CSI: Miami s09e16 Episode Script

Hunting Ground

You heard a scream, but you couldn't see anything.
I knew something wasn't right.
Called you all as soon as I could.
What about the direction of the scream? Dead ahead.
Yeah, Frank.
Chopper spotted movement at the edge of the mangroves about a hundred yards north of your position.
Hundred yards north I'll meet you there.
Thank you very much.
All right, get your hands where I can see 'em right now.
Come on.
Get 'em up.
Kill you? Now, why would you want me to do that? He's got an injury on his right leg, no I.
, homemade tourniquet.
Looks like it was made out of his pants leg.
A broad-tipped arrow.
Yeah, they use it for big-game hunting.
I like those nature shows on cable, especially where that one guy fights the wild.
Well, it actually does so much damage, it shreds tissue and internal organs.
Does far more damage than a common tip.
I tell you, I'd hate to be between the prey and whoever shot this arrow.
Well, maybe that's just it.
Maybe it was just a hunting accident.
Yeah, but what about the guy who was standing over the body? Well, that's our number-one suspect, but he didn't have a bow.
He could have ditched it out there.
I apologize, Horatio.
Fatal pile-up on I-95.
Means I've only had time for a cursory examination, but gash on the lower right vastus lateralis quarter of an inch deep and this bruising near the right talus.
This had to hurt.
What would cause that? Not sure.
Hard edge with a side of severe friction.
Continuing on Yes, I wanted to ask you about this 9 here.
Keloidal scar.
Raised appearance consistent with a burn injury.
Yes, tissue's composed of type three collagen.
Means it's recent.
Right, and it's infected, isn't it? It's academic now.
Not to these people.
Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier.
I heard about the killing.
No worries.
You patrol that area on a regular basis, though, right? As much as one man can.
Everglades stretch a million and a half acres.
I just cover 110,000 or so.
You ever see any hunters out there? Hunting's been on the wane, but I did chase a guy off earlier this morning.
Could have been a hunter or a poacher.
Was he carrying a bow? Not that I could see, but he could have shoved it in the back of his truck as soon as he saw me coming.
Okay, hang on a second.
Did you get the make and model? I can do you one better.
I got a plate.
That is better.
She looks like a beater, but she's state of the art.
Had her retrofitted to run on biofuels, recycled oil, whatever I can get my hands on, really.
That's fantastic.
Park ranger puts your truck in the Everglades this morning.
Puts my? That's fancy cop talk for "he saw your truck in the Everglades this morning.
" What were you doing at mile marker 26? I, um, I hesitate to answer that question.
You hesitate to answer the question? This man was killed in the Everglades, Mr.
Killed? Step back.
What are you looking for? All right, loo-look, all right, I was there.
I was in the Glades.
With a bow, no doubt.
No, no bow.
I've never shot a bow in my life, but I was hunting.
So you were hunting? Orchids.
Orchids? Yeah, I was hunting orchids, and a ranger saw me.
I only ran 'cause I know that hunting orchids is prohibited by law, but I found this amazing patch of Ponthieva Brittoniae.
It's this rare species found in the deepest areas of the park.
Are you kidding me? I know they need to stay in their natural habitat.
Nobody appreciates that more than I do, but I'd been searching for months, and I finally had one in my hands.
Hey, you! Park Services.
You're committing a felony.
Do what you need to do.
I'm not going to arrest you, but here's the deal when I come calling, you'd better be here.
You got that? Yes, sir.
Orchids? - That's not Cuban.
- I come from Haiti.
No wonder he speaks French.
He's from Haiti.
What were you doing out there? Why did you kill that man? I wouldn't kill Enrique.
Enrique? That's the victim's name.
Did you know him? Ask him if he knew him.
Did you know Enrique? And you killed him over a locket? Why did you go back for this? Why did you run? Hey, Walter, chill, hang on, hang on.
Look at this.
Look at his arm.
You see that brand? That's just like Enrique's.
Why did you get this number? Says he's got nothing to say.
He's got a bruise on his left ankle.
Loman noted that the victim, Enrique, had a bruise on his right ankle.
Jean's left, Enrique's right.
Means they were shackled together.
Jean? Hmm? Who did this to you? No, no, I have nothing to say.
Hang on.
Hey, you thirsty, huh? Something's not right here, Walter.
Something's not right.
These two men were shackled together.
He's got a brand on him that's number ten, Enrique has number nine.
Yeah, it makes you wonder what happened to the first eight.
Sit tight.
This had to be some serious velocity to penetrate his torso and make a divot this deep.
Velocity and distance.
Based on the trajectory, it came from the east.
Well, we've got about a hundred yards of marsh, but I can't imagine the archer was standing out in the open to hunt game.
He had to be concealed.
Let's walk 90 yards to that tree line, take a look.
Needle, this is Haystack.
Come in.
Go ahead, Haystack.
We're closing in on diminishing returns here.
And I'm starting to hear some noises that make me feel funny.
That would be called "wildlife," Ryan.
Well, you say that like I'm overreacting.
But if you remember, I've had bad experiences with bears and gators and so forth.
Wildlife and I don't get along very well.
Natalia, did you you hear me? Are you there? Hey, Ryan, will you get over here, where I am? I just found something other than wildlife went up this tree.
I just found a hunter's perch.
This is the perfect bird's eye view directly back to the crime scene.
This wasn't an accident.
This was intentional.
This was humans hunting humans.
This is crazy.
This could do some damage, huh? Hold on a second.
Ah, gross! You wonder why I hate wildlife.
I got a leech on my leg.
I'll get this back to Calleigh.
Here's what I know, Jean.
You and Enrique were being hunted.
And you speak better English than you're letting on.
We need your help.
They brought us here.
The man who brought us here, to Miami.
He promised freedom.
A chance at a better life.
He blindfolded us the moment we got off the boat.
He put us in a house.
He would not let us leave.
Until Until the hunt? Mm-hmm.
Another man come and take us.
Put us in the back of a van.
We couldn't tell where we were.
And then we were sold as slaves to be hunted and killed.
They sent us out to run.
In the woods.
Run from who? I don't know.
We did not see the faces of the ones that was hunting us.
What happened to Enrique, Jean? The men that was hunting, they were close.
We were running.
We could not see them, but we could hear them.
That's him, right there.
Let's go.
Let's go! Enrique Enrique fell.
He hurt his leg.
Even from the beginning, he knew.
He knew he was going to die.
He asked me to give this locket to his family.
Which is what you were doing when I found you.
Why didn't you tell me this? It is for my brother.
So you have a brother in the camp? Henri.
You have a brother named Henri in the camp? Yes.
And if you get in his way, they will kill him.
They will kill all of them before they get a chance to make it to freedom.
I understand.
Was he with you today? Not today.
Not today.
Today was not his turn.
I'm going to find him before it's his turn.
All right? You can do that? I can do that.
I'm going to find them all.
You sit tight.
So it turns out the only prints on our arrow come from our victim.
It probably happened when he was trying to pull the arrow out of him.
I used the bow to test-fire an arrow, and it turns out the stria does match the arrow found in our victim.
That bow? That's our murder weapon? Yep.
Looks like it's top-of-the-line.
It is top-of-the-line.
Just like the arrow that was in our victim.
You see the fletchings? Turkey feather.
You combine that with a carbon compound shaft and a titanium tip, you're looking at the Batmobile of arrows.
It's totally custom.
Any idea where we can find them? There are only two manufacturers on the Eastern Seaboard.
There's one in North Carolina, and the other one is in Miami.
It's Father's Pride, out in the Glades.
All right.
You're welcome.
Wesley Habeck? You recognize that arrow, Wesley? Sure.
Handcrafted it myself.
How much do your arrows cost, Mr.
Habeck? More than you can afford.
There's no way to tell who that arrow belongs to, if that's what you're asking.
Do you recognize these men? Couldn't say.
I outfit hundreds of men a year for hunting.
These are not hunters, Mr.
They were the prey.
So I ask you, do you hunt humans out here? Are you out of your mind? That's against nature.
I agree.
Who'd you sell the arrow to? Cops come calling on all my customers, I'd be out of business.
There are a lot of ways to go out of business.
All right.
I'll get you what you need.
I figure, you'll get it anyway.
This is Prestige Elite.
No, sir.
Prestige Elite.
They're up to $20 a share.
No, you don't wanna let that go.
It's good.
That's-That's the way to go, sir.
If I were you, I'd sell off all your shares.
(phone ringing, people speaking indistinctly Mr.
What up? Father's Pride.
Little gun and ammo shop in the Glades.
You purchased, um wow, eight custom-made hunting arrows from them about three weeks ago.
Never been to that shop.
That's funny.
Your credit card was used there, ending in 3578.
Yeah, uh that's been missing.
I guess it got stolen.
Really? When did you report it? I haven't yet.
I was hoping it would turn up.
Somebody dropped over four grand on your credit card and you didn't notice? I just shorted the Euro.
I've made that back since you walked in here.
That's great.
The credit card company will take care of the rest.
I like a woman who can take charge.
You a hunter, Mr.
Raymer? Took it up when I got bored with golf.
But I've only been out a couple of times.
Bow hunting or rifle? Both.
Getting the distinct feeling I'm being suspected of something here.
Because our victim in this murder investigation, we believe, was hunted down for sport.
I've never been to that shop.
Let me ask you something, Mr.
When's the last time you went hunting? Look, I think we're done here.
If you guys think I'm some sort of a human hunter, I welcome you to prove it.
Look forward to seeing you again.
H? H? Yes, Mr.
Wolfe? So I did a search of unclaimed bodies in the county, thinking that there were others who were being hunted like Enrique and Jean.
What did you get? I didn't get anything.
But then I took the search federal.
Did a, uh, visual recognition search in NCIC for branding.
Got a couple hits off ICE.
Numbers four and five.
That means there are more.
That's what it looks like.
If you got it from ICE, that means they were brought into the country illegally, as well.
We're looking for a coyote.
Somebody who specializes in Cuba and Haiti.
That's exactly right.
Go back to ICE.
They'll have the history.
Got it.
Here we go.
Go! Get down! Javier Lopez, show yourself.
Javier, right now! Don't move! Don't move! Javier! Going for a morning run, Javier? Got him, H! It's okay, Liliana.
It's all right, Liliana.
Can I have a minute, please? Thank you.
¿Habla inglés? Yes.
What's your name? My name is Maria.
Maria, where are all the men? They were taken.
I don't know where.
They don't come back.
They took my Enrique.
Enrique your husband? Have you seen him? I have.
Is he okay? Tell me he's okay.
I'm sorry, Maria.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Please find who did this.
- Human what? - Human hunters.
Hunters? Yeah.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.
That's sick, man.
I don't play that game.
Yeah, you're a real humanitarian then, huh? Do you recognize these men? I-I brought them here six, eight weeks ago.
From the islands, you know? But they looked different, though.
They-They were skinnier.
How about the name Henri Guiton? I don't know names.
I know faces.
Who did you sell them to? I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Who did you sell them to? Brother, I don't have to talk to you, okay? Okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hey, hey, hey! Wait.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Okay, okay! Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
This guy he's been coming here for-for the last couple months.
Um, he's very specific.
He only takes the-the strongest.
What's his name? What's his name? His name is Wesley Habeck.
He shows up, he pays me for the men, then hauls them away.
You better hope we find him first.
Wesley! Wesley Habeck! Wes Habeck! MDPD! Wesley! Wes Habeck, MDPD! Store's clear, H.
See the van? Yeah.
Yeah, let's go.
It reeks.
This is the van he uses to transport the men from Javier's.
There's chains, probably biologicals.
Yes, he was fattening up the prey before the hunt.
Hope we got enough to arrest him.
You know what? Not just yet.
Oh, yeah? You want to let him go? We're gonna track him through GPS.
It's our chance to find the men, Mr.
This is our chance.
So, you hunt orchids, you study science.
You know what the hell that is? A DNA report? Yours, to be exact.
Surprise, surprise.
We found you in the system.
Look, I was arrested during a protest.
What does this report mean? It means your DNA matches what we found on the victim.
Now I don't think you were hunting orchids.
I think you were hunting people.
What?! No! That is insane! No way.
That's-That's not what happened.
Calm down.
O okay.
What did happen? Look, I told I told you.
I was looking for a rare orchid.
How could I forget that? Get to the part where your skin is under our vic's fingernails.
He came out of nowhere, just charging at me.
Hey, what are you doing? Let me go! He attacked me! Mr.
Watkins, can you explain the receipts we found at a Father's Pride Weapons? You bought some gear from Wesley Habeck? Yes.
I was out of materials, there was nowhere else in sight.
That was the only supplier around, I needed some stuff.
What does that have to do with anything? Wesley's the guy supplying humans for hunting.
Look Please.
How would I know that? I can't find any trace of Arnold Watkins on that bow.
What about on the hunter's perch? Loman had me swamped with meth house detritis.
But at cursory glance, there's leaves, mud, an assortment of little creatures.
A leech, even.
Ugh! We had our share of those today.
I heard one attached itself to Ryan.
He's a very likeable guy.
So we can't put this murder weapon in Arnold's hands? Oh, I'd be careful with that.
Ugh! The string can graze the arm.
It happens to inexperienced bowmen.
What? Well, our two suspects are an orchid hunter and a stockbroker.
You can't get more inexperienced than that.
It's not exactly ironclad proof, though, is it? No, but it's a damn good lead.
Get up.
Get up.
What?! Get up.
Roll up your sleeves.
Come on.
You, up.
Come on.
Hey, what are you looking for? No abrasion.
It looks like he didn't shoot the bow.
I never shot a bow in my life.
He's got more experience than he's letting on.
Sit tight.
Say "please.
" Open.
You know, if you wanted to get to know me better, all you had to do was ask.
I did.
For your DNA.
Let me see your arm.
I can lose the whole shirt, if you want.
Just the arm.
So you did just shoot a bow recently.
I already told you I shot a bow recently.
That doesn't prove I was out hunting people.
You know what? Let me see your legs.
Sit down.
Pull up your pants.
Pull down your sock.
Anything else you want me to show you? Don't leave me hanging.
Answer the question.
Why don't you shut your smart mouth? You're going to be sitting here a very long time.
Travers, I need you to get something to DNA for me.
Where'd you go? I thought you were processing Steve Raymer.
I did, and guess what I found.
Is that my friend from the Glades? No.
This little Macrobdella Decora was from the hunter's perch.
Okay, so what are you doing with it? Well, your bite got me to thinking, what if a leech got to one of our hunters? Then the DNA could definitively put our killer in the tree.
You know, there is a timeline issue.
We lucked out.
The degeneration of this little guy's internal organs has barely even started, so his cellular structure's intact.
He died recently.
Most likely this morning.
So, why are you shooting the breeze with me? Get to work.
You guys got to be kidding me.
A leech bite? I mean, this doesn't prove I killed anyone.
You're sure about that? Between your DNA and that fresh leech bite, you were up in the tree this morning.
You were hunting Enrique, weren't you? So where'd you sign up for it? Cut me a deal, and I'll tell you I'm listening.
You don't sign up for it; it's exclusive.
You just keep your wallet open and your mouth shut.
But it's worth it.
You get that rush of adrenaline that shoots up your spine Shut up! Where are the others? I don't know.
But I can give you a name.
What name? Wesley Habeck.
Nah, sorry.
We already have his name, Steve.
Hunting unarmed men is murder one.
It gets you the death penalty in this state.
Murder one? You got to give me Give me a break.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
Where are the others? I told you.
I don't know.
You had your chance.
Lieutenant, we've got movement on the van.
All right.
Everybody out.
Last stop.
End of the line.
There you go.
There's the key.
Get those damn cuffs off.
GPS tracking signal came to a stop at mile marker 89, off the southwest corner of the Tamiami Trail.
We've got eyes on for any ground movement.
What? Say what? My brother Jean.
Your brother? Maybe he's out here, or maybe he's already met his maker.
You go find out.
You guys ready? Three, two, one.
Run! You want the promised land? You got to earn it.
Get! Now hold on, there, brother.
You got to give them a head start, or this isn't any fun.
All right, go.
Run! Run, you bastards.
Signal is on the move again.
Frank and Natalia, find those men.
I'm going after Habeck.
Get down! Get down! Get down, you dirt bag! Get your hands off your weapon.
Don't move.
Right now! Do not move! Hands in the air! You got 'em? I got to get out of here.
Meet me at Big Cyprus.
I'll take the C-plane from there.
You taking a trip, Wes? What do you want? I want you to take that nine millimeter out of your belt and put it in the van, slowly.
Very slowly.
That a boy.
There you go.
What happens now? I'm going to give you This is murder.
That's exactly what it is, Wes, and nobody knows that better than you.
You can't do this.
Run, Wes, run! Eight, seven, six No.
Eight, seven, six No.
Please don't do this.
Kind of scary on this end of the rifle, isn't it, Wes? Yes, yes.
It's scary.
Please, please.
Please! Just how they begged you, Wes! Please don't do this.
They begged just like that.
" Please.
Say good night, Wes.
Good night.
You know, Wes, at least the people you murdered died with their dignity.
Look at you.
You know, Jean, I think you have a delivery.
Henri? Henri! We, um, we did not think that we would ever see each other again.
We just want to say thank you.
Thank you.
You know, Jean, speaking of which, that's Enrique's family over there.
It's time to keep the promise.
Okay? Yes, I I will do it.
All right.
Ça va? - Bien.
- Très bien.
- Au revoir.
- Au revoir.