CSI: Miami s07e18 Episode Script

Flight Risk

Here it goes.
We'll be at Grandpa's so soon! We sure will.
Is that it? I can't see.
You can go closer if you want; I'll be right here.
That's not it,huh? There was stuff all over it.
What is this? Okay,let's,let's hang back here for a second.
So,you guys are sure that this woman,Suzanne, was on your flight? Positive.
She gave Zach an extra soda, even though she wasn't working coach.
We just came here from San Diego.
Oh,yeah? Of course,it kept him up all night, which is not the point of the red-eye.
I can see our bag.
Can I get it? I'm sorry,Zach.
We gotta hold on to it for a little while.
I hope you don't mind,buddy.
Hey,come on,let's grab a burger.
I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your patience.
You too,Zach.
According to the airline, the victim is first-class flight attendant Suzanne Grady.
just flew in from San Diego.
Supposed to continue on to Rio tomorrow.
Wolfe thinks that she was stuffed into a water ski case.
Price? Well,she's definitely been through hell.
Hair ripped from her head.
Broken bones,bruises and a clipped carotid which caused her to bleed out.
All that happen in there? Won't know till post, but I can definitely tell you that she was inebriated at the time of death.
I can smell it from here.
The question's how does a drunk flight attendant end up being treated as baggage? proudly presents sync:ßÇÈâÈâ Season07 Episode18 Flight Risk - You Louie Clayton? - Yeah,that's me.
Did you handle the baggage for Pathways Flight 88? And? And you're selling Riley skis online.
What happened? Suzanne Grady catch you stealing them? - Did you kill her for a quick buck? - No way! These things,they were just lying in the jumbo's belly.
After I offloaded all the cargo, what was I supposed to do? Look,I'll help you any way I can.
You send this to carousel four.
Then we'll go downtown.
We're gonna charge you with possession of stolen property.
So,our killer thought he had the perfect plan.
Knock Suzanne Grady out, kill her in the water ski case and be long gone before anyone found her.
He was even careful enough not to leave any evidence on it.
Just didn't plan on it opening up.
Man,this thing hauls.
It goes up to 20 miles an hour.
- Wait,what's that? - That's the luggage arm.
That's what sends the bags in different directions on different belts.
But from the blood, we can see that it hit our victim.
T-boned at 20 miles an hour? That's like getting hit by a car.
- Right in the carotid.
- How do you know? Well,'cause that's arterial spray.
She was bleeding out.
And then she she came to the end.
The bags traveled under her.
Quite the brutal journey of death,isn't it? Question is,who sent her on it? Just got finished prepping her for the Y.
She looks so young.
And certainly not immune to trouble.
Tox came back with traces of Dormol.
What's that? It's a heavy-duty sleeping pill that's only legal in France.
Why would she take that? Well,on top of the booze, she probably wouldn't.
But we have to rule out someone taking advantage of her.
Which means we also need to run a sex kit.
So,do you think that the killer had anything to do with this? Well,it's a second-degree burn.
Circular pattern.
Pinkish on the outside, whitish in the middle.
So,it's probably a-- Cigarette.
Spend some time in juvie and you wouldn't be so impressed.
Eric,you still at the airport? Welcome to the smoking lounge.
Hmm,or the plane's personal motel room.
Come in here, you sneak a smoke,have sex.
Maybe kill a flight attendant.
So,either someone flushed the cigarette or they hid it.
Now it's time to find him.
Sit down.
You know,I'm missing the fifth at Bayside Downs for this.
Then you're about to miss the sixth,Mr.
So,what's this about? You got a filthy habit,Marvin.
One that becomes illegal at 30,000 feet.
This is about my smoking? I knew it.
I didn't even see her when I got off the plane.
What do you mean? The last time I got caught.
These stewardesses they're such cowards.
You know how they turn you in? They point.
And as soon as you get off the plane,they're waiting.
Ah,come on! You believe that? Those guys weren't even dressed like real cops.
Did you burn that girl? Then rape her? God,no.
I just wanted one drag.
Excuse me,sir? - Hold on.
- Sir?! - What you're doing is a federal offense.
- I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
The flight attendant who caught you,Mr.
Duffy, was found dead at the bottom of the baggage carousel this morning.
We got her DNA from the cigarette tip.
- That was her? - Don't play stupid.
You knew you wouldn't get pointed at if she didn't get off the plane.
You think I killed her over my smokes? Old habits die hard I guess.
Well,I can confirm that Suzanne Grady died on that belt.
Which means somebody got her down here and into that case.
The airlines sent me the schematics to the plane.
So,first let me figure out where we are.
Then we gotta figure out where he'd stash a body down here.
Okay,the only entrance to the baggage compartment from the main cabin that's at the rear of the plane.
Yeah,but the killer isn't gonna drag an inebriated flight attendant through an entire plane full of people.
So there's got to be another way.
There's gotta be an emergency access panel somewhere.
Let me take a look.
It's right above you.
Yeah,we got hair.
It's the same color as our victim, so this is obviously where he moved the body down into the cargo hold.
Let's find out where this goes.
Okay,the access panel basically leads right up into the bulkhead.
Who was sitting in the front row? First row? There was only one person sitting in the first row-- 1B.
Aaron Nolan.
Okay,well,his seat is basically right on top of this panel, so he had to have seen something.
Yeah,or he did something.
Either way,we're bringing him in.
********* Thank you.
Come on,sport.
Step through the metal detector.
How about a little professional courtesy,buddy? - I'm one of you.
- You're a suspect buddy.
And we don't allow suspects to bring in weapons.
Is there a problem,Frank? Yeah-- sky cop here ??? submit to a search.
I'm a federal air marshal.
I don't go through airports' metal detectors.
Why should I have to anywhere else? How about because I said so? If this is about the flight attendant that was killed this morning, it's not my fault she died.
I'm hired to protect the cockpit, not the crew.
Well,yore a real knight in shining armor.
Victim was dumped in the cargo hold through a hatch at your seat.
We hit turbulence near the end of the flight.
Some woman in coach starts screaming she wants out.
I sat next to her till we landed.
Oh,we're going to verify that.
I filed a report with the TSA.
You're welcome to read it.
I intend to.
I was just doing my job.
Now watch me do my.
Eric Eric.
This is nice.
How could you afford to sit up here and still have money for your destination? Yeah,well,the destination didn't seem to matter for Suzanne Grady.
And all we know right now is that this is where her last night alive began.
Remember when I told you I smelled alcohol on her? Suzanne Grady was going for some sort of a record.
You think this is a freak accident? Maybe.
I mean, drunk people do stupid things, but I can't imagine that she would shut herself in a case.
I think someone overpowered her.
But none of the crew said they saw anything out of the ordinary.
Miami-Dade Police.
Whoever's behind that curtain, please show yourself.
I didn't know anyone was on board.
I was just tidying the cabin.
Really? Because it looks to me like you're disposing of murder evidence, - Miss - Morrow.
Carolyn Morrow.
I heard about what happened to Suzanne.
It's a tragedy.
But I didn't imagine that anything up here mattered.
Even though she went from first class to baggage claim? You seem to have,uh quite a few bruises on your legs,your forearms.
Did you get into some sort of an altercation? Perhaps one with Miss Grady? These? No,this is what you get when you get stuck in coach.
How well did you know the victim? Didn't meet her till we boarded.
And the last time I saw her, she was closing the curtain between first and coach.
And then,she must have deplaned before me.
And yet,you cleaned her cabin for her? Here,go ahead and take it.
With the cost cuts, I get to add garbage collector to waitress and safety instructor and shrink.
But not killer.
CODIS didn't hit on the sex kit collected from Suzanne Grady.
- So,no Marvin Duffy? - No.
Even ran it against international databases on account of the French sleeping pills,but nothing.
Our victim was a flight attendant,right? Who are they most likely to bond with? Pilots? And don't most of those pilots have military experience? Checking their databases now.
Grant Lawson.
Did a stint with the Marines before flying commercial.
Time to bring Mr.
Lawson down to Earth.
Excuse me.
Grant Lawson? Need a word with you.
Okay,what do you needo know? About what happened after you had sex with Suzanne Grady on Pathways Flight 88.
Okay,look My wife's in the car.
Do we need to talk about this here? Yeah,Captain Lawson,we do.
Down here,I'm a good husband.
Up there,the ws are different.
All right? Suzanne and I hooked up in theomper room.
What is that,some crawl space you converted for your own personal use? Yeah,that would be a great theory if I flew the exact same plane every time.
No,you may be surprised, but most jets come with one.
It's our private refuge.
Not anymore,it isn't.
So,what happened in this romper room? Well,when I went to see Suzanne, she was upset about something.
She was upset about something,and you.
what,you comforted her? You okay? Been a tough leg.
Saw some things I didn't want to.
Tell me.
We weren't serious.
It was a work thing.
Maybe she didn't agree, threatened to tell your wife, and then you killed her, dumped her with the baggage.
Don't you think someone would have seen me? Besides,check the tower communication logs.
You'll see I wasn't gone nearly long enough.
Yeah,which leads me to another question.
When that hatch is open, an indicator lu didn't find that suspi Well,sure,if I had seen it, but I was dealing with some brutal turbulence, trying to keep the rest of the passengers alive.
Anything else,Officer? No.
No,you're free to go.
Go lie to your wife.
I'm telling you,I don't think there's any romper room.
If the pilot was telling the truth, it would have been on the schematics.
What reason would the pilot have to lie? Wellnone,other than the fact that he might have killed somebody.
Well,yeah,there is that.
And the fact that he also said he was the last person to have seen her alive.
We still got to check out his story.
This floor gives.
It's not just a closet.
Well,I guess we found the Mile High Club,huh? And the last place that Suzanne Grady was seen alive.
Well, it does back up the captain's story.
I can't believe they have these little love nests in planes.
- You know, I think we need one of these.
- Yeah, right? We could convert Firearms.
Sure, I could think of two people that would enjoy that.
Who? Calleigh and Delko? No way.
Do you have proof? I don't have any proof; I just have a feeling, but I don't want any proof.
Ah, la la la la.
Okay, let's just see if we can find where everything went south for Suzanne.
This is her bag.
Ryan, look at this.
It looks like Suzanne Grady was taking Dormol.
Tara said she found Dormol in Suzanne's system.
Maybe our victim had a habit.
We better have Tripp talk to the other flight attendants.
Well, a lot of flight attendants use Dormol.
I mean, it helps you sleep soundly for a little while, to get over jet lag, and it keeps you more attentive on flights.
Have you ever used it? No, no.
Um, I guess Suzanne probably popped one to take the edge off of getting hammered.
And that was in San Diego? Yeah, yesterday.
When she boarded, it was pretty obvious, so I went to her bag to get her some breath mints, but it didn't really help.
She seemed even worse at our jump seat therapy session.
What is jump seat therapy? Flight attendants share secrets when we're strapped in.
You know, nowhere else to go, nothing else to talk about.
Yeah, I saw you last night.
You were raging.
If Carolyn sees me like this, I could lose my job.
Here's to the hair of the dog.
She must have downed, like, six of them, before I sent her up to the romper room.
I told her to sleep it off.
Did you, by any chance, see Captain Lawson follow Suzanne up there? Look, he's a sleaze, but he didn't kill Suzanne.
Just a second.
She had a stalker.
Some creep who'd show up in different cities, take pictures, leave her notes.
Any idea who he is? No.
I mean, obviously we've all gothem.
Do you know how many psychos have flight attendant fantasies? "I enjoyed watching you sleep.
" This one was looking to make it real.
We need handwriting samples from all the passengers onboard.
How do you propose to do that? Luggage tags.
So you shared 28 flights with Suzanne Grady.
I saw her on a short hop about a year ago.
She was beautiful.
So kind.
I just had to be around her.
Which you demonstrated by crossing the line.
By taking pictures.
I know.
She never knew who I was.
Last night she seemed looser, more relaxed.
Made me less nervous.
So I lit a cigarette.
Knowing she'd stop you.
It was worth it.
I just can't believe she's dead.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
What am I gonna do? You can start by giving me your camera.
My cam-- why? 'Cause I think it's possible you took pictures of her after she passed.
You think I took pictures of her dead body? That's crazy! Where's your camera? Take it.
It's yours.
You have to believe me.
All I ever wanted was her to notice me.
I wanted her attention.
Mission accomplished.
So, it looks like Marvin Duffy was your prototypical stalker.
These are all photos of Suzanne Grady, but none of her corpse.
That one.
According to the date, that was taken yesterday.
So it would've had to have been in San Diego.
Looks like they're at some sort of a party.
Carolyn Morrow.
The coach flight attendant.
She told me that she met Suzanne on board.
She lied to me.
Suzanne wouldn't separate work and play.
People called her a "flying mattress.
" And she was rewarded for her behavior.
How? By getting to work first class.
Working coach is harder.
I mean, so what? I-I'm punished for being good at my job? I mean, that was just the half of it.
Yeah, well, what's the other half? She worked all the good routes.
So I saw her at this party and I thought I'll just help her enjoy herself a little bit more.
Suzanne, I don't know how you do it.
Here, I brought you this.
No, no.
I can't.
I'll never be sober for the flight.
Oh, come on, it's just soda.
You're like our-- our mother hen.
Drink up.
If she missed the flight, then she'd be bounced to the Minneapolis corridor, and I could nab her flights.
What's the big deal about the routes? We're only on the clock from the moment those cabin doors close to the moment they open.
The longer the haul, the bigger the pay.
And she had an iron grip on Rio, Paris, Singapore.
Even though I had seniority.
You realize that this could be considered motive.
Look, I-I spiked Suzanne's drink.
The girl could rally.
I mean, she made the flight, that was that.
I didn't kill her.
Now can I go? Don't go packing your atlas yet.
You're still a suspect in a murder investigation.
But, yeah, you can go.
So, the thinking is that if Carolyn wanted to dispose of something incriminating, she would've put it in the airplane's trash.
That's what I think.
But this That's a neck pillow.
Where's the stuffing? Seems to have been removed.
Why would someone do that? To replace it with something else.
That's Dormol.
I'll a you, Mr.
Wolfe, who could get this past airport security undetected? So, I see you guys finally got with the program and let me through without a hassle this time.
Only this time, Aaron, you're not leaving.
We found something of yours on the plane.
What? Neck pillow.
Look familiar, sky cop? And laced inside that was this, which you smuggled aboard.
None of that stuff is mine.
I wonder what a DNA test of the skin cells on that pillow would tell us.
You're right.
The pills are mine.
People pay ten dollars for one.
I thought I'd make a quick buck selling 'em here in the States.
So you found a way to transport them.
And we found it empty in the trash, which means you must've given 'em to someone.
Aaron, was that someone Suzanne Grady? Makes sense.
I'm not saying another word.
Till she starts using the product, ruins the operation.
Then you kill her, flush the drugs and walk away.
I may only have jurisdiction at Well, then you also know you're under arrest for drug trafficking.
Right here at ground zero.
Well, we're missing somethin And you know Ryan and I have already been through this cabin once today.
Yeah, so have I-- we all processed the plane exactly as we found it.
That might be the problem.
Because we're looking at it as it is, not as it was.
Condition of the plane during the flight.
Okay, so the seat belts were on.
Cabin was pressurized.
The overhead compartments were closed.
Our victim didn't start bleeding until she was hit by the luggage arm on the conveyor belt.
So this must be our killer's blood.
Oh, yeah, I cut my hands all the time-- opening cans, handling suitcases, ripping boarding passes.
It's a nightmare for my manicure.
That still doesn't explain where we found it, Jenna.
We have to make sure that the overheads are secure throughout the flight.
I probably swiped it during cross check.
Does that answer all your questions? I got called in on a ready reserve flight that leaves in, like, two hours.
- Where are you going? - Indonesia.
It's a big - money route, so if there's nothing else, I'm out of here.
- There's nothing else.
- Great.
Think she's lying? A sudden trip to a country with no extradition? There's got to be something we can do to stop her.
All right, so let me get this straight.
All we have to go on is a line drawing and a picture of a blood deposit.
Yes and no.
Take a look at this blood.
It's coagulated uniformly along the edge.
Which is more consistent with a primary bleed.
Right, if it was a swipe, the blood density would lessen the farther along it went.
Yeah, but it doesn't.
It stays in a solid line until it reaches that peak at the end.
Do you have the flight data analysis? Yeah, I got that, the schematics, and the, uh, passenger manifest.
Great, will you run it, please? There it is.
What are we looking for? A reason why Jenna would have hit the ceiling.
- I know.
- 'Cause of the turbulence? Yeah, and I can tell you when.
The pilot said that after he was with Suzanne, he made it back to the cockpit just in time to deal with some major turbulence.
That would have been the same time that Aaron the air marshal conveniently went back to coach to help a passenger.
Know what? Let me check the ta.
There it is.
Plane dropped a hundred feet, then another 60.
Anyone not wearing their seat belt would have gone flying.
So that's how Jenna got her blood on the overhead bin.
And that definitely places Jenna at the access hatch around the same time that Suzanne was last seen.
- Too bad it doesn't matter.
- Why not? - 'Cause that's where the story ends.
- Or does it? That blood comes to a peak, right? Yeah, which means at least one blood drop would have had to have fallen.
- Right.
- Okay.
We have all been in that cabin, we've processed it, and we know that if a single drop fell, it should have landed right in front of 1B.
Hang on a minute.
Right after Jenna cut herself, the plane would've had to regain its altitude.
And the plane would have had to pitch and roll.
And if Jenna was carrying Suzanne at the time H think we got something.
So if we already have the victim's blood, what are we looking for? We're looking for gravity, Kyle.
You see these edges? ey're irregular.
What does that mean? That means we just found oukiller.
Jenna, did Suzanne discover your pills on the plane? She came back when I was unloading them.
That's okay, sir, I'll get you a clean one.
Thank you.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'll come back.
She didn't know she was talking to the enemy, though, did she? Look, I just didn't want her to point me out to security when we landed.
She's going to report you.
It's time for landing, Suzie-Q.
You have to help me.
Come quick.
This lady-- she won't calm down.
Oh, my God.
See you on the other side.
I thought if I left the case unlatched that she'd just tumble out and end up unconscious on the baggage carousel.
Then nobody in management would believe her story.
That's not exactly what happened.
Was it? I had no idea that she would die on that belt.
It-It was just an extra ten G's a year helping out other flight attendants.
I really didn't think it'd be that big of a deal.
Jenna killing someone is always a big deal.