CSI: NY s01e08 Episode Script

Three Generations are Enough

Is that yours? Yours? Hey, there's no briefcases allowed on the floor.
- what? - Is that yours?! No Security, we got an unidentified briefcase on the floor.
Everybody out! Security, I'm clearing the floor.
Come on, let's go! Everybody out! Let's go! You sure that thing works? Saved was designed for situations exactly like this.
That's your x ray, and you're the one that detected traces of nitrates on the briefcase, so unless you want to go out there and get the prints for me whatever's in that case.
you got 20 seconds.
Ten nine eight seven six five four "in case something happens to me.
" CSI: NY ORIGINAL AIR DATE ON CBS: 2004/11/24 Hey, Mac.
Got a DNA sample.
See if we can get a CODIS hit.
Anything else? Lot of financial data.
If you need help deciphering Nah, I can work my way around a spread sheet.
You upload the print into AFIS? Yeah, but he's not in AFIS, he's in NY MERC.
Prints belong to Luke Sutton.
Commodities trader.
According to the entrance log, he walked through the front door at 7:00 A.
We know when he left? You don't have to swipe your ID to get out.
NY MERC searched an entire buiing and taken a head count outside.
He's the one person they can't account for.
Our people on it through his apartment window.
The place is trashed.
Something happened.
And wasn't good.
Could be a kidnapping.
Guy seems liketh something.
Single man.
Plausible if he's taken in a foreign country and kidnappers demand a ransom from his company, but here in new york city still reads like he was forcibly removed if he was, then how'd his briefcase end up on the floor of the NY MERC this morning? Metal shavings.
- From what? - No apparent source what is this? Degausser.
It's a magnet that erases electronic data.
Hard drive is missing.
Specific item.
But if you know what you're looking for, why do all this damage? No obvious gunshot or stab wounds.
No bruising.
Suicide's a sin, right? It's viewed as an attempt against the dominion and right of ownership of the creator.
Where did you get that, the catholic encyclopedia? Who am I looking at? Trina Rolston she worked here as a counselor.
Who found her? / Handyman.
He said he was on the roof doing some patch work when he saw her down here.
Did you disturb the scene? Nah, he went inside and called 911.
About five stories.
Doesn't look that bad.
Not from down here, it doesn't.
all right, no signs of struggle, no disturbance how about a letter? There's nothing on unless you count the rosary.
I don't buy it.
if she wanted to off herself, she would've jumped off the front of the church, not the side.
And landed on the pavement, not the grass.
Suicide is not just a sin it's a statement, and I don't see one here.
Found traces of cocaine in the briefcase, so maybe our guy had a habit otherwise, lots of spread sheets, research, analysis and this.
Turns out our missing trader was doing some investigative work on his own.
Tracking illegal trades made by a guy named Nick Lawson.
How do you know that? New York MERC works on an open outcry system.
Sellers have to offer their products to everyone.
Lawson was engaged in prearranged trading, going through what's called a "local" an independent trader selling oil at below-market price.
Then the local turns around sells the exact same oil for an instant profit, split difference with Lawson.
These are registered trades from the MERC floor.
Looks normal unless you're looking for a pattern.
Every Lawson trade is followed with a trade made by the local.
That's the kind of stuff that'll get you expelled from the exchange, end your trading career.
Did Nick Lawson know our missing guy uncovered the illegal trades? / Mm-hmm.
"I am aware of your illegal trading pattern.
Charles has given me a week to deal with it.
" And then the e-mails go back and forth-- deny and accuse, deny, accuse - who's Charles? - I don't know yet.
But I have a list of 89 people working on the floor with the first name charles.
Without a last, it's tough to narrow it down.
What I do know is that Lawson met with our missing trader two nights ago, and it did not go well.
"Charles, met with Nick per your request" if you threaten me again, I'm going to put you in the hospital.
Look, I don't have a choice, okay? Charles is, uh, he's really putting the screws to me, and, uh, I'm just reporting it to you.
All right, Just, just, It'll just take a minute.
Look, upon advice from counsel, I have no comment.
All right, slow down.
You're missing the point.
I already know you're making illegal trades.
But what I'm looking for is something to locate Luke Sutton.
- No comment.
- All right, no problem.
I'm just gonna need a DNA sample to rule out any connection between you and the blood I found on Luke's briefcase.
Blood? / Blood.
Forget it.
You're not getting anything out of my arm.
You're not getting anything out of my mouth.
No comment, no DNA.
Okay, you got one thing going for you right now, Nick, and that's the ability to cooperate.
It's what you do down here, right? You guys, you make trades, you negotiate.
Give me a sample, and I'll make sure the CFTC guys know that you played ball.
Look, Luke is an idiot, okay? And so is that Charles guy, too.
Charles a last name would be nice on Charles.
I don't know it.
Luke said he was a lawyer or something.
And those were the guys coming after me.
All right, all right, so you're just defending yourself, then.
/ How about a sample? No Comment.
There's no suicide note.
You've already been through here? Yes.
Are these from Trina's kids? Uh, no.
Trina wasn't married.
She was a she was a good counselor, though.
I used to joke that more people used to come here to talk to her than to listen to me.
And this was the last place you saw Trina? Yeah.
She was tireless.
She'd stay here until all hours of the night.
And you? The church is my responsibility.
Long hours, they come with the territory.
Kind of progressive for a church to have someone with a master's in social work on-site.
Well, we have an after-school program, rec league, art classes you're part of the community.
So was Trina.
Everybody loved her.
Especially the kids.
She was pregnant.
Late first trimester.
You notify the father? I would if i knew who he was.
You want to test for paternity? / Yep.
I'll get a sample to DNA.
You found her on her back? / Mm-hmm.
Tough to explain this, then.
/ Did she reach terminal velocity? The roof she fell from was 20 meters.
You need about 160 meters for the force of air resistance to equal the force of gravity.
And if it's under that height Suicides tend to give in to the fall.
Leaving them with severe trauma to the frontal and parietal bones.
People who are pushed or fall accidentally tend to fight gravity giving them vertical fractures to the tibia and fibula.
Which is she? / Neither.
Lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx all shattered.
She landed horizontally.
Did you get a blood alcohol content? Zero.
She wasn't drunk.
All right, for her to land horizontally, she was either unconscious or dead before she hit the ground.
In theory.
Only one way to know for sure.
Blood extravasation surrounding the suboccipital muscles as well as the splenius capitis and semispinalis capitis muscles.
Indicates localized trauma.
Still not conclusive.
There it is.
Cause of death.
Occipitoatlantal dislocation.
Fracture of the left occipital condyle.
There's a lot of fracture right here.
Left superior articular facet of the atlas.
This is the kind of injury normally seen in a traffic accident.
Base of the skull separates from the spinal column.
Smart move to toss her off the roof.
Almost mimics cause of death.
But the hematoma is too specific for a roof-jumper scenario.
So we've got a murder Now all we have to do is find the crime scene that goes with it.
/ Mac.
Any DNA from the note in the briefcase? Not just the note.
Blood from the note and the knife matches the DNA from the secondary reference sample you took from the apartment.
It doesn't prove the DNA belongs to Luke Sutton odds are it's his.
/ Mm-hmm.
It's pretty circular logic, don't you think? Leaving behind a sample of your own blood when you're obviously in flight for your life.
Fear tends to trump logic.
Depends on how logical you are.
Or how afraid.
Car's registered to our missing trader Luke Sutton.
At least what's left of him.
Somebody really wanted to make sure this guy burned.
Somebody's covering their tracks.
We're done.
/ We're on it.
Let's take the rest to go.
Dental records confirm ID.
Luke sutton.
Looks like someone poured accelerant over his head.
Most likely while he was still conscious.
No indication of head trauma, but they covered this guy from top to bottom.
Specific accelerant pattern on the bottom of his shoe? Seems overly precise, and excessive given the pour pattern on top of his head.
This murder wasn't about the triumph of minimalism.
X-ray showed whoever did this also put a bullet in the vic's side.
Projectile lodged in his right external abdominal oblique muscle.
No vital organs hit.
Wouldn't render him immediately unconscious.
You miss him the first time, why not shoot him again? Looks like he was shot from below.
/ Mm-hmm.
If the vic was conscious, and the bullet didn't kill him, then the fire wasn't meant as a cover-up.
It was meant to kill him.
Means he really must have pissed off the wrong guy.
Hard drive.
Like the one missing from the vic's computer.
Looks like we just took the shooter out of play.
Bullet would have hit the vic just where Dr.
Hawkes found it.
Someone's setting you on fire and you have a gun next to you, why wouldn't you use it? And if you're carrying a gun, why only have one bullet in it? You're making progress.
Well, I got a body or bodies.
Your vic was pregnant? Yeah.
Hawkes is sending over a paternity sample to DNA.
At least it got me back into church.
You still go? Sometimes.
Seems whenever I do go, the sermon's always about forgiveness And then I think about what we do.
Forgiveness isn't part of our job.
How about your case? I'm looking for Charles.
Charles who? / Exactly.
Last name unknown still.
Good luck.
/ Thanks.
You think I killed Trina? I didn't say that.
I said that I found a matching set of prints.
One on a prayer book that belongs to you and one on the candlestick.
Your prints are obviously not on file, father.
But you'd like a sample? / Yes.
What could possibly make you think I did this? There was something in the prayer book.
"Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned by those that are not entirely beautiful.
" That is a line from a W.
Yeats poem.
The poem may be yeats, but the prayer book is yours.
Well, I must have lent it to Trina at some point.
And I'm sure that the fingerprints on the candlestick are mine.
I noticed it was broken last week so I fixed it.
And a love letter? Well, I'm as surprised by that as you are.
I always thought that the real love of Trina's life was her work.
I guess you didn't know her as well as you thought.
Trina was pregnant.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to file these off.
I went to a lot of trouble to acid-etch them back on.
Registration come back to someone? Emily Dent.
Good job.
/ Thanks.
Luke was my boyfriend until a few months ago.
Any idea how your gun ended up in his car? He must have taken it from my apartment.
You didn't notice? I kept it in a drawer and forgot i even had it.
Look, I never wanted the thing in the first place.
Luke made me get it.
He came in one night all panicked Luke, calm down.
Look, Charles has got people watching me now.
Tell me what's going on? / No.
Safer if you don't know.
And then he made me get the gun for protection.
We went to a range, I got a target permit.
You ever meet Charles? I thought he was Luke's, uh dealer.
He got into / cocaine.
We found traces of it in his briefcase.
Are you sure Charles wasn't a lawyer? All I knew is that Luke said Charles was a big guy, and he never talked about him before the cocaine.
And after? It was like he was A totally different person.
I typed all three cigarettes you found at the church.
One of them had DNA, but only to your victim.
Trina Rolston? / Mm-hmm.
The autopsy report shows no evidence that she was ever a smoker.
Not to mention the fact that I found those cigarettes where the body landed.
Well, maybe this will help.
Same male donor on all three cigarettes.
Did dr.
Hawkes give you a paternity sample? Mm-hmm.
Evidently the father of trina rolston's child is a smoker.
You can't prove it was my child.
Oh, yes, we can.
Have your DNA on file.
Oh, yeah.
two years ago, you were convicted of falsely reporting an incident.
Means we have your DNA on file for the rest of your life.
We also found your DNA on cigarettes outside the church.
There's no smoking in the church.
So I go outside.
So you smoke three cigarettes in the exact same spot that we found Trina Rolston's body? Look, Paul.
We're here to help you.
- I know what the truth is.
- So do I, Paul.
Your DNA was all over the cigarettes that I found at the scene, and somehow, one cigarette has Trina's DNA on it as well.
I kissed her.
Now, how does that thought process work? "There's the mother of my child on the ground dead.
I should probably call 911, but let me get a little action first.
" Does this look familiar to you? Where'd you get this? She collects evidence, Paul.
That's her job.
I'm going to need to process you.
Let me out! What do we have so far? Traces of cocaine in the briefcase Luke Sutton left behind.
And a girlfriend referencing a possible drug dealer named Charles.
And it makes more sense he's a dealer because I can't find any connection to a lawyer named Charles.
Keep looking.
What about the other trader? Nick Lawson? Turns out New York MERC's compliance department's already building a case against him.
So Luke Sutton's the least of his problems.
We know the girlfriend's registered gun was found inside the vic's burned-out car.
It's going to take a lot more evidence to get me to believe that she could physically overpower Luke and set him on fire.
Also from the car, trace evidence in that missing hard drive from luke's computer.
If you're going to steal a hard drive, why leave it behind as evidence? Could be because whoever left it thought the fire would destroy it, but the temperature would have to exceed 700 celsius to melt the thing.
That's just another sunny day on mercury.
You guys are on trace.
I'm gonna dig into that hard drive.
How do you make sense of this? The accelerant poured on top of Luke Sutton, unleaded gasoline.
It's very smart 'cause it's tough to trace.
The accelerant pattern on the bottom of Luke's shoes, various petroleum distillate, including toluene? Toluene's found in paint thinner, sealants, a whole bunch of industrial products, so it's not unleaded gas, but it's fairly common just like a parking ticket.
Anything from the hard drive? Got a last name for Charles.
It's Langdon.
He and Luke had a meeting the night before Luke died.
How about you? Parking ticket.
Bet we know where that meeting took place.
Charles Langdon! Nypd! You sure this is the place? Luke's I.
specifically referred to a location named "ridgeway.
" Parking ticket's right out front.
Got the money.
I got the money, too.
I'm in.
It's half empty.
Or half full when we send it to DNA.
Those are spent casings.
It's a bullet reloader.
That gunpowder is a possible explanation for the traces of nitrates we found on the outside of Luke Sutton's briefcase.
With all this cash lying around, you'd think a guy could afford new rounds.
With all the evidence we've collected, you'd think we could find Charles Langdon.
Found hairs from Trina Rolston on Paul Stryzewski's shirt.
What about the prints from the candlestick? One belongs to father Murphy, but part of his print appears to have dried in the super glue used to fix the break, which makes me think believe that his story checks out.
The other's a partial print.
I have two points of reference that are in common with Paul Stryzewski.
Hey, you could probably find two points of reference in common with my print, too.
Found traces of drugs in his pants.
What'd you find? Coke? Meth? No, he's on clozapine, or at least he should be.
It's an antipsychotic.
He's schizophrenic.
And a father to be.
That would explain a lot.
Unfortunately, not enough, and we're out of evidence.
I suppose, at the end of the day, everything really is connected, isn't it? You found DNA on the soda can? You got a name? Stella Bonasera.
Hey, did you page me? / I did.
what do you have for me? A connection to this, from the can Mac found at the ridge way a DNA sample came back to the man you've got in custody.
Paul Stryzewski.
/ Mm-hmm.
How does your suspect get in my case? Looks like it's "our" case.
I found traces of your medication in your pocket.
How long have you been off your meds, Paul? Who are you? I'm detective Taylor.
Why are you here? Because I found traces of your DNA at a site i was investigating.
I don't know you.
I'm not telling you anything about Trina.
How about this guy? You know him? - You killed him.
- You know Luke Sutton? You killed him.
You got it backwards, paul.
We're trying to figure out if you killed him, as well as Trina Rolston.
/ No.
No, what? No! a paranoid schizophrenic's worst nightmare.
He doesn't just think we're out to get him, we are.
Every case has a trinity.
In my case, Trina Rolston is the victim, Paul Stryzewski is the suspect, and Saint Juliana's the location.
In our case, Luke Sutton's the victim, we can't find Charles Langdon, our likely suspect, and Randall's island park is the location.
Any chance oconnecting Paul Stryzewski to Charles Langdon? We should cross-reference.
Did you find any connection between Paul and Luke on the hard drive? Information peels off at a rate of five minutes per hundred microns squared.
I've barely scratched the surface.
I'll jump on trace, see what's common between both cases.
Yeah, I'm on Charles Langdon.
He can't hide forever.
I'll take prints, have Jane cross -reference all our DNA samples.
And I'm on the ghost in the machine.
Mac? Got something? Supreme court decisions found in Luke Sutton's apartment.
This buck V.
Bell Oliver Wendell Holmes delivered the opinion of the court affirming mandatory sterilization of people once referred to as "socially inadequate individuals.
" Right.
But what's the connection? "It is better for all the world if instead of waiting to execute "degenerate offspring for crime, "or to let them starve "for their imbecility, society can prevent those "who are manifestly "unfit from continuing their kind.
"Three generations "of imbeciles are enough.
" Luke sutton was having a schizophrenic break.
Or maybe he was spending too much time with the family.
DNA came back.
Luke Sutton and Paul Stryzewski were brothers.
So these guys aren't just tied to the same case, they're related? You couldn't find Charles Langdon, could you? That's because there is no such person.
But you found instant messages to Charles Langdon on Luke's hard drive.
Only outgoing-- there were no incoming messages because Charles Langdon existed solely in Luke Sutton's mind.
And I matched Luke Sutton's prints to the partial print on the candlestick.
Puts him on the murder weapon.
Luke was in a delusional state, making him highly susceptible to the one voice that he heard in his head: Charles Langdon.
Three generations are enough.
You have to kill her.
Then he brings her here.
Roof's been repaired.
With a product containing petroleum distillate, including toluene.
Explains the accelerant pattern we pulled from the bottom of Sutton's shoes.
and he tosses her over.
Throw her over, or they'll know it's you.
They'll know.
Then Luke goes to meet Charles at what used to be the ridgeway shipping company.
You have to do something.
They'll come get you.
They'll know you killed her.
They'll find you and kill you.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
And while Luke walks off the New York MERC floor, his brother Paul finds the body of Trina Rolston.
Why? Luke sutton was a third- generation schizophrenic.
And Trina was carrying the fourth.
I just wanted to ask Luke what I should do about Trina getting pregnant.
What do you mean? Tina getting pregnant was an accident.
What about the letter I found? That wasn't from me.
Or for me.
I prefer James Joyce to Yeats.
You reacted like you recognized it.
I recognized Trina.
Always full of surprises, just like Luke.
Look, Trina and I were never gonna be together.
And after the initial shock of her news, I wanted to find a way to do the responsible thing, the same way that i'd been responsible for myself for all these years.
So I called Luke, and he asked me to meet him at this place.
Whether it happens or not, - it's-it's out of my hands.
- What is this place? - It's a business thing.
- What do you want? There's someone at the church who's pregnant.
And you're the father? Based on the evidence, we think he went back to his apartment and tried to destroy everything that might've facilitated communication from a fictional voice in his head.
Unless you've been there you can never know what that struggle is like.
Listen to me.
Listen to me, stupid.
Do it now.
We know what he did.
We found glass particles from the TV and a degausser used to magnetically scramble data.
Luke attempted to erase the serial number on his girl friend's gun.
There was still a piece of him that was trying to leave something behind.
Don't do that.
They'll know.
Don't do that.
Based on the fact that he had a gun with him, it's likely he thought of shooting himself.
Whatever he was hearing in his head was telling him to do it.
Until the message changed.
They'll know it's you.
You have to burn everything.
Luke left home the day he turned 18.
I was happy for him, because I thought he'd escaped.
Leaving home isn't an escape.
It's just a change of address.
You tell yourself something enough, and you make it real.
And I guess in the end Luke wasn't strong enough to overcome the voice.
The way you are.
I never thought of it that way.
Maybe if you tell yourself enough, one day you'll make it real.