CSI: Miami s03e07 Episode Script

Crime Wave

Now the story of evacuations, they're under way for beach communities and both Dade and Palm Beach counties Some of the keys have already been evacuated.
Oceanographers predict that a massive tidal surge or tsunami will hit Miami Beach by late afternoon same long lines at every gas station in the costal areas as people fill their tanks before they head to higher ground.
Due to increased demand, many gas stations are finding their reserves insufficient.
I'm out.
No more.
No more gas.
What's going on here? What are you doing up there? What's taking so long? It's out of money.
Where is the closest ATM? This is the third place I've been to.
Home improvement stores are being inundated as locals are stocking up in preparation of this tsunami.
A more common to this emotion occurrence, this particular tsunami in the Atlantic was engendered by a large portion of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano in the Canari island, collapsed 8 hours ago sending water reported to be 100 meters high rising for forth of south coast.
- What's the hell wrong with you? - I'm sorry, it's an accident.
Look at my car! Hey look buddy she said it was an accident Screw you Stop it, Dan! Stop it.
Stop damn! Stop! Stop it! - I can't breathe - Are you kidding me? Two bodies and the wave hasn't even hit yet.
Well evacuations have a way making people crazy Franck.
According to witnesses there were a dust out in the parking lot.
When it was over some of the rovers found these two.
So you have inmate tats, prison buff.
And we have a coed, I don't see the connection.
Our female victim is a Virginia Dickens.
Here visiting a student at Miami.
- They were heading inland.
- But she made a stop first.
Yeah the guy was so pissed he wouldn't get out of the car.
Looks like she walk up on something.
So that means that the killer's real target is the ex-con.
Is it a puncture wound Alexx? Right to the temple.
Killer left no room for error.
ID does Leon Caldwell.
- All cash, no credit cards.
- It is hard to get credit cards sent to a cell.
What do we have there Alexx? Oh Sig Sauer, and loaded.
Fresh out of jail and already packing huh? Look what I've found in his pocket.
Frank Take a look at that That's a monster calibre.
Penetrates up to 48 layers of Kevlar.
Something tells me this guy was planning something big And not alone Frank, it turns out the wave is not the only thing about to hit Miami Th The The C The CS The CSI The CSI: M The CSI: Mi The CSI: Mia The CSI: Miam The CSI: Miami The CSI: Miami T The CSI: Miami Te The CSI: Miami Tea The Miami Sub Team The Miami Sub Team p The Miami Sub Team pr The Miami Sub Team pre The Miami Sub Team pres The Miami Sub Team prese The Miami Sub Team presen The Miami Sub Team present The Miami Sub Team presents The Miami Sub Team presents: CSI: Miami Saison 3 Episode 7 Crime Wave Correction: Highlander and Checkdatas It's still time for you to evacuate.
Just following your lead.
I figured there's a reason you staying put.
Well there is.
We've found these.
We think he has a partner and a plan.
You're thinking a heist.
Alright, 1500 banks in the area, hundreds of armoured cars, hotels, saves, art museums, - billionaires states.
- Right.
This is the rent-a-car.
That is the shopping cart.
Get Eric out here, please.
Right now.
It's the window to the heist.
Be alert, seven hours and counting.
We got lucky Someone stepped on this one.
And an exemplar.
Lot of hairs on the driver's seat.
White hairs.
Ha, they're closed up, insurance reasons.
Our killer left behind and a mini maglite.
If they needed it before, they still need it.
Changed towards the closing, couple of mom and pop hardware stores are probably still open.
I'll got hit a few, starting with the closest.
Alright, I'm gonna go with you Tripp.
Calleigh you take care of this? You know it.
- Good night - Hey.
Are you leaving? Huh normally I would stay here and stick this out especially being new and all.
Oh, no one would fault you for evacuating.
No I have an uncle, a stubborn uncle, he lives on Count in North Miami beach.
He's refusing to evacuate? He says he lived through 4 hurricanes this season alone and not gonna let some other wave chase him out.
I called a bunch of times, he's not picking up the phone.
Well, maybe that means he's gone already.
I just wanna make sure can you clear it with the LT? Yeah.
And just see you know they've closed Eastbound Broad and Kennedy Crossways That's why I get the brass pass.
Be careful out there! Hi Charlie, how's hardware business treating you? Hey Frank You got that wire problem figured out yet? You bet, just did what you told me to do.
By any chance you sold any of these provisions to someone in the last hours? Yours is the third place we've been.
Closing up after this guy.
He went around when I dug out some silicone.
I think he's still over there loading his car.
- Thanks.
- Thank you Charlie.
Excuse me Miami Dade PD Crime Lab.
Really shouldn't you two be working traffic or something? Can I see your license? Steve Riddick? That's right.
Mind if we have a look inside your car? You got a warrant? - Not yet.
- Well, you can search it when you get one.
Well according to the hardware store owner you purchased these items.
- So? - So we got a dead guy in a hardware chain that bought the same things.
Do you mind if I've a look at the bottom of your shoes? Orange pulp.
Yeah there's craps all over my mats too.
I like crap, it just got you arrested.
You got to be kidding me! Turn around.
Thought you got lost? Yes, inland traffic What can you tell me about the weapon used on the victim? A quarter inch in diameter, two inches deep.
And look at this - The weapon is cylindrical.
- Right.
The edges of the wound scrape belong side the weapon, creating a circumferential margin abrasion.
Opened this and brain dead.
So significant force.
You find the weapon, I can compare the tool mark.
Found something else Horatio, in his longs.
Normal bronchial tube are pinking the last tick, his bronchial tubes have significant fibrosis.
So, he had trouble breathing.
Based on the thickness of his neck, I'm thinking chronic apnea Shortness of breath that can lead to unconsciousness.
Not a guy you can count on.
Alexx, you've just discovered our motive.
I did? You did.
Let me know if I was right.
A shopping list and an orange, and you want to charge me with two murders? Come on, get out of here.
We're figuring the lady walked up on you while you were puncturing your pal Leon's temple.
Nice fantasy.
And why'd I kill Leon? Because Leon has apnea.
Ap-a-what? Apnea means you go unconscious with no notice.
Not exactly the type of guy you want on your crew for a heist.
There's a heist? Really? I want to know about this.
Yeah, well, so do we.
Bullets tell us it's a big job.
We figure you got a little more manpower.
Why don't you whip out some names? I'm not giving you mooks anything.
And I've got a news flash.
You're not going to get me for her or for him.
My lawyer's on his way.
Book him, Frank.
I 've got a news flash for you.
I'm going to get you.
I assumed that you and Ray Junior would be heading north by now.
My mom took him inland to a hotel.
What is that? Um, I was bending down to get a pot out of the cabinet and I hit my eye.
We're fine.
Yelina where is he? Horatio, it's not what you think.
How many times have I heard a woman in the field say that? Lieutenant Caine.
Rebecca Nevins.
From the State Attorney's office.
I'll be with you in a second.
To be continued, Yelina.
There is nothing to be continued.
You've arrested Steve Riddick.
Yes, I did, for murder.
Your CSI checked his car.
Couldn't find any of the items on the hardware store list.
Riddick was at the store.
I am confident that he stashed the items somewhere.
And the orange from the victim and Riddick's shoes? Pulp's not unique.
This guy is right.
I file this, judge kicks it.
It's a lose/lose.
I don't think we want this man on the street, do you? Rearrest him when you can bring me more compelling evidence.
Cooler heads prevailed, Just beat it, will you? We're gonna let him walk? I have no choice.
Put a radio car on him, please.
Do you think the lab is going to get hit? We're inland enough and on the third floor.
I think the worst place to be right now is near the beach.
Did you get anything for me? I got to pack up, but I did look at the hairs from the car and the clothes of your male victim.
Leon Caldwell? Roots are spade shaped.
That only means one thing dog hairs.
Short-haired breed.
I counted 17 different specimens from the tape lifts.
From a kennel or a vet maybe.
All the hairs are from greyhound.
Dog races.
Popular in Miami.
Thanks, Aaron.
Sounds like the dogs have been evacuated.
Miami-Dade Police.
Are you in charge? We'd love to meet him too.
Cages for 24 greyhounds.
This explains the dog hair on our victim.
Manny does he seem familiar to you? Familiar No.
Hurricane glass.
There's a hole in the top.
It seems almost experimental.
Manny, were you, Riddick and Leon doing trial runs here? Where is it supposed to happen? I want a lawyer.
You know what, my friend? You're going to get a lawyer.
Turn around.
Find the window, find the caper, right, Calleigh? You got it.
Eric, is it possible to locate a building based on the size of its hurricane window? Five feet nine inches by 11.
That doesn't sound like a standard size, which means it would have to be custom made and subject to Florida code requirements.
Golden Beach Bank and Trust.
Dispatch, this is CSI Duquesne.
We're going to need a welfare check on Golden Beach Bank and Trust.
Manny, how many guys on your crew? Look, I don't know.
I-I just do my part, man.
A radio car's rolling.
There's no ETA.
PD's spread pretty thin.
Eric, meet me at the corner of Ocean and Golden Beach, please.
Thank you.
Calleigh, book him.
I'm going to need your clothes.
Uncle Ron? You in here? You listened after all.
Excuse me.
Are you Ronald's nephew? Yes, ma'am.
I'm Ryan.
I'm Mona.
I live next door.
Ronald talks about you all the time.
Did my uncle evacuate? He ran out of here, tried to get me to go with him, but I think they're all overreacting.
The skies are blue.
There's not a breeze in the air.
This isn't a hurricane, ma'am.
Tidal wave doesn't give notice, it just hits and it could take out this entire structure.
I see.
I'll get my things.
My, but that is a low tide.
And it's getting lower.
If I didn't have my contacts in, I'd swear the ocean was disappearing.
It is.
The bad news is, it's going to come back.
We gotta get out of here.
No, Mona, we're going to stay right here.
Right here.
This thing is going to be a monster.
Shots fired at Golden State Bank.
Requesting backup.
Every available unit.
Robbery in progress.
Copy that.
They've got a machine gun.
Stay on the ground! Nobody move! I said nobody move! I told you, nobody moves! Hey! Eric.
Check the other shooter.
We're clear! Hey! Lie down! You, Sir, get your hands up! Right now! That's my wife.
She's been shot.
She's losing a lot of blood.
Give me your necktie.
Okay, ma'am, I'm going to take care of you.
Here we go.
Here's what I need you to do, sir.
I want you to hold this tight.
- Eric? - They have P90's.
It's the same ammo as Leon Caldwell.
Is Riddick there? No.
No money bags, either.
Other teller drawers are open, but there's no cash anywhere.
I need the bank manager! I am the bank manager.
Scott Riley.
Riley, somebody is missing.
Do you understand? Yeah.
One of them went out that way.
He took the elevator once the shooting started.
Okay, he probably took the money with him.
Oh, my God.
Look at that horizon.
That is not the horizon.
Eric, get all these people together.
Let's go, people.
Mister Riley, what is the fastest way to the roof? Staircase or the elevator.
We don't have that time.
Where's the vault? It's, uh, down that landing.
Only I can open it.
Listen to me.
Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to assemble all these people and take them to the vault, No way, man.
I'm not leaving my wife.
Listen to me.
Take them to the vault.
I'll take care of her.
Come on, people Let's go, Everybody, let's go.
Let's get it together.
Follow me! Hold my neck.
You ready? Close your eyes.
Who was that? Is that one of the robbers? Oh, my God, that's the outside of this vault.
We're going to drown in here.
Wave receded back.
Yeah, that's the way it looks.
Okay, folks, we're going to have a look around.
Stay put.
Come on, Eric.
Even the hurricane glass blew out.
This guy managed to stay put.
The debris pinned him in here.
Well, no doubt his partner will not turn up.
That guy's halfway to Cuba by now.
So we get this one and the thief gets away.
With the cash.
That's a 5.
28, Eric.
That seems familiar.
Why waste that firepower in the ceiling, though? Scare them? When one of these is discharged, people hit the deck, don't they? Imagine a hundred.
Something is going on, Eric.
Miami Beach was hit by a 30-foot tsunami at 2:57 p.
Preliminary reports indicate the damage was confined primarily to the coast.
At present, no deaths have been directly attributed to the surge, thanks, in part, to the ten-hour warning and mandatory evacuations.
Look at the? now It's like it never happened.
Mona, do you think you'll be allright here, or can I take you somewhere? You want to go find your uncle.
I do, yeah.
Oh, thank God.
Are you okay? The roof? Do you know how dangerous that is? Uncle Ron, when I said higher ground Locked? Which door? Stay there.
I'll be right up.
He's on the roof of this building? Yeah, he locked himself up there.
I'm going to go let him in.
It was nice meeting you.
It's ok baby, I'll be with you the whole way.
Sorry, sir.
Only the injured ride today.
What? Well, where are you taking her? Any trauma center with room.
We'll call you when she's admitted.
Scott, it's it's okay.
I'll be with you right away.
Okay? It's going to be all right.
Bye, baby.
I've got something in my car to help clean that up.
Oh, it's it's okay.
Listen, before you go, we need to, uh, ask you a few questions about that robber that got away.
Look, it was mayhem.
After my wife got shot, I I focused on her.
Can you give us any description at all? He was wearing a mask like the other guys.
Uh, he's a white guy medium height, medium build.
Could it be this guy? His name's Steve Riddick.
Look, uh, can I go now, see my wife? Yeah, sure, we'll, uh, we'll be in touch.
Tell you what, Eric.
That guy's a little hinky.
Yeah, you need to get into it.
I heard you found your uncle.
Can you believe it? On the roof.
What do we have? Passerby called it in.
Think we may have the first fatality of the tidal wave.
Well it's a fatality but it's not from the wave.
Alexx? See the stitches on her neck? This is where the mortuary drains the blood.
You mean she was embalmed? Filled with formaldehyde, zinc chloride, some alcohol, sewn back up tight and ready for showing.
So, what, she fell out of a hearse? Based on her gray pallor and stiffness, not likely.
She's been dead longer than that.
Where's the nearest cemetery? The next street over.
We'd better get there.
Help me load her up.
n° 39, Burton.
Do you have? No, they've got him.
And then number nine's the last one, so I think that was over there, right? Do you want to go check it out? Drop-offs are at the mortuary.
Enter on Surfglide.
We're not dropping off.
I'm Dr.
Alexx Woods from the M.
's office.
CSI Wolfe.
We don't need forensics.
We're just trying to recover the bodies.
The wave washed them out.
Nature of the job says an M.
has to be involved in recovery.
I think you'd know that.
We've already recovered all Dozen, doce, 12, yes.
Then you have a bigger problem.
Who's he again? CSI.
We found an extra body.
Oh, my.
Looks like you do need forensics.
Hear patrol lost Riddick.
Yes, to a little thing called a tidal wave.
Scene secure? Rick, don't you have somewhere else to be right now? You and Delko killed two robbery suspects.
That makes this the place for me to be.
Should we mention the ten hostages they were holding? You know I need to take a closer look.
Why don't you take a look in the mirror? You got something you want to say to me? As a matter of fact, I do.
I saw what you did to her face.
If by "her", you mean Yelina, she bumped her face.
You're blaming me for an accident? I'm going to say this to you once.
If you ever touch her again, I'm going to kill you.
She loved your brother not you.
Do yourself a favor, man.
Move on.
You heard what I said.
Give me your firearm.
I need to investigate.
Fair enough.
So, this is your crime scene? Standard operating procedure.
We have a lot of work to do.
We're gonna start with you baby-sitting the body till the M.
gets here.
He's all yours.
I've I.
ed bodies to plots.
There's just two exceptions.
Mabel Weiss, our traveling corpse.
Died in 2004.
ed her through her Memorial Tube.
Information regarding the deceased is written on a document and placed in a sealed glass tube.
These tubes are attached to the exterior of the casket, just in case what happened happens.
Taking the guesswork out of a tragedy like this.
But? Her information doesn't match what's in the file.
It says she was buried in Section E, Plot 5, but the file has her in Section A, Plot 4.
Sounds like our cemetery lady's running some kind of scam.
This the odd man out? There's no file on him.
Decomp's pretty advanced.
I haven't been able to find the mortuary incision.
There isn't one.
The body was never embalmed? Nope.
But it was buried.
Only one way to know for sure.
Adipocere distribution on his clothing indicates he was decomposing uniformly.
He was definitely buried.
What's the cause of death? Broken hyoid.
This man was killed, then buried in that cemetery.
We got us a homicide.
I'll start the I.
You staying? No.
I got another idea.
Why don't you tell me what's going on in your cemetery? People aren't buried where they're supposed to be.
Mother Nature.
That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm wondering what Mabel Weiss' family would say if they knew she was moved from Orchestra to Balcony.
The family was notified of the change.
You sent a letter, yeah, but according to your own file, received no response.
Only you moved her anyway.
The body we took to the morgue was buried in your graveyard, unembalmed and murdered.
Murder? You're in a lot of trouble, Ms.
Okay, okay.
I had a client who wanted the plot next to his wife.
Told me he would pay a premium.
Weiss never has any visitors.
I figured no one would know the difference.
Having no visitors doesn't mean no one cared.
Her family has a right to know where her gravestone is.
I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
But I swear to you, I don't know anything about a murder.
Then you won't mind if I talk to your security guards.
We don't use guards.
We have video surveillance 24/7.
Then I'm going to need that tape.
Hey, Eric.
Any luck I.
ing our dead robber? Yeah.
Took AFIS about two minutes to pull this guy out.
Armed robbery is his specialty.
Man, Riddick really knows how to put together a team.
How'd you do? Matched the rounds from the robbery to two P90's.
The ones from the elevator matched the one in Mrs.
Riley's leg.
He was aiming at his partner, who got away with the money.
Explains why we didn't find any cash.
Shooting at his own guy? The robbers turned on each other.
It's not a team I'd want to be on.
- Hi.
- I just stopped by to see how you're doing.
Surgeons saved my leg.
But you saved my life.
You saved all our lives.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Have you seen my husband? Um No.
I-I I guess I assumed he's still at the bank.
I knew you'd need Scott to hang around for statements and all that but I'd really like to see him.
Okay, um you know what? Let me see what I can do about that.
I'm glad you're okay.
Talk to you later.
Frank, send a uniform over to Scott Riley's house.
Something's not right.
Yeah, I'm here right now.
Something about Riley didn't sit right.
He's nowhere to be found.
Okay, so he's in the wind.
Found a, uh, bank employee folder sitting on the table.
It was opened up to an address in Uleta, a Farley Wheeler.
Get Eric and go over there, please.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, you got it.
I should kill you! Hey, wait, wait.
They weren't supposed to hurt anyone.
You didn't think I would recognize you? I swear, I didn't know it was gonna be like that.
I know where you live.
Please don't do this.
You almost killed my wife! You son of a bitch! I don't know who you are, but let it go.
Guy's already shot.
Let the cops get him.
He shot my wife! He robbed my bank.
You know this for sure? Yeah.
I recognized his shoes.
Same ones every day.
Ugly ass shoes, huh, Farley? He's my swing teller.
Best hours at the bank.
He's stupid.
What are you gonna solve by killing him? Think of your wife.
Think of your wife having to come see you in the pen.
You're right.
Okay? Miami P.
! Drop your weapon.
Don't hurt me! Oh, God! Don't hurt me.
Drop it now! You can't match a nine millimeter with a P90.
Yeah, well, I disagree, so I guess we've got a problem.
Now, I'm gonna back out of here with him.
Don't move! Don't you move! And you - you're not gonna to try to be a hero, okay? Look, taking a hostage is only gonna jam you up.
Leave him.
My gun's bigger than yours.
I see you stick your head out the door, and I'm gonna blow it off.
Come on! Come on! This is CSI Eric Delko.
I need units to Intercoastal Apartments.
Suspect's on the move.
He's taken a hostage.
Scooped up this Wheeler guy out front.
What's his connection? He's the third robber.
Riddick's on the move.
We lost him.
I'm bleeding.
I need to go to the emergency room.
You're fine.
Rescue said it was just a graze.
Look, we know you were in on the robbery.
Now, where did Riddick take the guy, the bank manager? No idea.
I don't know Riddick.
You just robbed a bank for him.
Couple of months ago, he comes up to me at a bus stop, after work.
Said he'd give me five grand for info on the security system and my access number.
I told him I'd only give him the info if he cut me in.
So you walk into a bank with two goons and let them shoot the place up? Then you added a little wrinkle.
You took the money.
Then you got shot.
And almost killed a woman.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
Hey, genius, you ever heard of the felony murder rule? We've got you for armed robbery and a double murder.
That's just for starters.
You know, all this doesn't add up.
If Leon Caldwell and Steve Riddick needed this hardware equipment so bad, why didn't they use it in the bank robbery? They practice breaking bank windows, and then didn't do so during the robbery.
Well, here's the weird thing.
Take a look.
Manny's clothing from the dog track.
There's RDX all over them.
But no one used explosives in the bank robbery.
Not that we know of.
Back to the bank? The one common denominator.
Let's go.
Third floor's a mortgage broker.
Four and five are more bank offices.
What about the second floor? Nothing's listed in the lobby.
Let's start there.
The stairs are right over here.
Well, well, well.
Is that what I think it is? Yes, and the thieves counted on it.
Two vaults, one security system.
The machine guns were used to cover up the sound of the explosion upstairs.
So the cash they grabbed downstairs was just a diversion.
This is not about the cash, is it? It's about the gold.
Found out how they got away.
That ladder's identical to the one we found in the shopping cart.
They must have gone roof-to-roof.
They counted on everybody looking east, nobody looking up.
Bank's owners say they had over It's only precious metals vault in Miami.
Half the millionaires in Latin America probably use this place.
There's a lot fewer millionaires now than there were this morning.
How much you think's left? A couple million.
Why leave any? Makes no sense.
Any idea how they blew the vault in? Yeah.
Linear shape charge.
Something called the Monroe Effect.
Soon as it detonates, the shape charge inverts.
Cuts right through, and they're in.
They used a shock tube to initiate the blast.
It's insulated? Yeah, it's hardened silicon.
Probably the same as we found in the shopping cart.
Makes it waterproof? Yeah.
Most explosive's guys they don't like to vary from what they know.
So, we're looking for someone familiar with underwater explosives.
But the big question is: How'd they get the gold out of that vault? Take a forklift to move that.
Or a tsunami.
Center punch.
Used it to punch a hole in the window.
Weakened the frame, and let the tsunami do the rest.
Some kind of treated nylon.
Heavy-duty and waterproof.
Possibly from a flotation device of some kind.
So, they let the water do the heavy lifting, let the gold float out to sea.
And then wait.
Why leave some of the gold behind? I don't know.
Maybe a weight limit of some kind.
Wonder how they expect to find it all in the middle of the tsunami.
Same way we are.
Sonar or GPS.
I'll get in contact with the Coast Guard.
Is that the security tape from the cemetery gate? Not tape.
Ten of them from the past week alone.
How do we even know one of these is transporting our victim? 'Cause it's the only entrance to the cemetery.
The killer didn't hop the fence lugging 200 pounds of dead weight.
Lot of incoming traffic.
At least we know that one's leaving empty.
One-way ticket.
Tyler, that's it.
Guy from Homeland Security spoke at my patrol station, said they're developing this Vehicle Scanning Software.
It calculates ride height and ground clearance to detect overloaded vehicles.
Might help us figure out who dumped the victim in the cemetery.
Got it.
According to the Coast Guard, there are over 1,000 signals off the coast of Miami at any given time.
It is impossible to narrow it down to the gold guys.
It's okay.
We may not need it.
What have you got? I got part of a serial number on this lift bag material.
Did you find out who purchased it? Mm-hmm.
I had P.
run a search.
Came back to a Dr.
Greismer at Miami.
or Ph.
D? He's a Ph.
So you haven't seen Professor Greismer? We share an office, not much more.
Well, when was the last time you saw him? Couple days.
I'll try and answer your questions, but I'm not the tsunami expert.
I'm hurricanes.
Must have been pretty busy this season.
Unfortunately, for the people of Florida, I was.
I can't believe Greismer's not around.
A tsunami's a once in a lifetime event.
Well, if you don't mind, I'm gonna have a look for a number.
He's a pack rat, but if you can find something Thanks.
You're welcome.
Professor Greismer, thank you for coming in.
Your office couldn't tell me what it's about? Doctor, we're checking into some purchases you made for your research.
Which ones? Lift bags.
Did you find them? They're very critical to my work.
Tsunami's come and gone, and I have no data.
I've been working on a process by which we can store and reuse energy from oceanographic disturbances.
We're thinking that those lift bags may have been used in a bank robbery scheme.
I looked for them for hours before the tsunami.
I couldn't remember where I put them.
That's an awfully big thing to misplace.
We believe the bank robbers exploited the tidal wave in order to extract a large amount of gold from the second story vault.
Actually, "tidal wave" is a misnomer.
It was a volcano that caused that surge.
So your research came in handy, didn't it? And you think I helped with this this robbery? Did you? No.
I've been studying ways to use the energy for useful purposes, not criminal ones.
Greismer, how far in advance would you know a tsunami was coming? Well, we've known about the fragility of the Cumbre Vieja volcano for years, but even the experts couldn't predict when the collapse would occur.
I've actually done some computer animation to simulate the event.
But the bank teller told us the bank robbers have been planning this for three months.
How is that possible if they didn't know it was going to happen? It's not possible.
You can only track a tsunami once it starts.
This provides for warning to the areas in its path, allowing for the evacuation, saving thousands of lives.
It's fascinating how the wave slams into its target, and then pulls the water back out to sea.
Actually, the tsunami and the hurricane're very similar in that regard.
They both cause water to rise, you know, cause extreme flooding, and then carry the flooded water back out to sea.
And Miami has a hurricane season, which is predictable.
We average one a year.
Of course, this last season was an anomaly.
We had four.
Maybe the plan was for the hurricane, but the tsunami just came sooner.
The end result for both is the same.
The end result was all that mattered.
I think we've been talking to the wrong expert.
Where did you say you keep your lift bags? In a storage room by the athletic field.
Who else has a key? Only Dr.
I convinced the attendant to give me your keys.
Why would he trust you? The hardware never hurts.
My keys.
Shouldn't you be somewhere way out in the ocean by now? Officer, may I please have my keys? You're not going to need them.
Why? Professor, your ride is here.
How long will the cemetery let us have these tapes? It's a murder.
We can have them as long as we want.
We got something.
Seven days ago, Black Camaro came in heavy, left a lot lighter.
I'll run the plates through D.
Car's registered to a Paul Abbot, address in the Gables.
College of Miami.
That surveillance tape's from a week ago, right? A week exactly.
Why? Going to check our college boy's attendance record.
Bet you're out here every week, rain or shine.
I'm sorry.
Who are you? Ryan Wolfe, Miami-Dade Crime Lab.
I wanna ask you some questions about the disinterment of several graves in Section A of this cemetery.
Yeah, I-I heard about that.
That's awful.
Thank God it wasn't my mom.
Five months ago.
We turned up an extra set of remains.
The M.
just identified the body as Ed Miller.
Homicide tells me he's your stepfather.
I haven't seen Ed in weeks.
Neither has any of your neighbors.
We think you transported his remains in your car.
Well, I didn't.
Never happened.
So you don't mind if I take a look at your car? Here is the warrant.
I got your page.
I've been waiting in the lab for 20 minutes.
Got caught up in the hunt.
Think I just found a sample for you.
Okay, see, how work is you find a sample first, then call me.
Won't happen again.
So, what'd you find? Positive amylopectin test.
Consistent with a dead man in a trunk.
I'll be in Trace.
Thanks, Valera.
Mind if I smoke? As a matter of fact, I do.
I want you to pay attention to this, Leslie.
We found your phone records, Professor.
Found dozens of calls between you and Steve Riddick.
We're acquaintances.
First contact was at your office.
Steve had a brainstorm.
He wanted to commit a heist during a hurricane, and so he called an expert, you.
Now, before long, a hypothetical situation became a plan.
By then, he had your home phone, cell phone, pager.
You basically bought into his bad boy ways and decided to help him out.
But Mother Nature threw Steve a curve ball, and then he and the gang had to shift to a hurry-up offense, didn't they? When do I get my phone call? As soon as you tell me what I need to know.
Where the gold is? I don't think so.
How about, where is Scott Riley? Who? Your boyfriend's hostage.
What? Steve took a? Bad boys aren't so cute up close, are they? Where's your boyfriend, Leslie? I don't know.
No calls between Leslie and Steve Riddick all day.
Let me put it to you another way.
Where is Steve? He's obsessed with explosives Oh, my God.
Leslie, talk to me.
There's a hotel old Art Deco place was set to be razed in a few months, but the surge damaged the foundations, making the structure hazardous.
They moved up the demolition date, and since the city's already been evacuated The demolition date is today.
What is the name of the hotel? Leslie, the name of the hotel.
The Sandmore downtown.
Eric, what do you got? Blasters say the explosives are on a sequential time delay.
How long to detonation? Two minutes, and the building implodes.
He's in there.
I know he's in there, Eric.
Look, the guy said they cleared the building three hours ago.
Three hours gives Riddick long enough to stash him.
H! Hope you can hear me.
It's 5 seconds till detonation.
You've gotta get out of there.
Get out now! Scott! Scott! Scott, easy, buddy.
Easy, buddy, easy.
Oh, man! Here we go.
Oh, my God! Here we go.
Here we go.
I don't know what to say.
Why don't you check on your wife, okay? Yeah.
Thank you.
You take care.
Yes, Eric? You okay? I think so.
I just got off the phone with Detective Salas.
The professor isn't so smart.
She still won't give Riddick up.
Well, then it's time to educate the professor.
When can I get my car back? Nobody's telling me anything.
You got bigger problems, Paul.
I found soil in your car.
It matches the soil at the cemetery.
And I already told you, I go there every week to see my mom.
Here's the problem.
This is calcium carbonate limestone, very high PH.
It's only found under the soil about 40 inches down.
You were digging a grave, weren't you? Ed's grave, your stepfather.
Don't you try and pin this on me.
DNA is, actually.
We got a warrant for your mother's house.
We got Ed's DNA sample off a toothbrush.
It matches the saliva we found in the trunk of your car.
Look, all I ever wanted for my mother was a little respect.
Ed treated her like hell when she was alive, and worse after.
How? I saw him.
She hadn't even been in the ground two days.
In the bed that she slept in.
And he kept it up.
You know, it was a regular parade.
I didn't know what to do.
So, I asked my mom.
And she told me.
I couldn't let him do that to her.
To her memory.
Something tells me this wouldn't have made her any happier.
Under Leslie Harrison or Dr.
Yes, purchases in the last seven days.
Yeah Steve Riddick.
I just ran Leslie's credit cards.
Found a purchase from two days ago for 2,000 gallons in diesel fuel Beachline Gas and Tackle.
So, she let him fill up on her dime.
Almost $3,800 worth.
What kind of vessel takes that much fuel? That's a very good question.
Find the receipt, please.
What have we got, H? It's definitely bigger than a cigarette boat.
It's probably an off-shore cruiser.
Something quick and quiet.
Might get to the Bahamas in one shot.
He also bought an oil filter.
Yeah, a Mann filter.
That's the same one a Predator uses.
Okay, so, we call the Coast Guard, have them BOLO a Predator offshore, and inform them that we want to visit their Command Center.
All right.
I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but we already told your CSI with 3,000 square miles and I just don't see how we can help you.
What if I could narrow the field? Willing to try.
Uh, is the receiver unique in some way? I don't think this is a receiver.
Sir, uh, 99 percent of GPS units out there are just receivers.
What if a group of people were going to converge on a spot, and they used a GPS to send the signal? Here's one that isn't receiving.
That's because it's sending, isn't it? What are those coordinates, please? Damn.
You got to be kidding me.
They almost made it.
And three business partners.
I guess you kill people when they lose their value, huh? Law of the jungle, boss.
That's going to come in handy where you're going.
They don't all end this neatly.
I know, but I'll take it.
Did you find him? As a matter of fact, I did.
Did you know he was planning to kill you? No, he's not like that.
I saw the bodies.
I know there's an explanation.
You don't know him.
Under it all, he's He's a very decent guy, right? Well, a decent guy wouldn't have exploited this tragedy in the way that he has, and Florida has had enough, frankly.
You okay? Better get to booking.
Heard you got Riddick, and the gold.
Paperwork by the end of the week.
I already shopped a judge.
Throw the key away on this guy.
I was worried you were going to cancel dinner tonight.
That would not be possible.
But? I've got to push it back an hour.
Drinks with someone? No.
There's a victim in the hospital, and I have to go see him and his wife, so, about an hour.
Okay, 9:00 then, my place.
I'll leave the door unlocked.
See you.
Yes, you will.