CSI: Miami s08e15 Episode Script

Miami, We Have A Problem

What? Nothing.
No, go ahead, say it.
I knew there'd be no traffic.
Fine, next time we'll leave when you want to.
No, no, no, that's okay.
This is fine; this is better, actually.
We can stare at this tree for 45 minutes.
Our appointment's at 8:00.
Yeah, and our doctor's still in bed sleeping.
Get out the car! get out the car! All right, all right.
Get out, lady, unless you and me want to find a Hey, don't touch her! Get out the car! Get out of the car, run! Don't shoot, I'm pregnant.
I don't care! Get the hell out! Oh, my god! The hell is that? All of a sudden, this body just fell down.
Get off me, man! I didn't do it.
The hell you looking at? It's not like I put the body there.
That our carjacker, frank? The one and only.
Tried to make a run, but he was too banged up to get very far.
What did he say? Same as the couple he carjacked-- Body fell out of the ficus.
I'm gonna head back to the station, See if I can't get started On this barnum and bailey crime scene.
Thank you, frank.
Sir, dent seems a little big for a guy to fall from a tree, If you ask me.
That's 'cause he didn't fall from a tree, walter.
How do you mean? Take a look at this.
See, the tops of these branches are sheared off, walter.
Means he fell through the tree, not from it.
Suggesting a much higher fall, right? I don't see any buildings to jump from.
That's because he fell from the sky.
Hey, tom, did you I.
The body yet? He isn't in the system, and he's banged up enough To make dental identification a challenge.
What about cause of death? I'm assuming that it was the fall that killed him.
No perimortem bruising, so that would be a no.
Well, what is it? Don't know yet.
Tom? Do you have anything for me? Ms.
Duquesne, Look at him.
With this much damage, we'll be lucky if we ever know.
The only thing I can tell you-- Icarus doe here was falling at terminal velocity.
Terminal velocity is 120 miles per hour, So that means he fell from a distance of Over 2,000 feet.
That's a lot farther than the tree.
And maybe a lot higher than that.
Well, I'll tell you my theory.
Which is? Icarus doe fell In the middle of miami airspace, Which means that he was A stowaway in a wheel well of an airliner.
How old do you think icarus is? I would say not a day over 40.
This is an x ray of another patient-- late 40s.
See the bone marrow? Now, look at icarus' bone density.
What happened to his bone marrow? Osteoporosis.
So, either this guy is a hundred years old Or Or what? I can't say.
Sure, you can.
What is it, tom? I need to make sure I'm not crazy.
So what did miami international airport have to say? Well, they faxed over a screen grab of the airspace Above the car the time the body fell.
This isn't a commercial flight.
No, it's not, so it blows my stowaway theory.
It's a helicopter.
Aren't helicopters supposed to have flight numbers on them? They are; the pilot didn't turn in the flight plan.
That sounds suspicious.
Air traffic control thought so, too, So they sent over a nearby pilot to get a visual.
That's the tail number.
I'm on it.
H, the tail numbers match.
Unless you plan on buying it, I appreciate If you step away from the helicopter.
You the pilot? Yeah.
Beau lindell.
Ever seen this guy before? No, not at all.
So he was not in your helicopter, And he didn't fall out of your helicopter, beau? No, because I wasn't in the air, and neither was my bird.
Not according to air traffic control.
Well, I've been out of town, But maybe somebody took it for a joyride.
Oh, somebody stole it, And then they returned it.
Yeah, it's happened before.
I mean, look around.
It's a community airstrip-- no security.
Mind if I look inside? No, not at all.
What does that look like to you? Looks like the imprint of a knuckle.
That's what I think.
This one's no better.
All the knuckles are shredded.
There's no way we can match it to a fist imprint.
That's too bad.
Well, he had to fall from somewhere.
I mean, the helicopter's the best bet.
Hey, guys, I just got the results From the blood work on our victim.
Does this have something to do With the secret theory that you don't want to tell me about? It's no longer a theory.
Blood cells confirm it all.
Take a look.
That's what blood cells normally look like.
And that's what one in zero gravity looks like.
Like from space? Yes.
Gravity normally pulls on red blood cells So they form into doughnuts.
Without it They relax into spheres.
Okay, what else would cause that? No matter how strange, The simplest explanation is always the best.
Calcium loss with spherical blood cells Means this man was in space Less than 24 hours ago.
You mean, like, from From outer space? Calleigh, Ryan We're looking at an astronaut.
Okay, wait a second, hold up.
You're telling me That this guy fell from outer space? No, he would have burned up coming through the atmosphere.
How'd he die, tom? Don't know yet.
One mystery at a time.
Maybe our victim's an alien.
No, I feel like tom would have mentioned The green blood by now.
Unless tom's an alien, too, covering up the truth.
Would explain a lot about tom, if you think about it.
Yeah, okay, thanks.
Well, whatever he is, he isn't an astronaut.
Nasa says all their personnel are accounted for.
News flash-- Other countries have space programs, too.
That's right-- uh, russia, china, the e.
Yeah, how are we supposed to get a hold of all those guys? Governments aren't the only game in space.
You're thinking private companies.
Space tourism.
It's been going on for a few years now.
Russia rents out seats on their rockets.
You got enough money, you can get into space.
Okay, here we go.
A search for civilian space programs Just popped up at least ten, But only one here in miami.
Prime mover aerospace- owner-operator Keith palmer.
Looks more like a learjet than a space shuttle.
That's because a space shuttle's a dinosaur, gentlemen.
My orbiter's the future.
Built her myself.
Cruise to 12 kilometers in the sky, Ignite the hybrid rocket in the back, And let her carry you smoothly into a low earth orbit.
It's the greatest show off earth.
A trip on this thing is two million dollars? A bargain for ten days in space.
Russians are charging 20, and if you pay A little extra, you get to experience a spacewalk.
Has he ever been a passenger? Yes.
That's sam gardner; he was on our last trip.
What happened to him? He fell from the sky this morning.
Well, that didn't happen on one of my trips.
Safety is our number one priority.
Really? 'cause you got a bullet hole here in your space shuttle.
That's just micrometeor damage.
Micrometeor? Orbit's full of tiny debris.
We deal with impacts all the time.
When was the flight that sam was on? When did that return? Our wheels were down at 2200 last night.
What would a passenger do at that point? Every passenger gets debriefed, They get their land legs back, and they leave.
Okay, who else was on the flight? I'm sorry, but that's confidential.
I guess we could say That you were the last one to see him alive.
I guess.
It takes 90 minutes to orbit the earth.
We see 32 sunrises and sunsets every day.
Just this morning, we saw a hurricane Off the cape of africa.
It's indescribable, janet.
The view, it-it It makes you want to cry, it's so amazing.
Oh, look at this.
Wow, honey.
You're sick, aren't you? No, zero gravity takes some getting used to, that's all.
I feel great.
Duquesne: Mrs.
Gardner, was this The last time you spoke to your husband? Yes.
He was supposed to call when he got back, but he never did.
Why didn't you go see him? I was busy.
Well, he was gone for ten days.
You want the god's honest truth? I was against this trip.
It was foolish.
We made some money selling our restaurant chain last year, And then he turns around and spends two million dollars On a childhood fantasy, it was I said no, but he did it anyway.
Do you mind if we hang on to your disk? You can keep it.
There's a lot of things I want to remember sam by.
This is not one of them.
Well, thank you for coming, And we'll have the officer take you home.
And the best is yet to come.
Hey, gardner, quit hogging the feed, huh? Looks like my time is up.
So Palmer wouldn't tell us who was on that flight.
Here they are.
You're sure getting your money's worth, huh? I'll see you when we land.
I love you, baby.
I love you, baby! I love you, baby cakes! Love you, baby! Wait a minute.
Do you recognize that guy? The blonde? That's dominic cross, yeah! I know, I hate to admit it but I actually like his action movies.
I'm talking about the other guy.
Oh, my god, yeah.
That's our helicopter pilot.
He claims he didn't even know our victim.
He just spent ten days in space with him.
I cannot believe this.
Oh, my Holy moly.
Horatio, it's tom.
The blood boiled out of sam gardner's lungs.
That means That means your presence is requested.
I know what killed gardner now.
What happened to our victim Has only occurred three times in history.
Our victim wasn't just in space; he died from it.
Doctor, are we talking about explosive decompression? Exactly.
Somehow he got outside that spaceship Into the vacuum of space.
Without atmospheric pressure, The liquid in his body vaporized, Causing his skin and eyeballs to freeze And most of his blood to boil away.
As the oxygen escaped his lungs, the alveoli burst.
His body swelled to twice its size from the escaping gases.
Thankfully, he died of hypoxia Within seconds, which was a good thing Because next, his heart exploded.
Thank you, doctor.
Wolfe, I wanna talk to everyone who was on that flight.
I pilot all of prime mover's orbital trips.
Then why lie about knowing sam gardner? Hey, I can't remember all our passengers.
There were only four people up there.
Who pushed him out of the ship, beau? I don't know! I was in the control cabin, Helping change our orbital perigee.
The air lock alert came on, so I ran back.
I reeled him back in, but he was already dead.
Look, I don't know what happened to the poor guy.
I was asleep! For ten days, dominic? Come on.
No, really.
Look, I was sick.
No one pushed him.
He must've opened the air lock by himself.
He probably got sucked out.
Didn't you cover something As important as that in your training? Of course.
Only the crew was supposed to operate the air lock.
I spent my time piloting.
Now, that's the truth.
You're not capable of the truth, beau.
You know, you don't wanna barf at zero g.
So they shot me full of promethazine.
I spent half the trip in my sack.
Something wrong? He had an accident.
Go back to sleep, dominic.
You could have raised hell when you landed.
Look, I'm the star of moon rebellion 3000.
How many fans do you think I'd have if it got out That I was airsick on some cushy ride into space? A man lost his life, dominic.
And I feel bad for gardner.
But that's none of my business.
That's what you think.
That guy died in space, so how'd he end up in your copter? I Hey, look.
All I did was get rid of the body.
All right, I was going to dump him Over the atlantic from my helicopter, And on the way, I got hit by a flock of gulls.
Uh, no, I don't buy that.
You agreed to dump a body, And you don't know why? Because I need this job.
Beau, consider yourself unemployed.
It was just an accident.
So, why'd you cover it up? To save my company.
Look, to save the industry.
Right now, we're free to do as we please.
This gets out, the feds will regulate Most of us out of the business.
This is the most important business venture In the history of the world.
We could colonize planets.
We could settle the moon.
If everybody had this experience, We would live lives differently.
I built that ship.
I'm not going to let anybody take it away.
Here's the bad news for you, my friend.
I'm going to take the ship away.
It's now my crime scene.
Get him out of here.
What do you want to do? We got to get in the ship.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing? You can't cut apart my ship.
Palmer, do yourself a favor.
Get behind the tape.
Why do you need the micrometeor scar? Why? Mr.
Palmer, your space shuttle is a crime scene.
That's a piece of evidence, and you know very well I can't get the whole space shuttle back in the lab.
Damn it.
I tell you what-- for you, keith, I'll do you a favor.
I'll be gentle.
Do you understand, When I was a kid, I pretended everything was a spaceship? I can't believe we're actually standing inside of one.
Would you pay two million dollars to go up for the ride? Are you kidding? In a heartbeat.
I don't know.
I guess I don't have that gene.
All right, so their story is that gardner Slipped off the ship somehow on his own.
Well, the only way we're going to know is to walk it.
Okay, so palmer And the pilot claim that they Were inside this command center.
Right, and the movie star said He was asleep here, nestled in the egyptian cotton.
Yep, so that leaves sam all by himself.
So, is that the door to outer space? Yeah, looks like this is the air lock.
Actually, this whole room.
See, it lets an astronaut go outside Without depressurizing the cabin.
So, it's kind of like a mudroom.
All right, so he would have had To open this hatch and go inside somehow.
And then he'd open the outer hatch To go into space.
Yeah, but you can't open the outer hatch Until you close the inside hatch, so let's close it.
There's no air lock controls in here.
There's no controls in here.
Really? The only controls are out here? Yeah, there's no way that he could have opened this hatch From inside.
Well, that means somebody did it for him.
Do you have a crime light? Yeah, in my kit.
Whoever did it left behind a print.
I didn't murder him.
Well, your print was on the button that did.
I can't believe this.
It wasn't my fault.
What wasn't? Look, after a couple of days of being up there, Sam started acting like that crazy homeless guy On the corner, rambling about the earth and sea and god stuff.
I read about this.
Astronauts getting cabin fever while they're in orbit.
Yeah, like that-- even worse.
His was bad.
He even threatened my life If I didn't help him go on a spacewalk.
Now, wait a minute, I'm confused.
I thought the spacewalk was part of the package.
No, that's extra.
Sam couldn't afford it, but that didn't stop him.
No, you don't understand.
I have to go out there.
Hey, relax.
All right, just pay for the spacewalk next time around.
There is no next time for me.
I I blew everything on this trip.
Look, you don't help me, next time you're sleeping, I'm going to open that hatch, and I'm going to kill us all.
They went over the procedures in training.
We knew the steps, So I helped him put on the space suit.
So he was wearing the e.
Something must have gone wrong with it.
When I told the guys, We reeled him in, but he was already dead.
The others Were just covering for me.
Dominic, I have to tell you, It doesn't real matter.
If you're the reason the suit failed, That's negligent homicide.
We're gonna keep you here Until we find out what happened with the suit.
Should I be wearing my hazmat? What's with the radiation meter? Stands to reason, walter, If, as dominic says, the suit was out in space, It should be covered in radiation, shouldn't it? Yeah.
And? It's barely what we get here on earth every day.
Puts dominic at 0 for two with the truth.
Actually Take a look at that, walter.
What is that? That's blood, walter, And it means he never took a walk in space, And he didn't die out there.
Luminol that, please.
Walter, where were they keeping the suit? The air lock.
Uh, sir, lab called.
As if we had any doubt, the blood's a match to sam.
Walter Kill the lights.
Lights! What the hell happened in here? Would decompression cause this much blood? Decompression causes blood to vaporize.
Leaving the solid proteins behind.
Solid proteins, walter, Have created a time line for us.
And it's clear that sam was attacked Before the air lock was opened.
Which is why they opened it.
He was still alive.
They were trying to push him into space.
So, our job, walter, Is to figure out what caused this spatter.
How? We can't read this.
Without gravity, Blood spatter would behave completely different.
But guess what.
You're going into space.
Take some of these airsick pills Before we take off.
I don't get airsick.
You do realize that they call this thing the vomit comet.
You do realize that they called me iron belly in college.
The key is to fly on an empty stomach, dawg.
All right, boys, listen up.
Here's how this is gonna work.
We'll be flying a parabolic pattern.
When we start going down, The centrifugal force is equal to gravity, Creating weightlessness for us inside.
So when I call "zero g," we'll be weightless For less than 30 seconds.
"feet down" means get your legs under you, Because gravity's kicking back in.
Doesn't give us Much time for a blood spatter test.
Then we'll keep doing it until you cry uncle.
Don't worry.
We'll go easy on you the first time.
Have fun, boys.
I heard, uh, jesse and walter are going up in the vomit comet To recreate some blood splatter.
Why aren't you going with them? I didn't go up there 'cause it's called the vomit comet.
Instead you're gonna hang around here And watch me process this junk pile? No.
This isn't a piece of junk.
This is part of the hull from the spaceship.
We cut out a piece of it after the micrometeors Put holes in it.
Unfortunately, My results probably aren't gonna be much help.
The only residue I found In any significant quantity is oxygen.
So you found air.
Like, Pure o2.
Okay, that's what this is.
The ship's air supply is stored in two tanks: Pure oxygen and nitrogen.
This is a supply line from the oxygen tank.
And this is a hole from a micrometeor.
What's the equation to figure out the rate of a leak? Bernoulli's.
Ah The tank.
Okay, the volume of the tank-- oxygen flow constant.
Yeah, try, uh, 9.
Okay, you're british.
Is that metric, or is that, uh, american? I've adjusted for american.
Oh, thank you so much.
Uh, put that over, uh What was the size of the hole? Um .
38 inches.
38, okay.
Ryan? Yeah.
You might want to, uh, just Here.
Great idea.
Let's see, we got 3.
8 divided by It took approximately 12 minutes For them to run out of air after the micrometeorites hit.
Oh, my god.
They were running out of air.
Horatio? I think we just found motive.
I didn't mention the leak, because it wasn't a problem.
We had enough air in our e.
Suits for all of us.
You see, mr.
Palmer, I think sam was murdered because Someone decided there wasn't enough oxygen for all of you.
Well, good luck trying to prove that.
You know, mr.
Palmer, I don't need luck.
'cause the body was so mangled, We don't know how sam was attacked.
So I grabbed everything Off the ship that could have been used as a weapon.
Gentlemen, we are going zero g.
Whoa! Whoa! Oh! Careful.
Jesse, how do I steer? What? Push off the ceiling.
There you go.
Oh, okay.
Feet down.
whoa! That was awesome! All right, enough.
Okay? We got a murder to solve.
Let's go.
All right.
Let's start with this.
Zero g.
Ready? Yeah.
Still no spatter.
Found out you'd be a good mass murderer.
Same problem.
It's so weird.
The blood just pools around the wound.
It doesn't leave.
I wonder what it is that could have broken it up Made it kick around the air lock.
You all right? Oh! Feet down.
I'm sorry.
I really should have taken some of those pills.
No, no, no.
I think you just solved the case, iron belly.
What?! We've been looking at this all wrong.
Velocity's the same on earth or in space.
Hey, did you pack rubber bullets in here? What? Why do you need your gun, jesse? Just gonna test a theory.
On what? How to kill us both? We're on a plane, jesse.
I understand.
It's a rubber bullet, all right? The dummy's gonna slow it down.
What's up with you pulling guns all the time, man? What's up with you throwing up? We'll be fine.
Let the record show, I don't agree with this! Zero g.
He was shot.
You know, we couldn't see this because of all of The reflective cast-off, but if you take that away, all we have Is high-velocity spatter from the back through and through.
Yeah, and the blood Radiated out on an arc along the path of the bullet.
Exactly, which places our bullet in the center of the spatter.
And the bullet probably Got sucked out when they opened the hatch.
That's what I was thinking.
But without the bullet to match, We don't have any way of knowing who pulled the trigger.
There is newton's third law of motion.
For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction? Yeah, when I fired the gun, I flew all the way back there, And I bruised my back.
Gentlemen, turn around and lift up your shirts.
Do it now.
Lendell, you shot sam gardner.
Meteor punctured our oxygen tank.
Need you to shallow-breathe.
Don't we have backup air? Of course.
But it's limited.
We're going to have to make some hard choices, If you know what I mean.
Wh-where's he going? Problem is, we have enough air For three of us to make it back.
What happened To "safety is first"? You think this is hollywood? We're in outer space.
What'd you expect? It's dangerous out here.
All right.
What are you guys planning to? Whoa.
Hold on, hold on a second.
You can't shoot me.
It'll be all over the news.
Shoot him.
I'm famous.
Think about it.
Look, I know I should have said something earlier.
And I'm sorry, bro, but I'm done protecting you.
Keith, be quiet.
He keeps a gun on board be quiet.
Keith, be quiet.
In case we have to come down Keith, shut your mouth.
Gentlemen! You are all guilty Of murder.
Shoot him! I got a wife.
It's got to be somebody.
You guys are smart enough To think this thing through.
You built this thing.
Think about it.
You can figure out how to get back.
We could We could figure out how to get all of us back alive.
There's always another way.
Shoot him.
Shoot him! Sorry, buddy.
Why sam? Why not? It was either him or dominic.
And we both had to pilot the ship.
Sam just made it easy.
Dominic, sam never forced you to take a space walk.
You pushed him out.
Beau, you shot him, but we found Your prints on the air lock, Which means you finished him off.
And we found all of your dna on the backup air mask.
But we didn't find sam's.
Sam never hogged the air.
He never had a chance, did he? He's still alive.
We got to get rid of the body.
Let's kick him out into space.
They'll never find him.
I left with four on board.
I've got to bring four back.
When we land, we pretend he's sick, Then we'll figure out what to do.
We keep this between ourselves.
What was I supposed to do? Let everyone die? You don't get to make that decision.
This is a disgrace.
Get them out of here.
Sam left something for his wife on board.
Will you make sure she gets it? Hey, honey, how you doing? I know we talked already.
Keith wants us to make a video journal For our loved ones-- so that's you.
Guess what I am, uh, Looking at right now.
I am above you right now.
I wish you were up here, janet.
I know you didn't support this trip.
But maybe it took me coming up here to realize The only reason this trip means anything to me Is because I get to come home to you.
You're my world, baby.
I love you with all my heart.
I always will.
See you soon.
Your husband tried to save everyone.
He wanted to come home to you.
That's sam.
He used to say, "there's always another way.