CSI: Miami s10e08 Episode Script

Dead Ringer

Doesn't it feel good to be doing this for Miami's homeless? That's what the Run For Hope's all about, isn't it? Well, and here comes number 521.
Say, everybody, let's let's give a special thank you to Esteban and his father Diego Navarro for their extremely generous donation to Run For Hope for all of Miami's homeless.
Come on, let's hear it! How much longer do we got to follow the doctor like this off duty? Till we prove he's The Miami Taunter.
Eye in the sky, suspect's on the move.
Copy that.
Don't lose him, but don't spook him.
Suspect en route.
Now heading north on Biscayne.
Welcome, Mr.
And who's this? Just for you! Oh, there's a nice touch.
What a model citizen.
Driving in.
No surprise here, it looks like he's heading for Liberty City.
Now heading north on Laurel.
Easy, Frank.
Going left on Canyon Wood.
Don't crowd him.
Hey, sweetie, looking for a party? Hey.
- How are you? - How's it going? Pretty good.
Yeah? My bus is late, so I don't Is it? Yeah.
Why is that? I don't know.
I-I Hop in.
Get out of the car.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Get over here.
I know what this must look like.
Is this your version of community outreach, or is she your next victim? Victim? I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be? Ma'am, Esteban here is a serial killer.
Esteban? He's a sweetheart.
He's the one who got me the cleaning job at his house.
This is Tripp.
He's so generous.
He offered me a ride when I told him the bus was late.
Ma'am I would get out of the car and not look back, okay? Horatio.
They found another girl.
Will there be anything else? No? Well, then don't let me keep you.
A resident found her while walking his dog.
She wash up? No, she was dumped, probably a few hours ago.
Is it our guy? Kind of looks like it.
Tom? Her eyes have been removed, just like Nikki Cervano.
's just like Esteban Navarro.
The eyes.
No! I'm afraid I have bad news.
Liver temp's She died within the last 12 hours.
We've been following Esteban for 24.
So, he couldn't have done this.
We just became his alibi.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! Girl's name is Vanessa Tillman.
Multiple arrests for prostitution.
She's been working in the Liberty City area.
Liberty City is Esteban's stomping grounds.
Uh, sorry.
I went over the surveillance logs.
There's no way he slipped away from us in the past 12 hours.
What about family? Well, her parents live in Doral.
Horatio, something you should see.
- Hello? - What do you got, Tom? She's missing an earring.
Looks like somebody ripped it out.
Yes, and lack of vital tissue reaction indicates it was done postmortem.
Thought the only trophies he took were the eyes.
Maybe he's changed that up.
Well, if he stays true to form, he would have called the victim's family.
I'll check with the parents.
and Mrs.
Tillman, I'm Calleigh Duquesne.
They said you needed to ask us some questions before we can see Vanessa.
We need to know if you received any phone calls in the last 12 hours.
A few.
From the police.
Anything from someone with a distorted voice saying negative things about your daughter? Oh, my God.
It's that guy in the news.
The one they're calling The Miami Taunter, isn't it? We think so.
But he never called us.
When? This morning.
It's the Tillmans.
Leave a message, and we'll call you back.
Please come home.
We miss you.
Vanessa's never coming back.
Oh, God.
Vanessa had a drug problem.
And she ran with a bad crowd.
We've both gotten used to getting some pretty ugly phone calls from some of her friends.
I just thought it was another one of those calls.
She was in and out of rehab, and after her sixth relapse, they told us we had to sever all contact until she hit bottom.
She must have thought that we didn't love her anymore.
She knew you loved her.
Tillman, I know this is difficult, but can you think back to the phone call? Any background noises? Anything you remember about the caller himself? I couldn't answer the call right away.
The answering machine came on, I think.
If that'll help.
That'd be a big help.
Would it be all right if I swing by your house and pick it up? Of course.
Let me take you to go see your daughter.
Thank you.
Well, this is where the parents said the answering machine ought to be, so where is it? This isn't right.
Hey, Frank? Yeah.
We got a break-in.
Guessing the killer heard the answering machine pick up, came here to clean up his tracks.
Well, Horatio's not gonna be a happy camper.
That was one piece of evidence that could have gotten us Esteban.
Why don't you tell him we got something better? What's that? Blood.
What? Hey! Hello.
What did you do to my blood evidence? Excuse me? I can't get a viable DNA sample, and according to this, you processed the wood first.
I followed proper protocol.
Trace before DNA.
What exactly did you do? I cut a unique opening and ran a presumptive, and then I scanned the wood for fibers with the crime scope.
At what setting? High intensity low beam.
How long? I don't know.
15 minutes? What do you mean, DNA cannot withstand that much intense UV radiation.
You curdled the strand.
I-I I didn't realize Oh, my God.
You ruined it! I'm sorry.
No, "I'm sorry" doesn't cut it because now I'm the one who's got to go tell this girl's parents that we just lost the only link to her killer.
You know what? If you had any self-respect, you would do us all a big favor and quit.
- H, you got a minute? - Yeah.
This O'Shay guy keeps calling me, asking me for updates on the case.
What's his angle? I've been cooperating with him for a while, but I can't find any link between him and the Navarros.
So we give him an update.
Like what? Something he's going to share, Walter.
I've enjoyed our lunch meetings.
You might not like this one.
What happened? You heard about the break-in, right? At the victim's parents' house? The one that occurred while Esteban Navarro was under surveillance? Yeah.
Well, the intruder left some blood on the scene.
Now, I was hoping that blood would fully exonerate Esteban, but there's been a There's been a snafu at the lab.
What kind of snafu? The evidence has been compromised.
Horatio is so sure that Esteban is guilty, he's willing to destroy whatever evidence doesn't fit his theory.
Hey, it wasn't Horatio, all right? Oh, yeah.
Trust me, it was a true accident, all right? I promise.
But the DNA's gone.
Now, if we could just get our hands on that answering machine.
The real killer's voice-- it's on there.
Did you hear the new girl messed up Esteban's blood sample? - Really? - Yeah.
Well, at least we don't know for sure that it was his blood.
According to the surveillance logs, he didn't have enough time to slip away.
We do know that he's the killer.
He all but confessed to Horatio.
That's true, but it doesn't mean he's responsible for today's victim.
I think it's possible we're looking at a tribute killer.
Tribute killer.
Ever since Esteban came on the scene, I've been monitoring Web activity about The Miami Taunter.
You would not believe how many fans this guy has.
Here's a Web site where people can post their extreme views on The Miami Taunter.
Any good candidates for a possible tribute killer? "The Miami Taunter is the only person brave enough to rid Miami of its vermin infestation"" Well, he's got a real way with words.
"What a rush, knowing you're the last person she'll see before she dies.
" Close.
Maybe not creepy enough.
"Her eyes are a vast ocean.
One look, and I drown"" Okay, that's sufficiently creepy.
There's an attachment.
That's a photo of the crime scene.
Ryan, check it out.
This was taken before our guys got there.
She's got both earrings.
Who is this TrueEvil188? I don't know.
But I bet we can get the service provider to give us an IP address.
We're closed for adoptions.
Miami-Dade P.
We're not here for a dog.
Good boy.
Poor sucker knows what's coming.
Dead dog walking.
Just give me a sec.
I'm gonna go lock him up.
Come on! That's a sweet dog.
Hey, check this out.
- We got a runner! - I'll meet you outside.
Damn it! That's far enough, dog boy.
You ever pick up after these dogs around here? Look at my shoes! Hey, that's a nice earring, bro.
Where'd you get that? We got a girl in the morgue missing one just like it.
Hey, Sam, I've been looking all over for you.
Where you going? First stop-- unemployment office.
- Thank you.
- You're quitting? Yeah.
Boa Vista pretty much ordered me to.
All the more reason for you to stay.
Look, you're a good CSI.
I know it.
All right, spare me the pep talk.
Look, she's right.
I ruined evidence in a murder investigation.
I mean, how am I supposed to look another officer in the eye again? Mistakes are part of the job, Sam.
What do you think, everybody around here is perfect? You quitting isn't gonna get The Taunter off the streets any faster.
I guess that's true.
You just got to find another way to get after that evidence.
Use your noggin.
Give me the earring.
So you absconded with a memento from the victim, Phil.
It's more like a souvenir.
Yeah, I don't care what you called it.
You killed an innocent woman.
The Miami Taunter did.
But you're his number one fan, Phil.
You sing his praises on line.
You seem like you idolize him.
Did you do this for him? I should be flattered, but all I did was show up and grab a little something to remind me of his work.
Really? So, you want us to believe that you're just a glorified thief? I got this handy little thing called a scanner, and I heard the call out to the beach, and I wanted to make sure I got there before you did.
You know, The Taunter takes his victims' eyes, and I just can't help but notice that you've got something wrong with one of yours.
My stepdaddy was a drunk.
Left me alone with his pit bull when I was five.
I lost sight in my left eye.
And now you put down dogs for a living.
It's funny how life works.
Oh! Oh! Dude, it smells like someone died in here.
You sure it's not your shoes? Oh! Look at all this junk.
Who the hell would keep their car this scuzzy? Dog pound guy.
You know, I'm offended for Al Gore, looking at this.
Chinese food? Oh, thanks.
Strangely, I don't have my appetite right now.
Hey, Walter? I found women's jewelry.
"To Angela.
Love, Jenny.
" Angela and Jennifer Olsen? Say good-bye to your sister Yeah.
Look at this.
It's a high school ring.
"Cabrerra High.
"Class of 2006.
" Nikki Cervano.
I don't want to die! Phil was also wearing Vanessa's earring.
All right.
So, messy dog pound guy has three trophies from the three Taunter crimes.
How does he get this stuff, unless he? unless he is The Taunter? No, that's not possible.
We know it's Esteban Navarro.
The evidence that we have against Esteban is circumstantial, just like O'Shay said.
Whoa, whoa.
You're on O'Shay's side now? Don't do that, Wolfe.
All right? I'm just saying that it's possible that Esteban is innocent.
Phil's got jewelry from all three of the girls? He has a scanner.
Maybe he went to the crime scene and got them there.
Well, it just doesn't add up, does it? Mm.
Maybe it's 'cause we're not doing the math.
Come on.
You lost me.
Process of elimination.
First, let's prove that Phil was not responsible for today's victim.
Then we'll move on from there.
Okay, but how's that earring going to help us? It's gonna help us because there's a dark hair on it.
Phil's hair is blond.
Yeah, but it could just be the victim's.
Could be.
All right.
I'll check it out.
Thank you very much.
You're right, it's not the dog pound guy.
It's Esteban Navarro.
Well, so much for the tribute killer.
But Esteban's got an airtight alibi.
Yeah? I think it just sprung a leak.
Explain why we found your hair on this woman's body.
We really going to do this here? Answer the question.
Vanessa-- she is a patient.
Came to the clinic yesterday, routine checkup.
Clean bill of health, so I sent her on her way.
So just coincidentally another victim is one of your patients? I think you murdered her and you taunted her family, then you broke into their house to destroy evidence.
I did all of that, and your officers were following me? You found some way to sneak out.
Wow, if, if I committed a murder while you were watching me, that would look pretty, pretty bad for your department, huh? I'm gonna go through your house and I'm gonna find out how you got out.
Hey, I'll save you the trouble.
I wasn't alone in my home last night.
You had company? A lady friend, if you must know.
Yeah, and what was this lady friend's name? Elizabeth Clark.
Oh, that's right, you know her.
She mentioned something about that.
Who is it? It's Eric.
Can I come in? It's not a good time.
It's important.
I thought we were getting lunch tomorrow.
I'm here on business.
Esteban Navarro claims that you were with him last night.
So it's true? Hmm.
You said you'd quit, said you were done.
I believed you.
You don't know what it's like.
I got no way to pay rent and my landlord's threatening to - Spare me the excuses, okay? - No, you don't get to judge me.
I vouched for you, all right, I stuck my neck out to get you in that program.
I didn't ask for your charity.
I was doing great till you came along.
- Great? - Mm-hmm.
You just spent the night at a serial killer's house.
In his house! What part of stupid don't you get? I don't need this.
Hey, hey.
What is this? Esteban did this to you? Like that, huh? Maybe I was wrong about you.
I didn't spend the night with Esteban.
What do you mean? He forced his way in a few hours ago.
I can't lie to the cops.
You don't have a choice.
You don't have a choice! Do you understand me? He said if I didn't vouch for him, that he'd kill me.
I'm not gonna let that happen, okay? I promise.
You brought reinforcements this time.
Yeah, well, smart-ass, you're gonna have to come with us.
I'd like to, but I've got hospital rounds in ten minutes.
I saw what you did to Elizabeth.
Ah, not my preference, but she likes it a little rough, you know.
You forced her to lie for you? Oh, you angry that I spent a little time with your whore? - Don't you call her that.
- Delko.
- Don't call her that.
- Easy, easy.
- That's what she is.
- Take it easy.
And she's good.
Go easy, Eric, come on.
Really makes you think she cares, you know.
It's all right, Frank.
Let him go! Hey! Get back in the car.
Don't worry, I got this handled.
Stay right where you are.
Frank, you all right? Turn around.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Get in the car.
Come on.
So, Esteban What do you want from me? I want a confession.
You also believe in Santa Claus? Why would I give you that? Because a nasty little superstar like you is dying to share his accomplishments.
Don't say another word.
I'm counsel for Mr.
You can direct all your questions to me.
I don't remember him asking for a lawyer.
You want a lawyer here, Esteban? Do you mind? Well, then, he's just invoked his right to counsel.
Now, this harassment of my client ends today.
I have in my possession a piece of evidence that might speak to the innocence of my client in this matter.
You'll find that the real killer's voice is on this answering machine.
It is not Esteban Navarro.
Where did you get that? Well, your people weren't doing their jobs, so I had to hire my own investigators for my son.
They found it in a Liberty City Dumpster.
Which means you stole it.
Now, now, why don't you go run your little science tests, huh? And show a little appreciation.
I'm only trying to help catch the real killer.
I already have.
Vanessa, baby, please come home.
We miss you.
Vanessa's never coming back.
The victim's mother confirmed it's the same voice she heard on the phone.
We can't rely on this as evidence.
Chain of custody is all wrong.
We can't ignore it either.
We miss you.
Vanessa's never coming back.
It just feels like it's been tampered with, like we're getting set up.
Let's just proceed with caution.
Okay, I'll run the voice decoder.
That'll eliminate whatever artificial distortion there is.
Vanessa's never coming back.
Vanessa's never coming-- coming back.
Vanessa's never coming back.
Vanessa's never coming back.
Well, it's not Esteban's voice-- no surprise there.
It's not the dog pound guy either.
Then whose voice is it? The voice on the tape isn't Esteban's.
Why hasn't Horatio released him? Oh, it's only a matter of time now.
Thank you for your cooperation, Walter.
Your role in finding justice for the Navarros will be rewarded.
Horatio, after you release Esteban, a public apology to the family would go a lg way in preserving your job.
I wanted to thank you, Scott.
Pardon me? If there was any question that you're Navarro's weasel, that's been cleared up for us.
I tell you about the answering machine.
Couple hours later, Diego walks in with it.
That's a little too convenient, even for you.
Walter, you set me up.
Just playing my role in finding justice.
Good-bye, Scott.
Board says you signed out.
Changed my mind.
I already processed the victim's clothes.
What are you doing? You're wasting your time.
I know, I read your report.
You found vomit on her shirt.
Right, which I already concluded was probably the victim's.
Unless it was the killer's.
We can get DNA from its epi cells.
No, stomach acid degrades DNA.
Unless the subject ate shortly before vomiting.
Did I mention, we found the body in salt water? But this is 100% cotton, which means it has a better chance of withstanding sea water and preserving DNA.
I won't tell anybody you missed it.
Coming? Yeah.
You were right, we did recover enough viable DNA to be able to test this.
Hold the applause until we get a match.
It's not Vanessa.
Let me run it against our other reference samples, and see what we get.
All right, you do that and I will run it through CODIS.
I'm getting nothing, I'm getting nothing.
Michael Galliver? Michael Galliver? Who the hell is that? What did you do to Vanessa? I strangled her.
That was after I cut her arms and legs.
But before I took her eyes.
She had more fight than the last one.
Have you murdered someone before? Nikki.
I didn't want to, but she had green eyes like a tabby cat.
After I took them, she cried blood.
Even the stitches couldn't stop it.
I just wish I'd been more careful with Angela.
So you're telling us that you are The Miami Taunter? I'm sorry.
They had to die.
They just about begged me to do it.
Michael, I want you to repeat after me, okay? Vanessa's never coming back.
Vanessa's never coming back.
Stay right here.
Vanessa's never coming back.
Vaness-Vaness-Vanessa's never coming back.
Vaness-Vaness- Vanessa's never coming back.
I'm working on the voice comparison now.
Well, he's got to be the guy.
He knows things only the killer would know.
But he gave it up like a script.
And he threw up on Vanessa.
The Taunter's never done that before.
You know, serial killers-- they savor their kills.
I don't feel that this guy's got the stomach for it.
Yeah, literally.
What are we missing? Guys.
We got a match.
I'm gonna arrest him.
And I'll have Natalia check into his background.
What did we get on Galliver? He lives in Sunset with his wife and two kids, and, uh, no priors.
What about finances? Well, oddly enough, his house just came out of foreclosure last week.
$200,000 mortgage paid for in full.
Inheritance? None.
- No inheritance.
- Uh-uh.
What about line of work? He was in construction until he got injured on the job last year, and here's the best part-- he used to work at Edgewood Towers.
- That's a Navarro property.
- Yeah.
What are you thinking? Do you think that maybe Diego paid him to kill the girl and call himself The Taunter? You know what? I do now.
Galliver, get up! Got somebody who wants to talk to you.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, open it up, open it up, open it up, open up! Get me a bus over here ASAP! Haul ass! We're gonna need Loman instead.
Damn it.
So suicide was part of the plan all along.
I think-- the best way to make sure that there's no link to the Navarros.
Your theory makes sense if this was, in fact, a suicide.
Have a look at his wrist.
Note where the radial artery was severed.
Yeah? Looks like a clean cut-- one and done.
Right? Suicide is never clean.
In cases such as this, we typically see hesitation marks.
'Cause they're building up courage or what? That, and human skin is a lot harder to cut than you'd imagine.
All right, well, so he was murdered, but how the hell did that killer get in this locked cell? He didn't get in.
He was already here.
Well, you son of a bitch.
Open that cell.
Open it, let's go.
You played me so you could get yourself arrested, yeah? So you could kill Galliver? Diego put you up to it? All right, Tripp.
- I can handle this.
- I know you can.
But look at this.
Look at that.
Kept yourself a little souvenir? Arterial spray.
Oops, you got me.
Is that a confession? Yeah, I killed him.
On whose orders? Nobody's.
I did it on my own.
The hell you did.
You're Esteban's driver.
The guy was a serial killer.
You should give me a medal or something.
Oh, I'll get you something, all right.
I'll get you a fast track to the electric chair.
Get his ass out of here.
Oh, my God, this just gets worse and worse.
Yes, it does.
Driver's not talking.
'Cause he's a Navarro devotee, Frank.
How about Galliver? Evidence suggests he killed Vanessa Tillman, but he's not going to do any more talking now about who killed the other victims.
Well, we got to stop this guy real soon.
That's exactly what we're going to do, Frank.
You know we really got to stop meeting like this.
I agree.
Reporting live from the Miami-Dade Police Department, where lauded local citizen Esteban Navarro has been exonerated in the Miami Taunter case.
Sources confirm that this man-- Michael Galliver-- signed a sworn confession.
However, Galliver died in police custody earlier today.
An investigation on that death is pending.
Now for a statement from MDPD's original suspect Esteban Navarro.
Hi, thanks for coming, um It's a shame that Mr.
Galliver couldn't face the justice he so deserves.
My thoughts are with the families of the victims.
And I offer my heartfelt condolences for their loss.
I am relieved that The Miami Taunter is no longer a threat to our citizens and I just look forward to returning to my life's work without the shadow of these ridiculous accusations looming over me.
The truth was my ally.
Thank you.
You orchestrated this whole thing, didn't you? I have nothing to hide I think the press conference is a nice touch.
You know, I have faith in God.
Don't you? You paid for Michael Galliver's confession and then had him killed to cover your tracks.
The Miami Taunter is dead and buried.
and then had him killed Let's just leave it that way.
You know, dead and buried? I think that's a capital idea.
That's how I'm going to leave you.
It's okay.
I'm not going to pursue any legal action against anybody, the police force or anything