CSI: Miami s07e07 Episode Script

Cheating Death

Oh,my God.
I can't believe it.
My wakeup call is not for another two hours.
Wellthis here is giving me an idea.
How about Yeah,that we should have gone to Mount Rushmore.
Do something.
Some people are trying to sleep.
You did it.
Well,now they're just doing it on purpose.
You know what? I'm going to go over there,and I'm gonna give them a piece of my mind.
This is Florida; people have guns.
Well,then,I'll call the manager.
Excuse me.
Can you please turn down the music? Hello? Turn off the radio now! Okay,people,you leave me no choice.
I'm coming in.
Excuse me.
I'm getting complaints about the noise.
What?What's going on?Where am I? - What is that? - Oh,God.
Would you mind telling me what happened,please? I don't know.
I was at the hotel bar with a guy,having a drink.
The next thing I remember,I woke up in that room,and he was dead and handcuffed.
Did you know his name? No.
I don't know anything.
I must have been drugged or something.
I'm gonna send you to the hospital to get checked out,okay? - Okay.
- Thank you.
Girl's got blood all over her.
Was in the bed with our victim.
Should I book her now? She claims that she's been dosed,Frank.
We need to determine that,so not yet,okay? CAINE: Who are they? Couple tourists from Kansas.
They were in the room next to the victim.
- They called it in? - Yeah.
Thought they were reporting an act of passion.
Instead,it was an act of murder.
They're not in Kansas anymore,are they? proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season07 Episode07 Wrecking Crew What happened to our body? Dr.
Price made him a priority,got him to the morgue ASAP.
Well,she just texted me and ID'd him.
Steven Howell,lives in Aventura.
He's got no employer on file.
What's going on with our supposedly knocked out witness? Christina Dodd.
She,uh,popped positive for GHB.
No murder weapon.
It's likely that the killer took it with him.
So there definitely was a third person in here.
Any chance he broke this glass during his escape? Yeah,I think so.
I want to get that back to the lab.
What about the blood smear on the radio? It's more likely our victim's.
Neighbors said they heard the radio get turned up at the approximate time of death.
Probably a call for help.
Doesn't make sense.
Why wouldn't you dose both of them? Unless the killer always planned to use the cuffs on Steven.
So the killer took the murder weapon and left the handcuffs.
The hotel's logo is on these cuffs.
Maybe the killer is an employee.
No,you don't understand.
I was just fulfilling an order.
What kind of an order were you fulfilling? These days,a concierge is expected to cater to any client's need.
No matter how preposterous.
Does that include murder? Of course not.
Look,if a guest likes food,I get them a reservation at Nobu.
If they want romance,then it's rose petals and Frank Sinatra.
And if they want kinky,well,I give them their choice from the toy box.
What's a toy box? It's got sex toys,body paints,edible underwear,all kinds of stuff.
And so you delivered this "toy box" directly to Steve Howell? I delivered it,but not to Mr.
You saying that Christina placed this order? And she seemed pretty happy with my service.
Christina Dodd still at the hospital? Good.
Don't let her go home yet.
Okay,Christina,this is what I don't understand.
You tell us the truth about being drugged and then you lie about everything else.
What makes you think I lied? Because you were conscious enough to order the handcuffs that you used to restrain Steve Howell.
All right,here's what I think.
You killed Steve,you dosed yourself with enough of the drug to have a positive effect,and you're using blackout as an alibi.
No,that's not it at all.
A few weeks ago,after lunch with a friend,I I stopped by the hotel bar for one last margarita before I went back to the 'burbs.
And then this gorgeous guy buys me a drink.
I mean,that never happens.
We even ended up getting a room.
We never discussed a price,but I'm sure this will cover it.
Worth every penny.
Icounted those five hundreds and thought "Oh,my God.
" So he thought you were a prostitute? It made me feel so alive.
I figured I could work two nights a week and quit my part-time.
You quit your job and started having sex for money,just like that? Yeah.
I've been doing it ever since that night.
Steve was just another trick.
If you want to call him thatyeah.
Are you ready to get what you paid for? That's very funnynow let me go.
Someone's been a bad boy.
That'sreally the last thing I remember,I swear.
I didn't kill him.
But you did solicit him,which is also a crime.
I got you.
What the hell are you doing? ******** Look,we just swapped the body.
It's no big deal.
Okay,here it is-- where should we put him? I think he'll be safe in there.
So Ryan was in on this,too? Yeah.
We just wanted to play a joke on you.
A joke? Where's Steve Howell's body? He's right there in the cooler.
He's perfectly safe.
Well,were you at least careful when you moved him? Yeah,look,when Alexx was here,we helped her move bodies all the time.
Well,I'm not Alexx,so I guess you know exactly what kind of murder weapon killed this guy.
No,not yet.
It's too bad you tampered with the body,'cause now it's gonna take a hell of a lot longer to find out.
All right,what can I do to help? You're lucky I scraped under his fingernails.
Take that to DNA,and try doing your job instead of screwing with mine.
So,Boa Vista,What did we get? It's a bit of a mystery,actually.
I just ran the sample from under our victim's nails.
I got "multiple contributors.
" Can we separate the profiles? Since I knew he was with Christina,I started with the Y-Filer to separate them by gender, and it turns out,they're all female.
All female.
I see two peaks throughout the loci that are similar in height so that should be our major contributor.
You know,it just seems so weird though, why would Steven Howell be fighting off a bunch of women when he died? It is weird.
Let's ask Audrey Yates.
Audrey Yates,arrested two years ago for pandering.
You have a history as a madam,Ms.
Call me anything you'd like.
How about "killer"? Okay,not anything.
We found your skin under the nails of a murder victim.
And that victim just happened to be found with a drugged prostitute.
Was the young lady in question an employee of yours,Ms.
Yates? I got out of that game years ago when I was arrested.
You're looking at the only woman whose skin I care about.
Then you can explain why it was at the crime scene.
You want to give me a hint? Does your john have a face or a name? He had both.
His name is Steve Howell.
Well,I'm sorry he's dead.
He was an excellent tanning butler.
He was a tanning butler? Why put on the lotion yourself when he's paid to do it,right? Don't miss a spot.
I never do.
Well,that explains the multiple women's DNA samples under his nails.
In addition to Christina's.
Let me guess.
She's a woman of a certain age but still attractive.
And Steve picked her up at the Tremaine Bar and they got a poolside room and something went wrong.
It certainly did.
I know amateurs.
They lack discretion.
They always pick up at the same place and guys get mad when they see her with someone else.
angry enough to kill someone.
It's an occupational hazard.
Don't I know it? Do you have the results from Christina Dodd's sexual assault kit? Oh,we're working on it now but I'm not sure it'll help.
She already admitted to hooking.
I might find a few samples.
I'm thinking one of them may be our killer.
How do you figure? Okay,let's say that you're Christina.
Selling myself for money? Thanks.
All right,just go with me.
So you sleep with a guy,he comes back for seconds,for thirds,eventually he becomes obsessed.
Our killer sees Steve Howell go into the hotel room,gets jealous,stabs the competition.
Jealousy makes people do crazy things.
Got one match on CODIS.
Dan Becks.
Army reservist.
In the system for assault with a deadly weapon.
Maybe this time he killed with one.
Dan Becks? ******* What can I do for you? Answer a question.
You make a habit out of soliciting sex from prostitutes? I certainly do not.
Show him the picture,Frank.
Look familiar? It should.
We found your DNA south of her border.
This is a picture of my wife.
What are you implying about her? Christina Dodd's your wife? She kept her name,I kept mine,that sure doesn't make us criminals.
That hasn't been deterned yet.
What are you doing here? We're investigating a murder.
Where were you this morning? I was at my son's Little League practice.
Did he just say murder? Is it Christina? Is she okay? She's okay but she may be in some trouble.
Where is she? I want to see her.
She's with us.
So,what did Trace come back with on the glass from the crime scene? You know,I got a hunch that Christina wasn't dosed at the bar.
So,you're saying if Christina was conscious enough to order the handcuffs then she must have been dosed in the room? Yeah.
So,let's see what the spectro said.
This glass had champagne.
This one had champagne.
Look at that.
This glass has residue of GHB.
Maybe I can get a print from this.
Oh,hey,look who it is.
Don't mind us,we're just,uh,solving a murder investigation over here.
Shouldn't you actually be,uh,working on raising the dead? Ha! There's a guy in my morgue who isn't laughing.
Why are you taking the pictures? This may be our only chance at finding out the murder weapon.
So,I'm gathering that the prank didn't really - No.
- Not very successful.
Are you okay? The guys wanted me to come and check on you.
Are they always this immature? Well,they like to play a prank on the newbie.
When Ryan first started he got a severed head.
I can take a joke.
It's just,when it jeopardizes my results Yeah.
Why is the body position so important? Well,because the victim was in motion when he was attacked,there is a distinct twisting to the skin.
And you were able to transport him as is? For the most part and I even cleaned him in position.
And when Delko and Ryan pulled their stunt it untwisted the body? Yeah.
When a person's stabbed once or twice the tissue will usually retain a small fraction of the knife detail, but because Stev here was stabbed several times and in motion his wounds collectively will retain a large amount of the knife detail.
So you may be able to tell specifically what kind of knife was used.
That's the idea.
Is the damage irreversible? I really hope not.
I'm going to use these crime scene photos to try to recreate the body's position.
Can I help you? That'd be great.
So,what now? Now I fill each of his wounds with silicone.
With this cast dry,I hope to piece together a complete picture of the murder weapon.
I would call that making a good impression.
Okay,so,uh,here's what delivered the GHB.
Why bother with fuming? The pieces are too small for a print.
I don't know,there may be a chance.
That sounds good,but how do you plan on getting prints off those tiny shards? By putting them back together.
Let's get this case closed as soon as possible,before Dr.
Price completely writes us off.
That look like it came from the minibar to you? No,I think the killer probably brought that in with them.
Let's find out who he is.
Or she.
Lisa Radley,licensed real estate broker? I'll have Patrol bring her in.
Radley Where were you this morning? I was at Kale's department store,shopping.
Can anyone confirm that? Uh,yeah.
I had a personal shopping appointment.
I think I still have the receipt in here somewhere.
See,I bought a pair of flats and a purse.
Why does this matter? Your fingerprints.
They were found at this man's murder scene.
And behind door number two,we have a little vial.
Please don't tell my husband.
Don't tell him what exactly,ma'am? I met that guy at the Tremaine Bar the night before last.
His name is Steve.
I just stoppedn to grab a drink.
And decided to get a room with him.
How did you know that? This isn't the first time we're hearing this story.
That figures.
He was so handsome and so charming.
In life,love is the only true adventure.
When we got up to the room,he pulled out that little bottle.
He said it was absinthe.
Uh,what's this do? Makes everything that much better.
Take a sip.
It's called GHB.
Yeah,I did the math when I woke up.
He robbed me.
He took my cash and my wedding ring.
It was an heirloom.
Three lines of pave diamonds around a perfect D-grade princess cut.
Why didn't you report it to the police? I'm married,remember? My husband thinks I lost it doing the dishes.
He's now tearing apart the plumbing system,and I don't know what to say to him.
You better think of something,Mrs.
Solicitation is a crime.
What? I'm not a prostitute! He took my money; I didn't take his.
Look,I cheated on my husband.
It was one time,and that's it.
And I wish that I could take it back.
But you can't.
We can't go back.
Look,I know what I did was wrong,but it isn't a crime,is it? Not technically,ma'am.
You're free to go.
So,Steven was drugging married women and then robbing them.
He could've done this to a dozen more women.
Which means any one of them could've been his killer.
So the tanning butler drugged both Christina Dodd and Lisa Radley? Steve Howell was pretty smart.
He only went after women who had something to lose by going to the police.
He'd see a married woman at the bar,pick up on her, and if she bites then he drugs her and he steals all her cash and all her jewelry.
Which means Howell drugged Christina himself.
He just didn't expect Christina to bring toys to the party.
He didn't know she was a pro.
Okay,so,she handcuffs him,passes out,which basically leaves him a sitting duck for our killer.
That's very funny.
Now,let me go.
You know,I think if we can locate his stash of stolen items it'll lead us to his other victims.
And maybe to his killer.
Well,there is no jewelry anywhere in this place.
I bet Steve fenced it all.
That explains why a tanning butler can afford a place like this.
It just doesn't help us find the other women.
These pictures might.
What's that? His wall of shame? That one's Christina.
That one's Lisa Radley.
Well,if he was picking up random married women,how does he have pictures of them? Exactly.
Check out this one of Christina.
She's wearing completely different clothes.
It's a different day.
These are not random women at all.
No,they're targeted.
Okay,but why? Let's ask the person who took the pictures.
Is that as good as it gets? Yeah,the photos aren't at a high enough resolution.
That's as big as I can blow them up.
So we can't ID the photographer.
Your saving grace is the bar.
It's full of reflective surfaces.
I was able to find your phantom photog in six different photos.
Looks like a woman,that's all I can tell.
Hold on,I'm going to try photo-grafting them.
Grafting? It won't hold up in court but it might get you a door to kick down.
Okay,if you're going to overlap them like that isn't it going to make them more blurry? The reason why you can't make out the face is that the photo is lacking detail.
Each of these photos has a part of the image.
Lay one on top of the other,and the photo-grafting program composites a complete portrait.
You were right.
That is definitely a lady.
Look,if Steve was into something criminal that was his affair.
I'm a giver,not a taker.
I paid for his suits,leased his car,his condo.
So,you created a predator.
These women were horny soccer moms,cutting in on my profits.
Your profits? So,I guess that means you're out of retirement.
I run a perfectly legal all-girl escort service.
These housewives think they can come and move in on my territory.
I had to do something about it.
You certainly did,didn't you? And you used Steve to do it.
I just pointed them out.
He did the rest.
- Hey,babe.
- Hello,darling.
There's your next mark.
Where do I find her? Right over your shoulder.
There she is,sitting pretty.
Like a feather waiting to be plucked.
I'm all over that.
Steve was in it for the cash.
I just wanted to scare them out of the business.
Yates,not all of them were doing business.
I can spot a non-pro a mile away.
Why didn't you spot Lisa Radley? She's a non-pro.
Well,no one's perfect,Lieutenant.
Now Steve is gone.
And these women will never press charges.
You can't prove anything.
Would you mind taking off your ring,please? My ring,why? Because it belongs to Lisa Radley.
Take it off.
Well,she can have it back.
Are we good? We are now.
Price,what do we have? I've got a little show and tell for you.
I want to take you guys through the process of how I tried to find the murder weapon that killed Steven Howell.
First,I used a silicone adhesive mixture to fill and mold the stab wounds.
Once they hardened,I had molds that represented the width,length,and depth of each wound.
Then,I measured these wounds.
Uploaded that information to get the blade length and width.
The tissue within the wounds suggests that the blade is serrated.
So,slowly a murder weapon begins to take shape.
We've got single-edged,serrated,seven and one eighths blade, one and one eighth across,tapered to a point.
You're able to get all that from the body? Yeah,until I hit a snag.
I found a nick in the vertebrae.
Okay,so we have separate impact marks.
Yeah,but in order for that to happen,you need a double-sided blade.
But I thought you said the blade was single and serrated? Exactly.
It's inconsistent.
That's why I asked you guys to come-- it doesn't make sense.
It doesn't make sense,unless the blade has both.
Double-edged,smooth for the first three inches.
- Serrated on one side to the hilt.
- All right.
Yeah,that'd make it a really rare knife.
And a good thing for us-- nice going,Doctor.
You find the murder weapon yet? Did you apologize to Dr.
Price yet? I will.
At least she was able to get all the information she needed from the bodies.
Well,that doesn't mean that you're off the hook.
I happen to know that Ryan sent flowers.
Of course he did.
Girls love flowers.
The North American Blade Registry? Yeah,Dr.
Price worked one miracle,I'm just trying to work another.
I've entered in all of the rare knife specs.
Looks like all her measurements were spot-on.
Ziv,double-tipped,partially serrated knife.
That's military issue.
Who do we know that's in the military? Dan Becks.
Yeah,I served.
I was over there rebuilding bridges our guys blew up.
We built the same bridge six times.
I couldn't take it anymore,so I didn't re-enlist.
Becks,do you own a Ziv combat knife? I did.
I lost it.
When did that happen? This morning.
At the Tremaine.
You said you went to practice with the kids.
You want to tell me what happened this morning,Mr.
Becks? Look,I'm not stupid.
I knew she was cheating,I just didn't know she was getting paid for it.
But but how'd you find out? Those ridiculous alibis? I got a text from your friend Lauren a few weeks ago,said you were having sushi! My wife's allergic to fish.
That text was true,she'd be in the ER.
But you bailed me out.
I didn't want the kids to know what their mother was doing.
I just did it for the money.
And we need the money,Dan.
You are completely delusional! Okay,Mr.
Becks,how did you know where your wife was this morning? When I woke up,she still hadn't come back home.
We have a joint credit card,so I called the company,told 'em it was stolen.
They told me exactly where and when the last charges occurred.
At the Tremaine Hotel.
Room 101.
I was so pissed.
I sped over there,tried the sliding door-- it's open.
I was going to confront her,but I get inside and find her passed out and him handcuffed to the bed.
I don't think I'll be able forget that image.
That's my wife.
Please,please she never said she was married.
No,please! You stay away from her.
Consider this a warning.
I promise you I don't have that knife.
You can check the house if you want to.
- I intend to.
- Dan No! Stay away from me.
Dodd if it wasn't your friend who texted your husband,who was it? That concierge at the hotel.
He said he'd cover for me whenever I needed it.
$100 a pop.
He does that stuff for everyone.
I bet he does.
According to Christina Dodd,Mario Vega was more than just a gofer for the hotel guests.
I think this must be it,right here.
Yeah,I think he was running a nice little side business as an alibi-maker.
that's a good take.
Yeah,till Steve Howell started chasing off some of his best clients.
That's motive.
And he had a key.
That's opportunity.
Now,we just gotta put the murder weapon in his hand.
DUQUESNE: Let's take all his stuff back to the lab.
What's in the box? Everything one might imagine a "sexierge" would carry,plus a few things you wouldn't.
But no blood transfer,no knife,nothing to indicate that Mario's our killer.
Although he did confess to selling alibis on the side.
These receipts are from all over town.
We got Miami Wharf Cafe,Sonjou Obsidian Day Spa Yeah,well,Vega's cheating clients need cover stories to tell their spouses, so he provides them with fake alibis,paper trails and all.
These are multiple receipts from the same time of day.
And some from tomorrow.
And some from next week? Botoki Sushi-- that's Christina's alibi.
Kale's department store.
Some receipts from this morning.
You mean the time of the murder? Exactly.
I still have the receipt in here,somewhere.
This receipt's part of the alibi Lisa Radley gave me and Horatio.
It's a complete work of fiction.
The only suspect that needs a fake alibi is a guilty one.
I'll call Horatio.
Lieutenant Caine,what's going on? We have a warrant to search your vehicle,ma'am.
But I already told you everything.
Not everything,ma'am.
H You're under arrest,Lisa.
I had to get my ring back.
I have a life.
A husband.
Steve took all that from me.
I just wanted what was mine.
thank God you're here.
You can help me.
You son of a bitch.
Where is it? Who are you? You don't even remember me? This hotel? My wedding ring? You drugged me and then stole it,just like you're doing to her.
I'm sorry.
It's a little late for that.
My husband's gonna leave me if I don't find that ring.
Okay,I remember you now.
And what you did with me you don't deserve that ring.
To be talked to like that,after what he did And that's when you grabbed the knife.
I didn't think.
Please don't-- I didn't mean that,all right? - I just want my life back.
- Please don't To see him doing that all over again to another woman He had to be stopped.
Not by you.
Not by you.
Take her,please.
I'm sorry.