CSI: Miami s10e19 Episode Script

Habeas Corpse (2)

Wolfe, where you going? Wolfe, don't.
Samantha Owens is sleeping with him.
I'm just gonna go have a little conversation with your crafty boyfriend.
Come on, don't, you're upset.
Just go home.
I don't care if Josh Avery is an assistant state attorney.
I'm telling you, that guy planted evidence in the trace lab while Sam and I were there.
Going after a state attorney for planting evidence is heavy-duty.
Okay, but can I just speak to the elephant in the room? Is anyone gonna be able to stop you? No, no, because Samantha Owens is sleeping with the guy.
Why do we have to go there, though? We have to go there because he just threw a case for the biggest attorney in all of Miami, and he did it in her lab, on her watch, and every case she works on gets thrown out.
Excuse me? No, continue.
At least say it to my face.
What, you were saying I'm dirty? I said what I wanted to say.
At the very least, you have really bad taste in men.
Wolfe, where you going? This is really fun, but I got better things to do.
Wolfe, don't.
Look, I know where you're going.
It's written all over your face.
I'm just gonna go have a little conversation with Josh, that's all.
Please don't.
You're upset.
Just go home.
The truth is going to come out, Sam.
Either you played us or he played you.
You know I didn't plant that evidence.
Yeah, so Josh and I have a little chat, might even clear your name.
Look, if this is about protecting me, then don't.
Hey Hey Get up.
Josh, get up.
Hey Hey.
Damn it! Hello! Somebody help! Horatio.
We have a situation.
Yeah! We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again No, no! I am sorry about your boyfriend.
I need to see your hands.
He's got a burn on his left hand.
I hate to say it, but Ryan was only there because of you.
I tried to stop him.
This whole thing just spiraled out of control.
That's for sure.
I also find it odd that the one person who could testify that you were the one who messed up the evidence is dead.
I can't stand here and watch my friend get treated like a perp.
This is B.
H, you know I didn't kill this guy, right? What were you doing at Josh's apartment, Mr.
Wolfe? I thought-- H, I was-- I tried to explain this.
It's Things got heated.
You framed Sam when you planted that evidence.
You ruined a murder investigation.
Wow, she's good.
But she planted that evidence.
She's got you thinking that I did it.
You're a liar.
Explain the burn on your hand, please.
I ran into a lamp and I knocked the lamp over.
What else happened? Things went downhill from there.
I was out before I hit the floor.
Wolfe, you didn't mention that he was bleeding.
He wasn't bleeding when we fought.
Well, there's blood on you now.
Got the neck of a wine bottle here, Doc.
Possible weapon of opportunity.
I don't see any prints.
Maybe Wolfe wiped it down.
Slip of the tongue.
I meant to say "the suspect.
" Surely Ryan didn't do this.
We gotta prove that.
And aboveboard.
Hey, Doc, I got blood here-- medium velocity.
Consistent with these blunt force injuries to the vic's cranial area.
I've got parallel marks approximately Find the point of convergence, a crime scene can start to talk to you.
You're saying string it? I am.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Calleigh strings, not Walter.
Calleigh's not here.
Calleigh has a cell phone.
Ah! This is regarding the permanent placement of Austin and Patty North.
Duquesne has successfully completed the MAPP training course.
and I have conducted a favorable home study.
I just have a few follow-up questions and clarifications.
Uh, you're not married.
Your line of work-- crime scene investigator.
That is correct.
A nine-to-five job for the most part? I work the day shift, yes.
Is that primarily laboratory work? My job is to conduct the scientific analysis of evidence.
However, I am also a sworn officer of the Miami-Dade Police Department.
Uh, has your job ever put your life in danger? What provisions could you make for these children if something were to happen to you in the line of duty? I am currently working with a lawyer on those arrangements.
As it stands right now, the children would have Excuse me.
Is there somewhere else you need to be? Yes, I'm sorry, I have to go.
We have an officer that is in trouble.
Is it possible to reschedule this meeting? My apologies.
Guys hey, you guys.
I've had a little emergency at my work, and it has nothing to do with you, but I'm going to have to leave for a minute.
I'll see you later.
Be good, all right? Okay, Josh was standing approximately here at the time he was hit with the bottle.
You sure? What about this? This is in a completely opposite direction from the wall.
It's a secondary incident.
So this could be our killer's blood.
Maybe Avery fought back? I don't think so; the pattern's too linear.
I think it's castoff from the bottle.
Uh, right, okay, on the backswing the blood that collected on the bottle was flung off.
Exactly, and there's only one line, so my guess is that it happened after the initial blow.
Yeah, but something's still off.
Why would the castoff start and stop like this? There was a void.
That's Wolfe's jacket.
Yes, and that's Mr.
Avery's blood on it.
So Ryan was lying here at the time of the murder.
So he was knocked out before Avery was murdered, just like he said.
Josh Avery had another visitor.
Ryan's innocent.
Been a rough morning, huh? Yeah.
You deserve these back.
Let's get to work, all right? What's up, guys? So, uh, union rep said I'm cleared-- no one's taking a look at me-- I can join the investigation again.
Hey, man, next time you decide to go rogue, give a brother a call for backup.
Walter Thanks for having my back, man.
Good looking out.
You know what, man? I don't see Josh Avery's cell phone on this evidence log.
Yeah, I figured he left it in his car.
You got his number? Yeah.
It's ringing.
Hear that? Hey, I got it.
That's weird, the battery's real hot.
Let me see.
Whoa! Did you hear that? Yeah.
You hear that buzzing? Yeah.
The phone's hot because it's transmitting.
Do you think somebody put spyware on his cell phone? It's possible.
Let me check the landline.
The phone's bugged.
Now, why would someone monitor an assistant state attorney's phone calls? Who does that? Darren Vogel.
That bottom-feeding defense attorney? Think about it-- he planted a casing in the lab to get murder charges dropped on his client.
And maybe Avery was working with him.
Oh-- oh, Horatio.
We need to talk about blackmail, Mr.
That's such a nasty word.
You bugged the assistant state's attorney's private phone, clearly having him in your pocket.
Lower, lower, lower.
Ooh, you caught me just in the middle of a massage.
When he stopped playing ball, you had him killed, didn't you? Why don't we continue this at a later date, huh? Call me back when you got some proof, Horatio.
We've got a problem.
This bug you guys pulled out of Josh Avery's phone belongs to us, H.
Belongs to us how, Mr.
Benton? MDPD bar code says it was checked out by one of our CSIs, sir.
Which CSI? I placed the bug yesterday when Josh was out.
Why? He set us up.
I wanted to nail him so bad, I could taste it, so I set up the bug and I left.
The next thing I hear, he's dead.
What's on it? I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet.
The flash drive's at my apartment.
I can pick it up.
I want you to remove yourself from the case.
What?! You're put the lab in jeopardy, and I want you off the case.
Got nothing of note from Josh Avery's cell phone.
Let's see if Samantha got anything that she might have recorded from his landline.
Just take a minute to download.
I haven't heard anything from the adoption agency.
That's not a good sign.
Listen, it'll all work out.
It will.
You didn't see their face.
I just got up and walked out in the middle of an interview.
It was an emergency; they-they'll understand.
They're probably thinking, if I don't have enough time to finish an interview, how am I going to have time to raise two kids? Plenty of people manage to be good cops and good parents at the same time.
It'll be all right.
I didn't want to say anything, but there's another couple.
And they're perfect.
They're married and they live out in one of those, um you know, that gated community Bay Point.
One of 'em is an accountant, one of 'em is a sales clerk.
They've got good hours, there are no surprises.
Look at me.
You're the better choice.
I've been a cop for 20 years.
Maybe I'm not.
Here we go, we got something.
I did what you wanted, Vogel.
We're done.
Done? Joshua, we're just getting started here.
That's not what we agreed.
That's Josh talking to Vogel.
Oh, please, don't.
Don't go namby-pamby on me.
Go to hell.
I'm assuming, the way that you're looking at me, that you didn't obtain a warrant for this, or the department didn't get one, and if that is the case, then that is an illegal wiretap and that's inadmissible.
I just wanted you to hear the tape.
Avery manipulated evidence for your clients, so you killed him to shut him up.
Oh, he had such an irritating little voice.
God rest his soul.
Just look at the ASA's illicit activities.
It's a shame I can't disclose more information.
Attorney-client privilege-- you understand that.
Are you telling us he was a client? No, I-I don't mean Joshua Avery was a client, no.
You have the guts to tell us who you're talking about? Great.
You here to lecture me, too? I'm just about the last guy around here who should be doing that.
Aren't we quite the pair? At least we both know that Josh was dirty.
There's no way he was doing that on his own.
That tape you made between him and Vogel confirms that.
Because of me, it doesn't matter.
Can't use it.
Okay, Sam, so what else? What can you dig up on this guy? You dated him for two years, right? I don't know.
He had a boat.
I mean, his dad left it to him.
Did he ever take you out on the boat? Two years together-- never once.
I always teased him that that's where he kept all his secrets.
It eventually became a sore subject.
Do you remember the number of the slip that the boat was docked on? Yeah, I, I think I remember.
Okay, Natalia is down by the bay.
Do me a favor-- text her the number of that slip, okay? Hey, Ryan.
Will you do me a favor? Uh, if you find out anything, would you let me know? I will.
A lot of, uh, positives, but, boy, there are some issues Excuse me, excuse me, I'm here regarding Calleigh Duquesne.
Am I in the right place? Yes, you are, but we're not at liberty to discuss her case.
Uh, who exactly are you? Eric Delko.
I've worked with Calleigh for the last ten years.
I just, uh, I'm here as a character witness.
That is allowed, right? Well, you're, you're welcome to write a letter, but in these hearings, we only permit family.
With all due respect, sir, I am family.
I'm sorry, I thought Ms.
Duquesne was alone in adopting the North kids.
No, no, she's not alone.
She's got plenty of support.
Look, I-I know you've had your concerns about her being a CSI and the dangers of our job and the level of commitment that it takes, the hours.
It's very demanding.
It is, but being there for each other over all these years-- uh, that makes us a family.
Now, I'd lay down my life for Calleigh and I know she'd do the same for me.
I just want you to know that any kids she adopts they're gonna be blessed because they're gonna have a lot of people there to love and support them, protect them.
So I'm just here to let you know she's not alone.
I'm sorry, what slip number was it again? Slip 73.
We got a warrant to take a look at it.
A warrant! Wow! That looks official.
Just like in the movies, huh? Well, number 73 is Josh Avery's sea liner-- this big guy right here-- Passage West.
Check out the size of this bad boy.
Might take you a while to search it, but his buddy was just here dropping something off.
His buddy still here? Cover me.
You gonna take the back? You got it? Yeah, I got it.
Shots fired.
We're at Wayside Marina.
One fatality.
I need backup right now.
You okay? Yeah, you? Yeah.
Gone? Yeah, he's gone.
Son of a bitch, what was he shooting at us for, anyway? I don't know.
All clear back here.
It's clear down below.
Frank! Yeah.
Something up here you might want to take a peek at.
Take a look at this.
Bet you that's he didn't let Samantha on board.
The state attorney was using his boat to hide narcotics.
He's a damn drug dealer.
Bet that's why he got killed for it.
Okay, so one question Where did Josh Avery get his hands on 20 keys of meth? ASA's, they deal with drug offenders all the time.
Any one of those guys could have hooked him up with this much weight.
I think what we need to do is nail down the chemical composition of this and work backwards.
A lot of meth labs have a unique signature.
Chemical compound Ephedrine, pseudophedrin, sodium metal, red phosphorus, iodine and trace amounts of ammonium gas.
Okay, let's see if we can match that recipe with the meth that's in the MDPD database.
All right, here's our guy.
Eddie Coster Arrested two years ago after almost blowing himself up in his own meth lab.
Look at the ingredients of the meth that was confiscated during his arrest.
Looks the same.
Numbers are almost identical to the stuff we found on Josh Avery's boat.
I say we got our supplier.
Wait a second.
Look at this.
This meth cook, Coster, he was tried but not convicted.
Scroll down, see who his lawyer is.
It was Darren Vogel.
We need to talk to this guy.
Come on, look at my face.
Meth really turned me into a human tiki torch, okay? We parted companies after that.
Yeah, you were facing 20 years.
How'd your attorney get you out without doing a day? I don't know.
I guess they worked out some kind of deal with the state attorney.
The man's name is Josh Avery.
And he was killed yesterday.
And we found a stash of your meth on his boat.
My meth? Your meth.
That's impossible.
They took it all-- every bag-- when I got arrested.
Well, maybe your attorney made a deal with that friendly ASA to get you out of trouble.
What do you mean? What do I mean I mean for your "get out of jail free" card, you cut Josh Avery and Vogel in on your drug profits.
Profits?! From what?! Drugs! I just I haven't got any profits.
You guys got it all locked up.
Get out of here, Eddie.
Go! Get out of here.
Narco confiscated over 40 kilos of meth when they busted Coster.
We need to make sure it's still in evidence lock-up.
- Thanks, Cory.
- Thanks, man.
Okay, yeah, the numbers match up, this is Coster's meth seizure.
Looks like it's all here.
So, what do you think that means, that Avery didn't snatch some of the meth? Damn it, where'd he get it from then? I don't know.
Walter, is that powder moving in that bag? Ew! Aw! Do me a favor, open that up for a sec.
It's going to be something gross.
You're a wimp.
If this is meth, Walter, it should turn a brownish orange.
Walter, I think this is filled with some kind of flour.
Those bugs are weevils.
They switched out the dope.
Yeah, somebody who had access to it.
Somebody like ASA Avery.
Hey, Mace! Buzz me in? Thanks.
Thank you.
Is that it? Coster.
That's him.
I don't see Avery's name on the log in.
What? He had access, but Avery never logged his meth seizure into evidence.
Who did? No, no, no, that's gotta be a mistake.
Walter, who did? Oh, my God.
Oh, man Sam was working the night shift when the Narco brought in meth shipment.
I'm just going to call Sam and clear this up.
Sam, hey, it's Ryan.
Uh, do me a favor, call me back as soon as you get this.
Okay? Just as soon as you get this, call me back.
Try again.
Try again.
Wolfe can't get her on the phone.
Tripp sent a car to her address, but nobody's there.
Where did she go, Walter? I don't know but, wherever it is, it's without her car.
Her Saab's still parked out front.
Shut up! Lieutenant, I've got Darren Vogel's office on line five.
This is Horatio Caine.
Is he in? Okay, he'll take mine.
What about his driver? Sam's family hasn't heard from her.
I talked to the health club, the gun range; nobody's seen her.
His driver's been injured? What about Mr.
Vogel? All units in the vicinity, we've got a black town car heading east on 41, mile marker 121.
Sierra, Juliet, 5-2-6 Oscar.
You let up on that gas for one second and I will kill you.
Tell me that you understand! I understand.
I understand.
Eddie, if I may make an observation.
I think the crystal meth is beginning to cloud your judgment.
Just-just-just a little.
I almost blew myself up making that meth.
And you think that you're going to profit from it.
I had nothing to do with this.
Oh, shut up! I heard all about your ASA boyfriend.
Vogel told me! Right.
He beat it out of me! Listen, Eddie, Eddie, calm down.
No! We're past that! You cops, you lawyers-- you hide behind your badges.
Where are you taking us? The Everglades.
And I'm going to bury you under 12 feet of mud.
That's where you belong.
H, that's the car up there.
Okay, here we go.
This is Lieutenant Horatio Caine.
I need a road block at 41st and 182.
We need a road block right now! Go, baby, go.
Get us out of here.
Go! Go! Go! Get me out of here! They're going over! Hands! Hands where I can see them right now! Hands! Hey.
You all right? Samantha, Samantha, can you move? - Come on.
- Get me a paramedic! Watch your head.
You got to move her.
Watch your head.
I got her.
Move her! I got her! Easy.
Watch your step.
Right over here.
I'm sorry.
He was going to kill me.
I'm sorry.
Sam! Sam, you okay? Yeah.
I think I broke my ankle.
Broke her ankle.
Here, hand me this.
You're going to be okay.
Listen to me.
You're going to be okay, all right? I'll make sure you're okay, all right? You guys take good care of her.
You're going to be okay.
It's a match, isn't it? The glass that I found in her shoe isn't from the accident.
It's from the wine bottle.
She was in the room.
She was there.
You know what we have to do, Mr.
Let me do it.
Let me tell her.
Paging Dr.
Stateman, please.
Michael Crawford, 340.
Michael Crawford, please call 340.
How do you feel? Like I just drove off a bridge.
Sam, you were there.
I pulled a shard of glass out of your shoe, and it matched the wine bottle in Josh's apartment.
And the shard of glass I had in my hand.
Am I going to jail? None of this would have happened if you'd just listened to me.
I went there to talk to him.
What did you do? Ryan.
Ryan? Ryan.
What'd you do to him? You brought him here, right to my front door.
You left me there.
You left me.
I defended you.
I gave you every opportunity to tell me the truth.
When I took those exams and went through all the training, I saw myself as a cop.
That was my real identity.
It was who I was, you know? And then there was a dead body right in front of me, and I put it there.
I let you down.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
So am I.
Duquesne? Yes.
I have some good news for you.
Hi! Hi! Are you guys coming with me? Yeah.
You have some quality people in your life.
I'm very lucky.
Oh, where did you find that? Is that for me? Did you hide that? What do you think? Should Austin wear a flower in his hair? Does he look better than he's ever looked? Oh, come on.
How about you wear one? Do you want to wear one? Let's all wear one.
Should Bunny wear one? Hey.
I got the picture.
I love it.
I'm glad you got it.
Oh, yeah, they, um they were telling me that they were actually on the fence until some mysterious character witness paid them a visit.
They said he made all the difference.
I just thought it was important for them to know that you're not alone in this.
Now I know I'm not.
Thank you.
I think mainly, though, the problem was, I just never saw it coming.
You know? I guess that old saying is true.
You can't find your honey where you make your money.
You should try online dating.
I met LuLu in a science chat room.
Who the hell is LuLu? I'll show you.
Bam! Thank you.
Really? Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh! Wow! That's your girlfriend? Hottie.
Six months and going strong.
Looks like a model.
Yeah, she does, indeed.
Hey, can you guys set this guy straight? He thinks he's going to be alone forever.
- Oh, come on.
- Nah, come on.
Maybe for a while.
Not forever.
Any girl would be really lucky to have you.
Really? Yeah, really.
You're handsome, you're funny, you're smart.
I'll take you right now on the table.
I'll take you right now on this table here.
My goodness.
We'll leave you alone.
How about the Hummer? Whoa! Hey, listen, here's the good news.
I'm, uh I'm not a tall man, but I have a full head of hair.
No offense.
None taken.
None taken.
Thank you.
That's cute.
Oh, the truth is, man, you'll never be alone.
You got all of us.
That's true.
Thank you, bubba.
I love you guys.
You guys are my family.
I won't ever be alone.
Yeah, I say we drink to that.
Cheers, man.
Cheers, BV.
Aha! Ah.
Told you he would make it.
Somebody owes me five bucks.
I'm not saying who.
Can we get you something to drink? Only if Mr.
Wolfe buys.
Hey! Hope you're not thirsty.