, Martin.
I didn't think he was good enough for her.
What can I say? Okay.
It's a pretty nasty bruise under your eye.
Yeah? You were in a fight today? No, I was out hammering up some boards and had a little accident.
Did that accident, Miguel, involve attacking your brother-in-law on a ladder? No way.
/ No? Why don't you describe to me what happened, then? I did it, with the back of my own hammer.
Sounds like quite a trick.
What do you mean? I was prying out a nail and I hit myself with my with my hammer.
Hey, it's true.
/ Okay, if it's true, then you won't mind giving me a DNA sample.
Right? Hurricane anthony tore a 30-mile swath through miami and the everglades yesterday, leaving behind over $3 billion in damage.
The category two hurricane hit coconut grove especially hard with an eight-foot storm surge.
Traffic to miami beach is being rerouted.
Power has finally been restored in little havana and coral gables, though hundreds of homes ofresidents are still in the dark.
Be advised that the FPNL is working around the clock to get the power back up and running.
And finally, the death toll continues to climb.
and many still missing.
So you came to see your windshield man.
A lot of bodies lining the hallway out there.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Guess with all the new construction, people thought mandatory evacuation didn't apply to them.
Well, assumption is the mother of disaster.
And in this case, drowning.
This guy hits the windshield but dies of drowning? After I cleaned the leaves and wrappers out of his mouth, a blood-stained foam erupted from his lungs, which means he had air, water and mucus present during respiration.
The rain filled his lungs, collapsed his alveoli, then saturated his red blood cells until they burst.
Caused heart failure.
so he drowned on rain.
/ Yeah.
Hurricane rain.
What's that? The yellow stuff? Waxy substance? I don't know, but it was all over his arm.
So do we even know who he is? / No, and we're not going to, not the conventional way.
Fingerprints are sanded down.
and I found this wedged in his cheekbone.
That a chin piece? Plastic surgery? / Had botox, caps, dyed hair, too.
You got your work cut out for you, Speed.
Looks like this boy had something to hide.
You lied to me, Jed.
But we were married.
Which makes you divorced.
Explains why Deena recently got a T.
against you.
I never did anything to her.
/ No.
No, you just ignored a temporary restraining order and you shot her.
They just checked my hands.
No gunshot residue, remember? Yeah, well, simple soap and water could take care of that, not to mention rain from the storm.
Dude, I don't even have a permit for a gun.
You know what we call that? We call that an unregistered firearm.
We find that gun in your car or somewhere in the house, - takes us just a step closer to you.
- Go for it.
You got nothing on me, man.
Yeah, well, we're just getting started, dude.
Any luck locating the projectile? Just hard work.
I've got a big, fat bullet with blood on it.
Well, the hubby's swearing he didn't do it, so is there any possibility this could have been a suicide? No, I don't think so, seeing as how I found the gun in the nightstand next to the bed.
There was a nosy neighbor came by that said that the deceased bought the gun a few months back for protection from her estranged husband.
She did target practice out back.
In a nice neighborhood like this? Well, I guess it shows you how desperate she must have been.
so, the guy comes over to claim what the divorce judge didn't give him.
She's afraid of him.
Gets out the gun for protection.
He takes it from her and uses it on her.
And we catch him making his getaway.
I'm going to head over to the lab.
If I find his prints on this weapon, I'll find you.
All right.
Hey, Eric.
/ Hey.
I haven't found a ladder or a hammer yet.
You know what? Let's get a shot of this.
Brother-in-law mentioned something about nailing up some boards.
Anything about nails with blood on them? Gee, he left that part out, didn't he? Okay, let's get this to DNA.
All right.
Why would the board stay put, not the ladder? Well, things that are flushed to the ground in a hurricane tend to stay that way.
Wind does nothing to get under.
What've we got, H? Why do these roses survive the hurricane? It's where Martin's body landed.
He probably shielded them from the storm.
That would mean that he was killed before the storm, right? - It means we just got a timeline.
- So, mother nature .
has helped us out.
Nice going.
Gun doesn't appear to have been fired recently? It doesn't.
I have to call 'em like I see 'em.
You got to do better than that.
Look at that guy.
Divorce or not, the girl's dead and he's shed nary a tear.
Well, if you'll look, I did find that the weapon could have been cleaned after it was fired.
Yeah, he could have worn gloves.
No big stretch.
/ Yeah, it could show forethought of malice.
But either way, you're right, it's not laying out the way we expected.
Hey, Alexx, what's up? Came by on this very case.
That the T.
husband? One and the same.
Entry wound on his ex.
It's ragged.
Take a look.
It is ragged, indicating it penetrated with less force than a direct hit.
Like an injury consistent with a ricochet.
Bullet pinged around the place? Well, something had to slow it down before entry.
Either way, you know what that means? Back to the crime scene.
Any luck finding that ricochet? None so far.
Where are we going with this? Well, in the absence of a ricochet hit, I can use the lasers to find out where the bullet was actually shot from.
Be easier to do with the power on.
Actually, it works in our favor.
I can use these two points as a frame of reference.
That is weird.
/ What? I mean, look.
Busted window, that's all.
Well, we assumed it was from the wind, but maybe not.
Look at all those spent bullets.
Think he opened fire from the yard? No.
I've got another suspect in mind.
Who? I'll tell you when I'm sure.
Will you help me collect these? I already got a collection.
Cleans up after herself.
Collected her own spent bullets.
Tidy gun owner.
Well, it may have been what got her killed.
- The interior of the car, Speed?- I put that on the backburner, because I got this theory about the guy who slammed into the vehicle.
Theory being that he's concealing his identity, right? Well, there's that, and uh, I ran some traces that I found in autopsy.
You got acetone, xylene, toluene.
You got, uh, titanium dioxide, - various hydrocarbons - Non-skid.
What surfers use.
/ Yeah.
Prevents slippage on your board.
I'm thinking he's one of these guys that goes out, tries to catch the monster wave before the big storm.
Okay, go on.
Well, the physics of loft.
This guy's found half a mile inland.
He's got surfing epoxy on him.
Hurricanes pick up small boats, small animals.
I mean, a surf board could be used for loft.
Right, hurricane picked him up at the beach, and then dropped him on the hood of that car inland.
- It's possible.
- If he got caught in a vortex, - there's a very good chance.
- Vortex? - What is that like a tornado? - But smaller.
Winds whip 'em up, then they take off on their own.
Gusts hit 150 miles per hour.
Surf board under his arm for loft a guy could get picked up.
so by determining the vortex, we could figure out where he was picked up, right? Doppler radar can help.
Let's check with accu-weather.
It tracks the movement of the vortex.
He came down in coconut grove.
So looks like - this vortex picked him up.
- Spinning over hobie beach.
What kind of guy surfs in a hurricane? Well, he's either a thrillseeker, or he's got nothing to lose.
Grab a uniform, Speed.
Go check it out.
Blood on the nails.
Yes, sir.
Not a match to your victim on the fence.
And no match to the your suspect with the black eye, his brother-in-law.
Okay so we've got a third man.
Let's run this against CODIS, and see if we get any hits, all right? / All right.
Wasn't speed supposed to do this? / Yes.
I sent him to the beach.
Wait a second.
Hey, take a look at that.
See that right there? That is blood.
Hang on to that, will you? The victim only hit the windshield.
He never was actually in the car.
Yes, but that's exactly what makes this blood interesting.
Your cut.
It looks infected.
However you got it.
I was forced to remove a young lady from her apartment during the storm surge.
- And that is how she thanked you? - Yes, that and a few choice words.
Hang on.
/ Yeah, I found some people who know our surfer.
/ They say his name is John smith.
All right, well, that sounds bogus.
You get an address? He's on their mailing list, so I'm going to head over there now.
All right, keep me posted.
That the stuff from the John smith shack? You were supposed to meet me at the truck.
I figured you could use the exercise.
It's good for you.
Thank you.
jumped bail on a violent crime.
protection program.
All the goombas want to come down to south florida.
For what, the weather? Look, if he was in witsec, CODIS would've red-flagged him as being in the program.
- I did one of those last year.
- Do you mind getting the door? - Traction-n-more.
- It's for surf boards.
How'd you miss this? / P.
Packed the boxes, I didn't miss anything.
He sprayed it on the surf board, and.
it transferred onto his body.
Then the wizard of oz touched down.
Pizza places, eye doctor.
I've got a used library books.
Surfing documentaries.
At least the guy died doing something he liked.
What kind of books? we got a mystery.
- Thriller and accounting.
- Accounting? He's a surf bum accountant? Something's up with that.
Check book.
count balance of $98.
The guy was neat.
Crosses his sevens.
Check this out.
Six years ago.
Jersey city accountant disappears.
Local man, Steven granger, went missing friday after an IRS meeting about his recent accounting records for reputed mobster, Ilia krestavich.
That's nice.
/ He could have been running from the IRS.
The IRS usually lets you work out a payment plan.
My guess is that he was running from these mob guys.
- He got caught stealing.
- How much did he steal? There was a discrepancy of $1,500,000.
- And the guy's living in a shack? - The overhead is low.
5 mil'll go a long way.
A lifetime.
I guess we figured out why this guy would surf in a hurricane.
We did? / Yeah, he was an accountant who steals from the mob.
He's a nut job.
Can't be that nuts.
He got away with it.
He got away from the mob, not the hurricane.
I didn't get any hits on CODIS.
But I did run the report on the blood from the plywood nailsin Medesto's backyard, against the blood you got in the car like you asked me to.
Not that I understood why, frankly, but / findings? They match.
One in 4.
3 trillion people have these combinations.
There're only six billion people on earth, so these crimes are linked.
To one criminal.
/ All right.
Thank you.
Yelina, yeah, hi.
- Listen, this driver stinks.
- Let's bring him in.
Martin medesto, my neighbor? - Your late neighbor.
- Yeah, I know.
I heard.
Poor Susana.
I know she's got a baby on the way and everything.
Do I detect a note of insincerity on your part, Todd? No.
we were friendly.
Well, then, can you explain to me how we found your blood at the foot of Martin's body? My blood? We found it on some nails protruding through a piece of plywood.
I mean, I, I lent him my lawn mower, I knocked into this plank with nails sticking out of it.
It was in his garage.
About a week ago.
- Not award winning.
- No, not award wining, and not even close.
We also found blood inside your car.
- You found blood? - Yeah, your blood.
So either you're a hemophiliac, which I doubt, or you were up to no good on hurricane day.
If you're so convinced, why don't you prove it? Show me how it is that you think I stuck my neighbor on top of his fence.
I'm going to.
You sure about this? Oxidation on all these spent bullets tells us they were fired some time ago.
Florida humidity? It's the same oxidation as the bullet that killed Deena.
I couldn't see it until I cleaned all the blood off.
You're telling me the bullet that killed Deena was shot twice.
The first time was by Deena herself at target practice.
And then, you were right.
She cleaned up after herself.
And that's where the spent bullet stayed until the hurricane came through, picked it up and shot it a second time into her.
I want my stereo.
It's mine.
Okay? / I don't want to sit here Listen, that's mine! We have to leave! This one is definitely going to hit the ballistics lecture circuit.
The only question I have is.
Where was Jed? Under the bed, with his jacket.
So what, I was under the bed.
- That makes me the smart guy.
- It makes you a smart coward.
Whatever, dude.
Bottom line is it's murder by hurricane.
I didn't do it.
I'm out of here.
- See you around.
- Oh, I don't think so.
- Detective? - You're under arrest.
For what? / Grand theft.
- Grand theft? - You were divorced.
It's your wife's property.
You have no right to it.
You're going to go away for a few years.
- God, I can't believe this.
- Well, you will.
when you're decked out in a set of orange jail jumps.
Your only electronics is going to be a fuzzy black and white tv you're going to share with hard-timers.
About 50 of them.
So, DNA results show a match from the driver's seat and the blood found on the plywood nails in Martin medesto's bark yard.
From Marty's killer.
That's right.
How did it get there? I'm working the hypothetical like you suggested.
Based on the crime scene photos, - I've created this rendering.
- Okay, here's what we do.
Let's add the plywood we found just below Marty.
Marty would have been here, and the board, there.
Flat on the ground.
Hurricane couldn't move it.
Now add the second man at five feet nine inches tall and place him at the bottom of the ladder.
Now, collapse the ladder backwards.
If he were to give a pull of the ladder.
Your unknown man's squarely on the nails.
/ Yes, he does.
And you know what? He's not unknown.
Todd, let me see your back.
Let's go.
See, Todd, Those nail marks nail you for this crime.
Okay, it was an accident.
I was on the ladder with Martin, helping him board up his house, and the wind from the hurricane blew us over.
So, you accidentally hammered his calves, and you were accidentally blown over? Fine.
So, we had a small fight first.
Doesn't mean I killed the guy.
It's assault and battery.
You know how I know you're lying, Todd? That's why.
You know what that is? A rose.
/ Yeah.
A rosebud.
We found that intact under Martin's body.
Hurricane wiped out all the others.
It's called a time line.
So, your little accident happened before the hurricane.
What she's saying is that the storm didn't kill him.
You did.
Damn it, Martin, I need the ladder.
- Give me a chance.
- You're already boarded.
Get off me.
/ Storm's going to destroy my house.
Man, I need it.
Give it to me.
He was double boarding.
Excuse me? He had one set of boards up on his house already, and he still wouldn't loan me his ladder so I could take care of mine.
So while you boarded your house, Martin bled to death in his backyard.
That's right, and then you went out to your car, and you bled in your car on the seat.
- I was trying to save my house.
- Yeah, and you did.
You did save your house, didn't you? The problem is, is you're not going to be seeing that house for a long time now, are you? Will you tell his wife that I said I'm sorry? Yeah.
I can do that.
I'll speak to his wife.
Just out of curiosity, Todd, what should I tell .
his unborn child? Think about it.
Miguel? Lieutenant.
My sister's in the hospital.
- Everything okay? - She had a baby boy.
Wanted to let you know.
No complications, healthy.
That's great.
We, uh, we got Martin's killer.
It turns out to be the neighbor across the street.
Hey, no hard feelings for coming after me.
Are you going to look in on the little boy? Right.
Miguel? It's going to be weird, that's all.
Didn't always approve of how his old man treated my sister.
- What do I tell his kid? - Let's tell him that his father his father died trying to save their home.
Thank you, lieutenant.
/ Sure.
You take care.
Hi, guys.
Bye, guys.
Hey, Calleigh.
I, uh, heard you busted the stereo man.
I heard you found out who the car crash victim really is.
He was a bad guy.
You know maybe not all bad.
I think the mob would disagree about 1.
5 million times.
But you know what I was thinking? If he hadn't have stolen from the mob, then he never would have become a beach bum in florida, and then he never would have gotten picked up by the hurricane, and if he hadn't have gotten picked up by the hurricane, he never would have hit Burton's car, and if it wasn't for hitting Burton's car, Burton would've gotten away with murder.
Leave it to you, Calleigh, to find something good to come out of a hurricane.
They do alleviate global warming.
She's, uh, way too cheerful.
Oh, I just locked up the paperwork on Burton.
- But if you want it.
- No.
That's okay, that's fine.
It won't be a problem.
I'll just be a minute.
/ Okay.
Here we go.
That's all the papers.
All right.
All rightie.
I was, uh I was wondering I was wondering what, uh, you guys were doing tonight, you and Ray, jr.
well, um, you're gonna have to, uh you're gonna to have to take that board up down, so I, I assume you're going to need some help.
Lieutenant Caine? Yeah.
/ You, uh, evacuated me.
they told me I could find you here.
Um, Julie, right? / Uh, Julia.
Julia, okay.
Julia, I'll be right with you.
Excuse me.
How's she doing? She's, um I think she's going to be fine.
How, um how did later sound? I think that would be nice.
So I'll see you later.
Thank you.
The city of Miami is returning to normal after Anthony.
Power is back on in all but outlying areas, and homeowners are digging out of their homes.
Surf's a calm foot to foot and a half.
Thanks to the trade winds out of the bahamas, temperature's a balmy 72.