CSI: Miami s09e01 Episode Script

Fallen (2)

Come on, get out of the way! Shakespeare shows us in hamlet, revenge delayed Invites madness.
Shakespeare shows us in hamlet, revenge delayed Invites madness.
ring around the rosies pocketful of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down Shakespeare shows us in hamlet, revenge delayed Invites madness.
Walter! Walter! Eric, I am calling you back.
Call me back, please.
Call me right now.
Calleigh! Calleigh.
Hey, hey, hey.
Calleigh, hey.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Somebody! Somebody, help! I got you.
Eric? Breathe, Eric, breathe.
Come on, sweetheart, breathe.
Calleigh, sweetheart.
Calleigh, breathe.
Breathe! Take a breath.
Come on, breathe! Come on, sweetheart.
Breathe! Come on, sweetheart.
Breathe, come on.
Breathe! Take a breath.
That a girl.
Help! Somebody call a paramedic! Somebody help! We need a paramedic right now! Come on, Jesse.
Help! Somebody, help! Jesse, come on, Jesse, breathe! Get her a paramedic! Come on, Jesse, breathe.
Come on, Jesse.
Come on, Jesse, breathe.
Come on, Jesse! Breathe! We can do this.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
We can do this.
No! Natalia.
We can do this.
We just need help.
Horatio, we just need some help.
He's gone.
yeah! CSI MIAMI S9 we don't get fooled again don't get fooled again no, no! Doctor.
If you hadn't shot out that window when you did, my autopsy Would be full right now.
Cause of death? Based on the circumstances, It's likely he suffered profound cerebral hypoxia.
Oxygen deprivation.
How is that possible? Any number of toxic or inert gases.
Can't say for sure till I sample his lung tissue.
Why c? Why couldn't we revive him? Well, unlike the others, He hit his head When he fell.
It's possible He suffered a subdural hemorrhage.
What should I do with his things? I'm sorry? What should I do with his things? I'll take care of it.
Hey, that the gun starling used To kill his female victim? Yeah, except I dropped it during the attack.
Look at this.
The cologne bottle that proves Starling tried to kill his coworker It's demolished.
These are the letters he sent All of us, which proves he coordinated All three attacks of university personnel.
Problem is, the paramedics Trampled on them when they were trying to save Jesse.
Okay, so that means every piece of evidence That we have on starling has been compromised by the gas.
No, not everything.
We still have the gun.
That's true, but it was never definitively linked to him.
Sit down.
I don't know how you got that gas into the lab While you were behind bars, But we're sure as hell gonna find out.
Shut up.
In case you're interested The police officer you killed's name was Jesse Cardoza.
Tragic, really.
And how's all that evidence you collected against me On all those other murders? Poof.
You can't prevent what happens next.
This is exactly what starling wanted To destroy all of our evidence.
This way, we can't charge him with anything.
And exactly why we're gonna nail him for Jesse's killing.
With every past attack, He left behind a clue about the next.
That's true, but we've scoured the lab, And there isn't anything.
Let's start with this, okay? Great.
Miss boa vista, Melissa walls let's talk to her.
Starling's PHD student.
She hates him, though.
But she knows him best.
She may have the heads up.
We need to figure out How he introduced gas into this facility.
So, weapons at the ready.
He's in custody, but he may try something.
Let's go.
Melissa walls? CSI boa vista, Miami-Dade pd.
Can I get you to come down to the station And answer some questions? Now's really not a good time.
This is regarding your advisor, Bob starling.
Look, I'm trying not to think about starling right now, okay? The guy ruined my career.
The guy killed a cop today.
We don't think he's finished, and we're just wondering If you have any idea what he might be up to next.
No clue.
And if I never hear his name again, It'll be too soon.
Melissa, we really only need a few minutes of your time.
We-we think he's gonna kill again! I'm sorry, But I've got to go.
I can tell you it came from An ink-jet printer.
You see these droplets of ink clinging To the surface of the page? Yeah.
Only ink-jet printers use wet ink.
We have starling's printer in evidence.
Do you think it's possible to link a letter to a printer? We need markers.
There's a missing band of ink.
One of the nozzles must be clogged.
I'll see if I can match it to starling's printer.
Maybe the clue is in the clog.
Yeah, hey, guys, I'm picking up traces of halon From every single duct on the floor.
But halon gas is a fire suppressant, Isn't it? Yeah, stuff was banned in the '80s.
Starling must have gotten his hands On some old tanks from somewhere.
Right, so I How was the halon introduced into the ducts? Well, we're guessing The ventilation system.
That explains why only one floor was affected.
Our system's separate from the rest of the buildings.
Okay, here is the a.
Unit To the lab, Eric.
All right, we're on the roof.
We're going to check the main air intake now.
Okay, copy that.
Wait a second.
What's up, h? Here are the screws.
Somebody's opened this recently.
Give me a hand, will ya? Yeah.
I got it.
Our maintenance guys wouldn't keep freon up here.
Halon gas.
Fed it right into the a.
Here we go.
No name, no serial number.
This label.
There's some lettering on there.
There's just too much rust.
Let's see what we've got here.
" University.
Like Dade university.
This tank is from the university where you work.
Something you want to tell us, Bob? You don't have my hands on that.
Oh, would you look at that.
Cuff him! How the hell did you get out of these? When you gonna understand I'm smarter than all of you put together? By the time I'm done, You'll all be dead every last one of you.
Somebody is going to die, but it's not going to be us.
Frank, take him downstairs.
Throw his ass in solitary.
The clock is ticking, Horatio.
You understand me? Hey, why hasn't anybody cleaned this officer's face? He's still being processed, sir.
I'm sorry.
Jesse Jesse, Jesse, Jesse.
Just came by to say, uh To say bye.
You know, we had a game tonight, me and you.
I was going to kick your butt, too.
I called your mom.
She wants you back in California.
H is going to make that happen.
Man, I'm gonna miss you.
Glass? Go ahead.
Natalia, when you found Jesse, think back Could you tell what he was working on? Uh, uh, no.
I mean, honestly, I was just so distracted.
I didn't even Okay.
All right.
Well, I found this piece of glass Lodged in his head.
I think it's from this room.
And I want to know what it's from.
We can figure this out.
Let's do it.
Okay So this piece of glass is from Jesse's head wound.
I got roller marks, Round edges.
This is tempered glass.
Okay, so maybe from a test tube? No.
That's bora silicate glass.
It's strong, But it's not tempered.
Okay, try this one.
All right.
Sharp edges, greenish hue.
This isn't it.
Okay, all right.
I've got starling's camera.
And it's broken.
The glass is broken on it.
Oh, bring it.
Roller marks.
Round edg This is it.
This is what Jesse was working on.
There's no memory card? Benton.
Benton, Dave! Hey! What's up? My hands are kind of full right now.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Did, uh, did Jesse ask you To process anything this morning, like a memory card? Yeah.
Where is it? Right over there.
What's on it? I haven't checked it yet.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey You can recover deleted photos, right? I could.
The server's down.
I can't pull up the photo recovery software Till this thing is fixed.
All right, show me the problem.
All right, so let's go over this again.
Loman found a concentration of six percent of halon In Jesse's tissues, so if we feed halon into this box, we can Time how long it takes to get a concentration of six percent.
Apply that to an area the same size as the lab, And we can figure out when starling introduced the gas.
Place him at the scene of the crime.
Let's do it.
Okay, I'm turning on the gas now.
Five seconds.
Five seconds.
Okay, this box is, uh, The lab is about 200,000 cubic feet.
What's the math? Okay It took five seconds, right? Divide that by ten percent of the air flow, We get, uh by 60 seconds.
So in minutes, We've got how many? Divided by three tanks What's the math on that? Starling introduced the gas we all fell down.
Starling was teaching a class in the lecture hall So this test lets starling off the hook.
Not necessarily.
Starling had an accomplice.
Her car's in the garage, and she's not answering.
Melissa, it's Miami-Dade p.
Wait, don't open the door! Melissa, open the door now.
We need to ask you some questions.
Stop, stop, stop.
Don't come in.
The door is rigged.
Okay, Melissa, you hang on.
Let's get the snake, okay? The door's connected to a wire.
If we open it, we pull the trigger.
You cuff him.
Do you think she's alone? You know, it's too hard to tell, Eric.
The only other way Into this place Is that window.
We're on the second floor.
Please help me.
Please help me.
Help me.
Melissa, listen to me.
Don't move.
Please Please hurry.
Okay, sweetheart.
All right, hang on.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Hang on.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, don't worry about that now.
Don't worry about that now.
That's not important.
It's not important.
Here you go.
I can't believe you helped me.
After everything I did.
I interfered with your case against starling, All for my thesis.
Got a serial number.
I'm going to run it.
Did starling do this? I don't know.
Whoever it was, he was waiting for me when I got home.
I never even saw him.
Rifle belongs to a Keith Garwood.
Who is that? Says that he works at Dade university, But the file doesn't specify his occupation.
Does that ring a bell? He's the janitor.
He's always at the back of starling's lecture hall.
He idolizes the guy.
Thank you, Melissa.
Keith Garwood, MDPD.
Stop right now.
Get out of the way! Get out of the way.
Keith Garwood, you're under arrest for murder.
I didn't do anything like that.
Then why did you run? I got two Duis.
I get arrested, I lose my job.
You should have thought of that before you gassed My whole team with halon, my friend.
I don't know what you're talking about.
We found the tanks From the university.
That's hazmat stuff.
That stuff's under lock and key 24-seven.
You have the keys for it? Well, yeah, but But what?! But what? I want you to show us.
Let's go.
University keeps all the hazardous materials over here.
Yeah, well, you're going to show us.
This right here? Oh, man.
Is there a problem? Three of the canisters of halon are gone.
Looks like they're missing, h.
Where are they, Keith? I don't know.
Keith, come here.
Keith, listen to me.
When someone lies to me, It really, really hurts my feelings.
You're starling's boy.
You've been with him the whole time, right? Go.
How did he get you to do it?! Money? You cops are all the same.
You think people are just motivated by money.
We know you worship starling.
How did he convince you to kill a cop? What are you talking about? Nobody said anything about killing a cop.
A police officer was murdered.
That's on you.
In the state of Florida, Keith, it's a mandatory death sentence.
What's he planning next?! I think I want my lawyer.
You want a lawyer? Nobody is going to be able to save you now.
So it looks like Garwood's going to lawyer up.
And we still don't know what starling's planning next.
What do you got? This is the round from Garwood's rifle.
What, something's off? The weight's off.
This bullet weights 4.
7 grams.
Your common .
223 weighs about 3.
So the bullet's heavy.
I mean, there's variance in batches, right? Well, they vary two to three grains, but not 17.
What would account for that kind of a difference? Hand me that bullet puller, will you? Yeah.
That looks like sand.
Miami's finest.
Somebody replaced the gunpowder with sand.
Suddenly, the projectile doesn't project.
Without gunpowder, the gun won't fire.
Lucky for Melissa walls.
Means that Garwood got duped.
Right there, okay? Can he see me? Keith, this is your chance.
What is the plan? Ticktock.
Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, Ticktock.
He's killed three people.
Ticktock, ticktock I'm not going to be the fourth.
Okay, suit yourself.
Take him.
Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, Ticktock, ticktock, ticktock, ticktock.
So this is starling's letter to me? Well, we've proven it came from Bob starling's printer.
Do we have a clue yet? Nothing in or on the printer, And the only thing we found on the paper itself Are some odd shiny areas.
I sent a sample to trace.
It's almost like someone spilled nail polish on the page.
Unless they were using invisible ink.
Would you hold that up, please? Invisible ink fluoresces under UV.
What do you think this is? Eric, it's a cipher.
Like the one the zodiac killer used in San Francisco.
That's exactly right.
So it's our job to decode it.
It's a graphical language, Like Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Hey, there are a lot of different cultures That used hieroglyphics.
Sumerians, the Babylonians, The Mayans.
The Mayans who predicted The end of days.
Yeah, if you believe in the prophecy, We are headed for an apocalypse.
Yeah, just nobody can decide on how that might happen.
Some think asteroid, nuclear war, Worldwide pandemic flu.
"mass pandemics, "such as the bubonic plague, "reify the value of human life, and in turn, "the societal ramifications For crimes against humanity, as well.
" The focus of starling's work.
Well, the server's down, So we're gonna have to go old-school.
"man marks earth ruin.
" "man marks earth ruin.
" I-I don't get it.
"roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll.
"10,000 fleets sweep over thee in vain.
"man marks the earth with ruin, But his control stops with the shore.
" It's from a poem by lord Byron.
And you just have that memorized? I'm English.
Byron's in my blood.
What does it mean? I have absolutely no idea.
Well, it sounds to me like it's referring to the beach.
The beach.
You know, there's a There's a Byron crest hotel on pier 25.
Yes, there is.
"man marks earth ruin" "but his control stops at the shore.
" Clock is ticking, Horatio.
You understand me? "clock is ticking.
" Eric, there's a bomb on pier 25.
Everybody off the pier right away! Right away! There you go.
Right away! Everybody off the pier right now! Come on, let's go! Let's go! Everybody off the pier! Come on! Get out.
Unit 35 en route to Miami West prison.
Eta H, be careful.
Get out of here, Eric.
I'm not going anywhere.
What time is it? Shut up.
We've been had.
It's a diversion.
He's escaping.
We'll never make it in time, h.
They're too far away.
I was just asking.
You don't have to be so rude.
If you don't shut up, I'll make you.
Starling! All units in the vicinity There are reports of gunfire and an escaped convict.
Proceed to the Rickenbacker causeway.
The Rickenbacker causeway, immediately.
Frank! So what happened? It's a remote-triggered rifle, so it didn't need An operator to fire.
How did starling pull all this off When we had him and his accomplice behind bars? He's killed remotely before.
It's possible he could have set it up a week ago.
Tell me about the rounds.
Same as the bullet that was used on Melissa walls.
But that was a dud.
I mean, these clearly weren't.
Why would he use real ammo for the escape And duds on Melissa? Because maybe she wasn't supposed to die.
Baby's back.
Dave, the memory card.
Card is in.
We do have some deleted files.
Let me see if I can find 'em using the retrieval software.
Go back.
No, no, two more.
That's Melissa walls.
Send these to h, asap.
Good job.
You, too.
H, take a look at this.
Starling and Melissa.
That's why there was sand in the bullet.
Melissa only wanted us to think she was in danger.
*********** *********** So the janitor wasn't the accomplice.
It's our friend Melissa.
You gassed my lab for starling, Melissa.
We know you swapped the gunpowder out In the .
223 round with sand Stole the janitor's gun, Put a fake bullet in it, aimed it at yourself.
Made yourself look like starling's victim, When all along you were his accomplice.
And then you helped him escape Melissa.
Thought we wouldn't know the difference? Garwood would take the fall for all of this? But now it's you who's swinging from the hook, Melissa.
It was all Bob's idea.
It was all Bob's idea? And what, you think a jury's going to take your word for it? Think about it, Melissa! All the evidence points to you! Starling's hands are clean.
And you're gonna be holding the bag alone, Melissa.
My God.
Bob told me to set up the janitor.
I never realized he was gonna set me up, too.
And right now we've got you for all of this, And we're happy to take it.
It's gonna be you for Jesse's murder, Melissa.
What if I can make a deal? Give you starling? You want to make a deal? She wants to make a deal, Eric.
What do you think? Good move.
Honey I'm so glad you made it.
Really? Because it looks like you were about to push off without me.
Maybe you didn't notice all those people out there Searching for yours truly.
Is that all you care about, yours truly? I killed a cop for you! I thought you were smarter than that.
Smarter than killing someone? No.
For thinking I wouldn't figure out that you're wearing a wire.
You'd just let me rot in jail? After everything that I did for you?! A robot could do what you did.
You're a user.
You've always used people to do Your dirty work.
No wonder you couldn't get tenure! I have more intelligence in my pinky finger than you Or any of those other underqualified ingrates! You could have never pulled off gassing that crime lab If I hadn't told you exactly what to do! "man marks earth with ruin But his control stops at the shore.
" You're late again, Horatio.
There's your wire.
There's nothing on it.
I hate to disappoint you, my friend, But that's not the whole story, is it, Melissa? Here you go.
You should have everything you need.
Sorry, honey, I had to look after yours truly this time.
Down on the ground, hands on your head right now.
You're under arrest for the murder Of Jesse Cardoza.
Jesse Cardoza was our friend.
Have a safe trip.
How did you know I was gonna be here, h? Where else would you be, Walter? That's right.
We're always here for each other.
I'm on Walter's team, 'cause frankly, uh, calleigh and I bet money on this, And I want to throw the game.
I got Natalia.
All right.
Let's go, babe.
Oh, gonna take pinkus over here? That's right.
Three years varsity.
I will hurt you.
If I'm getting Left on the bench, then I'm gonna blow the whistle.
This is for Jesse.