CSI: Miami s08e10 Episode Script

Count Me Out

Jesse, what the hell are you doing ? Jesse! No, no, no.
Wait, wait What you gonna do, Jesse? You're too small, Jesse.
Too small! Get out of here, boy! Now the jump.
Why you want to go and do that, Jesse? Gonna make me angry.
You won't like me when I'm angry.
Where you going, man? It's 10-10.
That's a dead end down there.
They could need our help.
Come on! Ah, Jesse! I got the driver! Go, go, go! suspect on foot at this time.
Caucasian, yellow t-shirt, jeans- heading east at Overly.
Driver! Roll down your window, and throw the keys out of the car! Step out of the car with your hands up! Now, walk back towards me.
Hands up! Keep coming.
Right there.
Get on your knees.
Let's go, on the floor, sprawled out.
How many we got, Jesse? Got two confirmed- one's on the run.
Check the trunk.
Bring him.
So how do you explain that? The guy made me.
I didn't have a choice.
Everybody has a choice.
They still haven't found our olympic sprinter.
Yes, the manhunt continues.
There's no blood in the trunk of this car.
He was likely dead before he went in.
Yes, but there's a pink fibrous material on this sweater.
Could be insulation.
Document everything, Jesse.
Got to be honest with you, son.
I don't believe your story.
It's not a story, sir, it's the truth.
He put a gun on me.
Where did that happen? He-he told me to pop the trunk and then start driving.
Let's go for a ride.
Did he mention a destination? No, just that he was gonna blow my head off if I didn't keep my foot on the pedal.
Next thing I know I'm in a car chase with the police.
Show me what he did.
He came up, and he put the gun right here.
I'm going to hang on to you till I can figure out what's what.
Well, doctor, I don't have any sort of fancy medical degree, but I'd venture to guess that this victim died due to a head injury.
Blow to the head may have immobilized him, but the real C.
Is chemical asphyxia.
It caused a pulmonary edema leading to both respiratory and cardiac arrest Is there anything about the chemical in particular? Trachea and lungs were severely inflamed.
I suspect a chemical poisoning agent.
Those are his belongings.
Poor thing.
It seems like that's a terrible death.
Pure agony.
Prolonged agony.
Chemical inhalants take 12, I'm a bit perplexed by the lividity, but tox may help there.
Hey, Calleigh.
Our victim has a federal I.
His name is Christopher Perez.
Says here he worked for the U.
Census Bureau.
A census taker.
Well, that takes guts.
I mean, walking up to houses blind, you never know what you're gonna find.
Could be a fed hater.
I'm going to call his work and see if I can get a hold Of his schedule and the last locations he visited.
Sorry about the other night.
I didn't mean to leave you hangin'.
So, something came up, huh? Yeah.
Somethin' in a sequin dress? I owe you one, okay? Whatever.
According to the Census Bureau, this is the last neighborhood where Christopher Perez worked this morning.
Okay, how do you want to split up the houses? You and Cardoza take those two.
How about you and I take those two? Or we could do that, too.
Something tells me this happens to you a lot.
Let's get to work.
Can I help you? We're with the Miami-Dade Police Department.
Are you the home owner of record? No.
No, I Get inside, Marie.
I'm the homeowner, Paula Olsen.
What do you want? Our records indicate there's a census taker that was here this morning.
Yeah, so? Well, what do you need now, a recount? He was murdered.
I have nothing to say about that.
Okay, well in that case, we'd like to speak with- I believe you said her name was Marie What do you want to ask her? She didn't answer the door for him; I did You government people.
All alike.
You're just counting heads so you can raise our taxes.
Get off my property! Okay, Mrs.
Olsen, you need to calm down.
Assaulting a police officer is a crime.
A police officer?! More like Gestapo.
You do not care about the citizens of this country and neither does your census bureau.
Go to hell! Mrs.
Olsen, don't leave town until this investigation All right, now what ? Shall we backtrack? Yeah, that's a good idea.
He's got another house listed.
It's around the corner.
Doesn't look like anybody lives here.
Well then the census taker probably saw that, too.
He passed on to that other house.
Not necessarily.
Didn't you say that there was insulation on the victim's clothes? Insulation coming out of the ceiling tiles.
And all over the floor in there, too.
This is Horatio Yeah, hi, H.
It's me.
Well, I'm at 5493 Evergreen Street.
And,there's some insulation here that's consistent with what you pulled off the victim's clothes.
I'm on my way.
Do you smell that? It smells like ammonia.
Rat poison.
There's duct tape.
Latex gloves.
I think it's safe to say there's something going on in here.
I think the ammonia smell is coming from this blanket.
Miami-Dade PD! We obviously interrupted something.
Yeah, an active meth lab.
Oh, my god.
It's gonna blow.
Yeah, we need to go.
You okay? No, I can't move! I'm stuck, Ryan.
No, I'm stuck.
All right, all right.
I'll get you out.
Go, go, Ryan! Just go! I can't get this up.
- I can't get this up.
- Mr.
Here we go.
Thank you.
You were really You were really brave in there.
You're welcome.
You were pretty brave in there, too.
You know, I'm I'm good.
I r I really I feel fine.
Thank you.
I just want to start working this crime scene.
Maybe we should do a quick trip to the ER first.
What do you say? What are you doing? I thought we just said we were going to go to the hospital.
Well, I don't want to leave this case.
So, a census taker walks into a meth house, Ends up dead in the trunk of someone's car.
By fumes or something worse.
We need to determine who the owner of record is.
I'll call Tripp, get the ball rolling.
Marie, can I help you with something? That explosion- Was anyone in the house? Was anyone hurt? There was somebody in the house, and they're going to be fine.
Are you all right? I was just frightened by the sound.
Do you ever see anybody coming in and out of that house? No.
Never? I have to get back to work.
If Mrs.
Olsen catches me here talking to you Marie, here's my card.
If you think of anything that might help, feel free to call me.
Hey, Tripp.
Yeah? I heard you found the owner on record for the meth house.
What's left of it.
Bank took it a few months ago.
Previous owner was Edward Hensler.
So, he was related to our kid, Kevin Hensler.
Yeah, Mr.
It turned out it was his father.
That kid lived in that house.
Yeah, well, that's good to know.
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
No, Kevin, no.
Not this time, okay? We found a dead guy in the trunk of your car.
He was killed in a house that you lived in.
My dad bailed on the payments just like he bailed on me.
Okay, I I haven't been back to that house since.
I got my own place.
Do these look familiar? They're yours.
Are you telling me one of these won't open the front door? I'm good at chemistry, okay? I aced my finals.
This guy, Tek, he he was a messenger at the university.
He said he'd pay me good money if I cooked meth.
So, this guy, Tek, was a drug dealer.
Yeah, a good one.
Keeps me working.
He was in the car with you? I- I-I I don't know his real name.
You don't know his real name? Is he the one who killed the census worker? I told you.
I I didn't see what happened to that guy.
I didn't even know he was in the trunk.
You say you're a smart guy.
So, where do you think this guy, Tek, would go if he was running scared? I- I-I remember him once saying that he had another meth lab.
And where is that? - Point hill.
Near the marina.
There could be an active meth lab in here, folks.
We can't afford a spark of any kind.
Cell phones off.
Tek? Mdpd.
Show yourself.
Tek? That a clock? Yeah.
Wolfe This copper wire could lead to a time-delay device.
This wasn't a chemical explosion.
Hey, it's Jesse, leave a message.
I'm getting voice mail.
Jesse? Call me immediately.
These places are rigged to blow.
Walter, hey, it's Wolfe.
You got to call me back right away.
These meth labs, they got bombs in them.
Call the bomb squad.
Call them immediately.
What is that sound? I don't know.
But I do know a meth lab kitchen when I see one.
Some high-end beakers here.
Pipe bomb.
- Jesse, what the hell are you doing? - Move! What are you doing? Move! Move! You okay? Yeah.
Just need to sit down for a minute.
Come on.
Boa Vista was in the middle of a blast, And she's still standing.
Look at that.
There's monofilament leading to this mousetrap.
It was pulled when you opened the gate.
The current traveled along the minute hand.
Yeah, if it would have touched the metal, The circuit would have closed.
They had the clock acting like a time-delay detonator.
I bet you it was the same signature used with Boa Vista and Wolfe.
Oh, my god.
- It's going to blow.
- We need to go.
Go, go! Hell of a way to protect your meth lab.
And kill anyone who was on to you.
So, you set my team up and almost got them killed, Kevin.
What? You knew that place would blow when we walked in.
I thought Tek might be there.
I was trying to help.
I want to know who killed the census taker.
- Kevin.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I messed up - Don't lie to me! I messed up.
My name is Christopher Perez.
I work for the census bureau.
We, uh We don't really live here.
What are you doing? You're telling the whole neighborhood.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Tie him up, and get him in there.
Help! What are you, an idiot? You locked him in the same room where you were cooking meth? Tek said he needed time to figure out what to do with him.
When I When I went back In the room, he was dead.
I I didn't mean to kill him.
He was only in there a half an hour.
A half an hour? So you two decided to take a drive and dump the body.
He made me do it.
He had a gun to me, remember? I was afraid of telling you.
I was afraid he was gonna come after me again.
Well, he's not gonna come after you in here, kid.
Talk! Talk! If Tek wasn't at the lab, I don't know where he is.
Kevin, you better hope and I mean hope that I find him, okay? A half hour.
- Fumes would take 12 hours to - The time line is bogus, isn't it? Yeah.
Let's check with tox.
He's not lying.
Our census worker died a relatively quick death.
Half hour.
Wait, wait.
You told Calleigh that he died from chemical asphyxiation caused by phosphate and gas.
Byproduct of the rat poison in the meth, yes.
That takes 12 hours to kill a person.
Not when it's digested.
Digested? What are you talking about? - He ate it? - Correct.
- I knew the lividity didn't track.
- The resulting gas Was absorbed by his gastrointestinal tract.
From there, it fed directly into his bloodstream.
Which killed him in only half an hour.
So the kid was telling the truth.
I trust I've put you closer to finding your killer.
Thanks, man.
Love that song.
That's a nice song.
Yeah, these help me concentrate when I'm working.
That's funny.
All the years that we've worked together, I've never seen you wearing headphones in DNA.
They're They're kind of tiny.
They're sort of easy to miss.
You know, Natalia, I've got this ringing in my ears.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
We were both in the same blast today.
So if you're having a hard time hearing the music I'm good.
I'm not having a problem.
You had it turned up to 11.
That's mach one.
R- ryan, Thank you, but I'm good.
I'm-I'm good, really.
Did, um Did you come in here To talk about something related to the case? Yeah.
I came in for bomb site photos.
I'm trying to find a way to this tek guy.
Well, I will get out of your way And let you have at it.
It's all yours.
Heard you wanted evidence from the blast at the meth house.
Yes, I do.
Why don't we put it over there? Thanks.
You know what? Let's take all of the oversized stuff and put it in the clean room in the garage for now.
You got it.
Hey, wait a second.
Didn't see that rag in there.
I don't know that it's a rag.
Looks like it could be silk.
Handkerchief? I'm gonna keep this with me.
What do you mean? Marie's not going anywhere.
Olsen, we have evidence linking her to a murder.
That census guy? That's-that's impossible.
She's never left my sight.
Okay, look, are you gonna bring her out, or do I need to go in there and get her? Marie, I was wondering if this is your headscarf.
I notice that you wear one.
It might be.
We found it at the house next door where Christopher Perez was killed.
I accidentally left it at that house.
I don't know Christopher perez.
I was there to see kevin.
Kevin Hensler? Yes.
He used to live there before the bank took it away.
He came back to help me.
What are you doing here? He'll be back any minute.
My boss will be back, too, but I had to see you.
I don't like what you are doing, making these drugs.
It's dangerous.
I know, but it's the only way I can make money To get you away from that lady.
Look, we'll be married soon.
We'll have our own place, I promise.
You really got to go.
How was it that you came to work with Mrs.
Olsen? My family's in Haiti.
Olsen told my mother that she would send me to school in exchange for housekeeping, but all I do is cook and clean.
I'm not even allowed to read my bible.
And if I complain She'll send me on a boat to Haiti.
And away from Kevin? What's going to happen to Kevin? I don't know.
We're investigating the drug dealer he was working with.
You know him? He treated Kevin badly.
The last time he saw me, He tried to Oh, yeah, you must be good, huh? I got kevin telling me he wants to stop cooking for me so he can run away with you.
Please don't touch me! Hey! I have all the girls in bayfront lining up for me.
You said Bayfront? Yes.
Maria, thank you.
Hey, it's Calleigh.
The drug dealer I know where to find him.
So you are Tek.
Or plain old Robert Sperling.
Get him up, please.
Yeah, that's me.
So what? You're breaking my wrist, man.
You're lucky I didn't break your neck.
For what, hanging out in the park? For murder.
I think you should talk to Kevin Hensler about that one.
We have.
He gave us your life story in paperback.
Slinging meth, bodies in trunks.
It was a real page turner.
Look, he killed that guy, all right? Because he was afraid the feds were gonna deport his little piece of tail, and that's the truth.
That's not the whole truth, my friend.
Yeah, Calleigh, The scarf we're processing Natalia should have it by now.
- How are you feeling? - Good.
I'm good Horatio, thanks again - For coming in after us.
- No need.
Biologicals on the scarf.
Yes, saliva, the victim's saliva.
Saliva, so it may have been used as a gag.
And laced in rat poison.
Can you put it in someone's hand? No, I struck out on fingerprints.
I already told jesse it was going to be impossible.
Natalia, nothing is impossible.
I never heard of gold dust being used to lift prints.
Yes, it's called vapor Metal Deposition.
So the dust is attracted to the oils.
Right, we heat the metal to the point of evaporation.
The gold dust attaches to the fingerprint, forming a thin coat.
Now it's working.
It looks like we got partials now.
Yes, but what If all of these partials Are from the same finger? Let's compare this to our two suspects.
Nice going.
We recovered your fingerprint from the gag that killed christopher perez, and we believe that you manipulated kevin into thinking He killed christopher to have something on him.
What are you doing? Tie him up and get him in there.
I won't tell anyone about this place.
And I'm gonna make sure of that.
Open up.
Open up.
Hey, kevin, get in here.
What did you do, man? I didn't tell you to kill this guy.
Oh, my god.
Yeah, well, I needed him cooking for me and not dating the maid next door.
You got to protect the product.
And by protection, you mean bomb making, right? Discourages competition.
You'd be surprised at the type of respect you get when one of those goes off.
Not unlike the surprise you've got coming in prison.
I didn't kill that man? No But the drug making is a first-degree felony.
What about marie? I promised I'd get her out of that house.
We're working on that.
False imprisonment? I should have put her on the slow boat to haiti when I had the chance.
What you should have done is treat her with basic human dignity.
While she sneaks out for nooky with the local drug dealer? Cuff her, please.
Get your hands off of me.
All right, look, lady, If you do not get into that car without further incident, then I am happy to add resisting arrest to your rap sheet.
Remember, I pay your salary.
Then I deserve a raise.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It was never your fault.
Don't ever think that.
Is he going to be okay? He's going to be okay.
I've arranged for a dormitory stay at dade u.
, and I'm working on your student visa.
Will I actually be able to go to school now? You'll go to school.