CSI: NY s01e01 Episode Script


Detective Flack Called you the second I got word.
Caucasian female,late 20s, no I.
Some guy jogging his dog found her and called 911.
Ran his name He's harmless.
I think he's all about the dog, you know.
Where is she? Body's in a characteristic position-- supine.
Legs are crossed over, arms flailed out to her sides.
Dump job.
Rape, dump? She wasn't killed here.
There's no scuff marks on the knees.
Nails are intact.
It appears putrefaction has set in.
She's starting to bloat up a bit.
Which could explain the inconsistency of her belt.
See the wear? It's two notches off.
If the killer re-dressed her, he did it at considerable amount of time after death.
Why would he dress her back up? I don't know.
What I do know is he took the time.
Someone out there is missing a wife.
Team CSI: NY Zed22 - Space67 - Kanoril - Mista Zon - Xe0linh - Moustou - Bendef - Fabregues Season 1 - Episode 1 Blink Morning, dear.
Do I have a tail back there? Sorry.
Morning, Stella.
Did you hear about that body? The one by the River Cafe? Yeah, I caught it on the police portable when I was in the shower.
Why doesn't that surprise me? The job never stops, Danny.
Did you go to autopsy? Um, not yet.
What time did you get in? Never went home.
Can't sleep? What's sleep? Got anything on that Jane Doe? We're still working on an I.
I'll comb through the local missing persons database.
Time of death? Approximation days.
Gives her enough time to be in the system.
I'll be at the M.
A good morning would be nice.
Your Jane Doe did me in.
When you see her, you'll know why.
Okay from the top, shall we? Contusions and ecchymoses around areas of the neck.
Strangulation? Nothing in her eyes to indicate petechial hemorrhaging.
Before we get to cause of death, you better see this.
Horizontal lividity slots along the coronal plane.
She was on her back for awhile.
Agreat while.
Indicated by bedsores.
Cause of death? Hemorrhagic stroke.
She had two strokes actually.
Upon examination of the brain, I found evidence of an ischemic stroke.
A process where blood was cut off from the cerebrum.
The effects of the ischemic stroke caused severe deterioration of blood vessels in her brain, which then led to a hemorrhagic conversion.
Two strokes.
What went on with this woman? I'm afraid it doesn't stop there.
Histology indicates she inhaled something her body didn't agree with.
Perimortem smoke inhalation? She inhaled something just prior to death.
Run a full tox screen.
I want to know everything about this woman.
LeAnn Goodman.
I don't understand.
There must be some mistake.
This can't be my wife.
Goodman, would you feel more comfortable if we arranged a private viewing? Are you gonna okay with this? I realize this is a very trying time for you.
Could you tell us more about the last time you were with your wife? We had lunch that day.
I put her in a cab and we parted ways.
I'll see you tonight.
I love you.
Bye That was the last time I saw her.
Tox screen came back on LeAnn Goodman.
Sex assault? Negative, but Dr.
Hawkes was dead on.
The wife inhaled something she shouldn't have.
"Fry" sticks.
Laced cigarettes.
What's the additive? Spec found codeine-based cough syrup in her blood,and trace levels of nicotine.
How fast the city changes.
GHB is dead as disco, and fry sticks are the new date rape drug of New York City.
Three puffs--down goes Frazier.
Doesn't make any sense.
Rape kit came back negative.
Why give someone a date rape drug and not rape? Detective Taylor.
Similar neck contusions as the first woman.
Murdered by the same hands? One way to find out.
We got a serial.
There's reason to believe we have a serial dumping bodies all over the city.
Trucks come in, they dump, and they head back out.
So it's our job to sift and isolate garbage from evidence.
What's the dimensions on the barge? About 140 by 38 feet.
Half the size of a football field.
My kit's fully stocked.
Bring it.
Stella and I'll beat the M.
You guys aren't sticking around? We're bucking time here, Danny.
Sooner we draw parallels to our victims, the fewer bodies we're gonna find.
So focus.
Déjà vu in some ways.
Different in some others.
Differences first.
No bed sores.
Cause of death? Asphyxiation due to strangulation.
After death is where it got nasty.
He broke her neck.
He's getting more aggressive.
- Similarities? - Plenty.
Time of death on both women was around the same time.
Both were putrefied.
Rape kit was negative.
Lividity slats.
And, of course, neck contusions Centering around the occipital artery.
Internal, common and external carotid arteries, as well as the Vagus nerve.
All arteries to the brain.
What was he doing? Depriving her of oxygen? That or blood flow to the brain.
I was about to x-ray her teeth, until I saw this.
It's gold mixed with heavy copper impurities.
I saw this type of dentistry when I was in the marines.
During cold-weather training in Scandinavia, there were a lot of Russian ex-pats with this type of work done.
Russian descent.
Certainly narrows my choices.
Do me a favor, Hawkes, will you? Write those arteries down for me.
You know what they say about men who study too much data.
They become a statistic? Something like that.
Listen, do you still have that medical bust? Skinless or boneless? Skinless.
Jackpot, Danny.
I found a purse.
There's nothing inside.
Check this out.
Still on.
The back hatch is broken.
Maybe somebody tried to rip the film out.
Okay, so whoever ripped tried to rip the film out didn't destroy every frame.
Black-and-white film.
Do you see red? No.
Wait, something's coming.
Where's the autopsy pic of the Russian girl? That's her.
They really get around, these two, huh? Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the zoo, the Met and Yeah, where was this taken? Mr.
and Mrs.
Ivanov, we're very sorry about your loss.
Was Zoya Pavlova your daughter? We were her sponsors.
She came over to America by way of Moscow to be a student.
It says in her missing persons report that you waited four days before reporting her missing.
Zoya has done this kind of thing before.
The second she comes to America, she goes crazy.
She's always with that American boyfriend.
Disappears three, four days at a time.
She doesn't tell us what she does, where she goes.
Bogdhan, think of the girl.
Is this her boyfriend in the picture? Yes.
We found these pictures in a camera where Zoya was discovered.
The first four are of her and her boyfriend in front of various tourist spots.
What's puzzling us is this photograph here.
Is this the boyfriend's residence? We have never seen his house.
Do you know his name? We only know him as Jason.
He sells stuff on the streets.
Street vendor? Where? Hey! You got a peddler's license? Yeah.
Yeah? What's your name? Jason Parnell.
Why? Hey, how you doin'? You want glasses and whatnot? There's one on every corner.
Cart's closed.
Jason Parnell? I'm Detective Taylor.
This is Detective Bonasera from Crime Scene.
Do you recognize this woman? Yeah, that's my girlfriend.
That's Zoya.
- Why, did you guys find her? - She's dead.
When was the last time you saw her? Hey.
When was the last time you saw her? I don't know, four, five days ago.
We went sightseeing.
We were supposed to hook up at Coney Island, the boardwalk that night, but she never showed up.
She never returned my phone calls, so I just figured she wanted out.
I didn't know her that long.
But she's she's dead? Damn.
How? Recognize these pictures, Jason? Yeah.
Yeah, that's us.
This is the Empire State Building.
That's the museum.
This is that's the Bronx Zoo.
That was a funny day.
The baboons pick their asses right in front of you.
How about this picture, Jason? You recognize this residence? No.
No? Then who's she blowing the kiss to? I don't know ; it wasn't me.
I never saw that house in my life.
I swear on my grandmother.
Let me arrest him for swearing on his grandmother.
You're coming with us.
Well, what about my stuff? Forget about your stuff.
You're good to go.
Let's go.
Trying to find a single house in a city of eight million.
This should be fun.
All we need is a photograph.
All right, let's get this triangulation started.
We'll use Zoya as our primary reference.
What's her height? Uh, M.
says she's five-nine.
Secondary object,far left.
Isolate the needle on the Chrysler Building.
Tertiary object, far right.
The slant on the Citicorp Building.
We've got our three reference points.
How far are the buildings from Zoya? We'll know in a sec-- right down to her front door.
Circling and isolating.
Long Island City.
You hear that? Yeah.
Where's it coming from? Hello? She's alive.
Listen up.
We have two dead women and one still alive.
We divide and conquer.
Detective Flack, you find the owner of this residence.
Put out a "wanted" message.
All five boroughs.
Consider it done.
Danny, process the bedrooms.
Aiden, join him.
Stella, process the basement, will you? Medical equipment Where are you going? Angel of Mercy Hospital.
The victim's priority.
She's alive.
She may be the only person who's seen the suspect.
I have to process her.
You all right? Yes.
Why? You've been working yourself to the ground.
When was the last time you slept? I'll rest my head when I tire.
What? What is it? Did the husband get to you? I'll be at Angel of Mercy.
No pictures.
No personal effects.
Not a partial.
What's this guy live in gloves? I'm getting all kinds of love over here.
I think he got tipped off.
I think he got off.
I thought sex wasn't part of the deal with these women? It's not.
I'll have Giles type it and run it through CODIS.
Maybe he can tell who's beneath the sheets.
She is alive, barely.
She's in a deep coma.
What's her condition? Critical but stable.
How deep of a coma? We're still evaluating her.
She's not responding to painful stimuli.
We're running a CAT scan to look for a cause.
You have no objection if I process her? I'm Detective Mac Taylor.
I'm a crime scene investigator.
I'm here to help you.
First, I'd like to photograph any signs of trauma you may have suffered, scrape under your fingernails, take your fingerprints, see if we can't find out who you are.
Nurse, could you assist me, please? I need to photograph her neck.
Uh, could you, uhturn her head please? Ma'am, I apologize if I've done anything to make you feel uncomfortable.
A half-dead woman was found in your rental home.
How is it you can't tell me who you rented it to? I told you, the management company handles all that.
I heard that part already too much in one interrogation, as it turns out.
What this mother's face isn't buying is how HIDTA, the entire NYPD me can't seem to find a single transaction that you rented the house to a real person.
Hey, mind if I swab him, Flack? Be my guest.
You won't have any problem getting his mouth open.
He don't shut up.
I'd like to take a buccal swab for a DNA sample.
It'll only take a second.
Open upSir, open up your mouth, please.
Sir! Open up, Mr.
You like things with soft tips in your mouth am I right? Hey, that's harassment.
Thank you.
Hoops on Saturday, Flack.
Don't forget.
Where were we? Dr.
Giles, what do you think? It didn't feel random? The blinking? No, no, it didn't.
Almost felt as if she was trying to communicate, but she couldn't It's probable.
What do you mean? Locked-In Syndrome.
I think I know what this is.
think your Angel of Mercy victim may be the victim of a perverted science experiment, no doubt by someone with an acute medical acumen.
Locked-In Syndrome? A rare neurological disorder characterized by complete paralysis of all voluntary muscles in the body with the exception of the eyes.
In essence, she's "locked inside" her own body, yet her mind is fully sound.
Ca-Can she unlock? Snap out of it? Afraid not--the condition is irreversible.
How is he intentionally "locking" them in? Skillfully.
I'd imagine first, he'd have to sedate the subject, put them in a docile state in order to locate specific arterial pressure points.
He wasn't getting more violent.
He was perfecting his maneuver.
LeAnn Goodman was found first, but she had bedsores.
The Russian woman we found second, died first.
She had no bed sores.
She died quickly.
This means we found the bodies out of order.
Our first two victims were failures.
Our Angel of Mercy victim was a success.
She was kept.
so now what, Dr.
Giles? She's seen the killer and she can't talk.
It's Mac Taylor.
We ran your prints through our Missing Persons database, but we haven't been able to I.
you as yet.
Ma'am I know you can hear me.
I want to find the person who did this to you.
I'm going to ask you some questions.
I realize you cannot speak, but I want you to answer by blinking your eyes.
I'd like you to blink twice for "yes" and once for "no" Do you understand? Were you answering yes? I'm going to show you some pictures.
The first is a woman named LeAnn Goodman.
Do you know her? This is her husband, Tim Goodman.
Did he do this to you? Zoya Pavlova.
She's a Russian woman out of Coney Island.
Do you know her? Okay, this is her boyfriend, Jason Parnell.
Did he do this to you? The home we found you in belongs to this man.
Nurse! I need a doctor in he! Nurse! Detective Taylor? She suffered a severe stroke.
We've run some preliminary tests.
I'm afraid she has a Glasgow Coma Score of three.
What are you saying, she's brain dead? I'm afraid so.
hey its me it's Detective Taylor.
Can you hear me? It's Mac Taylor.
Can you hear me? Mac? I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the DNA on the semen from the bed sheets came back.
No match on the boyfriend or the home owner.
That only proves they didn't have sex with her.
It doesn't exonerate them of murder.
Danny and Aiden lit that place up like a Christmas tree.
They couldn't find so much as a partial.
I talked to the victim.
She implicated the home owner.
You talked to the victim? I thought maybe she was blinking because It's a temporary setback.
We keep working, right? why? what Why, Stella? Why does he do it? What's the connection? Why does he lock women inside their own bodies? Talk out the nature of the crime with me.
What is it in its very nature? It's diabolical.
It's calculated.
It's personal.
It's intimate.
He removed himself from the house.
If that's true, we interrupted his cover-up.
Left us a live witness.
He's saving her for some reason.
He removed himself from the house, but the question is, did he remove himself from her? What about the medical equipment? We superglued and dusted.
There's no detectable print.
Oh, th-this killer's in cover-up mode.
He's way too smart for superglue or-or powders.
We need We need further enhancement.
Let's spray it with rodamine.
Hit it with a laser.
- Go back in.
- yeah - What kind of letters are those? - Cyrillic.
They look like initials.
They are.
"B, I.
" Russian.
Bogdhan Ivanov.
Bogdhan Ivanov.
Says here you were a medical doctor in the Soviet Union.
Did a stint in prison under Brezhnev for treason in '81.
Released and later fled to America.
We got a match from your reference sample to the DNA mixture pulled from the bed sheets in your rental house.
It also contained Zoya's DNA.
yes Zoya and I made love in that bed many times.
You loved her? Very much.
Did you take this picture, sir? no I wouldn't have taken you for a man in denial, Mr.
Doctor Ivanov.
You're not a doctor.
You're a murderer with a medical degree.
Why don't I start the story for you doctor You killed Zoya trying to lock her inside her own body.
You're a taxi driver.
Is that how you picked up your victims? Why? Why lock them in? You know what name "Bogdhan" means in Russia? Gift from God.
Zoya came to me.
She was the one who wanted to be taken care of by me.
Feed her, bathe her, read her literature, play music.
She wanted to be free from the burden of daily life.
Achieve a cerebral utopia.
Live inside dreams with her mind wandering without disturbances.
Give her the gift of freedom.
That was the plan.
That was the pact.
I think when Zoya asked you to take care of her, paralyzing her from the eyes down wasn't what she had in mind, was it, Doctor? This wasn't about freedom.
Or Zoya.
Or some gift from God.
This was about control.
The second we darkened your door, you lost control.
And you removed yourself from your house, but you left the woman.
After all, she was still alive.
You couldn't pull the plug, could you, Doctor? It finally worked.
Those women died for the same reason you got caught.
You didn't know when to let go.
I'm so tired.
You know I used to sit like this with my wife.
Her name was Claire.
She died, uh, on 9/11.
Nobody saw it coming.
I was cleaning out that closet the other day and, uh I found this beach ball.
And I remembered it was my wife who blew it up I never told anybody this, but, uh, I got rid of everything that reminded me of Claire.
Too painful.
The one thing I I couldn't throw away was that beach ball.
Her breath is still in there.
Ground Zero, please.